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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  September 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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sunset. i'm laura harris. >> and i'm paul lagrone. a deputy attacked. we just got our hands on this video showing the suspect's violent confrontation with a hillsborough county sheriffs deputy. >> that deputy also speaking out tonight as authorities continue to search for the suspect. abc action news reporter ryan smith joins us live with why the deputy bulled him over. >> reporte quickly. it started out as a seat belt violation near fletcher and i- 275 and made its way into this convenience store parking lot and the traffic stop quickly turned violent. tonight that deputy is on light duty, recovering from the attack. >> a guy attacked a law enforcement. you know, he can attack anybody. >> reporter: and he has the injury to prove it.
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routine. every traffic stop, you have to be careful and on target. you never know. >> reporter: steve gutierrez is a nine-year veteran. wednesday around noon he pulled over a vehicle on north 12th and east 142nd avenue. rayford was in the passenger seat as officer gutierrez got off his motorcycle. >> i told him to stop. >> reporter: the surveilla it turned into a parking lot brawl. >> what is going through your mind when he lunges towards you. >> you go back to your training. i know he is a big size. >> reporter: gutierrez used his taser and chased after the suspect but rayford got away. he is a violent repeat offender with previous charges of armed robbery, carjacking, assault. this is an encounter that
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you see the officers doing the best that they can to deescalate the ation and >> reporter: and that hcso pointing out to me today that how gutierrez handles himself this week shows why he was named the hispanic deputy of the year for his county. live in tampa, ryan smith, abc action news. >> thank you, ryan. also happening right now, st. petersburg mayor addressing the sewage problem in city council. many families hoping to speak at an open forum about how millions of gallons of sewage dumped into the bay during hurricane hermine has affected them. the mayor put two employees on
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meeting right now. if a big development happens, we will bring it to you. additional water tests will be conducted for public safety in st. petersburg. the department of health says they have done their testing and analyzing the results right now at north shore and spa beaches and lasing park. as we wait, businesses say they are si moke captain fred d that operates dolphin tours. >> we used to see 12 or 15 a >> captain d usually runs five tours a day. right now he can barely run one. the department of health will issue advisories if needed. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> how are you doing everybody? well ts the first day of fall. with temperatures low to mid- 90s. can you believe it? i mean, it is a little drier
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of thunderstorms that have popped up. area that's have not had any rain, we're talking lower # 0s right -- lower 90s. this evening, anything that develops will be off to the east and out of here by 8:live - 75 you're good to go for anything outdoors. east, a little better chance but only 10 to 20%. hour by hour forecast, partly conditions. upper 70s to near 80 degrees. but a big weekend around the area. a lot going on outdoors. i will let you know if the weather will cooperate coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you, denis. we're following the money in politics that is often kept secret. it's called dark money. and it's funding the political attack ad that's are trying to influence your vote. i spent the day today digging
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and which dark money big spender has a tampa bay connection. >> reporter: dark money groups are pouring millions into campaigns without reporting where it came from. and it's all perfectly legal. political nonprofits are not required to disclose their donors. according to the center for responsible politics, patrick murphy is the top targ the conservative nonprofit american future fund paid for this ad, questioning his resume. it's the most aired political ad in tampa. 384 times since july. they have spent $1.9 million attacking murphy, more than any other candidate. plate who is the top dark money spender? the u.s. chamber of commerce. sounds official. but it's actually a conservative pro business group
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million this year. more than the next three groups combined. >> it's donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump is the biggest national target of dark money. $9.7million in secret money attacking his campaign. club for growth, a conservative nonprofit bought this ad. we followed the money and found this packing company in wisconsin called u-line is the top contributor. $3.2million. >> connection to dark money political spending. an arkansas investment bank which has an office in st. petersburg, stevens incorporated has cop tributed 2 -- contributed $2.7 million. the woman hasn't had any physical contact with ahmad khan rahami in two years and he has only reached out to her once in the past year.
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students to thank them for their well wies. ma rahami remains in on surveil video for questioning. new tonight, anincredib sturbing story in south florida. a 28-year-old woman arrested for extortion. she blackmailed a man with stage 4 cancer. this is vanessa hall. she answered a craigslist for companionship. after they had sex, she claimed she was 17 and demanded money or she would call police. he gave her $17,000. as we honor everyday heroes we are uncovering impressive surprises. >> this is suzanne jacobs from wheels of success. as deiah riley shows us, jacobs has helped 1300 people get back on their feet, including many people affected by domestic
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>> look at the wheels. okay. are you ready? >> oh, my goodness. yeah. it's gorgeous. >> reporter: this is the fun part of suzanne jacobs job. >> am i missing some? >> keys to the car. >> yeah. >> suzanne subscribes to the thinking that sometimes the key to success is literally a key. driving force behind ws the success, a nonprofit that provides cars for the working poor. >> when you make a payment towards a car. it's not a free or entitlement program. you're working and paying it forward. >> reporter: connor is the recipient this time. she was nominated by a former employer who wanted to help
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unexpected turn. >> i see her doing everything right with no financial solutions. it just broke my heart. >> reporter: i started helping gayle when she got custody of her grandson after her son was arrested for trafficking drugs. >> reporter: this letter sent it explained in less ta eeoed year gayle had adopted her grandson sister elaine. >> gayle has always lived paycheck to paycheck. now, having all of these kids under her care. >> how many times do you get to change somebody's life? >> wow. what an incredible story. that was deiah riley reporting. but many people are surprised to find out that suzanne jacobs, that woman that you just heard from there, was at one point a victim of domestic violence herself.
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drove her to help, watch our special wednesday october 12th this year we're devoting the entire hour to celebrating everyday heroes that go above and beyond in the fight against domestic violence. ic violence yourself. if you or someone that you know is in a dv sways, call the statewide domestic violence hotline. the number is on your screen there. we also have a full list of resources for you online at >> it makes you feel awful when your child is in pain and they can't tell what you happened and you're trying to figure it out. a big scare for a tampa mom tonight. we will tell you when this
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>> new video shows a disturbing scene tonight. a mother passed out when an overdose with her young child right by her side. i do want to warn you that the video may be upsetting for some. law enforcement says it's very
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>> oh, my god. >> i could see that there's a value in the fact that people can see firsthand how debilitating and what this addiction causes. >> you can see in that video the woman sprawled out in the middle of the store aisle while her 2-year-old child cries and tugs at her arm. other people in the store called 911. no one stepped in to help. police in massachusetts where this all happened says the child has already been from her mother's care. the question tonight, did brad pitt really -- is he really under investigation for child abuse? a lot of back and forth today on this. according to abc news in los angeles, the department of children and family services is looking into child abuse claims involving pitt. but the lapd has said they do not have an open investigation at this time. the investigation follows a
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jolie. jolie is seeking sole physical custody of their six children. the justice department is hoping to put an end to a scheme that targets and defrauds senior citizens out of millions of dollars each year. they are cracking down on global mail fraud. they receive a mailer that says they won a prize. but to collect it, they have to send money. today they are pressing charges against those that they believe are responsible. right now the postal service and are reaching out to senior citizen and caregivers to prevent the scams. a mom wants to know about the creature that stung her toddler, leaving him screaming in pain. how to recognize the unusual insect and what to do if one stings you. >> reporter: it's easy to hear. just how much 15-month-old
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but on wednesday, his babysitter heard a different sound. >> he was in a lot of pain. i never saw him screaming like that. it broke my heart. >> reporter: a rash spread up to his shoulder. when the mom showed this picture to a friend who is a nurse, she said the insect responsible was a caterpillar. >> i googled most poisonous caterpillar in the united states. >> the babysitter returned to the playground and found it. >> a sweet caterpillar. that's the culprit. >> reporter: if you don't recognize it, you're not alone. >> i have lived here my whole life and i had never heard of it. the pediatrician never heard it was. >> reporter: there have been rash outbreaks at least twice
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and florida's poison control center answered 271 cases of caterpillar stings in 2015. 66 of them in the tampa bay area. underneath the fuzz packs one powerful sting. >> you get stung outside, simply head inside for relief. then strip tape and on of infected area to take off the toxic spines. and finally apply something cool to the area to ease that pain. >> reporter: doctors say reactions, dial 911. the experience has shaken her but won't stop canon from playing. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: in tampa, isabel rosales, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >>e to put on our fall colors for you today. >> yeah. >> just to show you. but it's still hot outside so it outside did not matter.
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>> maybe we will put on our halloween costumes, get in the spirit. >> it doesn't look or feel like halloween or thanksgiving or does it. >> no. >> that's actually something that we were talking about on facebook yesterday. put this meme together. got a million views. 15,000 shares because each season, no matter if it's fall or summer or winter or spring, it looks about the same. it's florida. that's why folks live right? i get it. a lot of folks say we get the beautiful beach but nd cooler ms that is usually something we work out by early october. any prolonged cooler air, that will take a while. how many times have been trick- or-treating when it's extremely warm and humid. yeah. it happens around here. the storms are winding down quickly. temperatures in the low 90s
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we hit 91 today in tampa. 92 in winter haven. brooksville hit 93. normal high, 88 or 89 this time of year. tampa right now, 87. had a storm in the last hour. we hit 91. 88 the normal high in tampa. it's down a degree. and that trend usually means the morning is cooler and drier. there's nothing in our 7-day forecast that even hints cooler mornings. drier air on top of us today. that's why the rain coverage was 10, 15, only 20%. st. pete is 80 and sunny right now. so if you look at overall coverage, the viewing area is from citrus county and over to sarasota. we have a big viewing area. coverage might only be 15%, if that. the thing is a lot of the rain fell over the metro tampa area. a lot of our viewers picked up
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good portion of the viewing area. it's not going anywhere tomorrow or saturday as well. coverage of the rain primarily will be later in the afternoon. and most of it over the east side, especially east of i-75. friday morning, saturday morning and sunday morning, you will wake up to dry, sunny, warm conditions. any shower that's do pop up will probably hold off until 3:00, 4:00. and then everything begins to drift off to the east later in the day. not a lot to worry about, including your weekend plans outdoors. of course the big game going on across the street. an isolated storm possible either saturday or sunday. but if you look at the overall rainfall total through next tuesday, less than a third of an inch on average. drier air is coming in. the problem is along with the dry air is temperatures well above normal. if you're taking the boat out tomorrow, seas one to two feet. look at the water temperature
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fall in clearwater. that's as high as i have seen it this late in the season. there is your sunrise and sunset. hour by hour forecast. partly cloudy overnight. just a stray shower across the anterior counties. a look at florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. 90 on saturday and sunday. and then a better chance of rain later in the week. the rains that pop would likely be after 3:00 or 4:00. still ahead tonight, you might have seen this jaw- dropping video of a stunt pilot and his brush with death. new tonight, he describes the heart-stopping moment that he
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>> welcome back. take a look at this.
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hearing from the man who nearly avoided death in this crazy runway collision. cameras catching this terrifying footage in reno, nevada this week. you see the plane striking the pilot, tom richard, from behind at 60 miles per hour. the plane comes very close to hitting his head. and now richard says that the plane came out of nowhere. listen to this. >> it happened so fast. i spun around faster than the blink of an eye. >> the plan was for eight planes to take off time. but richard's plane did not make it to air because of engine trouble. you can call it a bribe for a bride. right now this de lema posted to social media has so many talking and now it is going viral. she wrote her older sister offered her $10,000 if the bride chose her as her made of honor over their younger sister.
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her words, not mine. who she isn't close to but says the money is pretty tempting. what would you do? i would love to know what you think. i've already put it on my facebook page. share it with your friends. just search the now tampa bay. here is wendy ryan with a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> the steps that governor scott is taking to protect floridians from the zika virus. and the bold thief that police want you >> reporter: mosaic gets hit with a class action filed in federal court. coming up, what the suit seeks and who might benefit. the state's arson lab top boss talks for the first time about the lab's accreditation loss. the i-team first broke the story. new at 6:00, the ceo tells only us what he is doing to fix the problem. homes and properties in eastern manatee county going up
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expansion after what unfolded in mulberry. new at 6:00, they are desperate pleas to stop it.
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>> live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> taking mosaic to court. only our cameras were there as lawyers walked in to file a
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on board. breaking developments in the st. pete sewage crisis. jolly has reached out to a law enforcement agency and asked to start a formal investigation. the office is transferring information to law enforcement for a review. st. petersburg dumping millions of gals of sewage into tampa bay because flooding. rick chrisman put two top executives on leave because of this. >> new at 6:00, jackie callaway who was the first to break this story is live to walk us through exactly what the suit is asking for. jackie. >> reporter: well, i've read through this. the 23-page document does not pull any pickup muchs. using words like reckless and


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