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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 9, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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this has been a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. investigators are trying to figure out why a 14-year-old girl shot and wounded another student and then took her own life. >> reporter: it started when police say a 14-year-old freshman girl pulled a gun at this alpine, texas high school and shot another female student. the school immediately put on lockdown. >> the teacher quickly shut off the lights and we pressed against the wall and stayed silent.
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>> reporter: police got there fast but the shooter had already killed herself. officials say she seemed to be a good student who moved to alpine about six months ago. >> this is a peaceful place to live and come, and that's the hard part. >> reporter: the victim ran outside and was rushed to a hospital. when it was over, students were overcome with emotion. active shooter training is part of everyday life for cops neighwide. this drill in colorado. >> trying to figure out the best way head on. >> reporter: officers used to wait for help, but now they quickly take the fight to the shooter. >> drop the weapon. >> reporter: and investigators in texas are trying to figure out a motive for the shooting. the victim is going to be okay and has been released from the hospital. clayton sandell, denver. a british airways flight was diverted to boston after a drunk passenger became unruly.
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london and was going to orlando. the passenger was abusive and the plane needed to land. after the plane landed safely, the unidentified passenger was removed without incident. he's awaiting deportation. in florida 84 women have tested positive, pregnant women, for the zika virus all travel related. in miami beach spraying of pesticides resumes. it was delayed after there were concerns about the safety of the spraying. the cdc in the state tested for the virus. a judge dismissed part of a lawsuit against chris christie and state health officials brought by a nurse who had contact with ebola patients. she said her rights were violated when she was held against her will at a hospital. the judge ruled others are immuned from the charges, but the judge said she can proceed with claims of imprisonment and
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a suburban mayor is warning people to be aware of make bites. she was returning home from walking her dog when she was bitten by a copperhead. she was in the hospital for days and the swelling continued for weeks. two weeks after that massive earth week in central italy, firefighters pulled another survivor from the rubble. he was all right. the magnitude 6.1 quake killed almost 300 people, injuring hundreds of others and left thousands homeless. we'd like to introduce you to the high school athlete who may be the busiest athlete in cincinnati. >> she's a two sport athlete during the same season, and both are boys varsity sports.
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put the ball through the uprights. >> i tried freshman year. they didn't believe me. that's why i didn't play that year. >> as for soccer, her school didn't have enough players for a girls team. she gets ais and bs in school. >> we had a player who was in the soccer team and the football team. >> but he was a boy on a team. >> yes. >> you wanted to chat about it. that's what i have to contribute. thanks, nick. >> i got nothing. >> why did you drop your pen again? coming up, it's one thing to adore your children, but how about worshipping them? see the seven-year-old in nepal proclaimed a living goddess. who she is and what she's now never allowed to do. >> and for ten years he's been proclaimed the world's most interesting man, but no more.
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endorsed by aarp... and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. there's a new study revealing surprises about college students and drug use. researchers say 40% admit using marijuana, up from 30 % ten years ago, and they say daily marijuana use is at the highest levels in more than three decades. a much different story when it comes the opioids.
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6 admit to using it. alcohol is the most used substance among students. >> there's one little girl who won't be leaving the house. >> a tradition in nepal proclaimed this seven-year-old girl a living goddess. >> reporter: her name is unika. she's won in a century old tradition of vi child goddesses. it's considered good luck to merely lay eyes on her. >> reporter: the kamari lives with her mother and father. they left their jobs to become her full-time caretakers.
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this meticulous customary makeup. the kamari is not allowed to leave her home except for festivals, and her feet are never supposed to touch the ground. she is carried everywhere. the kamari is worshipped by hindus and buddhists alike. to be chosen as a kamara a young girl must meet specific standards. first, they're chart must be considered favorable, and then the girls are tested for 32 very specific physical attributes, including eyelashes like a cow.
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clear as a duck. once a girl is chosen, she's considered an incarnation of the lin due goddess. kamaris aren't one for life. once they hit puberty, they're forced to return to life as a mortal. this girl served as a kamari from 4 to >> i was a little bit uncomfortable after the time in the house. a little uncomfortable to work in the world. >> reporter: she says the greatest honor is continuing the ancient tradition. >> the best thing is i preserve my culture, and to do that, in a pally know as a living goddess. >> for this seven-year-old, a great responsibility and a sacred duty.
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nepal. and some activists have criticize third down saying this tradition is child labor. in 20 08 the supreme court there overruled another case that was saying that. saying it's a cultural value. >> look, it looks strange and alien to us, but i'm sure a lot of things we do are strange and alien to them. >> and it's largely considered a privilege to live as one of these goddesses. that's what they get. >> not bad. >> not at bad. >> coming up, rebooting the most interesting man in the world. i really thought it was you. >> no. it's a bad joke. >> 77-year-old jonathan gold smith is moving over. you're staring at me like i did something awful. he's moving over to let a younger generation in. who is his replacement? you're watching "world news
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? >> i like this. we should have this with all the stories. >> nice. >> he's been branded the most interesting man in the world,
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are passing it to a new actor. >> there's been an image of what legends are made of, but apparently legends even have an ending. >> he is the most interesting man in the world. >> reporter: get ready. the world's most interesting man is looking a little different. that's him back to the camera in a teaser just dropped by dos equis. he's french. that in his early 40s, goes by the name augustine legrande. >> he's promising fewer philosophical musings. ten years on tv, he amassed an $8 million fortune and drug dos
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ubiquity. the old spice hunk, over 50 million youtube hits. >> you're on a boat with the man your man could smell. >> reporter: affleck duck. the big challenge here, can he fill the half skinned moccasins? >> in his orange shoes. >> reporter: of the most interesting man in the world? that you don't think it's interesting that i said just two days ago that you could be the new dos equis because you're the most interesting man in the world, and then you're interviewing him and doing a story on him. it's a little bit ironic. and by the way -- >> just because i'm foreign. i mean, i'm boring. i just have a funny accent. >> reporter: he doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, he only drinks wnn brand.
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with megared advanced 4in1. time now for our insomniac theater. this morning we start with a movie we've been awaiting all week "sully" starring tom hanks as the pilot. we know how it en most of us don't know is the aftermath. the investigation in which captain sullenberger was harshly scrutinized by the ntsb. >> the best chance the passengers had was on that river. and i bet my life on it. in fact, i did. and i would do it again. >> engineers are theorizing you had enough energy to make it back to the runway. >> well, engineers are not pilots. they're wrong.
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engine failure due to multiple bird strikes. that would be unprecedented. >> well, everything is unprecedented until it happens for the first time. >> the critics are loving "sully". earning 81% certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. one says if ever there was a film that called for wind beneath my wings as an end credit song, and another, here's a movie that deserves three words sully prizes most, job well done. next, a movie for the kids. until now, no one has tried to tell this story from the perspective of the animal side kicks. >> we need to find out the intentions. >> look, it stripped off his skin. >> an idiot. >> i'm going to be sick. >> uh-oh.
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right. the critics are not exactly loving the wildlife which is scoring a 19 % splat on rotten tomatoes. one writes that without enough characterization in the writing, there's a lack of emotional connection in the story that makes the film just another cartoon flick, not an an matted classic. and jordan mincer calls it an impressively made if highly juvenile version of a literary so. >> caller: sully this weekend. >> sully is good. i've seen it. >> what did you think? >> i loved it. tom hanks, i would watch him sit and stare at me. >> just don't travel with me. castaway, apollo. now this. captain phillips.
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this morning on "world news now," a major bank hit for a massive scream. >> wells fargo forced to pay out nearly $200 million after thousands of employees opened fake accounts using consumer information. we'll tell you how customers can hope to get their money back. >> a rescue mission p dozens are trapped in cable cars. some have been air lifted to safety. others are stuck in the cars overnight. the nfl season is underway. last night's game coming down to the final seconds as another player protests against racial inequality by taking a knee during the national anthem. >> in honor of national honey month, we set out to find an
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cultivating honey bees on city roofto rooftops, and we'll even get a taste taste on this friday, september 9th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. i think i'll taste all the honey for you. >> i have my own pot. use as much as you like. >> the penalties levelled against one of the country's biggest banks. >> about 5300 been fired after opening over 2 million unauthorized accounts without customers knowing. >> federal regulators and the city of los angeles are fining wells far doe $185 million. a top federal regulator calls it abusive. >> reporter: wells fargo under fire. thousands of employees at the bank accused of secretly using customer information and
3:02 am
million savings and credit card accounts. to meet sales goals, bankers at branches across the country would temporarily siphon money from real bank accounts into the secret accounts. keeping customers in the dark, even creates phony e-mail addresses and fake pins to cover their tracks. customers who had no idea the money was gone were then charged overdraft fees. >> we're holding wells fargo accountable for its and taking strong steps to assure that the allegations we've raised in our complaint never happen again. we're going to be vigilant in standing up for consumer's rights. >> wells fargo firing 5,300 fired in connection with with the scheme that spans at least five years. saying while we regret every interaction that wasn't handled properly, the number of instances and team members
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portion of our business. wells fargo says it will reimburse the accounts of anyone impacted. they've already paid out $2.6 million to customers and have set aside an additional 2 $.4 million for those impacted. abc news, new york. north korea conducted another nuclear weapons test. a seismic tremor was reported near the known test site. it registered as a 5.3 mag earthquake. this is the fifth nuclear test. all of them are in violation of u.n. resolutions. north korea says the test was to counter u.s. hostility. south korea's president calls it an act of fanatic recklessness. u.s. special operations forces tried to save two professors. one american, and one australian, abducted in kabul. the officials say the hostages
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location. seven enemy fighters were killed during a fire fight. in the race for the white house, hillary clinton is railing against donald trump for praising vladimir putin. clinton called trump scary and unpatriotic at a press conference. she also slammed him for saying american generals were reduced to rubble. clinton continued her criticism in kansas last night telling a predominantly african american that trump has a history of racial discrimination in his business. and the head of the republican national committee came to trump's defense. after criticizing clinton were not smiling. reince priebus said trump wasn't endorsing the russian president. he said the comments referred to putin's leadership only. gary johnson is under fire
3:05 am
he was stumped on a question about the syrian city of aleppo, drawing a blank on a name that any presidential candidate is expected to know. martha raddatz has the details. >> reporter: the stunning moment playing out on live tv. libertarian presidential candidate, gary johnson stumped by a basic foreign policy question in the headlines for months. >> what would you do if you were elected >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay. got it. got it. >> reporter: apep lolepaleppo, t city in war torn syria. these images two days ago broadcast around the world.
3:06 am
chlorine gas attack. just last month this picture became an international call to action. this five-year-old pulled from the rubble of his bombed out aleppo home. minutes after his interview fail, johnson, a former governor of new mexico, acknowledged he, quote, blanked. >> no one is taking this more seriously than me. i feel horrible. >> what do you think will happen now? >> well, i have to get and that's just part of the process. >> reporter: but later on abc ease, "the view", johnson taken to task. >> i think it's a disqualifying statement. >> and fair enough. >> johnson said he was thinking in terms of acronyms that aleppo was somehow an acronym for something. he also said there was no excuse whatsoever for his failure and he added that if you're running for president, everything should
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washington. a texas school district cancelled classes after a deadly shooting at the high school. investigators are trying to figure out why a 14-year-old freshman shot and injured another girl and then took her own life. all nearby schools went on lockdown. a federal agent was also accidentally shot and wounded in the chaos. and a chicago community is coming together to find the man who shot and robbed an elderly man as he watered his lawn. video of the crime shows two suspects riding their bicycles. they pedal away from the man and then return. one gets off his bike, struggles with the man and eventually shoots him, grabs his wallet and they both ride off. community activists in the area are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. and dozens of passengers trapped in the french alps in cable cars.
3:08 am
more than 100 people were struck after the cable cars stalled. operations were suspended due to rough conditions. an american tourist was among those rescued. >> we were there almost ten hours in the cable car. the cable failed about 2:30 in the afternoon. and it was about midnight when they got us out. it was quite an experience. >> know that dawn has broken, rescuers hope to get to the 33 the cable cars usually offer passengers a panoramic view, not a terrifying ordeal. >> a stunning upaet at the u.s. open. serena williams lost in straight sets to a 10th seed. it's the second straight year she's lost in the semi finals of the open. she admitted her left knee was bothering her. the 24-year-old from the czech
3:09 am
championship. >> the preseason controversy over the national anthem is continuing into the regular nfl season. before the season opener, denver bronco's line backer brandon marshall went down on one knee. >> he was a teammate in college of collin kaepernick who started that controversial protest. before the game, peyton manning returned to the field, but only to deliver a trophy for the super bowl remark of the super bowl with the panthers at the broncos. the home team trailed but it came down to the final seconds, and a 50-yard field goal attempt. a kick sailed wide left and the broncos held on for a 21-20 wi. >> and there's a celebration of unity during the nabl anthem at their game. we'll wait to see how it pans out.
3:10 am
join us as we explore the sweet life of bee keeping and get a taste of my homemade honey is making a comeback. >> first a message of strength and recovery. elizabeth vargas opening up about her personal struggle with alcohol addiction. the emotional interview is up nec. and follow us on social media on facebook and twitter.
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turning now to a powerful message from right inside our abc family. >> sharing her personal story, elizabeth vargas opened up about her long battle with alcoholism. >> her story is now a memoir in which she reveals som darkest moments and road back to joy. >> ge >>. >> reporter: on television jest the picture of calm. traveling the world as an anchor and reporter. >> return here to jerusalem. >> reporter: a familiar face in the morning. and today we're looking at jeans. >> reporter: for some of those years she was living a secret double life as an alcoholic. haunted by crushing insecurity
3:15 am
child, she says a glass or two of wine helped smooth fray nerves. over years, social drinks was a dangerous addiction. more than 60% of women who have a problem with alcohol also struggle with anxiety. >> good evening. we begin tonight with two rescue. >> reporter: to watch her anchor live tv, you'd have no idea she was forcing herself to suppress anxiety. >> i remember anchoring the evening news every night. if you watch carefully at the beginning of every newscast, you will see me lean in and i grip the desk with my right hand. >> good evening from los angeles. >> on my left hand, i'm taking my engagement ring and digging the edge into my thumb. >> reporter: why did you go into this business if it was going to torment you like this? >> i loved it. i still love it. i love telling people's stories. >> reporter: but people can look at you and say you're so lucky.
3:16 am
outside looking in, and first of all, yes, i am -- you know, i am so lucky to have my two amazing children and to have this amazing job. >> reporter: and as the mother of two young boys, a punishing reality. >> i was drinking and sleeping, and i do vividly remember one afternoon sam standing by that -- my head in the bed saying mommy, when are you going to get up, and could smell the sunscreen, and i could feel the heat from his little body because he'd just come in from the beach. and i would die for my children, diane. i wouldn't give a second worth of thought to die for my children, to kill for my children, but i would die for my children, but i couldn't stop drinking for my children. i don't know if i will ever
3:17 am
with my drinking, ever. >> elizabeth shares her whole story in a special edition of 20/20 airing tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. coming up in our next half hour, the massive samsung smart phone recall. more than 2 million samsung galaxy note 7s. why the faa is saying not to charge, or pack the phones during air travel. >> first, it's national honey month. we set out to find beekeepers, and we didn't have to go very
3:18 am
3:19 am
there are plenty of birds and flowers and bees and trees here in new york city j but believe it or not there's a growing movement to keep the bees here on the rooftops. >> in honor of national honey month, i set out to discover some of the beekeepers and found out it's not as hard as you think to raise bees right here in new york city. >> reporter: new york is full of sounds, honking, yelling, and even buzzing. that's because in the heart of this surprising splice of nature. >> in bee keeping there's poetry and science. >> reporter: leanne is an urban beekeeper keeping bees on roofs. >> i thought there's probably two other people in new york interested in bees. and sure enough there was a class, and this group had started in 2006. and that's the group i now run. >> reporter: new york city bee keeping mission is to keep the tradition of bee keeping alive.
3:20 am
classes and harvests honey from ten hives on this roof. we visited them as they were harvesting. >> the combs are removed, cleaned of bees and wax and placed into a honey extractor. >> when it's full. there's a basket that spins inside. the honey is flung g to the sid and then drains into a strainer and a bucket. >> reporter: you can keep bees >> we can people keeping on brown stones, in churchyards, out in the open. people are keeping in community gardens. >> reporter: a few things to know. if you're thinking of keeping bees, do your research. find a fell he beekeeper in your area and talk to a town regulator. >> sometimes there are rules you must follow. we have to have a water source. the other thing is you should be physically fit. you should learn how to lift
3:21 am
gear. >> reporter: as far as equipment, it's a reasonable shopping list. you'll need a beehive, a bee tool and a jacket to protect yourself. if you want that sweet reward, you'll need an uncapping tool and an extracting tool to get at the honey. >> you feel that high note? >> reporter: and she says these bees don't mind sharing. >> they're adaptable. >> reporter: or maybe they're too busy enjoying the view. busy? busy as in bee. >> now i do. that was a terrible one. >> when they hear it, they think aren't the bees going to sting you. apparently they're docile. >> this is it? >> yes. this is honey from right here in new york city. >> there you go, jack. >> toast and butter. >> oh, my goodness. >> isn't it delicious? >> oh.
3:22 am
>> there is a superb floral quality. >> i don't think you like it at all. >> i love honey. (?) (?) when you are suffering from chest congestion but you have got a full day ahead of you, try mucinex 12-hour. only mucinex has a unique bi-layer tablet. the white layer releases immediately. mucinex is absorbed 60 percent faster than store brands. while the blue extended release layer lasts a full 12 hours.
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time for the mix. a new photo is going viral on facebook and giving multitaskers a little bit of inspiration. megan meyer is from oklahoma. she's a sports medicine physician. she her back. she's also 30 weeks pregnant. dr. megan meyer, that is. >> women are better than men. women are just better than men. >> reporter: takes care of high school football athletes. she says sometimes it's hard to have it all. bite the bullet and go for it. >> that is awesome. i love that. >> reporter: and her daughter is hanging out. >> there we have a sensible woman caring for her family, and now we have an idiot dude as our
3:26 am
he's about to break the world record for going faster on a skateboard than anyone. 81.41 miles. if there's a pebble on that road, he is falling off. he's more than skinning his knee. try going home and explaining that to your mom, and if you ever run a motorcycle at 89 miles per hour, you might have an idea of what it feels like. just look at that. i don't need to try it. polka time. what song are we doing? >> i'll sing it for you. i will play it and you just, you know, recite it. this is the song. ? ? ? tapes that roll in way too
3:27 am
news polka. ? ? it's late at night you're wade weak and you're not wearing pants. so everybody dance. ? have fun. be a pal. every anchor guy and gal do the world news polka ? ? if your neighbors call the cops here's all you have to do ? ? when they yell it's half past three, tell them it's news to me ? ? that's the wor ? they make us work the grave ward shift ? ? that's why we go for broke ? ? why not tune into abc and join the joke ? ? that's the world news polka ? . >> all right. you have heard the song before.
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breaking news this morning on "world news now," north korea saying they have tested a nuclear weapon. the largest testing yet in a string of provocative acts. we'll have the latest. >> polls indicate the presidential race is neck and neck in the crucial battle ground states. we'll have the latest numbers and the back and forth from th candidates. >> and new this half hour, a warning for anyone using a samsung galaxy note 7. >> the company is recalling more than 2 million of the phones over concerns that the batteries could ignite. it's already linked to 35 fires and now there's a new warning from the faa about using the phones on planes. and if you missed out on your chance to buy a piece of full house history, now you can rent.
3:31 am
rent. full story ahead on this friday, september 9th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we discovered nick knows the theme song but not the show. >> you were such a good singer. >> carry on. good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm nick watt. we begin with breaking news overnight. a brazen act of defiance by north korea launching its fifth and largest nuclear test. >> the blast registered as a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. north korean officials say it was meant to counter what it calls u.s. hostility. >> world leaders were quick to respond. south korea's president called it a violation of u.n. sanctions. japan sent two military jets to test for radiation, and john kerry has been briefed on the
3:32 am
jim jong-un has overseen an increase in the number of missiles tested this year. here at home the presidential candidates are locked in a tight race with a thin margin in key battle ground states. >> polling shows hillary clinton with a lead in pennsylvania. donald trump is up by one point in ohio, and in florida they are tied. all the polls are within that margin of error. >> and both candidates are fending off criticism after appearing at a town hall that played out like an audition for commander in chief. it's your voice, your vote. abc's jonathan karl is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: campaigning in ohio, donald trump blasted hillary clinton's performance in that national security forum. >> she's got to get her act together. >> reporter: trump is now facing blow back over his statements including his attack on america's senior military leadership. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble.
3:33 am
point where it's embarrassing for our country. >> reporter: he even suggested he'd fire the top brass. >> they'd probably be different generals. >> reporter: there are only so many generals. they come up through the ranks serving presidents of both parties. then there's what he said about his first classified national security briefing. >> i was very surprised. in almost every instance, and i could tell, they were not happy. our leaders did not follow what they were recomm >> reporter: candidates are expected to say nothing about what is by definition, a confidential briefing. >> i think what he said was totally inappropriate. and undisciplined. >> reporter: trump also doubled down on the debunked claim that he opposed to the iraq war. >> i happened to hear hillary clinton say that i was not against the war in iraq. i was totally against the war in iraq. you can look at esquire magazine
3:34 am
>> but 2004 was a year after the war started. tonight the clinton campaign fired off an e-mail. donald trump kicked off his evening by lying about his position on the iraq war. and no one stopped to call him on it. there's only one known definitive statement from trump before the war. and in it he says he's in favor. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish it was -- i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> reporter: he s isis at the forum. for more than a year he's said he has one. >> there's a meth method of defeating them quickly. i don't want the enemy to know what i am doing. all can i tell you is it's a foolproof way of winning. >> reporter: recently he said he'd ask his generals to come up with a plan. >> is the plan you've been hiding this whole time asking someone else for their plan? >> no. but when i come up with a plan
3:35 am
with mine or maybe doesn't, i may love with the generals come back with. >> reporter: but you have your own plan? >> i have a plan. if i win, i don't want to broadcast the plan to the enemy. >> reporter: and finally he raised eyebrows by again praising vladimir putin. >> if he says great things about me, i'll say great things about him. he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> reporter: trump even mentioned polls in russia saying vladimir putin h a he didn't mention putin is essentially a dictator who maintains near total control or mass media and cracks down on russians who dare to challenge him. >> clinton turned to trump over his praise of vladimir putin. she said trump failed to prove he was capable of being commander in chief. she said trump's comment suggest that he prefers the russian
3:36 am
it's not just insulting to the office and the man who holds the office. it is scary. it is dangerous. >> reporter: republican national committee chair reince priebus defended trump saying he was not endorsing putin but referring to his leadership. and overseas three women under arrest as part of an anti-terror operation. france police say the women are linked to a car found outside of a cathedral on sunda diesel. the women were radicalized and were planning a new attack. earlier this week four other people were detained in the same case. all four are accused of also being radical islamist. >> wells fargo is being fined by the city of los angeles. authorities say bank employees opened unauthorized accounts for customers. sometimes using the customer's money without permission. many of the accounts ran up
3:37 am
this went on for five years involving more than 2 million bank and credit card accounts. about 5300 wells fargo workers were fired. they say the money will go back into the accounts of the affected customers. labor day has come and gone, but it's still officially summer. in the northeast all you have toot is check the thermometer many schools don't have air-conditioning and sent kids home early when it was too hot. to boston. with the high humidity, it will feel warmer. a cold front is moving in bringing thunderstorms and some relief. a nasa spacecraft has taken off on a seven year mission to an unexplored asteroid. the explorer has blasted just before sunset last night. and once the spacecraft arrives,
3:38 am
the question about the origins of life. >> i think we should care about the thrill of exploration at the edge of engineering and science, because in this case we're bringing stuff home for the kids of tomorrow to research for a long time. >> the trip isn't a quick one. it's expected to take about seven years for it to arrive at the asteroid, collect the samples and return to earth. former pro football quarterback tim tebow signed a minor lee contract with the new york mets. he played for several pro football teams but never caught on in the nfl. most analysts don't think he'll make it to baseball's major leagues, but the general manager says his time will be good for the young players he meets. for many people, snacks are more important than the ball game.
3:39 am
mariner's fan. even though she lives in new jersey. >> she sacrificed her cotton candy to cheer. needless to say this has gone viral. she also cheers for the mets. maybe they can sign her to a minor league contract. >> i want to go to a game with her. she's having a good time, and she's loving that cotton candy. >> oh, my goodness. the blue face, the wide eyes. heaven. heaven. >> and hopefully she's a good luck charm for the mets this year. coming up, a suspect challenges police from inside the station. >> and the menace challenging the deputy after a tense standoff. we'll show you how it plays off next. >> and one of hollywood's famous families might be just like yours. hear why living up to famous father's legacy was difficult for michael douglas. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by united health
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do not knock over that garbage can. nope. don't do it. don't. better not. better not. >> a california sheriff deputy captured this strange moment. the bear looking for something to eat after it had wandered into the sheriff's office. didn't get too excited. apparently bears stopping by isn't that rare. they pop by all the time. but at least this bear was somewhat obedient. he followed the orders and didn't knock over the garbage can. >> i would have bet the trash
3:44 am
i'm not sure however many times i saw a bear pop into my office, i'm not sure i could be that calm about it. >> never. it looked like a baby bear. it was a little baby bear. >> that bear has better training than my pet. if i tell frank not to do something. >> you told me during the break you have a pet rabbit. >> i do. >> called frank. >> he's adorable until he tries to chew on something. i say frank fete get out of there, and he moves for a second and then he goes back to where i left him. >> i feel very differently about you. >> you're judging me over my pet? >> yeah. i don't know what to make of it. >> maybe i'm judging you for judging me for judging frank. >> i think we should go to another story and i'll concentrate. >> you let me know how you feel about it. samsung galaxy 7 smart phones are recalled. over concerns the batteries
3:45 am
linked to the phones. and the faa is advising passengers not turn on the devices on an aircraft or charge them. >> reporter: the jeep engulfed in flames, allegedly caused by a samsung phone. >> it was surprising how quick dash caught on fire. >> reporter: this father says he left his brand new samsung galaxy note 7 charging in the car and returned to this. >> my last thought is a brand new device, something as simple as a phone is going b my car or my house or hurt a family member. >> reporter: fire crews called to the scene, the charred remains of a samsung phone barely recognizable. just last week samsung pulling off of its galaxy note 7 from the shelves. recalling the phone after 35 confirmed reports of fires. >> i didn't have any issues until this point. >> reporter: he says he had no idea about the recall. samsung says it's aware of the incident and is working with him
3:46 am
ensure we do everything we can for him. and samsung is also in the process of replacing all samsung galaxy note 7 phones. it's bad timing for samsung, after the announcement of the i phone 7. many analysts estimate the recall will cost the company a billion dollars. thanks very much. frank? how old is frank the rabbit? >> two years old. >> what color? >> black and white with blue eyes. >> when we come ba, check out matthew mcconaughey's directing debut. >> and how much will it cost you each month to live with the tanners? "the skinny" is next. >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
? ? a-list actors. >> matthew mcconaughey is directing a bourbon commercial. >> oh, thank you. wild turkey. it'll find you. >> reporter: the release is on the heels of a trailer debut from his next film, "gold".
3:49 am
>> in live by night he slips deep into organize ed crime in the roaring 20s? >> you don't think i'm strong enough? >> i don't know if you're cruel enough. >> "live by night" hits theaters january 13th, 2017. next, an admission from one of hollywood's most celebrated men. >> michael douglas had big shoes to fill. trying to get out of the shadow >> now the winner of many accolades, his father told him early in his career he was a terrible actor. >> not a lot of sugar coating. >> it's hard to believe now again he won the best actor oscar for "wall street". played every cheating married man's nightmare. after his first one his father
3:50 am
terrible. that chin. that chin is just awesome. i love it. >> he said maybe dad, but i'm hot. >> apparently kirk douglas never thought he'd have to worry about his son going into the acting game because he was so bad. his dad is going to turn 100 years old in december. what a guy. >> wow. >> next, this is your special subject. 90s television sit comes. $13,950 a month. and look at what you get for
3:51 am
>> it's not really my bag. >> no? >> not really. but three stories, three bedrooms, three and a half baths. three fireplaces. built in bookcases and apparently a gorgeously landscaped garden we're not going to see. >> that sounds great. the inside of the full house home looked nothing like that. >> that's the magic of tv. they film the inside bit somewhere else. >> oh. >> i was all excited to go to the house. it doesn't look like that. even for $14,000 a month you can't go to the house we know. >> and the security deposit. finally glad tidings. >> natalie portman is expecting her second child. she sported a tiny baby bump. barely visible through her white gown.
3:52 am
already parents to a
3:53 am
3:54 am
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it's been a pretty busy week for the news. >> mixed in with politics and crime, we had stories of inspiration and the profile of an american hero. here is our weekly friday rewind. >> it's been the mission of his campaign is call mexicans rapists and criminals. >> people said republicans don't win the white house without ohio. >> i've heard that and we intend to win ohio, we should win ohio. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> he'll build the wall and have mexico pay for it. >> what did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together? >> it's a correct tweet.
3:56 am
>> he's exercising his constitutional right. >> i want to be able to effect change. >> he twisted the handcuffs until they broke. >> you let this man escape. how is anybody supposed to feel safe right now? >> i think he should have been in there a lot longer than three months and a lot longer than six months. i think he should have been there for the rest of his life. >> when i bought my house, the number one thing i looked at before i did was the sex offender registry list. and there were none. >> i would love to talk to you all. i'm just not ready yet. for us, jacob was alive until we found -- until we found him. >> she was an amazing woman and so i think it's really important that this day has come for a lot of people. >> he would come to work every day in his 2003 honda with over 100,000 miles. he ended up with a little over $4 million. >> i think the amazing thing
3:57 am
did was what was avoided. new york city and america did not need to see another wrecked plane. >> who books this show? there's meg now. i love you, sweetie. i'll find you. i'll wait for you. whatever. meet you in the park. let's have hot dogs at that thing by the place with the deal. we'll get to know each other again. i want to be tom hanks when i grow up. >> we're still waiting for you to grow up, though. i know. but -- >> yeah, he does seem to have a great life. >> favorite story of the week? >> favorite story of the week. i don't know. i'm looking forward to that weekend. saturday the lights go up at world trade center. pit mark -- it marks 15 years since september 11th. it's always touching to see the tower of lights for me. >> absolutely. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, one of the country's largest banks is facing a hefty fine this morning. wells fargo employees are accused of illegally opening millions of accounts and making their customers pay. new evidence of just how close hillary clinton and donald trump are in the states that wi d both candidates raging against the other. a risky rescue under way high in the alps. dozens of tourists spent the night trapped more than 12,000 feet in the air. so why did the cable car suddenly stop? technicians now have a theory. and road rage caught on camera. an incident in southern california under investigation right now. a new rear window definitely


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