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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  September 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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water temp, by the way, still warm in the upper 80s. higher rain chances saturday and sunday. abc action news starts now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: breaking overnight, in charlotte, someone shot a protester in the second straight night of unrest after a man. >> the search is on for the man who assaulted a hillsborough county deputy. what led up to the confrontation? that's straight ahead. good thursday morning. i'm dan shaffer. >> deiah riley is off this morning. north carolina has declared a state of emergency in charlotte. >> this follows two nights of protests. as reed binion reports, someone shot and critically wounded a
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calling for peace as anger grows over the fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott. the second night of protests in charlotte was destructive and bloody. one person hospitalized in critical condition on life support after being shot by another civilian. as night fell, police deployed flash-bang device downtown streets. protesters hurling the canisters back at police. journalists trying to cover the chaos -- >> oh, wow. >> reporter: one correspondent knocked to the ground. [ bleep ] >> reporter: in the middle of it all, protesters are trying to keep things calm. >> we're trying to make sure we do it the right way.
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a state of emergency and saying he's initiate efforts to deploy the national guard. >> we cannot tolerate violence and the destruction of property, and we will not tolerate the attacks toward our police officers. that is not the american way. >> reporter: reed binion, abc action news. at 4:32, right now, the search is on for a man who officer gu yesterday morning. the deputy says mr. rayford got out of the passenger side of the car and shoved him. he shot rayford with a stun gun but it had no effect. he ran off and got away. if you know where he is, call crimestoppers. you could be eligible for a reward. clearwater police are looking for the person who called in a bomb threat. the call made just before midnight. authorities searched the property and gave the all clear
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oklahoma police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man is commenting about the case. he says the victim, terrence crutcher, refused to follow more than two dozen commands. it goes on to say he reached into his car through the window, which the officer took as a threat, and she shot him. an attorney for crutcher's family claims the window was rolled up. crutcher's twin sister says the family wants charges filed >> asking for charges to be dropped against a driver accused of killing a 4-year-old girl in april. lacy thomas and her three children were walking in the neighborhood when a car hit them. 4-year-old ava did not survive. lacy and her son suffered injuries. authorities arrested william perkins charging him with three counts of driving with a
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>> i think he should pay for it. i don't think he should be allowed to kill anyone for that matter and get away with it. >> a hearing on the motion is expected next week. perkins' attorney declined to comment. we hoped to learn more today about the st. petersburg sewage problem. this after the mayor met with city council about the results of an independent review. yesterday, he placed two of the city's top leaders on both are accused of failing to warn the city about the potential for sewage overflows. u.s. senator marco rubio is now calling on the e.p.a. to help st. pete. the city dumped millions of gallons of partially treated sewage earlier this month. we are learning a pasco county deputy is facing charges for beating an inmate who was
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jorge stevens hit the inmate in the head because he was causing a disturbance. two other deputies witnessed the incident. the inmate was not seriously injured. happening today, a former substitute teacher accused of molesting two young girls will accept a plea deal. he molested the girls while swimming at the victims and at his home. there's no evidence any abuse happened at school. the pasco county school district has since fired him. today, pinellas un warn residents about severe weather. it's called a weather stem unit. it will be installed at the emergency safety complex in largo. the stem unit can detect lightning, dangerous heat, and freeze conditions. >> that's going to be excellent. a lot of schools will be doing that with the high school games out there. i think the key is the lightning detection there because you know it will be a hot day. you can plan for that. we can forecast thunderstorms.
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occurring at that very minute, that's going to be potentially life saving. upper 70s to around 80 right now. it is warm and humid across the coast. it's less warm but still humid across the state and mid and upper 70s as all of us warm up to the low 90s with fall less than six hours away. we check in with summery conditions through today. the weekend forecast is coming up in a few minutes. thanks, ivan. looking at the sky way bridge approach near the north fishing pier, no problems there. uber is now making it easier to know what you will pay for a ride. the champion is rolling out up- front fares so you'll know exactly how much the trip will cost before you ever get in the car. now for the latest in democracy 2015 today. republican donald trump will hold a rally near philadelphia. the president of the naacp is firing back at trump during a
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carolina on tuesday, he told a nearly all white crowd that african-americans are in the worst shape than ever before. the president of the naacp calls the comments insulting, ignorant, and insulting. >> it demonstrates a profound ignorance of history and profound insensitivity to what we are going through at this very moment. >> trump is promising to rebuild inner cities across he campaigned yesterday in ohio with former boxing promoting don king who used the "n" word during his presentation. king is african-american. >> hillary clinton spoke exclusively with me about the scandal surrounding pam bondy over a $25,000 donation she accepted from trump following allegations she dropped the investigation into trump university.
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wrongdoing, but clinton says the allegations must be investigated. >> it raises very serious questions, and i think that they need to be pursued. i have no opinion about it other than the fact it raises issues that should be investigated. >> the presidential nominee and i covered many topics. ones specific to florida included funding for the zika virus. we have posted the entire interview on our web site at clinton's visit, by the was her last scheduled campaign stop before the first presidential debate in the general election on monday. a canadian mint worker steals nearly $180,000 in gold by hiding it in his rectum. the mint never even noticed. who helped catch the thief? next. fire at a power plant knocks out electricity to more than 1 million people in puerto
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and who should get first priority? that's coming up after the break. >> you have to give the braves credit. they get some stuff even in the los to the new york yankees. we'll show you what happened at
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it's 4:42. it might be the strangest story
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ploy is accused of stealing gold by holding gold nuggets where the sun don't shine. over a four-month span he stole the gold. he frequently set off metal detectors. he sold the gold to a dealer and cashed the checks. it was a bank teller who put two and two together. the man works at the mint, cashes checks from a gold dealer, hmm. the thief is set to be sentenced in november. he has the mint has upgraded the security system. >> so how do you follow that? >> mm-hmm. power is expected to be restored for more than a half million people in puerto rico. caused a massive blackout nor yesterday. government offices forced to close down. the cause of the fire is under investigation. airport police stations will receive first priority once power is back up. the fbi is looking for two
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to the bombing in new york. investigators say the video shows them leaving behind explosive devices on saturday. muhammad has been charged with the bombing and one in new jersey. the journal was bloodied because police shot him in the process. in it, he praises major terrorist figures including the main spokesman for isis. 4:44 now. taxicab companies and ride sharing companies are fighting for our business on the both sides are spending tens of thousands of dollars for legislative support at the local and state levels. >> reporter: transportation regulation has hit a fork in the road. both taxi and ride-sharing companies are revving up support with campaign money. after looking into finance reports, we found ride-sharing companies uber and lyft have spent at least $260,000 in the last year hiring lobbyists to
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state level. ride-share companies have at least 33 at the state capital, more than twice the amount of cab companies. to compare locally in hillsborough, ride-share companies have at least four registered lobbyists. dr. susan mcmanus says there are plenty of reasons uber and lyft are targeting efforts at the state level. >> if you under that business, you would like uniformity coming out of tallahassee so you don't have to operate on one rule here there, which can be confusing to your customers and also affect your whole base of operations. >> reporter: local taxi companies and executives spent about $68,000 in the last five years on local candidates who are or would have been eligible to serve on hillsborough's public transportation commission, the btc. >> the cab services are focusing their attention on local government because that's who regulates them more closely right now. >> reporter: which is why
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targeted local campaigns. where do you see all of this going? >> it's such an important part of the whole economy at the moment, the ride share. you look at cities that have cast aside the idea. austin, texas, which had it and got rid of it. now they are suffering economically a bit because of it. >> reporter: politicians battle it out at the local level, and campaign contributions for both sides may increase at the state level as giving ride shares the green light statewide. i'm investigator jared holbrooke taking action for you. there is more proof the future is here. many gadgets featured in the movie "back to the future" are coming to life. the first flight of a hover craft in the u.s. is shot in the video. this shows a man flying over jet skis and beating them in the race. the faa is looking into the
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getting agency approval. look at this. nike announced it will start selling self-tying shoes like the ones marty mcfly wore. they go on sale in november. you need to make an appointment to buy the shoes. they need to be rechargeable and lightweight. industry insiders say the cost will be high. >> final! [ laughter ] >> first in line november 28th. >> we are back to the future there. 79 in tampa there. clearwater looks great. we have a few hours left to squeeze in before fall begins at 10:21 eastern time. if you want something beyond fall, we have temperatures in the 30s and 40s well up to the north. this is a big cold front that will be coming in. so the northeast will get real
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we have temperatures right now across montana. there are buildings in areas surrounding into the 40s right now. for us, titan doppler radar, the changes will be drier air and less coverage than yesterday. we had big storms across north eastern hillsborough. by the way, it's the area of low pressure bringing all of that rain into virginia and the carolinas the past few days. as we put this into taking knew lunchtime, not much doing here. in the afternoon, we'll pop in the showers and thunderstorms. notice the showers and thunderstorms are greater. nothing doing there. as we check in on our latest advisory, this just into the national hurricane centers. tropical depression karl is back to tropical storm status heading to eastern bermuda with the squally weather but not the dangerous storm it once was.
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today. our average is 89. so we're not thenar away from it. the only difference willing the low rain chances. back to 30 and 40% with saturday and sunday with highs near 90. time for a check on the roads here. 11 minutes until 5:00, and all is quiet here at i-275. janelle martinez is in for us this morning checking the roads in about ten minutes starting at 5:00. tonight, the rays wrap up a three-game series yank yankees at the -- against the yankees at the trop. tom korun has more now on the morning sports report. good morning, everybody. this weekend's premier matchups are coming up. the gators are riding an 11- game win streak against the vols. this could be a must-win for
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how big is this for the gators? coach mcelwain closed all practices. when it came to injuries, the only absolute was luke out as quarterback. austin applebee will start. okay. two different schools of thought for fsu and usf heading into this showdown this saturday at ray looking at "flushing their loss to louisville." usf is looking at this as a game to gain respect. fsu a six-point favorite. the rays and yankees last night at the trop. what a third inning for the rays. the only problem was, they were already down 7-0 when bobby wilson goes deep for a solo homer to go 7-1. two how thes,
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corey dickerson went back-to- back to back. miller adding another homer in the eighth, but this one go together yankees. the final, 11-5. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. the kids are like mom, a snake, a snake! >> a snake in their front yard, how it got there, and if the owner will face punishment. >> association is moving to florida to better connect with staff. where it's currently based and when the move will take place
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it's 4:54. good morning to you. the forecast is upper 70s. a few more clouds between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. and by the afternoon, it's just going to be hot. partly to mostly cloudy isolated chance for thunderstorms, especially south of i-4. it will be 10 to 20%. most of us staying on the dry side. a little more moisture back when i see you the next hour. the current headquarters for the international
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is moving to orlando from virginia. it will allow the industry to connect better with theme park staff and easier to recruit candidates involved in the industry. the move is set to happen next year. florida's population is definitely growing. studies are showing florida could have more than 30 million resident business 2070. developed parts could grow to more than 20 million acres. the state currently has 20 million residents. the latest study is from the university of florida. we are following the latest developments in charlotte. >> north carolina's governor declaring a state of emergency after a second night of violent protests. protesters are upset about the deadly shooting of a black man there by police. someone shot a protester yesterday. the action the governor is now taking to restore calm. the search is on for the man who assaulted a millsboro county deputy.
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of unrest in charlotte. the state of emergency is in effect right now. >> good good morning and thinks for waking up with abc action news. >> much more on that coming up in a moment. first, ivan cabrera is here with the first day of fall. break out the sweaters, right? >> absolutely. keep them there for about a month and you can use them. we'll be in a steamer again. upper 70s to 80 right now in the afternoon. we'll warm the temperatures up in the mid and upper 70s. today, unlike the last days, even less coverage as far as rainfall. 10 to 20%. so the 91 will feel like 100- plus. we'll talk about the extended forecast but first, let's get to the road. here's janelle. >> we're getting a check on the live drive out there heading westbound. drive's very light at this time of the morning. pretty dark out there as well. no crashes or breakdowns. he's driving around and if


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