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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 20, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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the preceding was a paid presentation for cize, brought presentation for cize, brought to you by beachbody. to isis. the suspect came out of nowhere. that's what is so disturbing, especially the fact that the fbi is tracking 800 u.s. sympathizers here in the u.s. abc news, washington. a fight against terror takes center stage in the race to the
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held one-on-one meetings with world leaders in new york. donald trump met privately with the egyptian president, and his campaign said last night he told him he has high regard for peace-loving muslim, and if elected, the united states would be a loyal friend to e egypt. hillary clinton sat down with the egyptian president to discuss the battle against isis and other efforts and spoke trade with the japanese prime minister and discussed russian ukraine. also at the end of the day, outrage after a convoy carrying food in syria was targeted by war planes. at least 12 people died in that attack. the tragedy happened moments after the military announced the end of the cease fire brokered by u.s. and russia. it's believe syria or russian military carried out the air strike. police shooting death of an unarmed black man in oklahoma
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squad cars and police helicopter as reported. >> reporter: these police cameras capture the violence end of his life. >> hold traffic. won't show me his hands. >> reporter: why did it end up like this? >> shots feared. >> reporter: she came across crutcher friday night, and callers reported his abandon suv. >> there's a car, looked like somebody and left it in the center of the road. >> reporter: when they arrived, police say crutcher refused to raise hands, something the video disput disputes, but they say crutcher reached in the car, one officer fires a taser, the other a shot. today, the police chief admits crutcher was not armed. >> i'll tell you right now,
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or vehicle. >> reporter: crush u this comment by a helicopter -- >> that looks like a bad dude, too. >> saying he was a threat. >> that big bad dude was my twin brother. that big bad dude was a father. >> reporter: crutcher's family wants the officer who fired the shot to face murder charges. tulsa police say there's questions about whether or not the shooting was justified that they asked the department of justice to open an investigation. abc news, tulsa. bridgegate trial underway in new jersey. prosecutors say chris christie knew about the lane closures despite claims otherwise. two on trial with the bridge closing scandal, accused of orchestrating gridlock to punish a local mayor for not endorsing the governor. christie says he has no
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more than a week now causing distribution problems. some stations have run out of gas entirely. others? prices are rapidly rising. as much as 20 cents in the last week in some areas. the most popular animal on the southern university campus is no longer a horse, but it's this guy, this golden doodle. the newest staffer at the student health center. he's believed to be t full-time facility dog on a college campus. >> cute. a facility dog is similar to a therapy dog, but works with a larger number of people in facilities like hospitals, schools, or nursing homes. he helps students handle anxiety and stress. >> i think we need a facility animal here. >> we should. the amount of stress we have -- >> should i bring frank in? >> the rabbit?
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>> hair on the suits. >> that's true. might not be a good look. okay. golden doodle's fine. >> we'll work on that. back to school toys for your pets. we'll be along to show us the latest gadgets and gizmos to delight fido and fluffy from soda puffs, electric mouse game. >> perfect for our facility dog. by first, tim tebow makes a fall debut, but can the below average football player make -- >> woah! >> i did not write that. i like tebow. doesn't matter what we say. hear what the mans afans are sa. first, a look at today's
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tim tebow hit the training field with 57 other baseball minors. >> likely the celebrity than the pitching or batting that packed the stands. here's wabc. >> reporter: tebow time reached florida, reporting for duty at the mets' excited to get out here and just be on a team, go through practice and everything like that, and just fun. >> reporter: over 70 media country den rls issued for the yo workout and 400 fans turned out to watch. >> humbling to have support, thankful for it, for people showing up, rooting and cheering for you, and, you know, it's pretty awesome.
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calling in sick. you have a case of tebow mania? >> oh, yeah. she does too. >> yes. >> reporter: it's spreading. >> it is. >> got here at 9:30 this morning, stood in line, and we live 45 minutes away. tim tebow is worth it. >> it's awesome. glad we have the opportunity to do this. >> reporter: the goal is the big leagues, but also, just showing up. >> try to find things -- wha is that failing? it's giving everything you have for something that you love and pursuing it, and it's not being afraid to fail. >> our thanks there to wabc reporting from spring training. >> fun on the first day. really appreciate you guys getting me ready. >> his jersey is now the number one seller for the mets, and he's not even on the team. >> it's a bit of genius on the mets' part there.
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>> and a good example.
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today's getting shorter, not just the kids spending more time indoors, but your pets as well.
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toys and gadgets to keep cats and dogs happy and healthy is dick, and getting a dog in the next couple weeks, so this is perfect timing. >> it is. night dog, these are leashes and collars, l.e.d., set for steady or flashing. going out at night? these are perfect. replaceable batteries, and they run up to 100 hours on one set of batteries. obviously, they come with batteries. >> that's great. i >> a unique water bowl, and what's neat about this is this is full of water. >> okay? >> i carried it over here like this. what it is, carry it any way you want, and when you want to give the pet a drink -- >> oh -- >> you -- the water is in the water bowl. >> yeah. >> and then turn it to the water position, and then water comes out. >> that's great. do you see that? >> yes. it is gravity fed.
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water so that as the pet drinks it fills. >> reporter: that could work for humans, go to a festival, fill it with beer, and just -- when you run out. >> you could. you could. people use filtered water, but it also comes with a felter. this is called soda pump. you heard of soda pop, but these are heavy duty. feel that. >> yeah. >> for, like, dogs that really like to eat things, but they are open at the bottom throw snacks in them. making it a game for the dogs. the sodapup can toy. >> all right. >> night eyes. night eyes makes great stuff. this is the night eyes pet gadget. this hangs on to your belt, your key chain, on the back of the nail file, this guy's for removing a tick. this is for removing burrs.
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it with a dog. removing ticks? >> yes, and burrs. riverside block has biers. this another little thing from night eyes for the key chain, and this is for the pet owner when you get to work and have pet hair. >> oh, yeah. >> or use that. me, i'm actually going to put this on my key chain. it's like, five bucks. >> remove ticks as well? >> i don't know. okay, so this there's a funnel at the top, and object is to teach the dog to come back, drop the ball in it, and you drop a ball in it, be the dog, and -- >> i'll be the dog. >> okay. >> we didn't want to kill the cameraman. >> that's better.
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and that guy over there. >> he's going to go fetch. >> you don't have to fetch. we have people who do that. >> look at that. >> cat and hide and seek game with a mouse that cats love. my dog was terrified of it. cats will love it. if you don't have enough time for a cat or a dog, how about a fish or a couple fish? this is the easy way to do it. this is the halo 15. 16 color remote control, l.e.d. lights, filters, all you do is change the filter every four to six weeks, a third of the water, and you don't have to take the fish out, and it stays under a hundred bucks. >> can the fish fetch the ball? >> no. >> this is awesome. i'll be here all night.
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finally, we have the story of a boy, a dog, and a very patient mother with a big heart. >> yes. >> who caved in. >> we have a touching update on a little boy with stolen hugs. >> reporter: for months, people around the world rooted for the 9-year-old trespasser in louisiana seep here in the cutest surveillance every of day after school, he would sneak into a neighbor's garage to post the dog, after the neighbor posted the video welcoming him any time, we learned that josh was heart broken. his dog died, and his mother refused a new one. >> we felt we didn't have the time that a new dog needed. >> reporter: mom's been under friendly pressure lately, and on facebook, the story has been seen more than 72.4 million times. so take a look.
2:57 am
the weekend mom gave in. to two and a half month old drake. >> good boy. >> it was all a surprise. the black lab came from a family nearby whose son left for college and couldn't care for the puppy. that's a smile on josh's face and love in his eyes. >> the dog has nailed that side eye look. >> that means it's another dog needing some hugs, the nei dog. >> i think josh has enough love to go around when it comes to the dogs, and maybe they can all play together now. >> realized we covered facility dogs, dog toys, and josh and his dog. continuing series in this half hour. >> and soon to be your dog. >> well, we don't want that to
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the investigation moves forward after a bombing suspect was caught in new jersey. >> the unfolding event, police in a shootout with the suspect wanted for creating and detonating bombs in new york and new jersey. what we learned about the suspect and what may have pushed him to violent. live with the full analysis straight ahead. latest in the presidential race, anxiety stirred up by explosions extended into the campaign trail with donald trump and hillary clinton renewing promises to fight terrorism. they just got different ideas how to go about that. deadly police shootings sparking outrage in tulsa and nationwide. a black man with hands up
3:01 am
audio from the police helicopter fuelling anger over his death. we'll tell you what was said. five transgender model, this show promises drama, cattiness, and glamour and reveals trials and try bulations of being beautiful and different. it's tuesday, september 20th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm ke we start with the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey taken down in a shootout with the police. >> he's now recovering from several gunshot wounds held on $5 million bail. police in new jersey say the 28-year-old opened fire on them after he was found asleep in the doorway of a bar. >> he's a naturalized american citizen from afghanistan, and he didn't appear to be on the radar of law enforcement. >> here's the latest from the
3:02 am
elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. take a look. you see the scene of the shootout still taped off and considered a crime scene with investigators collecting evidence here, and with the fbi still investigating, we're told more charges are pending. the search for rahami left the afghan native bloodied and two officers wounded, recovering from nonlife threatening injuries. >> it was wild. >> reporter: he was caught sleeping in the hallway. >> the suspect fired on him, he had a vest on, he was hit in the vest, and so that saved him. >> reporter: he fled on foot with gun in hand and other officers in hot pursuit. >> heard like, pop, pop, pop, a lot of shots. >> heard people screaming.
3:03 am
law enforcement less than 48 hours after a bomb went off on a new jersey boardwalk and one that rocked a neighborhood in new york, and later, five pipe bombs found, and as police tried to disarm them, cameras spotted him planting the box in new york city saturday night and later a second location where this bomb was recovered. he worked in restaurant, and lived in the family's second floor apartment. the fbi found more explosive devices when they searched the apartment. investigators are looking into the suspect's background and travel history including his visit to afghanistan two years ago. to help zero in on a motive and see if he truly acted alone. kendis and diane? >> thank you. all devices discovered over two days in a 60 mile stretch from
3:04 am
>> investigators are trying to see if one person was just responsible. special agent fbi in charge and steve gomez is on the phone, and, steve, officials currently say they are confident this guy acted alone, but, you know, for some time, they were thinking there were other people that might have been involved. what are we learning right now about this case? >> caller: well, you would think that there will be somebody else involved talking about four devices, two states. that's sophisticated. that's a lot of work going into it. the idea that he's a lone wolf attacker is -- it's kind of -- it's hard to believe, but i mean, that's the operating theory they are going off of right now, but they are going to be digging into a lot of the guy's background. talking to the family, friends, neighbors, and so on. they are not going to leave any stone unturned because bottom line is, you can't let somebody
3:05 am
were helping him develop the devices that exploded, whether they gave him some final support, whatever it was, you got to figure out if there was somebody else involved. >> steve, that's a big question with cases like this. is someone else involved? of course, are there more devices? what goes into answering that? >> caller: well, it looks like when they conducted the search, they found more explosive items and devices and so on, so that's good. they were able to find that. they will be doing other searches as well, i'm re trying to canvas any location this guy had any contact with. so finding additional explosive material, that's going to be very important, and, you know, it's a lot of that is going to start with the analysis that's being done on the devices that exploded as well as the one they were able to recover before they went off because the footprint of those devices and material,
3:06 am
lead to additional clues. >> you have this incident over the weekend, the stabbing in minnesota, injuring some ten people we learn now, and, of course, the 15th anniversary of 9/11. any idea that there might have been a timing issue where all of these attacks that took place? >> caller: well, if you notice, you know, i track this, you know, quite regularly. we talk quite a bit when an incident like this happens, and we have not had an incident like this in a while. i mean, several weeks, were having one every week, sometimes twice a week, so you almost wonder, was there a dry spell, and then there was some kind of online communications going on from either isis or al qaeda, you know, probably isis, or just some kind of communication from somewhere to basically say, lay low for a while. you know, the world's getting hit. you know, every week. and now, all the sudden, we have
3:07 am
just something had to have happen. you can't rule out any communications. bottom line is the fbi director said that encrypted communications are used. it's harder for the bureau to track that. >> all right. abc news contributor, steve gomez, we'd love to talk longer, but we appreciate it. talking political ramifications of this, the wake of the attacks, donald trump's repeated calls for profiles, and hillary clinton casts herself with the only candidate to take on terrorists. >> a new poll on who americans trust to take on terrorism, clinton at 48%, and trump 45%. a virtual tie. who would be the better commander in chief? it's 50% for clinton and 45% for trump. again, a virtual tie. your voice, your vote. tom is on the campaign trail with more. >> reporter: donald trump p
3:08 am
the suspect in the bomb attack. >> this thug will be begin a fully modern and updated hospital room and probably even have room service knowing the way our country is. >> reporter: on the night of the new york explosion, trump was quick to declare it a bombing before the facts were in. >> i must tell you just before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> reporter: today, he congratulated h >> i should be a newscaster because i called it before the news, but what i said was exactly correct, and everybody says while he was right, he called it too soon. okay, give me a great. >> reporter: trump says the attack highlights a broken immigration system. >> in many cases, this is cancer from within. nobody really knows who it is. what's happening. they are plotting. they keep plotting. >> reporter: calling for increased profiling. >> our local police, they know
3:09 am
about it because they don't want to be accused of profiling. and they don't want to be accused of all sorts of things. do we have a choice? >> reporter: when the bomb went off saturday night, hillary clinton addressed reporters on her plane and calling it a bombing before officials did. >> i think it's always wiser to white until you have information before making conclusions. >> reporter: clinton saying trump's words are a tool for isis. >> the kind of words and rhetoric trump uses gives aide and comfort to our adversaries. >> reporter: returning to the issue of temperament. >> this is a fast moving situation and sobering reminder we need steady leadership in a unsteady world. >> reporter: released the topics for the first presidential debate, america's direction, achieving prosperity, and
3:10 am
deep in her debate prep. donald trump focuses on debate prep over the weekend. abc news, florida. well, coming up, we're going to have the rest of the morning's headlines including a troubling story from tulsa. >> family and friends of crutcher are searching for answers after he was shot and killed by the police while apparently reaching into his vehicle. >> and strapping in all those young kids. but did you know that according to a new stud number of children are not properly restrained while riding around. what every parent needs to know. check out our behind the scenes picks on instagram. you're watching "world news now."
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in syria, new outrage this morning, a u.n. humanitarian aide convoy carry foods to temperatures of thousands was hit by an air strike, at least 12 killed, and it happened moments after the end of the cease fire. it's believed syria or russian military carried out the air strike. a likely lone wolf was behind the minnesota mall stabbings. nine people were wounded in the ram pain. the attacker was shot and killed by app offduty officer. isis claims he was one of its soldiers. police say the somalia imgrant
3:15 am
a police video shows a black man shot and killed by officers in oklahoma. who was unarmed. local and federal officials are investigating the death of crutcher in tulsa, and it shows him with arms raised walking stwards his stalled suv before someone in the chopper is heard saying, looks like a bad dude. that big bad dude was a father. that big bad dude was a son. >> crutcher hit by a taser and gunfire. the gunshot fired by 42-year-old betty shelby who is now on leave. police have not said what led her to draw a gun. the ceo of wells fargo testifies, expected to apologize for the bank's practice of selling customers' bank and credit card accounts they did
3:16 am
critics like elizabeth warren. gas prices rising in the north because of shortages. a pipeline was shut down due to a leak. drivers are panicking and stocking up, increasing demand. the biggest increase in georgia, up 21 cents in the last week. a study finds a third of children 4-7 are not properly restrained in car seat percent by seat belts only, the rest with neither seat belt or car seat. many put in booster seats too soon. learn more on saturday at national seat check. for details, check with your local police department. a suspected drunk driver in custody after hitting two pedestrians on the hollywood walk of fame, allegedly, and then smashed into a building, tried to run, and caught a short time later. the pedestrians are expected to
3:17 am
museum of broken relationships. coming up in our next half hour, the new details we're learning about the toxic sink hole in florida as 200 million gallons of rood radio active waste water leak, and they are monitoring levels, but is the water really safe to drink? >> first, the five transgender models who are boldly breaking barriers on a reality show showing the grief behind the glitz. you're watching "world news
3:18 am
? ? there's a new reality show
3:19 am
models blazing a bold new trail. >> they are not just any models. they are transgender, and they are hoping to shed a new light, not just on the glamorous life of a model, but profound race they endured behind the glitz. ? ? >> reporter: broad shoulders, chiselled body, and thick goatee, he has the smoldering a modelling dream for any guy, but he's transgender and began the transition at the age of 25. how old were you when you thought for the first time, i might not be in the right body? >> i was like 4 or 5 years old. my mom thinks i'm lying, but recently, she said, you know, i remember when you were that age, you tried to play with dolls.
3:20 am
covers, getting steady gigs like this issue of attitude magazine. what's it like posing naked? is it -- i mean -- >> it's -- i've gotten more comfortable with it as time goes on because it's often what they make me do. it's hard because, you know, tiny little speedos and underwear, but that's what >> reporter: one of five models boldly breaking barriers on "strut," whoopi goldberg the executive producer. there's more than enough drama. >> how many times -- >> reporter: and glamour to keep you watching, but for many in the transcommunity, the world is not as glittery as what you see on tv. one in five transgender people
3:21 am
life, and 41% attempted suicide compared to 2% of the general population. he reached a point where he sees on the outside reflects the inside. >> i feel myself. i feel complete. i feel like i'm not zone. a long time before, i felt like a child. i couldn't grow up. i used to hide. >> reporter: now you're truly a man? >> yes, i am a map. i look like the man i thought. >> unprecedented visibility over the last couple years in part because of "orange is the new black," and then you have jeffrey's speech at the emmys as well saying that he plays mara on "transparent" put out a call for hollywood to hire more transgender actors. >> hoping he's the last person who is straight to play a transgender character because he would rather hollywood hire
3:22 am
designers are hiring more and more transgender models as well. easier and easier to find work.
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today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel.
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with every flush. lysol. start healthing. ? yeah, click ? all right, time for the mix. i feel like a debbie downer. >> you are. >> discussing the first story. >> why? >> because it's about how cuddling kittens is bad for your health. but i'm not the one who is saying this. this is the cdc. cat scratch fever is more prif lant than they thought. this can be contracted if you are scratched by an infected cat or touch the cat, your mouth, kiss the cat, they say kittens and strays are more sus peptble. be careful handling them. you should, you know, wash hands after handling cats, and be cautious, however, i'm happy to
3:26 am
because it's more frequent than thought, it's still only 4.5 outpatients in 100,000. >> there's a chance. you get scratched, and you could die from cuddling a kitten. >> the death part of it is even more rare than the 4.5 in a hundred thousand, but wash hands after playing with the cat. >> all right. there's a story in brooklyn that's popular, and for younger than 30, record stores are what blockbuster used to be before back when you >> right. the video. >> you had a box store dedicated to a spiny thing. i digress. there's a record store in brooklyn offering up the opportunity for you to spend the night in the store thanks to air b and b here. it's well known for music snobs, get the chance to hang out in the massive store there.
3:27 am
>> because sales are low? so they have room to spare or is this because it's such high demand? >> such high demand -- >> they need to spend the night. >> imagine being there, spin whatever record you want all night long. you can have friends over, but they leave by 2:00 a.m. >> got it. >> yeah. to heart warmer -- >> oh, okay. >> adorable story, an 8-year-old boy, thomas moore, saw his mom watching a vid lost hair to cancer, so thomas got a great idea to grow his hair out for two years, and there you see the results. his mom says after he cut it off off, he was able to make enough hair for i believe it was three wigs. and he's now getting a lot of props. >> another creative youngster using himself for another reason. this is in scotland. legal age to drink there is 18,
3:28 am
that's what his mom looks like, so he dressed up like mom.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning, this morning on "world news now" piecing it together after a dramatic shootout with police, a suspect caught in connection with bombs detonated in new jersey and new york. now the question, why? new details on what might be the motive for a stabs see what he said to the victims in the ordeal, and how his family reacted to the news. donald trump jr. creating a fire storm. >> the son of the republican candidate compared syrian refugees with skittles with regards to national security. dancing the classic tv tunes last night in the ballroom, everyone k realreally upping th game. who is topping the leader boards and who is expected to be sent
3:31 am
complete wrap up on the tueuesd , september 209. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we're starting this half hour with a swift capture of a suspected bomber accused of terrorizing the greater new york city area. >> the 28-year-old rahami is not cooperating with investigators after a shootout in new jersey that left him and two officer injured. police say he was linked to the bomb attacks, in new york and new jersey through finger prints and surveillance video. >> he immigrated from afghanistan as a child, and so far, investigators found no direct connections to any specific terror group. we got more now from abc's lindsey davis. >> reporter: the dramatic takedown. >> there's a guy shooting a gun.
3:32 am
>> reporter: a bystander capturing the moment as gunfire erupts as police confront the suspect. >> had to be, like, 15-20 shots. >> reporter: video capturing the suspect attempting to flee, gun in hand. it unfolds three hours after police released this image of the suspect, 28-year-old am amad khan a man arrives to work, sees a man sleeping in the hallway and calls the police. the police officer approaches the man, recognizing the suspect from the beard. >> suspect fired on him, and fortunately, for us, he had a vest on, hit in the vest, and so that saved him. >> reporter: officers race to the scene as the shootout intensifies. >> he was not standing back or
3:33 am
shooting. >> reporter: another officer injured in the fire fight, and then this image, the suspect on the ground, injured, but alive, surrounded by law enforcement. >> look at him. >> that's him. >> map, this is great. >> reporter: still conscious, placed on a stretcher, arms bloodied and right shoulder bandaged taken by ambulance to the hospital. the takedown 48 hours after the first device exploded. >> shut down the run, get them out of the >> reporter: first a pipe bomb goes off on the route of the marines. then the powerful explosion strikes a busy new york city neighborhood. in this video, you can hear the blast. three hours later, word a pressure cooker was found four blocks north. >> there was an intentional act. >> reporter: the next night, two
3:34 am
containing five pipe bombs. as police attempt to disarm them, a robot cuts a wire triggering this explosion. that blast less than three miles from where authorities caught up with the man who they say is connected to it all. both police officers injured are expected to be okay. as for the 29 people injured in the blast, they are now all out of the hospital. nbc news, >> it was a new jersey bar owner who saw something and said something, and helped in the man haunt. >> barry still can't believe the guy lying in the vestibule of the tavern may be responsible for the chelsea bombing. he said he didn't do anything special. >> i'm not hero, but i did -- usually, it's happened a couple of times, i go and confront people and i i start yelling at them, what are you doing in my bar? but, today, i don't know what happened.
3:35 am
oh, this guy, that looks like hem. >> reporter: wow. >> we don't know, let's call the cops. he's holding a gun or something because, then the cops, and this guy goes to the back, and he was shot twice. >> reporter: he says he was nearly hit by bullets in the gunfig gunfight, but he's okay, and wonders why the suspect his bar as a place to take a nap. so far here's what we know about the 28-year-old, a naturalized u.s. citizen born in afghanistan. he graduated from new jersey's edison high school in 2007. >> atended junior college for a year, and then worked at the family's restaurant in elizabeth, new jersey. in the past few years, he traveled to afghanistan and pakistan, and friends say he was more religious when he came back from the region. >> authorities tracked him using
3:36 am
device that did not explode on saturday. in minnesota, we're hearing from the family of the man accused of going on a stabbing spree in the mall. he attacked nine before being shot and killed by app offduty police officer. investigators say he asked potential victims whether they were muslims. relatives shocked that isis claims the 20-year-old was connected to the group. >> are you aware isis said he was a >> nothing, no. >> investigators described the attacker as a lone wolf saying he has no known terror ties. right now, stabbings are not believe to be connected to the new york city area bombing. this shifts the race to the white house back to terror. they met with world leaders in new york city for the u.n. general assembly. hillary clinton sat down with the egyptian president to
3:37 am
efforts and spoke trade with the japanese prime minister and discussed russian aggression with the president of eukraine. and donald trump met with the egyptian leader saying that he has high regard for peace-loving muslims. donald trump jr. under fire again after comparing syrian refugees to skittles, the candy. the clinton camp calls the tweet disgusting. don j tweeted this image and if you have a bowl of skittles and i told you three would kill you, would you take a handful? that's our syria refugee problem, and the tweet called for the end of the politically correct agenda that doesn't put america first. nearly 900 imgrants have u.s. citizenship now by mistake because of errors from processing their applications, and internal audit found the problems mostly attributed to missing or incomplete records. in some cases, paper records
3:38 am
data, and some of the new citizens had pending deportation orders against them. all came from countries posing security threats to the u.s. apparently or neighboring countries. after a rough weekend with the explosions, they are showing appreciation for the police. free coffee for officers on duty saying it's the least he could do for police who run to danger rather than from it. >> another delivered pizza to officers on duty in a hotel in another part of manhattan this weekend offered residents displayed by the explosion a free room and dinner. >> all the nice things to see in the aftermath. tragedies, something nobody m wants, but you see communities coming together in ways they never had before. >> new yorkers were not phased, pretty much by this, but concerned about little things, like, my rental car's down the
3:39 am
well, coming up, latest on the giant toxic sink hole that opened up in florida. details about the hundreds of millions of gallons of radio active water threatening the state's main source of clean drinking water. it's the voice that transcends time 25 years after voicing the role of mrs. potts, but wait until you hear what angela did for the silver anniversary. but first, he's a look at today's forecast. ? ? "world news now" weather
3:40 am
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3:43 am
a southwest jet taking off a southwest jet taking off from lax forced to return after a tire blew. the 142 passengers were put on busses and placed on a new aircraft for the flight to nashville. north korea claims they tested a rocket engine successfully that could be used to launch satellites. the president reportedly ordered scientists and engineers to prepare for a launch as soon as possible. it's the latest in a string of tests of potential weapons the the u.s. an china vow to coordinate more closely in addressing the nuclear threat posed by north korea. president obama and the chinese premier met monday in new york. the white house says they both condemn north korea's recent nuclear test. calls for criminal charges this morning in the police shooting of an unarmed black man in tulsa, oklahoma. they released footage, showing
3:44 am
in the suv. the officer who fired the shot is on administrative leave and local and federal authorities are investigating. jim carrey sued for the wrongful death of his girlfriend, white, who died of a drug overdose a year ago. her estranged husband accuses jim of supplying her with the powerful painkillers she used, and he says her troubles came before he met her, end quote, and her tragic end was a recall involving a breakfast food causes concern. kellogg's recalling eggo whole wheat waffles because of possible listeria contamination. so far, no one has been sick. best use by dates by november 21, 2017 and november 22, 2017. worries worsening over the giant toxic sink hole. >> more than 200 million gallons
3:45 am
leaked into the state's main source of drinking water. >> officials say the waste water is being contained, but question this morning, is that really enough? here's the latest. >> reporter: concern rising over the sink hole punched right into this moon scape, big enough to swallow a school bus and allowed more than 200 million gallons of radioactive waste water to gush in the ground water below. residents are on edge. >> first word that comes to mind is cancer. >> reporter: criticizing the company for waiting three weeks before notifying the public about the toxic leak. the company called mosaic says they followed regulations and incests the contamination is contained to the waste site. florida environmental protection says they are monitoring the toxins while the company offered
3:46 am
it's cold comfort for residents. >> i have young kids, you know, will they be sick? >> reporter: concern is heavy toxins seep into a giant aquifer that supplies drinking water to millions of people in florida and georgia. abc news, los angeles. >> something we'll keep an eye on. when we come back, last night's big winners on "dancing with the stars." what angela did that
3:47 am
3:48 am
? ? the skinny's starting with "dancing with the stars." >> after last week's studio scare by protesters who rushed the stage, cast members responded last night wearing their own lochte t-shirts the olympian admitted it's impacted him so much. >> second week, in the meantime, saw all contestants upping their game a little bit on tv night, dancing to classic tv theme songs, so, of course, the quick step to the brady bunch theme in the best '70s felt bottom pantsuit with guest appearances by her tv mom, florence
3:49 am
th >> dead last with 22, another performance by the former texas governor rick perry, doing the quick step to green acres. he sure did try. >> looks all right there. no? >> i thought it was okay. >> looks all right. all right. so former detroit lions wide receiver, calvin johnson, channelled urkle in the fox trot scoring 28, pretty good, and met the real >> yes. that's my favorite moment right there. that makes him the winner of the night no matter the scores, right? met urkle. >> in person. >> did i do that? the actual winner of the night, though, was the olympic gymnast, hernandez, killing it to the theme of "duck tales", which, by the way, the 16-year-old admitted she's actually never
3:50 am
32 out of 40. >> wasn't it off air before she was born? >> i thought it was a classic all kids would know. i guess not. >> guess not. ? ? >> tonight, clearly, you were alive when it came out. >> speaking of shows, some of us remember, and others don't -- oh, i know the whole theme. i know the theme to the next one, by the way. >> you do? stellar performance by show business icon who that she's still got what it takes. >> the oscar, golden globe, tony, and grammy award winning actress appeared yesterday at beauty and the beast in new york, and check out her live performance of the song. ? not a one prepared ?
3:51 am
? ever just the same ? ? every a surprise ? >> sounds great. 90-year-old lansbury less than a month from 91 voiced mrs. potts. >> sounds like she did then, 25 years ago. >> unbelievable. it's great. i get chills. sounds the same. all right, welcome to a new era. kanye west joined the gram. >> after famously resisting on to instagram sunday with a verified account posting just one photo so far. >> huh. >> this is a mood shot, we suppose? of a vehicle? a building, and the dark sky. >> but there's a gray sky. that might be allude to something? i don't know. there's no caption. the interpretation is up to you. he's now already surpassed a million followers, but he follows no one. not even his wife, kim
3:52 am
a lover's quarrel. >> it is grounds for divorce in some places. coming up, cooking with the currys. so pumped. cinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward. new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. ld symptoms. start the relief. ditch the misery.
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k-y touch. now the family that plays together and cooks together. >> talking about curry and his wife and cooking up in their tongues, apparently, of many fans and followers. here's abc's robin reports. >> reporter: on the court -- >> hits the three. >> reporter: curry is the reigning nba mvp. >> show them how you ride. >> reporter: off the court, part of a fearsome foursome, his wife, and adorable little girls.
3:56 am
their home to sample her home come cooking. >> this is spice rubbed chicken. it's a staple. >> curry approved dish? >> it is. >> a self-taught foodie is building an empire, posting recipes for her 4 million social media followers and published a new cook book, the seasoned life. >> just like your mama. >> reporter: it's obvious, your passion for food and cooking. tell me where it stems from? >> it stems from family. growing up, i just remember always being in the kitchen and good food gets people talking and feel good, that's why i love it so much. >> reporter: despite her hectic schedule, she attends most of her husband's home games and is known for being a passionate
3:57 am
landed her in water with fans after she called the nba rigged. your passionate? >> yeah. i'm in love with my husband, protective, and hard to portray your personality in 140 characters. >> reporter: food, family, and faith, her ingredients for living her best life. and a day would not be complete without a tour of riley's new play house. oh, just a slice of life the currys. robin roberts, new york. >> she said it was his suggestion, because he said, everyone asked for the recipes, start a blog, and the blog led to the book, and -- >> all these followers. >> here we are. >> i wonder if she has curry recipes? >> if they make curry? >> yeah. >> i bet yes. i bet this is a question inquiring minds want to know. get brian ross on it. >> green or red?
3:58 am
two decades. orming insomniacs f
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this tuesday morning the investigation of the bomb blast in new york and new jersey. the suspect in custody and not cooperating. agents collecting mountains of evidence about his past, the question, was anyone else involved in this plot? hillary clinton and donald trump are sparring over how to react to the attacks. but a new poll says about who americans trust more when it comes to fighting terrorism. growing anger over a traffic stop that turned deadly. the man who was shot was not armed. his twin sister speaking out. new this morning, former president george h.w. bush could be about to break ranks when it comes to his vote for president. comments that have political


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