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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we get better rain chances into the workweek. i will detail those with the action weather futurecast
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now, at 11:00, unthinkable act. a toddler shot and killed. the interviews and investigation into who took the child's life causing residents to worry. an emmy break down, the most memorable moments of tonight's award show thank you for joining us. more breaking news tonight, a toddler shot and killed inside a south tampa apartment. >> we are live at the scene. what two we -- do we know at this point. >> reporter: just very few
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avenue. it is a private property so we've got this gate going all the way around. but just back to the rear side of this complex here you can see there is some crime tape. there are several vehicles blocked off and we're told two or three buildings not even accessible right now. now you can take a look at this video where you can see a couple of those police units, the crime tape that's been put up here as this inveig 4:30 this afternoon after being told a child had been shot. when they got here, they found a 17-month-old little toddler that had been shot and killed. several neighbors said they heard this is a little girl and they have been hearing the child may have gotten a hold of the gun and shot herself. but the police are not confirming that and are not releasing any details about how
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of those involved have been released either at this time. but those who live here say this is shocking. they say it's very rare for any kind of crime to happen here. this is a quiet neighborhood where everybody gets along and they are mother broken over the loss of this -- they are heart broken over the loss of this child tonight. they are trying to piece all this together and hope to release more details tomorrow. weather team in florida. >> let's take a look at your workweek. rain? >> we did get those coming across,s as we take a look into the future with our seven-day forecast, you will note that we have a 50/50 shot at those showers working through the next seven days. we have cleared out pretty much
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radar. but we do have -- let me pull this up for you right now. we do have a couple of things showing up basically that have gone through and we've seen the showers that have moved back off toward the east coast. let's check this out. you can see that the showers have moved out of the way, moved out of polk county and they are now moving mostly off in toward the center of the state. all that is going to be wrapping up into the overnight. we are going to see things clear out, low temperatures and we will get back up -- 77 degrees and we will get back up into the upper 80s tomorrow. we will take a complete look at that forecast and the best chances of rain going into the workweek right now, the express way from 50th street to 22nd street is closed due to pressure
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remain open for eastbound motorists. they express appreciation for your patience more about that sink hole that opened in polk county. tonight, a new worry for people living nearby. they say they can smell a foul odor coming from the sink hole. they compare it to rotten eggs. that is making people more nervous. there is already a fear of contaminated water. in the meantime, many aren't taking chances. >> it's very scary. my grandchildren come to my house. i want them to have a safe environment. >> some don't even trust the water testing. the reps say there is no immediate danger to surrounding properties and currently there are pipes sucking contaminated
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zika travel advisory a month ago. they may lift the advisory tomorrow after going 45 days with no ongoing active transmission of the advice new york's explosion that happened last night is making news on the campaign trail. >> reporter: the shock waves from new york city going across the campaign trail. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows what is going on. >> reporter: donald trump addressing a rally calling the explosion a bomb before officials even confirmed the cause. >> we better get very tough, folks. very, very tough. >> hillary clinton pounced. i think it's also wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions. >> reporter: the former secretary of state addressing the situation that she arrived
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cautious approach. >> we have to let the investigation unfold. i will have more to say about it when we have more of the facts. >> it just raises the stakes on the need to be really, really smart in dealing with challenges like this to make sure we're doing what we can to stop any lone wolf attacks in the united states. >> reporter: trump's vp candidate is urging caution. >> whatever it was terrorist attacks or inspired by terrorists abroad or whether it was homegrown violence, we need prayer. >> reporter: the subject is likely to remain a hot topic as world leaders descend on new york. both clinton and trump are taking heat on national security. but in the "wall street journal," gates rights that
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unfit to be commander in chief. >> we are learning there is now an amber alert out in citrus county for those two missing children. their own mop kid -- mom kidnapped them from a guardian. here is a picture of that mom. she burst into the home and grabbed the kids, but not before she attacked the victim and scratched her face. they believe williams is with her father. the couple has a history of drug use. they believe they are headed to west virginia and could possibly be driving a 2004 ford expedition. you are asked to contact authorities pasco county deputies need your help to track down a dangerous suspect. this man, engle is accused of slashing his boss with a knife. it is a child custody dispute,
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fight. engle pulled out a knife. that's when engle's boss was injured. engle fled to a car showroom and caused more than 75,000 in damage. if you see him call 9-1-1 right away happening monday, we are launching our 8th annual taking action against domestic violence campaign. we will all be wearing peel. for the next six weeks, you will see special reports on the person we have selected to be the officer of the year. new this year, we will also recognizing every day heros who aren't in the business of domestic violence work but took action any way. for more on our campaign, go to our website. tonight, a woman in -- is in jail accused of sending a
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she sent her neighbors a text saying she pleased a -- placed a bomb in their area and it would go off in an hour. it was an in the threat but they arrested her charging her with filing a false report the person behind this blast have more from new york >> reporter: watch this surveillance video capturing the moments when if blast occurred. debris flying. pedestrians running for cover. >> we hear this explosion. i mean, boom,. >> it was so loud it started shaking my body. so i turned around, i looked, in the middle of the street,
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>> reporter: place say chaos erupted saturday night. debris scattered everywhere. as daylight shined, the mayor and governor wanted to get a firsthand look at the damage. >> so here is what we know. it was intentional. it was a violent act. certainly criminal. >> a bomb exploding in new york is obviously a -- an act of terrorism but to international terrorism. >> knock is going to happen -- nothing is going to happen to you, okay. >> reporter: this cell phone video capturing the moments of a good share ton helping a -- good samaritan helping a bloody victim. >> counter terrorism officers
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all 29 victims injured as a result of this explosion have been treated and released from the hospital. absolutely remarkable given just how powerful this explosion was. president obama is declaring monday is the start of opiate and heroin awareness week. they are saying -- they will fobbing on addressing the especially -- focus on addressing the u.s. still ahead, at 11:00, a break down of the emmies. we will take a look at the funniest moments making it out alive, it crashes in arizona. everyone manages to survive.
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if you are a person of color, especially in you're a nominee, find a white person right now.
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here. it shouldn't be hard. >> oh, he started the emmy's off with jokes. they continued through the night with several commenting on this year's presidential race. >> the emmy goes to -- >> [ audio difficulties >> there were also some touching moments. >> and -- his role in the people versus oj simpson. the and the game of throwns for the best drama series is the second year in a row the show won the emmy.
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was nominated 16 times a couple other winners, the beth male actor -- best male actor -- the people versus oj simpson won a number of awards. a limited series took home, shark tank. i'm not doing that very well. for tonight's best head to our website. tonight we're learning the investigation now saying they found traces of tnt debris from the the egyptian flights that crashed back in may. investigators are not clear where the tnt came from but they do believe the crash may have been an inside job. it crashed over the sea before reaching cairo in may killing all 66 people on board listen to this story, federal officials are
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plane with four skydivers to crash in arizona. everyone on the plane bailed out just in time before crashing into this home. about pilot was -- the pilot was burned but his injuries are not considered life- threatening. as you can see here, that house is a total loss another victim of the exploding note 7 right here in florida. it exploded inside this man's pocket. there is currently a recall the phone because of reports of it camping on -- catching on fire. there are a million of those phones >> think about this, the iphones just went on sale. talk about a change in prices. that's just bad timing for samsung. >> yep, those battery makers are going to be doing good.
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weekend. a little bit of shower in the afternoon, late afternoon into the evening, we had that both days but right now things are clear. the tower cam is looking nice as we peer out at 11:18. let's take a look at the weather headlines. rains will be ending overnight. showers will start earlier tomorrow. i believe we will get a little bit better coverage on monday, and pretty much through the workweek. and the tropics. we've got julia still kind of partnershipping around here. carl looking like it's going to streeten and become a hurricane in the next couple of days. and yet another tropical system rolling off the coast of africa. here is carl. they are projecting this will become a category 1 hurricane by thursday early but still stay out over the open waters of the atlantic.
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models take this other further offer to the north as well. so nothing really to worry about for us in florida right now. just a couple of showers left showing up on the doppler radar. a little bit to the east and south of the sea park. toward the disney and flips area. that has been the remainder of the showers. it state and kind of pushed over to the east. take a look at your current conditions. we've got 82 in tampa. clear water with 81 degrees. all those winds coming in right now out of the north and northwest at about 5 to 7 miles per hour. tomorrow, rain starts a little bit earlier, about 11:00 through our southern neighborhoods. then we will watch it pull inland together. looking for about a 50% coverage right on both monday
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started in our northern neighborhoods about 8:00 in the morning, then still marching inland. monday, we're at 82 now then down to 77 in the morning. back in through the 80s as we work through the workday. 88 degrees is your gulf water temperature. that will drop to about 87 by tomorrow morning. north winds will turn westerly and go from 5 to 10 in the afternoon. here is a most accurate seven-day forecast. 50/50 chance of showers beginning the workweek. by the weekend, looks like we might be able to actually get a better chance of seeing some sun. temperatures remain nice. >> thanks still ahead, the buccaneers. tampa bay getting blown out of
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we got -- you know, we got beat up all over the field. >> he couldn't have said it any better than that. the bulks got out played -- bucs got out played in every facet of the game. anything can happen on any given sunday. a rough day for winston and for martin. seeps like a normal -- seems like right. didn't return. his stride would get worst the the next play. it's picked off. cooper returns it to the tampa bay 20. second intersection for winston to that point. cardinals would take advantage and mechanic a field goal. later -- and make a field goal.
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day. 17-0, birds. third quarter, bucs finally get on the board. they trail 24-7. later in the 3rd, winston's pass here will get deflected at the line. cooper is at the right place at the right time. grabs his second interception. 60 yards, pick 6, bucs bad. winston threw four interceptions. his worst high. >> you cannot just give them freebies, turn the ball over, particularly on our side of the field, and giving them a pick 6, just not good. >> there were so many things that went wrong for them, we don't have enough time to talk about it. winston struggled, obviously.
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good. first time, he didn't record a single tackle today. seems impossible but the stat book doesn't lie. if you were board enough to watch the entire blowout, you saw winston play the entire game. why risk your franchise quarterback to injury when you're down that many points late in the 3rd quarter. >> some of you may understand this, but the captain always wants to go down with the ship. that's how it is. he's that kind of guy. >> you can criticize me all you want. say what you want, guys. he stayed in the game. get as mad at me as you want. he stayed in, decision is made. so write what you're going to write. >> i am here to play. play football for a living. i'm going to be out there on the field with my brothers and fight to the end. >> this is why winston
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late in the 4th quarter. they lost these players and they didn't return. when you deal with pulled hamstrings, teams take those very seriously. they take forever to heal. thanks to florida's state's humiliating loss, they drop out. louisville go from 10 to 3. ohio state goes into the 2 state. miami moves up from 25 to 15. gators climb from 23 to 19. speaking of the gators, luke was diagnosed with a sprained acl. he's out at least two weeks. that means he will miss saturday's tennessee game. finally, rays looking for the series win against the orioles. no score in the top of the 5th inning. dickerson at the pitch.
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slices this to left field. breaking ball hangs, gone. check out the nice grab. nice catch by the fan in the gray shirt. that will sting the hand. his daughter loves that souvenir. did i say 42? i really meant 43. crushed to left center, get out of here. that's your game winner. rayslose 2-1. they split the series with the rays are off tomorrow. stay tununed, we are back after
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>> we are rounding out your weekend with one final look into the weather crystal ball. or magic 8 ball depending upon which brand you like. temperatures not moving much between now and the first thing in the morning. we will start out at about 79.
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later on. 50% chance of showers. pretty much right through the workweek as we get those afternoon storms. >> it certainly feels like summer, still. >> still is. still hanging in there. >> it's almost here, though. >> maybe. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> have a great night and a
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previously on "castle"... (montgomery) four years ago, the triple killer, or 3xk, took the lives of 6 women because we didn't stop him. (beckett) the man that we're looking for is marcus gates. when gates got released, he gave all of his stuff to jerry tyson, a fellow inmate. we just need a little more information on marcus gates. don't you guys get it? i'm a dead man. (beckett) not if we get you police protection. for your own safety, you cannot leave or use the phone. (beckett) mr. gates, did you kill kim foster? hem. he confessed. it's all over. thank god. aren't you gonna ask what happened? it was him all along. he's the real triple killer. (grunting) oh! (clicks) guilty as charged. you won't get far. they already have your name, know your face. i'll change those. done that before. i'll relocate. i'll start over. it must eat you alive,


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