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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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abc action news starts right now with breaking news. second date of emergency in north carolina and the city of charlotte under a midnight curfew on this the third night of protest. a deadly police shooting of keys beaumont scott. >> his family asking the and video be released to the public. police show the video only to his family. it raises more questions than answers. the police chief said that video does not show him pointing a gun at officers to extract a gun on the ground in the afternoon at -- aftermath of that deadly shooting. a source close to the investigation saying that is the gun police found after
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was planted by police to extract within the last couple of hours the processor shot die tonight. the charlotte police department is investigating this as a homicide. the testers are taking to the streets of dallas and light of this week's shootings. that officer and too tonight facing first-degree manslaughter charges. a gunman killed five dallas police officers targeting them during a peaceful we will continue monitoring this breaking news throughout the newscast. first, new information about a man authorities say lied to protect child molesters and a local sheriff bus the so-called expert witness. the question, did the defense attorneys now? michael paluska is tracking
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drove -- he joins us live with the very latest out there.>> reporter: this could have a ripple effect across the bay area. to share saying dozens of cases could have been tribe this expert witness. the sheriff says his investigation is talking to lawyers to see if that expert witness was part of any trials right here. the expert testimony is supposed to keep criminals out of jail. ironically and landed him there this afternoon. the molesters. the sheriff says his testimony and multiple disturbing child molestation cases did not add up. they did -- so they investigated him.>> he is investigating step that is not accurate. >> he charged upwards of $100 an hour and one filing he
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attorneys for private and others public defenders. >> the taxpayer pays for that expert witness. >> to attorneys we spoke with tells us they were shocked and disturbed by the allegations. had a both find him? word-of-mouth. in one case a cell made of one of the attorneys clients recommended him. there was no other bedding done. >> it does not take a lot of deep digging to figure out at least a portion of this is faults.>> none of the attorneys in this case had any idea that the expert witness in this case had lied about his resume. at the very least they were careless and did not that him well enough. we're live at the courthouse. we're getting of their first look at a man facing 100 charges of child pornography. police finding thousands of
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at least of them appeared to be younger than five years old. daniel diner is in jail on $750,000 bond. a coast guard rescue in the gulf. a 67-year-old man injured himself during a dive about 20 miles west of st. petersburg. a chopper from air station clearwater flu that mantua fort myers hospital. we're getting new details in the fatal mauling of a zookeeper. a tiger mauled stacey konwiser and tonight's new detail report says stepped on the veteran zookeeper lying in a pool of blood with a tiger standing over her. the coroner says her jugular vein was torn. the zoo plan the death on human error. people who lived near most sales -- mosaics lake of finding out of about a suit. abc action news joins us on
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what they are asking for. >> the attorneys when after everything they could. when they filed this 23 page lawsuit they say mossack had a careless disregard for people safety, health and property. >> i am concerned about her. >> she is worried her while water is making her animals said. >> from a massive sinkhole that opened up a mossack's property selling millions of gallons of wastewater into the aquifer. >> i don't know how they're going to fix it. how are you going to fix it but >> attorneys filed a class- action lawsuit calling mosaic reckless and negligent. >> we need the residents to know they are being protected. >> december cover dixie and but doesn't of this year the new
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>> i'm not going to pay for it. they well. i'm pretty sure. >> calvin autumn is upset he learned about it from neighbors. >> whatever it it takes to make it right is what they need to do. >> they need a new water treatment system to remove contamination that is found. this is damaging the homes property value. calvin is using bottled water. >> i don't trust them. that's how shady they are. >> this lawsuit yet. reporting live, abc action news. we continue to see partly cloudy skies across the area. the race we had this evening are gone. overnight tonight and a clear warm and muggy conditions we will continue to have the weather. waking up friday morning and
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the race will be holding off until later on in the afternoon. we have a couple of tropical storm's's this area here we will have to watch. not this weekend but next week as it moves into the caribbean. we will take a closer look. overnight, partly cloudy skies with a muggie start to your friday. we will pinpoint the timing of the rain coming up. we will check back with you. this man right here pretending to be a police officer and try to lure women into his suv. what they found makes this case even more disturbing. investigators are saying he told the women he was an undercover cop. he told them to get into his car. they refuse. here's the creepy park, when officers arrested him they found four large roles of plastic painters.class, shugart and a clear plastic poncho in the back seat. security cameras catching a
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woman's purse from her suv and she tries to stop him. video show this woman jumping onto the hood of the car's car. she eventually falls off and the car runs over her leg. the thief does get away. she was not seriously hurt. a woman claiming she was ticketed for simply showing her face. >> somebody mouth for jesus. >> take a look. images of jesus on the side and the lettering on her windshield, what would jesus do which is what got her in trouble with the law. she got a ticket for the lettering which he says of scarcer view. >> i cannot be bought ---nappy blocking my view? the purpose was the capital
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>> despite that the woman says she learned her lessons and will comply. florida law says no one can drive a car that has anything on the windshield that is not transparent. a little boy suffering alive threatening heart condition and -- is going to disney world. his favorite characters created him before they were flown to the magic kingdom. he has spent a lot of time in a hospital undergoing many surgeries. his mom says that seeing him happy you cannot put a price on. the family is speaking this trip being sued of make-a-wish foundation. body cam video showing a questionable treatment of a 13- year-old girl involved in an accident. a woman like you not to walk away from this accident the totals her car. it is a surprising cause of the accident that is a story.
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doing to pinch pennies that could cost you more money in the long run. his another lot look at protesters in the streets in charlotte. it is a third night of violent protests following that deadly police shooting. we willll have more like pictures from the scene right after th break. stay with us. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition.
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s the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. a live look as they come back to great from charlotte where protests continued for a third night. the mayor and acting a midnight current a large crowd of protesters moving to the city streets despite that curfew. police firing tear gas into one crop the briefly blocked a section of the interstate when he threw charlotte. the crowd with cheating -- that crowd retreating. no one has been taken to the hospital. take a look at this body camera footage. police in maryland pepper spraying a 15-year-old girl.
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police say the team cause an accident by crushing her bicycle into the side of a car crash a by. they because she resisted arrest. police were ktvo girls out of a hotel room with her mother left them alone. she was arrested for child abandonment. cement called 911 after seeing the girls alone. they say the bomb left them while she went to work because he didn't have anywhere to take them. a woman a portland walking away with the scratch from this scene. seaworld her car and lost control of her vehicle. this dr. a spider drop from her rearview mirror and scheduler. there was no sign of that spot -- spider after this crash. hillary clinton maintaining
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likely voters so she has a six- point lead over trump. new tonight, donald trump signed are backing optometry -- a tweet where he compared refuse -- refugees to a moral -- to a bowl of skittles. >> i am surprised by the reaction simply because it is a metaphor for risk of probability. we have to be careful about those things. i understand that running as a conservative it is a different standard. >> if i had a bowl of skittles and told you jet stream akiliu, would you take a ample? outrage of that tweet many called insensitive was a media. even the company that makes skittles responded by tweeting skittles candy and refugees are tweeting. that analogy was inappropriate. hundreds going hungry with no place to shop. according to the usda there are more than two dozen right here in the bay area.
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to those people who really need it. >> every week nearly 100 people from impoverished areas around the city find a way to new life assembly church. >> they are here for life must basic necessities. food. >> and makes a difference whether or not we will have a meal at night. >> he is 10 income. there is not much left over. >> the money only goes so far. when a new month turns around we are broke. >> it is about access. the usda refers this area as a role food desert which means people living here have limited access to grocery stores and fresh food within 10 miles of their home or >> we want to appear to the
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boxes. she says too many times they are packed with two little healthy options. the group is in need of canned goods and fresh vegetables for young mothers like breanna. >> it has me out a lot. i just lost my job. it helps us out a lot >> as an that has another male he can count on. volunteers state sometimes there isn't enough to go around and families are sent home empty-handed. they hope that others will give also. and dade city, abc millions of americans have too much stuff. many saving things so they don't have to be purchased things later on like furniture our kids clothing. that is something you do, it could be caused a more to keep it. >> many people have to rent storage units to keep their stuff. the average standby 15 but unit is 120 $120 per month which is
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consumer reports says if you invested that money at 5% per year ever be worth almost 10 grant and six years. so a set of holding onto things, selling the big stuff and invest that money and save smaller soft and space are already paying for. the most accurate weather team of florida. abc action weather. good evening. at first sunset of fall this is beautiful as although summer sunsets. this is the pinellas county coastline. just a handful of showers east of i-75. waking up tomorrow morning for your friday with skies mostly clear and temperatures will be warm. we are in the upper 70s to low 80s after a high today of 91 degrees. 94 degrees in winter haven. making some records with our
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the next couple of days as we have rain chances lower than normal and after -- afternoon highs, higher than normal. low 80s right now under clear skies across most of the viewing area. drier air rolled in. when the air dries out a little bit our highs co-op which is why we hit the low to mid-90s today. tomorrow, march the same. if you need to make your plans for the weekend for tomorrow, the first half of the day you are golden. you will wake up to clear skies. it will be warm and muggy but it will be rain free. the only rain the pops up will be between 3:00 and 8:00 much like we had today. we are only talking 15 to 20% of the area picking up an isolated shower. they will not be passed members. they will stall out and have the rain themselves out. i 3:00 on saturday toward the end of the fsu usf game maybe a few showers across the tampa metro area.
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by letter one of the day a few more storms, typical summer weather for early fall. same thing on sunday. more moisture by early next week. we have coral year. lisa will not be an issue. i'm talking about the area i've been looking at for the last three or four days. hurricane center has it circled at 20%. the middle of next week of models are -- our models are saying it would go caribbean. historically sunset make it into the caribbean this time of the year have a tendency to be lifted up to the north. we will watch it and it is nothing to worry about. we do need to keep our eyes on it just in case. there is call with tropical storm warning so many in the effect for the island of bermuda. northerly winds tomorrow five to 10 knots.
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88 degrees. there is your ties, sunrise and sunset. clear skies overnight and will waking up to temperatures in the upper -- the upper 70s. a 20% chance of a few showers of storms friday and saturday. a better chance for the middle of next week but focusing into this weekend, the bucs game on sunday, the bulls in the nose and saturday, look for and thunderstorms around 3:00 to 7:00 and that trend will continue into the early part of next week. at the going to the beach, and looks great. temperatures near 90 degrees.
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hello folks. this year -- will this be the year after a near miss with the stanley cup final and last season's lots of the conference final. training camp opened today with 12 players in toronto with the world cup along with their head coach. a head start on the rest. they all stand together when it comes to this year's mission.
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arena is the start of lightning training camp. this year's chase to capture the cup is getting off to a much different start than in years past. the boulder without 12 players and head coach john cooper who worked at the workload -- couple of hockey tournament. >> if they get eliminated they will have a couple days off to recover. a lot of us will have to play more games. players from last season including their captain. there is still unlike -- a big name left & -- left unsigned. >> hopefully we can reach an agreement on the contract. that may or may not happen. >> with or without him, expectations are high for this
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>> you go from the stanley cup finals and then you want to get back there were one game away from that. first at 4:00 most likely say every year, you've got to make the playoffs first their >> when you come up short it is an opportunity missed. you don't know how many opportunities to get. >> then bishop for the us. what happens right here. might be teammate andre sister of the czech republic scoring on this they when it, for-3. bichette and a head coach will be headed home to camp. we should see them all sometimes early next week. we will be looking for from the buccaneers this sunday against the rams? i want to see the quarterback settle down and be more
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seeing when targeting this injection. i don't know what the world was going on but that combination has got to pick it up. >> that's everything right now. is not where it needs to be. is just not me and vincent. were not going to get better. i put most of that on me. i have to be playing with better rhythm and better accuracy to be able to help our team out. >> buccaneers b- martin, -8 years, mina stockard and minus shorts for this game. that will reduce the talent level. i did the buccaneers have enough to beat the la rams and they should be the rams. i'm just unsure if they can cover the six points. i'm going to take the rams +6. at the top tonight, the rams
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we're back in a minute. >> close captioning is brought to you by lakeland toyota. save more on i-4.
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another lifeblood from charlotte before they go. a curfew goes into effect in 30 minutes. the streets are surprisingly calm. people protesting over the deadly police shooting. the mayor saying police will be flexible when a person is curfew meeting they will clear the streets as soon as possible. not exactly at midnight. it looks like there are some people out on the streets. people are lying down on the streets in light of the fact that it is curfew. >> we will be following the developments and posting them on our app. one circuit weather. lots of sunshine.
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very hot and unusually warm, 91 degrees. for saturday's game the notes in the bulls i do think there is a chance of showers in the fourth quarter on. nothing to worry about earlier. for the bucs game, a better chance of rain. have a good night. we will see you back here
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, viola davis, comedian pete holmes, snoop dogg. this week in unnecessary censorship and music from rae sremmurd and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? ? >> jimmy: thank you. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.


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