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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. protestors shot as violence erupts in north carolina. what turned the peaceful protest into chaos, next
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wfts action news tampa bay news starts now with breaking news. >> we look at charlotte, north carolina. a protestor shot and on life support during a protest. the police said they did not fi police officer may have injuries. this is the second night of protests. look at this video. at one point a protestor pushed over a c thrks n reporter. the protestor -- cnn reporter.
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terence crutcher refused to follow commands said the tulsa police department. but an attorney for his family says that's not true. it's a busy night. happenings in the baw area. a mom whose daughter was run over is worried that the man hundred dollar walk away from charges. that mother is upset after she learned the defense attorney filed this 93 page motion to dismiss the charges against the man accused of the crime. >> reporter: this four year old loved to be next to her mom.
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in april they were walking 100 someone hit them. >> from the moment it happened, it did not seem real. investigators charged the suspect of three counts of driving while license revoked. >> i think he should pay, he should not be allowed to kill a child an survived. the mother feels pain from her injuries but what hurts her the most is the concern that the man responsible will not be charged. his attorney fueled a motion to drop the charges against him claiming the stat outdoes not apply to him. >> it seems like everyone is
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in the justice that is for us. >> reporter: that's why lacey is talking about what happened and fighting for justice. >> i will see another little girl that looks like her and it breaks my heart that i can not have her back. >> the state attorney is filing a response tomorrow. the hearing is scheduled for next week. i contacted the defense attorney but he did not want t for more investigators to look at the city's sewage scandal. senator marco rubio is asking them to see who is responsible for dumping millions of glass of sewage into the bay. >> reporter: this letter was released late tonight. it's a page in length and it
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handled their sewage issues. 151million gallons of raw and partial treated sewage were dumped into the way. then -- bay. then 40 million gallons was released. >> our storm drains have been drained to maximize capacity during the storm. >> reporter: clearly they were not. now marco rubio has called out city leaders saying is important that residents know if the city leadership turned a blind eye to the sewage spill. he said a whistle blower told
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after putting the eng nearing director on unpaid leave, he would not comment but he said that most of the sewage in the baw was free of fecal matter. >> the mayor is set to discuss some findings tomorrow. they are from an independent review of the water here. we are live in tonight. >> we are learning that a pasco deputy is in jail for beating an inmate who was tied down. the officer hit the inmate in the head because he was making a disturbance. he was not injured. new tonight. a national poll has hillary clinton leading donald trump by
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she's getting ready for the first presidential debate. she visited orlando tonight. she spoke exclusively with our station. also she talked about palm bondi who dropped the investigation into trump university. the wrongdoing. >> it raises sear krus questions and they need to be pursued. i have no opinion about it other than the fact that it rawzs issues that should be investigating. >> she also addressed funding for zika and the mosaic
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black voters. and whether or not he has responded to mark cuban's $10 million request for an interview. fall begins in 12 hours but we have no fall weather to speak about. scattered showers around the area. tonight skies remain partly cloudy. the rain has ended. you will be waking up to a dry steamy start to the day with temperatures in lower 80s. the tropics continue to heat up as well. all. of the forecast is coming up next. tonight mark cuban is talking about donald trump. he has yet to demonstrate that he can keep his mouth shut at the right time.
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plus -- candid interview. >> still ahead, our i team is tracking the money. >> we have breaking news out of charlotte. a protestor was shot by another protestor. protestors also shattered interviews hotel employs. officers are lined up on the street. we will bring you more when we
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i go back to the breaking news out of charlotte. protestors turned violent this
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mayor is considering implementing a curfew following a deadly police shooting tuesday. you are looking at a live shot. protestors are walking around the area. this is not the scene of the activity took place. police and protestors have been having a standoff. there is a lot of property damage and police are using a lot burst crowd. they are working to maintain order in that area. you are looking at a live chopper shot. police are lining up trying to block those intersections and bring things back to normal. we will continue to monitor this developing situation this evening. we have more breaking news
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anthony weiner is caught in the middle of another sexting scandal with a 15 year old girl. the messages showed that the 51 year old knew she was a minor but continued to ask for nude photos. he also sent shirtless photos and discussed fantasies with her. his wife just announced she was splitting from him. video shows two men leaving behind a explosive device. ahmad khan rahami was charged with that bombing.
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he praises terrorists. is this discipline or abuse. a concerned shopper snapped these pictures showing a dad pulling his daughter's hair. he's holding the cart and the girl's hair. police are meeting with the family to make sure that the girl is safe. no charges have been filed. the battle between ride sharing companies continue. both sides are thousands of dollars on legislative support. >> reporter: transportation regulation has hit a fork in the road. taxi and ride shairng companies are revving up support with money. uber and lyft have spend
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the state level. the companies have 33 registered lobbyists at the state capitol. ride share companies have four. there are many reasons that they are targeting efforts at the state level. >> if you are in that business you of tallahassee. that can be confusing to your customers. >> reporter: taxi companies have spent $68,000 on local candidates that would have been eligible to serve on hillsborough's transportation commission. >> they are focusing on local governments because that's who
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this going? >> it's such an important part of the economy, the ride share. you look at cities that have cast aside the idea. austin, texas got rid of it and is suffering economically. >> reporter: while the politicians battle it out campaign contributions maw increase at the state level as legislators vow shares the green light statewide statewide. in democracy 2016 we showed you our exclusive interview with hillary clinton. donald trump is campaigning courting the african american vote. he offered support for stop and friday'sk policing.
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are in the worst shape that they have ever been in before. >> president obama reminded him of slavery in this country. at the same time shark tank's mark cuban said donald trump has not responded to his $10 million offer for an interview. >> he's a danger to the security of the country. his inability to understand the impact of inability to have situational awareness increases risk for the country and my kids. >> cuban said he was approached by the gop to run against trump, he's backing hillary clinton now. we made it through summer.
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begins at 10:21. people are saying that they are ready for the next cold front. too soon. you get 12 hours of daylight and trefl hours of nighttime tomorrow. the -- 12 hours of nighttime. when you hit october you see the humidity dropping. usually it's november before the cold fronts come through. upper 70s to lower 80s. it's muggy and sunny through the weekend. we are going to be dodging storms as we often do in the summer time. i am not concerned about any significant rains. we have a lot going on locally weather it's the football games, the buccaneers or the
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showers will be isolated to the east. the currents are nonexistent. when it starts to rain, it sits there until it fizzles out. some people in pasco picked up up to 2 inches of rain. tomorrow morning it will be sunny and dry and not all that bad with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s by the afternoon we see same. scattered showers and thunderstorms are popping up. they are going to be slow movers like they were today. the best chance of rain is on the i 75 corridor. if you live closer to the beach you are going to be dry through the weekend. make your plans to talk out the boat because the weather is beautiful off the coast and offshore. friday morning you will be hard
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through friday night. the best chance of an isolated shower is in the interior areas. that extends into saturday and sunday. looking at future cast, notice the heaviest measurable rain is to the east. if you live closer to the coast nothing more than a stray shower. this is where it's going to continue. normal highs are 89 this time of year. we are going to be 90 win to across polk county. the heat continues and i know we are hoping for a cold front here or there but there is nothing in the forecast to cool us off or give us drier air any time soon. we have karl moving out and lisa is not going to hurt anybody.
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right now. for the boaters light chop on the bay. you do not want to see a tropical system getting into the gulf when the water temperature is 86 degrees. overnight mostly clear with a good deal of sunshine in the morning. very isolated rain tomorrow. seven-day morning, 91 degrees. same on friday. saturday and sunday uj there is a slightly better chance of a couple of storms but the timing is lawsuit in the afternoon so the usf game should be fine. the problem for the fsu game may be in the fourth quarter and the backs, the best chance of rain is after the second half. we continue to monitor the
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where a protestor is on life support. it's been a chaotic evening there with clashes between protestors and the police. the governor is calling for the national guard for help. look for the latest online starting at 4:30 a.m. sports is
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one of this weekend's premier matchups is in college, tennessee against the gators. many believe it's for the tennessee head coach. the head coach of the gators closed all practices when it came to juz, the only -- injuries, the only absolute has been the quarterback. there is been talk about
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ever bitten by an injury bug. it's the game. i look at it as the opportunity bug, there is an opportunity for someone to come in and play, that's why you have a team, that's what makes it fun so, you know i do not get caught up in that stuff. i have enough to worry about, lets get the guys ready to play that are >> two schools of thought for fsu and usf. fsu is looking at flushing their loss at louisville. coach fisher wants to see his team getting off to a good start saturday. >> you know, i always have
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it will be -- great job. it will be a battle. we are going to be up and feeling good and we have to play an intense, physical football game and we need to execute on every phase. the running back of the buccaneers will be out for three games. simms has up. the offensive coordinator said sims has urned the right to start. -- earned the right to start. >> he's an excellent runner, he's short but he's a muscled up guy, he's hard to see and hard to bring down. good quickness and nice vision.
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protection. >> juz could keep any of these players out sunday. -- injuries could keep any of these players out sunday. ail four did not practice today. how about the third inning today for the race. they were already down seven to nothing when wilson goes teep for a homer making one. then they go back to back to back. miller adding another homer in the eighth. this one going to the yankees 11 - five. we are back in a minute closed captioni is brought to
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at the breaking news in charlotte. the governor declared a state of emergency and ordered in the national guard. police are telling us one officer and three protestors have been rushed to the hospital. though word on their injuries. the wife of keith lamont scott is appealing for peaceful protests. we will continue to monitor the situation over
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, lupita nyong'o bill o'reilly celebrities read mean tweets and music from jake owen and now, the moment we've been waiting for -- her [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome. very nice. i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for everything. very, very kind.


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