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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  September 14, 2016 4:00pm-4:56pm EDT

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>> hi, everyone. i'm paul lagrone in for ashley glass. >> and i'm laura harris. on the now tampa bay, companies ready to step in on the taxi game if uber and lyft don't want to stick around because of the rules. we will tell you and trump revealed during the dr. oz tapg d at he it --did not tak about. the long and costly ba it took to get to today with this kitten. we're now embracing a ride- share industry and opening the door to a ride-share industry and ride share companies will be able to contract with our port and airport and everyone else for our services. >> finally something accomplished between the public
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ride sharing companies like uber and lyft. today the ptc agreeing on rules mainly with your safety in mind, how to regulate cars d drivers. but the fight is not over yet. kara is joining us from downtown. uber and lyft drivers are not happy today. what is the hang-up? >> reporter: you know, it all has to do with the fingerprint background chks. it seems like a simple thing. but from the beginning of this fight, both compan lyft, have said no way, we're not going to fingerprint drivers. it comes down to time and money and sometimes the tests can be inaccurate. the county of course is saying it's necessary and it will keep you safe. they found out from attorneys that the state law requires that they fingerprint any drivers that they regulate. >> all right. the next question that i have for you is ride-sharing
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against that finrprinting, right? >> rertthat's actually true. there's a coy called fare that prints their drivers right now. they're operating in texas. they came into the city of austin after the city implemented strict rules and they decided to play by the rules there. they're fingerprinting driversd successful. so the hillsborough county ptc is hoping that uber and lyft leave and fare takes the business. >> before we more people besides mayor buckhorn are questioning if we need the ptc to regulate uber altogether; right? >> reporter: yeah. that's absolutely true as well. it's an argument that has been around for a long time. a couple of legislators say it will be a bill they will put before the legislature to get rid of the ptc altogether. there's a letter saying that you need to look at the ptc to see if they're doing something
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there. a lot of people begging now for the florida state legislature to enact statewide laws that can put this to rest once and for all. >> thank you, kara. to an update on this situation that played out in front of our cameras. we're learning about the man who tried to run down a hillsborough county sheriffs deputy. he has not been caught at this hour. but we know that the deputy will be okay, thankfully. the deputy pulled over a dve might have been wanted in an aggravated assault se. but instated raedthe patrol car, knocking the deputy to the ground. the driver got away. fortunately the deputy escaped with only minor shoulder injuries. looking at charleston, south carolina through a web cam. it doesn't look that bad but
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strong winds and dumping a lot of rain there. three to six inches still in the forecast. you can see the gray skies just a little bit if we tilt up a little and the high surf. a lot of people calling this a surprise tropical storm. >> yeah. >> but dry in our area for the most part today. >> yeah. it hasn't been bad. we've had a few isolated showers and storms out there. you can see right now that the main sail beach inn on anna maria island looks beautiful. blue skies an as we look across tampa bay bay into hillsborough county, we have isolated heavier downpours and a wider view showing that the majority of the rain is to the north of us or well inland to the southeast of tampa bay, right around the front proof area into southeastern polk county. we're not seeing a ton of rain. but some folks are getting doused with heavier downpours. if you're planning to barbecue tonight, it will be hit or miss. about 30% coverage by 6:00.
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this is an on-shore flow. so west to east is how the showers and storms will be moving if you're checking your storm shield app on the phone. tomorrow, if you're planning to take a dip in the pool or want to get yard work done, i'll help you time out the rain for that. >> thank you, shay. check out the video we shared from the plantation inn and golf resort up in crystal river. hurricane hermine has left four manatees stranded in a pond on the golf course there. the good news is manatees are doing fine. it's a large pond with plenty of food for them. but tomorrow they will be moved back to the waters where they're supposed to be. brought you yesterday. k now th who died in the car crash on i- 4 yesterday that backed up traffic for hours. it's 32-year-old timothy lovejoy. he was in the red car near the mlk exit. he was speeding, lost control, and wound up in the median and
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hit a car, spun out, hitting a tractor-trailer. two more travel related cases of the zika virus in our area today. one in hillsborough county. the other in polk county. they're still going door to door in several counties, including pine llcounty testing for zika. the bus driver involved in a crash yesterday morning in lakeland has resigned. 20 students from kathleen high school were on the bus when it hit a pickup truck at the intersection of galloway and swindle. three studentser you're not going to believe this next story coming up. a cat buried alive. now getting a second chance at life. why the so-called zombie cat may be the most expensive feline on planet earth. you're watching the now tampa bay. before we go, breaking today, the acc says they are moving all of their 2016-2017 championships for colleges outside of north carolina
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we're talking football, baseball, basketball, all sports. a couple months ago, the nba did the same thing with the all- star game. developing as we're on the air, donald trump is in flint, michigan as the results of a nationwide poll are coming in. showing hillary clinton leading trump by just five points. 48 to 43%. basically still a dead heat there. also in, tim kaine says that he's expected to release his
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video. apparently the scientists are inside of a weather station. okay. they were inthere. one of the scientist dogs being eaten by one of the polar bears. they were stuck for two weeks. the female bear, the mama bear was sleeping under the station window. the group has berescued. but sea ice in the region is decreasing, leaving them little option to make their habitat. >> long as they're on video. >> far, far away. it's happened again, cell phone exploding. this time it's not the one under the huge recall. >> it was samsung galaxy 6s model. the most recent recalled item was the note 7. a student at arizona state university ss he heard the sizzle and then smelled something burning. he thought it was his computer and then he felt his leg.
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it filled up the room. he had an acid burn. as bad as that sounds, it could have been worse. >> the main thing is that my screen was face down, like to my thigh. if it had been the other way around, the -- are you have images of my floor. that would have been my leg. i'm lucky this didn't happen as know, because i could have passed away from the smoke. >> here is what samsung is saying today. they're now talking to that student you wereus caused this. and remember how yesterday we said that the apple ios 10 update was out, ready to go? less than 24 hours later, there are pretty big issues. some people are getting an error message. they wind up having to plug the phone into a computer to get the update. another big problem some people are experiencing, they say they are getting locked out of their phones altogether. if that happens, apple says that you have or should update your itunes account first and
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not sure why they can't get all of this worked out before they push the update, but, you know, i'm no techy here. paul, what should people know if they're considering a new phone. >> we have good news. you can get a deal on a new phone because the new iphone 7 is coming out this friday. but you don't have to choose the version to save. the now's candace avelez fou >> reporter: if you're in the market for an iphone 7 or want an older model of the iphone, there are plenty of new options, contracts and plans to choose from. >> i thinkhansumernow are bogged down with their options in terms of how to get the iphone, the new ipho also how to get it at the most affordable cost possible. >> reporter: we spoke with wallet hub that crunched the numbers, finding out how to
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looked at the four major carriers. so at&t, sprint, t mobile and verizon. we also added low cost carriers as well. wal-mart, family mobile and ring plus. we took the cost of the phone as well as any data plans and we list them out on our site across four different options. >> reporter: those four options are a two-year contract, no contract and installment plan offered by your carrier and one offered by apple. >> just by making the right choice here, consu much as $1,074 just over the course of two years. >> reporter: you can also save big with family plans. look at the difference between sprint's installment plan with apple compared to at&t. the report also shows that you can save $1,000 by using your old phone and a low cost carrier like wal-mart combined. >> this is a great tool for
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the new iphone and how they should go around get thanksgiving. >> reporter: for the now, i'm candace avalez. >> carriers are asking what kind of credit you have this year. try to get your credit score up so you can get a low installment cost every month. laura. >> he is affectionately known as zombie cat. because his original owner tried to bury him alive. but today a great end to this story. adam weiner has battle that saved this cat's life. >> reporter: you can barely tell what bart the cat went through looking at him today. >> this cat had a spirit like no other and determined to live. >> reporter: this was bart in 2015, hit by a car. he was presumed dead and buried. five days later, bart clawed out of his grave, earning the nickname zombie cat. >> he almost died. the first couple weeks the vets were giving us a 50/50 an of him making it.
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weeks. the humane society spent $11,000 to keep him alive. >> how many cats can crawl out of a grave. he deserves it. we got donations for his car. >> reporter: $9,000 donated from all over the world. but the fight to save the zombie cat didn't end there. the ceo decided that bart's original owners didn't make for a good home. >> technically i couldn't do that. >> reporter: so they kept him and the owner sued. the legabale cost the shelter about $5,000. >> you know, many, many depositions, cat battles back and forth.that battle went on for 20 monthuntil this thiwe and the two sides settled out of court. the shelter is giving the owner $5,000 so they could guarant th
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amazingly. >> reporter: valerie signed the adoption papers today. >> i want him to live a long, happy, quiet life. >> reporter: one last number for you, bart weighs twice as he did when he was first rescued. in tampa, adam weiner for the now tampa bay. >> so glad he got a home. chipotle is setting aside its problems for one day. the company will offer jobs to 5,000 people across the country on people can apply online. chipotle has 60,000 employees nationwide. they have struggled through the last couple of months. all right, shay, meteorologist shay ryan is here right now. you said the's raicoming our wa just in time because i just got my car washed. >> right. it never fails. >> what were you doing? you should have checked with me yesterday for the car wash forecast. i would have told you.
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clearwater hyatt beach camera, you know what, it's sunny over there right now. not everyone is getting rain. that's the good news, laura harris, your car may remain with a shiny surface here throughout the day. take a look at what 're seeing across tampa into pinellas county, even into polk county. it's very hit or miss. most of it is away from the major roads and bridges. again, we have heavy downpours, most of it has been around citrus and into hernando counties throughout the day. and right now it's moderate rainfall across the counties. and to the south, we do have heavier thunderstorms around the frost proof area, just south of lake wales and then into sebring, it is lightening up there. this is all an east to west flow. we've had so many days this summer where we've had the east to west flow, where we had the dry mornings. now that the pattern has changed, our rain chances begin well before noon. and this has been continuing to
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afternoon. so into tonight, we will start to see it tapering off some, becoming more isolated. mainly after sunset. but tomorrow, the showers and storms can begin as early as morning and then continue on into the afternoon. much like what we have seen today. and i think the coverage is going to be similar. you can see now where julia is well off to our north. so we're just pulling that moisture across the gulf into that system. so it's not directly associated with it, but we are certainly enhancing our pull in all of the moisture off of the gulf now. 89 will be the high for tomorrow. sun and clouds throughout the day. and the hit and miss showers and storms any time from morning to afternoon. the best thing to do is if you hear thunder or see lightning, you want to get in out of e pool or get inside so that, you know, we are careful about that lightning. you can always keep an eye on your storm shield app. use the radar so you can see where the showers and storms
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west to east. and another tropical depression out there in the atlantic. i'll tell you about that coming up. >> thank you, shay. the mistake that you might be making in your own home that have the cops busting into a le someone sharing child porn. that's next. ?[music]? that's my jam. let that ride. get ready for exa traffic n tampa. kanye west orming tonight. the show starts at 8:00. kanye is always good for a show. funny thing today, he was getting rid of his phone to cr that's what he tweeted. i s he's t unplugging because he tweeted about not being on twitter.
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>> got breaking news out of pasco county right now. action air 1 is on the way to holiday where a man was stabbed. we're trying to find out how bad he was hurt. deputies say it looks like a 36- year-old woman was the one who might have en in the house. she action air 1 is headed to the scene right now. we will bring you live pictures as soon as we get them. >> ups is the second big company to reveal plans for seasonalobs. will hi 95 extra people for the holidays. that's the same number as the past two years. but the seasonal job could become full-time for you. ups says 37% of holiday workers
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they are looking for 70,000 workers. they fired 5400 people in florida last year. we have the information on pay close attention to this one. it's 5:30 in the morning, you're asleep. bam, the cops are pounding on your door, demanding to look at your computers. they're looking for child porn. but you know that no one in the house is doing that. the cops do digging and figure out locked. your neighbor is actually the one downloading and sharing more than 700 child porn videos and 33,000 pictures. this story is very real. it happened to a family over in new jersey. the lesson, make sure that your wi-fi is on lockdown at all times with a password that is not easy to guess. >> that is crazy. if you haven't done a deep clean of your home in a while, that would be me, the dust
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potentially toxic chemicals. researchers found 45 different kinds of chemicals in the dust samples that they looked at from homes across the country. the ones they're worried about are the chemicals made to use toys and in cleaning products. and flame retardants that are add today couches and baby products. so i guess you're kind of -- you're in a tight spot if you clean your house or don't because the chemicals are in the cleaning products. what is the risk with the chemicals. >> researchers are linked to hormone and developmental health issues. but the american chemistry council says you have to consider how much chemical is in the dust and how you're exposed to it. simple things that you can do in your home right now include simply vacuuming with a hepa filter, wet mopping and dusting with a damp cloth. with the huge stink over uber in tampa right now, how a totally free car service
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and is hiring right now.
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come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five...
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>> they had to have an overflow room for. the mattly the ptc agreed on framework for rules. but uber is still not happy because it includes fingerprinting drivers. also today, other ride-sharing companies showed up saying they would be willing to do fingerprinting and run in tampa. while all of that is going on, there is another ride-sharing business getting ready to hire 20 new drivers in tampa. >> nicole grigg looked into this and how the company was able to get up and running without the big fight. >> reporter: it's a huge hit in other cities right now. >> this is incredible. >> reporter: the downtowner basically is your free shuttle to take you all around downtown tampa. >> i love the downtowner.
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electric cars will be running. just like uber and lyft, you can request a ride through a phone app. this is where jasmine makes money driving for uber. >> i love the fact that i was making quick money and go on and off whenever i could. >> reporter: but the idea of a free ride could steal her business. if this sounds familiar, it's because the concept was in tampa before. hot tampa tried doing this six years ago. >> it just kind >> reporter: we spoke with tom, the owner, overskype because now he's in chicago. a permit. why he made the rides free but sold advertising on the cars. eventually, though, the ptc's safety demands became too much and he shut down. >> hillsborough county was probably the toughest county in the country. with the way it operate snooze
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into the shuttle service and had support from the downtown partnership. but not the ptc. >> too much fighting as far as, you know, trying to provide something that was needed yet getting so much push back from the people who need touchdown. >> reporter: now the up and coming downtowner has the support he didn't from the ptc. that's because the company is agreeing to the regulations, including fingerprinting drivers for safety. for the now, i'm nicole grigg. >> now to this story, more refugees like these could be on their way into the united states. overhe, the white house wants to take in 110,000 refugees from all over the world. the goal is to take in 85,000 this year. as of this week, the state department says more than 77,000 have come into the country. lawyer a the question is how many is florida taking in?
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almost 2500. look at how we compare to other states. florida is on the higher end. the darker the shade of blue, the more refugees coming into the state there. california and texas have the most, more than 6,000. interesting though. of all of the refugees that came in our state during the 2015 fiscal year, 94% were cubans and almost a third of them settled in miami-dade area. >> we have an update on the epipen situation. the head of the company who hyped up the prices will now have to answer to lawmakers. we found out today that she will be testifying at a house committee hearing. that will be next wednesday. we've been telling you about how prices for the life-saving allergy medication have increased by 500% over the last few years. lawmakers say they are going to question the ceo about that huge increase. and they're also going to look at ways to speed up approving generics for the medicine. by the way, if you haven't
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senator manson of west virginia. we will follow the hearing for and you let you know what happens. laura. >> today the university of carolina football turned himself in after a student says he raped her on campus. she contacted the police and the school months ago but is angry how they handled the case. the football team suspended ortiz after the forward publicly. he is is out on bond right now. there is a focus across the country on sex assaults on college campuses and how student athletes are treated when it comes to allegations. crews are taking apart the gazebo where tamir rice was killed by police two years ago. you can see it on the right. the gazebo will be going to a museum in chicago.
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wanted it to be demolished. but their attorney says they changed their minds when they realized the historical significance. all right. right now taking a live look at myrtle beach, south carolina. tropical storm julia is heading there as it is moving up the east coast, dumping a lot of wind and rain in the area. you see the surf kicking up the american flags to right there of your screen. definitely blowing. so a lot going on up and down the east coast right now. want to show you the other picture we have for here. here is what it looked like when it hit near st. augustine. trees blowing out of control. very high surf. you see the american flag to the left there. crazy to see things like that going up and wn the east coast. here in florida, you hate to say it but a lot of people are used to it. we see it a good bit. >> yeah. we do. here is the thing, julia is
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i posted this on my facebook page. this is the only storm that has actually formed over land in florida history. now it is moving north, skirting the coastline and bringing with it plenty of rain and wind. now, this system is slowly going to continue on this northerly track right along the coast. and as it continues to move a little farther inland, it will weaken. right now, 40 miles per hour maximum sustained winds. but by friday morning, down to 25. so the biggest concern with this storm heavy rain event through that coastal area of georgia and south carolina. if you're headed in that direction and want to be aware, it won't be beautiful beach weather at this time. but it will continue affecting the south carolina beaches over the next two days. and, again, it's not the only storm out there in the atlantic. we do have ian. fish storm. no need to worry about this one. haven't completely written off tropical depression number 12 moving off of the coast of
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showing it making a northerly hook. but some are bringing it in more of a westerly path. we will keep an eye on it until we are sure it won't have any impact on us. i will have the commuting forecast for you coming up and let you know which one might be rainier for you, the morning or the afternoon coming up at 4:00. >> he smelled like poop. and a little boy falls in aseptic tank 8 inches wide. that's smaller than your dinner plate. the reason that this situation
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>> want to take you back out to the breaking news in pasco county. action air 1 over the scene in holiday where a was stabbed this afternoon. he is at the hospital right now. we are trying to figure out how badly he was hurt. lots of activity in the area because deputies are looking for a woman who rode off on a bicycle. we're not sure the circumstances surrounding the stabbing but we will pass along any updates we get. all right. a 3-year-old boy gets stuck in aseptic tank while playing outside. >> luckily his older brother saw it happen and ran to get
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keeping him from falling further until help got there. the boy was halfway into the tank. firefighters had to cut the pipe to get him out. he was hypothermic and scared and they flew him to the hospital. >> i literally smelled him before got to him. he probably got ten showers and everything while he was there. >> just a cute little guy. now he is back home, we're happy to report, back playing in the yard. his mother says seem bothered by the pipe. the fire department replaced it and most importantly they put a cap on it. so if he goes near it, it is shut this time. >> this is a good reminder to check your pipe. >> roughly 100,000 homes in the county have septic tanks. concerns over concussions, the game of football is changing. how a new rule for the youngest pop warner players may make the
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>> the [censor] don't even know me. >> there you go. what happened to that 86-year- old woman that has her really angry right now. you're watching the now tampa
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>> welcome back, everyone. the envelope will takes action to keep players safe from concussions. >> roger goodell released this letter today. it is committing $100 million, $60 million will go to developing technology like improved helmets. $40million will be used for medical research to look at the long it was term effects of concussions. >> they have a lot of work to do. the envelope is under scrutiny over how it injuries. the latest case questions whether or not medical staff followed protocol when cam newton got hit in the head multiple times during the season opener against the denver broncos. goodell is hinting at more rule changes, specifically to kickoffs. the envelope will keep tracking concussions during kickoffs and study more options to make the game of football safer. right now, kids across the country playing pop warner
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rules. >> the kickoff has been eliminated in an effort to prevent head injuries and keep players safe. but is it really working is the question? the now talked to players, parents and coaches to find out. >> ready. hut. >> reporter: when kylie steps on the football field, she is thinking about her team. >> set. >> reporter: and the game. >> i really like playing with them and being quarterback. >> get the >> reporter: not a concussion. >> no. i just try to do my best to get through them. >> hello. are you having fun? >> reporter: but it's in the back of her mom's mind be and other parents on the side lines. >> there's a lot of talk of concussions and the safety. >> okay. ready. go. >> reporter: that's why she is glad this season the pop warner, the league that her daughter plays with has implemented new rules. the most notable, eliminating
4:47 pm
and starting drives at the 35 yard line. >> it's safer and it kind of gets them away from that running full speed at each other. >> have you noticed a big change who the kickoff? >> i have. >> reporter: the team coach says there have been no significant injuries this year, a change from years past. >> looking up and looking for the ball and all of a sudden you get plowed over. that was causing a significant -- significant number of the injuries. i think it has really helped. >> season goes, pop warner could implement the rule in older divisions as well. >> ultimately it will make high school and whatever they take it to safer. >> reporter: creating a new and safer normal. yeah. >> listen to this, according to the cdc, almost half a million kids 14 and younger visit the emergency room with a traumatic brain injury every year. a recent study estimates the number of concussions among
4:48 pm
is much higher, up to nearly 2 million a year. well, right now more than a thousand people have been evacuated in southern taiwan and china because of this super typhoon. that is a picture from space there, the satellite image. i want to show you pictures, video as it hit. you can see the massive waves. the wind there. all of this happening while people are in the area. awnings being lifted off of buildings. you see the debris there. all of this got up to 230 miles per hour. a bus flipping over. you see cars here. someone actually trying to get on a scooter got blown over in all of this wind. it's just a crazy storm happening there right now. here is another look for you, though, at the damage left behind. a power line falling right on to the hood of a car. branches scattered all over the road. debris as well there. this was the strongest typhoon seen there since 2013. right now we know two people
4:49 pm
but that number of course could go up. shay, you see things like that and it's just amazing. it looks like a movie, a devastinmovely. >> it is nasty. fortunately we are not in any direct threat of any tropical systems at the time. we're in good shape with our typical afternoon storms. you parked in the garage, right, laura? >> yeah. but that doesn't heap me when i go home. >> that is true. there is good news. there's not a ton of rain out there. the river gate tampa tower camera showing you blue and sunshine over parts of tampa bay. in fact we're looking off in the distance to bayshore there. it looks gorgeous. as we take a look to the north across wesley chapel, we have rain and zephyrhills and dade city, thunderstorms. you are probably hearing that thunder south of brooksville too. into the northern west chase area, we have heavier rain into that area, around odessa and
4:50 pm
nothing affecting our bridges right now or our major roadways impacted by rainfall. it's hit and miss across the area. this out in the gulf is fizzling out as it works inland. we will see isolated showers and storms through the evening. at 8:00, futurecast shows the majority of the rain chances inland, away from the coastline. really starting to turn off the rain chance from west to east across the state over the next couple of hours. by midnight, this least is showing that we're perfectly dry, only to show the rain chances piling up again right along the coast first thing tomorrow morning. it doesn't look like it would have a major impact on the morning commute. if you have kids at the bus stop against the coastline here tomorrow morning, you may want to give them rain gear as they head out the door. through the afternoon or really through the morning and into the early afternoon, we will see the showers and storms moving inland and firing up a bit more. this is much more like what we have seen today with similar
4:51 pm
extra cloud cover have been a little lower. 80 degrees right now in lake wales. 86 in brandon. 90 in tampa. 85 in new port richey. and 81 in brooksville where they have seen rain moving through. again, the showers help to keep the temperatures down and the cloud cover has helped out as well. tomorrow, 89 as a high, right on target for this time of year. above average rainfall across the area. it won't be a washout though. still sunshine in the mix. the rain chances go down more average level from friday on through sunday. the weekend is shaping up great. and we get that tropical update again at 5:00. so denis will have the latest for you coming up on action news at 5:00. laura. >> thank you, shay. let's stay on the weather front for a minute. check this out. hawaii has gotten enough rain to end the drought on the big island and then some. some rain gauges even recording record amounts. probably has a lot to do with
4:52 pm
this year. and the rainy season doesn't even start until next mohs. other parts of the state that didn't get the storms are still seeing drought conditions. breaking political news today. dold trump says he has handed over the sultof recent physical exam to dr. oz. they were taping that right here before the now at 3:00 p.m. on abc action news. this was avenue his campaign staff said earlier today that trump would not do it. now his campaign says they will share physical on dr. oz. we don't know how revealing it is actually going to be. his long-time doctor did the exam. he is the same doctor who previously said that trump would be the healthiest president in u.s. history. by the way, dr. oz has already said that he won't ask trump about anything that he doesn't want to talk about. in the last hour we found out that tim kaine will release his medical records before the end
4:53 pm
colin powell, his leaked e- mails are revealing what he really thinks about the presidential candidates. mike sax is following this. >> reporter: hacked e-mail shared with select news outlets, colin powell called donald trump a national disgrace and an international. and everything that hillary clinton touches she screws up with huberus. after defending her own e-mail scandal, he wrote i didn't hillary to have a private server at home kented to the clinton foundation -- connected to the clinton foundation. but he told clinton how he got around security laws under george w. bush. that was in a january 2009 e- mail exchange among the thousand that clinton handed over to congress last year. the newly hacked e-mails have powell saying there is a level
4:54 pm
birther movement from 2012 was racist. powell remains a republican after supporting president obama twice. this latest hack like the hacks that hit the democratic national committee this summer is reportedly associated with russian intelligence. fort now, i'm mike sax. >> at the top of the show we told you there's a new poll that has hillary clinton leading donald trump by 5 percentage polls. now a new poll out by cnn saying in florida, leading clinton by 3 percentage points. statistically a dead heat. ford is saying it will stop making small cars in america within e next two years. officially moving production of those to mexico. right now, the ford focus and cmax are the only small car that's ford makes in america. we knew that ford was opening a new plant in mexico that will put 2800 people to work there. ford says after it moves the production to mexico, they will
4:55 pm
their plant in michigan. the automaker has said before the new plant in mexico doesn't mean lost jobs here in the u.s. also developing today, president obama is getting ready to lift decade's long trade sanctions. he made that announcement today at the white house with the leader. >> to see that they see rewards from a new way of doing business and a new government. >> berma, their military ran the country for decades and still control some things like its armed forces. the president says lichting the sanction -- lifts the sanctions will create incentives for nonprofits to invest in the company. he is not giving a specific timetable but says it will happen soon. surveillance video catching a woman robbing an 86-year-old woman in a wheelchair right outside her new york apartment. >> and even though bernice
4:56 pm
had sassy words for the crook. listen. >> she wanted to hurt me. and the [censor] don't even know me. >> there you go. >> she doesn't know her. as you can tell, bernice is full of sunk -- spunk. this gets worse. after the woman was seen grabbing the purse, she just tosses it in the trash. >> i hope the women in prison beat her [censor] as >> no question about what bernice wants to happen to this woman. >> no question. >> the accused thief left the courthouse and all she had to say was it wasn't me. it is some of our favorite stories to watch and stair with you at home. military moms and dads coming home from overseas to surprise their families. >> this one is a marine dad who put on a different uniform to surprise his two boys. their reaction happy and a
4:57 pm
>> after a two-hour flight delay and 7 months iniraq, major christopher pace is finally home. >> your shirt, your hood and then i'll -- here are your boots. >> one uniform to another. >> reporter: this is not an ordinary uniform. the marine corps major is becoming a knight for the day to surprise his two boys. >> they would take the swords in the backyard and duke it out and have a parade. >> reporter: he has deployed four times since 2003. it hasn't been easy on his family. the oldest is 9 and jacob is 4. >> i missed a whole baseball season. i missed two family variation -- vacations. two birthdays. >> reporter: everyone was in on the plan. there was even a body double for the major.
4:58 pm
without the helmet on? >> reporter: laura told the boys he would be on the 17th. so they had no idea who the real green knight was today. >> my lords, i raise you to the holy order of san martin and dub you brave knights my service. go ahead and knight them. >> reporter: then the shot, lots of it. >> can you thank the green knight for coming out. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks, green knight. >> what's up? >> you're dad. >> hi. >> you're my dad. >> yes. >> buddy. >> daddy, i thought -- i thought you was in iraq right
4:59 pm
just hug those boys forever. breaking news to tell you about. we learned that hillary clinton has released her medical records. we will have much more on that coming up. >> there you go. he is paul lagrone. i'm laura harris. abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. >> the search for a driver who ran down a hillsborough county deputy. the reason that the officer pulled the car over in the first place. and finally what could be the end to a two-year battle between hillsborough county and ride-sharing services uber and lyft. the ptc agreeing on rules for cars and drivers today. thank you for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. cara has been following this story and is live in tampa with what is on paper and why the fight will continue. cara. >> reporter: the guarantee news is if you open up your phone and go to the uber app, you can request a ride.
5:00 pm
the ptc says the rules they agreed on today will keep you doing that into the future and safely. but the problem is that the two companies are not ready to play by all of the rules that the ptc is pushing and that means that the future here could be up in the air. the hillsborough ptc is hoping it is finally a step closer to ending a drawn out dual with uber and lyft. >> by adopting these today, we are now recognizing a ride- share industry. >> out how the companies can work in tampa bay. there is requirement for the age of vehicles, inspections, insurance and price surging. they leave out mandatory fares and wait times. the problem, fingerprint background checks will stay, which uber and lyft both refuse to do. >> we think our process measures up well against the competition and involves checks of state, local, federal


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