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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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e-mail: protesters in charlotte, north carolina defy the mayor's curfew overnight. now three straight nights of protests over the fatal police shooting of a black man there. when the curfew might be lifted. >> felony manslaughter charges as an officer is officially charged. some of the victim's family members aren't satisfied. >> new video shows a man assault a the agency is now offering a reward for his capture. good morning and thanks for joining us for abc action news on this friday morning. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm lindsay logue in for deiah. protesters in charlotte defied the mayor's curfew. >> as maggie reports from charlotte, pressure is mounting for police to release video of the shooting. >> reporter: for the third night in a row, protesters fill
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charlotte. >> no justice! >> no peace! >> reporter: alongside them, police in riot gear and 400 national guard troops brought in to stop this from happening again. violent protests that left one dead and dozens injured. shut down a major highway and damaged several businesses. overnight, both sides calling for calm. >> we want peace. we need change in these communities. >> reporter: police have not yet released dash cams. it shows the moment keith lamont scott was shot and killed by a black police officer. the police say scott had a gun and they felt threatened. scott's family says he didn't own a weapon, and in his hand was a book. >> my daddy didn't do nothing! >> reporter: the video will not be made public until the investigation is over. >> the video does not give me absolute definitive visual evidence that would confirm that a person is pointing a
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the video for the first time thursday opinion in a statement, their lawyer says after watching the video, the family again has more questions than answers. when he was shot and killed, mr. scott's hands were by his side and he was slowly walking backwards. the violent protests have led to more than 50 arrests and hundreds of thousands worth of damage. we have seen positives, too. volunteers were out on the streets working to clean up and help tampa police are looking for a 10-year-old boy who ran away from home. this is chad kendrick who was last seen yesterday afternoon at his home near mlk and macdill wearing a blue t-shirt, red pants and bandanna. we have new video to help find the man who assaulted a hillsborough county deputy. deputy gutierrez pulled over a
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that's when you'll see mr. rayford bolt out of the passenger's side of the car. gutierrez tried to stop him, but rayford shoved him and drove off. if you know where he is, you could be eligible for a cash reward. an update on a tulsa police officer who shot an unarmed black man has been charged with felony manslaughter after police released the video that shows terrence crutcher walking with his hands in her. some of the family members are not completely satisfied now with the charges. >> the chain breaks here. >> reporter: calling the announcement a small victory, crutcher's twin sister said the work is not done. >> we're going to break the chains of injustice. we're going to break the chains of police brutality. >> reporter: betty shelby now faces a charge of first degree
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officer who shot and killed 40- year-old crutcher with his suv stopped in the middle of the road last week. the attorney says she feared crutcher may have been reaching for a weapon, but no weapon as ever found. the family has mixed feelings. >> his mother and father are relieved that there are charges brought opinion there are some like many in the community that saw murder occur on that video. >> reporter: many of those community members and relatives won't shelby is convicted. >> we know the history of these cases. we know this is the formality. we know she's been charged but we get no convictions. >> reporter: if she is convicted of first degree manslaughter, shelby could be sentenced to as little as four years or as much as life in prison. andrew spencer, abc action news.
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reward for information for a man who stole money from a worker who was servicing an atm. he put the cash in an bag while he finished work. that's when the man grabbed the bag allegedly and took off running. if you know who he is, call crimestoppers. you could get a $3,000 reward. deputies are looking for the person behind a strike of car burglaries. someone smashed their way into seven chapel, and the land-o-lakes rec center. cameras spotted the same cars in two locations. if you know anything about these crimes, call the pasco county sheriff's office. a man who passed himself off as an expert witness is accused of lying in court to protect child molester.
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charging thousands to be an expert witness in cell phone data and computer science. his resume listed him as having a top secret clearance from the feds and masters degree from usf. a judge says they were all lies. >> it doesn't take a lot of digging to figure out at least a portion of this is false. >> there's no evidence that lawyers did anything wrong except for being careless about who investigators are now looking into whether any cases he testified in were compromised. right now, a tampa man faces 100 charges of child pornography. he had thousands of naked pictures of children. a diver is recovering after a coast guard rescue in the gulf.
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man injured himself during a dive 14 miles off the coast of st. pete. a crew member radioed for help. a chopper flew that man to a fort myers hospital. a class action lawsuit for spilling more than 200 million gallons of radioactive waste water into an underground aquifer. the attorneys filed the lawsuit yesterday. 5,000 people who lived near the mulberry facility could benefit fr in private wells and remove any contamination that is found. lawyers argue the contaminated water will hurt property values. >> they'll pay for it. i'm pretty sure. >> whatever it takes, they need to do. >> the contaminated water was used to process fertilizer at the plant and spilled through a massive sinkhole that opened up in august. the entire process to pump out
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take months. we have new details in the fatal mauling of a palm beach zoo keeper. staff found the veteran zoo keeper lying in a pool of blood with a tiger standing over her. the coroner says the jugular vein was torn. the zoo blamed the death on human error. $25 million has been authorized for state fu combat the zika virus since washington hasn't approved any new money to fight the virus. there are 92 nontravel related cases in florida. 682 travel-related cases. today is the last day pasco county residents can request a pickup to remove flood debris caused by hurricane hermine. residents have until 5:00 p.m. to report and schedule debris removal. crews will be picking up debris
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monday. friday i think we'll have low coverage as far as afternoon thunderstorms, waking up to temps in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. we're doing that with mostly clear skies at this point here. the rest of us check again in the mid and upper 70s. a couple of low 70s out there in brooks field. the morning low occurs closer to sunrise. not all that much making it feel like fall. ta have a few thunderstorms. i think coverage is 20%. one over hillsborough depending on where it sets up. 91, by the way, will be the high, with the humidity, which is abundant still. the standard forecast is coming up in a few minutes. a quick check of traffic right now, 4:39. i-275, the headlights coming on over from pinellas into
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major issues right now on the roadways. the bridges are all looking great. janelle has drive times coming up in a few minutes. now for the latest in democracy 2016. tonight, tim kaine will hold a rally in houston, texas. the clintons' daughter chelsea will hold a kickoff in flint, michigan. clinton made her last scheduled campaign stop before her first debate on monday trump. trump does not have an event listed for today. but last night, he threatened to cut off certain federal funding to colleges that failed to curb soaring tuition costs. critics say it sounds like what new jersey governor chris christie said during his presidential run. talking about improving schools in the bay area. one failing school is booker t. washington in tampa.
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a man ran over a woman's leg after stealing her purse in a gas station. more on the video and update on the injuries after the break. the lightning open up short- handed at amalie arena and the rays come up with a big win over the yankees. we'll have highlights and
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caught on camera. take a look at this body camera showing police pepper spraying a 15-year-old girl. she was already in the backseat of the police car. they sprayed her through the crack in the door. officers say they sprayed her because she resisted arrest. take a look at this. police walking two young girls out of mother left them alone. someone called 911 after seeing the 4 and 6-year-olds in the trashed hotel room. the mom left them there while she went to work. a man pretending to be a police officer tried to lure women into his suv. what they found in his car makes it even more disturbing. he told two women he was an undercover cop and told them to
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the women refused. when officers arrested hannah, he had roles of plastic painter's drop colonel, shoe guards, and a poncho -- painter's drop cloth, shoe guards, and a poncho. watch this as a thief smashes a woman's -- snatches a woman's purse right out of her car. she is desperate for the purse, right? jumps right on top of the car and eventually falls off. the driver ran over he got away. the woman did sprain her leg, has cuts, and is expected to make a full recovery. a pun saturday gorda woman was tickets for showing her face. take a look at her van. >> you have to have a big mouth for jesus, you know what i'm saying? >> a mobile tribute to the christian phrase "what would
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with the law. florida highway patrol issued her a ticket for the lettering that they say obscures her view. >> how could that be blocking my view? it's really not as you can well see. i'm sure the purpose was that name right there, jesus. >> the woman says she has learned her lesson and will comply with the judge's order to make the lettering more transparent. florida law says no one can drive a car with anyone on the windshield that is not transparent. i sw happened to me before. a woman in portland, oregon thankfully is okay. she lost control of her car because a spider dropped down from her rear view mirror and scared her. there was no sign, though, of the spider after the crash. thankfully, she is okay. yahoo confirms an attack
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user names, passwords, birthdays, e-mail addresses, of course. the hackers tried to sell that info. now yahoo says it's notifying users they are working to secure people's accounts. one thing you can do right now, change your yahoo password. we're always looking for ways to save you money. here is a do it yourself way to have your own drone made out of legos. the fly bricks are giving you an option to fly the friendly skies we'll go to our facebook page to share this this with your friends. did you like legos when you were growing up? >> i did. >> i did not. >> not so much as a parent because i step on them. >> i moved on from legos, but a drone lego is something else. what will they think of next and why don't we think of it? upper 70s, clear skies right now across the tampa bay
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titan doppler radar is quiet right now scanning and not finding much. a couple of thunderstorms with action across polk, highland and across portions of north hillsborough county. 20% coverage means 100 when it pours downtown. everybody's complaining about the rain. well, we have the 20 and there you have it right downtown. most of us don't live in the that were working yesterday and trying to get lunch got poured on. it's not zero coverage. it's about 20%. it has now rained here for a time and has been tropical down to the south. so the peninsula this time of year can divide and get very dry up north. it's juicy in south florida. eventually, i think we'll get back to higher rain coverage.
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storm warnings to the north and bermuda set up as karl begins to pass through the weekend. see that jump there? that's the brand new advisory from the national hurricane center and see if there are any changes. they are a little stronger, and it looks like it's going right over the island there with 70 mile-per-hour winds. temperatures in the lower 90s this afternoon. the seven-day forecast will show much of the same for tomorrow. 20% coverage and a little bit week. a quick check on traffic. i-275 near the big interchange of i-4. janelle martinez joins again with live updates starting at 5:00. the tampa bay rays begin at the trop and tom korun has the morning sports update. >> reporter: and good morning, everybody.
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the bolts opening up camp at amalie arena. coach john cooper still in toronto at the world cup. they will be arriving back in town next week. we'll see andre shuster in camp for the first time monday and tuesday of next week. the question is, though, does the world cup work against those players that were in toronto or does it not? the one that didn't go to toronto will disadvantage. >> it's going to help us having so many guys play over there in these competitive games right away. i mean, they got thrown into fast-paced hockey right off the start. so i think those guys will have an advantage coming into camp. we have to make sure the guys in this room are ready to go and make sure we're at the same pace and level that they are. >> reporter: meanwhile, at the trop last night, rays are coming out a winner. corey dickerson, the solo homer
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on to beat the yankees. the final on this one, 2-0. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. 4:52 right now. women are expected to work more than men. in fact, years longer. so ahead, what exactly are we doing more of? that's on the news at 5:00. >> a new service coming to downtown tampa to ease traffic
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. a little boy suffering a life-threatening condition is heading to disney world. he and his family were flown to the magic kingdom. the 6-year-old has spent a lot of time in the hospital for his mother says seeing him happy and smiling is something you can't put a price on. the family is making a trip to disney thanks to the make-a- wish foundation. we continue to follow breaking news overnight. >> tampa police are looking for a little boy who ran away from home. where he was last seen and what he was wearing is coming up.
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >> [no audio ] ahead, what a congressman said after he was called down for a remark about the charlotte protests. >> updating you right now on breaking news we first told
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have found this missing 10- year-old boy who ran away from home. chad kendrick hasn't been scene since yesterday. he was at a friend's house and is now safe and sound. 5:00 on the dot. good morning, thanks for waking up with abc action news. now all we need are clear skies and clear roads. ivan? >> reporter: we'll check in with janelle in 30 seconds here, but clear skies weather- wise on the first upper 70s to around 80. it's fall but it's not. 75 across zephyr hills. yesterday, you have the 20% coverage of thunderstorms. most of us staying dry again for today, as we have limiting factors here dry air above and that will keep us quite dry, i think. rain chances are 20%. temperatures are climbing into the low 90s, which means the humidity will make it feel about 100.


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