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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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checking out the tropics as well. let's head in to janelle and check in on a hopefully quiet commute so far. >> i love when i see the vest because that means it's friday. over in the oldsboro area. the lanes are wide open there. we have no reports of crashes or breakdowns. if you just left pinellas county, nothing checking out your drive across the bridges this morning. the courtney campbell causeway is just about nine minutes to get across. looking great as well right here. i-75 to right around state route 60. this is through the brandon area. you are looking great here. just about ten minutes to get from apollo beach into downtown tampa. we're following breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina.
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tweeted that ems had to treat two officers sprayed by chemicals overnight. other than that the demonstrations stayed mostly peaceful. contrasts to what we've seen the last two nights. we did find out this morning that the one protester shot by another protester wednesday died from his injuries. now protesters are putting more pressure on authorities. they want the release of the video of keith scott's death. the mayor says she's seen the footage and doesn't think it provides a clear picture. in motion, you have things in the way and obscured views. it is not clear. >> authorities say they won't release any of the video to the public until the investigation is over. police say scott had a gun and that they felt threatened. scott's family says he didn't own one. turning to the race for the white house. the violent protests in charlotte are sure to be discussed during monday's presidential debate. at a rally in pennsylvania,
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saying it is a threat to law- abiding blacks who want to raise their children in safety and peace. he is also blaming hillary clinton for helping incite the rage against police. >> those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society, and this is a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent shared directly in the responsibility for the unrest that is afflicting our country and hurting those have really the very least. >> taye new poll finds clinton's lead over trump is shrinking in two key states. quinnipiac university finds her trailing. clinton is taking a few days off of the campaign trail to focus on the upcoming debate. campaigning in her place instead is her daughter. yesterday chelsea clinton told
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more than trump would. >> what mr. trump has proposed is to give only new mothers six weeks of time off at a really kind of barely paid rate. i mean, in some states it would only be about $200 a week. that's very different than what my mom is proposing. >> chelsea will be on the campaign trail today and tomorrow in key battleground states, michigan, ohio, and pennsylvania. new developments in authorities have charged an officer with manslaughter for killing an unarmed man. prosecutors say officer betty shelby acted unreasonably. shelby told investigators she feared for her life when she saw crutcher reaching into his car. she now faces between four years to life in prison if convicted. the family says they are grateful charges are filed and hope to prevent more innocent
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of police. as many as 250 demonstrators marched through downtown dallas last night. many yelled hands up don't shoot while others kneeled to the ground with firsts raised in the air. police ordered protesters to disperse. there were no injuries or arrests. the cleanup process from flooding in pasco county is coming to a close thre after hurricane hermine brushed by us. today is the final day to get rid of storm debris. crews have been going through communities every day to pick up trash for free. residents should separate debris into certain categories. you could also drop off debris during normal business hours. officials are waiving fees through october 15th. lying to protect child
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man did in dozens ever cases. this man charged thousands to be an expert witness in things like cell phone data and computer science. his resume listed him as having top secret clearances from the feds and masters degree from usf. the feds say they were lies. he faces serious charges of felonies. >> it doesn't take a lot of de least a portion of this is false. attorneys who hired the man said they had no clue that he padded his resume. they would have never hired him if they had known that. investigators are now looking into whether any cases he actually testified in were prom mizeed. investigators have filed 100 charges of filed pornography against a tampa man. daniel diner is in jail on $50,000 bond. tampa police say he had
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children. at least one of them appeared to be younger than 5 years old. new this morning, a university of north florida employee is dead after a home invasion. deputies say john than was shot -- jonathan bruntton was shot. he answered the door there was a struggle, and police are trying to figure out if he knew his attacker. the engineer was a 21-year employee at the university. if you the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando, today is your last chance. the organization equality florida set up that fund for families of those killed and survivors of the attack. the go fund me page allows you to donate up until 5:00 this afternoon. new details this morning on the death of the zoo keeper
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palm beach -- tiger in palm beach, as she was found in a pool of blood with the tiger standing over her. the zoo blames her death on her own error. you will soon be able to get around downtown tampa early without driving your car. starting monday, hart will begin running streetcars every 30 minutes from 7:00 noon. commuters who live in downtown tampa or ybor city can get a special pass for $25. we're glad you are up with action news. still ahead this morning, a rude awakening. a fearless woman jumps out of her bed and takes action during a home invasion. wow. >> plus, a long way from home. a lost manatee winds up off the coast of new england. one thing that made it more
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video shows a woman shooting at three men during a home burglary near atlanta. >> watch as this woman sprints out of her bedroom unloading her gun on those three men who kicked in her front door. the intruders fire back, but that doesn't stop the woman. >> they shoot you? >> yeah, they shoot me. >> well, they did shoot at her.
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her. she did hit one of those men. he died in her driveway. surprisingly, the woman wasn't even defending her own home. the restaurant manager was staying in a house mate's home for work-related reasons. >> rescuers found from his home. officials asked to have him. they don't do well in water temperatures below 68 degrees. with the seasons changing, it made it much more urgent to save him. i have good friends coming in from the i-10 corridor tomorrow. we'll have a good time here. temperatures go through the afternoon and in the upper 80s
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we're looking pretty good. the rest of the forecast is coming up in five minutes. 6:12 and coming up, a school district fires back. the reason they say so-called lunch shaming isn't happening at the school district where she said it did. >> and an officer spraying a teen inside of a police cruiser. the reason they are giving in
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welcome back. 6:15 on this early friday morning. new this morning, police in tennessee say a man gunned down two of his co-workers before going into a bathroom and killing himself. this happened in eastern tennessee. police have identified that shooter as 45-year-old rickey swaffer. he stormed out of a meeting and came back with a gu shooting. grief counselors will be at the site today. security cameras at a south florida gas station caught a violent encounter. watch this here. the thief snatches a woman's purse right out of her car, and she is determined to stop him. watch this here. she jumps on top of the man's hood and tries to get him to stop his car. she eventually fell off. the driver ran over her leg. that thief got away. fortunately, though, the woman
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she was ticketed for simply expressing her faith. >> somebody's got to have a big mouth for jesus, you know what i am saying? >> take a look at her van with images of jesus on the side and lettering on her windshield "what would jesus do." a florida highway patrolman gave her a ticket for what he says obscures her view. she says she will comply with the law. florida law does say no one can drive a on the windshield that is not see through. a school superintendent is now speaking out saying that the claims made by a cafeteria lady about lunch shaming were false. i know you saw this on social media this week. lunch shaming is when a school denies a hot lunch to any student whose parents have overdrawn accounts and instead they are given a cold cheese
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child was singled out, crying and had his lunch taken away. the superintendent says that's not what happened. >> there were no tears. no food was thrown away. that's the big deal. certainly, i would never stand by knowing we humiliated nor embarrassed the child. that is not okay and did not happen. >> reporter: stacy is the former worker whose story about lunch shaming went viral. she has not responded to the other side of the story. new this morning, a utah after a tornado. take a look at some of the damage. authorities say several homes in the town were damaged. families are now homeless this morning. the national weather service confirming that a twister did touch down in the town of ogden forced homes and garages off foundations. one man says if he had been home at his usual time, he would have been in the middle of the debris. >> i worked for an extra ten
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thing. >> i guess it would have been. crews are trying to clean up downed trees and power lines and restore power to tens of thousands of families there. >> winds are out there at 75 miles per hour. quiet 78 in apollo beach. we're generally running in the mid and upper 70s. a few lower 70s and thunderstorms this afternoon. this is what happened yesterday. we had a few pockets, right, down downtown? it rained pretty good, 1 to 2 inches in one spot. very dry up to the north. in the middle, we'll have the rain chance around the 10 to 20 for us. it's not going to be a huge deal as far as the coverage. let's keep in mind we have the potential for thunderstorms. it won't be as widespread as we usually get this time of year still. low 90s this afternoon. the humidity will make it feel like 100-plus as we head
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heading into tomorrow. boating looks great with winds out of the north end and west. that's the onshore flow this afternoon. 1 to 2 foot seas and sunrise and sunset of course now 12 hours are pretty even here as we are now into fall. the summer weekend will be with us. 20 to 30% coverage with afternoon thunderstorms and rain chances going back up as we head through early next week. we'll get it into the workweek as opposed to the high temps near 90. let's check in on the roads. here is janelle martinez. matt is checking the drive for us on the veterans expressway. he tells us that the ride is smooth other than the construction. we have one lane blocked out there by funs highway. we're also checking your drive all across the bay area with all of our traffic cameras.
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i-275 and 22nd avenue north over in pinellas county. up to speed right now from bridge to bridge. we'll take a virtual drive along i-4 from 75 to 275. this is what it looks like through ybor city where you come through the junction here. all of the traffic indicators are in the green. no slowdowns here. that entire drive will take you just seven minutes. controversy, complaints people had about one inspired by a new disney movie and now the big change. >> plus, you'll want to tell your boss about this story. researchers found new benefits for giving out pizza at work. first, a story you'll see on "good morning america." new details about a police video showing a maryland officer pepper spraying a teenage girl who refused to cooperate after her bicycle hit a car. geo benitez has the details. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, maryland police
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sprayed while in a squad car. police body cams capture it all. officers approach the girl who didn't want her name released after they say she caused an accident on her bike. she refused medical attention, and police say she wouldn't answer their questions. >> we are calling your parents. >> reporter: she starts riding her bike again and the officer grabbed her. >> i was confused what was going on. >> reporter: the teen says the accident briefly knocked her unconscious and she wanted to go home. soon she's in handcuffs and put in the police car. then an officer sprays her. we'll have a live report coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm
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welcome back for months is already causing headaches for disney. >> the company selling costumes promoting the animated movie. it's based on dwayne johnson's character with tattoos. critics are issuing sharp objectives calling it brown- facing. disney has since pulled the costumes from stores and apologized for offending
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to the office for lunch? according to scientists, no, there is nothing better. workers were given either pizza, compliments from the boss or cash bonus as incentive and what they found was the employees who got pizza improved by 6.7%. >> the people who got the cash were actually less productive. they performed 13% worse than the people who got the pizza. >> i can see that happening. >> you have to feed your people. >> exactly right. anybody listening? anybody? [ laughter ] ivan, how are things looking? >> i had that at my last job. it's a little overrated. you get used to it after a while. no, it's fair. >> we're not to that point yet. we also got a full breakfast every morning, right? 91 this afternoon. rain chances are 20%. coming up, we'll talk about all of the activities.
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on. we'll detail that coming up in a couple of minutes. good morning, everybody. we are checking out your cameras here. this is i-275 at jefferson street right through downtown. you are looking athe a smooth ride from here all the way down to -- looking at a smooth ride from here all the way down to the howard frankland. a twist into the investigation after st. pete dumps sewage into the bay. >> plus, schools. one school right now considered the worst in our area that could see the biggest change and the two things the state is
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from protesters in charlotte. >> two more officers are injured overnight. one demonstrator dies. police say the situation is improving. >> many tampa bay area students attend family schools, but the state could demand changes today. >> good friday morning. thanks for waking up with abc. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm lindsay logue starting off traffic and weather together. the roads are usually clear. >> they are this morning. a very quiet day out captain al is flying out there. >> weather-wise, we're looking good for the weekend. by next week, i think we'll get back into higher coverage, but like yesterday for today, waking up in the upper 70s to lower 80s. yesterday and the day before, we had temperatures in the 90s. i think we'll do that again today with limited storm coverage here. so not all of us will cool off from 91 to 80. so the thunderstorms hit and
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between. titan doppler is good and we haven't had the coastal showers. not the case with this kind of pattern here. the bus stop looks dry as you head out. by the afternoon, most of us staying dry. 20% coverage as far as thunderstorms there for the pickup and heading into the early afternoon. similar conditions heading into the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. first, a quiet morning commute here. >> it is kauai eliminate. it's getting a little busy out there. in fact, the live drive mabry. looks like a regular bus there. is that a school bus? no, a regular bus. no crashes or breakdowns on dell mabry. we'll also checking your drive on the interstates. we are talking about the construction starting tonight that pose a portion of the
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way to mobley. starting tonight at 9:00, it won't reopen until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. you'll want to take racetrack down to mobley to work your way around that. across the bridges right now, less than ten minutes to get across all three. let's check in with action air one. captain al, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good friday morning, janelle. we start at 275 activity between bush and fowler. can't really find it now. that's good news. taking a look at 275 at fowler avenue. that's not good news. very busy from the apex to fletcher and fowler and into downtown tampa. on the flip side, there are no accidents or breakdowns. take care. now back to the desk. following breaking news out of charlotte where two police officers are recovering
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with chemicals. >> the curfew set by the mayor had protesters hitting the streets. the attack on officers was one thing but the demonstrators for the most part stayed peaceful. now they want to see the dash cam and body camera videos. the scott family and marver seen the video, but it won't be released until the investigation is over. does your child attend a failing school? today florida's board of education is in to determine how to fix schools performing poorly. >> adam winer is behind the move with more on what could change today. adam? >> reporter: some of the biggest changes could come to a failing school like booker t., one of the very worst schools, the worst school, in fact in hillsborough county. it was the worst one in the
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grade. all of the schools, including ones that got a grade from the state, a deal worth several years in a row. there are changes as to how things are done here. for instance, in the past, more resources and support for teachers. they've also added after school events where parents can get more involved in their child's education. i'm told hillsbo superintendent jeff aikens is scheduled to address the board today. he's going to be asking for more money to try to turn schools like washington elementary around. by the way, i put a list of some of the schools being reviewed by the board today on our web site, live in tampa, adam winer, back to you. a class action lawsuit filed against mosaic calls the company reckless and negligent. >> attorneys with morgan and morgan filed that lawsuit
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gallons of radioactive waste water spilled out onto the aquifer. lawyers are asking in part pore mosaic to regularly test the water in people's private wells to remove any contamination that may be found. >> i'm not going to pay for it. they'll pay for it. >> whatever it takes to make it right is what they need to do. >> mosaic has not responded. congressman david jolly is now calling for a criminal investigation after the dumping of raw sewage in tampa bay. this after hurricane hermine overflowed the system. the congressman says he's been in contact with law enforcement and wants them to take over the
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department of law enforcement. at this time, they say they are not investigating. a diver is recovering after a coast guard rescue in the gulf of mexico. zschau a mexico. somehow a 67-year-old man was injured. someone called for hem and he was flown to a hospital. a man pretended to be a police officer and tried to lure women into his suv. what they found makes this case even more disturbing. st. cloud police say rami hannah told two women he was an undercover cop and told them to get into his car. necessity were smarter than that and refused. even creepier, when officers arrested him, they found four large roles of plastic painters drop cloth a pair of shoe guards and clear plastic ponchos into his backseat. >> looking good tomorrow and
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we'll have scattered afternoon thunderstorms. coverage only about 20%. i think we're in good shape and we'll talk about it after the break. >> also coming up, new developments in the feud between brad pitt and angelina jolie making allegations more serious. >> and poisonous caterpillars are here. they do exist in tampa. one mom is warning others
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z246gz zy6z
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new developments as the fbi is looking into child abuse allegations against actor brad pitt. >> it involves an incident aboard a private flight last week. the fbi has not opened a formal investigation. there have been several media reports, though that pitt was abusive toward one ever his six kids on the angelina jolie pitt. pitt's people so far declined to comment. a tampa mother wants everyone to know about a creature that stung her toddler and left him screaming in pain. minutes later, the bite mark on his hand started to swell and a rash spread up to his shoulder. she later found the caterpillar under the slide of the playground. they are white, fuzzy, and i didn't even know this, but they
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caterpillar -- 66 puss caterpillars in the bay area. >> we're going to talk about the big matchup with the 'noles
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we're checking out the interstates nothing to slow you down on the major interstates. we have a stalled car at u.s. 19 right at tampa road. expect a slight delay there. i also have reports of a crash in largo southbound 56 street right after ulmerton road. this was in the road. checking your veterans. we are getting reports of construction still around gunn could be the reason for the drive times in the yellow. i'll keep my eye on it. action air one is looking at i-75. i thought we saw something in the vicinity of state route 56 that turned out to be nothing.
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eastbound into 56 and 75. you are looking at it right there as that ramp gets on heading towards the apex. that ride would be 275 into tampa. the good news is, no accidents or breakdowns. just a lot of volume. now here's ivan with the forecast. >> we're getting later and later. another half hour before that happens. slight chance of an afternoon shower or storm. we'll limit rain chances for the next couple of days. we'll stay hot so it will be about 91 and will feel like 100-plus. we'll talk about karl and lisa in a second here. 75 in zephyr hills. we've got a few low 70s up to the north. titan doppler radar is quiet now. like yesterday, we have a few pockets of thunderstorms more so down to south florida. we're kind of in between here so we'll keep it at 20% for the drier pattern. that continues today and tomorrow and sunday looks good, too. by sunday, rain chances going
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week, we'll bump those up as well. tropical storm karl will be bothering bermuda. they are expecting upwards of 60, 70 miles per hour here. not a hurricane and strong winds. we're talking about a lot of surf that has been ongoing. there are tropical storm warnings that continue racing off through the north and east heading through the remainder of the weekend. 89 for st. pete and 91 will be the high temperature as we go above average for th year. rain chances holding 20 to 30%. we'll head higher into early next week. of course the seminoles are in town with temperatures approaching 90s with a slight chance of an afternoon shower tomorrow. i see green out there. >> dan's booing over here. >> i really shouldn't. i've got family members at fsu. the house passed a bill to
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last month, the obama administration announced it paid more than $1 billion to iran this year. some republicans said part of that money was a ransom tame payment because the first installment was made on the same day iran released hostages. the obama administration insists the payments are an illegal settlement dating back to the 1970s. donald trump, jr. stands by his controversial tweets comparing refu skittles. we told about you this earlier in the week. >> i saw it and thought it was a good metaphor. that's all it is. i guess i am surprised by the reaction simply because it is a metaphor for risk and probability. we have to be careful about those things. i understand that, you know, i guess running as a conservative is a different standard. >> not many people got that metaphor. the tweet read "if i had a bowl of skittles and i told you just
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take a handful?" even the company that makes skittles responded by saying skittles are candies. refugees are people. the only american in outer space right now may cast her vote for president from the international space station. she says she may not make it back as scheduled in october after the last launch was delayed. she requested an absentee balance lott before leaving just in -- ballot leaving just in case. the address listed, low earth orbit. a $13 billion deal becomes the world's largest hotel chain. marriott brought starwood bringing together the marriott and ritz-carlton with star wood's properties. that means 30 hotel brands now fall under the marriott umbrella. a woman entering the work
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four more years than men working on things like cleaning the house, doing laundry, driving the kids back and form from sports. the group says this limits a woman's opportunity to actually be paid for her work. the charity wants more family- friendly work laws to address the issue. a major illness is going to disney world. the 6-year-old spent a lot of time in the hospital undergoing surgeries. his mother says seeing him happy and smiling is something you can't put a price on. the family is making the trip thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. marking the tenth anniversary of the saddest days. the deaths of deputy williams and his k-9 partner d.o.
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honored during the k-9s for cops center. the event raises money to buy k- 9s for polk deputies. tonight's special speaker is chris peronto who helped those trapped during the benghazi. it's 6:50 and we're 29 hours away from one of tampa's biggest football games of the year. the usp a game. thanks ladies and bull. the bulls are headed to this game. congratulations, 3-0. what's the general feeling? >> everyone is excited. our team has put us in such a great position. we're really excited. >> rumors, of course, swirling about usf spotted in one of the major conferences. what do you think a win tomorrow would do for the chances? >> it's great we put are
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in it with the university and students we have here. tomorrow will be a great day. it is a great stage to be on. we're looking forward to performing on that. >> reporter: kevin has played with a few injuries lately. i can't let you go without a prediction. what do you think? >> i predict a great day. i think it will be an exciting atmosphere money we have 11,000 students who already have gotten tickets for the game. i think it will be a great day. >> come >> i think a lot of people in green and gold will be excited. >> 57,000 people will be reportedly in the stands tomorrow. >> that's awesome. a lot of folks. >> we're all rooting for the home team. >> that's all right. >> bulls, noon, tomorrow, ray j. >> of course that game is not the only game happening this weekend at ray j. the bucs face off against the los angeles rams in the home opener, the
6:52 am
touchdown this season. fans can enjoy the stadium with brand new store boards. kickoff is set for 4:05. there is a new baby, a southern rhinoceros. the calf was delivered september 12th. this is the eighth one born at the zoo. the little girl weighed a whopping 80 pounds at birth. you will be calves, but not envelope the rest of the herd is fully bonded with its mother. a new fantastic drink hits stores in time for hallow between. the drink is blended with white chocolate sauce and whipped cream. he don't know the cal ray
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starbuck's adds raspberry syrup. it's available through october 31st. 6:53 as the morning sprint counts you down to "good morning america." >> bringing you the news, weather and traffic before you rush out the door. we start with the three straight nights of protests in charlotte. police did not take action against the curfew violations because the peaceful. police say keith scott was holding a gun when he was shot, but neighbors say scott was holding a book. many bay area students attend poorly graded schools. booker t. is one of the worst in tampa. hillsborough's superintendent will address board members. they try to turn schools like
6:54 am
calling for a criminal investigation. the city of st. peters was forced to send millions of gallons of partially treated water to overflow the system. congressman jolly says he's asking for law enforcement to take over the case. so far, the florida department of law enforcement tells us they are not investigating at this time. a big fertilizer spilling more than $200,000 gallons of waste water. attorneys say morgan and morgan filed the lawsuit yesterday. the contaminated water was used to process fertilizer at the plant. the cleanup process from flooding in pasco county is coming to a close three weeks after hurricane hermine vehicle. they used the free curbside pickup service. you can drop off debris in
6:55 am
officials are, by the way, waiving the landfill fees through october 15th. you want to take advantage of the bay area's great boating opportunities? head to the state fair grounds this weekend. the tampa boat show opens this morning. you can see hundreds of boats, jet skis, pontoons and s-bg even getting tips on how to land the big one through seminars. the show runs through we're checking out your drive across the howard frankland. it is wide open and will take you seven minutes to get across the bridge. a look at your drive on i-4, 26 minutes from county line road to downtown. 11 minutes from 75 to 275. ivan? let's take a look at this gorgeous fall forecast here. we'll talk about temperatures in the mid-80s around 10:00.
6:56 am
91. if the humidity is still with us, it will feel like 101-plus. that continues into next week. >> 101. >> dan loves it. >> happy fall. >> happy fall. parents say this little girl greets her brother every day when he gets off the school bus. that is so cute. >> little cecilia looks up to her big brother and wants to be with him. >> my kids fight when they get in the car and haven't seen each other. the video was posted a year ago but is just now taking off. you can share this with your friends when you get a second. "good morning america" is coming up next. >> keep up to date with us here on our mobile app on facebook and twitter.
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those guys will be at ray j in 24 hours. go, bulls! z246wz zy6z
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, more protests in charlotte. [ chanting "no justice no peace" ] >> the family of the man killed by police speaking out about the video in an abc news exclusive, president obama on the anger and violence in those streets. >> every once in a while you see folks doing it the wrong way, looting, breaking glass. those things are not going to advance the cause. >> the president also sharing his advice for hillary clinton about those upcoming debates. and his message this morning for donald trump. half a million accounts at yahoo! breached. everything from bank accounts to


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