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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  September 13, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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>> hi, everyone. i'm ashley glass. >> i'm laura harris. on the now tampa bay, a big warning that will make parents want to drive their kids to the bus stop. >> it has happened again. a teacher who recently quit accused of doing inaprop rate things with students. the warning signs that the principal away. after rumors oa hillary clinton body double, meet the woman who quit her job because she really does look like hillary. this rain could become a numbered or named storm soon. check out the waves right now. this is a live view of daytona beach. shay, what is this all about? >> we have a tropical low that has been organizing itself here on the east cot of florida. now with a 40% chance of being
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hours or the good news with this is although it is enhancing our rain chances, it is still relatively weak and it looks like the majority of the heavier rain and gusty winds will be on the east coast of florida from central florida on north to jacksonville. if you're planning to travel in that direction, be aware that you could be getting those tropical heavy downpours, especially along i-95 from daytona on north over the next 24 and near shore. so if you happen to want to do any boating off of the east coast of florida, they have tropical force storm winds. that is a bit nasty on that side of the state. in our area, we will continue to pull that moisture out of the system. and that will enhance our coverage of rain over the next 24 hours or so. you can see how big the system is. it has been interesting watching it. you see the circulation that was not present yesterday when
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yesterday, it was about a 10% chance of developing into a tropical system. then it really blew up with its organization today. all right. as we look at our northern counties, you see the circulation changing. we have an east-west flow that is keeping it dry. now we seit moving in the other direction because it's more associated with the system on the east coast. take a look where the rain is at. it could be moving from west to east now. most of tampa bay is the and bridges. we have some rain north of tampa in the lutz area. if you have kids in after school sports today, it will be hit and miss showers or storms. it's not a washout. but check with your coaches over the next hour to see if your practice may be canceled or delayed at all due to the storms. temperatures have been lower with the additional rain. by 8:00 tonight, though, just a few storms. we will start to see it
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we will have more showers and storms and greater coverage of rain. so tomorrow morning's bus stop forecast, well, it could be likely that you will see rain. i'll show you where those more likely spots will be coming up. >> thank you, shay. now to a students story that has parents worried about sending their kids to the bus stop. >> a man tried attacking a girl sexually around 6:00 this morning in >> this happened on 20th street east in front of the homes there in east bradenton. that is where we find ryan smith right now. >> reporter: this 16-year-old told me emotionally that she feared for her life while walking down this street this morning to her bus stop. she says the man grabbed her backpack from behind and yanked her down on to the ground in the cks her daup y. ay from the victim tried to call for help but the suspect covered
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would choke her and demanding that she take off her pants. a passing car saved her life. that's what spooked the suspect and sent him running. >> i'm actually very thankful because i'm thinking if it wasn't for the car, he could have easily killed me and got what he wanted. if it wasn't for the car, i could have died. >> reporter: a number of deputies searched the area but found nothing. we learned that this man took off with the girl's cell phone. the sheriff's office describes the man in his skinny build, about five-seven, wearing blue jeans and a dark t- shirt. if you have any information, call crime stoppers. in manatee county, i'm ryan smith for the now tampa bay. >> thank you, ryan. breaking news right now. you are looking at live pictures as we're following a big rig chase in california. this is about 30 minutes east of san bernardino. the big rig is stolen.
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for two hours. you see it going slow. cops are behind. the driver is alone in the truck and on the phone with police and says he isn't armed and doesn't want to go back to jail. no word how he got ahold of the truck or what is inside. but the truck is a truck that transports hazardous material. well, it has happened again, a localte with a student. >> this is him, 31-year-old michael geist. he used to be a science teacher in hillsborough county. he is accused of trying to get a student to share naked photos and videos with him. clifton french is live outside of the school. cliff, he allegedly gave a girl at the school a cell phone. what else do we know? >> reporter: he gave her a smart phone and had apps installed on that phone so she
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and pictures with other students. what i just learned is that he would take that phone from her while she wasn't sharing photos and videos with him, he would take that phone and look at the pictures and videos that she had taken. here is the thing, he only worked at the middle school just down the road for two and a half months before this investigation started. and when the principal asked him about these allegations, he immediel earlier. he was bonded out of jail this morning. we went to his home. he did not answer. so i left my card. and i talked to some of his neighbors. all of them were shocked. one neighbor told me that he had even offered to babysit her young child. now, they said he seemed normal. he has a girlfriend and a few dogs and was always friendly. >> i love it here and i think this is a good place to live. you know, when you hear something like that, you just don't know who your next-door
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>> reporter: now, we have asked the hillsborough county school district for his personnel record, for geist's personnel record and discipline record. we have not received that. but as soon as we have more information, we will bring that to you. for the now tampa bay, i'm clifton french. >> thank you, cliff. state attorney ober is asking governor scott to take out of the equation. we have protests about it in tampa. riggins was killed in palm river after deputies tried to execute a search warrant. he says in a letter to governor scott that he is a personal friend of the family of the deputy who shot riggins and for that reason he needs to be off the case. this time it's not george zimmerman in trouble with the law, it's the guy that was
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incident. he yelled at zimmerman and yelled at his car. he is on trial for attempted second degree murder. it has been three years since the deadly shooting of trayvon martin. we are learning more about the guy who died in tampa this weekend after surviving the pulse nightclub massacre. this is him getting in honor of the pulse victims. the shif suspicious about his death but are waiting for toxicology results. he was found unconscious sunday morning at a home. coming up here on the now tampa bay, we have seen the pictures of exploding batteries in cell phones but we're finding out it's not just the phones that you should be worried about in your home. also did deborah norville from "inside edition" to tell us about gross thing that's they're uncovering at hotels. >> yeah.
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look at this live fdot camera of i-4 heading east at the mlk exit. it's a nightmare for traffic. traffic is still crawling. the ramp to get on i-4 from mlk still has two lanes blocked. this is because of a crash on i- 4 that we know someone has died in. you see that car right there. action air 1 just flew over the scene. we don't know what caused the accident at this point but it looks like the red car ran into and we will bring you the latest from the traffic backup coming up. d at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> we're continuing to follow that breaking news right now. authorities chasing a guy in a stolen big rig in california. this is a live picture. this has been going on for about two hours now. about 30 minutes east of san bernardino is where this all
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the driver is said to be alone in the truck and has been on the phone with police saying he is not armed, doesn't want to go back to jail. no word on how he got ahold of this truck. we know that there's a logo on the side that reads act vero which ask a company that transport -- which is a company that transports hazardous materials. the company had no idea about the pursuit. three witnesses are investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server controversy. they say it's their right. >> hillary clinton is still resting at home. but a spokesperson says she is feeling better in these days after being diagnosed with pneumonia. president obama is campaigning for her today. this is video from his stop at an event in philadelphia just this afternoon. >> this is not me going through the motions here.
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to elect hillary clinton. >> former president bill clinton will stand in for her at fundraisers in l.a. today and appear for her at a rally in las vegas tomorrow. clinton's campaign says she is expected to be back it on friday. she is planning to go back to the black women's agenda event in washington, d.c. and in the meantime, a new poll out today from nbc news shows her lead over donald trump is getting smaller. ahead of him by just 4% week. the trump international hotel in washington, d.c. opened for business this week. it's right down the street from the white house. >> our political correspondent mike sax dropped by there today and found out a lot of people have something to say abou it. >> reporter: you don't have to be a trump supporter to understand that this is a nice hotel.
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hotel versus contributing to hillary clinton's campaign? i think i will contribute to hillary. >> i'm not a hillary clinton fan. the fundraisers turned me off. i would spend it here. >> reporter: a spokesperson said the clientele booked as much as a year in advance have been the ceo and elites. >> how does that make america great again when a lot tonight. >> isn't that true of all of them? in order to be a politician to get up it that high, you have to have money. so i mean, hillary is not broke either. >> reporter: do you think this is a place for everyday americans to come and hang out, stay at? >> ire an american who makes over $100,000 a year, you can stay her no problem. i mean, you've got the red roof inn down the street for 8 bucks.
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converts if he changed the price point. >> $2 a night. >> why not. it's a good experience. try out his hotel. i've never been inside it. it doesn't mean that i would support trump just because i stayed at his hotel. my love is still for hillary clinton. >> coming down here in a cadillac with an open roof waving to everybody. >> reporter: for the now, i'm mike sax. >> the lowest rate for a room at the new 500s a night. otherwise the lowest rate is $850. we are finding out what is causing batteries to explode in the samsung phone, causing millions of note 7s to be recalled right now. the first reason, there's a problem with the charging process. there's actually software telling the battery how much and how fast to charge. if it's set incorrectly, that's
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also explode. that's why you will see a pop- up on your phone or your laptop telling you it needs to cool down a bit. yep. this is the same type of battery that can be found in your phone and your laptops as well. explosions can also be due to poor manufacturing. if scrap metal winds up inside the battery during production, that's just one of the cases. and of course user error is also a possibility. you drop your device and pieces inside that device might break. as for the samsung phone, the company says it manufacturing problem causing these explosions. ashley. >> we have a special guest here today. deborah norville, host of "inside edition." because the show is newly on abc action weekdays at 7:00. >> yeah. it started on monday. we're go ahead to be back here. >> we're glad too. we have had this thought staying in hotels. is this room really clean. >> i thought about it last night when i checked into my hotel.
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with you tonight at 7:00. we are calling it the "inside edition" great hotel test. we went and rented rooms and put a substance on the sheet that's is not visible to the naked eye. but when we put a black light on it, you can see it just fine. we put the "inside edition" logo on the pillows and put i slept here on the bottom sheet and yuck on the top sheet. one-third of the hotel that's we stayed in and did this trick to did not change the sheets. >> they had the yuck. >> they they had the "inside edition" low go. these are nice hotels. you wouldn't expect something like this would have this kind of problem. we did this. what we did is we checked out of the room and checked back in under a different name. the exact same room. they said of course it has been changed. and some of the hotel managers ran. like this lady. at the end of the day, there's no way that you can tell when you check in if those sheets are truly clean or not. >> it just makes your skin
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or two hotels. you thoroughly looked at this. >> yeah. we looked at a lot of places. one out of three is a big number. here is the thing, if you find that this idea grosses you out, like a lot of us, all you have to do is check in, call housekeeping and say please send me a fresh set of sheets. if they say i'm sorry, we can't do that. we say good-bye. i'm out. >> immediately. looking for that tonight, "inside edition" at 7:00. you have a jam packed week too. a lot more to show you. >> later in the week we have a story that you will want to pay attention to because when that baby comes out, you will be back on your coffee. >> thank you for joining us. laura. >> let's take a look outside right now. river gate camera looking beautiful, shay. but it's still hot. >> yes. >> it's still hot. >> yes, it is, laura harris. even the shower that's we have seen, the few of them out
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cool us down a ton. take a look. right now we're rain-free across tampa bay. we have a little bit of patchy light rain in hillsborough county. but the majority of the thunderstorms are to the north to citrus county and hernando and pasco. it isn't terribly widespread. most of the roads and bridges are rain-free at the moment. you can see hit or miss rain, the majority of the rain to the south is around eastern highlands county. again, not affecting major roads if you are heading out for anything over the next couple of hours. we have chances for rain but not widespread heavy stuff at the moment. temperatures are ranging anywhere from 79 in crystal river. bartow right now is 90 degrees. what is happening on the east coast of florida, that's where i was showing you that low pressure system that has some tropical characteristics to it
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depression later on today or earlier tomorrow. well, you can see the winds around it coming from the northeast. and then coming back in with a south -- northeast to southwesterly flow across the northern counties. so the rain pattern has changed a little bit. and the timing will also be changing. tonight, we will have scattered showers and storms through sunset. still a few hit or miss overnight. tomorrow morning, we will start to see the showers and storms setting up early in the day. and and on through the afternoon and into the evening. in the morning, as you're dropping your kids off at the bus stop, like pasco county, coastal pasco and then into pinellas county, you have a decent chance of seeing the showers and storms. but then in the afternoon, a lower chance. the morning rain could impact your plans, especially closer to the coastline.
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atlantic. i'll have more on that coming up in a bit. >> thank you, shay. have you ever seen this? it looks bizarre. the national debt clock around 19 trillion. bee three is credit card debt at $973 billion and rising. why these numbers matt her it comes to how much you're
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>> welcome back to the now tampa bay. here is good news. grocery prices are coming down. >> we like to hear that. prices dropped 1.6% in july, the eighth month in to see a drop.
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corrects. and the cost of ground beef is down 50 cents a pound. the reason is because demand overseas is also down so we have more food available to buy here. right now experts think this trend will continue through the end of the year. well, what not is going down are credit card balances. america is on track to hit 1 trillion dollars in credit card debt by the end of the year. that is trillion. this is according to a study by wallet hub. that is $80 billion more than last year. wallet hub says the average amount owed by a household is around $8,500. lawyer a you're really digging into the numbers. >> the numbers are actually hard to put in words if you think about it. wallet hub says in the second quarter, that is april through june, we racked up 34 and a half billion dollars, billion, in credit card debt. that's the most since 1986. by comparison in the first
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we only paid back 27 and a half billion dollars. that's the least since 2008. ashley. >> a lot of us finally getting a break for the first time since the recession. median income for families across the country increased from 2013 to 2015. that's the first annual increase since 2007. average family bringing in more than $56,000 a year. coming up on the bay, the bizarre thing that happened at this abandoned house that will have you looking at homes around your ighborhood differently. you're watching the now tampa
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>> this is live pictures, hopefully we can keep those. we had a reporter in the chopper giving us more information. this is what we know. this is 30 minutes east of san bernardino. that's where it started. the chase started about three hours ago. there haven't been any accidents thankfully involving this truck. it looks like they are trying to clear the highway at this time. it doesn't look like they're going that fast. the reporter saying it's going the speed limit, erratically. as you can see there in one lane, staying in that one lane. the driver is said to be alone in the truck. he has been on the phone with police saying he isn't armed and doesn't want to go back to jail. no word how he got ahold of the big rig. but you saw the name of the truck. it's a company that transports hazardous materials. you can see they're still moving, still going. not sure how long the truck will be able to continue to go
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but our abc affiliate in the area says they have no idea about the pursuit. well, a neighborhood that usually doesn't have a lot of crime, it suddenly did have a lot of crime because of an abandoned home. >> five young people, mostly teenagers, are accused of luring a contractor to the house to rob him. nicole grigg explains what the neighbors did right then that helped put the suspects behind bars. >> reporter: this is probably the third or fourth door that -- >> reporter: every neighborhood needs battle. >> there was a young lady literally standing here next to the broken mailbox. >> reporter: you could say she is curious. >> i said well, that's weird, i'm not expecting anybody. >> reporter: no matter where you live, how nice it is, there's that one house. >> you have these abandoned houses, empty houses, you have renters, transients. >> reporter: and that house in her area is next door. >> they have been stealing lawn equipment out of trailers, out of garages and then they're using this address to sell the
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>> reporter: and over the weekend, she saw it all play out. >> a car pulled up. i'm still recording. >> reporter: that recording capturing three teens, along with 18-year-old javier lopez and wells. they're all facing charges from robbery to grand theft and fleeing from police for allegedly setting up a meeting from craigslist with a contractor here before robbing him and then stealing his car. >> don't show up to an em abandoned house that clearly no one lives here. >> reporter: the house they were using has been left alone for years. this broken mailbox has been here. the back door has wood covering it. there's even a mattress outside. >> i know mr. bruce. >> reporter: and that is what helped michelle know that something just wasn't right. >> i know mr. bruce. i know mr. jim. i know brittany. i know my neighbors. >> reporter: for the now, i'm nicole grigg. an update on the wild
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brought you yesterday. we know why the driver crashed into this funeral home. raymond myers from lake wails suffered a medical emergency and lost control of his truck. he wound up in the lobby. like literally in the lobby at the funeral home, causing about $40,000 in damage. no one in the funeral home was hurt. we know that myers was hurt but no word on how he is doing today. online reviews can make or break a business, which is why some of them are trying to punish you reviews. but the government is now saying not so fast. the senate is now considering a bill the house just passed, making it illegal for companies to put gag orders in their customer's contracts. the gag orders prevent people from sharing their opinions on- sites such as yelp. some people have even sued over the negative reviews. we will keep tracking the bill and let you know what happens. this one seems like something out of a movie.
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accused of using his own sperm to help women at his clinic to get pregnant and not telling them it was his. he said it was donor sperm. it happened 50 times. this case turned criminal in 2014 because the donor children complained about it. >> i want to know every sibling that i have. i don't think that will ever be a possibility. >> i just want validation. i want to find out as much truth as i can. but i know deep do will never ever know the complete truth as to how many siblings we have. >> so the doctor says these accusations, they're not true. but dna shows otherwise. right now we're learning what went wrong in a raleigh, north carolina pool, possibly electrocuting a teenage lifeguard. >> she was found dead september 3rd in a neighborhood pool. inspectors are saying an underground wire that was put
4:35 pm
built is corroded and therefore useless. the motor broke. and since the electricity couldn't travel through the corroded wire, it went through the pool. and ashley, that's not all they found in the report. >> no. inspectors found there was work done to the pool back in 2011. there was no permit. and part what was was done, violated electrical code. pools in north carolina are required to be inspected at least once a year. that doesn't cover electrical work though. the only time work gets inspected is after construction or renovation. we need to talk weather. we have been watching the radar and it's more organized is the best way to put it. >> right. and more rain headed our way, it looks like, shay. what do you think? >> yeah. as a result of what we're seeing going on on the east coast of florida, we will see an enhanced chance for rain over the next 24 to 36 hours. what we're seeing right now, take a look at this on radar. you see the counterclockwise
4:36 pm
pressure system. continues a numbered or named system. but it could be. look where it is headed. the spa ghetto models show it mead head being north through the state. it's not going to live very long because it will start to move over land, which will help to pull it apart. as least that's the way it's looking right now. again, this system has been quick to develop today. it's worth keeping a close eye on. although it looks like it would have little to no im directly on our weather other than enhancing our rain chances. over the next couple of days, we will watch this. especially if you are headed to the east coast of florida, that's where you will want to be particularly attentive to it. because tropical storm force winds are close to the coastline right now. and then heavy rain has been moving from central florida, around daytona, and will continue to move on through
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hours. especially on the i-95 corridor moving north through the state, you may be affected with the systemwigusty winds and heavy downpours. let's talk about the rest of the tropics. we know that ian is not a concern. it's a fish storm. it will stay out in the atlantic and head north. there's another batch of storms moving off of the coast of africa. the longer term models taking us through to september 23rd take us out to the middle of the atlantic. north like a lot of the storms have been lately. we will keep an eye on this. at this point it doesn't look like it will be an impact on us. too early to tell. all right. so we have wetter days ahead as i was telling you about. i will tell you about it at 4:00. meet the woman who quit her job because she looks like hillary clinton. could the body double rumors be
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>> meet the woman right there
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because she looks so much like hillary clinton. her name is theresa. she is 61 and she became a full- time hillary clinton lookalike after bill clinton became president. she has met the real hillary. >> that is uncanny. when i first saw it, i said wait a minute. she says it's hard to have a normal life because everybody mistakes her for >> no word where she spent this 9/11. >> reporter: the chance of people driving impaired on the roads is rising. how a new breathalyzer could keep us safer on the road and prevent wrongful arrests. and you won't believe the new place that bed bugs are showing up. yuck. you're watching the now tampa
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come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five...
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>> half of the country has legalized marijuana in some form. that means more people could be driving while high. >> law enforcement has been trying to find a way to prove it. a new weapon may help them do that. >> reporter: marijuana stays in
4:46 pm
makers of this new marijuana breathalyzer say it can eliminate that problem. >> every device is different. >> reporter: is one of five devices that colorado state patrol is testing to detect marijuana in drivers. >> some tell you to swab above the tongue, below the tongue. >> reporter: they use saliva to determine how much thc is in the blood due to marijuana. >> see the printout. >> reporter: one company has developed a different and potentially better way to do breath. >> i can show it to you here. >> reporter: this is a portable marijuana breathalyzer. >> you just -- you just blow through it like that. >> reporter: the company's co- founder says the machine is the first to be tested by law enforcement roadside and can detect thc in a person's breath whether they smoked or ate marijuana. he says this small machine has a bigger advantage. >> in breath, thc only stays
4:47 pm
unlike saliva or blood or urine where what you did last weekend doesn't show up. >> reporter: that means that law enforcement can better determine if a driver is really impaired from recent use. >> if you're the cop, you have no idea if your saliva test is positive. okay it's positive but so what. it doesn't tell you when the person last used marijuana. there's no way to correlate that with driving >> reporter: with more states legalizing marijuana, they hope that this makes sure that people using marijuana legally can keep driving. >> the company says it will still do more testing with law enforcement and in the lab to make that data perfect. it hopes to have the breathalyzer available in 2017. now we're over here with meteorologist shay ryan looking outside. >> yeah. >> shay, it looks nice now but the rain is coming.
4:48 pm
going up. it won't be a total washout in the next 24 to 36 hours, but higher coverage at times. look at the hyatt. did that look gorgeous or what? right now across tampa bay, hillsborough county, all of the major roads and bridges looking fantastic. no problems weather-wise. if you want something to complain about right now it's not the rain across pinellas in the northern counties we have hit or miss showers. even storms across citrus county. across polk county, south of i- 4, we have heavier downpours. and it is hit or miss in the southern counties as well. here is the next couple of hours. through 7:00, 8:00, it's still hit or miss. normally what we have been seeing -- i shouldn't say normally. what we have been seeing lately is by 8:00, 9:00, we start to see it tapering off.
4:49 pm
on shore flow. and right now, the model is showing by midnight, we will start to see rain setting up. and tomorrow morning, right around 8:00 in the morning, we're still seeing that on- shore flow. and the models have been adjusting. they're still, you know -- this is all still coming together. but the bottom line is we will have greater chances for rain right along the coast and through the i-75 corridor through the morning drive. and then it becomes more widespread through the afternoon. as that moisture and the heat builds from the day. and u pretty hit or miss across most of the area. it's not a complete washout. we have dry hours. but we will have better chances for rain first day in the day tomorrow all the way through the afternoon, which hasn't been the normal pattern with the east to west flow, giving us the nice dry mornings. next couple of days, we have about 50% coverage at any given time for tomorrow. thursday, we will start to see more of a return to an
4:50 pm
mornings and then the afternoon showers and storms. with only 40% coverage not bad at all heading into the weekend. and you know denis is up next and he is keeping an eye on the system with the tropical characteristics on the east coast of florida. he will have an update from the hurricane center on that and the rest of your weekend forecast in the 7-day forecast on abc action news at 5:00. >> did it feel like a long, hot summer to you? nasa says last month was a record setter. the warmest august since they bega 1800s. it also tied july as the warmest month of the year so far. it's the 11th month in a row of record-setting temperatures. the people who have all of this info used data from 6300 meteorological stations to figure this all out. they believe that climate changed caused by people of course and the recent el nino are the main factors. and noaa is blaming it for the
4:51 pm
say thisof thing will probably continue to happen. >> reporter: it's hard to forget these images from louisiana late last month. torrential rain some places got more than two feet of rain in just a few days. it caused historic flooding in and around baton rouge. many have blamed climate change. now noaa has evidence that it was in fact the case. during the record flooding, noaa scientists deployed a fast attribution studdi that the presence of human gases have caused the record rains over 40% over what they were in e early 20th centuriment scientists determined a 50 year rain event is now more of a 30-year event but it comes with 10% more water like we saw last month. just because it's called a 30- year event doesn't mean that it will be 30 years before another major flood like this one. these are just averages.
4:52 pm
>> thank you, todd. speaking of weather, take a space of a super typhoon m heading towards taiwan. that has been upgraded to a category 5 storm. it is due to make landfall. it will bring winds of 150 miles per hour and the possibility of dely flash floods and devastating mudslides. we have been telling you about the ongoing protests by national anthem over racial injustice. today the u.s. attorney general says the election is one reason that criminal justice reform has stalled. loretta lynch spoke at a summit on the issue today. even though congress hasn't taken action, there is bipartisan support to make sure that the system is fair. it may be a challenge but there are ways to overcome distrust between communities and police after racially charged
4:53 pm
in the community sitting down together and working specifically on those issues, we have actually seen a great deal of improvement. and i mean in cities and place that's are coming from very difficult place. >> lynch also announced $6 million in grants to look at state-level issues dealing with the department of corrections. and $14 million towards courts. well, more of us are feeling stressed about money at home and it's translating into how survey showing six out of ten americans say the outcome of the prosecute residential election is the biggest risk to the economy over the next six months. every demographic from age, ethnicity and education. it's also more than the other top five concerns combined. one in ten say terrorism is a greater threat, followed by struggling economies overseas. a decline in the stock market and increase in interest rates.
4:54 pm
its lowest level in more than two years right now. twice as many people are uncomfortable with savings compared to those who are. it is the first time in 27 months we haven't said we feel better about the financial situation compared to previous years. take a look at this two month old baby. yesterday the baby was found in the back seat of a car. in the front seat were two adult who's had overdosed on heroin. now the police they don't think that drugs were a factor in the case. after an investigation into what caused the cide, the department of children and families will determine ere the child goes now. he's been living in russia since 2013 after he stole and then leaked federal documents while work as a contractor for the nationsecurity agency. in an interview published today, snowden acknowledges he
4:55 pm
pardon powers exist for the exception things that were against the rule but done for a greater good. he says that it changed survllce ls for the better. the white house says that he risked national security. conservative house republicans pressed an issue today, forcing a vote to impeach the irs commissioner. this is him testifying about destroyed documents. this started with allegations that they targeted tea and conservative groups. the current irs commissioner was not there at the time so some don't think he should be fired. others believe that he should lose his job because he headed the agency when materials were destroyed. well, despite lots of skepticism about the new ipods and the missing phone jack. not ipod. iphone. >> right. >> let me get it right in my head. we're hearing from cell phone
4:56 pm
about that. they're ordering the iphone 7 and 7 plus. >> presales are through the roof right now. up nearly four times from the previous two models, iphone 6 an6s. sprint says preorders are up more than 375% in the first three days of presale compared to last year. last week apple said it would not release the first weekend sales figures this year for the first time in its iphone history. and more changes are in store for iphone users. >> right now you can download the new 10. and if you've updated your phone before, you know it sometimes comes with problems at first. >> yeah. hiccups. so far we're not hearing of any io s-10 issues. >> look at this crazy video out of jacksonville. look at that shark tail. a fisherman caught it but didn't get the victory of reeling it because a bigger shark scoops it up. someone posted this video on
4:57 pm
>> wow. we have heard bed bugs in hotels, hidden in library books. you won't believe where they are showing up now. >> this will gross you out. jason shows us where a man was shopping and realized that he was getting bitten by bed bugs yuck. >> riding down wal-mart a little bit. my back side was itchy. >> reporter: this was the seat of the wheelchair and the seat is crawling. >> i got off the chair and turned around and the whole chair was infested with bed bugs. >> reporter: our pest expert watched the video and he says yep, someone who had them at home probably brought them to wal-mart and anyone who sat in these motorized scooters could have mistakenly taken bugs back to their home to start a new
4:58 pm
laying eggs. >> reporter: in a statement, wal-mart says the scooters have been moved out of service. 7 were behind the store. some missing the vinyl seat cover. wal-mart is bringing in an expert to do testing. if you're worried about bed bugs. >> all of the clothing that you're wearing, put it in the drier for an hour and a half or so. >> that's what jose di >> i literally stripped down all of my clothes off. >> yuck. before we go, we wanted to wish ashley and her mark the best of luck on their first child. you made it all the way. this is your last day. >> just barely. i'going on the great baby wait. >> i like that you call it that. >> i'm going to miss you guys. i'll be back before i know it. by the way, you have news. >> that's right. i'll show you. the pictures are the best thing. he asked last night. i said yes.
4:59 pm
in to sing my favorite song. >> he thought of everything. >> she hasn't stopped smilcool >> 're happy for you. congratulations. so much celebration on the now tampa bay. this has been the best tuesday ever on our show. >> great baby wait. we will tell what happens. >> and the great wedding planning as well. that's it for the now tampa bay. starts right now. >> this is abc action news. >> car is moving. car is moving. >> chaos in broad daylight as officele w a bay area lawyer who wouldn't go down without a fight. her wild actions on the road, the troubling discovery made inside her car and the jaw- >> andedo screamfor and told me would choke . on her way to schl saved her life.
5:00 pm
news that you need to hear if you or someone you know drives on i-4 east. a big time traffic jam right near the mlk exit. right now fhp says the on-ramp is closed and ead lanes are blocked. less than 10 minutes ago we learned that the driver who died was a 32-year-old man. fhp troopers say he drove off i- 4 and came back on to the road and caused two other vehicles to crash, including a trtor- trailer carrying cardboard. the entire interstate was closed and traffic had to be diverted off of i-4. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. a former middle school teacher, this guy right here facing serious charged. he wanted a young girl to send naked photos and videos of herself to other students. >> clifton french is live outside of the school where geist used to teach. this all started with a cell phone. >> reporter: yeah.


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