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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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heat index today. we'll have rain chances around 30 to 40%. the weekend is a little different. we'll talk more about that heading into next week as well. >> 93 degrees and you are wearing a sweater vest? >> it's after labor day. >> so far it's cool on the roadways. no problems to report, i-4 looking both ways coming in and out of tampa. this is the lone wreck out there. 41 nebraska avenue near fowler. looking good into downtown.
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branden into the tampa interchange. any details and wrecks, we'll cover them for you. rodney, back over to you. it's the video you'll be talking about this morning. a school crossing guard puts her life on the line to protect young children walking to school, and it's all caught on camera. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 lindsay logue, deputies arrested the driver. what did she have to say about it? >> it's probably actuallmo the driver of the vehicle right there told deputies that she is a former law enforcement from arizona and she said "wow, the crossing guards here in florida have a lot of power. let's take you back to the busy intersection in martin county. a young girl pulled out her cell phone and hit record when she saw this driver blatantly ignoring the crossing guard's orders. you can see the guard run backwards. the driver continues to bump
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and driving off. >> she had children in the intersection and put herself between a moving vehicle and those children. it's very brave of her. very admirable. >> deputies have a reminder for all drivers this morning. treat crossing guards like any other member. >> it's tough to watch that video. thee did arrest the driver but what did she say some. >> the driver said she recently had brain suer handicap. she can only turn her head to the left, thus she can only make left turns. of course deputies are investigating whether she's even fit to drive. so we'll have to see what happens there. we'll keep you posted. a manatee county woman who hired a hitman to murder her husband is in court today. she wanted him out of the picture so she could get
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wanted her ex-husband murdered. they say leahy unknowingly hired one of the sheriff's detectives. deputies say she paid half of the $5,000 agreement to kill her ex when they arrested her thursday. breaking this morning, the u.s. coast guard suspended the search for a cruise ship passenger of the bahamas. here is a photo from the search that started wednesday. the new yorker was reported missing ecstasy. the coast guard believe she may have gone overboard near the brand balm ha. -- grand bahama. a mother of two died while undergoing cosmetic surgery. doctors say her heart stopped during the procedure. she was in good health before the procedure.
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accident but homicide detectives are investigating. >> i don't understand how her heart could have stopped. >> the surgery facility has an "f" rating from the better business bureau and more than 100 complaints in the last three years. and going in depth now about the dangers of cosmetic surgery. we told you about marriage meadows who died while undergoing a brazilian butt lift fat clots caused her organs to fail. doctors say all operations have risks of complications and some cases unpredictable complications can occur. this morning in a shocking move, china is formally protesting north korea's latest nuclear test. the chinese foreign minister says it is the latest act to destabilize relations on the
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serious provocation. they tested a nuclear warhead designed to be mounted on ballistic missiles. a drunk man on board a plane forced the diversion to logan international airport because of the unruly passenger. investigators are now charging the 24-year-old scottish man with interfering with a flight crew saying he was acting up in the cabin. the pilot requested that police meet the plane man. >> we have an abusive passenger. he is highly unpredictable. as a result, we need police. >> the flight was able to continue onto orlando a short time later. inmates are promising a nationwide prison strike today, including right here in the state of florida. in the panhandle, officials already put the home's correctional institution on
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wednesday taking over for dorms. officers believe that riot is connected to today's strike. in democracy 2016, florida is one of the crucial swing states that's up for grabs. a new survey from quinnipiac shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a statistical tie. it also shows clinton ahead in other battleground states and a five-point lead in north even though a suffolk university poll finds trump slightly ahead in north carolina. trump is insisting he opposed the war from the beginning. he went a step further in cleveland saying if he had been in congress at the time, he would have been against the invasion. fact checkers insist that claim is false. radio host stern asked him if
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said "i guess so." profiling people online with a photo and life story. 600,000 people are reacting about the facebook post. she says voters perceive her as aloof. still ahead, an effort to sell mattresses to sell 9/11 terror attacks is stirring controversy over the tragedy. i feel great. >> that little girl goes crazy for cotton candy. now the internet is going crazy for her. more on her adorable expression
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an army veteran donating a puppy whose puppy was shot to death by a neighbor. both dogs with are therapy dogs and important members of the family. the neighbor faces animal cruelty charges. they are grateful for the new husky mix puppy whom they've already named alpha. [unintelligible] cotton candy. [ laughter ]
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she is 3 years old. the video posted of her eating cotton candy has people going crazy for her now. her new nickname is cotton candy girl because of the reaction when she first tasted cotton candy. the cameras kept going back again and again. look what happened on the way home. she just collapsed. sugar rush done. her dad shared a photo out after her sugar rush. she's adorable. >> and this was her first time trying cotton candy. i'm sure that sugar rush gets into you, melts into your system and drives you crazy. >> ivan, i can't get enough of that little girl. so cute. >> that's probably rodney's reaction. >> it is, it is! [ laughter ] let's check the forecast quickly as we send to you
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thunderstorms hour by hour and take knew the weekend in just a few minutes. coming up, a mom waiting for her 5-year-old son to come home from school goes four hours without nowing where he is. still ahead, where he was found and the emotional reunion. >> plus, the teen gives the shoes off his feet to a homeless man. itit inspired help for even mor
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welcome back. one mattress store's ad referencing 9/11 is causing a nationwide outrage. >> they ran this commercial for the nationwide sale. >> oh, my gosh! we'll never forget. >> the commercial shows towers of mattresses collapsing. people are outraged and just the store manager is apologizing and asking people to stop making death threats. >> it was stupid. it was a stupid idea. we hope you forgive us for what we've done. >> the store says it now plans to donate 30% of its sales this weekend to the 9/11 foundation. the owner of the store issued an apology to the victims and
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disgusted and incensed by the commercial. and a marketing flop. this one causing controversy at a florida wal-mart. a display of coke boxes stacked to look like the twin towers in a store in panama city beach with a banner above it saying we will never forget with wal- mart and coke logos with many calling it insensitive. the store took it down saying it was only meant to honor first responders. hours after a driver forgot him. that is the emotional reunion between the mom and her son. school officials say a contracted driver failed to follow procedure and has been cited for child neglect and can no longer transport students. meanwhile a mom in pennsylvania is also furious.
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for the school bus to return her son home from school. she was upset when her 5-year- old didn't come home at his unusual time. she called the school and they gave her several locations. he finally arrived after 6:00 this evening. the bus driver has been fired. one alabama company has already had it with their school after a bully put a gun to the child's head. acarding to the parents, aanother sixth brought a revolver to the bus and held the gun to the back of their son's head. they are transferring schools immediately. police arrested the student and charged him with menacing. in this story, a touching picture of a kentucky teen praying with a homeless man has gone viral. >> it's enfiring others to give back as well. the teen was feeding the
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he sat down with him to pray. he noticed the homeless man's shoes were ripped. that's when the teen took off his brand new pair of air jordans and gave them to the man. the church group is raising money online to help other homeless people in the community. by the way, somebody has already donated their air jordans to that teenager. on this friday, it's 6:18. we're waking up with good weather by the afternoon. still okay, right? it is central florida. 30 to 40% coverage is what we typically get. we haven't had that but we're right back into it as rain chances go average beginning today. hot and humid yeah, with temperatures in the 90s feeling 100 to 105. steamy stuff here. sunglasses will get steamy as you head out into the nice, cold air conditioned car. titan doppler radar quiet air
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that will allow not just for the southern counties but everyone else to get in on the showers and storms that will be about 30 to 40%. nothing organized. no fronts, no waves. it's just sea breeze thunderstorms with enough moisture which is one of the ingredients that we need that have been lacking for the last few days. let's put futurecast into motion as we zoom in across our area. you see showers going between 3:00 and 4:00. they turn into thunderstorms. they haven't seen this while heading to st. pete between 7:00 and 8:00. hopefully it will be out by then. just an indication of changes. so tropics are relatively quiet. not too worried about that. they are not expected to organize. it should get itself todd with 60% chance. by the way this weekend is the peak of hurricane season. so after september 10, we begin to go down. a little bit of a spike into
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otherwise, generally we go right back down. so there we go. of course ian, no site of him any time son. stay cool out there. that will be the indicates for the weekend. rain chances continue into early next week with overnight temps in the mid to upper 70s. it is friday. hopefully the commute is not doing too bad. >> it's been very calm so far and it's calm. you say good morning to the folks in lakeland with clear roads on i-4 in both directions. looking good at it 75 and 54th avenue north in st. pete. this can get backed up. looks like traffic is making it through there with no problem. we have a wreck to tell you about, 66th street and 103rd avenue in the largo area. also to the north, state route 52 at hicks road backing things
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eastbound side of the road. across the bay, things are looking good as far as speeds going ten minutes to get across the courtney campbell causeway. eight minutes on the gandy. man, you are zooming on the howard frankland. back over to you, deiah. a tattoo artist sticks up for a florida boy who's being bullyd. his sweet -- bullied. his sweet response is coming up. >> and a paper and how they can claim it's totally safe. >> first, a nasa liftoff starting a seven-year mission. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look -- >> three, two, one, and liftoff. >> reporter: with that, the chase is on. the target for this space ship is the asteroid bennu.
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the origins of life. >> i was crying. i said because we've just done something amazing. >> reporter: it is a multiyear 5 million mile mission to an asteroid, an asteroid that could have a close call with earth, too. >> it's what we call a global killer. >> reporter: in the movie armageddon, bruce willis blows up an asteroid, which is threat ening her. but bennu has a 1 in 3,000 chance of hitting us. we'll have more on the mission coming up at 7:00. with your gma first look, i'm david curly, abc news,
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. >> time right now is it 6:26. "boy is getting a new outlook. a mom picked on because he had to wear that brace. so a masterpiece was created all for free. lugging a bike helmet around can be a hassle but now there is a new option that folds. this eke coe helmet is -- ecohelmet is made out of paper and coated with corn-based wax. it will be sold at vending
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quite sturdy. the inventor says it withholds the impact of 10 pounds of weight dropped on top of it. it doesn't yet meet the u.s. safety stand ards. -- standards. ivans, you are a huge biker. would you wear a paper helmet? >> if he had nothing else to wear, absolutely. the bees are onto it, right? we'll see how that works. they fold so you can buy them and they are recyclable. how about that? 77, warm and muggy. 88. if you are biking around and dodging thunderstorms with temps around 93. so it will feel like it's in the hundreds. ahead this morning at 6:30, an update of a college student accused of killing a couple and eating a man's face and the reason we may never
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>> a boater desperately trying to save his sinking boat and the reason he says a plastic
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a failed for murder plot. a woman is accused of hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband. a tourist is murdered while on his honeymoon. his tragic final actions of sacrifice are coming up. we get right to weather and traffic together. logan is in this morning for janelle. >> so far so good. >> ivan, how's the weather? >> not just the weekend but
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couple of afternoon showers and storms. waiting for the southern counties to get wet this weekend. it will be hot and humid with temps into the 90s. we check in on titan doppler radar. the hour by hour forecast will take you at 10:00 a.m. to 85. we'll hit the low 90s this afternoon with coverage about 30% showers and storms moving east and west. here's bill. >> everybody north and southp let's look at i-257 at ashley james. problems on i-4 coming in from polk county right at park road. , see volume picking up -- you can see volume picking up on the inbound or westbound lanes. current traffic shows there has
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we are seeing a backup. nine minutes on the courtney campbell. now let's check on the traffic from the skies. captain al? >> reporter: hey, good morning. good friday morning, everybody. it is indeed another morning out here. an accident with a vehicle in the median is not affecting traffic. all of the lanes are getting by. ulmerton road is getting busy through the construction at roosevelt eastbound toward the howard frankland. otherwise, it is a smooth ride. now back to the desk. in just a few hours, a woman will face a judge after she hired a hitman to take out
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undercover detective. ashley, we expect to find out more about how this plot ended with the woman being arrested. >> reporter: deiah, we expect to get that affidavit with more information later this morning, including communications between that woman and the hitman she tried to hire. take a look at this video. this is rachel leahy as she was transferred to jail yesterday. deputies say leahy made a deal that put the price of her husband's life two weeks ago, someone tipped off authorities saying leahy wanted her ex-gone so she could have custody of her three kids. deputies then set up a sting and the hitman leahy hired was a sheriff's detective. leahy paid cash twice, the first time 1,000 bucks and then yesterday another 1500.
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updated on other details. now reporting live. i'm ashley yore, abc action news. a man accused of a did edly shooting in a lakeland dollar store on monday. victor manns, jr. killed jeffrey morrow. morrow was with a friend trying to sell something online. they both met mann at the dollar store. mann snatched the item for and ran off. when the two men shaped mann, deputies say he shot and killed morrow. a tourist from turkey spending his honeymoon in orlando died while trying to defend his wife. they got out of the car and the armed robbers tried to steal her purse. the husband stepped in front of his wife. the two men struggled. the gunman shot him several times around 1:30 thursday
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the robber ran off. the sheriff's office says this is the first killing of a tourist in the city's tourism district in recent memory. the father of a teen accused of a deadly face-biting attack says his son's condition is getting worse. he is accused of randomly killing a couple in martin county and biting the deadman's face. he is still in the hospital this morning nearly a month after that attack. his father a. roof can't talk -- haroof can't talk and can only open his eyes and squeeze his hand. see that guy right there? that's a boater trying to scoop water out of a sinking boat only using a small plastic cup. the boat started taking on water 12 miles away from john's pass. the coast guard rode over with a pump to help him get water out. the boater did the right thing by not turning off his engine.
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sunk. he and his boat are now safe back at home in treasure island. officials will release more information about storm debris and garbage pickup. county officials say they received a lot of calls about the issue as some neighbors are still recovering. the emergency operation center is set to start at 1:00 this afternoon. the nation will pause remember the 2977 people killed that tragic day. because september 11 falls on the weekend, tampa is holding its ceremony this morning.
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at an apartment complex. students complained about urine, involvement, and feces in the hallways. every time they complained to management, they didn't do anything about it. either workers in the office were combative to the complaints or did nothing. >> you doen know what it's like to run a business. i think the management is newer here so i guess they might not know what they are doing but why are you managing an apartment complex when you don't have a cleaning team, you don't have good maintenance, all all of that kind of stuff? >> after we talked to management, the entire office staff showed up and began cleaning the hallways and stair well as well. the manager tells us it was her first day on the job, but she will fix the problems in the future. right there is why your local news will always be around. we're checking in with temperatures in the morning. 88 by lunchtime and 93 by the afternoon. we'll break down the forecast in just a few minutes. bill? >> reporter: keeping an eye on
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right now, things are look going on the veterans. how are the other roads faring? take a look at that in detail. when we come back after the break, we'll a complete wrap-up of your traffic. coming up, dream job. talking about a job fair at a paisley park compound. >> and you can now live in a home made popular by "full house." it's now do you recognize the outside? we'll tell you why the inside doesn't lookok anything like th
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hiring workers, operators to overse prince's compound. paisley park will open to visitors this fall. daily guided tours will take fans through recording studios, rehearsal rooms, sound stage and concert halls where he held private events. you can now buy the house used in "fuller house." they leased it for a year.
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than $3 million. the interior might look familiar -- the exterior might look familiar but the inside does not. we've got more pictures of the inside of the home posted on our abc action news facebook page. you say you were a fan? >> yeah. i was. beautiful. >> who knows. still ahead, a stunning admission from the world's largest bank. the reason employees say they created fake accounts and
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i thought we could sleep in for another half hour. things are looking good there. a cupful accidents to tell you about into pasco county. 52 and hks here by jasmine estates that has been reported. coming in along the interstate, 275 from the apex down into tampa. we're look going still in the green right now. it will take you about 19 minutes to make it in from the apex to i-4. average speed about 48 minutes now. we want to give you an idea of drive times in pinellas county. from seminole boulevard along ulmerton 15 minutes. and along park, 14 minutes.
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about right out along seminole. let's get out to captain al's action air one. good morning, al. >> reporter: i had, good morning. all lanes are closed there on east boulevard. that's mid-way between ulmerton and east bay drive. northbound lanes only. southbound's getting by. i am seeing east of bellinger. i understand a vehicle may have run into the back of the bus money keep watching here's ivan with the forecast. >> things are getting darker and darker out there.
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rainfall until the afternoon. nothing widespread, by the way. titan doppler is quiet with showers swinging in from east to west. they weaken, right? we'll make our own shower and storms. we'll have enough heat, enough humidity. all of the moisture is coming back out of here. that will be the case. the pattern continues into the weekend with storms firing east and pushing towards the beaches into the late after nan and evening hours. coverage won't be huge. 30 to 40%. that's about all we'll do. that goes into today. hillsborough and pinellas with the activity that's been relegated farther south for the last several days. the moisture content has been high. 92 in brooks field this afternoon. feeling like 100 to 105 with
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forecast, 85 is the water temperature there. nice day for that. east winds going north at 10 knots. the tide is coming up in about 20 minutes or so. sunrise and sunset with the weekend rain chances holding at 30 or 40. temperatures in the low 90s. the future controversial 1100 mile long pipeline could be stopped. by the end of the day, a judge is expected to rule whether they illegally granted permits to allow the pipeline positive be built frommed in -- to be built from north dakota to illinois. four security officers and two guard dogs with are injured saturday when demonstrators confronted the workers. check out this video right
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gondola over the french alps. 65 were rescued but then the rescue missions with suspended when it got dark. the gondola was stopped because cables got crossed. now thousands of wells fargo employees were caught opening millions of fake bank and credit card accounts to satisfy sales goals. the company is facing a $185 million fine and 5300 employees have been fired. wells fargo also to to compensate customers who have to pay fees or chongs. aviation safety officials are warning passengers not no
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smartphones on airplanes because they could cause fires. the faa is taking the extraordinary step after the galaxy note 7 phone sparked this fire that destroyed this jeep. you know schools are a breeding ground for germs. you may be surprised by one of the worst spots. experts say water fountains have more germs than toilet seats. other hot spots include cafeteria trays, desks, art suli hand washing and using soap and water is the best way to get rid of the germs. people in louisiana are trying to recover from historic flooding last month. thousands have lost their homes and cars. it is the worst flooding in the state's history. more than two dozen volunteers are helping with that.
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petersburg. crist will be meeting with students from colleges and universities. he is the democratic nominee for florida's 13th congressional district. uber eats just launched in tampa this week. now we're learning about another service taking food delivery to new heights, i mean, literally. they are setting food by drone delivering chipotle burritos using a drone. not to be outdone, you can order more food and drinks using amazon prime to levi stadium. right now it's only available in san francisco.
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kaepernick's national anthem controversy subpoena officers have threatened to boycott the game because kaepernick wore socks in practice depicting police as pigs and called officers murderers. now the quarterback has also refused to stand for the national anthem. 70 off-duty officers are needed to provide additional security at the games. football season is just beginning. today is the day to think about college basketball b basketball team is coming to tampa to play on december 21st. the o'connell center is being renovated. tickets for the gators' tampa became go on sale this morning at 10:00. hundreds of volunteers will start a 24-hour marathon
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area. the packaging ends tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. it's part of hunger action month, feeding tampa bay recovering surplus food and distributes it to those in need. the eat at joe's event will haved to trucks out there, latin music and chances to win bucs gear. you he movie theater. if you see "sausage party," you get one free hot dog. that's today through sunday. kelly ripa still doesn't have a co-host but today you have a chance to fill that seat. how about that? kelly ripa announced that fans
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"i've" co-host for the day. the challenge start affidavit people posted online how easy think they kelly's job is. the time is 6:53 as your morning sprint counts you down to "good morning america." a woman is facing a judge after a woman hired a hitman to kill her husband but it was really an undercover officer. she did it to get custody of now show's charged with solicitation of murder and being held without bond. leahy will make her first appearance this afternoon. deputies say the victim was shot sunday. morrow and a friend arranged to meet mann at a dollar store parking lot to sell them an
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running into a crossing guard. the deputies arrested the driver. the driver is actually a former law enforcement officer. she told deputies she had brain surgery recently and because of her handicap, she can only turn less. the crossing guard was not injured. the coast guard is being credited with saving a pinellas county you can see the man desperately trying to scoop out the water with a cup. and the bolt show opens today. -- and the boat show opens today. maybe that man will go get a new boat. >> i understand there is a huge cup exhibit there. [ laughter ]
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have an accident there. if you look at traffic from the air, here's captain al. >> good morning, bill. we have an accident east bay drive jest east of belcher. they are transporting the driver of that vehicle in the ambulance in the right of the shot. backing up bit, only one lane is getting by. you'll definitely see emergency activity. here's ivan with the forecast. all right. this afternoon, 90s with rain chances about 30 to 40%. finally, today is a bittersweet morning for us. we have to say good-bye to one of our directors who is leaving us after 20 years at abc action news. the people behind the scenes
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george, america. breaking news, nuclear palace in north korea. the regime claims they've successfully tested what could be their most powerful nuclear weapon ever. president obama just leaving asia briefed on air force one overnight. temperatures boiling. a late summer heat wave, potential record temperatures closing schools in the and the heartland on alert this morning for dangerous storms and flash floods. breaking overnight, dramatic rescue. dozens of tourists trapped in cable cars dangling thousands of feet in midair high above the french alps after the wires get tangled. helicopters forced to stop their rescue at nightfall, the moment passengers were finally lifted to safety. ? put me in coach ? and he's ready to play


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