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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  September 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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reading a book. >> as reed reports police shot the man while looking for a different person with an outstanding warrant. >> reporter: protests in north carolina after charlotte police shot and killed a man while looking to serve a warrant tuesday. police say while officers looked for the individual in the warrant they encountered another man they say was armed. >> it was some imminent threat to them. and because of that at least one officer fired rounds at the subject. >> reporter: the officer involved is now on administrative leave. the demonstrations in charlotte following other protests in tulsa, oklahoma after the fatal shooting of an unarmed african- american man friday. police video shows 40-year-old terence crutcher walking to the vehicle with his hands up followed by officers. he stands for a moment beside the suv and then -- >> shots fired! >> reporter: lying on the pavement fatally wounded after an officer fires. officer now on paid
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looks at the side of the car and officer shelby in his lefthand goes into the window. >> reporter: criticism over the shooting fueled by what is seen in video and heard. >> looks like a bad dude too. >> reporter: crutcher's sister responding to the characterization of her brother. >> that big bad dude was my twin brother. that big bad dude was a father. federal authorities are officially charging a new york bombing suspect ahmed rahami, now he faces terrorism charges. the criminal complaints say that rahami wrote in a journal he praised various extremists including bin laden. he was already facing state charges earlier this week. accused of planting a series of bombs in new york and north. one bomb injured more than 30 people when it blew up on a busy manhattan street. he was captured monday after he was wounded in a gunfight with police in new jersey.
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things should be back to normal at a pasco county hospital following an explosion that prompted evacuation preparations. a fire alarm went off 5:30 yesterday evening at florida hospital wesley chapel. investigators say there was a small explosion in the hospital's industrial air conditioning unit. the power stayed on but that explosion did knock out the entire hospital. several agencies responded in case they needed to evacuate patients. hospital officials gave the all clear a couple of and patients never had to leave the building. >> it was off at least two hours. it got warm in there. a lot of people were sweating and stuff. >> when the ac was out all incoming patients were diverted to other hospitals. crews now working to figure out what caused the explosion. last month a lightning strike and fire in the hospital
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other hospitals and it didn't reopen for five days. deputies searching for the person that killed a 95-year- old in sebring. he was found dead in the kitchen floor of his house off wellington drive monday. the sheriff's office wants to question the people he recently hired to do work around his house. the niece, shocked has a message for the people that killed her uncle. >> whoever did this to my uncle i hope he comes around and can't sleep at night. he took >> if you know anything about the case call crime stoppers or the highlands county sheriff's office. a pasco county elementary school volunteer will be back on the job this morning. deputies say a parent intentionally hit that volunteer with their car in the school dropoff line. lawrence frink lynn was arrested for aggravated battery with a vehicle in the school in new port richey. investigators say he rammed
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he asked deni man in the to cut in line and block traffic. then franklin became belligerent he said. >> he gunned it again an then hit me. i braced myself that way so i wouldn't fall. >> you went on the hood? >> yeah. >> he suffered a gash to the the left knee. he volunteered at that school for two years and says a lot of impatient parents need to be more cautious around kids. a miami construction worker is in critical condition after being hit by lightning on the job. he was working building under construction yesterday when clouds rolled in. the project manager ordered everyone down but too late for at least one person. rescuers say it took an hour to bring the victim to ground level. >> we didn't have conventional operating elevators or stable stairways so we had technical rescue units respond and lowered the patient down an elevator shaft to lower levels. >> the victim was rushed to a hospital. other construction workers say
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paramedics at the time. that can happen with thunderstorms this time of year. today lower chance of rain in the form of thunderstorms. morning coastal showers are behaving off-shore. not coming in for a time. so we'll be mostly dry but eventually will make their way in though today we're going to be limited by dry air that is beginning to work in here. not going to shut off our rain chances but tampa to the north not going to rain there. and then to the south, where we still available to get thunderstorms going. so we're in between today. rain chances between 20% and 30%. then really even lower tomorrow as that dry air continues to funnel from the north. low 80s now with mostly cloudy skies. nice moon out there from the south. 80 in tampa. 81 st. pete. looking at the mid and upper 70s elsewhere as we check in our interior counties today. you'll be seeing the thunderstorms if any, 20% coverage as most of us are
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side. showers still off-shore but a couple beginning to move on here. we still have the northwesterly flow and wind off the water will begin to pull those in. very isolated stuff. just an indication of the change we have here. drier air is going to be limiting rain chances and the rainfall potential today not as great as we've seen the last few days. so if you are looking for dry times this is it for you here as temperatures approach 90. the dry air is up above. here at the surface it's still going that makes it feel much hotter than that. 90-degree high for today. quick check of the tropics, here's karl till going to bermuda. eventually as a cat 1 or 2 hurricane before making that hook to the right. and lisa will do the same. it's not going to bother anyone. it's going to continue to head to the north. then we have another system off of africa that we'll be talking about the next few days as the tropics really in the atlantic basin now have heated up bigtime. the extended 7-day forecast
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quick check of traffical almost 4:37. live look at i-4 at branch forbes road. checking the roads again in 15 minutes. we're expecting new details about the planned launch of ferry service between downtown st. petersburg and tampa. a conference set for 10:00 this morning near downtown tampa about this. a community workshop about the tampa bay express project is tonight, it was earlier this month because of tropical storm hermine at the time. it's 6:30 tonight at the seminole heights branch library. hillary clinton brings her campaign back to florida. she's holding a rally at the frontline outreach youth and family extent center in orlando. she discuss america that is stronger together and the economy that works for everyone, not just for those at
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afternoon. rally. donald trump is heading to toledo, ohio yesterday. he made controversial comments during a campaign event in north carolina where he told an nearly all white crowd that african-americans are in the worst shape than ever before. >> you get no education, you get no jobs. you get shot walking down the street. they are worse -- honestly, places like afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities. >> the comments igni a firestorm on social media. critics accuse trump of failing to consider u.s. history with slavery and north carolina's history with jim crow laws and segregation. we're learning officials in port st. lucie are investigating a man after a standoff with deputies. they shot joshua scott, 22, when he pulled out a gun according to deputies. deputies involved on paid leave
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complete. happening today officials at the mosaic plant will go before the board of commissioners, expected to answer questions about toxic water flowing into the florida aquifer through a massive sink hole. crews are trying to stop the toxic water. concerns it could contaminate well water for surrounding communities. florida deputies going above and beyond the call of duty. look at pictures from flagler county. you see deputies teeming up with animal control officers to rescue in a septic tank. by the end of the rescue it was up and walking around. good for them. florida theme parks are now passing out mosquito repellent, hoping touristses will still plan trips despite zika virus concerns. zika may not be the only concern now for visitors. disney is surveying annual pass holders about a possible two month blackout period to thin out huge crowds after the opening of the new "star wars,"
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attractions. they are asking if season pass holders will be able to spend more money during the blackout period or willing to wait it out before going to see it. disney says it surveys guests all the time about possible changes, some happen and some don't. a puppy is reunited with his family. followed acoming back. owning this prosthetic made me feel like i was complete. >> now her process thet arm is gone. stolen by a thief. the plea to return it. >> officials in canada calling for a state of emergency because of high rates of new aids and hiv cases. the province where the outbreak is happening.
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. 4:44. officials in saskatchewan want a state of emergency declared because of new hiv and aids cases. many of those living with aids in the canadian province are
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resources to fight the infection are scarce. saskatchewan says more cases are reported when people are better connected to health resources resources testing. a kansas city woman is not feeling complete without her prosthetic arm. she received a state of the art parrot thetic, allowed her to do simple tasks and was customized to 34567 her skin tone. earlier this week someon it and her purse out of her mini van. >> having that opportunity to have a bionic limb -- it was just -- the greatest thing that really happened to me. >> with that parrot thetic arm carmona has back problems because she has to shift her weight to the left side to keep her balance. kansas city police are investigating. happening today -- the ceo of mylan will be forced to answer tough questions on
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it's been under fire in recent weeks for raising thekov of epipens, life saving allergy drug. the ceo's mother is accused of using her position on a national school board association to get states to force districts to buy the epipen. taking action for you -- samsung galaxy note 7 apparently really hurting business. in a recent survey nearly a third of americans who own the recalled phone want a refund and not a replacement phone. a quarter of those survey get an i-phone after the recall. autumn begins tomorrow. droughts in some parts of the country will affect those pretty fall leaves on some trees. in the northeast some trees are in survival mode from a lack of rain. so instead of turning festive colors they go straight to brown and drop off. however, maine and vermont will be good spots for the leaf peeping. >> it's sad but they will have
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further north and then you will be getting into this. i'm doing a survey, first weekend of fall, take your pick. tampa 89, 30% chance of afternoon storms or get to boston, sunny, high near 59. i'm inclined to go here now but for the first weekend of winter, whole different story. most of us are going to be on the left side. though we already heard from folks that wot 89 for anything including those lovely leaves that at times are brown as dan said. excellent news for friends in bermuda. just in from the national hurricane center. tropical storm karl is now a tropical depression karl. and between you and me probably could have happened a couple days ago. this has really been disorganized. in fact it's forecast to still be a depression as we head into tomorrow. eventually instead of becoming
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huge difference obviously for bermuda. yes, look at squally weather, showers and squally showers and also wind but nothing like what we were talking about yesterday or the day before. as this thing continues to head north and east. so that for now looks good, if the track continues as it has the last couple of days. for us coastal morning showers. yesterday we had a bunch of them. i don't think it will be as widespread today. these are staying off-shore but eventually they will begin to push in through the early part dry air is our friend the next two days, that will allow for lower rain chances. watch on futurecast a few storms but not the typical coverage that we see this time of year. 30% to 40%. that won't last but for the next couple of days, 2, 3 days still looking at lower rain chances. watch on the high resolution model. this one usually goes overboard, so you don't see much on this. it gives you a good indication of how that dry air begins to now influence our weather pattern through today.
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in our 7-day forecast will be rain chances today and tomorrow. down to 20% both days highs near 90. by the way the humidity at the surface still high so it will feel like close to 100. then slightly higher rain chances friday and heading into the first weekend of fall with both days there in the upper 80s. 4:49. this is i-275 at the north end of the howard frankland bridge. it's pretty quiet now but again it's ea traffic cameras and will have a full look at the morning commute coming up at 5:00. tonight the rays play game two of a three-game series against the new york yankees. usf is getting ready to host florida state this saturday. tom korun has your morning sports report. >> reporter: good morning. just as the lightning ready to open camp the rays closing down their season. rays losing the opener of the
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this was a close one between thages and rays until -- the yankees and rays until top of the seventh. boxberger put this over the plate. sanchez takes it for a ride. yankees go on to beat the rays last night final in this one 5- 3. i sure hope fsu has simmered down after the blowout loss to louisville over the weekend. the head coach has to get his to take on usf and ray jay saturday at high noon. for the bulls despite the loss to louisville the win would put a stamp of respect on their program and they know it. they are protecting themselves from making this game bigger than what it is. >> i'm sure it will make some noise. it's a big game because it's the next game. it's big because it's florida
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state schools, good football team. we don't necessarily think you get all the attention you want by one game but it can help. >> i people don't really respect south florida and we're trying to get back to where it was after down years. this is a stepping down but it's the next game on the schedule and the post important game on our schedule. >> reporter: that's ur morning sports update. enjoy yo coming up -- we're going to take to you a kentucky farm, the scene of a very rare bird, calf born with two heads. >> a warning about an inveighsive species that poses a deadly threat to dogs. breeds most likely to chase a
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y246oy yy6y 4. 54. a few showers, not bothering us but we'll get into a few as things push northwest to southeast. not as widespread as yesterday. in fact rain chances today lower than all week. 20% chance of rain with dry air
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typical afternoon storms later in the week. more on that and the tropics as well in the next hour. christmas still may be more than three months away but the white house already picked the perfect tree for the occasion. 20-football sam fir from wisconsin will be decorated. we're continuing to follow a tense situation in charlotte, north carolina. >> protests lasted late into the night following the deadly shooting of a black man by police. police shot that man while with an outstanding warrant. we have the latest on conflicting accounts of what led up to the shots fired. >> this morning the mosaic fertilizer plant officials will go before hillsborough county leaders, expected to answer tough questions about toxic water flowing into florida's aquifer through a massive
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protests break out in charlotte, north carolina after police officers shoot a man they say was threatening them
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clashes with crowds. >> poisonous toads lurking in your backyard. they are a threat to your pets but we have tips to keep you safe. good morning, thank you for joining us on abc action news on this wednesday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. let's update first traffic and weather together to get you out the door. ivan and janelle have that. we're talking about more coastal showers again. coverage not as high though as the last couple of days but we'll watch these still off- shore, a mostly dry commute but onshore. today, the next couple of days drier air up above will limit rain chances, to 20%. most of us staying on the drier side, still humid though, that means the upper 70s eventually getting into the upper 80s to around 90 and with the humidity that will make it feel like 95 to 100. but there's the rain chance to 20%. we'll talk more about the tropics as well, we have a couple of systems out there. so on the pattern here, you can see this upper low to the north allowing for the dry air that


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