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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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probably not much tomorrow so we're down to 20% today and perhaps even a little bit lower tomorrow which is nice, first day of fall we get that. two days of lower rain chances, we'll talk more about karl and lisa, temperatures now in the upper 70s to around 80 with mostly clear skies and our temperatures by the afternoon, will be approaching 90 degrees which is average for this time of year. we'll get to point. if you're going to work now you should have no problems. matt is in pinellas county heading to dunedin. a lot of construction, cones out there so be careful of that if you're heading out the door. checking the cameras, i-275 at ashley in downtown tampa. your drive here looks great. just five minutes to get from here to the howard frankland bridge. and checking your drive on i-4,
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line road into downtown. 8 minutes from 75 to 275. follow me on twitter @tampabaytraffic for the latest. keeping you updated on breaking news from charlotte, north carolina. right now violent protests continue after a deadly police shooting. >> while you were sleeping rioters set fires, damaged police vehicles and attacked police officers. abc action news anchor lindsay logue now has a closer look at the very tense scene there. >> reporter: good morning. that scene st and killed tuesday had a gun, that man's daughter has a different story. hundreds of protesters responded. listen to what terrified truck driver who was stranded on -- is stranded on a highway now. >> they are holding the back of the trailer as we speak right now! >> looters on the back of her trailer looting it setting it on fire. all of this happening on a busy highway there i-85. the violence in charlotte has
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protesters setting fires as you see here, destroying police vans and threw water bottles and rocks at police. 12 officers were injured in the clashes overnight. all of this started tuesday afternoon. police were searching for a man when they saw keith lamont scott getting in and out of his car with a gun. officers say he posed imnent threat and fired killing scott. his daughter claims he was unarmed and disabled. tasered and shot four times. scott was not the van police we are getting new video and information every few minutes into the newsroom. we'll have another update on this violence in charlotte coming up in our next half- hour. meanwhile we're learning new information about the deadly shooting of an unarmed black man by police in oklahoma. protesters took to the streets in tulsa yesterday demanding that officer be fired. the police department says the officer, betty shelby, was certified on stun guns and had one on her at the time but didn't use it.
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year-old terence crutcher outside his stalled suv. police say she fired after he reached into his window but attorneys claim video shows his window is up. 6:03 now. the st. louis. st. lucie county sheriff's office says deputies shot an armed man who crawled out of a window to confront them after a six-hour standoff. deputies say they shot 22-year- old joshua scott after he threatened them with a gun. they came to the house a court order when he pulled out the weapon. deputies began shooting. now on paid leave while that shooting is under investigation. breaking news -- deputies in hillsborough county are investigating a shooting now, it happened along east fowler avenue in thonotosassa. detectives are not releasing a lot of details, they will only tell us that it was drug related, the injuries are not life threatening and they are in contact with everybody involved. an elementary school volunteer will be back on the
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dropoff line for parents. that parent, lawrence franklin was arrested for aggravated battery with a vehicle at colusa elementary school in pasco county. investigators say franklin rammed that school volunteer tuesday morning with his car. william deniman, the victim said he asked franklin not to cut the line and block traffic. then became belligerent. >> then he gunned it again and that's when he hit me and i -- i braced myself that way so i wouldn't fall. >> you went >> yeah. >> debiman suffered a gash to the left knee. volunteered at that school two years and says a lot of imfacial parents need to be more cautious around kids. impatient. a warning for parents now, pay extra attention to who your kids are in contact with on the phone and social media. they are especially worried now that a convicted sex offender is back on the streets. here's the picture of derek rivera, recently released from
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with minors but broke both rules after his release. he's been in contact with an 8- year-old using facebook and instagram. deputies found an elderly sebring man dead on the kitchen floor and searching for the people he recently hired to help him do work around the house. 95-year-old dominick demundo was found monday at his house off wellington drive in sebring. deputies doing a welfare check scufort d his body. the nie i message for people that killed her uncle. >> whoever did this to him, i hope you can't sleep at night and i hope they come up and confess. it's just not fair. it was not right for what they did to him. >> if anyone has information about the case call crime stoppers. or the highlands county sheriff's office. officials are now trying to figure out what caused an explosion at a pasco county hospital. authorities tell us there was a small blast last night in the
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chapel. it shut down the ac throughout the entire hospital. at first they thought the power was out but later learned that was not the case. the hospital was ready in case they needed to evacuate patients. thankfully they didn't have to, however things did get a bit uncomfortable in the heat >> it was off at least two hours. it got warm in there. a lot of people were sweating. but it's seems to be up and running now, everything is cooling off in there. seems to be back to normal. the hospital told us all the systems are that they have no issues at this time. >> incoming patients were diverted to other hospitals until that hospital gave the all clear about three hours later. just last month a lightning strike touched off a brief fire and power outage at by aonet point hospital in hudson. emergency crews evacuated 200 patients to other hospitals. bayonet point opened five days later. u.s. secretary of veterans affairs is visiting tampa today to highlight efforts to get
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streets. he'll meet with county commissioners and tampa and hillsborough homeless initiative. in may we told you authorities revealed the total homeless population in the tampa bay area is rising but leaders are rolling out programs to provide housing especially for homeless vets. a big announcement coming later today on the ferry service between tampa and st. pete. this morning at 10:00. we expect to get new details about the launch, what the festivals will look like and route schedules. that service is set to start in november. it's going to run from the convention center tampa to the basin in st. pete. a one-way ticket will cost $10, the goal is for it to reduce traffic. still to come -- a driver rams into a police cruiser. how he tried to blend in with his surroundings nearly escaping. >> a warning to dog owners about a deadly an mailing you may stumble upon during a walk. animal. the time of day when you should
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, welcome back. 6:10. a wild chase on a utah freeway. a suspect in the truck weaves in and out of traffic before stopping but before that he backs into a state trooper and takes off again. >> that trooper followed him to a truck stop where this happened. >> after that the driver hopped out and took off.
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blend in but that didn't last long. after a brief struggle he was arrested. troopers say he had a gun on him and knife. back at home -- florida deputies went above and beyond the call of duty. you see the picture here, they are trying to save a horse that got stuck in a septic tank. detectives teamed up with animal control officials to rescue that 24-year-old horse named mercy. we found out this morning the horse got there after falling through the tank's fiber glass cover on tuesday. took more than three free her. the horse had cuts and scrapes but otherwise doing fine now. >> excellent news showers already approaching pinellas county. we'll continue to see this. lower rain chances the next few days as showers beginton weeken. by afternoon, typical thunderstorms so by pickup time, 3:00 or so. isolated showers and storms, highs near 90 but rain coverage only 20% today. that continues the next couple
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weekend. we'll have that coming up. 6:11. vandals hit a fire station with urine, the ongoing feud that might be behind this gross attack. >> every single day we wake up, we try to celebrate that day with him and celebrate his life. >> plus, if you have an update on this miracle baby here, how he's continuing to defy the odds amazing parents, doctors
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6:15. breaking news unfolding now. police in michigan are on the scene of a horrific murder in dearborn heights. officers say they got a call just after midnight from a man who told dispatchers he killed his entire family. police responded and found four children dead and woman critically injured. that woman was able to speak with investigators, she's in the hospital now. police are now confessed killer. we'll continue to follow this. 6:15 now -- police in massachusetts are looking for a thief who stole decorations from a holocaust memorial. a star of david, actual two of them made of bronze represented a young girl who was killed. fred ronasak created it to remember his sister and more than one million other children who died. he was born in germany but left with his older brother when he was 3 years old.
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the then 18-month-old sister too young to join the family. he never saw them again. he's calling the theft a despicable act of hatred. an investigation is underway now to find out who poured urine all over an ohio fire station. firefighters in northfield say someone broke into their station and vandalized it. they say the culprits left behind sticky notes with profanities on them. authorities say there's a rift between macedonia firefighters and northfield so far no arrests. to an update on a 2-year- old orlando boy who is defying the odds. >> we told you last year about jackson buell last year. he was given a slim chance of survival after birth. born with half a skull and brain. when he was born doctors said he would never hear, see or walk. but jackson is proving them all wrong. >> he is smiling, he's
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hear him saying mama and dada. he's so strong. both on the inside and out. he's never stopped fighting. >> jackson's mom says he still struggles everyday with seizures but she says everyday is a blessing because she gets to wake up and celebrate her son's constant progress. 6:17. we've got a warning for pet owners. keep a close eye on your pet when out for walks. >> a deadly danger could be lying in wait for them. they are called cane toads and they are poisonous. they are not native to florida but they are here and biting one can lead to serious illness, even death. owners in lee county learned that the hard way. their jack russell terrier came in contact with one, had seizures, they rushed her to the vet but couldn't be saved. they are usually active at night especially if it rains. consider walking your dog earlier in the the evening. wasn't the giant ones? that make that noise?
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i've seen a couple of them. walking cody. good to know there. there are showers across northern pinellas county if you're in clearwater, palm hatcher, showers on the way but this will be the exception, i don't think we'll be as widespread as we were yesterday. even our inland thunderstorms, 20% coverage, so what's going on? we have dry air up above. that is getting pulled in on the back side of an area of low pressure, that for us will mean lower rain chances, not just today but the next couple days. i think we'll be in pretty good shape with the dry conditions. tropics, karl and lisa still there, neither of wimp will bother the united states but karl has been threatening bermuda. we'll update that in a second. upper 70s to around 80 degrees with mostly clear skies. you saw the showers, i showed you on titan, that continues this morning. and then we'll transition to afternoon thunderstorms. not typical though. still higher coverage this time of year but down to 20% with
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chances the next couple of days. lisa, no worries there but there's now tropical depression karl, going in the other direction which is great. it's weakening. has been really a mess of the last couple of days here. a tropical depression now, no longer expected to be a hurricane as it makes its closest pass to bermuda. that will be this weekend. at one point we had a cat 2 storm rolling through so this is better news. not a nice weekend, gusty winds and rainfall but not the storm we we'll have upper's to around 90. average high is 89. we have more of it coming up. friday and heading into the first weekend of fall we'll have upper 80s with rain chances at about 30% through the afternoons. matt is in the live drive cam, on the courtney campbell causeway. still dark out there but no crashes or breakdowns, your drive across the bay is a
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on the courtney campbell. less than 10 across the howard frankland and gandy bridge. also checking the sunshine skyway, that is looking clear as well. i-4 around thonotosassa road through plant city, your drive on i-4 looking great. in or out of tampa. in fact the drive from lakeland to tampa is about 22 minutes so. we're still in the green there. 275, 13 minutes from the apex to i-4 and at the bottom just five minutes from downtown to the howard frankland bridge. 6:20. still ahead -- puppies take over a wedding. we've got the real story behind these pictures that are going viral. >> first at 6:20 -- a story you'll hear more about on gma later this morning. a ceo of the company that makes epipens is set to testify today on the skyrocketing price of the life saving device. mary bruce has a preview. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look," embattled
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new questions about the role her mother played in promoting her company's blockbuster product. ? you should always carry two. >> mylan is already under fire for praise raising the price of the treatment used by allergy sufferers from $100 in 2009 to more than $600 today. usa today reporting her mother, former head of a powerful national education group led an unprecedented effort encouraging states to require schools purchase products like epipen. a drove the devices to become staples in schools. the drugmaker now pushing back saying in a statement that the report is factually inaccurate and hundreds of thousands of epipens were donated with no restrictions.
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6:25 a puppy find itself with some rescuers. that dalmatian pup appropriately walked into a hillsborough county fire rescue station yesterday. there he is enjoying himself. apparently it followed an engine that was coming back from a call. >> he's cool, i'm supposed to be here. >> looked like that. the owner saw it, recognized
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-- and claimed him. >> awesome. dalmatian, fire station. seems at home there. flowers -- we might have flowers at a wedding. why when you can have puppies instead? >> one pennsylvania bride decided to do this. we have the photographic proof of the adorable outcome. they are going viral. that's her bridal party holding the pups. the bride works at two animal shelters, and when an adorable before the big day she decided it was fate. she packed them up, took them to the ceremony and saved a bit pull named biggy smalls for herself. she said it added more than just a cute factor to the day. sure they did. >> what do the dresses look like now? >> i wonder what the dry cleaning bill was. >> i know. >> it's worth it though. >> why are dalmatians associated with firefighters? do you know?
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>> i'm just asking. >> you never asked a question that you don't know the answer to. >> i don't know the answer. we'll have to do the thing. let's check in on the weather forecast. looking pretty good except if you're in pinellas county you're going to get a little wet on the roads. just a few coastal showers, lower rain chances later this afternoon. coverage only 20%. we're checking cameras across the bay area. this is i-275 and gandy in pinellas county. the lanes wide open pushing now from bridge-to-bridge. is our drinking water safe? today our county leaders questioning the company behind a radioactive sinkhole. >> hillary clinton coming back to florida to campaign in the latest fight to win this battleground state, a new poll
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6:30 -- violent protests and riots take over the streets of charlotte after the deadly shooting of a black man by police. >> some drivers are caught up in the clash. still going on now. thank you for joining us on abc action news on this busy wednesday morning. >> we've been following that tense morning. lindsay logue in the studio now, will show you the new video she pulled from overnight. first this morning let's look at traffic and weather together. any problems? we're looking great on the roads. captain al is flying and will give us a look from the air of the interstates. >> fall is 24 hours away now. >> full last day of summer. fall is coming soon. 10:21 tomorrow. showers and storms this morning, coastal showers, talking about those the last
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yesterday but there it is, clearwater, palm harbor, notice the last few frames we had the showers looking yellow, orange and red depicting the stronger rain. now weakening as it moves in. i think that will be the trend throughout the day today. we have dry air coming in as we speak. the entire while all day. that will limit lane rain chances, not just the coast but interior counties. we'll have some thunderstorms but down to 20% as far as the coverage. mid to along the coast and then it's 80 degrees. we'll hit a high of 90 with average 89. we'll do that with a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. that pattern by the way holds the next couple of days and then we're back into higher rain chances. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. let's head to the traffic center. in tampa we shouldn't be able to talk about the start of
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>> it's always fall in the traffic center because you have heaters and sweaters. it's coming though. >> if you're heading out to work you shouldn't have any trouble getting to where you need to be. this is the howard frankland bridge, wide open here. still taking less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges so the backups usually start about a half-hour from now. so if you're heading out the door now you're in pretty good shape. this is i-75 at the selmon expressway, up to speed on i-75 and the selmon well. we can check the drive times on the toll roads starting at the veterans expressway -- action air one and captain al, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we took off from tampa international, flew to the east side, i-275 and then came north to the busiest stretch in the
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boulevard. those headlights headed southbound maybe into i-4 or beyond. good news, throughout that stretch didn't see any problems. looking at the north apex as well as bruce b downs at 75, just like traffic coming this way but nothing to report. 6:33. developing this morning -- protesters clash with police in charlotte, north carolina. destroying police vehicles and setting fires. >> this is some of the video we pulled early this morning. abc action news reporter lindsay logue following the developments throughout the morning. this has been going on for a few hours now. >> reporter: it started after a police-involved shooting. a black officer shot and killed a black man saying that man was armed and posed imminent threat to officers. didn't take long for protesters to show up and as the hours went by the crowds got bigger and even more violent. right now they are on a major highway, i-85, looting semi trucks and setting fires. police are in full riot gear,
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crowds to keep people at a distance. protesters responded by throwing rocks and water bottles back at the officers. 12 officers were injured overnight during the violence. >> there is something going on across this nation that needs to be addressed. throwing of water bottles and destroying city vehicles, i don't condone that by no means but as far as my child, my nephews, i am concerned, i'm worried about them. >> it's my brother. >> something has to be done. >> to facebook yesterday afternoon claiming at the time of the shooting she says her father was unarmed. this despite police saying they recovered the gun he was holding. happening today, water testing continues in polk and hillsborough counties near a sinkhole that drained radioactive water into the aquifer. >> the mosaic company now on an apology tour. next stop, hillsborough board of county commissioners.
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happening there today. >> reporter: mosaic executives expected to deliver the apology that they delivered yesterday to polk county leaders. saying they should have told the public much sooner about the giant hole that opened under pond of toxic water that is used in manufacturing process. instead it was several weeks before the public found out. in the meantime, it estimated 215 million gallons of radioactive water seeped into the ground. mosaic is offering to test peoples' private well water in the area but a lot of people in that eastern part of hillsborough also tell us they don't trust the company anymore. >> hillsborough county will
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if it costs me i'll pay for it. i want -- i want an outside source to check my water. >> reporter: mosaic has paid to pest 20 wells so far -- test 20 wells so far. they will test another 27 wells today. here's the thing, this aquifer moves very slowly and we're told that the water, this radioactive water may take a long time to move so it could be several months, possibly even later this this radioactive water potentially makes it to other peoples' homes. that may be a big question that the county commissioners have for this mosaic company later today. adam winer, abc action news. 6:36. an update on last weekend's bomb attacks in new york and new jersey. officials are now charging ahmad khan rahami with terrorism. prosecutors say he bought components on-line and recorded
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blast in a backyard. they also say they found a hand written journal where he wrote "the sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets." he was arrested monday after a police shootout in new jersey. rahami is still in the hospital now with gunshot wounds. it's 6:37. in democracy 2016 -- hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today in florida. >> democratic nominee took yesterday off preparing for next monday night's debate. clinton's campaign says she'll discuss her economic plan at a rally in orlando lar a new poll suggesting clinton has a small lead over donald trump in florida. monmouth university poll finds 46% back clinton compared to 41% for trump. democrats say trump is likely hiding something by not releasing tax returns. >> trump is faking his net worth because he doesn't want us to know that he's not a good businessman. he's not as rich as he would
6:38 am
company. hotel after hotel. >> trump claims he can't release personal tax returns bays hughes under audit by the -- he's under audit by the irs. once again trump's comments are drawing criticism. >> look at the inner cities. you get no education. you get no jobs. you get shot walking down the street. they are worse -- honestly, places like afghanistan are cities. >> critics accuse trump of failing to consider u.s. history with slavery and north carolina's history with jim crow laws and segregation. today trump is campaigning in ohio, another battleground state. 6:38. coming up -- a mannequin causing tensions in one community. the history making this an extra touchy subject for people there. >> a homeless man turns hero for what he found in a trash
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y246wy yy6y welcome back. 6:41. police in connecticut looking for the person that dressed this mannequin as a kkk member giving a nazi salute. the person that put it on top of an abandoned building in a small town is still on the run now. no one knows who it is but it's not the first time there have
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close government offices on mlk day. so far nobody's been arrested for this incident. parents near green bay, wisconsin are on edge now, because of a shocking ad here. it lists children for sale. >> the craigslist ad even mentions mention a specific elementary school. >> it says hundreds to choose from pick and run. the school held recess indoors and had parents pick up students at the gym. the sheriff's office is now investigating. down. still to come -- ryan lochte faced elimination on "dancing with the stars." if you couldn't stay up late we'll tell if you he survived
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a messy situation in polk county. in frostproof. three tractor-trailerings involved in a crash. the good news, they say however northbound u.s. 27 completely blocked at george street just south of 98. you might want to find an alternate. this could be like this for some time especially since they are going to have to move the tractor-trailers out of the way. we're trying to get more information so stay here and follow me on twitter @tampabaytraffic. we also have reports of a crash on the sunshine skyway in the southbound lanes. i can't see it on my cameras but we are hearing there is at least one lane blocked.
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let's check drive times now. southbound not too bad. still 9 minutes but if the crash just happened we could see this drive time increase. northbound looking pretty good, just 9 minutes there. and the drive through downtown tampa on 275 looking great, no crashes or breakdowns. let's check with action air 1, captain al, good morning. >> reporter: good morning brandon, i-75 in the shot there, headlights you see maybe i-4 through brandon boulevard, selmon expressway, causeway boulevard at the bottom. no delays on the east side whatsoever. looks like 301 as well going north and south of there are no problems to speak of. here's ivan with the forecast. looking pretty good for most of us. a couple of morning showers but they are in fact ones that made it onshore, they've been weakening. a lot of clouds but we'll have plenty of sun as well. by the afternoon in fact some
6:47 am
rain chances, lowering them. by the time the showers get to clearwater and indian rocks beach they've weakened a lot. not that they were severe but they had pretty good rainfall with them. then fizzling out. this dry air is going to take a while but i think even today beginning to lower our rain chances, plenty of moisture down in south florida. then this continues to push to the south. still humid at the surface, it will feel uncomfortable but less rain than we've seen the last couplda down to 20%. upper 70s to lower 80s. we've got mid-70s from zephyrhills to brooksville up through the nature coast and across the interior counties as well. which is where we're going to favor the storms today. the ones that do form won't be much but 20% coverage there. and that will be the case again through tomorrow as that dry air continues with us here. as far as the temperatures, 90 degrees should do it for the daytime high. average high 89 so pretty typical certainly for this time of year. on the last day of summer here. for tomorrow first day of fall,
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we'll increase rain chances slightly as more moisture begins to work back in beginning friday and heading to the weekend with temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 and the heat index still well into the 90s to near 100. it's 6:48 now. a homeless man in new york city and his friend are being called heroes this morning after finding a backpack with a bomb inside. >> police say the new york/new jersey bomber planted the explosives in a trash can but they didn't go them saved lives. >> i'm just glad i was able to realize what the situation was and react in such a way that thank goodness no one got hurt. >> as soon as they saw what was inside that backpack they went to police. lee parker said he picked it out of the trash because he needs one. he's been keeping his belongings in a blue shopping bag as you saw. hoping after all this someone might help find him a job.
6:49 am
escape from jail through a food slot but it didn't work and he ended up needing help instead. he tried to push himself out but got stuck. guards had to rescue him. he was in jail on charges of forgery, xanax possession and driving on a suspended license. dozens of countries across the world agreed to take in $360,000 refugees in country in crisis. president obama hosted the summit that made that decision. that refugees accepted last year but the united nations says still not enough. that more than one million refugees still need to be resettled. astronauts have to wait a few more weeks for fresh supplies. aerospace company delaying its last rocket launch until at least october 9th. the last launch ended in disaster. this video from 2014 shows the rocket blowing up seconds after
6:50 am
to inspect and test its rocket. problems with the galaxy note 7 phone are making customers tun away from the company. more than a third of the americans that want the recalled phone want a refund instead of replacement. a quarter of those surveyed say they will switch to to apple i- phone. for years parents avoided feeding babies peanuts and other common allegerrians out of fear of a dangerous another a major review finds strong evidence it's a good idea to let babies sample peanuts and eggs as early as the first year of life. researchers reviewed more than 70 years of studies and found that introducing peanuts to kids between ages 4 and 11 months and introducing eggs between 4 and 6 months actually reduced the risk of developing allergies later on. if you wear a fitbit or
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wearable. a study found those othat didn't wear one lost more weight. in the two-year study those not wearing the device lost an average of 13 pounds, those who did, lost eight pounds. researchers think seeing your progress leads to overeats as a reward for all that hard work. macy's will hire about 83,000 people this holiday season. about the same number as last season. macy's or bloomingdale's stores, shipping centers and call centers. kohl's will hire 69,000 workers, start more than 70,000. it's been a rough couple of months for a u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte. at first he lies about a robbery in rio. >> then last week protesters swarmed his performance on "dancing with the stars." last night lochte tried to avoid becoming the first star
6:52 am
>> so lochte doesn't go home this week. jake austin got eliminated instead. the disney star says he's sad his fans won't get to see him dance anymore. >> i do this for my fans. i did this to show them that anything is possible. i tried something that i really wasn't comfortable with. and never done before. i'm happy that i got out there, that did it. it was for them. >> jake also made a prediction on season. it's thinks it will be olympic gymnast lori hernandez. "dancing with the stars" returns monday night right here on abc. a world record set 78 years ago could be broken in just over an hour in thonotosassa. competitive cyclist amanda coker is a few miles away from breaking the women's world record for highest annual mileage on a bike.
6:53 am
county's flatwoods park. she has good reason to restrict cycling to a park. she suffered a dramatic brain injury five years ago when a car hit her while bicycling. 6:53. your morning sprint counting you down to "good morning, america." >> we start with breaking news from charlotte. riots are still unfolding at this hour. protesters took to the streets setting fires, shutting down highways, looting semi trucks and destroying police vehicles. it comes just hours after police shot and killed a black man. police say the man had a gun aed an imminent th family disputes that. 12 officers were injured during clashes with rioters overnight. we could learn the results of well water tests. mosaic company testing more wells today. executives are expected to apologize to hillsborough county commissioners in a few hours. for keeping that health threat private for several weeks. it's believed 215 million
6:54 am
water seeped into the aquifer in western polk county. things should be back to normal at florida hospital in wesley chapel. yesterday a small explosion happened in the hospital's industrial air conditioning unit. it prompted evacuations. officials gave the all clear a couple of hours later and patients never left the building. today we're expecting to learn new details about a planned launch of the ferry service between downtown st. petersburg and tampa. a news conference set for 10:00 project officials are expected to unveil route maps and some on-line elements. fdot continues to alter plans for the controversial tbx road project as it receives feedback. tbx requires buildings to be torn down in historic tampa neighborhoods. a workshop about this can help you learn more, 6:30 tonight. it was the workshop postponed earlier this month because of hurricane hermine. starts 6:30. you can help save lives of
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st. jude day today. restaurant donating $353,000 to st. jude, in hopes guests might double that. so participate head to any bay area chili's and donate, buy a t-shirt, crazy straw or decorate a pepper. we have a crash here on the sunshine skyway. it's causing some major delays. this is southbound, you can see it here blocking the inside lane, cars slow five-minute delay. looks like the camera is sticking there. but, if this continues to be stuck there on the skyway we could see even more delays there on the skyway. good news in polk, this crash on frostproof is clearing. the semi truck crash northbound u.s. 27 back open at george street. captain al in action air 1, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. very busy on the east side. i-75 from bruce b downs all the
6:56 am
4 as it comes from plant city towards perhaps the hard rock or the merge with i-275 a lot of cars out here. good news, no breakdowns or accidents. let's keep it that way. most of us are dry. titan doppler radar picking up on a couple of showers. they are weakening though as we make it onshore through pinellas. less rain chances today, down to 20% with temperatures still hot and humid approaching 90. heat index 9 a to 100 on the last full day of same weather tomorrow. 6:56. a farm in kentucky the scene of a rare birth. a calf with two heads. >> the calf can stand with assistance. farmer's daughter now adopted the calf as a pet. named it "lucky." people from all over coming to look at her. the family says they know the odds are against her in terms of survival but hoping she'll
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, violent protests erupt in north carolina after a deadly police shooting. >> how many times? >> protesters destroying police cars injuring at least a dozen officers setting fire, shutting down a highway and l trucks. the driver trapped inside terrified. >> they're on the back of the trailer as we speak right now. >> as outrage grows nationwide over police shootings. breaking right now, massive wildfires tear through the west torching 12,000 acres. burning through an air force base and delaying a rocket launch. closing in on a highway. now concerns growing as winds pick up in the west. donald trump facing new questions about his charity


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