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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  September 9, 2016 4:00pm-4:57pm EDT

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today on the now tampa bay ashgs woman hires a hit man to take out an ex-husband. why authorities say the ex-wife wanted him gone and the shocking last thing she said to the uncover detective just before out her ex. the final count on how much sewage over flow in tampa bay. rats overrun a st. pete neighborhood. >> i don't want my dogs eating them bringing diseases in my house. >> what's attracting them and how to keep them away. the new problems were nissan and gm. it's 4:00, time for the now
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good afternoon. for more on this friday, we now have the details of the woman who manatee county investigators say was desperate to get rid of her ex-husband. this is rachel here seemingly happy in this picture and this is the same woman after her plan to have the father of her three children killed was exposed by the undercover detective she unknowingly hired. a lot of new developments on this story today. we're now going through report just released. what are we learning? >> some very surprising information here. on the one hand you have immanls of her as a mother and church goer but then you take a look at these arrest papers and you see a different image. these also outlining the alleged plot. she was in court earlier today for a bond hearing. the judge sat a $100,000 bond after detectives wanted to have a hit placed on her ex-husband.
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children were living with david. cops say that's one reason why she wanted this hit so badly so she could get her kids back. she paid for more than $2,000 to arrange this hit according to police her neighbors say this is a strange scenario. >> i don't know how she thought she could kill her husband and get custody. that's strange. i guesshe thought they would never find out that she was involved. >> that saying that leahy was a care taker and this was also shocking to him. she talked about an undercover detective that she wanted her husband to be captured as a sex slave but she knew that wouldn't happen so she settled for this. she told the detective she may have more work for him because someone owed her money and she
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reporting now in manatee county, i'm jake peterson, abc action news the now tampa bay. almost 1400 properties have damage to the $31 million. the school district won't schedule make-up days for days students missed because of hermine. citrus fields staying open longer so people can dump their debris. >> meanwhile people in st. petersburg burg have to pay have to pay more to fix flood problems.
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almost 3 million gallons ended up in the clearwater harbor. the good news here, 75% of that was mostly rain we also learned this afternoon that a sewage pumping station failed during the storm dumping sewage and rain water into stephenson creek. the city said they did everything in their power during the storm working around the clock and creating a temporary sewage pumping system. now they are looking at improvements they can make for future flooding events. >> in pasco county they're avoiding a public health crisis. some people still have more than
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of hermine. live in new port, rotting trash and debris is really a big concern where you're at. >> reporter: absolutely. honestly the water is still several feet high in some of these homes so i'll show you. look at how affected this neighborhood is. a lot of these homes have substantial damage and the county is urging people to get trash and homes. this is rodent troll and mosquitos prevention and they say the rain may not be over yet. >> w nd t it become a >> as people continue to deal with damage, the county will start doing storm trash pick upstarts on monday but there are
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sorted. back out here live we will have those rules posted and exactly how to sort the trash. it will come to your home, pick it up for youndur yard. now, reporting live in new port ritchie i'm lauren rozyla for the now tam bay. >> hopefully they have dry weather for weekend clean up. >> let's checkh shea ryan wh has a look at the great news for pasco un ishey are completely dry at o have a little bit of rain bubbling up across the area but most of the area is on the dry side. a few showers and very isolated rain has been bubbling up across polk county. you can see how hit or miss it is. very small showers and storms so again, we're really not looking
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the memo but weal continue the chance for showers and storms through sunset and the rain tapers off setting the stage for a nice weekend ahead. if you're time out the showers and storms for a bike ride, i'll help you out with that coming up in my next forecast. new charges coming down to men accused of burning crosses in a neighbor's front yard in 2012 on william dennis and thomas sigler made a wooden cross, set it on fire in the front yard of their african american neighbors home in port ritchie. we're waiting on a picture of dennis. this is the other guy. they were just booked and now facing a number of federal charges that could put them behind bars. a high school student shot themselves on campus yesterday in texas. today in cedar rapids iowa.
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male student found outside. no word on how he's doing. there's no threat to other students or staff. the school day did continue and counselors were there as well. a plane crashed near phoenix. no one on the ground was hurt. four people dead on the plane. gm and nissan prompting recalls putting your safety at risk on the road.
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more than 4 million vehicles
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because of the airbag. gm says the car's computer can go in test mode and the airbag wouldn't deploy and the seat belt may not work and one person has died because of this. all the makes and models are listed on our website at if your vehicle is on the list gm will update the software for free. another big recall today, nissan is recalling more than 134,000 the brake fluid could leak on the circuit board and cause a fire. it's happened before. not all nissans are affected here. i've tweeted out a link with that information. if your car is affected dealers willephe next time you f don't use your samsung galaxy note seven on the plane. they're worried because the batteries on the phones have been catching fire. you shouldn't charge the phone
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it also says you shouldn't put the phone in your checked luggage. u.s. airlines isn't banning people but some international airlines have already done that. right now donald trump is live on the campaign trail in washington d.c. and this is a live picture here from the 11th annual value voters shum mitt where donald trump is speaking and he's heading to florida later today for a rally pensacola and today billionaire facebook co-founder says he plans on backing hillary clinton and giving a whopping $20 million to defeat donald trumping calling him "dangerous". the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks is upon us. hillary clinton will be in new
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state during the time. no campaign ads will be running on sunday out of respect. the housing market finally looks healthy. is there a price drop around the corner and what does it mean if you're trying to buy orb sell? when we caught up with realtor chris spade on 33rd street he had a phone glued to his ear. he's busy here in this sought after neighborhood. he has a stairs. the door unlocks and we're standing in the cutest kitchen. >> all the cabinets got redone. >> all this for only 325 thousand dollars. >> falling prices for existing home saleslike morning staral recently hit an 8 year high. the answer may lie around the
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fore closure. he worries about the issue of home-ecty lines of credit that many people took out when the market was rosy. the loans were interest free at first and now they're maturing. . >> chris thinks more short sales and foreclosures. >> chris does not think we'll see a big crash like we did in 2008 but housing come down. he and his clients just lowered the price of this condo by 10 thousand dollars. >> closing the door for us here but possibly opening the door for a first time home buyer. >> absolutely 100%. the breaking news in the last ten minutes we're learning the zika virus has been detected in another mosquitos sample.
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sample where other samples tested positive. >> since the month of may the florida department of agriculture have tested more than 2900 mosquito samples and only four have tested positive. each sample consists of 48,000 mosquitos. there's a huge effort to keep the mosquitos under control. imagine being stuck for more than 12 hours overnight and 12,000 feet above the ground in a cable car. that's what happened to including three children. escued safely toy nt. two cables crossed over each other and caused the cars to stop moving. they had blankets, water and cereal bars. comes in handy in l biggest night mine too.
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k inre. >>. 93 in lake wells. the lack of rainfall we have seen lately is allowing temperatures to soar. still shows lots of blue skies and sunshine. the southern counties around soirt and manatee counties are the better chances for rain -- -- temperatures still in the low 90s across southern counties from sebring into sarasota. as we look at the future cast if you're planning on heading out, take a look and you see the light green shades. it's out there in the northern counties. not seeing the rain develop but at least it's showing us we have a chance for a few showers through 8:00 and then that chance for rain mvs off shore and we're all dry across the
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hoping to bring temperatures back into the mid 70s for the start of the day tomorrow. saturday morning at 8:00, nice and dry and you start to see showers developing on the east ast of florida. we're going to stick to that east to west trend with the showers developing inland around noon to 2:00 and working our way closer. if you're planning on the bike ride inland try and get it in before noon. most of the area is dry until 2:00 in the afternoon. >> if you're out to the mid florida credit union amphitheater tonight -- that's a mouthful -- the miranda lambert concert is going on there. we'll take a close look at rain chances at concert time. thank you very much. breaking news here, a federal judge is denying the standing rock siox tribe's
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pipeline. the tribe was challenging the army corp. of engineers decision to give permits to carry oil from north dakota to illinois. the tribe says the project will hurt the water supply and has already disrupted sacred sites there. tribes all over the country are protesting against the pipeline. we'll be watching what happens with today's rule. nearly 40 people have been arrested protests started in april. green party jill stein is one of them. breaking today she says she will go back to ndd to face charges. >> i'll just say that the real criminal here, the real vandalism is the desecration of the in indej nous lands.
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the construction equipment at the protests. she wrote "i approve this message" on the blade of a bulldozer. myth busting the five second rule. the food that collects germs the faster and which types of flooring have the most germs. dangerous woman coming to florida. the concert tickets might end up on krour christmas list. she will be in orlando april 15th. you're watching the now tampa
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cable providers would be required to give you a free app to use. app. >> as us. >> oh my gosh. we'll never forget. >> you're not going to believe this. a mattress store apologizing for this ad for a twin towers sale for 9/11. the owner of miracle mattress posted a message on facebook saying he did not know about the ad but accepts responsibility
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employees accountable. he's also apologized to the families of the 9/11 victims say in part the ad is tasteless. . it was stupid. it was a stupid idea. we apologize for our stupidity. >> the ad has been deleted from facebook and just breaking we learned that the mattress store is closing indefinitely. they said they would donate 30% of sales to the 9/11 foundation and looks like now they won't have any sales as a result of that. chances are we have used the five second le for food. i know in my house it's >> i may or mayot have used it
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researchers say don't do it. they say bacteria from the flood can get ons than a second. it does depend on the type of food and the floor surface. >> we went >> watermelon actually hit the floor. the gum my candy had the least. therst moi foo has the more bacteria it will pick iss . wood floors isn't as bad. >> maybe the five second rule
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wants. rats chewing all over your
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this is the stock market's biggest one day drop since june because investors are worried they will soon see higher interest rates. neighbors in st. pete say their homes are plagued with rats. >> they are talking to neighbors about this problem and the ways to break the cycle for the creatures of habit. overhe neighborhood isn't surprising. >> they come and go. >> then right at about after october for halloween they start showing up again for several months until it gets cold. >> this picture was taken by natural born killers. not one but two rats in one trap. they added these traps to get
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through a plastic garbage can. >> they are obnoxious. if they're outside it doesn't batter me so much. >> right now people going online asking for help from the city because they're not just in alley ways. for several blocks they're making it inside houses. >> i'll see some in my garage and see them running around. >> yea cob knows the rats keep coming back to he has the nursery. >> if they're outside they don't bother me so much. we live in florida so it's a pest thing to deal with. >> since rats are creatures of habits the best thung you can do to keep them away is remove clutter and trash in the alley ways where they find food. also keep your trees trimmed away from your house. for the now, i'm nicole greg.
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fort myers nightclub shooting. we're learning the name of one ofhe gangs responsible. back in july they're called bottom boys but with this break police say they're having trouble investigating this case. new clues in the disappearance. investigators found what they call items of california field. 19-year old christen smart was last seen leaving a party near campus when she disappeared. police aren't saying exactly what they found. it was a forced water landing. >> simulations showed you can make it back to the airport. >> not possible. i felt it goo. >> seven years after the miracle
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sully and his crew. that amazing landing is on the big screen and the movie is called "sully". one of the people on the plane experiencing it all over again. in real life it was only 208 seconds. >> heads down, stay down. tracy was in the middle seat of the last row trying to get to charlotte to wedding anniversary. >> i'm a nervous flyer and i don't like watching take off. >> what she didn't see out the window she sees on the big screen and boy does it feel real to her. hitting the water. >> it felt like we hit a concrete wall going 150 miles per hour. it was a very hard impact. >> but the or deal wasn't over yet. the frigid water was filling the plane. it was then i realized we're in real trouble because you
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the plane. it was already underwater. >> she escaped to the wings and then was tossed in a raft with other women and children and rescued by a fairy boat eventually. it was a great experience and from the human side you saw the best of people that day. >> seven years later she still stays in touch with fellow sur vie error vors and pilots and air traffic controller and famous actors bringing their story back to life. that's an amazing story. the survivors and first responders use social media to stay in touch these days and that's also how she was invited to play herself in one scene of the new movie "sully" which opens nationwide today. breaking news, cars dangling off a parking garage. >> this is in austin, texas.
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did this happen? no word yet on how this happened. we'll keep you updated. a live look at our f-dot cameras outside. big things happening today and tomorrow. yeah, tonight the miranda lambert concert is out at the amphitheaterer. right here where we see the low kay inhibitor dot is where the amphitheater is. i click the button and move forward in looking to see if rain covers the area. still nice and dry and then at 7:00 still looking dry. midnight still dry. i have to add that this is just a model. there are still chances for rain out there if you're headed out and about or happen to be going to the miranda lambert concert. so i wouldn't say that we're absolutely guaranteed to be dry
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it's looking good even with the isolated showers that they're not developing right on top of your conce. things are looking good especially as you're headed out there. the concert begins at 7:30 and looking decent. the fun run this one the flavor run yeah, you know, the smoke or whatever it is that they throw up during this one is flavorable. the state fairgrounds, temperatures nice and dry and by 10:00 we're warming up in the low 80s and by noon storms are unlikely and the heat is on around 87 degrees. lots of fun stuff to do over the weekend. if you're planning on heading to the beach i got that forecast up next. the shocking reason these
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inside a photo booth are being shared all over social media and the lesson we can all learn from
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theft. >> a woman in ohio tells us she vacationed in our area and noticed bogus charges on her credit card. $300 worth of stuff at places like victoria secret. it was easy to get ahold of the photos so she posted these photos to facebook. they're getting a lot of hits and shares. the photos really cle children which we blurred out the faces of the kids. sherry wants to find this woman and now she's working with police in her home tone in ohio on this case. we'll keep you posted if they find her -- hometown. if you're not into dropping over $1,000 to play pokemon on your wrist, how does $46 sound? >> that's how much a pokemon go
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kingdom. not here. still waiting to hear how much it will cost in the u.s. it's called pokemon go plus and connected to your phone with bluetooth. when you walk past a location it vibrates and you can catch the creature by clicking on the watch. i said that like i play all the time. >> you sound like an expert. >> i just watch other people do it. it goes on sale september 16th. take see a kentucky teenager has his shoes off. he decided to give his shoes to a homeless man. what makes this act even more remarkable is the teenager who goes by the name ron ron had recently turned his own life around. his mentor said he grew up in a rough area but when his mentor met him he tried to uplift the
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he's paying it forward. north korea says they have conducted another nuclear test and world leaders say it's time for a new strategy how to deal with the secretive and dangerous nation why it may be time to sit
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two people trapped in maryland three minutes from bam. it looks like a home has been under construction in this neighborhood. you see a fire truck there. this is a really zoomed out we're monitoring this with live pictures coming in close. you can see there i think the portion of the building collapse. we don't see it now. you see a big response there and we're keeping an eye on this one. from that breaking story to this situation, we continue to monitor in texas. a car dangling off a parking garage in austin. that car is hanging from cables
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the driver is not inside. still unclear though exactly how this happened. the car was in neutral and rolled over the edge maybe. the details still coming together so we'll continue to monitor that situation in texas. >> unbelievable. this is also breaking, the future of the dakota access pipeline project which carries oil from illinois to north dakota. the department of building part of the pipeline at least for now. they're asking the pipeline company to voluntarily stop construction. this is after a federal judge denied the standing tribe's request to stop the work. we have been telling you about this controversy all week. the tribe says it will hurt the water supply and disrupt sacred sites. thousands of people across the country are in north dakota now protesting the pipeline. we're keeping an eye on this all
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happens. right now protestors getting ready to take to the streets of tampa because of the shooting death of an unarmed black man by a bilsboro deputy. >> they blocked a road outside a sandwich shop where the victim used to work. this time they're marching straight to the sheriff's office and they want answers. >> reporter: they do. they also want an apology from the sheriff behind m afternoon getting people ready for this march. a little more than a week ago the members were in palm river executing a search warrant. deputies say they investigated rig begins for a month and agents found illegal narcotics from him. the swat team went in and found rig begins in a bedroom. authorities say caleb johnson felt threatened when he reached
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died at tampa general hospital. johnson is on paid administrative leave and the state attorney's office is looking into this and the marchers here say they want the deputy fired and charged with murder according to authorities it appears riggans was not armed. right now the united nations security council is holding an emergency meeting. >> this after nortko to have conducted their fifth test. >> the explosion from today's alleged test was so strong it initially registered as a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. 0. >> everybody shows concerns but we're trying till sto monitor to find out precisely what took place. >> south korea calls the testgr.
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and dangerous actions. the world has warned and sanctions north korea for years but nothing has worked. >> the now's todd walker saying they are talking about enganging with the president. >> reporter: aannouncement came earlier today what is blooeed to be the fifth nuclear test by north korea, the largest yet. the experts say this is no longer -- it's become serious. >> they are not trying to get attention. this is a military testing program that they have. >> reporter: experts say north korea is progressing towards a nuclear weapon faster than previous estimates. the leader kim jong-un says his country can mount a nuclear war
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condemnation came quickly from south korea, china and japan. world leaders are questioning whether some kind of new tactic needs to be taken. >> we have a strong moral dimension of this where it's seen as the worst defender of human rights in the world and you don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole. but the security situation demands starting with actually talking to them. >> the u.s. and china would need to work together to do that. slowing down. for the now, i'm todd walker. >> today's blast is estimated to have the explosive power of ten kilo tons. hiroshima had 15 kilo tons of power. louisiana's governor and city mayors are testifying on
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congress to approve a package to help louisiana rebuild. >> while the storm didn't have a name, every person it affected does. >> that storm dropped 7 trillion gallons of rain in south louisiana. that's three times as much rain as louisiana saw 11 years ago during hurricane katrina. the latest storm flooded some clean up work to be done this weekend after hermine. >> we have very low chances for rain so not absolutely dry this weekend but definitely in good shape this time of year. take a look outside now. the apollo beach camera showing you what you will see through the weekend. a lot of sunshine out there. fair weather clouds and the marina looking beautiful. as we look at the satellite and radar composite, a few isolated
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radar over the weekend we're still going to see this east to west flow. if you see showers to the east you know they're headed in your direction as we continue through the next couple of days. what that flow does is sets us up for nice, dry weather right along the coast for the first half of the day. the coast means beaches, right? the beach forecast is coming up. so a few storms for tonight and dry overnight and you can see how little raine pressure to our north. so the beach forecast, the water temperature is at 84 degrees, not bad. that will be helping to cool you off with highs near 90 degrees saturday and sunday with those late afternoon and evening chances for showers and storms on saturday and sunday. not really looking at very much rain across our beaches over the next couple of days. good news if you're planning on
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saturday and sunday, we're really looking at a lot of good dry hours out there to enjoy the area. certainly a lot of heat and that stays with us through the weekend. by the time we get into the beginning of the week, higher chances for rain really starting to go up around tuesday and there's just more moisture building. so the seven-day forecast, i know you want to know what happens the rest of the week and something brewing in the tropics, dennis has his eyes on th news at 5:00. president george w. bush first declared the national emergency three days after the attack in 2001. president obama renews it each
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. it gives the president more broad powers over the #34i8 tear. >> yeah, that includes calling the national guard over the sea and hire and fire military leaders at will. national emergencies expire unless they let congress know. the oldest is the emergency declared by jimmy carter over the iran hostage crisis. letting the president impose sanctions meanwhile today a moment of silence held in the courtyard of the pentagon. a plaque was also dedicated near a sap tree which is a symbol of perseverance. >> the passage of time has not erased from our minds the many acts of courage that brought
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ended at the nypd memorial wall. we do have events around town this weekend honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11. the first event in winter haven central park and the other at 3:00 in tarpon strings at the church on the bayou. we are a week into the home stretch a chris cross the country. here's mike sacks with his week in review. we're less than two months until election day and the candidates have been in striking distance of each other literally. hillary clinton and donald trump shared a cleveland tarmac on monday. the candidates are neck and neck in ohio and they were there on labor day to court workers
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>> what you want in a president, a commander in chief is someone who listens, who evaluates what is being told to him or her, who is able to sort out a very difficult option being presented. >> i built a great company and been all over the world and dealt with foreign countries. i have good judgment and know what's going on. >> the candidates spent the w supporters. so far clinton has 110. president obama condemned the tests and in a statement says the united states has not and never will accept north korea as a nuclear state.
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they will not air any campaign ads on 9/11. we're learning a third person may be stuck under the rubble of this home after it collapsed. this is 30 minutes outside of baltimore. this is moments ago after seeing a lot of response here, a lot of crews out here trying to help. someone could be stuck under this home under construction. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. there's an certain pride when you're a parent and your kid does something impressive. >> perhaps no one has more bragging rights than the parents of af cincinnati high school student. this is arguably the busiest athlete in the country. >> reporter: the coach admitts he has a unique situation and it involves the place kicker he had
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who has been kicking for the cavaliers since her sof mere year i tried my freshmen year and they didn't believe me. >> believe in her they do. a female kicker on a boy's varsity team isn't that rare but this is. raven is the only girl on the marian boys soccer team. there's a reason for that. the cavaliers don't have a girl's soccer team anymore. >> i think it's definitely impressive >> he's in his first year at the cavalier's soccer coach and that's where raven stops first after class and after an hour or so of soccer, her mom is waiting to pick her up and make the 15-minute drive to football practice where she stays until 6:00 at night. juggling two sports raven is also an a and b student. >> our whole motto is win in the classroom and on the football
4:59 pm
school and does everything right. for raven cox, the busiest high school athlete in the tri-state. abc action news at 5:00 starts now. fema finally stepping in to hermine but the reason authorities say don't expect tos of heart wake. i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. lauren rozyla found out that those looking for a big pay out from fema might be in for a rude awakening. >> reporter: so many of these
5:00 pm
back here in the ba lake area. many homes are significantly damaged. fema is coming out to tour all of this but help may not provide immediate relief. 0. >> i would say by my barn there's at least a it smells awful. she and many other homeowners feel they have nowhere left to turn. >> people are to the point where we don't know what to do anymore. >> some people are hoping the federal emergency management or fema will help those without insurance rebuild. they will be touring the damage this week but pasco county says don't expect a big pay out. >> i want to set the expectation for everyone in this community that fema is not coming out handing out red cross debit cards and things.


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