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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 15, 2016 12:37am-1:06am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, while celebrities like beyonce are rocking natural hair in formation, a disturbing school ban on traditional black hairstyles igniting a national debate and accusations of discrimination. >> i've worn those hairstyles. so i definitely felt targeted. >> the mother and daughter fighting back. plus drop-dead gorgeous. this youtube star has made a career out of being herself. no matter who she is. >> i'm gay, right? i am transgender. i am a lesbian. >> how gigi gorgeous went from bullied at school to being embraced by millions.
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often explosive nexus between the personal and political. it involves hair. specifically the hairstyles of young african-americans. and the controversial decision made by one school district that fed into a heated national debate. here's abc's deborah roberts. >> reporter: this 15-year-old ashanti scott knows hair can say so much about us. a cheerleader at butler high in louisville, kentucky, she proudly wears hers in its natural tightly curled state. so she was stunned this year dress code policy. >> it was the hair and i noticed that as you kept reading it just added more and more hairstyles that were natural and mostly worn by black people. >> did it feel personal to you? >> it felt very personal to me because i've worn those hairstyles. >> it was almost like an attack on me and who i am and my culture. >> reporter: ashanti and mom attica became part of a hot
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perceptions involving natural hair. what offended the scots is this line in the new policy. banning dread locks, twists, afros longer than two inches, and cornrows, which is even misspelled. attica, kentucky state legislature, immediately called her daughter's school. but it was after hours so she did what many of us do when frustrated, turned to social media. on twitter she wrote, so my daughter had registration today and let's just say happy about the jcps no natural hair policy. the tweet going viral within minutes. >> why not wait till the next day and call the school? and try to sort it out that way this. >> because it was fresh, it was on my mind, i knew i had the rest of the night to connect to other people who may also have some concerns about the policy as well. >> reporter: and she did. soon hundreds of responses. many from parents posting photos of their own children with
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about natural hair. we literally talk about natural hair every single day. >> reporter: the tweet first striking a nerve here in louisville. >> i thought about coming to work several times with it out but have always decided against it. would it be too much? really, what is too much? >> reporter: that same question at the center of a growing conversation about self-identity. with more and more african-americans choosing to embrace their god-given hair. >> the natural hair movement is more than hair. it is a lifestyle. it is lea in the skin that you're in. >> reporter: nicky wanton, author and blogger on natural hair, recalls growing up feeling that straight hair was more acceptable than curly or kinky hair. >> everything that i saw growing up, magazines, television, movies, people on the street, people on the runway, all you saw was straight hair. long, straight hair. even women that look like me had long, flowing, straight hair. i knew that whenever my hair got wet, it didn't look like that.
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? knotty mess ? >> reporter: today natural hair has gone mainstream. ? my dad alabama my mother louisiana ? >> reporter: from beyonce -- ? i'm a baby with a baby hair afro ? >> reporter: to sesame street -- ? my hair looks good in corn rows ? >> reporter: look at celebrities rocking natural hair on magazine covers and the red carpet. >> for the last 50 told the way we're not good enough, the way our hair naturally grows from our scalp, our features, our lips, our butts, our hips, our everything, not acceptable. to be able to reclaim that and take that back and say, you know what, i am beautiful, i'm gorgeous, and i don't need to change anything about myself. that's powerful. >> reporter: a perception this father and daughter duo are embracing big-time. >> when i take photos, i feel like a princess. >> reporter: one instagram photo
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6-year-old daughter jackson have become a social media sensation. >> grow your hair, be phenomenal, be fabulous, be exactly who you are. >> reporter: celebrating their crowns as vinny calls them. >> this is not about photos, this is not about images. it's about inspiring people to believe in themselves. >> reporter: for him, teaching his daughter to be proud of where she comes from. >> we should all love where our roots come from. whether it's straight, kink kinky, know what i mean, whether it's that or if it goes down to where her hair goes, it's gorgeous. >> reporter: a message thought revolutionary back in the '60s during the black power movement. even perceived as a political statement. ? you have the prettiest hair in the world ? >> reporter: just ask hairstylist isis brantley. she recently hosted a rally in
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attack. their hair is being told that it is unprofessional, untidy, unkempt. >> reporter: but her argument may have been lost with a controversial guest. rachel dolezal, a white woman making headlines claiming she was black. >> this is a justice issue. as an educator i have a responsibility to participate in the movement. >> reporter: though dolezal, a hair braider, supports the natural hair movement, her. instead of the usual hundreds who might turn out, close to a dozen turned out for the event. but braids were never meant to cause controversy in louisville, kentucky, says william allen, principal at butler high. >> we're about kids here at this school. >> reporter: he says the ban on natural hairstyles was all a big misunderstanding. >> the language for braids has always been in our dress code. strictly for male students. there's never been restrictions for female students.
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inherently single out black kids? >> all our policies are for all our students. it gave us a chance to take a step back and look at culture versus style. look at specific instances we have in our dress code policy that might relate to a specific group. >> reporter: just after attica scott's tweet the school quickly called a meeting. >> today i'm proposing we immediately suspend our section of the dress code policy about students' hair. >> reporter: suspending the policy but igniting more anger. >> i would love t >> they have affected us as an african-american community -- >> instead of making assumptions, y'all should have asked. >> reporter: but one black member of the decision board, sha reese balden trainam, mom of a daughter at butler, said the policy was simply about neat grooming, not offending a culture. >> i know it sounds crazy standing here with an african-american woman with braids. i was not offended.
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understand the offense. >> reporter: she hopes future issues can be resolved before going on social media. >> i don't want to live in a world where everywhere i go, i have to see everything as black and white. i don't want to raise my kids like that. but i will teach them to stand up for what is right. i applaud her for seeing an issue and standing up for it. but i think that we have to very careful about how we address these issues because it affects our children. . >> it's not about intent, it's the way it landed. the way it land for me are, my daughter, other parents, it was discriminatory and it was offensive. >> you've got a principal who was black, parents on the council who are black. do you really think they were out to discriminate against black students? >> just because you're black doesn't mean you're not feeding into the system.
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there's still issues of race. i've worked at universities where there have been issues of race. that doesn't end just because i work there and i'm black. >> reporter: butler has since changed its dress policy to say that hair must be well-groomed, well-kept, and at a reasonable length. a positive outcome, say ashanti and attica scott, and hopefully a lesson, they say that will relevance nate beyond the classroom. >> it's not about one school. it's about the public school system and the way that it's poli get an education. they want to come and learn. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm deborah roberts in louisville, kentucky. next, she's got both glamour and guts. inside the world of gigi gorgeous, the youtube star who has helped pave the way for so many other transgender people. breaking news from the tech world. and it involves flying burritos.
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whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. before caitlyn jenner, there was gigi youtube star whose outrageous videos and moving personal stories helped change and open minds about transgender people. tonight my "nightline" coanchor juju chang takes us inside gigi's fabulous but still challenging world? "social stars." >> reporter: she is every inch the hollywood fantasy version of perfection. >> it's true. >> reporter: a barbie come to life with platinum hair and
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>> reporter: this voluptuous, gorgeous woman, gigi gorgeous, started life as a canadian boy named gregory. >> i knew i was different, i knew i felt like a girl. >> hi, it's gigi -- >> reporter: her honest and outrageous youtube videos have made her a star in the internet age. >> definitely makes your lips look full and glossy -- >> reporter: nearly 2.4 million youtube subscribers watching her every move. >> why do i look like a i look like a muppet. >> reporter: gigi, now 24, came of age just as youtube was starting to catch on. at first, as a gay teenager, sharing his love of makeup. >> so this look is super, super easy. >> reporter: and talking about his dates with boys. >> yeah, from there the weirdness escalated and the date got even worse. >> reporter: and then struggling in realtime as thousands of fans watched with the idea that she was, in fact, transgender.
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be female. >> i met, you know, a few people along the road and i said, you know what, i am transgender. kind of like a ding moment. >> your self-discovery has been shared by millions. >> i came out twice. essentially. on my youtube channel. >> what was harder, coming out as gay or transgender? >> i think definitely coming out as transgender was harder for me because it was more truthful, it was more raw, it was more real. >> hi, guys. it's me, gigi. >> reporter: her unri before caitlyn jenner. she shared everything from light-hearted shopping sprees and beauty tips to raw, intimate details of her plastic surgeries, of which there have been many. >> all i remember is just throbbing pain. like i thought -- i felt like someone had shot me in my face. >> reporter: all this catapulting gigi to bona fide
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fans. >> who are gigi's fans? >> crazy. i have fathers who come, oh my goodness, i can't believe i'm meeting you, me and my daughter watch your videos and bond over it. >> reporter: some of her favorite videos. >> this is one i filmed after a recent relationship. and i got super creative and filmed a music video with my friend. ? ? stay with me stay with me ? >> reporter: and read me some comments -- good and bad. >> while i am proud that a trans girl can fly and wear designer gowns, gigi never acknowledges how blessed/lucky she is. >> reporter: with all those fans and all those views -- >> leave them on about an hour and then you are good to go. >> reporter: come endorsements. one big break from crest in canada. >> i'm going to work with crest, it was a huge honor to be with the first transgender spokesperson for the brand. it was a huge deal for me. >> reporter: before the fame and fans, a struggle to fit in.
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harassed? >> absolutely. i was bullied awful. in elementary school. when high school came around, i found myself. i found my strength and my voice. >> reporter: when she did, it was too late to tell her mother, who died from cancer when gigi was 19. >> there's no other point in my life where i would want her back more than i do right now. but i can't. i can't have her back. >> my mom is someone i never got to say in her eyes that i was transgender and that's something that will sit not right with me. >> reporter: beyond her personal struggles, gigi is using her fame to confront issues facing the transgender community. what kind of message do you want to send? >> it's awful that there's so much discrimination in the world. but i would just say, hold on, be positive, find someone on youtube that you can relate with. >> reporter: while gigi's life now may seem carefree, her perfect pink bubble of existence
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long-awaited vacation to dubai. >> i was denied entry into dubai because i am transgender. >> what did you letter, if anything, from that detainment? >> i learned that discrimination is not over. and it makes me scared for anybody else like me. and maybe they didn't have the resources to get out or get help. it is very scary. >> reporter: back at home, she is a hollywood "it" girl teaming with mylie cyrus to raise awareness for transgender issues. >> everybody, mylie cyrus! ? and i spoke pot ? >> reporter: introducing her at the vmas. ? >> i'm shopping with gigi. >> it's so good. >> that is life. this is life. >> reporter: her greatest weapon? being herself. today shopping for that next killer outfit to silence the haters. >> i'll be right back. ta- ta-da! >> reporter: perfect for the red carpet or her next date. gigi now happily in a
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>> yes. >> now you're dating a girl. >> uh-huh. >> explain that to people who have a more linear view of sexuality. >> i found someone that i truly love, and i have fallen in love with her. and that's the truth. and, you know, labels can be labels but at the end of the day, love is love. >> reporter: but then just hours ago, gigi posting this video on her youtube page. >> from this point forward, i am a lesbian. >> reporter: coming out for a third time. >> but along in your life that you're like, oh my god, ding, this is the person. >> reporter: and seeming to embrace a label she initially resisted. an ever-unfolding story for an individual redefining the rules every step of the way. >> that was fun. >> that was super fun. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang in hollywood, california. next, the top secret google project leaking onto the internet tonight.
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finally tonight what may be the best and most delicious use of drone technology ever. it's a bird. it's a plane. it's a -- burrito. students at virginia tech could soon be getting their chipotle fix via drone. the top-secret experiment led by google's project wing that "the roanoke times" says it caught on could flying fast food take off? the tech giant is not the first to drum up drone delivery. amazon marketing prime air, promising packages in 30 minutes or less. >> drops off the package and flies straight back up to altitude. >> walmart looking to pilot the technology. but it isn't just home delivery. from extreme racing -- to shooting hollywood blockbusters
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technology is everywhere. chipotle and google hope this test is but a taste to come. still no word whether guac will cost you extra. burning questions. thank you for watching abc news tonight. gma first thing in the morning. as always we're online 24/7 at and on our "nightline" facacebook page. thanks again for watching and good night. dr. oz: today on "the dr. oz show," introducing the regimen. the simple take control system for your best health. it's your daily checklist of the very best things you should do to improve your health today. plus he is the snap chat superstar topping the charts.


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