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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  September 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> right now on abc action news weekend edition, a man in the hospital, we look at the events. >> we reflect. >> tonight marks 15 years since the september 11 attacks, why many americans are worried about this year's anniversary. and adorable kids showing their appreciation for law enforcement today. how they're saying thank you to those who serve and protect.
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lindsay logue. >> and i'm jonathan. >> did you enjoy yesterday? >> i can. >> a little bit on the hot side, just as warm. we get in the the change in the work week, it will bring us more in the way of rain. taking doppler radar is clear. we didn't get that expected 38% chance of showers yesterday. but we do have more moisture on the way coming in bit of a tropical disturbance, but not really. it's just some more tropical moisture that will meander up across florida by mid week. so, we've got that to look forward to, which is nice. 78 right now, clearwater, 80 st. petersburg. winds out the east, southeast. tampa's got east northeast winds at three. take a look at your forecast today, another hot one.
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record breaker as we hit 95 at tia. it will get warmer further inland and then it will get wet. i show you where those raindrops are most likely to fall today and in to the work week. coming up in about 12 minutes or so, lindsey. >> okay, bill, thank you. mriz are investigate police are investigating an officer involved shooting, the driver known as joe cook crashed in to then put it in reverse and slammed this to a police squad car. has when two officers pulled out their guns and fired. cook is in the hospital, expected to be okay. we looked in to his criminal history, he was just released from jail 10 days ago for guess what? grand theft auto. also new this morning, investigators trying to figure out what sparked a tire at trademark metals recycling.
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building on portshead road. no hazardous materials found, thankfully nobody hurt. manatee county continues to fight the rise of heroin use in that area. the latest worry in that piet is a deadly mix of ingredients laced inside the drug including elephant tranquilizer. dozens of families last night impacted by drug use got together hoping to raise hope, the group no marched through bradenton holding signs and pictures of loved ones they lost to heroin. they say deputies are doing a good job of getting dealers off the streets, but more still needs to be done. >> i hope the community sees that this is a serious problem and it needs to be taken care of. then the drug dealers, they need to be faced and we need to have more hospitals and rehab facilities open to people that can't afford it.
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involved, the group no longer silent meets the third saturday at 11:00 a.m. at the main branch of the manatee county library. i dwre -- agree to all the stipulations your honor, but i can't do a bond that high. >> turns out she can, the woman accused of hiring a man to kill her husband. she must wear device and give up her passport. lahey and her ex were in a bitter custody battle over their two children. today marks 15 years since the 9/11 attacks on september 11 on 2001, nearly 3,000 people were killed when terrorists crashed planes in the twin towers, and the pentagon in pennsylvania. >> ceremonies held across the
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americans are worried about this weekend's anniversary. from the nation's capitol. >> reporter: america gathering on the steps of the u.s. capitol. >> we will never forget ha terrible day. >> reporter: at the pentagon -- >> it's an anniversary that brings forth a wide range of emotions for many of us. >> reporter: on the streets of new york. and in new york city's one world trade center. >> on each 9/11 of each year, we look back and reflect. >> reporter: official ceremonies to honor the victims and remember the events of september 11, 2001. >> the passage of time has not dimmed the memory of those that we've lost. it has not erased from our minds the many acts of courage that brought light in to that dark day. >> reporter: but a new cnn orc poll shows that americans are increasingly worried that this anniversary may be a potential target pour acts -- for acts of terrorism. 50% saying it's at least likely to happen in the u.s. around this year's anniversary.
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who felt that way around the 10th anniversary of the attacks in 2011. >> we continue to stand vigilant against all of those who seek to do our nations and its ideals and its people harm >> reporter: but they say americans must try to look beyond those fears. >> 9/11 does not belong to fear, it belongs to courage. it belongs to compassion. >> terrorism we refuse to be terrorized. >> reporter: in washington, i'm steve mannis. >> and there are several events to those who lost their lives, the first at winter haven at 2:00 p.m., the other at 3:00 p.m. in tarpin springs at the church on the bayou. still ahead this morning,
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>> frustrated, yes, i am. >> fema steps in to help for hurricane hermine, but is it enough? why homeowners and business owners might not get all the help their need. catching up on all the college football, all the local teams in action and an amazing performance by the usfs. and i've been looking on the latest in the tropics. there's a system here, just off to the north of hispaniola that's no chance of development but, spaghetti models are bringing it right across in our area. what that means for our forecast over the next seven days, coming
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welcome back, the time 6:10. major authorities are looking at major damage in two places hit by hurricane hermine. >> but those looking for a payout from fema are awaiting a rude awakening. >> reporter: a trip to karen's home shows nothing but water. >> i would say by my barn, up to my knees. >> reporter: her home has at >> it smells awful. >> reporter: she and homeowners like her feel they have nowhere left to turn. >> people are just to the point where we don't know what to do anymore. >> reporter: some people are hoping the federal emergency management agency or fema will help those without insurance rebuild. they'll be touring the damage this week but pasco county says don't expect a big payout. >> i want to set the expectation for everyone in this community that fema is not going to be coming out handing out, you
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things like that. those days are over. >> reporter: pasco county says the average payout is $6,000. but they are anxious for fema to give this area an official federal disaster declaration which could lead to more money for permanent fixes. >> the work on infrastructure, work on acquisition homes that continually flood to elevate homes that continually flood. >> reporter: but homeowners like karen are looking for a new place to live. >> i have no money to get back in there. so, i have to, i have to move on. >> counting on fema to get her back in her home. and lots of folks dealing with that. >> and some areas last week got very little rain. that's one of the challenges of trying to forecast weather in an area that is so, i mean, for florida, geographically diverse. it's going to be awhile. we're going to get more rain coming this week as well. where some of those flooding
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water. >> yeah. >> not today! >> sunshine. >> it was just about 15 and a half hours ago, right at this very spot. i was looking at this very shot from this very camera at this very city from tampa, florida. it's too much to tell stuff when it's dark. it's a very muggy sort of start as we take a look at our weather headlines a clear and humid start, we get more sun for sunday, and then the moisture will increase in to the work week. we've been watching the web and of course, today 9/11. a lot of folks getting their patriotic messages out. we're tweeting out and putting on facebook ours as well. we're watching for tropical development on this 9/11, the day after the most active statistically speaking, day of the hurricane season.
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here, not really much chance of development. this one out here in the atlantic, likely to be coming in, also likely to curve off to the north and not be a problem to anything but the fishes. this one here, they're running spaghetti plots, and the fact that they've got bupkis, a zero chance of development, whatever it is is going to come across the state of and that's going to help us increase our moisture. right now we've got a slug of drier air across florida. that's why we've had limited rainfall over the past couple days. but this moisture will be in invecting in, and we'll get more
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night. 79 newport rich and clearwater. 75 in lakeland and hanes city. the futurecast, we will watch the showers to bloom inland, pull back toward the coast. but then on monday, we get more moisture in to the atmosphere. and by 3:00, we see wider coverage. good storms working up toward newport richie and spring hill by 8:30, 9:00 before things start to fall apart. and then tuesday, we've got more moisture back on the way as well. florida's most accurate day planner, spelling it south for you in letters and numbers, icons! we're going to see that thunderstorm icon. but the coverage is maybe going to be about 30%. we'll be in the low 90s though. some areas in to the mid 90s. gulf water temperature in the 80s now. east winds at five to 10 knots, one to two seas light chop in the uv index still in the extreme category. high tide happens at 9:30 this morning. low tide at 5:35 and the sun is up at about quarter after 7:00.
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sunrise. should be a nice looking week until we get in to tuesday, rain chances really ramp up tuesday, wednesday, thursday. the temperatures daytime are only in the upper 80s because we'll have more clouds, more rain around with that tropical moisture. it won't have a name, it won't have a mub but it will have rain associated with it, we'll keep tracking it toward us @billloganwfts waxler. >>. good morning, everybody, two games two wins, a road trip at syracuse before the next showdown with florida state. against ray jay and illinois, over to bronson, that's how you
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the first half. fullwood breaking tackles, making cuts, getting up field. that's going to set up flowers again to rodney adams. 24-0, usf in the 2nd quarter. then flowers in the second half. another touchdown pass. usf rolls 48-17. 658 total yards for the bulls, that was impressive. to say the florida gators own kentucky is a big understatement. now 30 straight wins against the wildcats. have there have been close along the way. but florida always seems to beat them. champion gator basketball team got together, al horford and crew. and how about man on man coverage, quincy wilson snaps the interception with one land. post play, 78 yard touchdown,
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dell rio, florida wins 45-7, the gator defense actually had as many interceptions as kentucky receivers did catches. the gators host north texas before going to tennessee. florida state playing in tallahassee for the first time this season. home fans would not have to worry about needing a comeback like they did against ole miss. this one against charleston, not even close. practicing for the noles but still osceola get it started. travis rudolph, francois completed 10 of the first 12 passes. here's another touchdown pass coming off to rudolph, got all that well deserved attention for his kindness to an autistic child, getting it done on the field too. southern was without 14 players, suspended for some ridiculous ncaa violation of the school bookstore, but they don't take it easy on them.
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52-8, with a tough one at louisville coming up next. the hurricanes get a home win against atlanta, 2-0 headed for a road game at appalachian state next week. ucf gets man handled in the big house by number five michigan. quarterback spieth, touchdown passes against the night, michigan blocked four ucf they were down 41-0 before they scored, millins goes right, 87 yard touchdown run, that was about it. michigan runs 14, the knights host maryland next. to baseball while the yankees are contending for a wild card spot, the rays are just trying to finish strong, going for archer until the sixth inning at yankee stadium, a back to back jax, first runner for berry, that one goes out, then
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see you later, 3-0 yankee, chris archer with his 18th loss of the season. and one of the craziest plays to end the game, central michigan down in oklahoma state, hail mary's, jesse is going to lateral to willis and he's going to score. 30-27, mayhem ensues and the chippewas pull off the buccaneers coming off this noon against atlanta on the road.
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good morning, everybody, it is not the ymca of your parents or great grandparents. for over 160 years, the "y"has been a safe haven, but fast forward to 2016, you see an organization that's actively engaged in health and wellness. a week from friday, september 16, the metro areawide will host a fit family fun walk talk play
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it starts at 6:00 p.m. it's free and open to non "y" members. all of them include activities and fun. now with jerry navido, in charge of wellness. we could talk about the whole show, the different programs the y has. let's start first with live strong, what is that and how does it help? >> it's a program we have that of survivors, patients and their families. so basically what we do is we spend time learning about their journey and the things that they've been through, we help them gain more strength through physical activity and we have a certain curriculum that we follow. we work with their doctors and their physicians and learn about what the different limitations are that they have depending on where their cancer was and whether or not there was a surgery involved. and then we kind of go from there. >> it's a national program. >> it's national. >> but then at the local level,
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actually created a program, it's called y wait, explain that. >> it's a weight loss program, for the majority of the folks that come in the y, they're looking to lose a bit of weight, feel better about themselves, that kind of stuff. it's an eight week program, it includes physical activity and nutritional counseling. they learn how to eat better, prep meals, read food labels and on top of that, a physical activity as a group and gaining confidence and strength and losing a little bit the program list. so many folks think of ymca as the after school program where the kids go and play and get tired so the mom and dad can have them at home! but even the diabetes prevention program is inspiring to see the level of detail in it. >> yeah, the diabetes ram is a -- program is a national program, ymca's nationwide, and
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developing type ii diabetes, connected to overweight in america, so that's what the y wants to do, get families healthier. >> well, jenny, it's so dwood to meet you -- good to meet you, welcome to the tampa bay area. continue this conversation on facebook, if you would like to learn more about the tampa ymca, here's the address, 110 east
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live, from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> welcome back to abc action news this morning, i'm rodney dunnigan, the time 6:30. here's what we're watching this morning. right now, tampa police investigating an officer involved shooting. this all happened in the area of florida avenue and ida street just last night. police say the suspect in that case, joel cook was trying to get away in a that's when officers pulled out their guns and fired, cook is expected to be okay. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at the trademark metals recycling. this all happened on portshead road on tampa. it took an hour to get that fire out, thankfully no one was hurt. and today marks 15 years since the 9/11 attacks. ceremonies to honor those who
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the nation today. nearly 3,000 people were killed on 9/11 when terrorists crashed planes in to the twin towers. the pentagon, and the field in pennsylvania. of course, a lot of remembrance ceremonies today across the country, especially here in the bay area. should be an okay day though to be outside and -- >> it's going to be very warm, very steamy. the humidity is already very high. so, we'll keep an eye on things as far as t in. >> it's kind of like a mind trick. there's pumpkin spice everything going on, you want to decorate for fall but it's not even close. >> no, no. we may get a cool off later on in the week, but that's because it's going to rain. no rain showing up right now as we spin the old river gate tower camera around and look down on the [ indiscernible ] of the tampa plant hall, the old plant hotel. and it's clear, out through our
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and that's where the moisture is going to be migrating over the next several days. for today, still some dry air in place. we only get about a 30% chance of showers. much like we had yesterday. just kind of pop up and then sprint through. not really much coverage at all yesterday. 80 right now in st. petersburg. 79 tampa. we've got 77 in crystal river, and newport richie, also miaca city plant city and lakeland, hanes city, wauchula and arcadia. here's the story of why it feels so humid, the dew points in the mid 70s. as a matter of fact, around plant city, 75 degrees, the dew point is 75. did see a little bit of that fog and low lying haze in the way to work this morning. be on the lookout for that. hey, look, there's a pirate ship right down here below the
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here. our weather is going to be great for watching football on the tube. although we will see some clouds around. and about a 30% chance of showers. more details on where the rain will fall and why it's going to get more moist in to this work week ahead. coming up in less than 15 minutes. lindsay? arrested again, you may recognize this guy here. he's the teen known as posing as that fake doctor in west palm beach. well, this morning he's facing even more fraud charges. is accused of using false information when he went to buy a jaguar in virginia. according to investigators, he brought a distant elderly relative to the dealership with him and tried to list her as a co-signer on the jag and even used her credit card to buy it. all without her permission. employees became suspicious and called police. he faces numerous credit card charges. and now, an investigation in to a fatal shooting involving two broward county deputies.
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domestic disturbance call on pompano beach. they found a man in the backyard armed with a knife. two deputies opened fire, on paid administrative leave this morning during this investigation. and a pennsylvania mother facing criminal charges after police say she killed her newborn baby by sleeping with that infant. sadly, this is not the first time she's done it. court documents show the 2-month-old suffocate afterward sleeping in the same bed with 28 police say it's the second time a child of harper's has died just like this in the last five years. the child's father says doctors warned her time and time again not to sleep with that infant, but she told them quote she was going to do it anyway. the district attorney says he cannot remember another time where a situation like this has happened twice with the same mother. right now bees are dying in large numbers in lake county and some people think that aerial
6:34 am
reason. in cape coral, bees are everywhere this time of year but many are found dead. some people blame chemicals in the zika spray. officials say they haven't sprayed in a month. you've probably heard the warnings, stop using your samsung galaxy note 7. the phones are being blamed for starting fires. >> and a lot of folks probably still using those phones b released this simulation video that shows how dangerous these phones can be. abc's gloria rivera has that story. >> reporter: technology giant samsung planning a massive recall after an unprecedented warning from the federal government urging customers to power down their galaxy note 7s and exchange them now. this is the latest in what has been a nightmare week for the world's largest smartphone manufacturer.
6:35 am
sparked by a charging phone. >> very surprising to me how quick the dash caught on fire. >> reporter: the cbs c urging anyone who currently owns the devices to power them down and stop charging or using the device. that alert going further than the faa's statement asking any users to keep their phone completely off during flight. lithium phones are a to potential fires and explosions with these tests. >> lithium ion batteries power our lives, sometimes you get manufacturers not up to speed. >> reporter: samsung says it has confirmed 35 cases so far of its batteries failing, leading to burned phones and flames. >> this is a pretty big blow to samsung, consumers if they have these phones, they should just stop using them.
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being in the school. >> bats force some bay area kids out of their school and we found out it's not a cheap fix! who's footing the bill? don't miss our story from ryan
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tampa bay's dancing with the
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details are at it's a $1 per vote. it at the tampa museum of art, the glamor of fashion week complete with a runway fashion show. and join me at the hispanic heritage gala on october 8. this community calendar is brought to you by hyundai of newport richey.
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take a look at this video right now, bats are infesting a school in hanes city, forcing the school to relocate students. >> ryan raiche tells us how long it bats and the price it will cost. >> reporter: the school mascot is the hornet but lately it's the bats taking over the classroom by the hundreds. the music building at hanes city high school is now infested with them. and the disgusting mess they leave behind. >> this mush all over the carpets, it's just not a good thing and it smells horrible. >> reporter: just how close are they getting to students? well, here's a picture provided to us that shows a presumably dead bat lying next to a piece
6:40 am
like, pinned in the music stands. so we brought in some people to look around for more bats and we just found a whole ton of them. >> reporter: julian gray is one of the choir students while workers try to remove the bats where four rooms are temporarily shut down during the tedious task of sealing off the building and installing a one way door for the mammal. >> when one comes out, they can't go back in, they find another place to be in. >> reporter: jason provo centurian services says it takes a week for them to find a new home and replacing the fecal matter and ceiling materials. >> from the guano, it's actually worse for the kids. >> reporter: even the cdc warns people to take caution around bats due to the diseases and what you can breathe in. in all, the district tells us it's spending $13,000 on the job that students say couldn't come soon enough. >> it's wrong. there really shouldn't be furry creatures inside of a school.
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okay, still ahead this morning, looking for a cheaper epipen? i know a lot of people are. >> that's right. up next, how some in the tampa bay area are paying a fraction of the sticker price. and, a usf student is living on the streets thanks to bed bugs. we track down housing manager for details. i'm a coupon guy...
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i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. it's a problem sure to make your skin crawl, a bed bug problem so bad that an fsu student is forced to sleep at school, even in her car. >> ryan smith went to it that apartment complex to track down a tu important answer -- few important answers
6:45 am
bugging andrea wright since moving day. >> you feel like everything is on her. >> reporter: these pictures show marks she woke up with. >> and they started turning in to welts. we started noticing black dots, so the presence of bed bug infestation. >> reporter: at scott place management has sent an exterminator to her place two times. but it isn't solving wright's pest problems. >> just nesting under the base boards. this one just sitting on top of this loop. the bed bugs are just hiding under e >> reporter: it's gotten so bad, wright refuses to stay in her own home. in fact, last night she slept inside this usf science lab, using these chairs as a bed. and she's turned her car in to a closet. >> i tie the bags differently. so, the clothes haven't been treated, i wrap around. >> reporter: the u.s. navy reservist is in her second year working toward a ph.
6:46 am
>> look, i'm crying in my car. for the first time, i feel homeless. and, you know, this was going on, i need to be down here for research. >> reporter: wright says management refused her request to move in to another building, another tenant next door told abc action news he's dealt with the same issue. now, she wants out. but will have to pay a hefty fee to break her lease. >> there's a failure to o maintn these properties with proper pest control because there has been a bed building. >> wow. that will make your skin crawl, no down. >> that is just not right! i know they're all operating within, you know, the bounds of the legal society and so forth, but that's just not right! >> no. you know what's going to be right today? the weather! very good segue. this is of course, a day to remember. and it's going to be one of those weather days that you're not going to want to forget. already seeing the skies
6:47 am
from the official sunrise as we look off to the south and east across bay shore and the cross town expressway. thanks, air rescue for giving us a nice view of the scenery around tampa. we're watching the web and seeing a lot of tributes coming in with #neverforget. robert irvine brings us this one, the sun comes up where he is. and we're going to have a nice looking sunrise around here. this when we see cold fronts trying to push in. that's what's happening up here through the ohio valley, pretty heavy weather moving through yesterday. lit up everything from the canadian border all the way down to the gulf. pretty amazing sight i posted on my facebook page. we're still getting the moisture has going to be migrating up from the south. not as much today, but a little bit more than we got yesterday. and we just saw a very few
6:48 am
brooksville. most everybody else in the upper 70s to around 80 as a matter of fact, it's 80 on the button in st. petersburg. clearwater, 78 as you step outside to grab the paper. 79 tampa and brandon at 75 degrees. here's a look at your futurecast for your sunday. now, this is going to be the high resolution rapid refresh model. not showing much in the way of showers at rain today but we're going to watch those rain chances ramp up as we get the moisture, looking for a high of 93 in tampa. largo will hit 90. a little bit cooler down around osprey, 86 degrees but pushing toward the mid 90s up the 75 corridor, 93 for land of lakes, two in brooksville, kathleen bartow, frost proof and sebring. a nice looking sunset today,
6:49 am
and some nice low level clouds as we go through the day and reach a high of about 93. it's going to be a good day for football perhaps, maybe. in atlanta t it doesn't -- in atlanta, it doesn't matter, they play inside the georgia dome. outside, may be rain around by the time fans leave. of course, they'll have to deal with the falcons loss too. hopefully the bucs can get off to a nice they battle here in the nfc south. all right, if you're thinking about maybe doing some boating today, the gulf water temperature has moved up a tick to about 85. yesterday got up to 86. we saw the darkness let the heat erode. still going to be that extreme uv index today at an 11. we'll look for a temperature of 87 around the bay area beaches with just a few clouds around. here's a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast.
6:50 am
chances bump on up right on in to the middle of the week, we get a 60% chance of rain with more tropical moisture, not a system that's coalesced or come together at all, it won't have a name, it won't have a number but it will have plenty of moisture to keep our clouds thick, temperatures lower and rain chances higher. more details on all of the tropics and how that affects our facebook feed @bigloganwftsstuf. when the price of epipens went up, families tried to look for it cheaper. and many found they can get the drugs overseas. >> yeah, adam winer is helping you make ends meet with a look at how some people are getting the same medications for lot less. >> reporter: we've been seeing unfortunately, the cost of prescription drugs going up across the board. most notably, the price of a life saving allergic reaction treatment, epipen has ballooned
6:51 am
>> it's the definition of holding the gun to the head because the question is, do you find a way to afford that prescription medication or take the risk of not going with it and have your child, you know, be in a life and death situation? >> reporter: the situation is driving some people to this zephyr hills office, you can order the same epipen for much less hon. >> those same exact medications that americans are paying 6, $700 for, the canadian and the british and the aussies and than $200 for. >> reporter: and those are the countries bill hepscher canadian pharmacy store connects you with. not a pharmacy but connects you with some around the country. it's then shipped to you directly. >> your total your shipping would be $55.05. >> some people said to us, you know, i wouldn't be able to afford my prescriptions if it weren't for a service like you. >> reporter: mylan, the maker
6:52 am
generic half priced option to come soon. as long as our federal government continues to ban itself from negotiating drug prices, buying an epipen from england will still be cheaper. >> now each of our seven stores are getting 10 or 15 calls a day for epipen. >> reporter: in zephyr hills, adam winer, abc action news. up next this morning, adorable kids showing their appreciation for the law. >> yeah, how they're saying thank you to the men and women who serve and protect on this 15th anniversary of 9/11. we'll be right back. ?born in the usa!
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happy weekend, the historic tampa theater has a tribute to the late gene wilder, don't miss a free showing of willie wonka and the chocolate factory. also the museum transforms in to a runway, and online voting continues for tampa bay's dancing with the stars, only $1 per vote. >> community calendar is brought
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pretty cute. these pint sized volunteers honoring local law enforcement in odessa. now, during the keys to kindness kindly blue event, all of it just in time for the anniversary of 9/11. you can see here, they're painting birdhouses and decorating cards of gratitude. officers also showed up to this event, playing games with the kids as well. we've got another hour of abc action news after "good morning, america" coming up at 8:00, with more flooding in hermine, area, showing the best ways to get rid of the dirty little secrets like mold, grime, mildew. plus this, helping our nation's veterans battle ptsd. an unexpected national group now pushing for expanded use of medical marijuana. a look what's coming up next on "good morning, america". coming up on gma, hillary clinton walking back comments she made about donald trump supporters saying it was wrong
6:57 am
them quote in a basket of deplorables showing the race is tightening and the results coming up on gma. samsung and the many who own the flagship device und pressure this morning. the airlines now running in flight announcements warning people to turn off the phones which can catch fire. is an outright ban coming? and remembering 9/11, it's been 15 years now since the worst terror attack on victim soil. how the victims and first responders are being honored the question, are we safer now? all coming up on gma on a sunday morning, we'll see you soon. and tweeting out on a sunday morning, on my facebook and twitter feeds is this little guy. celebrating the buccaneers. so it's a cat in a pirate costume. i like this one. >> very cute.
6:58 am
70s, will be pushing in to the low 90s and we'll get that 30% chance of a widely scattered shower today. enjoy that because we get more moisture in to the picture and by the middle of the week, we're looking for pretty much gray, rainy days. 60% chance of showers moving through. highs only in the upper 80s. but don't let that lull you in to a false sense of security. it's not really fall yet. >> not at all. all right. that's it for now but of course, we're always
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good morning, america. new overnight. hillary clinton clamor. the candidate's regrets about saying this. >> you could put donald supporters, half of them, basket. the new zika concerns. the head of the cdc calling out congress. >> by the end of this month, we'll be out of money to respond effectively. >> the fears about what will happen if the funding dries up. as more planes take to the sky for spraying. new safety measures. what the airlines are doing in response to the concerns over those exploding lithium batteries in samsung's galaxy


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