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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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all new at 11:00 just within the last 45 minutes tropical storm julia now forming over florida. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm jamison uhler. let's get right to chief meteorologist denis phillips with the latest on tropical storm julia. dennis? >> reporter: hi advisory literally just came out. what we were talking about earlier on today kind of figured this would become a depression, but jumped the depression status going straight to a tropical storm. now what does this mean for us? at this point in time we are still looking at the rain. there are tropical storm warnings in effect for northern florida, southeastern georgia. winds of 40 miles an hour. now in terms of the track, it is expected to go very slowly. so there is the issue. heavy rains might be up to 10 inches of rain across northern florida from say jacksonville
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towards macon. now how will it impact our weather? there is a moisture train if you will that extends from the the center all the way across the state into the gulf. you can see it, but let me be very clear about something. this is not going to be anything close to the rain that we had with hermine. up north they're definitely going to see their share of heavy weather, but for us i would be surprised if most folks see maybe an inch or two of rain tomorrow, but it will start tomorrow morning. watch what happens overnight. you begin to see rolling in. and i think by first thing in the morning we'll see decent heavy rain and gusty winds potentially with the the storms. but -- with the storms, but look for heavy showers and storms possible around first thing in the morning. i'll let you know how that could impact the rest of the forecast for the next couple of days. if it stalls out, that could be an issue. that's coming up in the next
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investigators are searching for more suspects in a crime trend that won't go away. abc action news reporter michael paluska is live with the latest crime trend in pinellas county. >> reporter: the 14 and 15-year- old suspects were going garage door garage door checking unlocked cars until a good samaritan stopped them. >> that makes me nervous. >> reporter: this woman walks her dog early, like 4:00 a.m. early. this morning she noticed something strange. >> i saw like two kids across the street from like this side of the street across the way. i thought that was kind of weird. >> reporter: then she saw a car heading towards her with the lights off. she ran into her house calling 911. >> it was a busy night in seminole. >> reporter: she was calling 911 around the same time she she watched her nissan rogue back out of the driveway. after calling pinellas county deputy, she went outside to find a knife and a flashlight in her driveway. >> reporter: these kids are armed today. my understanding is that
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parents. >> reporter: the teens are 14 and 15 years old. since they are juveniles, it is our policy not to identify them. the 15-year-old however does have at least five felony arrests in the past year and is already on a list a county wide task force. less than an hour after calling 911 the teens were in custody. all their loot was returned to four victims hit across seminole. >> did you ever think waking up in the morning to take your dog out that you would become a good samaritan to victims in a crime? >> no, i didn't, but i'm glad that i was able to help out. >> reporter: how big of a problem is it? investigators tell us that 90% of all their auto break-ins are because of people leaving their cars unlocked. in seminole michael paluska abc action news. a pinellas park mom is furious tonight that a man shot neighborhood kids including her own son with a gun. she wants to know why he's not
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pinellas park to explain her mission tonight. marisela? >> reporter: that mom tells me she is not staying home tonight because she's afraid and she wants some people like the police officers in this building to do something else about this. >> he had two here, but those you can't really see them. >> reporter: lisa green says that the marks on her son's body are proof that something horrible happened to him on sunday night. >> he was running after everybody and so they ran. >> reporter: mom says her 8- year-old son was two blocks away from the neighborhood shot him seven times. she was home watching her grandson. police say that her son joined other kids and teens volunteering to play a game. >> he said to step forward if it is okay with you and your parents. my son never came to ask me if he could be shot with a bb gun. >> reporter: as soon as her son told her the story, she called police. >> an 8-year-old cannot give
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for if that bb would have hit him in the eye or any place else it could have killed my son. >> reporter: pinellas park police looked into it, contacting the state attorney's office who told them that no crime had been committed. police say that while the young man used poor judgment when he fired plastic pellets from an air soft gun, it appears that there is no intent to cause any harm. lisa disagrees. >> it was not a game. the only person that had a bb gun was none of the kids had a bb gun. >> reporter: lisa green tells me that she plans to fight this because she is not satisfied with the decision not to file charges against this man. reporting live marisela burgos abc action news. >> marisela, thank you. testimony resumes tomorrow far man accused of trying to kill an armored truck driver in the altamonte springs. he shot marco rivera last october outside of a crowded publix. in court today lawyers showed
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where he searched local news sites for stories about the robbery. right now officials are offering up to $10,000 for information leading to the person who set up a fort pierce mosque on fire sunday. take a look. the members of the islamic center of fort pierce say that the arsonist terrorized their community on one of the most meaningful days in their religion. officials have gotten eight different tips about the arson, but none have lead to a possible suspect. george michael zimmerman. >> guilty on murdering trayvon martin is back on the stand for a different case, testifying against a man accused ootingat police say in 2015 matthew aperson and zimmerman argued on a lake werth street. >> prior to the events -- >> yes, sir. >> prior to that i was working
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several years. since the events of that day i haven't been able to find consistent work. >> officials say that zimmerman and aperson have histories of run-ins. he is charged of attempted second-degree murder. his attorney is arguing self- defense. new tonight the hillsborough council system cancels their votes on regulating ride sharing companies like uber and lyft. victor crisp says they could not vet on the rule tomorrow as plan -- they could the rule tomorrow as planned. controversial rules such as $7 minimum fares and seven-minute wait times. no new date for the vote has been given. in st. pete tonight, angry protesters are taking over on a public meeting. as cameron polom tells us, they want local governments to stop dumping sewage into tampa bay. >> reporter: protesters are angry over pinellas county's dumping of sewage into tampa
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pier meeting tonight. aiming their signs at a st. pete city council about discussions that will continue around them. people say they are fed up that millions of gallons of sewage flowed into the bay during hurricane hermine. >> i've never seen this happen before. the only thing that's different this year is the massive sewage dumping. >> reporter: lorraine bargerson a 15-year volunteer with the florida shore bird of allowance found 45 dead juvenile black skimmers along the beach over the past six >> every single one of them have died or showed the presentation of dying in a convulsive state. >> reporter: she snapped this photo of one of the birds in late august. another one shows an adult bird agonizing over a chick's death. one skimmer has already tested positive for salmonella, which she says could be related to the dumping of sewage. >> we can't keep developing and
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sewer. . >> reporter: on monday officials estimated that st. pete released about 70 million gallons of sewage into the bay so far. biologists are examining several of the dead birds, but they have not provided any conclusions yet. she expects more dead wildlife before it is all said and done. in st. pete i'm cameron polom abc action news. well the clock is ticking for the man who grounded his yacht on palm beach last week. he now has five days to remove the yacht. if he does not move it, he'll be arrested. it's been stuck for week. they are declaring it right there, facing charges for boating under the influence. take a look at the newest member of the davie police department. you see him there. rocky is his name, a therapy dog for their special victims unit. young victims are more likely to talk when there is a therapy dog present during an interview. the 2 1/2-year-old chocolate lab is already assisting with investigations. and take a look at this car taking a dip in the pool in the fort myers area.
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driving through the garbage landing in the backyard pool. look at that. luckily the two people inside that car got out safely. well still much more ahead all new tonight including this disturbing video showing police under attack. what officers are saying about a moment that a driver intentionally rammed them -- ranked them over. investigators are taking aim at the athletes. the surprising new information from their medical records are coming up. plus, you may want to think twice before downloading the new ios on your apple device. but if it phone, the one thing to do to fix it, we'll tell you. download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone and tablet. just search abc action news in
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well caught on camera, some disturbing video showing a driver intentionally attacking police officers parked at a
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towards them. one of the officers goes flying in the air, one officer is on the ground. and then a third manages to get to the other side of the squad car before the driver comes crashing into them. that car then crashed into the gas station. for several minutes the driver struggled violently with those officers. >> this is a violent cowardly act on our police officers and it is simply unacceptable. our phoenix police officers were targeted. we have all officers being targeted and ambushed in communities across this nation. but this happened here. >> police saying that the two officers who were hit are expected to make full recoveries. that driver will likely face two counts of attempted first- degree murder among many other charges. a man from oklahoma and california both in jail tonight. the two were connected in the killing of two teenage girls in california over 40 years ago.
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both 65 kidnapped those girls and then shot them in close range in a wooded area. detectives identified the two men by running preserved dna through forensic testing. luckily their dna was on file from other crimes. both men now face several charges. new tonight russian hackers releasing what they say are medical records for some of team u.s.a.'s highest profile athletes including gymnasts simone biles and tennis star the anti-doping agency confirms their data base is hacked. their use of any medications were under doctors orders and approved ahead of time. and also new tonight in atlanta the elementary schoolteacher is getting a lot of attention online for what she wears to school even scoring her own hashtag #teachervay. she started getting attention after posting what many say are sexy selfies on social media. many say that her outfits are too form fitting and may distract boys from learning.
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nobody would be complaining. another person posting a picture of her helping a boy read with the caption, "funny how nobody posted this pic of teacher vay, the one that matters." the teacher has made her instagram account private. a consumer alert tonight, recalling more than half a million 3-1 blowers. the company recalling nearly 560,000 of these blower vacuum mulchers that there are reports that the unexpectedly flew off causing some users to cut their fingers on that fan there. the company now offering a free repair kit with the replacement fan cover. and there is a new operating system update for am users, but many of you who were too quick to download it may have wished you waited. listen to this, some users are complaining that it lockeds up their iphones and ipads. if this happens to you though, you can plug it into a computer and connect to itunes to restore access. general motors putting some
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claiming that the chevy bolt, their newest electric car drives longer on a single charge. one charge lasts 238 miles. how about that? that's 23 more miles than tesla's model 3. the bolt has an electric motor reaching speeds up to 91 miles an hour. it will sell for a little over $37,000. london's subway station is going viral for being overrun with cats and it is all for a good purpose. take a look. people are donating $26,000 to replace all of the ads that one of the two stations with pictures of cats. kitties. they're looking for forever homes. the group behind the crowd- funding campaign says the goal is to make people think about what is really important in life, not just something that you can buy. well take a look at this. a bed built for 10. a new york couple commissioning this special bed large enough for them both to sleep in along with their eight rescued dogs. you'll see them all there. saying that the dogs, they love cuddling with them as they wanted to make it possible for everyone.
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weather team in florida. abc action weather. good evening everybody, this is a live at jacksonville earlier on this evening. winds were gusting up to about 40, 45 miles an hour. torrential rains are down there. and actually this is one of the reasons why i think that the hurricane center decided to go ahead and have this become a tropical storm rather than just a depression because you were getting winds that were right around 40, 45. you know all of a sudden the tropical storm catches people and their attention a lot does. now, for us, it is not going to be one way or the other, making a difference at all. we're going to have rain, we're going to have scattered showers, some periods of heavy rain i think tomorrow morning. and right now, we're already looking at some of that rain. now, this in a much smaller sense is kind of what we have dealt with hermine. once the storm moved away we got sort of a moisture plume that started bringing in rains, heavy rains into our area. and from safety harbor,
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there are still some scattered showers moving in from the gulf. heavier showers tort charlotte way. out on the gulf there is still more out there. now overnight i think that it will get a little more active. tomorrow morning about 40% to 50% of the area will be picking up rain. not everyone. up north it is going to be quite a bit heavier than it will be in our neck of the woods. temperatures right now upper 70s to the lower 80s. the humidity has definitely returned. tomorrow more clouds than sun. occasional rain, probably not be an issue for us at this point in time. now, pasco county i know how concerned you are with the rain as you should be, but i do think that even though we are showing some rain right now in st. pete and in clearwater most of the area while there is a chance of an inch or two inches of rain, i don't think that it is going to be a major issue with the exception possibly, of course in the areas that have really seen the major flooding over the last few weeks from hermine. but all in all if you are looking at what is going on here, this is something that would pop up over the last 12
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about it last night. today we had our sunshine. tomorrow, we are still going to have some sunny stretches. it is not going to be a wash out. now tomorrow morning first thing you'll get the kids ready for school. you get ready for work. you're going to be running into some showers and periods of heavy rain. but if you look around, i would say at least half the area is not going to have too much to worry about. we're going to get a little bit of heating with some more showers and more storms. but still overall that i don't think this is going to be a major issue for us. a nuance in the morning absolutely, getting anybody that it could be a little tricky. but in terms of severe weather, i don't' it. now up north if you are going up to 95 if you have any plans on driving tomorrow that it is another story. straight on up to south carolina, but for us by thursday morning the moisture feed is still there. i think thursday and again on friday we will see some scattered showers around, but i think that tomorrow will be the heaviest rain that we're going to have to deal with.
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weekend. overall the rainfall totals through thursday afternoon. heaviest rain over on the east coast. there will be a few spots, it's florida, there always are that will get heavier rain than others. but overall i think that most of our viewing area about an inch, maybe an inch and a half of rain with this serious rain way up north from jacksonville up into the carolinas. and i will be very clear about this. half of the area probably won't get much rain at all. this is not a widespread heavy rain event, it's just probably going to kick in from the center of circulation of julia right on down across parts of our viewing area from the morning into the afternoon. winds of 40 miles an hour. this is not going to be an issue for anybody in terms of wind, sure some gusty winds, but nothing even close to what hermine was. the path is a slow mover, which is why they're looking at some heavy rain across georgia and in through south carolina. for us not nearly as heavy. in fact total rainfall not just across georgia, but in through south carolina, maybe even north carolina well over four
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so for us things are not all that bad after kind of a soggy start for about half of our viewing area. southerly winds tomorrow at 5 to 10 knots, seas a couple of feet. moderate chop out at the bay. moderate tides. here are your sunrise and sunset, hour by hour the rains will begin to pick up tomorrow morning until 2:00 and then things improve as you take a look at florida's most accurate forecast. rain chances 60% on wednesday, 60% on thursday. now remember ivan will be here first thin give you updates. of course we always have updates 24/7 online and on facebook. if you look over the weekend, we'll be okay. we will be dodging some showers, but highs will be back up to 90. tropical storm warnings for the east coast again. not for our area. i think it is going to stay that way. all right, thank you, denis. these next two weeks the rays could go a long way in determining who wins the al east. they're in spoiler mode.
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hello folks, if the blue jays miss out on the playoffs, they could look back on their late season run with the rays.
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two-run homer. and then here in the 7th, he is going deep as they had a chance for the rally in the 7th. he struck out with the bases loaded and they went on to beat the jays, 6-2. all right, now, the seminoles will be headed up to louisville to take on the cardinals. but team on offense as i could tell you that they will not be going to derby city with the attitude and the way they are playing. will be no trapped game ere situation this week. as they scheduled north texas ensuring that month. the head coach jim mcelwain brought up a good point that will get this team motivated to take them out on saturday. the gators are known for their
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the next week. he wants to see a carryover from the kentucky game. >> overall a lot of fun. i think that the challenge moving forward is to see how this team is going to respond. see how this gator team is going to respond. i mean kind of the program is to, you know, that you play high and you play low. and not consistently. this will be a huge week for us as f understanding that never ever letting opportunities pass you by. >> and hopefully they would have their focus this week on the road and not the seminoles in two weeks. usf have had good success traveling to the qs. nothing would be finer than to be unbeaten heading into the big game against sfu. here is coach taggert. >> i think that we all know that it is a tough place to play up in syracuse.
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that crowd and how hot it is and all those things. we've got to be, you know, conscious of all those things, but on top of that a football team that is going to be hungry to get back into the winning column. and i think that when they turn on the film and they looked at it, that they saw where they could play better than what they did. >> the usf support team are favorites. we'll be back in
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so there is a look at your wake up forecast. check out ivan first thing in the morning. he'll take a live look at radar. always important to have things set up over the 6:00 to 8:00 hour. of course depending on where the heaviest rain is it could make a tough go for the ride into school.
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something that jamison is familiar with in school. high likely of 88 degrees. the rain will be tapering off later on in the day. kind of unsettled for the next few days. >> that was a d plus. >> yeah, i was going to say. you can get the top coverage of our stories on >> good seeing you v a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, patrick dempsey, bug expert dr. justin schmidt and music from tame impala. and now, here we go again -- [ cheers and applause ] ? >> kevin: very nice. thanks, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. welcome to hollywood. this is where it all happens.


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