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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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clashes with crowds. >> poisonous toads lurking in your backyard. they are a threat to your pets but we have tips to keep you safe. good morning, thank you for joining us on abc action news on this wednesday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. let's update first traffic and weather together to get you out the door. ivan and janelle have that. we're talking about more coastal showers again. coverage not as high though as the last couple of days but we'll watch these still off- shore, a mostly dry commute but onshore. today, the next couple of days drier air up above will limit rain chances, to 20%. most of us staying on the drier side, still humid though, that means the upper 70s eventually getting into the upper 80s to around 90 and with the humidity that will make it feel like 95 to 100. but there's the rain chance to 20%. we'll talk more about the tropics as well, we have a couple of systems out there. so on the pattern here, you can see this upper low to the north allowing for the dry air that
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to get pulled into our area. excellent news there. and we'll put this on the high resolution model and you can see it's not much doing. just isolated storms by later this afternoon. so looking pretty good for evening and morning commutes. so far so good on the roadways. crashes overnight but they have all cleared. nothing to slow you down now. starting on the courtney campbell causeway, this is what it looks like at the tampa side, 9 the courtney campbell. a live look outside at i-4, around 301, these cars here heading towards tampa. nothing to slow you down, 22 minutes from county line road to downtown tampa. your drive through downtown on 275 looking great. five minutes from i-4 to the howard frankland, six minutes in the opposite direction. 5:01. breaking news overnight -- riots and protests break out in charlotte, north carolina after the deadly shooting of a black
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and an update on the injured officers. what ignited this? >> this was hours ago that police were looking for a man with an outstanding warrant when they saw keith lamont scott get out of his car with a gun. got out of the car and in the car again. police say he never put the gun down, an officer fired killing him. that sparked this, riots, fires, protests, tear gas. also reports of looting just within the past few hours. overnight pr shut down highways. not all violent, some held signs that said "black lives matter," and "stop killing us." in this case both the officer and the suspect were black men. on facebook a woman claiming to be the victim's daughter said at the time of the shooting the father was unarmed but police
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scott was holding. we should note scott wasn't the person that officers were initially searching for. certainly more to the story. i am also getting reports now of a major highway there, i-85 through the charlotte area where trucks are at a standstill and rioters and protesters are actually looting cargo trucks. we're working to get new video from that. police department get rid of an officer that shot and killed an unarmed black man there. terence crutcher was encountered by officers friday. a officer used a taser before officer betty shelby shot and killed him. she's on administrative leave while the case is being investigated. the st. louis county sheriff's office says deputies shot an unarmed man who crawled out of a window to confront them after a six-hour standoff. they say joshua scott
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a court order. he escaped through the back and walked into the yard, when he pulled out the weapon. deputies began shooting. scott died at the scene. his family's pastor spoke after the shooting. he says scott's parents and friends are devastated, also said scott was still a good person despite what happened. deputies involved in the shooting are now on paid leave while that shooting its under investigation. an elementary school volunteer is going to be back on the job this morning after he was hit by a car in the scho d now a dad is under arrest accused of intentionally bumping him. lawrence franklin was arrested for aggravated battery with w a vehicle at colusa elementary school in pasco county. officers say he crammed the school volunteer tuesday morning with the car. the victim said he asked franklin not to cut the line and block traffic. then he says the dad got angry. >> he gunned it again and then hit me.
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>> you went on the hood? >> yes. >> he now has a gash on his knee. he's volunteered at that school two years and says a lot of impatient parents need to be more cautious around kids. hillsborough county working hard to get homeless veterans off the streets. u.s. secretary of veterans affairs is visiting tampa today to highlight the efforts. he'll meet with county commissioners and tampa hillsborough homeless initiative. we told you in may when authorities revealed the total homeless population in the tampa bay area is rising, leaders ve especially for homeless vets. a 2-year-old boy continues to defy the odds when he was born doctors gave him a slim chance of survival. jackson beautiful was born with half a brain and skull missing. when he was born doctors say he would never hear, walk or talk but jackson is proving them all wrong. >> he is smiling, he's
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he's so strong both on the inside and out and he's never stopped fighting. >> jackson's mom says he still struggles everyday with seizures but says everyday is a blessing because she gets to wake up and celebrate her son's constant progress. dog owners, keep an eye on your pets during walks. there could be a deadly danger lying in wait for them. they are called cane toads and they are not native to florida but they are here and poisonous. some dogs especially yorkies and other biting one can make dogs seriously ill or even kill them. it's a lesson lori and jay paul learned too late. their jack russell terrier indy came in contact with their home monday. quickly started to go into seizures >> you can't imagine a dog shaking as hard as it was shaking. you can't shake it that hard. >> they washed her mouth out, took her to the vet but it was too late to save her. now they want to warn other dog
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cane toads are usually present at night especially after a rain so possibly walk your dog earlier in the evening. to an animal story with a much happier ending. flagler county deputies going above and beyond the call of duty to save a horse who stepped in it. you can see the pictures, deputies and animal control officers helped rescue that 24- year-old hours after it got stuck in a septic tank. by the end of the rescue it was up and walking around. today the ceo of the going to be forced to answer tough questions on capitol hill. the company has been under fire for raising the cost of epipens, a life saving allergy drug. the ceo's mother is accused of using her position on a national school board association to get states to force districts to buy the epipen. for years parents have avoided feeding babies peanuts and other common allegers
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dangerous reaction. a review now finds strong evidence it's a good idea to let babies sample peanuts and eggs as early as the first year of life. researchers reviewed more than 7 oyears of -- 70 years of studies and found introduceing them can actually reduce risk of developing allergies later on. galaxy note 7 owners can get replem want them. according to a recent survey more than a third of all americans who owned the recalled phone want to switch to apple and get an i-phone instead. fewer than one in five say they will stick with the note 7. you can help save the lives of children with cancer. chili's is hosting its annual st. jude day today. the restaurant is donating
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to participate head to any bay area chili's and donate. florida department of transportation continues to alter its plans for the controversial tampa bay express or tbx road project as it gets more feedback from the public. the tbx project would require buildings to torn down in some historic tampa neighborhoods. fdot has a workshop tonight at the seminole heights library, learn more about the project. this is the workshop that was i should say this month in fact due to hurricane hermine. that meeting begins at 6:30. 5:09. officials are planning a big announcement today on the ferry service between tampa and st. pete. leaders of the project are holding a briefing this morning at 10:00. we expect to get new details about the launch like what the vessels will look like and the route schedules. that service is set to start in november. it will run from the convention
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a few off-shore showers. we'll be clipped later into the morning but otherwise, we have a drier pattern setting up. showers still off-shore but eventually making it to northern pinellas and into pasco as well. highs this afternoon 90 but dry air above will limit rain chances. more on that and get you into the extended forecast coming up. 5:10. a man who lost his sister in the holocaust says a vandal now dishonoreddorred her memory. >> a warning for parents pasco county about the danger from a convicted sex offender
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even the u.s. government feeling the pinch from soaring real estate prices in the fran bay area. u.s. geological survey is moving out of their home of more than 50 years because of the high cost of rent. 435 people will leave the menlo park facility starting next year. they will move all of their earthquake to moffett field near san jose. weddings are expensive. i have two boys planning weddings now. most brides now that flowers can really drive the prize up. >> a pennsylvania bride is showing off decorations that can make a big day special and don't cost a thing. puppies. sarah works at two animal shelters and when an adorable litter of boxer mix puppies came in before the big day she
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gave them to the brides maids for photographs and even saved a pit bull named biggy smalls for herself. the photographer says the puppies added more than just a cute factor to the day. >> the entire bridal party was able to focus on just loving on the puppies and interacting with them instead of being concerned about how do i pose, where do i stand? do i look ok? >> no surprise the photos have gone viral. pretty good idea. >> i can a lot more to the day's festivities than just the cuteness factor. >> that's what the groomsmen are for right? >> exactly. ready for the last full day of summer. it's here! what are we going to do tomorrow and thereafter? you got the sweaters ready? no, it's not going to get that cool any time soon but look at, this first weekend of fall is coming up and rain chances 40%, temperatures at 89 so take your
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highs in the 50s. probably a little too cool for you and me that soon here but eventually we'll get into it. we're usually about a month behind. showers along the coast clipping, beginning to clip northern pinellas i think in the next hour. like what we saw yesterday, just less coverage. we've been talking about this upper low to our north and east. it's acting as basically just, kind of pulling that dry air that has been stationed across the southeastern u.s. this is not going to cool us off us out here. it's still going to be quite humid as you step outside but what it will do is lower rain chances the next couple of days as the showers and storms try to get going. they will hit that dry air up above and won't have much to work with. coverage the next two days will be lower. thinking down 20% so very isolated stuff heading into the afternoon. then we have karl and lisa out there in the atlantic ocean. very busy as of late in the atlantic so the morning showers
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afternoon lunch looks good, pickup for the buses look looks good, rain chances low, 20% the next couple of days and then we inch up a bit by late week. there's lisa. don't have to worry about, that it's a fish storm as we say. karl, excellent news. we've been talking about a category 2 approaching bermuda. now it's been downgraded to a depression. eventually into a tropical storm. grazing bermuda with some gusty winds and rainfall but certainly not as a hurricane. that is great for them 90 for us. 85 along the beaches, a little cooler there. as far as the extended forecast, lower rain chances, 0%. then slightly higher through the weekend, 30% to 40% but really nothing unusual certainly for this time of year. as we do through our first full weekend of fall. exciting stuff. right now no crashes or breakdowns. live drive is up to date. matt is working behind the
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pictures. he's on southbound 301 near harney road so checking out the drive through hillsborough county, no crashes or breakdowns. pretty empty there on 301. brandon area, i-75 near state road 60, up to speed now in both directions. buckle up, we're going to take a virtual drive along i-4 from i-75 to 275 passing ybor city. all the traffic indicators in the green, even at the junction looking great. there's a live picture of i-275 at i-4, in downtown tampa. again, nothing to slow you down. just about 10 minutes to get from 75 to 275. 5:18. a warning for parents in pasco county. deputies say a convicted sex offender is reaching out to children. derek rivera is out of jail but isn't supposed to use the internet or contact kids. deputies say he's been talking to an 8-year-old and using
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a thief is being sought who stole decorations from a holocaust memorial. star of david, two of them represented a young girl who was killed. a man created it to honor his sister and the more than one million other children that died. he was born in germany, left with his older brother at age 3, the mother stayed behind with the 18-month-old sister who was too young to join them, but never saw them again. he's calling it a despicable act of hatred. 5:19. coming up -- a crazy police chase caught on camera, and this crash you're about to see, only the beginning. >> firefighters returned to their station to find destruction, nasty notes and urine but wait until you hear the possible motive for the vandalism. >> first the new study is questioning the benefits of fitness trackers. kendis gibson and diane macedo have more. in "tech bytes," fitness trackers may not actually help
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>> a study finds people using the trackers lost five pounds less than those who didn't wear them. >> one possible explanation, seeing progress led some people to think they could then eat more. the author suggests not giving up on the tracker but not relying on it too much either. >> just wearing it is not enough. and replacement phones for the galaxy note 7s that can ignite are available starting today. 500,000 new samsung smartphones arrived in the u.s. >> and there are software updates for the and tindr will help you find your musical match with the help of spotify. users can now show off their favorite songs on their profile. >> the profeel connects to your spotify account so matches can see your most listened to artists and hear your favorite songs. >> a lot of single ladies from
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welcome back. 5:24. right now an investigation is underway to figure out who vandalized an ohio fire station. officials say firefighters in northfield found their station broken into and urine poured all over it. the vandals also left behind sticky notes with profanities written on them. as for a possible motive this is hard to believe but investigators say there's a rift between macedonia firefighters and northfield firefighters. right now investigators have no idea who dumped the urine and
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freeway. a suspect and truck weaving in and out of traffic before stopping only to back into a state trooper's cruiser and take off again. the trooper followed him to a struck stop where this whole thing happened. >> after that happened the driver of the truck hopped out and ran. he tried to hide in a crowd pretending to be a witness but troopers figured it out, after a struggle they say he was arrested, he had a handgun and also a knife. 5:25. coming up, the florida attorney general breaks her silence about controversial campaign donationses. >> what she says about taking money from donald trump while investigating trump university. coming up, we hear from a man who planted a bomb near a new jersey train station. why his friend who picked up the backpack is so
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5:30. a night of violence in charlotte, fires light up the night sky and riots after the deadly police shooting of a black man. incredible new video from overnight. thank you for joining us. wednesday morning at abc action news. thank you for joining us. i'm dan shaffer. janelle martinez, ivan cabrera
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and weather. not much going on. it's a good thing. checking with live drive -- as far as weather is concerned, a couple of showers. zooming in closer, in fact we're back here and checking in on the titan doppler radar and you can see we have those morning coastal showers we've been talking motion and you can see it's not making that much progress but eventually looking at showers across palm harbor say around 7:00, 8:00. it's not going to amount to much. i don't think it will be as widespread. in fact as we've had it the last several days. we have dry air that will limit rain coverage so i think interior counties will see the most coverage. there it will be only 20% so mostly dry today, upper 70s to lower 80s. that dry air by the way is up above, several thousand feet. here below we're still looking at humidity.


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