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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a major disruption in tonight's dancing with the stars. 2 people rushing the stage. we will show you what we didn't see during the live show straight ahead. i got shot. >> a in an argument with a shotgun. good evening. >> that shotgun blast reading a man wounded. >> deputies are hunting for a suspect who sped away. >> reporter: you could say jake is counting his blessings. on sunday night he says he and
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this walmart. >> as soon as we got behind them he breaks for no reason and we look at each other like what was that? >> reporter: they were traveling behind a dark suv when the trouble started. they eventually switched lanes and pulled into walmart. the suv followed. >> i heard a gunshot and felt that when i heard it. >> reporter: the driver fired a single shot from a shotgun spring t pellets. also hitting his right arm which was hanging out the window. glass shattered and the couple called 911. the driver immediately took off. >> these incidents are happening more often. people are becoming more violent , they are firing weapons of people. this judgment is lucky to be alive. >> reporter: detectives are looking at surveillance video. hoping to catch a clear image of the suspects vehicle.
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incident, a pellet to deep in his shoulder to remove. >> the can't get it out so i have to live with it for the rest of my life. >> reporter: he is thankful for his life it is worried about the next person who comes across the suspect. >> i was petrified. not to the breaking news. tense moments on dancing with the stars. attempted attack on ryan lochte after's 1st dance. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking about this on twitter. posting pictures and video. there is a video we just got the didn't happen on tv. let's show you the video. people magazine reporting this video. it shows security handcuffing what appeared to be protesters. a los angeles reporter tweeted this picture who we believe to be the same 2 men in handcuffs
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symbol. telling whoever was to back off. he appeared to be pretty shocked after what appears to be an attack. a reporter says it look like someone tried to throw something at him. after the break the host think the security team and asked lochte if he was okay. >> are you okay? >> i'm doing good. >> when there is that kind of strong emotion was that make you feel? through my head. a little hurt. i came out here, i want to do something that i am not comfortable with. i did and they cannot here with a big smile. >> reporter: he has had a lot of problems lately. he came under fire for over exaggerating what he called an armed robbery in rio and that nato has cost them millions in endorsements. and a 10 month ban on the us swim team.
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>> we will have the latest on this breaking story on good morning america starting at 7 am right here. we have more breaking news. united states flying to nuclear capable supersonic bombers of south korea. this in an effort to show force against the north korean government. that week -- last week that country testing its 5th nuclear bomb. new tonight to find her lost phone ends up escaping a man threatening to rape her. police arrested this man for attempted sexual assault and false imprisonment. investigators say the victim came back to find her foam -- phone and that is when they say the employ of the bar locked the door and started ripping her clothes off and saying he would rape her. the woman kicked in the groin and ran away. this 2-month-old baby is in
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miami pd found the baby in the backseat with 2 adults passed out up front. officials are saying they overdosed on heroin. this incident is the 2nd one like this in a matter of days. you say 4-year-old sitting in the back of this event while the parents are passed out after an overdose in ohio. that photo went viral. both adults are innate miami hospital. good evening. we've been looking at scattered showers across the area. the heaviest rain is on the east side of the state. there is a tropical wave. we were tracking it all the way off of africa across the atlantic. it never had a chance to develop. it's good because it's coming in by tomorrow on the east side of the state. i think of some of our viewing area will have showers 1st thing in the morning especially east of i 75.
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the afternoon hours. hour by hour our forecast overnight. partly cloudy skies. more morning we see mostly cloudy and then by the afternoon the rain arrives. i will let you know who sees the heaviest rain coming up. 's -- we are hearing 20 minutes of 911 calls. you hear the panic as the staff rushes to move patients out of the burning hospital. with a live pascoe county. >> reporter: me they placed a very large sign advertising that they reopened after that incident. but that night it shut down the hospital for several days. >> our generator is out of service. we have people on ventilators. >> one after the other. dispatchers were bombarded with calls the evening of august 31.
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generator. i don't see any flames icy smoke. >> hospital officials believe lightning knocked out the power and the backup system. it started an electrical fire in the generator room. >> we have no way of getting any medication or pulling supplies. i need you to come appear or send someone appear please. >> reporter: the emergency services director says rescue unit was already at the hospital dropping off a patient. th >> special equipment? >> we are doing an ekg right now. >> >> reporter: the requested backup to transfer more than 200 patients. it took 3 days to figure out exactly who showed up. and with what. >> making sure we do a better job in the future of getting what resources we have coming entries -- identifying it.
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>> reporter: the confusion did not delay patient transfers. and credits the dispatchers for keeping calm. >> when you look at the guidelines on a day-to-day basis, there is no guideline for evacuating an entire hospital. >> reporter: icon tested -- contacted the hospital and they had not heard them until i told em the range of emotions in everyone's voices. but they are proud of everyone for what they did. on the heels of hillary clinton's recent ethical issue trump is saying he will release his health records. he is doing it on the doctor oz show. the move adds more pressure on clinton to release her's. some fearing she is not healthy enough to stay in office. she admits she got dizzy yesterday but did not faint while leaving the memorial. her team says she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday.
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on thursday. caught on camera, another school district releasing shocking video of cars disregarding school bus stop signs. one school district and what they're doing to make a difference. >> we are taking action for you. the reason new college graduates can look forward to a new paycheck. i was looking at this, looking for that one person for me for the rest thousands to a matchmaking company.
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well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? is a pleasure. chicago reaching the milestone. 3000 shooting this year. 33 people were hurt in a killed over the weekend. one woman was killed when someone opened fire on a vigil for homicide victim.
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a boy eating off a school bus getting hit by a driver coming around the corner. >> he just got hit. >> you see the boy limping away. and then honks at the total. the driver did not stop even though the bus had a stop sign up. the 12-year-old suffered minor injuries but his mother says he's afraid to ride the bus. it's unclear if the driver could not see the stop sign. neighboring school district is now trying to the comes out 6 feet. nypd is releasing this video to catch the person robbing and 86 rolled woman in a wheelchair. take a look. you see the crook running away with her purse. next you see the same person throwing something in the trash. crimes like these are not new. just last week this man only steals money before you see the other, this meant steals money
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a wheelchair. >> the public is outraged. anything involving invalid or elderly, on the positive side it does bring the public forward in helping us. >> police are looking for that suspect. they were looking for love and got swept away by the sales pitch. dozens of customers of a dating service thousands of dollars to find their match. but didn't get what they paid for. their promises never made it into the fine print. >> i was looking at this as looking for that one person for me for the rest of my life. >> she found dead ends in the bars and online. but the st. petersburg anchor discovered tampa singles. she describes the sales pitch as high pressure.
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smart and sexy. financially stable. want kids they want what you want. >> she shelled up 400 -- $4500 she expected under 40, professional and attractive. but that is not what she got. >> the gentleman didn't have a drivers license that was valid. >> and she told tampa singles she did not care for redheads. the date number 2 turned out to be one. >> at least pictures. >> the 2nd man, had i seen the picture it would not of that with him. >> this woman who does not want her face shown paid tampa singles nearly $7000 for 14 dates. >> the service is terrible and i was taken advantage of. >> she says the 1st date has cancer and is moving to mexico.
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>> what did you expect for $7000? >> she went on 3 dates in 5 months. >> i read through the fine print in both contracts. tampa singles does not make guarantees about their services. only the day will be provided. and there is no refund. furthermore no one from the company wanted to answer our questions. a spokesperson stated, we continually review and revise our operating teachers improve procedures. we assert that d received the services we contracted to. and the positive feedback she gave us after meeting prospects we referred to her supports our position. tampa singles did operate $1500 refund but the refused. as far as her complaint, they offered to provide introductions until services
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volume of complaints. >> the better business bureau put an alert out on the company. but tampa singles which is offices in multiple states without its -- it sets up thousands of matches per year. >> primarily where people complaining about? >> what is represented to them on the front end is not what is fulfilled. some they can -- >> from the beginning you sold me. >> regardless of what is said during the sales pitch, the contract does not offer a course for customers feel they have been shortchanged. >> they are not fulfilling the promise. >> we have some good news about your money. starting salaries expected to go up next year. staffing firm robert half saying starting rates could go
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demand fields. that includes accounting, finance, creative, marketing and administrative and legal. and technology. the tennessee man's tribute for those who died on 9/11 is going viral. the man getting the stairmaster in full firefighter gear is local gym. this safety officer climbing equipment of 110 stories which is the number of stories in the world trade center. and orangutan taking special interest in a pregnant woman visiting a zoo. the woman posted this video to youtube. the primate is rubbing her belly. there was a tear running down his face. speaking of rain we had some. and we have more coming. >> a tropical wave off to the east.
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county. some folks may be could use a little. check out this picture. amazing. look at the rainbow. it is sunshine refracting through clouds on top. you get the tropical look at the same time. and a rainbow even where it isn't raining. a very cool things we can see in florida this time of year. in terms of rainfall, on the east coast and that is going to be an issue starting tomorrow. it was today possible -- across part of the area. that is the one thing we don't need with temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. tampa, clearwater, st. pete, checking in with partly cloudy to clear skies. it's warm and muggy. we hit 93 today, we had a lot of clouds roll in in the afternoon. with all the moisture coming in that created the rain. was crazy is this is the same
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computers, while off of africa, run into florida. the difference, it brought it into florida as a hurricane. that is not going to happen. that is moisture and that is why it is something we have to watch tomorrow and tomorrow night into wednesday. for localized flooding. the water vapor imagery, a lot different from this time last week. everything was orange a dry. now the atmosphere is full of energy. because of that there is a high likelihood of rain. especially east of i 75. if you look closely you see the spin. hurricane center says there's a 10 percent chance that this could develop. never say never. but still it's clear that most of the rain tomorrow will be central and eastern sections of our viewing area. the close to you are to the coast the drier early on. at least until a moves north. when that happens i think there's a possibility that some moisture and rain will begin to fill in. bottom line, not talking
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sun. with that we will go upper 80s as opposed to low 90s. today we hit 93, when degree shy of the record. scattered to numerous thunderstorms a lot of clouds and more clouds and sun. finally is it pulls away it will take hardcover with it. obviously, heaviest rain on the east coast. less closer to us. overall rainfall totals, folks have a chance at an inch- 1.5 inches. we do have new tropical storm. in -- you can get your updates live on facebook. easterly winds at 5-10. water temperature 84. sunrise and sunset. or by hour forecast.
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afternoon. a look at your beach forecast, lots of clouds a few isolated showers. a look at the 7 day, 60 percent rain chance tomorrow and wednesday. 50 percent thursday. by the weekend it's back to
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trying to play a role. tonight they open up a three- game run up north. blue jays getting the jump. all it took was one which isn't unusual. ezekiel will go deep taking 1st pitch over the wall and that is all toronto needed. blue jays holding on to win 3-2. the jays remain to back. a good start to the buccaneers. 1-0. the 1st place to the nfc south. matter what happens in arizona, this coming sunday they will retain a piece of the division
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make no mistake, their win over land it was nice. but a win over arizona will likely send shockwaves through the league. >> just because it seems like a long shot doesn't mean it can't happen. especially in the nfl. your outlook is one of 2 ways. >> glass half-empty or half- full. good guys win. apologize for winning. they are hard to come by. >> he won't apologize taking advantage of atlantis mistakes in week 1. we've seen played like this: complete. chances are one year ago that is exactly what happened. and how about mike evans? he made me forget the drops of one year ago. jenkins and evans stood out in again they needed to make a statement. >> 2 beautiful catches. the one to austin is a play we tried last year and we didn't
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a beautiful throw and heck of a catch. the want to mike, another beautiful catch. we tell our guys you have to make your place. whatever your place are you have to make them. >> you can tell defensively they are still in a learning curve. giving up 3 big plays. only one nt for a touchdown in the other 2 field goals. but when you're talking about arizona they don't come up short often in the red zone. >> tennessee in a couple of weeks, gator fans will hold their boys don't get caught up in that against against -- this we can. there is no way florida could lose the north texas. there 36.5 point favorites. the team switching the approach will eliminate any oversight this week. >> it doesn't matter we were playing. it matters how you execute the game plan, the intensity and enthusiasm. if you're worried about who you're playing, and not about
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well. we need to worry about ourselves. >> meanwhile, the bulls will be back on abc. abc has slated the game at high noon. the quarterback was named american conference player of the week. he passed for career-high 250 yards and 4 touchdowns over northern illinois.
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one last look at the 70. chance for rain the next couple of days in the afternoon. different from the weekend where it will be cloudy. because we will have more
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was the cloudy in the afternoon with the storms. in the morning and you take the kids to school it should be dry. >> we have continuing coverage on our website.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kaley cuoco -- from "i'll have what phil's having," phil rosenthal. and music from onerepublic. and now, after all -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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