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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:24pm EDT

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hire plot. >> let's get out to clifton french in manatee county t i understand that you just got an update from deputies out there. >> reporter: yeah. it's still very few details though. what we know is this was a woman who has been arrested and being charged in the murder for hire plot to have her ex- husband killed. now, her ex-husband lives in sarasota. here is the deal. we have video of her leaving the sheriff's office. but we were asked by thifs to haven't notified her ex-husband about this plot on his life. they obviously don't want him to find out through the media. they're heading down to sarasota to talk to him now and to tell him about this entire plot. at that time, we're going to get her name. we will also be getting more information about this entire plot, how it unfolded, how sheriff's deputies were able to
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i'm looking at the logs. they haven't shown she has been booked quite yet. we were told about an hour ago that we be getting more information in an hour. so we're expecting to get even more details coming up very shortly. at that time, we will also be showing you the video of this woman that we captured just outside of the sheriff's office here. i'm reporting live in manatee county, clifton french, abc action news. >> thank you. right now at 5:00, we're officers in polk county are to be home with their families tonight. a dangerous man opened fire on them last night but missed. that suspect died this morning and sheriff judd is surprised that none of his detectives got hurt. >> reporter: it really is a miracle, jamison. it happened right here. and tonight we're learning that one of the four officers was actually standing in front of the car, in plain sight of the suspect through the windshield.
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luckiest men in polk county tonight. it was suicide by cop. tammy higgins was withinear shot of the chaos. she pulled in as officer atthey are okay and everybody got to go home last ni families. >> reporter: dectives of the drug task force knew who they were dealing with last night when they rolled up on francis perry as he pulled into this home in lakeland. he is a known futive with a >> there is the guy that chose to shoot it out with the de >> reporter: sheriff judd says they demanded perry to roll down the window and put his ndc stolen 9-point-millimeter glock and open fire. >> i'm n e righthe perry got of
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least 28 bullets, ending the gun fight in mere seconds. >> there is no way to save perry because he is full of holes. >> reporter: perhaps the best witness of the night, the shooter's friend, william klug. wise decision to answer to the demands to get on the ground. he would only tell me that he lost his friend in the shootout. >> what about the officers in >> reporter: investitorssay perry sealed hi >> experienced debts were in a gun n fight for their -- detectives werin a gun fight for their lives last night and they won. >> reporter: now, de the suspecca the ifsherf says eyfound about $4,500 in me. that's a trafficking amount of meth. the four officers involved are now on paid leave, ich is standard procedure. live in lakeland, ryan raiche, abc action news. >> thank you, ryan.
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during the sale of an iphone. victor mann killed morrow after snatching that iphone and running away. all new at 5:00, we're told that he has robbed several other people in the same fashion, meeting them to buy an electronic item they were selling online. deputies say mann has admitted to the murder and told investigators that he dropped and broke the iphone that he stole just before morrow died. a day care worker left children alone to hang out with other staffers. investigators look into burke after a parent reported her 18 month old was bitten by another child a dozen times at the day care. burke says she left half a dozen kids alone during nap time because she is surrounded by toddlers all day and need to talk to other adults sometimes. she is now out of jail. no other staffers are facing charges but there is a
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of you may have been paying bank fees on an account that you never signed up for. federal regulators saying 5,000 wells fargo employees have been fired for creating the unauthorized bank and credit card accounts. it earned the bank extra fees and boosted sales figures. the scheme dates back at least five years. right now we're g arn why brought a gun to a texas high school, then killed herself. late today we learned that a marshall accidentally shot a federal agent during the investigation at alpine high school. now, both the federal agent and the girl who were shot are expected to survive. late today, deputies confirmed e shr was a female freshman at the school. today's shooting comes two weeks after the start of the new school year. we learned late today that citrus county is grappling with $100 million in damage from
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this is over. the county says nearly 2700 homes were damaged in some way during the storms. of those, more than 500 homes suffered major damage. and about 40 are beyond repair. the level of damage meets the threshold for fema inspections, the next step to citrus county getting federal aid. they will be here this weekend surveying the damage. now the host accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, ybod trait da all the rains are down across the utowu veof i-4, you have an outside chance of showers tonight. if you live out of it, temperatures are still warm. it will be a dry night. we're still in the low to mid- 90s, even though the dew points are comfortable, they're climbing up. now ofheinto the low 70s. that is certainly a sign of
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moisture rises, our rain chances will also go up. not so much this evening, but definitely into the latter half of the weekend. we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, denis. an urgent consumer alert that drivers need to her. an addition why the 1.5 millio that could put you at risk behind the wheel. ford expanding the recall from earlier this year saying the doors on popular models might pop open while the cars are now 2.4 million cars on the road right now are under recall. they include ford focuses, escapes and mustangs. we have a full model list and a way to check to see if your car is impacted shared on our >> w in the zika fight, health officials are confirming 80 pregnant women have tested positive for the illness in our state. >> they are treating a second baby born with zika-related
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crop up if congress does not come up with funding to combat the virus. protests are cropping up in beach on plans to use insetential to be worse than contracting the zika. >> doctosafe iveful to humans. aerial spraying scheduled for until tomorrow mornganyone in f planning to start a family put together a evention kit. your kit should include mosquito dk tablets that go standing water and can ki squito larva and mosquito
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action news. at 5:30, we unare doing to an update to a story we you 5:00. hillsborough county will keep track of people with a history of animal abuse. it will make it easier for shelters to avoid adopting out pets to people who have abused animals. did doug out of jail a year and a half after he landed a gyrocopter on the lawn. he served three months of his four month sentence for operating a gyrocopter without a license. a camera apparently the only thing watching a dangerous suspect slip out of his hacuffs. how long this accused murr durranter was allowed to plan his escape with no one watching. plus, a drug strong enough
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the way that families are fighting to make sure that everyone knows how dangerous it
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>> welcome back. it's a drug 10,000 stronger
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jake peterson shows us why local families are working extrsure that everyone knows the signs to look out for. >> reporter: it's supposed to be used to sedate elephants. but it is now being mixed with heroin to produce a strong lethal high. >> it came up a couple of months ago. we had one case where we saw it and now we're seeing more. >> reporter: dave bristol says the users here probably don't ingesting. >> they think they're taking heroin. and the next thing that you know, they're unconscious. >> reporter: and users can get their hands on the chemicals for less than a hundred bucks. so all a user has to do is hand a dealer a couple of 20s and they get their fix. the detectives say it only takes one time for the drugs to kill. >> there's really bad stuff out there. >> repter: and that's why jerry stan hope and her group no longer silent are hing an emergency awareness meeting this weekend. they need people to know how bad the drugs are.
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and i'm not sure that the people they use are aware of how bad this stuff is. >> reporter: stanhope who know. her son was a drug user two years ago. >> heroin i believe fentanyl and cocaine. >> reporter: she hopes others don't have to go through what her family went through. so far dozens other families have. if yo child ye on your kids. >> reporter: they are looking how it is showing up on the streets. >> why manatee county? we don't know. but we're doing the best we can to cut those down. >> reporter: reporting in manatee county, jake peterson, abc action news. >> we want to get back to the breaking news about a woman accused in a murder for hire plot. >> our clifton french getting an update from deputies minutes ago. >> reporter: yeah.
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ness 34 years -- she is 34 years ole. rachel. she was escorted to the jail. ch layee. she is 34 yearold. we are learning that she had actually hired an undercover detective with the sheriff's office to -- to do this, this murder. this killing. she had already paid what appears to be some sort of down payment of $2,500 to this undercover detective, who ended up arresting her. now they started this investigation on august 22nd. so this had been going or weeks we're learning. e way, her ex- husband, his name is david layee. he is 59 years old.
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that his ex-wife had tually tried to hire dyo murder him. the next step for us itrying to track down relatives of the wife. a lot of questions still to ask and to be answered here. but we're getting a lot more information with the new information that just came in. i'm reporting live in manatee county action news. >> thank you, cliff. serious questions about how a las vegas murder suspect was able to escape virtually undetectived from a police station. this shows perez breaking his handcuffs. but take a look. then police later walked into the same room and did not notice anything was amiss. perez spent about 40 minutes de a break for it. before he the north las vegas police department admits mistakes were made.
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live feed but no one was monitoring. >> officers now say policy changes are in place to prevent something like this from happening again. perez was recaptured this week after four days on the run. now the most accurate weather team in fla, a action weather. >> i'll tell you, that humidity really dropped out there. it was nice. >> it was really nice. it started out in the morning and it's creeping back up. football s >> we've already been talking about it. >> that's all we've been talking about for two hours. >> looking weher out there. low humidity earlier in the day from the hyatt. it's a beautiful thing. there are scattered showers down across the southern counties. pretty much the exact same setup that we had yesterday. if you live south of i-4 in sarasota county, you will see
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but the humidity is on the rise. the rain chances eventually will be by later on this weekend. not a huge deal. don't even consider changing your weekend plans. you won't need to. if anything pops, it will be later in the day. the mornings are golden. outside right now we're cooking. low to mid-90s. 91 plant city. brooksville 91. upper 80s to low 90s covering the entire viewing area. under mostly sunny sk clearwater 92. it is september, right? ies. e under sunny satellite pictures show more of the same of what we had yesterday. it looks like the radar this time. east to west flow. scattered showers. no thunder at this point. can't rule out one or two storms especially as the showers move off shore. tonight a great night. no matter what you have going on. tomorrow the big high school football. i think the weather will b fine for friday night as well.
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the dry aiis top ofnorthern half of the state. there's your dividing line. i-4. southward, more moisture. that's why the rain chances will be bumping up a bit. limited rain chances whatsoever until maybe later on this weekend. tonight, anything that pops will be down south. you will wake up to another sunny day. but it's going to be a little muggier tomorrow morning. you will notice it. the humidity creeping up too. but limited rain chances. so starting your weekend early. maybe happen to have friday off. notice what happens by late evening. all of a sudden we start looking at a few showers a little more to the north. we were talking about this yesterday. yesterday was there. today it's here. tomorrow it's there. and then by the weekend, i think everybody at least has a chance of scattered showers. we're only talking 30%.
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the afternoon, that's when the lines begin to develop. so if you absolutely have to get something done outdoors this weekend, the morning and early afternoon, you're beautiful. you don't have to worry about the morning showers. late afternoon, pop. this is the european model through next tuesday. clearly not looking at a high chance of rain through the period. highs will be. low to mid-90s across some of as the humidity definitely so we didn't have one circle yesterday. today we have two. at this point neither pose a threat to the u.s. for e boaters, water temperature, 84 degrees. east wind at 5 to 10 knots. light chop on the bay. there is your sunrise and sunset. hour by hour, it looks great. clear skies to partly cloudy on through the overnight hours. it will be warm and a little ggthere is a look at the 7-day. rain chances up to 40% by
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then. in the fight against zika, hospitals are now on the front lines but there are big challenges they face as they deal with this new threat. >> it's almost look a feeding frenzy going on around me. i was the only thing stinkg up the water. >> surrounded by sharks. how he managed to turn the tide
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>> this fisherman is feeling grateful to be back on dry land. >> he found himself strapped near a sandbar with ten sharks surroundg hi m. he was fishing when the sharks just started swarming and there wasn't another boat anywhere in sight. >> it sounds like a movie.
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fishing rod for an hour and a half but they wouldn't stop. >> it wasn't a big deal until i counted ten. and, you know, they kept getting closer and more aggressive. getting within a foot of me. >> wow. moon finally managed to get by pushing the emergency button on his iphone. rescuers showed up in ten minutes. he says next time he goes fishing, he probably won't go alone. as florida continues to fight against the zika virus, hospitals in the tampa bay area are making changes to get ready for this new threat. and as we inch closer to the november election, the political ad wars are getting dirty. we're putting ads to the truth test to help you make a clear
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>> happening tonight, as we come on the air, brand-new detsin florida's fight against the zika virus. 80 pregnant women have now tested positive for the mosquito born illness in our state. >> now hospitals in the tampa bay area are making changes and coming up with new plans how to handle phonetial cases. adam weiner shows us how they are adapting to this threat. >> reporter: if you go to tampa general hospital, you won't just get >> what is your recent travel history. >> reporter: you will also get quizzed. >> make sure that you haven't been exposed. >> reporter: if you have been in central or south america and feel sick, you could find yourself talking to this doctor. >> we have been successful in the outbreak lorida. we nvirus as well. we are employing the same tactics. hopefully better since we have learned from our previous


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