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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  September 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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not talking everybody's going to get rain but it's better than we have been. in fact right now we're mostly clear and calm. winds coming from the west and that will push some showers as they continue to develop through the mid-morning hour. we're going to be dry this morning and by the afternoon we'll get into thunderstorms which will cool us off and we need that because look at the current feels-like. this is afternoon, right? 88 and 89. current. feels-like temperature in the upper steamer out there. by the afternoon with this moisture here we'll have plenty of showers and storms to get going. notice the orange hue, would that be nice if it got pulled in here? it's not a cold front, it's not going to cool us off or dry us out as far as humidity but we could tap into that a little bittened that will lower our rain chances which again would keep us hotter through the middle part of the week.
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that again dry by lunch hour. a few scattered showers along 75 and then everything continues to push east and develop and so that by then we'll have thunderstorms so highs once again will be about 89, feeling closer to 99, do i think this afternoon. despite the incredible heat here i am sweating, janelle martinez has the space heater on. i saw -- it's on, i saw the red light. it's on, unbelievable. you get cold. >> the air is blowing on me. >> we're i have the fan going. she has her heater. we'll see who wins. you are at the moment. >> it's cozy back there. we're checking the live drive camera driving along the gandy bridge. look at the cones. we have some construction but your drive time across the gandy bridge not too bad. 8 minutes to get across. less than 10 minutes across all three bridges this morning. let's check our other cameras across the bay area. this is i-275 at fowler,
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spots during the morning commute but right now we're looking great. still pretty early out there. so the cars here heading towards downtown have a smooth ride ahead of them. no crashes or breakdowns. checking the drive time on the veterans expressway, still in the green so if you're heading to the airport you should have an easy time getting there, 17 minutes from 54 to 275. >> we have construction starting in downtown tampa today. i'll talk more about that coming up in about 15 minutes. 5:32. the lives of two kids are danger this morning. authorities issued an amber alert. toddlers were taken from their citrus county home last night. abc action news reporter adam winer is in citrus county now. what are the sheriffs' deputies now saying at this hour? >> reporter: authorities say two sincelings why kidnapped by their own parents and authorities today issuing not only that amber alert but also a nationwide alert to law enforcement all over the country to look out for this williams family.
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3-year-old ryland williams and 1-year-old mason williams. this is their parents, stacey and ryan williams. the williams parents don't have custody of their children, according to the citrus county sheriff's office the parents are known to be "volatile" and known drug users. detectives saying that the mother broke into the kids' guardianship home yesterday in lecanto. they say she hit the guardian, broke that person's phone and then ran off with their two children. detectives believe the family may be headed to west virginia but that is just one idea. they also say they may be driving a white ford expedition. we are right now urging you to share the picture that is going to be on social media today. when you see it you're encouraged to share it. of course if you have more information you're encouraged to call 911. for now live in citrus county, adam winer, abc action news.
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to democracy 2016 -- donald trump is holding a rally in fort myers this afternoon. we just checked and all the tickets are gone. the tickets were free but we found some people selling them on craigslist. prices range from $20 to $so 100 $100. >> we're going to revitalize our crumbling infrastructure. we're going to provide school choice to child in america of which we have many. and we're going, by the way to end common core. we're bringing our education local. >> it's unclear what donald trump is going to talk about today but one mill group says he needs to focus on cuban americans who traditionally vote republican. making up as much as 8% of voters here in florida. hillary clinton will be in philadelphia today to continue
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among millennials. tim kaine made the pitch to young voters on the sunday talk shows. he says clinton's values align with their beliefs even if she doesn't excite them as a candidate. clinton herself spoke to the congressional black caucus, so did president obama calling for the african-american community to support clinton. >> my name may not be on the ballot but our progress is on the ballot! tolerance is on the ballot! democracy is on the justice is on the ballot! i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election! you want to give me a good sendoff? go vote! >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren also hit the campaign trail for clinton over the weekend and clinton can add martha stewart to her list of supporters. the celebrity businesswoman says she'll vote for clinton because donald trump is totally
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she says. stewart had a public falling out with trump 10 years ago after he called her apprentice spinoff for low ratings. -- called off her apprentice spinoff for low ratings. into a debate will be in florida tonight. starts 7:00 this evening at the palladium theater in st. petersburg. president obama is declaring today as the start of opioid and heroin awareness week. throughout this week cabinet members and federal agencies are going to focus on affecting the country. president obama is calling for the approval of more than $1 billion in funding to fight the epidemic but so far that funding hasn't been approved. right now pasco county deputies want you to keep an eye out for a dangerous suspect. this man, william engel accused of slashing his boss with a knife and driving his car into a business. engel and his ex-girlfriend were talking about child custody and the chat quickly became violent.
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knife and slashed his ex's tires and the boss was injured trying to stop him. and then the car was drink into a showroom causing $75,000 in damage. driven. if you see him call 911. in manatee county a woman is accused of sending a bomb threat to neighbors. we're told 50-year-old nuria gursoy sent neighbors a text saying a bomb would go off in an hour. the homes were evacuated, bomb sniffing dogs found nothing. she told investigators it was an empty threat but they arrested her and charged her with a false report concerning a bomb. people recovering from shark bites, bitten yesterday but happened at different times during the day. all the victims in the water in the same area south of the new smyrna jetty when bitten. >> a lot of sharks, bait pods,
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i saw two at the inlet. so i saw three today. >> a bunch of bait fish, yeah. a lot of bait fish today. >> you see any sharks? >> yes. good-sized ones, probably 4 to 6-footers. >> the other thing, all three victims had in common, all surfing when attacked. an update on the large sinkhole at the mosaic phosphate plant in polk county. people living near it now say they smell foul odors coming from it. they compare to it rotten eggs and making nervous. there's a fear that contaminated water is there after toxic water leaked into the aquifer on the company's property. nearly 50 homeowners are requesting free water testing from mosaic. in the meantime many are not taking chances, taking to bottled water and even buying filtration systems. >> it's very scary. with my grandchildren coming to my house all the time i want them to have a safe environment there. >> some residents don't trust
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independent companies. reps say there's no immediate danger to surrounding properties and currently pumping contaminated water out of the aquifer. there's a job fair you may want to check out today. the tampa baytimes is hosting one at the coliseum in downtown. 10:00 to 3:00 today. it's free, and bring plenty of resumes and dress to impress. if your dog is more athletic than average pup check out a new dog park opening today. northwest county dog park is the firs county with agility training equipment. it includes crawl tubes, hoop jumps and adjustable bars for dogs to jump over. also an acre of fenced areas and doggie drinking and washing areas. we're going to take the dog out today. a lot of water necessary as temperatures climb to about 89.
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like 100. we'll have a nice sunrise. by 3:00, need the rain gear with afternoon storms. four people bail out of a plane mid-air before it crashes into a house. coming up -- the incredible stroke of luck about the people on board that likely saved their lives. >> bad day for the bucs and jameis winston. what went wrong and why the coach says he kept winston in
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5:43. classes cancelled at clinton college in north carolina today after a bus crash killed four students. a charter bus carrying football players hit an overpass saturday, four died, dozens more injured. it could be months before investigators know exactly what caused that crash. a former ski resort bartender set a new record for completing the appalachian trail this weekend. carl meltser did the entire 2,190 mile route in 45 days, 22 hours and 38 minutes. he's 48 years old, says tang, red bull, chocolate, bacon and even ice cream that folks brought him while he was doing it kept him going. when he finished the trail sunday he sat down for a pepperoni pizza and beer. this was meltzer's third try at breaking the record. let's check in with ivan. >> he walked it? what was --
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hiked the trail. >> bacon? involved. >> could be dangerous with bears around. >> could be. as we check titan doppler radar, tropical air mass on top of us. if you have not been outside it's quite sultry out there. in fact over the next few mornings i think we'll have more activity along the coast as we have a flow off the water. in fact most of the activity is ground clutter, really nothing doing but a couple of little showers popping up here at the end of the skyway, we'll put it in motion, just a few sprinkles but that morning. i think we really have to wait to get heating and we'll do that easily this morning and into the afternoon with showers and storms. temperatures now in the upper 70s to lower 80s but factor in the humidity and you must, we get into the upper 80s. feels like 89 in st. pete. feels like 88 in tampa. but getting further across the interior in the upper 70s so quite a difference here and the difference in storms and how they will develop will impact us as well. depending where you are. coast or inland here. we'll start with the coastal
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we'll transition into afternoon thunderstorms that will continue to march east and so by the time they really get going as far as tropical downpours, eastern hillsborough and eastern manatee and heading across our interior counties late into the evening but with that westerly push should dry things out nicely for the evening commute along the coast and west of 75. so plenty of sun early this morning. and 89 will do it for the high temperature this afternoon. feeling more like 99. 80% chance of development with the tropical wave de but tropical storm karl forecasted to be a hurricane. by the time we get to friday and saturday could approach bermuda as a category 2. we'll have to watch this closely. ragged now but should unfortunately get its act together in time as it heads to the west and north. 89 for us this afternoon. got to factor in the humidity so add about 10 to the numbers here. that's how it will feel in the afternoon. rain chances holding at about
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of the week. let's check on the morning commute with janelle. we're going to start with our live drive camera. matt is driving for us behind the wheel of the live drive. on dale mabry, traffic light now, you have to battle with the lights of course, but so far no crashes or breakdowns. he's in the south tampa area. again nothing out there on dale mabry to slow you down except for of course the traffic lights. we have a crash in roadblock there so give yourself extra time. let's talk about the construction that is happening in downtown tampa. starting today. this is all part of that redevelopment project along the channelside drive. along channelside drive today we have construction between florida avenue and jefferson street. this is in front of the arena. one lane at least taken away and this is an extended project through the summer. we also have renovations happening at city hall, this started over the weekend and
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a-half. so we have some roadwork happening here on florida avenue, expect some delays there. you might want to avoid that area as well. so just give yourself extra time if you're driving around through downtown tampa. we'll keep you posted on this and other projects right here and of course on twitter @tampabaytraffic. 5:48. sad news from hollywood. actress familiar to many for the beloved musical "sound of music" died. charmeen carr died at age 73 from com form of departmenta. she please liesel the eldest of the von trapp children. carr married and left the movie business to raise her kids. 5:48. federal officials are investigating what caused a plane with four skydivers to crash in arizona. everyone on board bailed before it crashed into a house. the pilot was burned but we're hearing his injuries are not life threatening.
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was not a great weekend for florida sports fans. first the cardinals embarrassed the bucs in arizona. final score 40-7. a week after a great game jameis winston had a terrible game. threw four interceptions and fumbled once. the coach kept him in the game until the end and defended that decision in the post-game news conference. >> some of you may not understand this but the captain always wants to go down with the ship. that is how it is and >> it was the fourth worst loss for the bucs since 2000. they face the rams next week at home. louisville's defense dominated florida state leading to a drop in the rankings for the seminoles. they fall from two to 13. miami moves up from 25 to 15 and gators also climb, were 23 last week, and this week florida is 19. speaking of the gators,
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is out for at least two weeks. in germany it's already time for oktoberfest. the mayor of munich started the party saturday by tapping the first keg. heavy rain and tight security did little to dampen spirits as 60,000 people turned out. a touching story about a team who helped their water boy score a touchdown. >> see how the opposing team even got in on the action. plus, tim tebow makes his minor league baseball debut this morning, sort of.
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welcome back. we're going to be 86 and more like 96 this afternoon. then thunderstorms get going. they start as coastal showers along 75, everybody pushing west to east. that is our fl fact. by this afternoon showers and storms, everything migrating east and then the coast will be ok by later this evening with temperatures cooling back off a little. more on the extended forecast coming up in the next hour. 5:53. two cute panda cubs in china finally have names. meet chin-chin and kang-cang. the two names together mean good health in chinese.
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games was rio last month and this weekend rio held its first ever olympic games for dogs. dozens of different breeds competed for medals at a private dog club yesterday. organizers say it was meant to get pets involved while celebrating sports. dog olympics included -- concluded i should say at the same time as the end of the 2016 rio paralympic games. 6:06. a special high sch his mother watching. robby hall is water boy for his high school football team. he doesn't normally dress for the games but did on friday. his mom debbie heil who has terminal cancer thought she would only see him in uniform but instead he got on the field and fulfilled his dream of scoring a touchdown. debbie broke down, couldn't hold back tears. >> it was incredible. i did not know about this. this team has been so instrumental, helped me get him
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to raise my son. >> even the opposing team honored robby. presenting him with a number 1 jersey. >> she didn't know bit. >> i know. wow. from football to baseball now -- former florida gators star quarterback tim tebow begins his quest today to the major leagues. >> for the next three weeks he'll may in florida trying to pick up a spot -- a sport rather that he has not played since high school. if he shows success the mets could send him to play in the arizona fall league. the mets believe signing tebow was a low risk move that could have a high reward if he can make the majors. 5:55. lots of questions after a 17 month old is found shot dead in a south tampa apartment. what we know and what we are expecting to learn today as the
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news, a third explosion in as many days, this time in new jersey. our james tully has the latest
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at 6:00 -- another explosion rocks a new jersey neighborhood. while you were sleeping five people were taken into questioning in connection to the manhattan blast. we've got the breaking developments straight ahead.
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a south tampa apartment. what we know this morning about who ended this child's life. >> an amber alert. the search now for two young children, where deputies say this mom on the run could be taking her kids and why they fear the kids could be in danger. good morning, a very busy morning, thank you for joining us on this monday morning. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. a lot of news to get to but first janelle and ivan with traffic and weather together. >> pretty good drive so far. construction in downtown tampa is starting today. we'll lk right? titan doppler radar pretty quiet the next few mornings. we'll have more activity as far as coastal showers, a westerly flow going favoring morning showers. then afternoon thunderstorms pushing inland. that's what will happen today except not as much activity along the coast. we'll be dry in fact through the commute. feels-like temperature not so good, 90 feels is the feels-
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highs around 89, will feel like 100. with showers and thunderstorms, 40% coverage and that will continue the next couple of days. some changes through the latter part of the weekend. we'll check on the tropics in a few minutes. the live drive cam is back. matt is behind the wheel now. he's on i-4 heading eastbound so out of tampa. westbound is where the cars are typill and traffic is flowing fine. you can see in this picture here. so looking at about 22 minutes to get back and forth between lakeland and tampa. we have a crash to tell you about, this is going to be in hillsborough, u.s. 301 at riverview drive in the southbound lanes, seeing roadblock here. this was in the red, the traffic indicators just switched to yellow that shows me maybe this crash moved to the side. still might want to leave a few extra minutes or head down i- 75, that might be a better


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