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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  September 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> hi, everyone. i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris. on the now tampa bay, the first round of test results are in for the toxic mosaic sink hole. >> we uncovered problems with the testing. in the last hour and a half, good news for your money the feds will not raise interest rates, this is a big deal, at least for now. december the next chance for a rate hike. the whole i don't like to cross the bay argument. how much it will cost you to take a ferry. here at 4:00, you're looking live at hillary clinton leaving a rally in orlando. this was moments ago. she just finished talking about our police relations in this
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what we have been waiting to hear about is her plan for the economy. she was supposed to do it in las vegas. remember the pneumonia, that took her out for a few days. >> why i care so much about supporting working parents. it's one reason why i'm such a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform. we will increase our economic growth and tax base. >> and right now, our sarina fazan is in the clinton. watch for that at 6:00 tonight. and you're looking live at video from just moments ago of action air 1 over the scene of that sink hole on mosaic's property in mulberry. it appears that the sink hole is getting bigger. this as we just got back the test results of the groundwater in the area. >> we have been following this story since it broke. ryan raiche has been looking into the test results of the groundwater in the area.
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>> reporter: yeah, guys. i would say the concerns for the people are evolving as we did get that first wave of testing results in this afternoon. the company that performed the test, ect, says the nine wells they tested back on monday all tested with a normal readings. some people, it is putting them at ease. others are having trouble believing it and probably always will. that compy, individual homeowners today. and they should actually get the letters by the end of business today. keep in mind, we are in the early stages here. more than 70 people have requested tests. and what we are finding is people are struggling to believe the results. whatever they may be because mosaic hired the company. >> is it hard to believe the results. >> yes, it is.
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here we are, the poor folk, have to rely on them to wonder if they are accurate tests that are coming in. >> reporter: all right. so another issue here is that it could take months if contaminated water ever -- if it ever flows past this site to reach private wells. so these people may have to retest month after month after month. now, something that we will be talking about at 5:00 is this testing company. we met with the and asked them point-blank, why should people believe you if company said point-blank, we or would risk losing our license. this is our integrity at stake. we wouldn't do that. guys, one more thing. there's been a lot of outrage towards this investigation, towards the handling of it. some lawmakers calling for a full investigation. we just got a statement from governor scott's office saying
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briefly here, we will hold all responsible parties accountable for their actions and directed the department of environmental protection to expedite the investigation that began a month ago. we will have more about that at 5:00. >> thank you, ryan. also breaking today in the st. pete storm water mess, the mayor has now put the water resources director, steve levitt on unpaid leave. and gibson unpaid administrative leave. the mayor will address the city council tomorrow on an independent review. management study of water resources in the plan of the individuals going forward. this photograph is related to the new york bombing. this he want to find these two men as part of the ongoing investigation. they put out the picture of the man that was captured on closed circuit tv. the fbi says that the man found
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sidewalk in new york city. they took a bomb out and then took off with the bag. that bomb did not go off, but one bomb did nearby. now the new york police department says these men are just witnesses. they're not considered to be suspects. let's take our first look at weather. looking live outside right now. it looks like there's a little trouble over on the bridge on the sky way. it looks like it is sunny there. shay, it was just raining at our studio across james. >> yes. a few isolated storms out there right now. but you can also see as we're looking over south tampa that we have dark skies. it depends where you're at. most of pinellas county is looking nice and dry at the moment. but as we zoom in here around hillsborough county, we do have heavy downpours coming down near north dale and the tar pin area. this is to the east of west chase. up and down the veterans.
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4 and east of i-75 around valrico, did you see that lightning strike live, this is south of brandon, also into the pleasant grove area. and like i mentioned, around valrico and into seffner. so it's not widespread. but certainly touching some of the higher populated areas. and some of our major roads through hillsborough county. also into polk county, we have a little bit of rain across i- 4. but, again, this is pretty isolated rain overall for our area. and temperatures have pretty hot and steamy today as a result of the lack of rain. 90 degrees in zephyrhills and brandon. brooksville at 90. 91 in lake wales. the heat is on. we will continue to see isolated showers and storms here tonight. and i'll help you to time out the showers and storms for tomorrow if you're interested in a round of golf or maybe going for a jog, i'll help you time that out coming up. >> thank you, shay. we've got brand-new look today, our first look in fact at the ferry that will take
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tampa to st. petersburg. >> the video that you see behind us is a promotional video from the company that will run the ferry. nicole grigg explains why it could only be here for a short time. >> reporter: the cross bay ferry will test the waters in tampa bay come november 1st. >> i'm actually really excited. >> reporter: helen lives in tampa and hates the drive to st. pete. >> the one reason that i don't like going to st. pete is because of the commute and the traffic is and all >> reporter: tampa and st. pete hoping the ferry will change that mind-set. >> i feel it's super convenient. >> reporter: the one and only ferry will be here next month and will do test runs starting the first week of november. >> this is the vessel. >> reporter: in a press meeting today, we found out that the ferry will take 150 people from downtown tampa near the convention center to downtown st. pete. it will be a 50-minute ride. not only is this a pilot program, we're also learning
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only going to be seasonal, meaning it only operates six months out of the year. that's why critics are asking why four local governments are spending so much money for this test run. but dave scott with citizens for high speed ferries says this test will give them the data. >> we can decide do we extend service? do we add boats? do we add terminals to pick people up. >> reporter: the ferries will cost $10 for adults, $8 for kids. and for the now, i'm nicole grigg. thanks, nicole. breaking news right now. a live picture of a congressional hearing right now about the epipen and the recent price hikes of more than 400%. heather bresch is answering questions right now in a prepared testimony of newer statement she said people wrongly assume the company makes $600 off each epipen. she says it's closer to $50.
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picture. of course so many people in the congressional hearing right now. it is used as a life-saving treatment for severe allergic reactions. in 2007, it cost $100 for a two- pack. now that price is $600 as we have said before. the backlash was swift and strong with the stock price hitting an all-time low. some parents launched an on time petition asking to stop the price gouging. we are waiting heather. there is a lot going on in the hearing. as soon as we get more and we hear her speaking, we will bring that to you. ?[music]? ?pictures of the smiles we left behind ? ? >> i could sing that all day. the way we were. >> just announced, the one and only barbara streisand coming
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november 30th at 8:00. tickets go on sale next thursday. paul is going to sing a little more. we will be back in just three minutes. ?[music]?
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>> hillary clinton was in orlando today. and our own sarina fazan is speaking one on one with hillary clinton right now. she is putting together that interview as we speak. look for that tonight on abc action news in just minutes. meanwhile, donald trump is in another big battle ground state today. he is trying to channel a little campaign help from up above. watch. >> and we ask you, god, to let that help be in the form of the next president, mr. donald trump. >> all right. so there it is. people are talking about this today. starting his day in cleveland. donald trump and his nominee mike pence meeting with pastors, many of them african- american. and everyone is talking about
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and how he repeatedly tossed around the n word as he talked about how african-americans have tried to become successful. ultimately king says he would take the system apart and create a whole new system. trump is weighing in on the police killing as well in tulsa, oklahoma. >> and this young officer, i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know what she was thinking. but i'm very, very troubled by that. i'm that. and we have to be very -- we have to be very careful. >> okay. after that, trump and mike pence, they moved on to toledo for a rally there. you have a look how tight the race is getting at this point. >> it seems every day there is a new poll out, something else telling us which candidate in the lead. we have suzanne mcmanis with us today. it is interesting to continue
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forth. >> absolutely. the key numbers are what is the expected electoral college vote that each candidate would get if the election were today. and you see for clinton-kaine, it is 200. for trump, 164. but neither has reached the magic 270 that you have to get. >> right. >> to get elected. you have all of these gray states that are toss-ups, including the biggest prize of all which >> uh-huh. >> and these states are changing almost every day. what overall this shows is that the race is tightening. in our state, for example, is a statistical tie between hillary clinton and donald trump. the same is true in some of these other gray states. but as soon as the polls flip, and it moves solidly in one direction or another, then it will bece red or blue and those numbers change. >> yeah. >> all right.
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one you that might relate to more. more people are ready for the election to be over than they are excited about it. that's even if their person inwiths. they decided to ask voter it's they were happy about the contest so far. here are the results. 57% are frustrated. 55% disgusted. 31% interested. and only 10% said that they are excited. a little later, we will dive into what it will take for hillary clinton or donald trump to walk away with the first presidential debate which is on monday, next week. animal lovers are furious over the proposal to kill wild horses in the american west. >> we can tell you that it has been rejected. but the fight over federal land and free roaming herds is far from over. >> reporter: they're considered a living symbol of the american west. wild horses. federally protected, along with
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danger from the agency charged with protecting them, the blm. >> the blm for years and years has been creating this problem that they say they cannot solve. >> reporter: that problem, overpopulation. >> we want these herds to be healthy and strong. to do that, they need water and grazing land. >> reporter: in the wild, the horses compete with cattle and other cattle for the use of public lands. >> these are not called special interest lands or cattle lands. they are not called lands for profit. they are called public lands. >> reporter: over the years, many have been rounded years over the years. nearly 45,000 are being held in enormous pens like this one in kansas, cared for at a cost of $50 million a year. a board recommended selling or euthanizing nonadoptible animals. prompting protests outside of a
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meeting in arizona. >> send a strong message to the blm that the american public will never stand for anything inhumane to our wild horses. >> reporter: the blm swiftly rejected the idea, promising not to put down healthy animals in the pens and -- >> the blm is not going to euthanize healthy animals on the range land in any event. >> reporter: kicking the can down the road or the range where the future of these beautiful animals is far from certain. fay fredericks for the now. >> and around the country, the blm is conducting trials of an inexpensive birth control called pzp. the effects last a year. but critics worry it will be hard to get close enough to successfully inject the horses. >> celebrity hook-ups and break- upare the bread and butter of magazines. you won't be reading about it in people or us weekly because
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page in enough time. they were in print-the news broke yesterday. who is cashing in on the celebrity divorce? intouch. apparently they were days ahead of this, getting a tip it was already happening. >> a $400 million divorce. >> there you go. >> wow. today the wax museum in london is making brad pitt and angelina jolie's divorce official. you see they separated the wax between. that's when you know your divorce in hollywood is official. >> you get a partition. come on down. you could be the next contestant on the price is right. it will be at ruth hecker hall tuesday april 4th, 2017. this is video of one of the latest traveling events in las vegas. it's not the show withdrew carry or anything but you have the chance to win cool prizes. we posted a link how to
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you can find us right now on the facebook at the now tampa bay. you know what else you can find, paul? >> what? >> it looks like it's nice outside. i can promise you it's hot out there. >> it looks beautiful. >> shay, what do we have out there? >> you're right, laura. it is hot and steamy. dark clouds out there as well with the sunshine. take a look across tampa bay. you can see that it's pretty dry. but as soon as you move into quite a few of those scattered showers and storms. but most of this rain is moving through from the northwest to the southeast. so right around chevalle, you will get heavy rain coming through. it is hit and miss across most of the area. but hillsborough county is getting the majority at the moment. around mango, seffner, this is right where the i-75 and i-4
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the bulk of the thunderstorms have been a little farther south in hillsborough county closer to -- to the river view area. so in polk county, we've got a couple of -- or a couple of heavier downpours as well. again, this is not widespread across the area. what is ahead for the rest of tonight, we will continue to see this northwest to southwesterly flow with a few of the evening showers and storms. then we will be dry overnight. we had a lot of good dry hours today. it allowed us to hit the we will see that again tomorrow. we will start off in the upper 70s early in the day. once again, that is the best time to get out and enjoy golf or whatever you might have in mind. north to northwesterly winds at 5 to 10. that's when the temperatures will be the most comfortable, going from the upper 70s to upper 80s by noon. i think the majority of the storms will hold off until after 2:00. again, giving us a lot of good, dry hours. 90 is the high.
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100. i know you want to know what is happening this weekend. i have that forecast for you coming up next. laura. >> thank you, shay. you could wind up spending more on presents this holiday season. something you don't consider when shopping is getting more expensive. you're watching the now tampa
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>> ups just raised rates and
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year. they're cashing in now. laura, something to keep in mind if you buy gifts online. only 94 days left until christmas. >> only. i have time to get my gift cards. people don't like me. the higher shipping costs may make online shipping more expensive too. a lot of stores offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money. shop around if you need to. but in 2015, we fail today live up to our standards. in so doing, we let our customers down. >> i remember this. that is chipotle's ceo apologizing as the customers struggle to get the customers back -- as they struggle to get the customers back. sales were down 24% for chipotle from april to june. wal-mart just spent about
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to 932,000 hourly store employees. that's about $500 a worker. employees were awarded for meeting sales, profit and customer service goals. that last one affects those of us who shop there, which included cleanliness and check- out time. the payout is part of an incentive program that launched last year when wal-mart raised the minimum wage to $9 an hour. i'm todd walker in charlotte, north carolina. unrest and riots after yet another police shooting rush to judgment and what is
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>> right now, calls for calm out of concern there could be a repeat of protests that turned into riots charlotte, north carolina. there are new questions about what led to the unrest after police shot and killed an african-american man. >> the now's todd walker traveled to charlotte to cover this tense situation. todd joins ughs live right -- joins us live right now. todd. >> reporter: call laura -- paul and laura, things are calm in charlotte. people hope it stays that way.
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discourage violence and come up with a strategy for making everyone's voices heard. that anger already coming through loud and clear. tear gas, flash bangs, police in charlotte, north carolina break up a protest that turned ugly, descending into a riot. looters setting fires and pulling things out of the back of pickup trucks. and damaging police cars. at least 16 officers were heroically were just trying to deescalate the situation and resolve it as peacefully as possible. >> reporter: the violent outlash is a rush to judgment. >> it is time for the voiceless majority to stand up and be heard. it's time to change the narrative. because i can tell you from the facts that the story is a little bit different as to how it has been portrayed so far, especially through social
4:32 pm
scott outside of this apartment complex tuesday afternoon. they were there to serve an arrest warrant to someone else. scott got out of his car, holding a handgun and refused repeated orders to drop it. his family says he was holding the book. the chief says the family was wrong, there was no book. >> we did find the weapon. and the weapon was there and the witnesses core operated it. >> reporter: the city is one of collaboration and is urging calm. >> i'm asking all of our charlotte community to stand together to help us give us a time to get the information. >> reporter: african-american leaders are calling for boycotts and transparency. >> it's imperative that they talk to us. we pay them. don't we pay the police? >> yes, sir. >> they need to sit down with us at a table of peace. >> reporter: the officer who shot scott is also african- american. he has been on the force for two years and right now as this investigation goes forward, he is on paid administrative leave. that is standard practice. live in charlotte, north carolina, i'm todd walker for the now tampa bay.
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the suspected new york-new jersey bomber. >> that's right. new court documents reveal that ahmad khan rahami purchased bomb ingredients on ebay and warned in a journal that bombs would resound in the streets. the chairman of the house homeland security committee showed the first picture of that journal today and revealed more about what exactly it says. >> praise so osama bin laden, his brother. he talked about fort hoo bombs and pipe bombs. >> those court documents revealed that the journal ends with a message death to your oppression. now, this new video of the suspect's backyard shows the burned ground where court documents say he ignited a blast just two days before saturday's bombings. ahmad khan rahami is still in the hospital today. he is facing federal terror crime charges and state charges of attempting to murder police officers.
4:34 pm
murders than it has in two decades. we're talking more than 600 people killed. so today, the police department is working to get more officers on the streets to help out. it announced plans to hire 970 officers throughout the next two years. it is the biggest hiring surge there since the mid-1980s. his truck crashed. this video roundabout and the truck just rolled over. the driver was hurt but will be okay. now, on the right is the fire that these firefighters have been battling since sunday. it's about 12,000 acres. 45% contained today. this crew is part of the 1,000 firefighters still working this fire. 400 people are being asked to voluntary evacuate. travelers with special needs could be getting new access on airplanes. the department of transportation is starting to talk about this today and could
4:35 pm
years. they include whether to put handicap accessible restrooms on more planes. right now they're just on wider planes like the boeing 777. the change would require restrooms on single aisle planes as well. other ideas involve animals and tvs on planes. >> they are going to change the definition of a service animal. righ plane. but the new rules may put rules on the kind of animals that can be on plane. and adding captions for hearing impaired passengers. we will keep tracking this and let you know exactly what happens if there are changes. also want to take a look at this. starting today, presidential history goes on the auction
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700 items from the private collection of ronald and nancy reagan. unique things like sketches that he made on white house stationary. and a piece of the berlin wall that he signed. it will benefit a nonprofit that supports the reagan presidential library. ?[music]? ? scattered pictures ? ? and we told you earlier -- i have to do it. i have to do it because i want to you sing it. si i >> if i sing it, barbara streisand might sue me. >> barbara streisand just added tampa to her tour. she will be at amalie on november 30th. her concert starts at 8:00. tickets go on sale next thursday. >> trust me, you want her to sing, not me. >> come on, paul. it was so good. >> just in the shower. the reason buying one of those convertible grow seats that grows with your child may not be the best idea.
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>> happening right now, safety recall for parents out there right now. 30,000 of these because some children are loosening the harnesses by themselves. i can tell you this happens tone from time to time -- happens to me from time to time. >> the recall involves evolve 3 in 1 seats from evenflo. no injuries yet but 27 people have complained about it. i put the recall information on my facebook page. just search the now tampa bay. if yours is affected, the company will send you a new
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other day and my toddler loosened his. >> yikes. >> yeah. scary. take a look at the babies lined up sleeping in cardboard boxes. staff taking these photos showing how bad the economic crisis is in venezuela. the president of the medical federation says hospitals have just 5% of the equipment they need in venezuela. you know that country is dealing with foot shortages. bread now costs double what it di dollar day because of massive excessive inflation in venezuela. when olive garden sells oust of its never-ending pasta pass, you must go to the next thing, buy it on ebay. >> some people are going on ebay trying to make a few extra dollars. the pa was 1 -- the pass was $100. one person has sold theirs for
4:42 pm
one. no word if somebody paid $4,200 for never ending pasta. >> a lot of pasta and bread sticks. if you ever wonder if that pass is a good deal. 7 weeks, if the meals are $10, you would have to eat there once or twice a week to get your money's worth. i think some people could actually do that. >> i think so. let's go to breaking news right now. the head of the company that makes epipens getting grilled by congress about sky rocketing there's a live look right there. we will listen in in a little bit. i'm mike sax. the presidential debates are right around the corner. we found a straight shooter on clinton and trump to tell what
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>> breaking news right now. the head of the company that makes the epipen testifying before congress about the price hikes, more than 400%. heather bresch, the ceo of mylan is in the room with them. they are asking her tough questions. let's listen in. >> for treating it as a name brand versus treating it as an authorized generic.
4:46 pm
can see the wholesale acquisition, the revenue of 274, minus the cost of goods, minus the direct cost, which is the $100 or $50 per pen. and what we have said for the generic -- and what we have said for the generic is that the wholesale acquisition would be at $300. mylan received of goods, less epipen related costs. so it will be substantially less than the $50 of profit per pen that we receive on the brand. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> the ceo for mylan trying to explain to congress the cost of doing business in her company. she of course the ceo of mylan, the maker of the epipen that sky rocketed had in price, up
4:47 pm
she is the daughter of democratic congressman and there may be a conflict of interest there. she is having to interest tough questions on capitol hill as you see there live. senior scams. investigators believe more victims are out there. >> polk county sheriff grady judd warning of a computer scam that spans multiple states. the story that left a veteran scammed out of his savings. >> reporter: it's a hard pill to swallow for this vietnam veteran. >> how could i be so dumb. >> reporter: he asked that we not show his identity. he is embarrassed for missing so many red flags. >> no idea what was going on until it was over with. >> reporter: that convincing con man, robert radcovich who is behind bars for fraud and money laundering. >> he has the appropriate name,
4:48 pm
>> reporter: sheriff grady judd admitting this is a complicated computer scam originating overseas. the fraud has already hit multiple states highlighted in red. investigators tracking more victims in yellow states. >> if somebody is trying to give you money who you don't know, it's too good to be true. >> reporter: the victim downloaded an anti- virus program from a pop-up ad. when his computer stopped working, software company. he was on the other end and gained access to the victim's personal banking info. he offered him a $500 rebate for the trouble but instead claimed that the company accidentally deposited $5,000 into the victim's account. >> so then when he was reimbursing them the $4,500 because he is an honest man, he's reimbursing them out of the checking account and never
4:49 pm
and lost money. in the end ratcovich scammed this man out of $60,000. >> don't let anyone ask you for money if you don't know him. >> reporter: in polk county, ryan smith, the now tampa bay. the takes are high for the first presidential debate next week. >> what can we expect when the two candidates finally go toe to toe. mike sax is in washington, d.c. today with answers. >> reporter: it's a straight shooter on the debates. but jeremy adler may be it. >> the candidates can change the narrative. if one comes out calm, cool and collected and looks like president, they could have a big night. >> reporter: he is no fan of hillary clinton but the former staffer for marco rubio has no love for donald trump. the edge goes to clinton.
4:50 pm
with barack obama and bernie sanders. she is well equipped at this game. donald trump has never experienced this kind of animal. >> reporter: for all that clinton might try to throw at trump for his business bankruptcy and flip flops, trump's strategy can still prevail. >> she can talk about the bad things about trump, talk about where his negatives are, but if they go down a rabbit hole, trump is going to win that fight every time. >> reporter: adler says who walks out the winner is which donald trump shows up. >> you know one of the drivers is going to be drunk. i don't think anyone knows what to expect from donald trump. >> reporter: the themes for the debate is america's direction and securing the borders. but the country's overall will be the starkest. >> they say the first debate
4:51 pm
watch the debates on television, you can watch them on facebook. the abc news page will stream it live. if you have something to say about that debate, post it on their page. abc news will be using some of your comments actually during their preand post debate coverage. laura, the first debate is monday. >> it is on monday. we want people to know if you need to get the hang of facebook live before all of this happens ahead of the debates head to our facebook page right now and search the now tampa bay. and usually we're facebook living you can see it's three or four seconds behind. we can see how many people are watching us and you can leave a comment in real time. take a look outside right now. the river gate tower camera, it looks like there might be a dark cloud there, shay. but i don't know. >> yeah. >> just saying. >> there are a few dark clouds out there. rain and thunderstorms across hillsborough county. you see that on the left hand side of the river gate tower tampa camera.
4:52 pm
sunshine. it's the typical florida pattern where it's hit or miss across the area. you see around rocky point, heavier down points. some heavy thunderstorms and heavy downpours. in the fish hawk area, we are seeing that rain and the thunderstorms starting to relax a little bit. give it another half an hour and you should be drying out here. now, we do have the showers and storms bubbling up photograph the next couple of the next couple of hours. by 8:00, 9:00, it will be moving out of the area. our chances for showers or storms is on target with what we're used to around here. but by 8:00, it is pressing into our southern counties into desoto and hardee counties and we may see a little more through midnight that comes back across -- across to the coast. but we're not looking at a ton. it will just be very isolated.
4:53 pm
and dry. so tomorrow morning's commute looking fabulous. no rain to worry about as we start the day. and all the way through to noon, things are looking dry. it's after noon that we start to see the showers and storms bubbling up. most areas will be dry through 2:00. then 2:00 to just after sunset, we will see another round of the hit or miss showers and storms. maybe 20% to 30% coverage for tomorrow. that's about it. look at the highs, low 90s. that's what happens when rain chances come down. more sunshine and more heat. we will enjoy this kind of weather right through to the weekend. things are looking good here and very similar from one day to the next all the way through to sunday. and denis is standing by. he will have an update on the tropics for you at 5:00. >> paul. >> thank you, shay. happening today, all 193 members of the united nations will be signing a declaration agreeing to fight what they call the biggest threat to
4:54 pm
are resistant to antibiotics. this want to develop new ways to fight illnesses and find a way to pay for it all. the u.n. has only taken healthish others on three other -- health issues three other times in 70 years. >> tara molina is getting answers. >> reporter: antibiotic resistance means more time in the hospital, increased medical costs, it's a problem across the world. but according to a doctor i just talked to, there are simple things that you can do at home that can actually help. dr. steven gordon has studied infectious disease for years. >> it's a global problem. >> reporter: he is chairman of the department at the cleveland clinic. >> like many things, it will be handled locally. >> reporter: and he tells me, well, antibiotic resistance is not new. >> we have had emergence of some bacterial diseases that we
4:55 pm
>> reporter: more than 700,000 people die every year because of drug resistance infections. a recent study projects by 2050, antibiotic resistance will kill more people than cancer. experts say there's more than one reason for the problem. from overuse of medications to increased antibiotics in our food. and dr. goer son says there's a lot to be done. >> it's not going to be one solution. >> reporter: but you can help. targeting the threat in simple ways at home. like washing your covering your mouth, and keeping up with vaccines. >> flu season is just around the corner. >> reporter: another one, know what you're taking and why. dr. gordon says misuse of antibiotics is not good for anyone. >> do i need the z pack or maybe i just need to alleviate the symptoms and signs of a cold. >> reporter: a lot of what the united nations is doing today is recognizing the threat and coming up with solutions that can work globally.
4:56 pm
molina. >> listen to this. whether it's working behind your desk or binge watching your favorite shows, we spend a lot of time sit. >> what if i told you that fidgeting could reverse the effects of all of that time off your feet? >> i do a number of those. a number of those. another one is i tap my foot fidgeting like this. some types are good researchers from the university of missouri columbia found that shaking your leg or tapping your foot, yes, while you sit may help you the most. >> i think that's actually our news room, isn't it? >> there's a chance. >> all right. they say this time of fidgeting gets your blood flowing. that can protect the arteries in your legs and potentially help prevent disease. so, yeah, fidget away, everyone. a local woman broke a cycling world record today that
4:57 pm
>> amanda has been biking 12 and a half hours a day every day for the past four months. as james tummy explains, what motivates her more than the achievement is what she overcame just to get back on a bike. >> reporter: 29,605. >> this is amanda's record. we're really proud of her. >> reporter: that's a number that i can guarantee you amanda coker will never forget. >> raise your hand if you have ridden 100 miles with me. if you have done 200 miles with me. >> reporter: at least one number she will never forget. >> i'm ready to keep riding and add more miles to it. >> reporter: she has set the world record for cycling the most miles in one year. she did it in only four months. >> it's fun. i get to ride my bike every day for a year. >> reporter: what does it take to get here, to bike over 200
4:58 pm
months? if you ask amanda, she says it's just a lot of this. i'll admit, it's good stuff. but actually it's a lot more than that. >> i thought i was done riding. [applause] >> reporter: five years ago, amanda and her father were riding together when they were hit by a car. >> one thing after another, she has had surgeries and the brain injury, ptsd, panic attacks. it was hard watching her. when she comes in and is smiling, i know we're doing the right thing because she is going. sorry. but i'm really proud of her. >> reporter: her dad, he is now back on a bike. and amanda is setting world records. >> from so many surgeries and getting back on a bike, sitting in that recliner and wishing i could be riding, coming out here every day and being able to ride, that's it for me. >> reporter: and it's more than enough to inspire others to join her because she is still
4:59 pm
bay. >> way to go, amanda. no excuse. >> no excuse. make it happen. >> i'm paul lagrone. that's it for the now tampa bay. >> abc action news at 5:00 starts right no. >> this is abc action news. >> hold the police officers accountable for what they do. >> heated emotions. police killing another black man in america. now at 5:00, the conflicting stories taking shape as keith scott's sister gives eyewitness account. and new fallout from the st. pete sewage controversy. the two top city leaders being punished and the organizatn that the governor is ordering to investigate. first, the results are in. what tests are now revealing about the water quality near mosaic's toxic sink hole and the question that we still can't get answered. thanks for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. preliminary results show normal
5:00 pm
ease. >> action air 1 shows the sink hole today. and it appears to be growing. ryan raiche is on the ground in mulberry right now where neighbors still feel in the dark. ryan. >> reporter: yeah, they do, wendy. if you look at a calendar, we're closing in on a month since the radioactive water started seeping into that sink hole. of course people around here didn't know about it until last week. and now as the first wave of test results are coming in, no one knows who to believe. >> i don't believe it. i just really don't believe it. >> reporter: even after heather george gets the letter in the mail with the test results from her private well, she will have her doubts. >> is it hard to believe the results? >> yes, it is. i feel they are probably paying those people off. >> reporter: to her and many others who live within a few miles of this massive crater, mosaic shattered its credibility whether it kept this radioactive problem to itself. this week the company hired ect


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