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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  September 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> you heard like this huge explosion, like the ground shook and like windows shook, and there was like this big flashing light. >> on abc action news sunday morning, chaos in chelsey. an explosion in the popular manhattan neighborhood injures dozens. the city's mayor now says about the possibility of this being a terrorist attack. >> taking a stand, residents worried after they say a massive sinkhole is poisoning their water, and why attempts to clean up the problem aren't making them feel any better. >> and darth vader uses the force for good, not evil.
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bugs to restore the galaxy. >> i'm lindsey l ogue. let's head over to bill logan with the most accurate forecast. may the force be with you. >> it was with us yesterday until later in the afternoon when we got the force of some storms coming in. looks like that's going to be much the same today. absolutely clear right now on titan doppler radar. we'll widen the shot out, go back 12 how those storms built up. and then kind of pulled in toward the middle of the state. we did have decent showers in through hillsborough and polk county last night. right now like i said we are dry. 79 for tampa, 80 for clear water and st. petersburg. winds right now pretty much out of the east and northeast. we'll watch those winds shift later on this afternoon as we
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91 degrees. looks like we'll got more rain in the forecast into the workweek, even more than those scattered afternoon showers we're expecting today. i'll explain about that when we come back with the action weather forecast in less than 15 minutes or so. lindsey. . new this morning, terrifying moments at a minnesota mall. police say a man wearing a private security company uniform stabbed eight people at a busy shopping center in st. cloud. an off-duty officer who was at the mall shot and attacker. police say the suspect made a reference to allah and asked if at least one victim was muslim. all of the victims are expected to survive. dozens of other environmentalists rallying here in tampa this weekend to spread awareness about two controversial pipeline projects. take a listen. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it. >> now >> nearly 100 people out marching, chanting, holding
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temple terrace yesterday. they were showing support for the people of standing rock, an area in north dakota where a massive pipeline is under construction. this week president obama ordered work to stop as a result of growing concerns about the disruption to native american lands. many fear the project is going to continue harming natural resources like water. >> it's been a long time coming bringing this much publicity to the efforts it down. now that president obama is reacting to our cries, he can really make a positive impact for our future and prevent this from happening. >> they were also speaking out against the sable trail pipeline which would run through florida. in polk county, mosaic property crews are cleaning up
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morning. it's been leaking into an underground aquaphor in mulberry. and despite the cleanup many people who live in this area, they are still skeptical about their safety. on saturday people in mulberry took to the streets to make sure their voices and signs were noticed. they don't believe that crews have done enough to make sure that their water is safe to drink. right now there are pipes that are sucking radioactive water out >> this is something that could really affect this community, and i don't think any of us have any idea of the ramifications. >> mosaic is offering water quality testing to people for free. if you're interested we have that information on crews in gibsonton keeping an eye on a fertilizer plant after a barrier wall caught on
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but we do know nobody was hurt. a polk county school employee accused of stealing from a co-worker. both worked at the learning services building. check out this video, deputies say it shows 47-year-old fontello jobahan rifling through her co-workers desk, taking out her purse and stealing money. the victim decided to set up surveillance on her work laptop after purse disappear twice this month. deputies have now arrested jobahan for grand theft. new information this morning after a huge explosion left 29 people hurt in new york city. authorities are now calling it an intentional act. but city mayor bill de blasio say there's no evidence of a terrorist attack. police believe the blast may have been caused by an explosive device in or near a
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second device a few blocks from that initial explosion site. they say it appears to be a pressure cooker with wires and duct tape. we'll keep you updated as this story develops. this explosion in new york comes hours after a pipe bomb exploded in new jersey where thousands of runners were participating in a charity race benefiting the united states marines. runners were not in the area at the time of the blast. that's because of a start delay. investigators say if the 5k had started on time there would have been injuries. >> it's obvious it was meant to affect the run, the fact that it went off at 9:35. the race was canceled after the explosion. we know the device was set off with a timer but authorities have said nothing else. in jacksonville we're learning a father and son are both seriously hurt after shooting each other. officers say they found one person shot in the yard, the other shot inside the house. neighbors in the area say they
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been a dispute and then the gunshots. both are recovering in the hospital. starting tomorrow we are launching our eighth annual taking action against domestic violence awareness campaign. we're all wearing purple. for the next six weeks you'll see special reports including our big reveal of the person we've selected to be our officer of the year. he's gone above and beyond to help this local center. new this year our campaign is recognizing everyday heroes who aren't in the domestic violence work but took action anyway. their acts of kindness changed lives. for more on our campaign you can head over to our lissette campos will have more coming up this hour. taking a closer look at an industry that's in demand right now, how you can start a whole new career in just six weeks. >> a historic upset yesterday in louisville over florida
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let you know. plus florida quarterback luke del rio leaves the game yesterday. we'll see how it went down and hopefully get an update on his status for next week. >> i'll take you out to phoenix, give you a forecast for today's bucs and cardinals game. meanwhile, maybe you want to go out to the beach. here's what it's going to be looking like out along the sand. uv index goes category again with a 10 with that gulf water temperature at 86 and we'll get a slim chance of some showers. they'll be more plentiful inland, i'll show you where the rain is most likely to fall
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welcome back, thanks for watching abc action news weekend edition. it's one of the fastest growing industries in tampa and the pay is competitive. >> we found out how you can land a new job in just six weeks. >> in a lab full of machines and gants, ben moore says he was able to change his life. >> i didn't want to work in retail my whole >> he learned advanced manufacturing, a six-week certification program through st. petersburg college landed him a job here at dynamat. >> i actually feel like i'm contributing something. >> and it's a career that's in demand. program coordinator dr. jill f lansburg says there are about 30,000 manufacturing jobs in pinellas county alope. >> there are lots of openings right now. manufacturers are willing to
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you can show the best work ethic possible and you can kind of work your way up the ladder. >> the basic certification will teach you vocabulary you need to know to work in the field and tour you through manufacturing companies, and they work around your schedule so you can keep your current job. >> we've offered them in the morning for students who work in the evening. we've offered them in the evening for students who work during the day, so we can be very flexible to help you in your career change. >> less than a thousand dollars, less than two months, money and time well ben. >> i was on a pretty tight budget working retail. i didn't exactly have a lot, but now that i'm working in this, oh, i can actually afford to pay for more food now. >> to start a new certification class, the college needs five to seventh students at a time. no semester schedule here. >> i like the sound of no semester schedule and no matter what, this sounds kind of
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cheesy things, it is nice to hear people say that they're working in a field that they're motivated to be in. >> doing something they love. >> it's not work if it's something you enjoy. >> it's not going to work, it's going to fun. >> don't say that to the alarm clock. >> sleep, what's sleep bill. >> still early if you're up with us and looking out at the river gate tower cam right now. maybe you're grabbing that second cup of ready for a great day. it's a lot like we had yesterday. looks like there's some sort of police activity down there by the old pirate ship. hope there's not some plundering going on. that would be out of the ordinary. all right, we're still about an hour away from the official sunrise, but it's going to be another gorgeous one because we get basically a replay of saturday, so more late day storms. some could be heavy, and we're
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tropics, even though there's nothing really that much more to talk about. okay. there's julia still sort of sitting and spinning off the carolina coast, not doing much. carl looks like it will strengthen into a hurricane by thursday as it continues to make that curve up into the open waters of the atlantic, and this one which doesn't even have a name or number yet, still an invest doesn't look like it's going to get much more jackie sparrow gave us a really good look at some clouds organizing right around sunset on saturday. this is about the time we did have pretty good storms pulling through, and you can see them here as we back up our satellite and radar composite, 12 hours as they storms bloom up and pull back across toward the coast later on in the evening. right now the temperatures are started off mild, a little bit on the warm side. we still will probably drop another degree or two.
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st. petersburg, 78 right now in new port richey, bradenton, sarasota, and then 77 just kind of fanned out all across the central sections from zephyrhills down to arcadia, or if we want to say a to z, arcadia through zephyrhills. lakeland's got 75 degrees. the dew point there 75, so we may see a little bit of haze and low lying fog because that dew point depression is down to zero, so we could see those clouds forming level. we'll see them forming right along the sea breeze boundaries by about 2:00 this afternoon, and then we'll watch as those showers sort of pull inland and combine by about 6:00 right down the center of the state, some pretty good boomers and some of those could produce maybe even some hail, along with strong winds. same thing sets up on monday but a little bit more moisture means that we get better coverage and those storms last a little longer into the
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your sunday. a muggy start, calm wind, sun and clouds and warming give way to those inland storms as we hit the high of 91 degrees. 86 degrees is your gulf water temperature off of clearwater beach. seasonal average 1 to 2 feet, should be another great day for boating with winds going east in the afternoon after starting off out of the west. excuse me, out of the east. 4:07's your high tide. sun's up like i said just about an hour from right here's a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. 40% chance of showers today. then we'll ramp that up to 50 to 60% chance of rain monday, tuesday, wednesday. we'll try and get back to more normal situations by the weekend. of course we'll keep you updated on the tropics as well constantly through the weekend. now for a look at your morning sports including that
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performance. here's john sable. good morning, thanks for stopping by, tough test in the desert for the buccaneers. they take on the cardinals at 4:05. arizona will come out aggressive, especially on the defensive side of the football. expect the cardinals to put a lot of pressure on jameis winston, something he didn't see against atlanta. >> i think they'll try to heat jameis up a bit. that's worked for arizona in the past. ho pressure can work in two ways. it can be big for them and it can also be big for us. >> five teams ranked in the top 25 already lost a game, and it all started back in week 1. yesterday the highest ranked team was the latest to fall, no. 2 florida state. while many predicted the northeast to lose, nobody thought it would be by 33
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injuries exposed that problem. look at the up tempo offense by the cardinals confusing florida state all first quarter. cardinals going on more jackson keeps himself, goes to the outside and lays a short into a defender and scores. florida state looking to cut that lead, deandre francois connects with a touchdown. 14-10 louisville. francois 7 of 18 for 101 yards. jackson outplayed the touchdown throw here in the 2nd. then he shows off his speed, 35- 10 louisville. cardinals shock the seminoles a blowout win yesterday. 5 total touchdowns and more than 350 yards of totals on in the cardinals dominates win over the second ranked seminoles. >> second half we never did get the momentum. we couldn't ever change it. you play with fire when you let
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right there in the middle. it was the middle of the 2nd quarter on. hopefully we'll learn. got to create better habits. >> how rare was this blowout. well, it's the third worse loss by a team ranked in the top 2 in the history of the ap bowl. it's not the worst loss from a top 2 team. that honor belongs to army set back in 1945. next up for the seminoles next week at raymond james stadium. the bulls yesterday up north in syracuse. the bulls entered the afternoon undefeated in the carrier dome. last win came in 2011 but the bulls found themselves in a 17- 0 hole early but rodney adams brings them back. 20-17 lead, usf, 4 minutes later bulls run the exact same play except this time it's on the right side and it works
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leaps over the sideline for the usf touchdown, bulls win 25-20 all after trailing 17-0. gators hosting the mean green of north texas, a rare 5- 0 lead. but florida changes that. that's jordan cronkite, finds the open space, 12-0 gators. it's 19-0 now. scary moment for the orange and blue, third quarter luke del rio gets hit low on his left knee. he left the game but was able it doesn't look like he's going to play next week. jordan scarlet adds the exclamation point in the win with this score in the 4th gate. gators win32-0 over north texas. how about miami on the road at appalachian state and like the fsu louis game this wasn't close. mark walton ran for two scores and a buck 30 on the ground. this was the first play for
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yards to the house. the u dismantles app state 45- 10. the hurricanes are 3 and 0 on the young season. let's head to the diamond, rays and orioles, ricky shaeffer up in the 6 with the game tied at 2. shaeffer gives the ball a ride deep to center over the head of adam jones and off the wall. brad miller scores, rays take a 3-2 lead and they go on to win 5-2. tampa bay has now won six of their last eight season strong. rays will go for the series win this afternoon at 1:30. that's your morning sports
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photo booths have always been kind of popular. they've been in every wedding i think i've ever been to. >> they're fun. >> and kid's birthday parties too. >> big hit, but they are also expensive. hundreds of dollars is wh hours. so today your diva of diy leah lee shows you how to make one at home. >> perfect. hi everyone, i'm lee ann lee from diva of today we're talking all things fun. you know photo booths are all the rage right now, so i'm going to show you a super easy
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party. for tv purposes we're making a mini version, but on the website we will have all of the full-sized dimensions so i've cut all of the pieces ahead of time, so now it's just a matter of putting it together. we're using t's and then we are using just straight pvc pipe, and we're just going to start assembling it, and it is super super easy. you can get the kids involved in this as well. we've got a couple of legs here. what i love about of this particular booth is that we can take it apart and store it flat so when we're not using it it's not in our way. now i'm just attaching the legs to the top. all that is left is draping some fabric of your choice over the top. then you can pick out your favorite decorations and the smiles are on their way.
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diy. i'll see you next time. >> you know what else i've seen, people just drape or hang a sheet of some sort on a blank wall in your house and then you can order those really cute, you know those things on the stick. >> the little masquerade things. >> you can get those on etsy or amazon, and you can do it at your house somewhere i think that's a great idea. i would pick a darker curtain though so you can't see the pvc pipe. >> you can send your suggestion. >> maybe i will. i'm no diva of diy. >> still ahead this sunday morning, a toddler in big trouble. >> how about this story. the reasons behind a mom's decision to call the police on
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live from taking action for you, this is abc action news. glad you're back with us on abc action news this morning. i'm james tully. it's just about 6:30 now and here are our top stories. some terrifying moments inside a minnesota mall. police say a man wearing a private security company uniform stabbed eight people at a mall in st. cloud. police say the attacker made a
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an explosion leaves 29 people hurt in a manhattan neighborhood. authorities now calling it an international act. mayor bill de blasio says so far there's no evidence of a terror connection. the explosion happened in front of a residence for the blind in chelsey last night. mosaic property crew still cleaning up contaminated water leaking into the floridian aquaphor after this massive sinkhole opened up. people from to the street to make sure their voices and signs are noticed. they don't believe crews have done enough to make sure this water is safe to drink. >> that story going to be a talker for months to come i can imagine. >> and it has gone worldwide. i posted on my facebook this morning the coverage that's getting in the uk. it's very interesting to see how it is being covered. >> elsewhere. >> across the big pond. >> sure. >> with this little leak in the
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posted on that one. forecast today looking good? >> looking good, it really is. yesterday was a nice day. we did have showers move through later in the afternoon and evening. the same sort of thing is setting up once again today. hey, that looks like university of tampa, some of the residence halls as we look down kennedy boulevard from the river gate tower camera. folks getting back to school and back to work on monday as we continue to see florida making its own weather. this is yesterday. we watched those showers build along the sea breeze front, and then kind of pull back toward the west coast. we're going to get a little bit of a shift in the winds today, and we'll start to see those showers push inland and away from the beaches, which is good news. should be a pretty good beach day. 77 right now in clear water, ellenton has that same reading. as a matter of fact 77 looks to be the number, spring hill to
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later on. most everyone else in the upper 80s to low 90s. oh, and football out west. this is going to be a 4:00, 4:05 kickoff our time. i've left the times here in eastern daylight time, so you cannot get too confused. it will be 1:00 for the kickoff out west, about 88, 89 degrees as they get this one underway. probably have the roof closed at the university stadium, hopefully the bucs can go to 2 and 0 out there in the desert southwest. >> 6:33, in democracy 2016 hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after a few days of rest. donald trump was quick on the attacks. this time it was manager he said about clinton's bodyguards. here's elizabeth hur on the
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of open borders. >> donald trump back on the stump and back on track with a signature issue. >> every day our border remains open, innocent americans are needlessly victimized and killed. everyday sanctuary cities are left in place innocent americans are put in harm's way. >> on friday trump seemed to suggest putting hillary clinton in harm's way by disarming her secret service detail. >> take thei let's see what happens. it will be very dangerous. >> it's not clear whether that's just campaign rhetoric. trump has accused clinton of opposing the second amendment, which she denies, though she wants more gun control. clinton addressed the congressional black caucus foundation. >> mr. president, not only do we know you are an american,
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mr. trump, can we -- are you going to now apologize to the president. >> donald trump has yet to explain friday's abrupt reversal. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> after years of suggesting president obama was not a natural born american. trump will have the chance to explain at the first presidential debate now just a week from monday. elizabeth hur, york. a horrible crash, one woman is dead ask the driver fighting to live after their suv crashes into a tree. we have a picture of that mangled car. we're told the driver, 27-year- old nikita howard was traveling northbound on u.s. 27 when she suddenly entered the median, overcorrected and went off the road into this tree. she was flown to a hospital and is seriously hurt. her passenger, 29-year-old ashley muller was trapped in the car and died. crews say speed and maybe even
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in north carolina four college students are dead and dozens more were injured when a bus crashed into a guardrail. that bus was carrying a south carolina private school football team. police say a front tire blew causing the bus driver to swerve into the guardrail and slam into a concrete bridge column. >> well, i've been doing this job for 23 years now. i've seen my share, and this is probably one of the worst, young people that are just starting their lives going to a football game and unfoun have four individuals that will not live to see another day. >> 42 others on the bus are in the hospital. their injuries range from minor to critical. an arizona mom called police on her toddler. that's right, she called police on a 3-year-old, but with good reason. mom says the little girl needed a lesson on seat belt safety. the scottsdale mom says her daughter unbuckled her booster seat seat belt, mom pulled over and started to explain why seat
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would probably get the message if she heard it from a cop, so she called them, and police were more than happy to stop and help. >> that's my second question, as long as they have the time to do that, then all right. i understand what she's going for. >> hey, an evil coo kneeville admirer nailed a stunt that evil question knievel couldn't do himself. you see eddie brawn going over snake river canyon idaho in a rocket. is that the best 400 miles an hour, come on. i know my co-anchor lindsay is a bit of a thrill seeker. >> i'll watch it from the ground. . >> it is amazing, wow. frustrated drivers still waiting on recall fixes, reach out to our jackie callaway for help, one of them here a wounded war veteran. >> if you're getting a run around about a takata air bag
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z246gz zy6z y246gy yy6y this year alone -- defective takata air bag inflators. that's more than any other manufacturer. >> now some drivers are waiting months for repairs. so a clear water couple turned to our jackie callaway for
6:41 am
>> it's kind of a small fix. >> combat wounded veteran josh white says it's both mentally and physically painful. >> and then so i'm in here. >> josh served time in iraq. he returned home with ptsd and back injuries. >> that's not something that he should have to worry about when he's home. >> the recall on the passenger air bag inflater in the couple's honda forced josh to go to and from the backseat of the coupe. >> it definitely caused me anxiety. getting in and out of the backseat was causing me pain in my back. >> she's a big sister with the big brothers and big sister clubs. >> my responsibility is the safety of these children when they're with me and it's not safe. >> the recall notice arrived early in the summer after honda issued a second round of recalls on the takata air bag notice. repeated calls to honda left her with more calls than
6:42 am
the parts were coming in sporadically. the next time i was told it could take a few weeks. >> the frustration led the whites to call for action. here's what we found out. as far as the recall that was announced in february, those parts are in. this primarily affects older hondas. the recall that came out in may, those parts are in limited supply. you need to call your honda dealernd as those parts come in you will get a phone call. >> the last time i called i was told it would take three to six weeks and amazingly enough after i contacted you the part came in i'm assuming overnight. >> the local honda dealer got lee's recall done in a matter of hours. >> i feel so much relief knowing we're safe when i'm driving with my husband as well as my little sister. >> want to find out if your car's on the recall list, we've
6:43 am
click like and it's near the top. jackie callaway abc action news. >> still to come this morning, there's no easy way to find out about this. it's never easy to find out about it this way, but funerals can be pricey. new ways to cut down othe costs of burying a loved one after the break. october is national
6:44 am
month. join us at community events as we support local dv centers. it's the peace breakfast in st. pete, the gift of peace luncheon at the tampa convention center and on the 27th in clear water, the faces luncheon will benefit the haven of rcs. >> this community calendar is brought to you by hyundai of
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welcome back, thanks for watching abc action news weekend people want to think about making the funeral economical, and it just adds to the stress when you think about the prices and keeping it down and everything else. many funeral homes also make it hard to comparison shop because they're not required to post their prices online. >> that may soon change. deiah riley has advice on how to manage funeral costs and more on this move to make funeral homes more transparent. >> stephanie gory runs one of
6:47 am
she and funeral director mitch kronis says it should be quick and easy for families to estimate the cost of a funeral. >> we post our prices on our website and we also make prices available at the front door and over the phone, e-mail, fax. >> whatever we can do to ease that burden we try to do. >> they publish the prices charged by nearby funeral homes. a proposal before the federal trade commission would require that all funeral homes publish >> funerals can cost thousands of dollars and usually time is of the essence. the problem is you often have to call or visit the funeral home. >> consumer reports recommends getting quotes from as many as five different funeral homes setting a firm budget don't be pushed into spending more. >> you don't have to buy the full package this a funeral home may pitch. you have a right to pay a la carte. >> you don't have to buy the casket at the funeral home.
6:48 am
them, too, and will deliver. also embalming is generally not needed if the burial or cremation takes place within a certain time and dropping the viewing can save money as well. >> the ftc has a handy checklist for funeral services and products. >> once you've decided on a funeral home you're entitled by law to get an itemized statement so you know exactly what you'll pay in the end. it's not out of line to negotiate with a funeral and consumer reports says it is worth trying, especially if you're on a fixed or low income. i'm deiah riley for abc action news. we've got a long day of football, you know, i've got to manage four fantasy football teams. i've got my pick em. it's like a job after my job. nobody wants to hear that. >> wow, you are just so put upon james tully. >> life is so tough. i've got to move all these
6:49 am
>> some good college ball yesterday. >> lindsay showed the oklahoma ohio state catch, the guy caught it behind the back. >> i just posted it on facebook. that was intense. >> amazing. >> and you saw one right? was there another play yesterday? >> all kinds of plays. the flub was the one you're talking about. >> the flub, the clemson game, don't just toss the ball to the ref without taking a knee. >> when you're making a fair catch or a touch in the end zone, you must kneel take it from colin kaepernick take a knee. >> the tower cam looking out still into university of tampa. kind of quiet out there this morning. want to take you into the web and occasionally i'll search a little website called florida memes. we have seen some temperatures dropping across the country, it's not happening here so brace yourselves florida, winter isn't coming.
6:50 am
to feel a lot more like a summer day, the kind of day we get those storms blooming across the middle of the state and then pulling back towards the coast. that's what we had yesterday. that's what we're looking at again for today. 78 for sarasota, 75 in lakeland and bartow and brooksville to start us off. it's 77 in winter haven and brandon, tampa has 79 degrees, 80s currently in st. pete and clear water, 75 at mac dill. here's a look at your rapid refresh model. this is a really good indication of the most recent forecast model runs, watching about 2:00 as we start to see some of those showers bloom and then gradually they will build up and shift inland toward the east coast. do you see anything along the beaches. no, not at all. everything is inland, so it looks like today is going to be a good beach day.
6:51 am
center of the state looking for a high of 88 in seminole. 90 in hernando. we'll top out at 92 for apollo beach. 91 for zephyrhills and bartow, also tampa. here's a look at florida's most accurate day planner showing that we could see some of those storms begin to pop right through hillsborough county. by noontime, then they will shift inland, and again, this is only coverage so not a washout by any means, but if you do get stuck under one of these storms you could get pretty good rainfall amounts, maybe up to and including an inch. along the coast, very slim showers chances as we hit a high of 87 to 88 degrees. don't forget that uv index still in the extreme category at a 10. we'll bump the moisture up on monday and tuesday and
6:52 am
right now things looking pretty good in the tropics. there are a bunch of storms out there, none looking like they're going to pose any threat to florida. of course if any of that changes, you know i'll let you know about it on facebook on my page. good morning everybody, we are getting ready for monday's launch of our taking action against domestic violence campaign. believe it or not, eight years and this morning i'm surprising dan and deiah riley with this beautiful gift that was brought to us yesterday by one of the survivors we're profiling this year. this was made by alyssa dudly
6:53 am
exciting to see her recovery and how excited she is to be part of the campaign this year. >> what a great campaign. when do we reveal the officer of the year. that's a big deal. >> this is year six and we will be revealing our officer of the year on monday on launch day, and new this year, he's not from hillsborough county. our officer, we got no, ma'am nations from all across the viewing area. >> and this year's theme is honoring everyday heroes and it's so sweet. >> that's right. it's not all about money. we've heard that again and again from the advocates. we're giving you all of these examples by people who have stepped up and volunteered their time or their talents to make a really big difference in the life of a survivor so we're excited. >> you pour so into this campaign, thank you. >> lots of cuban coffee. >> get your purple ready. i know you've already started. take pictures and send them to us. we all want to see them and post them on our social media platforms. >> it's going to be great. >> we'll be right back. >> thank you. for more on our domestic violence campaign that kicks off tomorrow, head to, and please wear purple tomorrow and support the survivers.
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darth vader using the force to battle littering. but seriously check out this guy who dressed up as darth vader while cleaning a stretch of highway in blacksburg virginia. he takes care of the road through the adopt a highway program. >> someone apparently alerted
6:57 am
officers cleared up the confusion. itst not batman, it's darth vader and he's not just walking along the highway, he's using the force for good, not evil. >> there you go. >> i'm surprised it took a police officer to tell someone it wasn't darth vader. we have another hour of abc action news coming up after good morning america. red light cameras staying in tampa for two years. we found some surprising crash statistics having some asking if they're really better. >> and kids in the kitchen, we're going to have a young chef live in the studio to show you and your family healthy, easy to make meals. all that and more on abc action news at 8. >> and we're keeping an eye on those temperatures going up from the 70s where they are right now. maybe around 80 degrees for st. petersburg. we will watch them go up to about 90 as the dolphins jump and revelers cavort in the
6:58 am
right now about 86 to 87 degrees. we'll be up to 91 today in tampa looking for about a 40% chance of showers. more rain chances into the workweek, but come on, it's not even 7:00 on a sunday morning, who cares about the workweek. we've got a great sunday fun day to get through. >> we do. i'm so glad lindsay's going to be with the young chef. she takes these food pictures that i swear could be professional pictures on your social media. >> setting the bar high for the 8:00 hour.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, new york city explosion. the moments of terror caught on camera. >> i heard boom. like this big black clouds. >> dozens of people hurt. >> an explosion -- >> this was an intentional act. >> windows shattering and cars, debris littering the streets. rushed to treat the injured. dazed from the explosion. emergency vehicles swarming the scene. >> city streets and subway lines shut down and the frightening discovery, a secondary device a


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