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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i walked in it. it was disgusting. >> taking action after a student called up to tell us just walk past urine, vomit and pcs just to get to her car. thanks for joining us. >> were management is taking action after we showed up with our cameras. >> reporter: we took a tour of the apartment complex behind me. the student showed us what she's been dealing with and i can tell you what we saw was disgusting and the smell of the urine overwhelming. >> i had to hold my breath.
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>> this hope puddle is urine. this is a pile of vomit. >> reporter: there was so much to see in the hallways and stairwell of the loft.>> we didn't know where to go first. rebecca's devert is a junior. she says the past two weeks she has stepped in vomit and jumped upper pools of your blocking the exit. >> i talked to the apartment and they said they don't have a cleaning crew but, they said somebody in our office would go pick it up eventually. >> simon peter oliver a bicycle for a >> we show the property manager arthur is an asked why no one cleaned up the mess. >> is this acceptable? a >> as i find out more information, i haven't even been here for 24 hours. >> you don't know what it's like to run a business. i think the management is new so
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doing. why of the managing an apartment complex when you don't have a cleaning team or good maintenance? all of that? >> late tonight, she texas these pictures of the vomit and urine cleaned up only after we went to the office and talked to the manager about the complaint. >> the vice president of housing called us about an hour ago telling us what the student went through is unacceptable. they said they don't operate these buildings but they are affiliated and students they should recommend to them to go here. he said he will meet with the regional manager, the new manager and try to figure out what they can do to make sure this doesn't happen again. breaking news out of north korea several agencies say the country carried out its fifth nuclear test. registering a 5.0 negative quake near the test site tonight.
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missile tests on tuesday. at this hour there are still no confirmation of a nuclear test tonight but, previous tests have resulted in similar seismic activity. to family in morning and asking questions after women died while undergoing cosmetic surgery. the 32-year-old passed away last night while getting a tummy tuck in miami. doctors say her heart stopped during the surgery. she was set to be in good health before that procedure. her death has been ruled an accident at issue but homicide detectives are investigating this. families wondering how this could have happened. she was young and healthy. i don't understand how her hearts could have stopped. >> she leaves behind two young children. the facility has an f rating from the better business bureau and has more than 100 complaints just in the last three years. behind bars tonight, she was arrested after hiring a hitman. to take out her ex-husband.
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undercover cop. we're live in manatee county with how deputies uncovered a plot. deputies here were contacted and they told them someone this woman wanted her ex-husband gone. >> with her head down low and inherent aspect it -- deck these took her into custody charging her with making a deal that put the price of her ex- husband's life at $5000. >> more than two to go, someone contacted the manatee county sheriff's office claiming she wanted her old flame dead so she could gets custody of their kids. an acquaintance tells us the former couple has three children together. deputies say they said that staying and she had no clue the hitman she hired to murder her ex-husband was actually a sheriff's detective.
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60th avenue west in britain 10. deputies say she gave detective cash both times, $1000 a week ago and today, $1500. investigators are arrested her at today's meeting. they say after she had no idea why she was being arrested. >> she's behind bars and charged with solicitation of murder or she has no bond. across the southern counties and offshore. still sliding to the west, otherwise temperatures warmer in the low to mid 80s and the dewpoint rising. tomorrow when you wake up, those 60s are gone . back in the low to mid 70s, dewpoint will continue to rise.
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mostly dry early on and showers and storms back in the forecast. let you know how that will be for the weekend coming up in a couple minutes. tomorrow inmates promising a prison strike. the grants -- correctional institution on lockdown. they righted wednesday taking over or dormitories. guards reporting no serious injuries that officers believe this right is connected to the strike planned for tomorrow. passengers on a british airways passenger acting up forcing the pilot to divert to boston. the pilot, on the radio requesting police to meet the aircraft and arrest the man. we will have to have some police he is highly applicable. >> customs and border protection agents arrested the
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with a flight crew. new information about a man who got drunk and ran this yacht around. 63-year-old suspect said he had too many long island iced teas. we did some digging and discovered he had been arrested just weeks before it ran aground. police and for a vote charged with dui on august 14. some ways getting new ink and competency 12-year-old has scoliosis and has to wear a brace to school. his mom turned facebook for help e picked on. a tattoo artist reached out to the family and created this shark themed airbrushed masterpiece for free. update to a story we brought you yesterday. an army veteran donating a puppy to the south on a family whose dogs were shot to death by a neighbor. they said botox for therapy dogs and very important members of their family. their neighbor faces animal cruelty charges. they are grateful for the husky wolf mix puppy who may have
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kids to school after a bully takes things to a new level. the frightening thing one kid managed to get on his school bus to scare others. animated bank robber waits for cops in the bank lobby so they can take him to jail. they believable reason he told authorities he robbed the bank. it has nothing to do with money. >> what the if they a once passengers not to pack. it's the same thing family says burnt their car to a crisp.
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nearly 20 high schools in wisconsin treated for heat exhaustion at a cross country meet. for students hospitalized, 15 treated on the same temperatures in the 80s with high humidity. >> school was just getting started across the country one
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this after a bully put an end to their sons had on the school bus. the boy's parents say another six greater brought a revolver on the bus after getting it from an unknowing grandparent. the bully held to the back of their sons had, terrifying him. >> my love i had a gun to his head. what if there were bullets in it? >> held by another 11-year-old >> the whole school bus full of children. >> that student who pointed the gun was arrested and facing menacing charges tonight the parents of the victim saying they are transferring schools immediately. this picture of a kentucky team playing with a homeless man and giving him his shoes inspired others to give as well. it's been a homeless when he
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and noticed his shoes are ripped. the team gave him his brand-new air jordans off his feet. a church-based group now raising money to help other homeless people in the committee. some of his early donated their air jordans to that child. >> seven-year-old man facing charges for robbing a bank wait to hear why. fbi saying erupted bank and set the lobby waiting for authorities. he told security you'd rather go to jail and onto his wife. his wife told reporters they got into an argument after she reminded him to fix the drye and he wrote the note and went to the bank robber. they been married for 33 years and convicted a good face up to 20 years in jail away from his wife. state officials warning passengers not to turn on our charge new samsung smart phones on planes because it could catch fire. passengers also urged not to put the phone in tax. faa taking extraordinary step after her family says a galaxy
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which destroyed their jeep. >> air b&b is apologizing to his slow response accusations of racism and says it's working to face the problem. someone told the property was unavailable. the change stems from claims that host told minority visitors the dates for fall only to we advertise them later. smoothies making people si hepatitis a after drinking smoothies from tropical smoothie cafi. the frozen strawberries are to blame. your imported -- they were
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check out this view. construction workers present top of the tallest building. they put a 294 foot tall spire on wilshire grand tower in los angeles. it's expected to open sometime next march. i've jumped out of a plane before but for some rice and standing atop a little bit like that is concerning.
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balance, you're done. >> let's look at showers offshore. a similar pattern to what we had this time last night. the one thing changed to bed last night, the humidity creeping up. if you went out you could feel it. as we said, looking at the showers, these have moved off to the west happen yesterday. tomorrow, a little more moisture. showers will be more to the north, not a big deal. by the weekend, it's back to normal. we come up on mid-september, that's the end of the rainy season. if you've been waiting for drier air to come in, your wait is over. typically even though the heat continues, this afternoon storms you can set your watch by, they are just about ready to take a break.
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the dew points yesterday all those two points in time or in the mid-60s, we talk about how beautiful it was. go to mid-70s. a little more moisture and mcginnis. not terrible but not nearly as refreshing as it was over the last 40 hours. the rainy season may be ending with the heat is not going anywhere. we start to really feel what we consider a nice pattern. even though officially begins on a couple weeks. satellite, about the same, scattered showers in the hit warm gulf waters. if you live north of 54. it's been beautiful. it's great news for paso county. we don't need anymore rain while there would be a few more
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more than just an isolated shower. recent dryer has been lingering. can see where the line is, south of 54 is where the moisture in proves announcer the rain has been around. if you're looking for sunshine through the weekend, most of us are after the lousy weather, they bring out a quarter inch of rain, you have to feel good about our chances were nice beach weekend. the kinds to get outside and do some fixing the weather will cooperate, if you see rain it will be late day stuff. sunrise 40 5 o'clock we have to think about the possibility. forecast highs for friday, even though the morning has been cool, 95 in sarasota go 93 in tampa. even in the morning have been pleasant, the afternoon has record-breaking highs. a similar set up on friday.
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saturday and sunday the afternoon highs will go down back to where they should be. the tropics, a couple areas we are watching, i don't this amounts to anything. pretty good chance this does. regardless. even if he becomes a named storm, the path should be just like that. at this point, a long-range model, nothing in terms of a threat to the us. the wind is at 5 to 10 kn. 84 degrees, light chop in the bay. uv index will be 11. 713 sunrise, 741 sunset. hour by hour forecast overnight, partly cloudy to clear. some class we see in the middle of july. here's a look. 70 range has 3% friday and
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better chance. the weekend looks good. any race that develop will be late day and most are around 6 o'clock. will running back arlen mac
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y23wly y5yy arlen will return to action. he got his bell rung and has been under the watch of team doctors. usf could get a decent run for their money by northern illinois. here's that game. >> the question surrounding this week is the status of star running back. during last week's second quarter, he left with a concussion. he still under concussion protocol this week an assistant -- and is listed as questionable. willie taggart purposely not play him this weekend her to keep him healthy for searches next week and florida state in
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we don't want to hold anyone back. he's a good football team and they play a lot of championship games.>> if they don't play is still a two headed monster in the backfield. both are more than capable of putting up the numbers. >> we don't have to cut anything down. they racked up 56 points last weekend but the offense was slow to build any rhythm holding just a 14-10 lead in the second quarter. taggart credits that to nurse that shouldn't be a problem this weekend. >> we have to make sure our guys are empty but not too amped to not get their jobs done. once settled down >> a tough loss tonight for the
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home run. solo home run to right. the yankees play game one in this series. the final 5-4. as the bus season opener, one matchup images of insane will be buccaneer rookie corner progress the third versus atlanta with seaver -- wide receiver. jones is a whole different story. without a doubt, wide receivers in the league. one has the games against the scene. >> he's a very competitive guy. we brought them along with he can play both inside and outside. he will get his opportunities to get matched up against julio in this ballgame. julio is one of the top corners and is no better way to measure where you're at and going
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year brought up running back from practice squad. the team re-signing wide receiver kevin spencer. finally tonight, serena williams was beaten in us open some eyes in straight sets. we are back in a minute.
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here's a look at your forecast tomorrow morning. short week for most folks. sunny skies early on, 91 degrees, will see late date showers, probably late tomorrow afternoon, high school football day. any showers or pop-up should not be an issue. it's football season.
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sunny and 90. >> >> have a good night. we'll see you back here
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tom hanks. and music from kaleo. and now, as a matter of fact, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i'm happy that you are happy. i really am. you picked a great night to join us. tom hanks is here tonight.


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