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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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second night. police tossed tear gas into the angry crowd, trying to keep people at a distance. protests began on tuesday after police shot and killed keith scott saying scott had a gun and posed an imminent threat. as of now, only one protester was seriously hurt overnight. again that man shot by another protester. at least four police officers this morning are being treated for injuries. we just found out a number of companies are telling people not to go to work today if that work is in the uptown district. it is just not safe. serena? >> lindsay, several reporters were caught in the middle of the violence, too. cnn's reporter was knocked down and there were several explosions before protesters came up to this crew and started blocking their cameras. we, of course, are following
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and keeping you informed. at you can be the first to know if something happens with an alert straight to your phone. >> some of the reporters getting overwhelmed with tear gas as well. >> absolutely. so no big issues on the roads? >> it's developly low sought there -- it's really slow out there. let's hope it stays that way. >> it's dangerous to assume. >> you are right. >> 79 for us tampa. yes, it is going to be the first day of fall. not a full day for us at 10:21 eastern tile. it will take some time to get into cool weather. the only difference now is that we have dry air, so we'll get a bit of a break as far as the thunderstorms. less coverage even so than yesterday. you can see the orange here is beginning to move in. we have enough moisture at the surface where it's going to feel humid and hot this afternoon.
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and thunderstorms. it's not like zero rain chances but more like 20%. even loper the farther north you go. yesterday, we shut off the rain chances north of i-4 up towards the panhandle. 90 to 91 this afternoon. with the humidity, it's feeling more like 100-plus. we'll continue with the summer pattern. we'll talk more about that and of course the tropics well into that season in our live drive is on dell mabry. take a look at that. the lanes are wide open there. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. just those lights, right? so the veteran's looking good. we have one crash to tell you about. this is gonna be in tampa right at hannah avenue and 56th street. seeing a bit of a slowdown here, reports of road blocks. this came in about a half hour ago. hopefully we'll have the crash cleared up shortly if the
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that intersection. opening up the cameras this is i-75 right around fowler. up to speed in both directions. getting busy are out there. you still have ten minutes to get from the apex to i-4. back to you. the search is on for a dangerous man who allegedly got physical with a deputy during a traffic stop in hillsborough county. take a look. roxy rayford is his name. belt violation. he got out of the car and shoved the deputy. the two struggled and he was tasered but got away. if you see him, call the sheriff's office. a pasco county deputy is in jail after investigators say he beat an inmate who was tied down. officials say 41-year-old jorge hit the inmate in the head because he was causing a
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that inmate was not injured. a clearwater man is in critical condition after police say a car hit him. they say a car struck the 56- year-old outside of a with us crosswalk last night as he stepped in front of the car. the drive der stop. officers have not said -- the driver did stop. we don't know the name of the pedestrian. a brooks field mother is fighting for justice in her daughter's death. in april, lacy thomas and her the neighborhood when a car hit them. william perkins was arrested and charged with three counts of driving while his license was suspended or revoked with serious injury or death. when she learned perkins' attorney filed for charges to be dismissed, she spoke up. >> i think he should pay for it. i don't think he should be allowed to kill a child or anyone for that matter and get away with it.
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dismiss is next week. perkins' attorney declined to comment. while the unrest goes on in charlotte, people in tulsa are reacting differently to a police shooting death there. they are calling for peace and unity across the country. hundreds packed a church last night in honor of terrence kutcher, an officer shot outside of his stalled suv when an officer shot him. there are reports he was unarmed and had his hands up. two vigils combined to send message of healing. along with that message of peace, the victim's family is not letting up on the demands for justice. the calls for the officer shot to be fired and charged with murder. >> my son had his hands raised up doing just what i told him to do. every time i see that video -- i can't look at it anymore. >> the funeral is set for saturday. we could get the results
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the authorities worry that a giant sinkhole could contaminate the drinking water. the first test results came back normal. radioactive water started draining into the aquifer almost a month ago. residents in the area remain skeptical. it could take months for the contaminated water to move underground to local wells. water tests may need to be repeated later. slip right before the holidays. cvs pharmacies is laying off many including health care and social assistance employees. the pasco county substitute teacher accused of molesting two children more than 50 times could admit his guilt today. abc action news has learned wingo is planning to accept a plea deal. the charges could send him to
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chances of getting a new stadium in hillsborough county just went up. they voted unanimously to hire citigroup to hire any bonds. they will determine the aboutest way to finance the stadium. the rays' lease at tropicana field runs through 2027, but the team could leave early by paying st. pete a penalty. 6:07, and still to this thursday. a manatee crime. what police say a man told witnesses he was trying to do when they caught him touching the sea cowsp. >> plus, the impact of the drugs and victims of the epidemic that are often forgotten about. the viral video that's breaking
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welcome back video. a screaming toddler tugging at her mother's limp body. >> it breaks your heart. the 2-year-old is trying to actually wake up her mom after police say she overdosed at a family dollar store. a witness in the massachusetts store recording the tragic moment on cell phone video. police believe the woman took an oral version of hair rib or opiate-based narcotic.
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overdoses they respond to involve children. they are hoping people share this video on social media and spread awareness. the girl is in protective custody. her mother faces child endangerment charges. new this morning, authorities say a homeless man tried to right manatees in the florida keys. investigators arrested 47-year- old james massinggale who claims he is when a rhys told him it was illegal, he responded "i'm riding it." the man started chanting "take me to jail" when police arrived and refused to cooperate. he is in jail on $25,000 bond. we are mostly clear as the first day of fall starts at 10:21. we'll be back at 91 with the
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100. we'll tell you when they return in a few minutes. coming up, the man in st. petersburg talks about the dumping of sewage into the bay. the accusation senator rubio is aiming at heim and other city leaders. >> pipeline protests. the bay area connection helping those demonstrating against a controversial north dakota
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. welcome back. it's just about 6:15 on this thursday. we ho into learn more information today about st. petersburg's sewage problems. the mayor will dress the city council with the results of an independent review after crews dumped partially treated waste into the bay. he placed two of the city's top leaders on unpaid leave after they failed to warn the city of the potential of sewage overflow calling on the epa to help st. pete. rubio is calling out city leaders saying they turned a blind eye to the inevitability of the sewage spills. today, receiving help from right here in the bay area. saturday dozens demonstrated in
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it will disturb sacred sites and endanger their water supply. construction was ordered to temporarily stop while they considered the tribe's claims. anthony wiener caught in middle of another sexting scandal. releasing exclusive details and text messa minor but continued to ask for nude photos. last month his wife announced she was separating following reports of another sexting scandal. a congressman is arguing the epi pen controversy shows the need more medicare. the ceo of mylin, the drug company hiked the price of the life-saving drug and refusing to reverse the price hike.
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outrage could help congress pass laws allowing medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies. it is a move favored by the obama administration but opposed by drug-makers. well, although it doesn't feel like fall here in the bay area today, today is the first day of fall. the drought in some parts of the country will affect fall leaves in trees like the northeast, for instance. some trees are in survival falling over. maine and vermont will be good spot for foliage viewing. >> it's mostly green up there right now. >> we'll see how that season plays out. for us, 10:21 fall comes in. this is how it looks right now as far as the temperatures across the u.s. we have a nice
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cooler air. 63 for us. we're talking temps in the 40s and 50s in the next few days. we're in the tropics and the heat in the upper 70s. we'll do that with less shower and thunderstorm activity. the dry air is beginning to work its way in from the north. this has now changed. we've had a couple drier the last couple of weeks don't get that into the summer here. we'll get more and more here. october is usually the time, right? so today, dry overhead, limiting thunderstorm activity. look at this by 2:00 just a smattering of isolated storms. 20 down to the south. our temperatures because of less thunderstorm activity, less cloud cover will get back in the 90s with the feels-like
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far away from that. it will be 91 this afternoon. boating conditions look great. northwest winds at 10. 1 to 2 foot seas. water temperatures still bath router. upper 80s, there are your tides. we check in on the forecast for the weekend. slightly more moisture to work with you as we heat the atmosphere and get the sea breezes going. we should be able to manage 30 to 40% for afternoon storms that continu updates from janelle. >> no big crashes out there to slow us down. if you are heading out the door right now, you should have no trouble getting to where you need to be. this is what it looks like, i-4 around thonotosassa road out there in plant city. still looking at drive times in the green from u-4 to lakeland into downtown -- i-4 to
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causeway. the sunshine sky way is looking great this morning, just nine minutes to get from toll booth to toll boom. a check of your toll roads. 17 minutes still in the green on the veterans expressway and looking great right here on the leroy selmon as well. dan? still ahead, a controversial lesson in class. a photo shows a teacher stepping on an american flag. he is now speaking out about what he says he was trying to teach water raising concerns in one community. the city says it's there for a reason. first, a new book is encouraging parents of young children to let them eat dirt. here's more on today's gma first look. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, new evidence that exposing kids to dirt can actually be good for them. >> getting them out in that exposure, the new system is now
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function properly later on. >> reporter: the science behind the new book says that means putting your kids at a higher risk of asthma, diabetes and even owe beatsty. one of the best ways to get those microbes? playing in the dirt. researchers say children, especially those under 5 should be allowed to be barefoot outside and get dirty, within limits. >> let your kid lick the floor in your own house but probably not in the you have to let your kids get dirty but under moderately safe conditions. >> reporter: coming up, dr. richard besser weighs in live. with your gma first look, i'm
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welcome back at 6:25. first, he tried to cut it. then he tried to set it on fire. now a north carolina teacher is defending his decision to stand on an his class a lesson. >> this picture snapped by a student shows honors teacher giving a lesson on the first amendment. many parents are furious and demanding he be fired. the superintendent, though, says there are other ways to teach students about free speech while desecrating a flag. while francis agrees with that, he stands by his decisions. >> he's right, there are other
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necessarily be wrong. >> francis, who has relatives in the military says he didn't intend to offend students but rather drive home the supreme court's definition of free speech as noted in the case texas versus johnson. it removed prohibitions on desecrate the flag. neon green waters are pouring through wisconsin. >> people living there had concerns about the strange sight. it is very green. it turns harmless. workers say it's just dye they put into the system to simulate the worst case scenario during a storm. they also say they are using it to find leaks. it looks strange but the city says it is environmentally safe. >> you could use pink, though. everybody likes pink. good morning, it is thursday here as we check in on the bus
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fall with very summery conditions. we'll talk more about that in the weekend forecast straight ahead. good morning, brandon. we're checking out the roads in your area. look at this. things are looking great on i- 75 right around state road 60. up to speed in both directions. coming up, we'll check your drive over in pinellas county. coming up in a few minutes at 6:30. a new look at the damage after a second the businesses are caught in the chaos. >> a traffic stop leads to violence right here in tampa. authorities are asking for your help looking for a man they say
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violent night in charlotte, north carolina leaving one injured. >> extra crews in the city right now trying to gain control. >> we're getting an all new look at some of the damage left behind from the unrest in downtown charlotte. right now, there is a state of emergency in place. >> i mean, take a look at the businesses vandalized. hopefully we'll get the pictures here. here they are, they are police cruisers actually damaged. the windows protesters are kicking in store fronts. they are telling employees to stay home this morning. lindsay some. >> good morning to you. the business owners say it is just not safe for their employees to be in the uptown district. what started as a peaceful protest quickly turned violent. shots fired, tear gas thrown into the crowds. protesters and police are in the hospital this morning. the protests after the death of keith scott have gotten so out
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protested. instead it's total violence and destruction in the city. vandals and thieves have taken over uptown and destroyed many businesses in the popular main drag including the hornets' official team shop, restaurants and hotels. on one video, protesters tried to set a news photographer on fire. >> trying to prevent people from being hurt. my brothers are out here, too, trying to make sure we do it the right way. >> reporter: there are people we've seen standing in front of the police protesters trying to protect the officers. things there have gotten so out of control, there's nothing peaceful anymore about this protest. we do know that the governor has issued a state of emergency in charlotte. police are dispersing tear gas into the crowds. the crowds just kicked the cans back at police. at least four officers are being treated for injuries this morning. charlotte's mayor jennifer roberts would consider
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protests like this continue at this extreme. we do expect things in the uptown district to calm down this morning. police are prepared for more crowds tonight. it's thursday here. we are about to usher in a new season. fall begins at 10:21 this morning. for us, 70s and the afternoon will be back in the low 90s. rain coverage is yesterday. 10 to 20% as far as the coverage ringing in fall. continuing with the summer pattern no question. the rain questions are low. we'll get back into something more typical heading into the weekend. we'll talk about karl or lisa as well. a high this afternoon about 91. we'll do that with partly sunny skies. let's head over to door number 2 here. >> what is that from, "let's make a deal?" >> oh, my goodness, such a
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>> yeah. weather not so much. >> as you head out the door, we have no major crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. looking at i-275 right at gandy up to speed pushing 07 from the sunshine sky way all the way to the howard frankland bridge. u.s. 19 southbound from to east bay 12 minutes still on the green on the veterans looking great there and a little slow on dell mabry. six minutes to get from fletcher onto waters. captain al is flying above. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, janelle. now behind door number 3, a little accident southbound 56th street south of fly. the vehicle involved just pulled away a couple of minutes
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visual delay due to deputies right there. 75 toward ybor city is slow. no accidents or delays otherwise. a search is under way this hillsborough county for a man deputies consider to be dangerous. >> adam winer joining us now where a man attacked a deputy and got adam? >> reporter: that's right. they say he has a history of violence. this attack happened right here in this stop and shop parking lot yesterday. authorities say the deputy was trying to pull somebody over for not wearing a seat belt. once the car was stopped, a passenger got out of the car, shoved the deputy then fought the deputy, steve gutierrez. the deputy tased rayford, but that did not take him down.
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authorities are now looking for the man they warn is dangerous. previous charges include armed robbery, kidnapping, and even assault. we'll have more information and you can share his photo from our web site, back to you. new developments on the horde of a 90-year-old man. a woman has been gym jailed they plan to file charges related to the death but right now are only calling her a person of interest. the victim was found dead in his home. detectives are asking anyone who may have talked to him in the past few weeks to contact police. the fbi is looking for two men who could answer more questions about the bombing in
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an explosive device. the fbi only want to speak to the men right now. ahmed are ayou can the drug overdose epidemic is going since july, 43 people have overdosed on drugs. of the 43, 8 have died. drug dealers are passing off powerful painkillers as heroin and cocaine and users don't know what they are ingesting and end up killing themselves. a controversial plan could see century old grand oak trees cut down to build a parking
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against a tampa yaht club expansion project get their chance to speak out. the yaht club says it altered its original plan kept the neighborhood full of trees. checking the forecast here. the hour by hour forecast as we look at the first day of fall. we'll be looking at upper low 08s. janelle, that will eventually get back to 91 with the heat. low rain chances today about 20%. if you are driving across the bay this morning, you are in for a smooth ride at least for the moment. we're looking great across the howard frankland. across the bay, checking drive times looking good 9 minutes across the courtney campbell. 8 minutes across the gandy bridge. coming up on abc action
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spooks children, slithering right into their yard. the reason authorities say it's not as scary as it looks. >> it's stairry enough. >> bluebell issuing another recall on its ice cream right here in florida. the two specific flavors you
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good morning, everybody. we have a crash to tell you about in gibsonton at simms road. looking good, though, not seeing any slowdowns but take a look at 301 through that area. pretty slow heading southbound and northbound as well.
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bit of a slowdown here as well. you might want to leave yourself a few extra areas. i-275 at gandy picking up there. traffic is moving along but pushing 70 from the sunshine sky way. let's check in with action air one. captain al, good morning. good morning, janelle. we flew do i-4 right at macintosh road on the right-hand side of the shot, no problems here. here's ivan with your forecast. checking in with the temps in the 70s and 80s. drier air will limit the storm coverage today. we'll have a few showers and storms. we're talking 10 to 20%
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mid-07s across the interior counties. right now, titan doppler radar is quiet. similar for the afternoon with the dry air that will inhabit shower and thunderstorm activity. we'll have rain chances at about 10 to 20. as we take you into the weekend, we're tracking karl and lisa, neither of which will bother the united states. carl will make bermuda. as far as temperatures, it should be 89 this time of year. we'll be at 91. despite the fact that there's dry air overhead, we'll check in on the extended forecast. rain chances are a little higher, 30, 40% are for afternoon storms.
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an unwelcomed visitor terrifying families in a pennsylvania neighborhood. this snake turned up this week. it looks like a cobra, but it isn't exactly a cobra. it's what's called a false water cobra. it is 6 feet long and venomous. the bite is rarely fatal, but a neighbor's relative who loves snakes managed to catch it. the snake's owner didn't want to be publicly identified. we should get the results of water tests. >> many people are worried that a giant sinkhole at a fertilizer plant could contaminate their drinking water. >> first, let's talk about that sinkhole. first, test results from the wells came back yesterday with normal readings. radioactive water started draining from the sinkhole into the aquifer. families in the area remain skeptical. it could take months for the
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underground to nearby wells so water tests may need to be repeated later. the fallout is important to so many of you. so when i landed the opportunity as the only news anchor in all of florida to met with hillary clinton one-on-one in months, i pressed her about mosaics. i asked if she thought companies should be held accountable for withholding information from you that could pose a risk to your here's she told me. >> for goodness sake, people are entitled to clean water, and companies that profit off of common resources need to be held liable when something goes wrong. i have a clear view about this. polluters should pay to clean up the messes that they have created. >> i also asked clinton about zika. hear what she told me when i
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whether you can trust her following that e-mail scandal. watch my exclusive interview right now on our abc action news mobile app. on the republican side, presidential nominee donald trump took time yesterday to tour a manufacturing facility in dayton, ohio. trump denounced trade deals as deastorrous for average americans and promised to review every executive order issued by president >> excessive regulation costs our economy $2 trillion a year. can you believe that? i want to put that money back into the pockets of the american people where it belongs. >> trump's economic plan includes tax cuts for the middle class, however, a nonpartisan group says his proposals could increase the federal debt by $5 trillion over a decade. a consumer alert for enthusiasm morning. bluebell is recalling two flavors of ice cream over
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the company says a voluntary recall is in place for packages of chocolate chick cookie dough and cookie two step. some cookie dough from a third party supplier could contain listeria and could be deadly for the young, elderly, and the sick. last year, listeria forced a massive recall for all of its products. the potentially tainted ice cream was sold here in florida. and ride sharing companies continues. both sides spending tens of thousands for legislative support at both the local and state levels. after looking into financial reports, abc action news found ride-sharing companies uber and lyft have spent at least $260,000 in the last year hiring lobbyists at the state level. local taxi companies have spent about $68,000 in the last five years on local candidates who are or would have been eligible to serve on hillsborough's
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focusing their attention on local governments because that's who regulates them more closely right now. >> while politicians battle it out at the local levels, campaign contributions on both sides may increase at the state level. lawmakers vow to give ride sharers the green light statewide. meanwhile, uber is making it easier to know what you will pay for a ride. the company is rolling out up front fares across tampa bay. now when you enter your destination into the app, you'll know exac the trip will cost before you get into the car. >> it's been five months since prince died and many of his fans are shocked that he's gone. tonight, the tampa theater hosts a special tribute concert. the band hails from prince's hometown in minneapolis. it's led by a member of prince's group the revolution
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tonight, the band performs at the credit union. are you planning to see the new "star wars" letter this december? >> the answer may be now. he doesn't expe match last year's "the force awakens." "rogue 1" is the first stand alone movie in the series. that doesn't mean disney doesn't have high expectations for the movie. it's hard to beat the $2 billion that the "force awakens" earned. friends and family of a u.s. paralympian will be at the airport to welcome home the silver medalist from rio de
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race. both legs were amputated above the knee following a 2003 plane crash. if you want to welcome kendall back, he arrives on a united airlines flight at 11:37. it is 6:54. as your morning sprint counts you down to "good morning america." >> abc action news bringing you all of the news, weather and traffic. we start off with another violent night in charlotte, north carolina. one protester was shot by another and at least four officers were being treated injuries this morning. the governor declaring a state of emergency and pulling in the national guard to control violent, angry crowds. protesters turned violent again overnight setting fires and looting and destroying businesses. police responded with tear gas to keep crowds at a distance. charlotte's mayor will consider a curfew if protests continue.
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a hillsborough deputy during a traffic stop near fletcher avenue. rayford was tased but managed to run off. authorities are asking for your help finding him. he has a history of violence, and they consider him to be dangerous. we hope to learn more about st. pete's sewage problem. the results are of an independent review. this after crews dumped an of partially treated waste into the bay. 6:55. later this morning, hillsborough county officials will hold a discussion about protecting us from the zika virus. key partners invited to attend include representatives from the city of tampa, usf, macdill air force base and the department of health. good morning, everybody. traffic is starting to get busy
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275 is even worse. look at that down to 28 miles per hour from the apex to i-4. 50 on i-75. let's check in with action air 1. captain al, good morning. >> i- 5 with a couple of rescue vehicles and ambulance there. one pickup truck and you can't quite see this one. we have one lane blocked and it's slow southb of gibson. here's ivan with the forecast. >> happy fall. 10:21 eastern time it begins. low 90s with the heat index at 100 plus. "good morning america" is next. thank you so much for joining us. >> keep up to date with us here on the mobile app on facebook
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, state of emergency. charlotte ignites for a second night. protests turn violent. >> shots fired. >> one person in critical condition. angry demonstrators throw bottles stomping on c this reporter knocked to the ground. police in riot gear fire tear gas. the national guard and state troopers called in amid new questions about that deadly police shooting and the gun officers say they found on the scene. >> i will fix it. donald trump promoting his plan overnight to end the violence. >> i would do stop and frisk. i think you have to. >> try ing ing to approve black voters with a controversial


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