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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 9AM  ABC  September 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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right now abc action news weekend edition that 9:00. this pasco county woman is jail after deputies say she stabbed and killed her boyfriend. new details that we are learning. radioactive water seeps into a bay area aquifer system and protesters are demanding more than answers. we will take you to that massive sinkhole. my coworkers are sick of hearing me talk about it, i am getting my moods -- moves ready to compete in tampa bays dancing with the stars. coming up we will visit with a kids place, one of the
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this event. you can >>that i look okay. >>i am excited for you. how is practice going? >>it is going well. you did this last year. >>yes. it is a lot of work. >>as a man you must look confident and smile. >>it is saturday, 9:00. thank you for waking up with us. bill is over here. >>that is great form. >>the bow tie adds to everything. >>it adds class. >>we have some sunshine as well. clear skies right now across the bay area. we have double doppler's to try and find some showers. really at this hour there is just not any there. we back up 12 hours or so and we see a couple showers that move from the center of the state, blooming up through polk county, eastern hillsborough,
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drained off into the gulf. we will watch the temperatures rise, starting off and 78, we're up to 81 right now. 81 across the board with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with the wind out of the east. very mild. here's a look at the most accurate day planner, that air temperature will be up to 91 by later on and there could be more showers in the forecast later on this afternoon. i will show you where they fall with the forecast in less than 15 minutes. right now people near the new wales most a plant in mulberry, they are stocking up on bottled water. >>they want to know what is being done about this massive sinkhole that is pouring contaminated water into an aquifer under the ground. before is 45 feet wide and at least 300 feet deep. >>the people in the area are
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>>i have kids. i don't want them drinking it if it is contaminated. >>reporter: amy and her three children live roughly 3 miles from this massive sinkhole. for 19 days and counting toxic water used to process fertilizer has flowed like a waterfall down into the aquifer. >>we have a well. if it into been aquifer it will end up with us. we do have a filter no guarantee that whatever's in the water will not get in our water.>>reporter: now there are pipes talking water out of the aquifer and back into the plans. workers are carefully monitoring wells that let the company know if anything because to flawed the company. >>anytime you have a discharge from acidic wastewater it's something to be concerned about. >>reporter: he spent 15 years of the florida department of environmental protection. >>when there is a discharge
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10 or 15 years ago it [ indiscernible ] beyond the boundaries of the plant.>>reporter: he says that mosaic is using the same recovery methods and they should be successful this time around. they are offering free test for people who have wells. gibson said she will be taking advantage of that water. >>i have no intentions of drinking it and so i know it is safe. >>rj peterson is on his way to mulberry were a protest is happening at city hall. the community is asking mosaic to be held accountable. we will get information from jake within the hour. mosaic has provided is a link that we will post online for any residents who want their well water tested. take a look here at a putnam county woman who deputies say stabbed her boyfriend. angela garrett stabbed him two
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business called [ indiscernible ]. she is charged with aggravated domestic battery. deputies say more serious charges could be coming. students in pinellas county are speaking out about a policy that they feel takes away their rights to display american flags on their vehicles while at school. friday morning high school students protested the policy by flying the flag five. the controversy started earlier in the week when the school staff told us take them off of their cars were out of the truck. according to the district the school has a policy in the place must be empty. >>i want to be able to fly my american flag in honor of my family. i think taking that right away is not okay. >>the principal did offer a solution. next wednesday they will vote on whether to amend the parking lot rules. if they are amended the principal gets the last say. to officers are recovering after a wild shootout near the university of pennsylvania.
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vehicle and started shooting. officers say that person then walked into a bar and shot a security guard. moments later he fired shots into another car hitting a man and a woman. police shot this person and killed him. all victims are expected to be okay. two more officers were shot in the dallas area this is after they found a man unresponsive with a gunshot wound to his head and a home. when they open the door the witness shot at the officers. one is yours the injured but is expected to survive. >>police completed their search at a denver hospital complex that was put on lockdown after reports of gunshots. police were conducting a room by room search for a man who was seen carrying a rifle on the grounds yesterday. so far no injuries have been reported. authorities have not found anyone with a weapon. the complex is about 2 miles from downtown denver.
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a central florida man who tried to kill george zimmerman. the jury found him guilty of attempted second-degree murder for shooting at zimmerman during a road rage incident. he claims he fired at zimmerman in self-defense saying zimmerman went to kill him first. the bullet missed zimmerman. he will be sentenced next month. >>more than two dozen animals are in need of a home after a hoarding bust in pasco county. the owners being affected and will not be taking the cats, kittens and dogs with her. she did for help. is that will check all all of the animals. a pinellas county man is starting a 10 year prison sentence for killing a skateboarder. sterling hubbard admits that he hit am a on may 2015. police said he stopped briefly and then drove off. she died at the hospital.
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guilt for the rest of his life. i feel bad for him. if he would have just stopped. if he would have stopped and stayed things would have been a different story. >>hubbard admits he had been drinking. his family also testified that he suffers from mental issues and had a major panic attack right after that crash. we have a jampacked show for you. weeks later we are still talking about hurricane hermine and the fx left behind, including the stinky, sewage being dumped into tampa bay. hopefully there is no stinky sewage out on the golf course. it should be a decent day to get out, starting off with temperatures in the low 80s. we will be up in the low 90s later on. a chance of showers. i will show you where the raindrops fall and time it
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construction problems are front and center. the city sewer system flooded after her main hits weeks ago. this sewer system dumped right into the bay. >>we have more on the plans to help fix this problem.>>reporter: business usual with city council with no time to talk about infrastructure. >>do they really see it is a critical issue affecting this region they make -- they would make time for it.>>reporter: frustration that she echoes. >>they all flood. there is not one road that does not flood. you have to pick the one that is the least flooded.>>reporter: county commissioners are starting a sewer storm water task force.
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county's weaknesses. st. pete's mayor says he takes care of sewage from multiple communities, not just his own city. >>we did not get to this place overnight. we will not be able to fix it overnight. if we have a chance to help each other it is worth having that discussion. >>reporter: marcy says now is the time for action. >>we will not be able to enjoy anything our city has to offer. no one will want to visit the pier, our businesses will go out of business. >>we are live on facebook right now. check out our facebook page if you want to see what happens, it is the show behind the show. >>lindsay found this situation were according to nasa the stars have shifted. what sign you thought you were you are no longer. if your capricorn your now a
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>>apparently. i am trying to get it. >>i have been reading about these things that could happen in the paper and it is all wrong. >>and you thought you knew. >>it is like waking up and putting on abc action news and getting a forecast from far away. we would never do that. that is why we have local weather. isn't this beautiful? it does not get better than this. this is where it looks like caribbean. you have that blue-green water, blue skies, gorgeous white sand. a great day on the way. tons of folks making it out to the bay area beaches. we saw a gorgeous sunrise this morning. we're going to get the sun and the clouds this weekend. the rain will show up later. we are still watching the tropics. watching the tropics specifically for carl -- karl.
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it is too far away to tell anything. we did see a few showers move through last night and that was about it. just a very small covering maybe 30 percent. we have arisen the temperatures up starting out at 78 in tampa with 81. still 78 in [ indiscernible ] zephyrhills, crystal river is at 77. the dew points are very high. i just mention 77 city, that is the dew point. humidity at 100 percent, feeling very sticky this saturday morning. current conditions across the bay area much a region, everyone is at 81. wind out of the east and the northeast. that will shift around later on. current feels like temperatures up close to 90 around the metro
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inland. by later on this afternoon we will watch the showers build inland and they will end up right along the i-75 corridor. then we will watch those two areas of rain pool together in the middle of the state. i 8:00 some pretty good showers right through central polk county into areas of pasco and hernando county. they will bleed off to the south and fall apart. tomorrow we are setting up for less rain covers. it will be mostly to the south of the afternoon and evening hours. it should be a great beach day. here's a look at lord is most accurate day planner. we will be up to 90 by later on with a 30, 40 percent chance of showers. the wind will come from the east and shift northwest later on at about 10 kn. 1-2 foot seas, the uv index in the extreme category at 11. low tide at 9:31.
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as far as the pop goes, we got a request from a viewer to give us a kickoff condition for blue north carolina, that is where the hurricanes blow into town. it should be about 70 degrees, cooler in the carolinas, sundrenched conditions should be grateful for weather. here's a look at the seven-day forecast, the percent chance of showers today, 30 percent tomorrow. we will get more moisture back into the picture. it will bump up to 5050 by monday, tuesday and wednesday. looks like a great weekend for outdoor activities. and for those chores this morning. this coming week is national dog week. it is appropriate to give man and woman's best friend attention. hear from camp bow wow is
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>>he is one of our best campers. he wanted to come and get airtime. stormy seems pretty cool. tell us about camp bow wow. what do you do? >>we are a doggie daycare and a boarding facility. you can bring your dog in during the day and they get to play with other dogs. they are not cooped up in a kennel, they get to run around and play and have fun. it is like day care for your dogs. you go home and they are tired and you both can cuddle up on the couch and worry about taking them out then exercising them. >>this is an excuse for me to show off my dog. there is lindsay's daughter dog and daughter. we are big dog people. of course we both think our dogs are adorable. there is my dog in his halloween costume. that is dusty. that was the failed one. that is the dragon costume. he hated it.
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tampa. there is my brother with his golden retriever. he is like 100 pounds now. >>camp bow wow, let's talk about the rates you have been rated very high from different publications. is it reasonable? people sometimes hesitate to do this because i think it is too much. >>for day care $25 a day. for boarding but that includes day care. it is one price so you don't have to pay extra to have your dogs get treats at night. we always include day care. they get love and attention. we believe in the one price philosophy. >>you brought stormy along to be your spokesperson. >>absolutely. >>do you guys have a website? >>it is camp bow we have locations all over the
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town consider camp bow wow. >>what better segue than this? we are talking about rescues an action star of the week.
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welcoming to rescues in action for this day. we have to dave here. before we get started dave told me something, it is a celebration for us. every dog that you have had and has been adopted. >>everyone. we had one who was a foxhound. he actually went to a disabled veteran. we have had a wonderful success rate here on channel 28. we really appreciate the opportunity that we have. who is this young man you have? >>this is rusty. rusty is two years old. he was a surrender we got about a month ago. >>come here rusty so we can get
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>>he is other dog friendly, cat friendly. he loves to walk on a leash. he is good with children. >>he will be around tomorrow when you have a big doing. >>he will be at the event at pet love tomorrow morning at 10:00. everyone is invited out. >>in brooksville on broad street. it is right across from the super walmart that is a good la >>let's see if we can keep that string growing. rusty would love to come home with you. maybe see you tomorrow at the event in brooksville. until then get in touch with the folks at arvin. still ahead, a shark tank shark. find himself in the other side of negotiations. what is he talking about at 10:00 works a million-dollar
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details coming up. we're putting the iphone seven to the ultimate test.
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it is just about 9:30. here are the top stories. just into the newsroom, new pictures of protesters demanding answers from the new wells mosaic plan. and on amount -- unknown amount of fertilizer fell into a massive sinkhole into an aquifer downtown. it does contain a small amount of radiation. mosaic, the company is offering free water test for people who we have all the information you need on a website, . this is the woman deputies say stabbed and killed her boyfriend. angela garrett stand her -- stabbed her boyfriend two days ago. his body was found last night next to a business called twice the ice. student speaking out about a school policy they feel is taking away their right to display an american flag on their trucks and cars at
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protested by flying the flag anyway. one student told us kids showed up with flags and school staff took them down. according to the school district the school does have a policy in place which states truck beds have to be empty. a rare man last night, you don't always see the harvest moon in the fall or in september? >>in september we always do. not every full moon in september is the harst last night was. >>it should be bright and moonlit again tonight because we have very little in the way of cloud cover. let's go check outside right now. this is the main sail beach camera. this is pointing at the gulf of mexico. we are seeing nothing but blue skies and sunshine. not too many people are along the beach this morning. that will pick up later on. clear skies, not much in the
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through the golf and the caribbean we're looking at the atlantic, here is julia, this is now a tropical depression, it will probably wobble around, may increase the surf along the georgia and carolina coastline. in the meantime this is karl, this could become a hurricane. we're watching for development on this. and also another wave rolling off the african coast. as far as carl is concerned this bears watching be it looks like this will get caught up in a front and move to the north once it gets north of the islands. it should be mostly a fish storm as it becomes a category one hurricane early thursday. we will keep an eye if there are changes. beautiful start to the day today. it should be a nice finish as well. temperatures will push up near
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afternoon. i will show you where the raindrops are most likely to fall with the future cast coming up in less than 15 minutes. a colorado man arrested for multiple bank robberies says he is innocent and says the city of denver and the fbi ruined his life and now he is suing for $10 million. >>i have blood clot to my right leg, permit bruising, i have right leg sciatica. i have a fractured [ null ] that is a permanent injury they surgery. >>he says those injuries and more are the result of a wrongful arrest. he was accused of robbing to banks and assaulting a police officer which is what the person in this video is seen doing. police started looking into him after his ex-wife said he looked like the rubber. evidence later prove that he is not. since his arrest he lost his
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he is suing for false arrest, excessive force and melissa's prosecution -- malicious prosecution. a person snatching incidents caught on camera. watch the woman crossing the street on the left in the great topic. the man walking towards her grabs her purse and he is off. the best part is what happens next. th as you can see from the dash cam video the men at the mercedes don't stop a beat. they jump out of the car and run after the man. the good news is they got their purse back and the police caught the guy after he stole from another person down the street. >>a second lawsuit filed for $150 million in connection with this floor collapse at a churches chicken restaurant in texas. you may remember this video from the collapse in august. three employees were severely
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restaurant workers were warned about the floors a. and they did not fix the problem. and california a master mailbox key is putting people in one zip code at risk. police are looking for these crooks caught on camera. watch as they break into san francisco area mailboxes and still their mail and packages. officers think the key is either stolen or a copy of the us postal service criminals use it to buzz themselves in and grab whatever they want. it turns out that not all of the presidential candidates will make it to the debate stage. this is what we expected. hillary clinton and donald trump will be the only two candidates at the debate on monday. -- a week from monday. the candidates needed to get 18 percent average in all of the
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shark tanks mark cuban, owner of the dallas mavericks, giving donald trump 10 million reasons to talk about policy. he offered to pay 10 million to the charity of trumps choice if he sat down with them for four hours to lay out his plan as president. he even tweeted trump can keep the check if he needs it. he used his own words against him to any the offer with a tweet that said what do you have to lose? no wor three people filed a lawsuit against wells fargo after finding out the bank created millions in accounts. the fake accounts were made by wells fargo employees and they were used to inflate sales numbers. wells fargo fired 5300 employees after learning about the scandal. the bank has to pay $200 million in fines and refund
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>>techies are probably buried in the brand-new iphone sevens. checking out the new features and hardware, what you can do with the seven and what you can do with the one i'm holding. a live stream proving that the iphone water resistance actually works. the aquarium here, this phone was in there for eight hours and apparently that is as long as youtube allows a live stream. seven hour in. they did so they plug it in the water because the battery life got to low. >>did you see this? a bride at the last minute changed her wedding venue so her dad in the hospital bed could be there. they got married in the hospital room earlier this month. he was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and passed away days after the wedding. these are pictures of a
9:36 am
the brides dying dog down the aisle. the pup was 15, a labrador, he was too weak to walk on his own. he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the dog died just after the wedding. >>incredibly sad but they got beautiful pictures. >>there is a lot of emotion going on right now. >>clearing the clutter and the junk. getting it out of we will show you how to do it without lifting a finger. >>we have specialist in the studio to help you get organized all while helping the environment. many tampa bay area families are living next to something like this, a boarded up foreclosed home. why experts say they are not
9:37 am
october is national domestic violence awareness month. join us as we support local centers. october 20 is the peace breakfast. on october 26 the gift of peace luncheon benefits the [
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we are g abc and so excited to have our guest, david with junk king. thank you for being with us. we are talking about reusing, recycling, reducing the junk in your house. >>thank you for having us. we are located here in tampa, we do have franchises in st. pete and sarasota so we can cover all of the territory you cover. >>what do you do? >>we are a full-service junk
9:40 am
mattress all the way up to a full property clean out. >>i just have to pile it up and you will do the rest. >>you just have to show us what you want done. >>you guys are a green company, environmentally friendly. you would rather recycle it that throw it in the trash. >>absolutely. tampa bay, a lot of people live here, we hav it is much better to find a place for it, we use it, recycling, repurpose it. just for example everything in my office i have not bought anything except for the computer i got. we find ways to get rid of things without having to fill the landfill's. >>why is this time of year a good time to think about getting rid of that? >>we are coming up on the holidays. people have a tendency to start
9:41 am
to make more room for it. i brought this along just as a reminder. for example things that people do not realize every year i pull out my christmas lights and half of them don't work. most people throw them away because they get tired of fixing the bulbs. believe it or not the lights can be recycled. it is just an example of something that we do. stuff up and giving you a call? >>yes. you don't even have to pile it up. you can walk through the house is a i want back on and i want back on. >>you are making it very easy. we try to make things as easy as possible for everybody. >>thank you david with junk king. take about that, spring cleaning in the fall. we're going to take a quick
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happy weekend the tampa museum of art is prepping for fashion designer [ indiscernible ]. online voting continues for tampa bay's dancing with the stars. it is only a dollar a vote. support area veterans in tampa. welcome back. thank you for watching. they are called zombie homes and sometimes they are as creepy as they sound, in foreclosure and abandoned. >>since it has been years since the housing crash these properties hot the bay area.
9:46 am
>>reporter: imagine for a second this is your home. a nice single-family house here in the tampa area. to the left you have a foreclosed home, boarded up. and if you look to the right another foreclosed home also boarded up. this is still a problem in the tampa bay area. one problem with abandon homes. >>there are not legal renters there. the bank just bought this house away -- yards away from her mom's house. >>nobody is there and it has been vacant for months. >>reporter: they wanted to know why. this house was sold just before the housing crash for over $200,000. after the crash the house went into foreclosure. rather than make the sale at fair market value, they hold onto the stagnant inventory at unrealistic prices.
9:47 am
leaders in foreclosures. in florida it is the tampa bay area and the sarasota bradenton area with the highest for clothes -- foreclosed homes. >>if you had seen a home on the market for a year, clearly it is an overpriced property or there's something wrong with it. moore small banks that made bad loans are behind this problem. if there are any good news for people it is housing market is slowly improving. >>reporter: in tampa, abc action news. 13 minutes before 10:00. we are wrapping up a full morning of news and weather coverage. as you look from our south tampa camera this is out across tampa bay looking into the southern part of hillsborough county. we are seeing a few low clouds.
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sunshine. britney smith perkins, gave us a great picture last night, loving the sunset. we will be loving that day today as well. still watching the tropics. there is a new interest coming off of the coast of africa. we will call that invest 90 lp. karl is starting to get its act together and julia sitting and spinning off of the carolina coast. three areas that we are watching, none appear problematic for the bay area. again it is that season, it is the meet of the season in the tropics. great way for you to keep updated 24/7 is with the storm shield out. this is exactly what the app looks like when you have a front or showers pulling through. it gives you the real-time update on whether. i've to five locations you can get forecast for. it is great before, during and after the storm available on
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the apple app store. we will watch the rain come in later on today. not much in the way to speak of right now as far as cloud cover or showers, 81 for sarasota, 80 in winter haven, 81 across the peninsula's of pinellas county, and the peninsula that dips down out of south tampa at 81. it is 82 in we will start to see showers loom further inland. by 4:00 we will see decent showers, just to the north of inverness right down to springhill a couple spotted around new port richey and then this will try to pull together in the center of the state. by 7:00 we could see some decent downpours) hillsborough county from brandon out to bloomingdale and around east tampa and then off toward areas
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89 will be the expected high for st. petersburg. showers will show up and the rain later as we hit the high of 90, 91 degrees over in tampa. taking a look at the forecast for this evening, the earth dance florida cast shows you there may be a lingering shower around 7:00. as they get the dancing going into the evening from 8:30 until three in the morning. they will have partly cloudy conditions, temperatures back that should be good for dancing. dancing continues into sunday. football farther north up in louisville kentucky looks like it will be rainy for the seminoles of florida state and the cardinals of louisville. the start the 12:00 right here on your abc action news station. the folks will have their own umbrellas and ponchos out. as for us, the forecast for day -- for today a 40 percent chance of showers later, less
9:51 am
looking weekend with about 30, 40 percent chance of showers as we look towards highs in the low 90s. more moisture on monday and tuesday, 50-50 shot of showers right through wednesday afternoon. making progress in man hills. that is my attempt at trying to do this dancing with the stars thing. tampa bay dancing with the stars has raised over $1 million it is hosted by the nonprofit hands across the bay which shares proceeds with several charities. we are sponsoring all of the charities leading up to the finale on october 1. this morning we are talking about kids place who are helping children in the foster care system. ceo virginia johnson, fred and laura leigh who are on the board are also here. we will talk some smack in the
9:52 am
something more important that is kids place. tell us what you guys do. >>at kids place we provide a safe, loving, nurturing home for children who have been abuse, neglected or abandoned. we focus on keeping siblings together. when you see that five year old boy come in with their three- year-old, four-year-old brothers and he has to sing to them every night to help them feel comfortable and safe you know what that means. you get a glimpse of what the children have been through. >>the thought of splitting them up as something you do not want to think about. how about the effectiveness? 1200 kid you have helped in the last seven years you have been in operation over 500 families assisted. this is impressive. >>we do service children 0-17. we provide a safe, loving place for them. >>the stats speak for themselves. fred you are on the board, you
9:53 am
this. why do you give up the time? what do you see in the kids place? why do you believe in it? >>it is a passion for the kids. once you tour the facility you can't help but want to help the kids. >>that is what you have been able to do, seven years strong. use the improvements every year. >>absolutely. >>your wife laura is here doing dancing with the stars tampa bay. did you think you would be involved? >>never. i always wanted >>you have raised over $8000 for this which is so impressive. that money goes to hands across the bay and portions of that come back to kids place. how rewarding is that? >>it is amazing for me. it is very exciting to be able to dance and know that it makes a difference. >>speaking of dancing, here you are.
9:54 am
foxtrot. i am not good at dancing. this is one of my to dance instructors. >>how long ago was this taken? >>maybe two weeks ago. that was taken yesterday. >>you probably should not have said yesterday. i think you look like you're doing a good job. >>thank you. you should be nervous. >>i should be? first of all the reasons i am not nervous is because i know i will not win. i'm just going to make of myself. if i fall i figure this out, if i fall it is great because i can finally get a viral video on youtube. that should be my plan. i am rooting for you. this is how much i care about you and your cause, go on a vote for laura. forget about me. check it out. go to a kids place and learn more about them. learn about hands across the bay website and vote for your
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>>we will be right back. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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i don't clip, i don't plan, but i still save a lot. i just shop for publix brand products, cuz they're great. and that's it. no really, that's it. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. we are going to have pleasurable foodstuff and activities from noon to six, right across the street it is beer and burger bash time as we
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craft beer at raymond james stadium. there could be a shower or two but i do not expected to get in the way as we push towards the high of 90. 40 percent chance of showers today. 30 percent chance on sunday on what is looking like a pretty nice weekend. >>i agree. that berger looked pretty good. >>we need to have some burgers and beer on the set. >>we did not win at trivia
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