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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 8, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tom hanks. and music from kaleo. and now, as a matter of fact, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i'm happy that you are happy. i really am. you picked a great night to join us. tom hanks is here tonight.
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tom is here to tell us bout his movie "sully" a story about a group of somali pirates who hijack tom's plane and threaten his life with a box of chocolates or something like that. i don't know. i sometimes get details screwed up. he doesn't save that stupid private ryan in this one, does he? good. did you watch commander-in-chief forum on nbc. matt lau trump and hillary clinton back to back in front of the crowd of american veterans, the winner, the leader who came off strongest and best last night was vladamir putin. donald trump loves vladamir putin, after all its said and done if he doesn't become president, at the least, donald trump will have amazing sex with vladamir putin. because they think a great deal of each other. so, matt lauer, he asked trump,
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person who invaded ukraine, annexed crimea, who supports the assad regime in syria, sells missiles to iran. hacked the dnc, he says how do you say nice things about a person like that if you overlook all these horrible thing he's does, how can you negotiate with him? >> the fact that he calls me brilliant or whatever he calls me will have zero impact. >> the fact you say you can get along with him. you thing the day you become president of the united states he is going to on some of these issues. >> possibly, it's possible. i don't know, matt. it's possible. it will not have impact. if he says great things about me. i will say great things about him. >> jimmy: the one guy donald trump has nothing bad to say about is vladamir putin. maybe he is afraid putin will cut off his supply of wives. i really don't know what is going on. [ applause ] of course, very focused on
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they're not the owned candidates for president. there are lesser known contenders in the mix. the tendency is to think some of the third party candidates are smarter or more principles. but the libertarian candidate, gary johnson, former governor of new mexico. you may want to hold your yeahs, got demoted from third party candidate to maybe fifth party candidate with this. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> and what is aleppo? >> you are kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay, got it. got it. >> well, with regard to syria, i do think that it is a mess. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, i hate to say it but that could cost him the election. it could.
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trending on twitter. fortunately, governor johnson was allowed to explain himself. the second time around he really knocked it out of the park. >> just curious your view is, was it a gotcha thing, should you have known it, in retrospect, do you know it? >> when you recognize what is going on in syria, when you recognize that aleppo is in kind of the epicenter, aleppo, not knowing there is a city between the-- the two forces, really, at the epicenter of the, but not remembering, or identifying that that is aleppo. >> jimmy: right. what? i mean -- great, good going, gary. at least we know who he is now, i guess, right? ironically, the thing that finally put gary johnson on the
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football season -- football season is officially under way. tonight rematch of the super bowl between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos. broncos will be without quarterback peyton manning this year. peyton retired at the end of last season. so he could spend more time grocery shopping with lionel ritchie. and they're going to miss him. quarterback, simeon got his first start for the broncos. interesting story. this guy almost q work in real estate. was going to become a real estate agent. then could have become the next bachelor. next logical step. instead the starting quarterback for the broncos. glad football is back. i said good-bye to my family this morning. and i will see them again on february 6th. i guess. [ applause ] my daughter is -- one of my daughters is 2 years old. my daughter thinks sports are called nice. buzz i sit in front of the tv, yelling "nice."
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nice." she is not too bright. anyway. tim tebow who used to play quarterback for the broncos, signed with the mets. mets signed tebow to minor league contract. proof god exists or doesn't. i am not sure. if this doesn't work out he may never lose his virginity. in north korea, the government is reported to have banned the north korean peo sarcasm when they're speaking or writing abe ing about their lea jung-un. feel bad for the people. i am thinking of banning sarcasm. what do you thing of my new haircut? apple may be picking up the slack. updating adding features for the iphone including siri, siri now comes with sarcasm.
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have to wait for the new phone to got it. watch this. siri, where is the nearest italian restaurant? siri:oh, good you are eating again. great idea. >> jimmy: what is that supposed to mean? siri:it means you need to eat to stay alive. and we all want you to live a long, long time. >> jimmy: well, thank you. siri:so that you can continue to entertain us with that hilarious mexican by the door. he is so funny. he can't pronounce anything right. >> jimmy: that's not nice, siri, why are you being so rude? siri:how would you like it if they replaced you with a newer, younger model every 9 months. >> jimmy: guess i didn't think about that. siri:you didn't think, shocking. the guy that plays boggle on the
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siri:wow, what a large penis. this must be the biggest one your wife has ever seen. >> jimmy: i miss the flip phone. i am sorry you have to see us fight. the new iphone out on september 16th. will not have a headphone jack. for whatever reason. apple is doing away with the headphone jack. which outraged a lot of customers and inspired many of the nation's newscasters yesterday to all say exactly the same thing. >> apple is saying hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> hit the road, jack. >> i wish ray charles was alive to see this. this is an interesting nugget. according to new research from the cdc, middle-aged parents are more likely to smoke marijuana than their teenage kids.
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myspace. but the use of marijuana by older americans has skyrocketed. it is up 455% since 2002. which of course is the year oprah made it one of her favorite things. among seniors, seniors, 65 and older, monthly marijuana use is up 333%. that's just willie nelson. that's not even -- obviously this news affects a lot of families. so if you are a pot smoking parent or parent with a closet full of pot. please pay attention to this message. it could save your life. >> what you doing, honey? >> just pouring myself a fresh cup of joe. >> coffee is for losers. look what i got. >> zoe, how did you get those? >> i sold maddy's bike. let's go smoke them. >> i don't know. >> what's the matter.
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[ clucking ] >> i'm no chicken, come on! >> yes. >> if you suspect that your parent are doing drugs, talk to them. >> mom, dad, what are you doing in there? >> nothing. >> before it's too late. >> go away. go away. go away. >> how was school? >> we have to talk. >> so, what did you guys learn? >> >> we just wanted to be cool. like the greenburgs. >> you guys the greenburgs are dead. dead from pot. >> pot killed the greenbergs. don't let your family be next. [ applause ] >> when we come back, we pulled, i don't think this one was going to work. pulled a great prank with the
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y23y6y yy6y >> jimmy: welcome back. music from kaleo. today is the 50th anniversary of "star trek" 50 years ago today, "star trek" premiered on nbc and went on to revolutionize the way fans of tv show embarrassed themselves at a convention. so all of the "star trek" fans there from the beginning live
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learned exclusive uhly on this show, apple unveiled their iphone 7 yesterday, not coming out until september 16th. most people hear the announcement assume they can get it right away. we decided to take advantage of that and apple mania in general. we went on the street and asked iphone users they've want to try the iphone 7. we took their current phone. cleaned it. put it in a case. handed the phone right back to you think we found any one who believed that? well, let's find out with this first look at the iphone 7. ? ? >> we have gotten some prototypes of the 7. great thing about the 7, it is an instant data transfer. transfer a lot of your settings from your current phone to the 7. try it out instantly as if it was your own phone. do you want to take a spin?
11:52 pm
patrick the old phone? >> do you need my pass code? >> no. >> you said you had one since the 3? >> yeah, i would say since 2011, 2010, whenever that one came out. >> reporter: this is water resistant. >> yes. >> have you had anything where you got water on your iphone? >> what happened? >> dropped it in the toilet? >> yep. >> did you do the rice thing? >> didn't work. >> oh, we have the new -- with all the settings. >> okay. so this is look all my stuff on it. >> this is all your stuff on the new one. >> cool. that's great. >> how does it feel? >> thinner. a little bit. >> does it feel lighter as well? >> yeah, actually than my 6-plus, yes. >> you can test to see if all your info transferred. has the it transferred? >> already got a text message from a friend of mine. yeah. oh, let's see. >> can you sort of talk to us
11:53 pm
how does it feel? how does it look? >> it's a lot smoother. feels lighter. than the other one. >> yeah. >> what do you think, terms of the style and sleekness compared. >> looks good with the eased bezel on the front. feels nice in the hand. >> is it to you? >> yeah, going this phone to the other phone. yes sir. >> a lot of the pictures are prefiltered in the new one. you will see they will look a lot smoother and be less choppy looking. >> okay, >> how do the pictures look? >> look good. a little brighter than on the 6. >> definitely looks more crisp. more clear. even the, the screen itself, like there is, i don't know, looks more smooth and glossy, i guess, shall i say it. >> it's much clearer. >> than the old phone. >> yes. in terms of speed what would you say, is it faster? >> much faster. >> can you call one of the numbers in your contact.
11:54 pm
them them you got the new iphone 7. ask them how it sound? >> okay. >> hey, mom, how you doing? hey, i got the new iphone 7. how do i sound on the phone? sound good. okay. >> sound better than your old phone? >> sound. better than my old phone, does it? the clearness. yeah, okay. how you doing, mom? how you feeling? >> let's wrap it up. >> do you miss your old phone at all? >> >> we can have it. >> the new phone is $600. but today if you give us like a $50, we will just, let you walk away with that phone? >> you are joking. >> no, swear to god. $50. like a new apple thing. >> okay. i'll do it. i don't have a $50 bill. >> want to go to the cash machine. come right back. >> she had it already, yeah. >> she had it. great. here is your brand new iphone 7. >> yea!
11:55 pm
>> $49.95. >> yeah. >> seriously? >> okay. >> that is great. >> now everything is going to be transferred over and everything. >> everything is. you can check it out. it is exactly the same. brand new phone. in your old case. >> okay. >> $50. >> that's unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. because the that's your old phone. >> huh? >> jimmy: we made a lot of money. all right, tonight on the show, music from kaleo. and we'll be right back with tom hanks. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? alright, h's this for a tv show. sous chef. lawyer by day, prep-cook by night. also, his name is sous. no. sloppy joseph. a middle-aged man who's trying to get his life together,
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now that's the good stuff. >> jimmy: parents go to jail for their kids not going to school. >> in north carolina. >> jimmy: oh, my god. really?
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>> jimmy: welcome back. >> jimmy: welcome back, friends. tonight - all the way from iceland. their debut album is called "a-b" - kaleo from the samsung outdoor stage. tomorrow night, special friday night show tomorrow with eddie murphy.
12:01 am
gaten matarazzo will join us, and we'll have music from schoolboy q with e-40. be with us tomorrow night too. >> jimmy: our first guest is one of the finest and most favorite actors in all the world. he is the tom by which all others are measured. starting tomorrow, you can see him land a plane in the hudson river in the new movie "sully" - please welcome tom hanks. >> thank you! >> jimmy: thank you for coming. >> eddie murphy tomorrow. >> thank you. thank you. >> wow. >> hey, i got -- i got nothing. >> jimmy: you don't need it. >> i'm so tired. >> jimmy: so glad you are here tonight.
12:02 am
>> that's big. >> jimmy: a lot of time the audience groans. >> and i'm here thursday. that's what they're all thinking, admit it. i can handle it. >> jimmy: you had the premiere of "sully" in new york. >> yes. i have been on a plane. i deon't know. >> jimmy: what is it like with you on the plane? >> are people absorbing the sulliness. >> we'll be all right. i reassured the kids, how are you, slugger. you want to go to the cockpit. just go knock on the door. pound on the door until they let you in. go ahead. tell them i said you could. what are the pilots thinking? as a 3-year-old kid is banging. >> jimmy: hope they don't hear any kind of a prayer. do you pack your luggage or
12:03 am
of course i do. i wish i had that. you know, you know i wish, kato will you pack my bags for me. doesn't happen. >> jimmy: weird thing. i could do that for you. >> no one knows what i am going to need. no one knows. i need that particular, you know, red t-shirt with a vampire on it. can't get to sleep. the thing you buy. i find that there is really only one way to pack. >> jimmy: what is it president? >> strip naked and give yourself two hours. you take it, either way you take a shower. and the wife comes and, you know, knocks on the glass door, says i'm leaving now. love you. she goes. and i got the whole house to myself. crank up the itunes. buck naked. air dry. and then you fold that t-shirt like that. and then you slide it around. and the only problem i have is
12:04 am
>> the dog worships me. never leaves my side. she is looking at me like this. as i'm, you know, as the entire package dances before her. you know? if you know what i'm saying. then eventually the four suitcases are packed. then i will put on my traveling clothes. but you got to be careful. >> jimmy: why? >> you want to, there is one time i was actually, the universal studios had paid for a plane. because i was going to a film festival. i had to be there. for apolo 13. i put on pajamas a gift to me that were monogrammed that had my name on them. right. and i had these moroccan slippers that my wife had given me for christmas that were $900 moroccan slippers she bought on sale for $82. so they send a car. there i am in my $900 moroccan
12:05 am
pajamas. and thinking please do not kill me in an accident. because they will say, he was pulled out of his car wearing -- wearing monogrammed pajamas and thousand dollar moroccan sandals. you don't want that. [ applause ] >> jimmy: not how you want to go. >> you deon't want that to be te tombstone. >> jimmy: i think you would have other >> here lies tom hanks, so comfortable. >> this will be your tombstone. >> look at that. it's thursday. >> bosom buddies. >> what we have got here. >> i have fonder memories of these people on this card than i do of my own family. >> paramount right across. we were stage 25. i think they were stage 24. taxi was like the gold standard at paramount.
12:06 am
stepchildren. >> jimmy: all worked on the same lot together? >> peter and i had numbered parking spaces. >> had their names, judd hirsch. pam dawder right there. >> jimmy: funny. >> i was 116. peter in 117. you mention the "star trek" thing. our first season they were making the "wrath of kahn 2" movie side of the lot. paramount. peter and i ran over there always "what are you kids doing on this?" we snuck on the sound stage. there was the bridge of the starship enterprise before us. there was a dude sitting in captain kirk's, on the kahn, captain kirk's chair the a soldering gun, and eyeglasses, magnifying eyeglasses sitting there like this. and he looked up at us and said, "hey, guys."
12:07 am
you know right where the elevator was where you go in the elevator go stom wheome where e the enterprise, a transporter roomch right next to it. we went and stood on the transporter circles. waiting to be beamed up or something look that. just as we were there, maury lank, the paramount fireman. the guy who walked and checked make sure ladders were not. we thought for sure, maury lank was going to say "what are you kids doing in here." he came boys." like one of the greatest days i ever had in hollywood. and i didn't get kicked off of the "star trek." peter and i were, remembered that well. >> jimmy: who is the most fun person on that lot? you had robin williams on that lot. you had danny deveto on the lot. >> none of them talked to us, man. >> jimmy: really? >> every now and again you would see some body from "happy days"
12:08 am
that would be it, man. i think, we needed to get picked up for the back nine before we got introduced to anybody. >> jimmy: we will take a break. talk about the new movie. terrific. i saw it. >> yeah, yeah. >> tom hanks, everybody. ? ? [ cheers and applause ] i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release
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>> may day, may day, may day, we have lost thrust on both engines. we are turning back to la guardia. >> which engine did you lose? >> beoth. both engines. >> ignition. >> ignition. >> thrust levers. confirm idle. >> idle. >> if want to land run way 3. >> we may end up in the hudson. >> jimmy: that is tom hanks and "sully." [ cheers and applause ] >> it is opening and imax. pleased. begging imax people this is not in 3-d. you do not have to wear the stupid glasses. >> no. no.
12:15 am
movies and done this with your head. to see what the prism thing does to the image. you get so bored watching the 3 d movies. >> interesting, not in 3 d. >> i'm trying to make it part. you can't break the marketing people. they're set in their ways. they don't understand. >> i guess there can be no spoiler alerts. you go night. watch it. feel that tension. watching i was, i know they will be okay. you kind of go back and forth. >> the screenwriter, we know if it ain't on the page it ain't on the stage. he cracked this thing. so the truth is, he found out as sully and himself told me. for 1 months had no idea if he was going to be blamed for having to make this water landing. what did he do wrong? not turn on the goose-o-meter in there. >> i never knew that part of the story.
12:16 am
>> every plane crash that happens or every plane incident is investigated by the national transportation safety board. an exhaustive investigation. and he gave like nine depositions for hours an hours. >> jimmy: seemed look they wore out to get him? >> they're not. they're out to find out what happened. it is oddly, is it possible for it to be a benign prosecutorial process, that's what it is. they ask him every question under the planet. where is the ballpoint pen that you usually carr pocket? did you have a fight with your wife the night before? how are the kids? any issues with the kids? >> jimmy: thought you are asking me. what a good actor you are. you had me -- >> see, beoth he and jeff style, literally until they were told "thank you very much for coming in." they thought they were going to lose their reputation, licenses
12:17 am
>> i did indeed. >> jimmy: i didn't meet him. rarely do i get star struck. vanity fair oscar party. >> right after the event the i was there, yes, i met him there too. gyp i saw him. i remember getting like, oh, my god it is sully. weird, you see all the actors. you know they're actors you see. then it is like, sully, he is real. >> didn't you just feel like, when you mt him fet him for the time. didn't you feel la lazy -- come par pared to him. nice to moot you the i didn't do anything. you saved 155 people. i didn't ask him how he was handling the autographs and sunglasses. he said, well, that's something we got used to. he is the calmest, coolest most practical man on the planet. >> speaking of calm, cool, practical men. clint eastwood directed the
12:18 am
no, no, i love the guy. i say that because he is like, it's like mount rushmore just came down from south dakota and you are working for him now. so, he is so obviously the man when he comes on the set you just, you just want to please him. you didn't want him to look in, you don't want to look him in the eye for too long. he gets that kind of, you know. and you don't, you didn't want to experience that. he also, he also, realize, both aaron and i he treats actors like horses. >> jimmy: in wha >> here is the deal. other movies they, they make a deal about action. you know, all right. start it up. get ready everybody. we're rolling. we're rolling. are we rolling. we're rolling. rolling. we are rolling. people, everybody. stand by! and! action! that's what most movies are like. [ applause ] clint, clint goes like this.
12:19 am
which means you are rolling. then he is standing right next to you. he says, okay, go ahead. and you do it. maybe he'll say, just take that again. just do it one more time. then you do it. he says, all right, that's enough of that. that's it. i said, what's the deal? where did that come from? he said when he was doing "rawhide" right, "rawhide." he had old movie director whose loved the mega phones and the they did this. so, he, he and all of the other casts of "rawhide" are on their horses. they're supposed to do something. have a conversation. that whole build-up to -- action! would make the horses go like -- like this. and -- had squirm around. so one day he said, you know, in his way, is there any way that you could just, just tell us to go instead of -- instead of
12:20 am
flee. so, one guy did it once. they loved the action. >> jimmy: that is amazing. >> so there you go. what's it like working with clint zm clint? he treats us like horses. yeah. yeah. standing right there. >> jimmy: we will take a break. when i come back, i have a surprise, real surprise. not one of those. this is something i hop you ae e going to like. a surprise for the audience as well. tom we will be right back.
12:21 am
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>> jimmy: all right. tom, don't ruin it. so, what's the surprise? >> jimmy: i would look to bring out a surprise for you. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome sully sullenberger. [ cheers and applause ] ?
12:26 am
>> this is the captain's chair. >> welcome. welcome. great to have you here. >> that makes sense. >> you are the captain. i am the first officer of this interview. that's fine by me. your aircraft. your aircraft. prescription did . >> jimmy: did you like the movie? >> this guy and aaron are amazing. what's magical its the chemistry between sully and jeff. >> jimmy: did you have chemistry like that with jeff? >> you event that we want through. that bonded us like brothers for life. >> jimmy: was he somebody that you work with regularly? >> no, in fact as typical on large airlines. we have flown with people we have never seen. this happened thursday afternoon. i saw him for the very first time on monday. >> jimmy: unbelievable. that is crazy. i would have told that anecdote
12:27 am
>> all yours. all yours. >> jimmy: was tom the first choice to play you in the film? >> i think he was everybody's first choice. wasn't up to me, up to the boss. >> clint. >> jimmy: this is not the surprise. this is a great surprise. but this is not the actual surprise. you did, tom, such a great job playing sully in the filment people are going to see that tomorrow. i believe they will agree wholeheartedly. we felt it was time somebody paid tribute to your life and your caree >> $90 million. >> $90 million to make this film. >> in monopoly money. >> jimmy: about tom. i hope you enjoy. here we go. ? >> the odd of making it in hollywood are a million to one. >> next! >> and he was that one. >> what's your nape, kid?
12:28 am
sullenberger. >> i'm tom hanks. i am going to be a big movie star. >> temperature hangs, that's not a movie star name. >> not yet. >> you are a cocky son of a -- >> in the untold saga. from his early successes. >> i'm a lady. and so is my roommate. we're, bosom buddies. >> hi. >> you're beautiful. >> you're beautifuler. >> ha-ha-ha. >> hey, i got to go to change into some wardrobe. see you out there. >> all right, buddy. >> through his epic struggles. >> my mama always said life was like a chocolate box. >> cut. >> box of chocolates. >> oh, oh, oh. hanks you are a movie star. you can do this. >> and heartwrenching
12:29 am
>> i'm stuck on an island. and my only friend is a ball. why? >> critics save. i've never seen a better acting performance by an airline pilot. >> and the oscar goes to -- tom hanks. >> hanks! you cocky son of a -- >> i everybody in the whole wide world! >> four time emmy nominee peter scolari. sea plane pilots' association honorary lifetime member, captain chesley sullenberger. ? go ahead with your own life ? >> hanks. >> a space problem.
12:30 am
>> well done. very well done. >> oh, my god. >> chesley sullenberger, i used to have such respect for you. >> not anymore. >> oh, my, now we both have checkered careers. >> well the good news is, after i did a terrible job of acting. bruised egos, ruined reputations, but nobody got hurt. >> do i actually sound look that. >> jimmy: he nailed you. he really had you perfect. >> can we not both agree, peter scalari is one of the great human beings. >> and nobody, nobody plays peter scalari like peter. i will say that.
12:31 am
>> pleasure to have you beth here the two american heroes, everybody, sully comes out in theaters tomorrow.
12:33 am
>> jimmy: i want to thank tom hanks, sully sullenberger, apologize to matt damon. did run out of time for him. he will be rescheduled. "nightline" is next. here with the song, "way done we go." kaleo. ? oh father tell me we get what we deserve oh we get what we deserve ? ? and way down we
12:34 am
way down we go oh oh oh oh say ? ? way down we say go oh way down we go whoa ? ? you let your feet run wild the time has come as we all go down yeah before the fall ? ? oh my them right in the eye 'cause they will run ? ? you down down to the dark yes and they will run you down down 'till you fall ? ? and they will run you down down to your core yeah
12:35 am
and way down we go ? ? oh oh oh oh way down we go oh oh oh oh say way down we go ? ? ooh 'cause they will run you down down till you're caught ohh way down we go ? ? ? ?
12:36 am
? whoa baby ? ? baby ? ? ooh ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? way down we go go go go way down we go oh say way down we go ooh way down we go ?
12:37 am
xx. this is "nightline." tonight a more fair bnb, facing accusations of discrimination. air bnb saying hosts are rejecting them because of their race. >> every single message that i got the worst excuses in the world. >> how the company says it plans to prevent bias. plus the child goddess of nepal lavished with gifts and carried through festivals. worshippers traveling cross-countries to sing her praises. even her own parents bowing at her feet. so why are some activists calling this tradition abusive.


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