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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  September 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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today but the next couple of days before we go back down later into the week and into the weekend. upper 80s. titan doppler radar already seeing showers, some are sneaking in across portions of hernando county, pasco county. not going to amount to much. this is not a big deal for the morning but this feature, this wave that is going to be coming in will bring pretty good downpours through today so we'll watch for that. in fact this will be an early start as well so by 12:00, 1:00 we storms. not completely covered but we'll begin to fill in later this afternoon and especially in the evening between 4:00 and 6:00. we'll continue to watch that. let's check in on the extended forecast did you -- first the traffic center. it's tuesday. not a monday. lots of rain. sinkholes. we talked about that a little earlier. right now your drive on the interstates looking great. we're checking cameras all
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and gandy. let's check the average speeds from the sunshine skyway all the way down to the howard frankland bridge. 70 heading northbound, 67 heading southbound. so looking at a great drive there. also checking major roads in the st. pete area. looking good, no crashes or breakdowns. your drive on 275 looking great as well. i-275 southbound from the apex to i-4, 13-minute drive if you're heading out the door now. this morning a pasco waking up alive after an angry driver shot at him over the weekend. deputies say road rage crime just like this one are happening more often and now they are working to catch this driver before he threatens someone else. abc action news reporter ashley yore is live at the walmart on land o' lakes boulevard where this happened. ashley, how exactly can the public help detectives now? >> reporter: pasco county
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shooting. they are willing to pay for it. they are offering up to $3,000 as a crime stoppers reward for any information that actually leads to an arrest. here's why it's so important they catch this suspect -- look at this video. that is jake everett's taillight after he says he was driving down u.s. 41 with his girlfriend when a driver in an suv brake checked him and followed him off the road into this walmart parking lot. that is wh driver fired a shot from a shotgun spraying the couple's car with pellets. everett was hit in the arm, the driver took off. >> these incidents unfortunately in our county are happening more often. so people are becoming more violent, they are firing weapons at people and this gentleman is lucky he's still alive. >> reporter: detectives are going through surveillance video looking for a clean picture of the suspect's picture. right now they know it's a dark
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florida tag. a dog with a dark coat was also spotted in the passenger seat of the suspect's vehicle. again there is an -- up to $3,000 crime stoppers reward for any information that leads to an arrest. coming up in the next hour -- you're going to hear from that victim about the reminder of this whole incident that he's going to carry with him now for the rest of his life. reporting live, ashley yore, 5:33. dozens of customers of a tampa bay dating service say they shelled out thousands of dollars to find their perfect match but say they didn't get what they paid for. corrine dennis says tampa sims added what she calls a high pressure sales pitch to get her to sign up. she thought she signed up for men under 40, professional and attractive. she said it's not what she got. one man didn't even have a
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paid tampa singles almost $14,000 for 17 dates. the first date she says has cancer and was moving to mexico. >> the service is terrible. i feel i was taken advantage of. >> the better business bureau put out an alert on the business after receiving 36 complaints in the last three years but the company which has offices in multiple states says it sets up thousands of matches a year. uber is threatening to head for the exit if hillsborough county greenlights ridesharing companies tomorrow. uber says it will be forced out of county if it has to follow proposed fingerprint background checks and mandatory $7 fares and 7-minute wait times. the florida chamber and local business leaders say the fighting over ridesharing needs to stop. they insist people visiting and moving to the state of florida expect uber and lyft to be available at the tap of a button. the ptc, a leading taxi group, sent out a statement saying
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american consumers have seen grocery prices falling over the past eight months. the bureau of labor statistics consumer price index showed food at home prices fell by more than 1.6% in july from the same month just last year. eggs have fallen by a dollar a dozen and a gallon of milk is about 40 cents cheaper. the main reason, america keeps producing and stocking up food even while demand has tapered off especially in places more expensive. as a result the u.s. could see the longest streak of falling food prices in 50 years. hillary clinton may be off the campaign trail today but she's dominating the converse because of her health and a recent comment calling trump supporters deplorable. she was supposed to be on the west coast this week and instead spoke via teleconference to a crowd in san francisco. she said she was better after a fainting during a 9/11 ceremony sunday.
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until after sunday's incident but said she didn't think the diagnosis was a big deal. she plans to release more medical records this week and challenging donald trump to do the same. >> i think it's fair to say we've met the past disclosure for past presidential candidates. i think it's time for him to be held to the same standard. >> meanwhile clinton says she regret donald trump supporters as "basket of deploreables." donald trump who has been jabbing at her health for weeks wished clinton a speedy recovery. he has said that he will release his medical information on the doctor oz show this week, he's been doubling down on clinton's comment calling half of trump supporters deplorable, releasing a attack ad using a clip from her
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hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard working people like you. >> i call you hard-working american patriots who love your country and want a better future for all our people! >> donald trump has not said anything about releasing more financial information. it's 5:37. from controversy to chaos on live tv here, that's a protester interrupting "dancing with the stars." a couple of protesters were apparently angry that olympic swimmer ryan lochte is part of the se live broadcast was at least one man being tackled in front of the judges. lochte was visibly shaken. >> i thought it was a joke. something part of the show. then when we realized it was not it broke my heart that people are still on that subject, and no one has moved forward. i came out here, i changed and i want to become a better
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into custody by security and arrested by los angeles police for trespassing. no one was hurt. lochte has been under fire after committing he exaggerated his story about being robbed at gunpoint during the olympics in rio. let's check with ivan for a look at the forecast. >> upper 70s now. we're mostly clear, looks nice. in fact the moon was shining earlier and we're going to be seeing the cloud cover taking over. showers already going across our eastern side. orlando tracki midday into early afternoon event with plenty of tropical moisture. we're going to crank out showers and storms in earnest between 1:00 and 7:00. not all of us will see heavy rain but some pockets of heavy downpours just like yesterday, from 1 to as high as 2 inches by later on this evening. we'll talk more about that. and i'm going to show you one of the most powerful tropical cyclones you will ever see in the pacific. 5:38. we start with breaking news in
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of a deadly shooting. >> abc action news anchor james tully just pulled up to the scene. detectives have just arrived, what do we know at this point so far? >> reporter: we know one man is dead, while the sheriff isn't saying they have suspects or arrests they say all parties involved are accounted for. we're on the 1,800 block of rita street in sarasota. this is near the sheriff's office says this area is not normally seen with drug activity or problems but they are not ruling it out. a neighbor across the street tells me it's very, very uncommon for any kind of activity like this to have happened here but again what we know, there was a shooting. the investigation just starting, detectives really just getting on scene. one man is dead. no suspects have been named. the sheriff's office haven't said if they made arrest, just that all parties are accounted
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live in sarasota, james tully, abc action news. coming up -- helping the environment and helping flood victims at the same time. the brilliant way a group of church ladies in tennessee is turn plastic bags into beds. >> then there's this -- this marriage may need a ref. why two crazy football fans waited three years to tie the
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welcome back. time 5:43. the united states is flying two nuclear capable supersonic bombers over south korea. this in an effort to show force against the north korean government. just last week that country testing its fifth nuclear bomb. north korea saying u.s. hostility is the reason it needs a nuclear bomb program. into the nypd is releasing this shocking video you see over my shoulder, they are hoping to catch the person that wheelchair. the video shows the thief running away with her purse. next you see that same -- authorities say crimes like these targeting elderly and disabled are not new. last week a man stole money from a 90-year-old wheelchair- bound woman's bra. >> the public is outraged about that. and appropriately so.
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find the people. >> police are still looking for the suspects. how do plastic bags and crafty church ladies add up to major flood relief? ask the bag ladies of tennessee. they are turning plastic grocery bags into yarn. then they actually weave that yarn into bedding mats that they send to flood victims in louisiana. the group just started two years ago and has alrey it gets to the point that you do two or three and you see, hey, i'm actually making a difference in someone's life. and you want to do more. >> these mats really aren't that hard to make. they cut the bags into strips, then tie the strips together and roll it into ball. more than 600 plastic bags go into every mat. they are 3 feet by 6 feet.
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>> that's great. >> impressive. >> when they say paper or plastic you don't feel as guilty. if you recycle the plastic. some people are making good from it. no question. let's talk about the forecast, not so good. showers and storms, tropical moisture on top of us. focusing in tighter and you can see a very well defined tropical wave moving . sebastian there. what has changed, because the system is better organized it's going to concentrate the rainfall closer to it as opposed to more of an open moisture wave coming in with showers and storms pushing east-to-west. also what it will do is it will actually push the rain towards the north and east. the thunderstorms that do develop, because everything will tend to go closer to its center which is going to be north and east around lake county.
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it's just the concentration will be further north. notice not much going on across our southern counties. there will be some isolated showers or storms further south but the bulk now looks to be to the north and east and then will begin to fill in. no question this is more of an eastern peninsula situation now with this wave, with torrential downpours across 95. so if you're traveling i-4 to the east that's what you will contented with. not that it's not going to rain. we're going to pinellas county to hillsborough, 1 to 2 inches can fall quickly but the bulk of the moisture or heaviest rainfall to be to the north and east. as far as the temperatures, mid to upper 80s. that is of course because of the cloud cover and rainfall. the poits associated with the wave will -- the moisture associated with the wave will stay with us through tomorrow so 50% to 60% coverage tomorrow and then we'll go down by the time we get to the ends of the week. 7-day forecast will show that
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that continues saturday and sunday with rain chancings around 40%. the western pacific has one of the most powerful storms you'll see. 185 mile-per-hour winds. the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane and then some. you see the center of circulation? this is textbook stuff and going right for taiwan. with very strong winds and tore rengs downpours. they are getting prepared on the island now. interestingly enough they are used to this. this is the second one so far this season. we ta storms, 185 mile-per-hour winds will do damage, the population is well to the north of taipei but it's the rainfall they have to get ready for because the mountains there are so high that we look at the downpours coming down. janelle, sometimes they pick up 15, 25, 35 inches of rainfall with one storm. so pretty impressive. obviously as far away from us as we like it to be but those folks are going to be busy. >> everyone has their issues i guess.
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we've had sinkholes and issues with traffic. all that rain is affecting our roads. we're noticing it again today. we have a couple of sinkholes on the roads. one is eastbound mlk after himes. we have one lane blocked there. then another one opened up just overnight southbound macdill avenue right at aziel. traffic can be light now so no major delays from these. however when the morning rush hour picks up we could see so checking the drive on the interstates, not too bad. this is i-4 at thonotosassa road. traffic up to speed, no crashes or breakdowns. your drive on i-75 southbound, it's 22 minutes to get from 52 to i-4. at the bottom just 10 minutes from the apex to i-4.
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national anthem protest is growing. several other players on the 49ers and two on the rams stood but raised their fist during the national anthem. while many support the protest of racial injustice there are just as many who don't. this door mat at a texas cigar lounge, the owner taped kaepernick's jersey to the mat there. a customer posted this to facebook over the weekend. it's been shared so far 26,000 times. to a marriage made in and we think the honeymoon may have been almost too soon as the ceremony ended. check this out. this couple interesting because wendy henderson is a steelers fan, her new husband justin is a redskins fan. they tied the knot yesterday in the parking lot of a football stadium right before their teams faced off against each other on the field. >> we just argue the whole time. we love it. >> you have to take the good
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their union in holy matrimony is 16 years in the making but planning for the big day has been going on for about three years now. that is because that is how often the teams play each other. with the steelers win the bride is going to have years to talk trash about her hubby's new team. congratulations to them. coming up -- goat yoga. yes. goat yoga. a surprise hit in oregon. >> even as bizarre as it sounds people say it's relaxing. we'll show you.
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looking pretty good. dry this morning. 7:15 sunrise with temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. you will need the rain gear by the afternoon. tropical downpours on the way. temperatures in the upper 80s so not as hot last few days. in the next hour we'll break down the extended forecast with lesser a farm in oregon is putting a new spin on its yoga class. offering outdoor yoga sessions with goats. yes. it's being offered at the no regrets farm in the city of albany. the woman who came up with the idea says the goats help create a good distraction from real world problems. the people who encyclopedia up for the goat -- the people who sign up for the goat yoga class say it's fun >> they've been running all
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mats. it's so much fun. they are friendly and been play around and fun to watch them. they are funny. >> goat yoga sessions are so popular in fact that after just one month in operation there's now a waiting list with 500 people. the creator is now considering building a covered arena so it can be held year round. i like yoga but without the goats. >> pass on that one. one man wants to printing on coral reefs surrounding a caribbean island bonaire. >> 50 miles north of venezuela. experts consider the coral reefs there to be the healthiest and best protected in the region. the grandson of the famous oceanographer jacques cues to says by printingvertual identical structures -- >> it may be a more hospitable area to get national recruitment of coral when they
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place to transfer transplants or -- coral that were growing in nurseries on to those rocks. >> the island is one of the bright spots for the caribbean where reefs have been devastated by effects of development and climate change. coming up at 6:00 -- a violent case of road rage, a driver opens fire with a shotgun and deputies say it's all part of a crime trend in that county. the new clues we're waiting on today. >> fire hits a italian restaurant in south tampa and it's not the first
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breaking news from sarasota where one person is dead after a shooting. >> we're getting new details about what happened early this morning. anchor james tully is live on
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james, what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: we know the one man is dead and while police haven't named suspect or made arrests at this time that we know of they say all parties have been accounted for. i'm going to show you the house detectives are currently working at. in the 1,800 block of rita street in sarasota. deputies explaining to us they are not ruling out the shooting being drug or gang related despite that activity not usually as soon as i got here that -- about an hour ago i spoke to a neighbor who says he's lived here since the 1970s and can't recall any time there was any type of shooting incident in this neighborhood, period. we're waiting on more information from sarasota county sheriff's office but when we get that to you we'll bring it to you on air and on- line. james tully, live in sarasota, abc action news.
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mostly cloudy, a lot of clouds today. and the rain is on the way. tropical moisture on top of us will help us out with that. temperatures now mid and upper 70s. we already have rainfall that is moving in across eastern part of the state. well defined tropical wave. that moisture associated with it will get us with afternoon storms and also the wave itself will be generating some pretty good rainfall to our north and east. so our central and northern counties will be getting in on that as well. that is going to be an issue for today as some of the downpours could yield upwards of 1 to 2 inches. like yesterday, similar pattern. further south less rainfall and not as hot with temperatures in the upper 80s. by the time we get into the morning already some showers. this is a very messy pattern, very tropical air on top of us. that will set the stage for pretty rainy day an and off with downpours as well. for the evening commute is when this happens, for the morning pretty good shape.


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