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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 20, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- denzel washington from "speechless," minnie driver and music from usher. and now, by the power vested in me -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very kind.
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life-threatening and world-changing things going on lately. sometimes it seems like more than ever. but none of them are as foundation-shaking as the news we received about brad and angelina today. i'm sure you've heard, angelina jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. and of course all the celebrity gossip magazines are claiming victory. you know they broke this story, they broke the story every week for the last 11 years. [ laughter ] until finally it came true. i don't know, brad and angelina, it's very sad news for them, also great nude for tom hiddleston and taylor swift who don't have to be on this coverage anymore. apparently the reason they're getting divorce is she talked about fight club and he specifically asked her not to do that. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] thank you. now that this has happened, i
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tabloids have been right about. are ben and j. lo back together? was kim dumped on her first anniversary? is barack obama gay? i mean, he must be. they wouldn't put it on the cover if it wasn't true. our thoughts are with brad and angelina and with all of us. it's hard when two people you don't know and have no personal connection to split up. speaking of unhappy couples, the first presidential debate is less than a week away. on monday donald trump and hillary clinton wil hofstra university, which i hope that's not going to preempt "dancing with the stars," is it? if i miss even one second of vanilla ice doing the paso doble. lester holt of nbc will be the moderator. trump has been insinuating the debate is fixed against him because the moderator is biased. he said lester holt is a democrat, it's a phony system, they're all democrats, it's a very unfair system. unfortunately for donald and his
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lester holt's voter registration. turns out he's been registered as a republican in new york state since 2003. they have to come up with something else, i guess. nbc today released a list of topics they'll cover with the candidates. and they don't usually do this in advance. they're a little bit surprising. first topic, the transpacific partnership. then college tuition reform. then mr. trump please stop shouting. secretary clinton, can i get you secretary clinton, do you need us to call a doctor? finally, no, mr. trump, we did not catch global warming from the mexicans. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] those are the main categories. then at the end there will be a freestyle insult section. so that will be fine. it's cute nbc thinks they're going to cover topics are here's my prediction. hillary clinton and donald trump are either going to murder each
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[ cheers and applause ] hillary clinton is getting -- reportedly getting a very unlikely vote in this election from former republican president george h.w. bush. president bush reportedly told robert kennedy's daughter in what he thought was a private conversation that he's voting for hillary. his staff said who the former president is voting for is a personal matter but they did not deny it. i never thought i'd see the day where a bush is voting for a clinton. donald trump is bringing people together. [ laughter ] whatever you want to say about him. meanwhile, his son, donald trump jr., should probably be sent to his room and have his twitter account taken away. yesterday he tweeted this. if i had a bowl of skittles and told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful? that's our syrian refugee problem. now a spokesperson for the company that owns skittles said, skit skittles are candy,
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feel it's an appropriate analogy. which is well said. i want to add, if there really was a bowl of skittles and three would kill me, i'd probably eat a few anyway. i love them. turns out the photographer who took that original photograph of the skittles is a refugee himself. for real. i didn't believe it either. [ laughter ] he escaped the turkish occupation of cyprus and now thank god he has the most boring job of skittles for a living. the lesson is you should probably stay away from donald trump jr.'s house on halloween, okay? [ laughter ] this is an important announcement for lovers of frozen waffles. kellogg's recalled about 10,000 cases of eggo's because they might be contaminated with listeria, a bacteria you don't want for breakfast. while the eggo people might give
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gives our nation's news anchors a chance to cut loose. >> let go your eggo. >> leeg my eggo. >> let go of your eggo. >> let go of your eggo. >> leggo of your eggo. >> let go of your eggo. >> let go your eggo. >> let go of that >> let go of your eggo. >> leggo your eggo. >> let go of your eggo. >> let go of your leggo -- i said that wrong, leggo your eggo. >> jimmy: don't worry. that was only about half of them, there were a lot more. the show's only an hour. i saw this over the weekend. this is from the rice/baylor football game where the referee made an announcement that i don't think i've ever seen made
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shooting lasers onto the field. thank you. >> jimmy: there are a bunch of imperial storm troopers in the crowd and things got a little out of hand. this is good too. when you are a news producer and you send the reporter out to the zoo to go -- well, this result is about the best you can hope for. >> we want to get to that chicken give-away. but one last beauty shot. >> oh! >> i like that. >> man that's a lot of slobber! >> look at that, wow. >> where is this going? where is this going? >> jimmy: get that animal on tinder! [ cheers and applause ] what the hell's going on there? that's a new episode of "america's horniest giraffes." we have a good show with usher and minnie driver and denzel washington is here. [ cheers and applause ] isn't it exciting. i actually have a confession to make to denzel.
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just a second, i couldn't remember the titans. [ laughter ] i hope he can forgive me. denzel stars in "the magnificent 7." it comes out friday. tonight our in-house movie critic yehya has a preview reserve yehya was yelling at me in the alleyway yesterday. when i was leaving showed. when am i going to be on the show again? well, here he is on the show again talking about "the magnificent 7." >> hi! it's me, yehya! i will stand up. i talking about the movie behind me because the poster is more large, you know, like big, you know. it said the movie behind me is called "magnif seven." i go down, you can see it send me. the people, denzel washton, very nice guy. he remind me like sydney bootay.
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girl, takota fanny. also he moving like he's not very clean cop. with etienne haywook and the guy next to him is for the movie "guardian for the gull." chris party, you know. he's in the movie like big dinosaur. dinosaur is mad. you can see his voice, big whhooooh! go watch that it's behind me, good movie, good luck! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, yehya. we have to take a break. when we come back from the break, a new edition of "lie witness news." stick around, we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] ? it's time for some straight talk. most wireless companies offer no-contract plans,
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. denzel washington, minnie driver, music from usher on the way. first news for those who live in california. according to even tests at ucla, this drought in which we are currently embroiled could go on for centuries. which to me that's good news, before this report i we'd all be dead by christmas. [ laughter ] they're saying this could go on for hundreds of years. the only way to really get people, especially in l.a., to conserve is to come up with a new fad diet where you're not allowed to drink water. [ laughter ] our department of water and power, dwp, is doing their best. their best might not go quite far enough as you'll see her. >> drought-tolerant plants, fake grass, dirt where there once was
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to save water. at the substation in south l.a. the sign says, we stopped watering the grass to do our part. but did they? the dwp has underground sprinklers watering that fake grass. >> we're not watering grass, we're rinsing the grass to make it sanitary. >> you're watering it. >> we're rinsing it with water to make it more sanitary. >> jimmy: well, that makes sense. [ laughter ] if it wasn't september i'd assume this was an joke. watering fake grass? they might be smoking it too for all we know. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] this is week two of "dancing with the stars," already two scandals. last week the ryan lochte protesters interrupted the broadcast. this week the former governor of texas, rick perry, who is dancing in the competition, had an embarrassing moment. yesterday they posted this to instagram, a silhouette of him with his dance partner,
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tonight." you bet he was. [ laughter ] looks like he's either having second with her or he's a magician and just cut her in half. he deleted the post almost immediately. i guess he realized it was bad. but for all the four people who follow rick perry's instagram, this was a shocking development. [ laughter ] why would you follow rick perry on instagram? donald trump as you probably know has yet to release his even though traditionally that's what candidate dozen. even his running mate, mike pence, released his tax returns. trump has not, he claims he's being audited, his lawyers told him not to do it, he also says people don't care about his taxes. i disagree, i care about his taxes. i think a lot of people care. we stopped people who identified themselves as donald trump supporters. we stopped them, told them donald trump released his taxes today, and asked them specific questions about these fictional
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of "lie witness news." >> so as you know, donald trump released his tax returns today. was it legitimate for donald trump to write off all those marriages over the years as "entertainment"? >> wow. good question. it was, it was entertaining. to him. it's a tax write-off. again, going back to your irs, everything that -- it's a loophole. if it's there, you're going to utilize it. >> what do you think of donald trump listing his primary occupation as farmer? >> if he does own farms and he's invested in farms, i mean, that's -- as an entrepreneur, you can necessarily say what you need to say. especially for tax purposes. >> obviously the big shock is that donald trump's net worth is only $42,000. rather than $10 billion. does that change your view on him? >> never. i know he's going to do it. i know he's going to do the
11:53 pm
assert he did have $10 billion, even though he only had $42,000? >> we all fib a little bit. you know what? >> the donald trump foundation donated $100,000 to the legal defense fund to the dentist who killed cecil the lion, is that okay? >> i would think that would be a wonderful thing for him to do, because i imagine the dentist couldn't afford it himself. >> what do you think about how donald trump donated $50,000 to jared this. >> well, people donate large sums of cash to legal funds every day. if it's to help somebody, that's what it's for. >> even disgraced subway folks man jared fogle deserves his day in court? >> everybody deserves their day in court. >> were you surprised to see donald trump wrote off $100,000 for breast pumps for various members of his family? >> no, not surprised. >> why not? >> i don't know.
11:54 pm
everybody to be big and beautiful beside him. so, you know. >> i'm sorry, you're under the impression they're breast pumps to increase their bust size? >> yes. >> do you think gold plating a toilet is a "business expense"? >> if i was showing off for my friends or i needed it and i had the funds to do it, yes, i would probably do it were you surprised to see donald trump spent $38,000 on that siberian tiger for vladimir putin's birthday? >> yeah, i'm not i would think he would want to gain friends in the business world. >> what did you think about how donald trump is technically leasing his wife melania to the campaign? is it okay that he found that loophole? >> every person's leasable. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: is that true? oh, that settles it, he can get away with anything. tonight on the show, music tonight from usher from the new show "speechless" minnie driver
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by pedigree. feed the good. if you try to write, on a plain old mac the difference can be seen (it doesn't work) (the keyboard detaches from the screen) get the surface pro
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[ cheers and applause ]
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tonight, from the new show "speechless" which premieres tomorrow night on abc, minnie driver is here. [ cheers and applause ] then, this is his new album, it's called "hard to love," usher from the samsung outdoor stage. [ cheers and applause ] usher has invited people from all over the world, to dance behind him on our big cisco screen, the wall of america. we're going to have an international dance party on the show tomorrow ni invited, okay? dance agent home. tomorrow night, lupita nyong'o, bill o'reilly, we'll have music from jake owen, and on thursday, viola davis and music from rae sremmurd. so please join us for that. our first guest is a two-time oscar winner and one-time equalizer who is saddled up for a brand-new take on the classic western, "the magnificent seven." it opens in theaters friday. please welcome
12:01 am
[ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: how you doing? good to see you. [ cheers and applause ] when you first heard that song, that salt-n-pepa song -- >> >> oh, that's right, they say my name. >> jimmy: body like arnold with a denzel face. >> that's [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that? >> you know. >> jimmy: did you think, what's wrong with my body? >> you know. i bought a thousand albums but -- no, no. it was flattering. >> jimmy: flattering, yeah. must be strange, though, to turn on the radio and something like that happens. >> it was. >> jimmy: there aren't a lot of denzels. it's not like, oh, that was probably denzel schwarts. >> you know what, when i was a
12:02 am
didn't want to be denzel. >> jimmy: why? >> attendance. on you're sitting in there, they call everybody's name. mikey, here. joey, here. zen -- den -- denzel? >> jimmy: they always got it wrong? >> yeah, i didn't want to be denzel. >> jimmy: a terrible thing for kids. i have a friend jean na, her real name is regime that, every year the teach we're say re-gine-na and everyone would laugh. >> i was called i said what did you say? >> jimmy: that was a teacher? >> no, it wasn't a teacher. >> jimmy: it wasn't a teacher, okay. >> ginger ale? i said, what? zen dell? pencil? stencil? >> jimmy: i bet they don't call you that anymore, do they. mercedes denz? no? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] last time you were here you were
12:03 am
for this movie "the magnificent seven." how long did you wind up training to ride a horse? >> including the filming, i was probably on one close to a year. maybe eight months, a year. >> jimmy: when you go out, do you pick your horse? do they give the horse to you? >> they picked a nice, calm horse for me. >> jimmy: okay. >> it's not like -- >> jimmy: not like going to an auto dealership where you test drive a bunch of horses? >> you don't want a young horse. too feisty. you want an older fellow. >> jimmy: how old was your horse? >> i don't know. i don't know. but i loved it. i got into it. we were ride outside, about an hour outside of town. you get to know your horse. i'd always walk him and pet him first and talk to him. hi, i'm stencil. whatever. pet him, wash him, feed him. >> jimmy: what was his name? >> palone.
12:04 am
spent all this time with this animal? >> no, that's what he did to me. >> jimmy: he did? >> no, no. that's it, that's it. >> jimmy: that's it? >> that's the movie business. >> jimmy: do you think it will be like that youtube video, animal trainers left the lion in the jungle, then they went back to the jungle and they saw the lion, the lion charges at them, you think, lion's going to kill them. instead they hug the lion, roll around. will you and palone do that? no? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> i was trying to think, how would he hug me? >> jimmy: that could be a great next film, "horses can hug." >> it was a good relationship. >> jimmy: you spoke at dallas cowboys training camp. is that part of the cowboy thing? or was that just a -- >> no, when i was -- no, no, no. >> jimmy: the cowboys train in oxna oxnard, not far from here. preseason you spoke.
12:05 am
year. >> jimmy: both years. >> since i was a kid, and i saw bob hayes play, i wanted -- i like the cowboys. so they were my team. >> jimmy: right. >> i stick with my team. i like the giants. but bob hayes was a black guy. >> jimmy: right. >> who was fast. i was a black guy. who wasn't fast. [ laughter ] but, you know. just as a kid, whatever reason. plus they were just cool and they were america's team. >> jimmy: same here. i lived in las vegas and i like tony dorsett. that is the even though he's a black guy who is fast, i was not fast or a black guy, either of those two things. >> it's not too late. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's too late for fast. >> it's too late for fast. no, but -- and i stuck with my team. all through the '60s, '70s. dorsett, even before dorsett, duane thomas, walt garrison. >> jimmy: what do you say to a team when you speak to them? you're an actor, you play roles, but you're not really that guy.
12:06 am
who -- i won't say his name, a real quiet guy, behind the scenes kind of guy. he's a very powerful guy. and he had a stroke. and he was talking to them about how life was precious. and how they should take advantage of their life on this earth. because he's accomplished all these things and he had a stroke and it was like, oh. you can go like that. he ended up, his speech, with -- the time is now, you need to live, you need to do it now, find a way to work together. they got stuff. i followed up behind him and i said, the time is now. the press came out and said that i said the time is now. he did. >> jimmy: he wrote that dialogue for you. >> and i took advantage and ran with it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: for the cowboys the time really is now. >> it is. >> they came out and lost their first game. >> yeah. and their quarterback. >> jimmy: and tony romo got hurt again. >> the young kid is good. >> jimmy: he is good. but -- yeah, it will be nice when romo gets back in there.
12:07 am
again. >> well. >> jimmy: or your speech will have been in vain. >> the time is now, before romo gets back. >> jimmy: we'll take a break. we'll see a clip from the new movie. it's "the magnificent seven." denzel washington is here! be right back!
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what's that fer? >> information. looking for a man. big fella. about your size. >> what's his name? >> name his mama gave him was daniel harrison. but sometime he goes by the name potter dan. >> jimmy: that's denzel washington in "the magnificent seven." you'll have that for the rest of your life, right? >> well, i may have lost it already. but we were all -- you know, there's a competition. you know, it was seven guys up
12:14 am
>> and so chris was good with his guns. chris pratt. ethan. vincent was very good. this kidman will, the spanish kid, he was the best. >> jimmy: he was the best one? >> he'd spin this this way. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> take one out like that. then he'd go -- >> jimmy: you'd pull a kid hike that aside and go, hey, take it easy, i'm taken zell washington. >> no. i go to the director. he's great but he's not going to do the movie. >> jimmy: everything but his hands will be i >> he was good. >> jimmy: is the hat a very important part of being a cowboy? is there a lot of decision-making put into which hat you're going to wear? >> it's for shade. >> jimmy: it's for shade? >> you need it. black man, black hat, black shirt, black vest, black pants, black socks, black shoes, on a black horse. [ laughter ] with black underwear. [ cheers and applause ]
12:15 am
it was 105 degrees every day. serious, it was hot. >> jimmy: that's why i would never do -- you have the ability -- you could choose any kind movie you want to do. if somebody said, how about a cowboy movie? i'd go, no, thank you. it's dirty and hot. >> they don't make that many. >> jimmy: yeah, they don't make many. are there other jugenres you'd hike to make? a superhero movie? >> i won't fit in the tights. >> anything else mind? >> i don't like to think that way. i don't want to be another cowboy right now. >> jimmy: right. >> i just like to look for different things. >> as a kid that's what you play. if there's ever an acting role that you're kind of born into, it's cowboys and indians. >> exactly. >> jimmy: none of the kids want to be the indians, they're always the cowboys, because the cowboys have the cool tools and stuff like that. all of a sudden you're a little kid again. >> right. see, i suffer from -- not
12:16 am
pst -- whatever they call it. >> ptsd. >> when i was a kid, most people aren't old enough. you had ed sullivan and "bonanza." that's what you watched, then you went to bed. i watched "bow zanna" but i was trying to work out a way to waste time so i could stay up. in a sense i didn't like ""bonanza" because then it was time for bed. >> jimmy: a lot of the thins when we were kids you watched because it was the only thing to watch. something. like there's really -- >> tv used to go off! tv doesn't go off anymore. how can people people here are post-tv going off. >> jimmy: they don't know what you're talking about. >> they don't even know. they're too young. who remembers when tv used to go off? [ cheers and applause ] oh! not when your father and mother told you.
12:17 am
the national anthem came on. >> the national anthem then eeeeeeee! >> jimmy: after this show tonight we're turning the network off. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] denzel washington, thanks for being here. "the magnificent seven" opens in theaters friday. we'll be right back with minnie driver. [ cheers and applause ] ? [?diggy? by spencer ludwig]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, music from usher. our next guest is an oscar and emmy-nominee whom you know from, among other things, pretending to be attracted to matt damon in "good will hunting." her new tv show "speechless" premieres tomorrow night at 8:30 on abc. please say hello to minnie driver. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: so i was looking at your twitter. you said you got -- you had to
12:23 am
jit. >> i'm only joking. i really did lose my voice. >> jimmy: for real. i thought this was some sort of weird promotion for "speechless." since it's the time the show. >> it was pre-existing. >> jimmy: into the mouth or into the neck? >> the bum. >> jimmy: they did? that's a long needle. long long [ laughter ] >> i will not take that as a compliment. >> jimmy: wait a minute, though. it's for your throat, right? >> yeah, bus a into the muscle. it goes everywhere. >> jimmy: i didn't know that. >> i have 24 hours until i turn back into a silent pumpkin. >> jimmy: did you lose your voice at the emmys? >> yeah, i was at the emmys. i don't think i lost my voice because of that. we were -- i've got to tell you, when you go into the emmys, the first thing everybody wants to do is have their picture taken so they can check the pretty dress. it was very hard this first sunday. we're standing there, melting.
12:24 am
viola davis, john travolta, we're all meting together. but we're waiting because we're civilized people. >> jimmy: right. >> as we stand there melting, this chick comes gunning up the side of the line, tall, beautiful girl. >> jimmy: oh. >> most likely -- you know what she's on that show "mr. robot," let's call her mrs. robot. she shimmys up to the security guard. i don't know whether she offered him her gift bag or something else. and he lets her cut t cuts in front of viola davis, john travolta. >> jimmy: oh my goodness! >> i'm standing there with kuma, zach, reid scott -- >> jimmy: they're all mad. >> yeah. i'm madder than they are. i'm like, listen. two minutes later, they pull me to the front of the line. to get my picture taken. and it turns out i am no better than mrs. robot.
12:25 am
i went. see you later! i'll see you later! good-bye! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i'm hot. see you, bye! >> jimmy: that's pretty funny. >> i'm horrible. >> jimmy: well, what are you going to do? you got pulled to the front, you go to the front. >> that's how it goes. >> jimmy: i saw your show, it's really funny and really good. i mean, like no kidding around. really, really good and really funny. people are going to like it a lot. it's an interesting - your typical sitcom. you put -- well, talk about the show and the character that you play. >> the writer of the show grew up in a household, his brother was nonverbal, cerebral palsy sufferer. he wrote about his family, his brother, his mom, his sister. i play the mom. we have no money. we move into a nice neighborhood so our kids can go to a good school. we live in a [ bleep ] house. >> jimmy: is his mom the same as your character?
12:26 am
of a ball-breaker. >> i think she is. i think she's a lot more than even call. i think mrs. sylveri is top of the charts amazing warrior mother. i think i'm just scratching the surface. >> jimmy: being an amazing warrior mother is great when you're the child of that person. but when you're everybody else in the vicinity? it can be a huge pain in the ass. >> she's a giant pain in the ass. in fact, that's what my agent calls me, he goes, i've got this script and no one really wants to do it, everyone's worried because she's not likeable, she's a giant pain in the ass, i thought you would be perfect. >> jimmy: really. [ laughter ] why did he have that thought or she have that thought? >> when you're english, i realize if they let me be english you can get away with saying terrible things. >> that is true. >> i can call you a [ bleep ].
12:27 am
charming ray of sunshine. >> jimmy: also we know that certain words that are very offensive here, like [ bleep ] for instance. >> when i say [ bleep ], it gets by the censor. if you said [ bleep ], it would not. >> jimmy: it would not. why? are they spelled differently? >> no, spelled exactly the same. it's because you have a long "a." >> jimmy: i see. [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: see, you're testing this theory right now. there. >> this is never going to be okay. >> jimmy: who is deciding whether to bleep or not bleep right now. >> oh, it's wrong. >> jimmy: exactly, exactly. so one of the two kids on the show actually has cerebral palsy. >> yeah, micah fowler has cerebral palsy. and he's a magic actor. i think people are going to fall in love with him. >> jimmy: i understand too, yeah. >> funny, sly. >> jimmy: it's a very -- it's
12:28 am
you're with somebody who's disabled, that people act differently and treat them maybe like babies or something. >> exactly. they'll talk loudly. micah's body has some challenges, but his mind is beautiful and amazing and sharp. he himself is full of alacrity and humor and he's a great actor. but it's so good it's a comedy. i'm sick of seeing disabled people, people with special needs, whatever the ver choose to use, depicted as people who can't wait to die and want to get away from it and it's awful. these are robust, amazing lives that need to be celebrated and they need to have a laugh, god knows. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i agree with you. i will say this. i think in a way, i think this is human nature. i know it's terrible to say. when you talk like that, people think, oh, this is some serious show and i'm going to have to -- it's going to be a little bit of a bummer.
12:29 am
and in fact, the kid is kind of -- >> kind of an ass. >> jimmy: kind of a jerk, like everybody else, he's a typical teenager. >> jimmy: a smart-ass teenager. congratulations on the show. >> thank you. >> jimmy: it came out great. it's called "speechless." it premieres tomorrow night on abc. minnie driver, everybody! be right back with usher! >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by samsung.
12:31 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank denzel washington, minnie driver and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but this is his album called "hard to love." here with the song "no limit" with a little help from people all over the world, usher! ? ? usher ? ? jimmy kimmel ?
12:32 am
with me now ? ? make you say uh no limit got that master p no limit baby give you that black card no limit ? ? just know when you roll with somebody like me there's no limit baby ? ? make you say uh no limit i c-murder that no limit baby give you that ghetto d girl no limit ? ? just know when you roll with somebody like me there's no limit baby ? ? you know you fine baby you know that you fine i'm just tryna make you mine ? yeah i'm tryna make you mine put a tingle in your spine ? ? we got to vibe we got a wave you should ride on it all the places i could take you girl is limitless ? ? so if you never been girl i would just love to take you there ? ? you don't have to worry 'bout a thing i got it let me show you better than ? ? cause i may not know you just let me hold you you be my soldier and you from the 'nolia ?
12:33 am
got that master p no limit baby give you that black card ? ? no limit just know when you roll with somebody like me there's no limit baby ? ? make you say uh no limit i c-murder that no limit baby give you that ghetto d ? ? girl no limit just know when you roll with somebody like me there's no limit baby ? ? cars on decline baby the cars on decline you roll with me you miss shine yeah lil mama we shine just pick a destination go 'head show me ? ? you can get like everything show me like any car any house baby you can get like ? ? any ring anything you knock it knock it down all through the night all through the day yeah ? ? i knock that [ bleep ] out baby you call me sugar ray yeah ? ? 'cause i may not know you just let me hold you you be my soldier and you from the 'nolia ?
12:34 am
no limit baby give you that black card no limit just know when you roll with somebody like me there's no limit baby ? ? make you say uh no limit i c-murder that no limit baby give you that ghetto d ? ? girl no limit just know when you roll with a [ bleep ] like me there's no limit baby ? ? you finer than wine baby girl i ain't lying make my homies drop a dime ? ? commit a crime jeopardize my lifeline just to see your vital signs ? ? ain't no limit babe we do it larger ain't no limit babe when you a starter ? ? martyr outsmart the rari rari fill the session with bacardi barbies ? ? kerosene kerosene promise spin washing machine ? ? thin waisted primadonna never limit i'm a stoner ? ? tinted out them never
12:35 am
they always 'ginners ? ? polished sheen and rag denim i'ma spend my night with 'dem ? ? i could put karats all over you karats all over you ? ? never mind we only poppin' [ bleep ] man i been getting high with these fools ? ? and she said all her friends fake was solo rocking ? ? and she a real bad bad [ bleep ] she ain't gotta photoshop it ? ? uh no limit ? i c-murder that no limit baby give you that ghetto d girl no limit ? ? just know when you roll with somebody like me there's no limit baby ?
12:36 am
? ?
12:37 am
this is a special edition of "nightline." "flash point: refugees in america." tonight, a year-long journey. the syrian refugees who now call america home. and the americans who want them out. david muir and from amman, jordan. who's vetting the syrian refugees? who are the champions of those children here at home? >> i do not think that hate and fear should redefine who we are. >> this special edition of


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