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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> all new at 11:00 p.m., authorities are investigating the death of a toddler who was left in a car all day long. >> we whitaker. troy whitaker is being investigated. >> according to the sheriff, that little boy was left in his car seat in a truck in this drive way for 8 hours. now, the sheriff is saying, that isn't saying that his father did this on purpose, but he is saying there is no excuse. >> it's not an intentional act.
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your kid. you can't leave your kid in a car in this temperature and leave them to die. >> a home where it had sounds of two children playing is now filled with red lights. investigators watching this truck where lawson whitaker was found dead this afternoon. >> sheriff said his father 41-year-old him inside this truck for 8 hours. >> this morning, he was taking his kids to school and dropped his kids off and was supposed to drop him off at a local day care and he didn't. >> instead he went home and parked his truck in the driveway. it was 8 hours later. he noticed he son in the truck
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store when he was loading the groceries. >> it turns out he is a firefighter. but by the time he tried cpr, it was too late. officials continue the investigation. >> right now we do know that troy whitaker is being booked into the pinellas county jail on the aggravated manslaughter charges. right now the sheriff telling us, they have enough to him, but this is still very much under investigation. we should be learning more details within the next week or so. i'm reporting live in pinellas county. abc action news. >> thank you. in the meantime we learned that pediatric heatstroke is the leading cause of death for children in florida. it's 29th in the country.
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died in cars, 75 of those deaths right here in florida. i'm going to show you how far this woman was willing to go to get her kids. she was arrested in madison county. today we are learning she originally wanted her son kidnapped and sold as a sex slave overseas. she had someone else in mind to kill saying someone money. officers unfolding in the middle of the city tonight. it landed two people in jail. one of them arrested for three counts of battery on a law enforcement officer. we are live in front of the jail with the very latest on this. >>reporter: we are still waiting for those two protesters to come here to the jail for those responses. i can tell you that group was saying they wanted the sheriff to resign. and that deputy involved in the
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>> help. >> stop resisting. >> i'm not resisting. >> you are resisting. we are giving you very simple orders. >> i walked on the sidewalk. >> i asked you not to. >> the public demanding justice for her. >> they kill us everyday. this is what justice is going to do. >> police officers say the pair tried to get through officers walking through the road. the march resumed after negotiations. it stopped at the hillsborough sheriff's office. protesters demanded answers. >> we demand justice. >> last month, swat officers went into his home on a search warrant. deputies shot and killed rig ins after he reached for his waste
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>> no one behind us in this building is hearing us and no one downtown is hearing us. >> they didn't plan to stop until someone did. >> we are not trying to hide anything or cover up anything. >> no justice, no peace. >> that deputy who was involved in that shooting is on paid administrative leave. i can also tell you the state attorneys office is investigating this case as well. reporting live. abc action news. >> marcella, thank you. two people are under juvenile detention after beating a middle school girl after school. nobody called police. the two were busy shooting video of the attack. the girl is traumatized and afraid to go back to class. good evening. we are rain free, but the heat continues to be a big issue. 86 still in tampa tied a record
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both in tampa and sarasota. the tropics continue to flare up. just in the last several hours, we noticed something a lot closer to the state of florida what was a 40% chance of development now at 30%. we are continuing to keep our eyes on it. it should not be a big deal for us. for us partly cloudy skies. another hot one tomorrow. the tropical air means continued rain i will tell you where and when. a new recall for all orders on samsung owners of the galaxy to stop using them. the agency says people with the smartphone should not charge or use them. the phones are starting fires including the one in st. pete. they are working to recall the
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lithuania yon dangerous battery. a police officer on administrative duty. responding to a murder of a young victim. the cousin begging for information in the girls murder. the officer sharing the message. adding the killers yourself. a car parked illegally. thousands go to the club daily to remember the people killed in the attack. but a business is towing their cars. the city of orlando tonight reminding everyone not to park on private property. news tonight about a pet shop and a person stealing pets.
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stealing that dog returned the puppy. the owner was concerned for the puppies health who was so young. the thief stole the puppy with the child in tow. police are still looking for the woman responsible. a message from al-qaida's leader just soonas we are approaching the anniversary 911. we are concerned about the effect on the community itself. >> neighbors up in arms about a high end hotel planned next to their church. the reason they say it's going to bring the wrong crowd to
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another incident of road rage caught on camera.
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motorcycle helmet walks up to a car and argues with the driver and uses his helmet to hit the car door and the back windshield shattering it. see it there? that's not all. then the driver gets out and pulls out a hammer and tries to catch the motorcyclist as he speeds by. the man who caught this on video sends it to authorities who are investigating. seven-year-old daughter at a gas station. that mom was told her daughter never got on the bus. she was supposed to go to an after school care center. instead that girl got on the wrong bus and the confused driver left her out just on the side of the road so the principal could meet her at the gas station.
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where she was going and just let her out of the bus. >> the driver should have taken the little girl back to school. for now on, the school will put a tag on her bag and let them know which bus to put her on and there will also be someone to direct her. san francisco bay area planning to charge officers sexual scandal. the girl who driebd described herself said she had sex with more than 30 officers. four are being fired. >> a 70-year-old woman said she will testify against the playboy playmate when she posted this picture of her back in july. that woman wants danny mathers
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shower area. mathers was criticized for making fun of the woman's body and now banned from all locations. people outside of atlanta are upset about an adults only hotel coming to their neighborhood. >> we are concerned because it is an adult only hotel designed for romantic get aways. >> the up in a neighborhood next to a baptist church. the pastor is concerned about the message that business model will send. >> we know what's on their mind. this is a hotel host everything from marriage encounters to church groups and looking to bring that product to this county. >> the hotel ownership say they plan to be good neighbors. residents upset the hotel is
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any commission due to a loophole regarding acreage. meanwhile, al-qaida appearing after the approaching of the 911 attacks. he also threatens more attacks on the u.s. and criticizes isis. it's al-qaida's recent way to notify the dominating the headlines. >> meantime the memorial for those who were lost. there were many people who were lost.
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police and firefighter's names. this is a photo, a photographer capturing this incredible image of a ray of light reflecting of the world trade center. >> a tribute to first responder. this amaze carved out of a corn field with the twin towers with the nypd and logo and the words never forget. a consumer public is recalling some treats. apple coffee cakes in grocery stores. the cakes were sold in our area. if you shop in stores in pinellas, hillsborough, and sarasota counties, you want to check your treats right away. of course we have all of this information you need to know on your abc action news mobile app.
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could put a damper on mosquitos on the led light bulbs. it's separating from the lightbulb. they are offering free replacement. go to the app to find out about this recall. one california woman making the most out of a scam from a picture. it started from a man seeking money to pay for the woman's funeral. that woman in the picture dead. her sister station actually talked to her. she says the picture is from her facebook page. she's donating all the money and the jars to her church. police are still investigating how all this happened. >> caught on camera here. take a look at this, lewis hamilton sneaking on this tiger in mexico. the tiger is the black jaguar white tiger foundation in mexico.
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where a panthers snuck up on its rescuer on this video. wait for it. that one went viral a couple months back. >> how does he know that the tiger is going to react okay and not like, i don't know tear his head off or something? >> exactly. all is well and ends well. >> thank goodness, yes, everybody was safe. we have a across the area. a lot of folks on facebook stepped up and sent us some great pictures. right around sunset we had a little bit of cloud cover. a few showers around. maybe 5-10 minutes tops. you will notice the humidity has returned. we talked about how hot it was today at 95.
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temperatures right now, it 11:00 at night and it's still 86 degrees in tampa. 86 in the keys. the dew points are still out there. in fact early half of the week we were in the mid-60s in the comfortable range and now we are in the mid-to upper 70s. when you see the dew .75 or above, it's tropical air is coming in and eventually that's a bit scattered showers showers. in the morning it will be comfortable. mid-80s over to tampa. that east or west flow over the last several days. but each day is a little more moisture to work with.
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pinellas county and tomorrow we include pasco and citrus and hernando. it won't be anything like the middle of summer. we are beginning to see the end of the tunnel. there will still be enough moisture. look what happens by late afternoon early evening. all of a sudden it rolls through the beach. if you are taking the boat out tomorrow you are going to about 4:00 and then watch out for showers. the bulls play evening. i think they maybe okay. maybe an early shower early on for the tailgaters. sunday even more of it. you notice that moisture just continues to increase. the bucks will be up in atlanta. it won't be an issue. if you have anything planned before 4:00, you are beautiful.
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you will be in trouble. down at 17% in october. we have three areas circled. now, this is the only one that i think actually turns into a name storm. it will become ian. second threat, a chance of development. nothing to worry about. even if it comes close, it's not going to develop. this one a chance for development florida. i think it's going to linger for a while. it's moving west away from us. it's not going to give us any problems and i seriously doubt it bothers. we are still dealing with the flooding from hermine. you are not going to worry too much about that. but you have to worry about the storms starting tomorrow and will increase by next week.
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sunrise 7:13. partly cloudy to clear. if you are going to the beach, the beach looks beautiful. the highs anywhere from the upper 80s to the low 90s. rain chances creping back up to 40 and maybe 50% each week. highest each day about 90 degrees. >> coming up in sports, the preview and picks for
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>> hello, folks. we hear it every year. get off to a the positive momentum slowly. getting close to that real 60 minutes of football. the buccaneers get ready to take on atlanta sunday. >> all day work on the practice field, mini camps and training camps. they will make their season debut as coach, he makes no bones about it. he'll be a little nervous.
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kick it off. it will be 18 hours. i will be really nervous on that 18 minutes until we kick it off. >> last year it came on twice. this year they want to change things. >> they are not slick at all. they got it all for us. we have to be ready. we have the massive intensity. >> the better start should lie on he is far removed from a year ago at this time. >> last year we were still in that phase where he was turning it over 3- 4 times a day. he's not doing it now. that doesn't mean we are not going to have a turnover. i'm confident that he's going to do well. >> it's something we have not seen in a long time. pressure
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to boot. >> i think the fact that we have improved in the secondary as far as getting after the football and i any we'll see an improved pass rush. >> obviously we'll see how he does in the preseason. >> i like the way the buccaneers have handled atlanta against the spread lately. the difference is the buccaneers defense and they are teams. i'm going to take the bucs in the season. >> it looks like they are going to have to defend against marlin make. he's not been cleared. i don't see any clearing before that practice. i'm going to take
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15 points and i will take kentucky. they will eventually lose but not more by 13 points. fsu. there is no line on the game. right now charleston has 15 players suspended for tomorrow's game. not a good night at all for the rays and this to mark tesh era. now they are in their third rain delay. yankees leading it. top of the ninth. have a good evening, everybody. we are back in a minute. i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this...
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>> a couple showers possible for the game. i know it's an indoor game in atlanta. it's the nfl. there is your forecast for atlanta. >> have a good night and have a
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight -- eddie murphy. from "stranger things" gaten matarazzo. and music from schoolboy q featuring e-40. and now, you know what? here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. i'm glad you're here. i'm glad i'm here tonight. we have a great show for you.


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