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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  September 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have shots fired, one suspect down. now at 6:00, police the give in to the pressure and release officer shot and killed keith scott. we are going to play it for you frame by frame. you can decide for yourself. plus, a baby in pasco county dead this morning. we are learning about troubling past calls to the home. we are learning why neighbors think it could have been
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have you built something with legos? >> are you kidding, my dad and i built a city with legos. >> ? we built this city. ?. [ laughter ] we have the most accurate ?[ music ]? we built this city. ? are you going to sing that song? >> legos are great until you step on them. same thing, dark out there. watch out for the legos. we have showers offshore.
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shores. all of this kind of percolating, kind of bubbling up as we have seen a little bit more moisture make its way further north, but still, we are starting off mostly mild, mostly clear, just partly cloudy conditions as the temperatures have dropped into the upper 70s. 77 in clear water. st. petersburg with 71 degrees. we showers later with a high of 91. i will give you the bucs forecast for the home opener letting you know when and where the rain may come. right now, lindsay, back to you. >> bill, thank you. well, after heavy pressure, the charlotte police have released dash cam video from the shooting of keith shot.
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one or the one his wife released yesterday if he had anything in his hands. this has called widespread protests. >> now, these new scenes, we have more controversy. >> reporter: in this video, you can see the final moments before the shooting. keith scott is seen back wards, then -- >> we have shots fired, one suspect down. >> reporter: this body video has another perspective. an officer wields his baton to get scott out of the car. the 43-year-old is seen lying mortally wounded. officers appear to be
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police have confirmed this gun is the gun they recovered at the scene from scott. >> based on what we have seen, he absolutely had a gun at the scene. >> reporter: the police have released this video of a gun scott was wearing. investigators say testing on the gun found at the scene allegedly and blood. >> he doesn't lung at the officers, appears he has his hands by his sides. again, there is no definitive actions in the video. >> reporter: the streets of charlotte swelled with protesters again last night.
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remained mostly peaceful. the suspect in the deadly shoot inning a washington state mall is behind bars this morning. the 20-year-old is accused of open firing inside a macy's store on saturday night. four of the victims were female and the another a male. the officers conducted hunt. he was caught walking in his neighborhood about 40 miles from the mall. the suspect has a record of assault charges. the motive for the shooting is still unknown. investigators are trying to find out how 18-year-old sebastian lee was killed. his legal guardian and her wife
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they are person ease of interest with the police. neighbors are saying there were issues before and he suspected child abuse and he has called on them before. >> my heart was broken. i knew it could have been avoided if something had been done before. >> there was another child live inning the home who had been taken into protective custody. here's a solved in pinellas county. the officials are trying to find out how this jeep was put underwater. the rear window was broken and no one inside. still ahead on action news weekend e diggs, fresh fruits and vegetables for less than
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coming up, see why yesterday's loss against tennessee had historic ramifications in sports. and while last night we were talking about tropical issues, this was the caribbean. where does it stand now?
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you could cut your grocery bill in half just by changing where you shop for things like fruits and vegetables. >> we are seeing how hundreds in tampa are able to save big on their groceries.
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christmas in a week. >> reporter: car las is busy. every week, people drop by her shop and leave with groceries. after four years, there are more than 200 groceries, choosing her over their grocery store. >> it's fresher, it lasts longer. >> reporter: her store? her garage. >> we are living in a time easy. when you don't have money, the food bill is where you cut out. >> i love the co-op. i have a family of six, so i can use this. >> reporter: i decided to put this to a test by grabbing a shopping cart. here, $25 on this side, nearly
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this rang in at $32.84. that's a 27% savings and horning says her customers typically save between 30-50%. now, like most co-ops, there's a $30 fee to cover labor. customers insist it's worth it. >> strawberries and grapes every time i go, they expensive. we go through many in a week. >> put them in a freezer. >> i also like freezing mangos. >> look at all of these tip ins the morning. >> co-ops are a great idea. really to pull your resources and make for better buys. volume pricing.
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low, guys? volume, volume, volume. [ laughter ] >> you didn't see that coming in the control booth. >> bill, i am loving the energy this morning. we will stay clear mostly through the sun coming up which is in about an hour. we are going to see rain chances later. this could have an impact on the bucs home opener. oh, and, yes, we for mathew well down to the south. once again, this has been the system that dennis has been talking about last week. here it is with about an 80% of development and about a 100% chance of hitting home. some are bringing it north into the island. so, again, this is very
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eyes on. we will let you know if anything changes or if we need to start to get ready. we are watching the storms working their way up the coast, the gulf coast. let's look at the current conditions. 76 in hudson. 77s scattered all over the place. clear water, tampa. wesley chapel. this 75, it's 75-degrees. we are going to watch the temperatures rising today to about 90-91 by this afternoon. this really doesn't show it well, it's giving you a ballpark figure of when the showers will come. we will see them coming just off to the east of raymond james stadium.
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the rain will fall but a depiction. we will see the showers, about a 20% chance, so i wouldn't discourage you taking the ponchos, but you may not need them. always better safe than sorry. if you bring them, you will not need them. if you don't have them, you will get rained on. tomorrow will be a some locations. the temperature right now 86 degrees, a light chop on the inland water ways. high tide just before 10:00, low tide about 20 before 6. 7:20 for the sunset. sunset at 7:22. here's a look at the football forecast. kick off temperature about 88- 89 degrees. we could see by the start of the second half, a shower as we
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here's a look at the forecast, seven days worth. 20% chance of rain today, 30% monday, then 40% for the rest of the workweek and hopefully clear things out by the end of the workweek. now for a look at the sunday morning sports, here's john sable. good morning, thanks for stopping by. game day bucs will kick it off this afternoon at 4:05, but this week's edition will look different. they will be without several players. doug martin out with a hamstring injury. all four didn't practice once this week.
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rung back. all right, football now, streaks in college sports are meant to be broken, but oftentimes, it's how they are broken that's impacted. austin applebly making his first career start for the orange and blue. in the second, gators driving again, the pass to the left side makes the tennessee defense look back, trotting in for the easy touchdown. 14-0, florida. 21-3 halftime for the gators. in the second half, the vols woke up. this is beautiful. watch this catch. joshua dobbs takes a hit, this
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tabor on the route, the first lead of the day for the vols. josh malone goes 42-yards untouched. the vols stun the gators 38- 28. >> you know, they came in and took to us, and, um, you know, it's disappointing. these are life lessons,s, man, not everyday does just like you want it. >> now, this is tennessee's second largest come back in school history, and they can thank the atrocious gator offense for that. get this, the gators didn't get a first down in the second half until the 7:30 minute mark in
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outside edge. just bad, bad, fundamentally, just bad all over. >> that's not what you want to hear from your head coach against one of the best team ins the country. usf failed to perform. the bulls are not at the seminoles level yet, they are getting there, but before we judge have to see how they respond next week to cincinnati. it's one of the largest crowds in the school's history. quinton flowers with the fake. first score of the game comes just 17 seconds in. upset, right? no, this shows they can do it
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week -- seven points for each team and they were not into a minute yet. sfu goes in for six. the knowles take the lead, a lead they wouldn't give up. 55-35 in a dominating ground game. seminoles rush for more than 470-yards against the bulls defense. >> i said it earlier in the week, our but we didn't play our best today. >> if we don't take them seriously, they will put up 55 points and that's what happened today. they were ranked number 2 in the country for a reason. >> well, cook was just unstoppable. if you think you have heard something like that before, you are not mistaken, here's why,
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year against the bulls in 2015. despite, though, the sfu dominance, fischer wasn't happy with the performance. >> a lot of things to fix. a lot of things just okay. we have to get ready to play a good north carolina team next week. we have a long way to go, a long way to go. finally, let's go to the race clinging to a over boston. bases loaded and we have lift off. get out of here. grand slam here. the sox take the lead and the win 6-4 over the rays. boston has now won ten straight and in the process, the red sox
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welcome back, if you are looking to update your blinds, but don't want to spend a lot of your hard earned one to do so, we may have a solution for you. perfect.
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lee. today, i have an easy way to jazz up your cheap mini-blinds. now, you can find these blinds at any of your hardware stores. you are going to take this string out. that's what's calmed the ladder. that's what holds on the mini- blind piece. lay it out and start remo space in between each of them. you want them to be 6-inches apart. we are going to use fabric glue. turn it over and we are going to use glue on it and put it back down on the wrong side of fabric. i love this. it's an easy way for you to update an apartment or dorm
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have. it's a no sew project. we used heat and an iron to make it look like a finished project. j you want to do that project today? >> not a very good dyi projector. at that point, i would just buy new blinds. [ laughter ] >> we have another half hour of action news ahead. still ahead, a phone hacking event hits the buckingham palace. >> they are trying to shut it
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weekends, i'm james holst. it's just about 6:30 and this is what we are walking. the police released dramatic video that showed a black man with his hands at his side. now, the police say he had a gun, but from this video, it's unclear. the police released the video after several days of protests.
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store in burlington on friday night. four women were killed along with a man. the suspect was found walking in his neighborhood about 40 miles from the mall. the police are hoping to learn more about how a little boy died. right now, they are considering the toddler's death suspicious drug charges. the couple considered person's interest as well. now i know the hurricane season goes until november, but in my mind, when the bulk of the season is over, hurricane season should be over, too. >> boy, boy, boy, do i have news for you. look at where you are standing.
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lisa and karl, no problems, but look at this. >> uh-oh. [ laughter ] >> that's right. guys, that's a terrific tease right there. >> the river gate camera shows it's clear and the temperatures are a little bit cooler than in the past couple of days, into the low 70s, but into the the 80s right now is the probabil strengthening of this storm system that has been ever so slowly me anderring off of the coast. right now, this stands a very good chance to become mathew. it also stands a good chance to track off into the atlantic sea. now, it could pull into venezuela.
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-- hispanola. we will keep our eyes peeled on this as we work through the weekend and into the workweek with the full team of meteorologist here. yesterday, we watched a full plate of storms that stayed very still, not much movement in these. if you got caught under one of these rain showers, you got a lot of rain. look at that right now, 72 right now. sam reading into the metro we go, 73 at mcdill and in brandon. 77 in tampa, 78 in clear water, st. petersburg with 79 degrees. looking at the areas most accurate day planner, 80s by noon. topping out in the low 90s with a chance of a shower that could effect the bucs game. back to you.
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away from what is expected to be an epic night in american politics, it's the first presidential debate. >> it's up against monday night football and still, they are expecting around 100 million people to watch this. both candidates, reportedly preparing this weekend for the debate in different ways. >> here's more. >> reporter: two very different candidates preparing off in two very different ways. in one corner, hillary clinton, the veteran debater going against one of the biggest yet. she is using the books, holding mock debates and trying to get under trump's skin.
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came on "shark tank," i would vent make the investment. >> i have seen people prepare so much that they get up there and can't speak. trump is using using back up. >> let's see a person be themselves. >> reporter: no debates, but rapid questioning clinton's former performances. >> lying ted cruz. he holds up the bible and he puts it down and relies. >> reporter: just two months ago, cruz refused to endorse trump. >> vote your conscious. >> reporter: now, an about face, the texas senator saying
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in washington dc, the national museum of african american history is now open. some include tubman's hymnal. the idea was proposed years ago. there's a uk. pippa's i cloud is thought to have been hacked. pix of her trying on her wedding gown and pictures of sister, the dutchess. the hacker wanted $65,000 to
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about anything with legos and now with fly bricks, you can make your own drone. developers say even the most inexperienced builder should be able to get it in the air in about 15 minutes. i don't think they polled me on that one. speaking of drones, look at these with the political drones. one man decided to create trump and clinton drones. >> quitage hillary, or is that hillary as a witch? i don't know what he is doing there. he decided to have a little bit of fun creating these. 6:37 on this sunday. still ahead this morning, starting solids earlier. why some doctors are now saying
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foods as early as four or five
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we're taking action against domestic violence, join me for
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if you want to keep children from becoming obese, try letting them eat solid
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them eat solid foods earlier. i am going to leave it to our pregnant news an cor. >> well, we are hearing no way. >> um, no. we wouldn't. >> reporter: brian black and wife se reina welcomed this little one into the world just four weeks ago. choking is the and a legitimate one. choking is the reason the academy of pediatrics wanted parents to wait. now, they are following a european model starting solid foods at four months. >> it's worked out great. it's one of the best things we have done. >> reporter: this couple read
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>> we think it's great. we are getting a little bit ahead of the curve. >> reporter: turns out, so are many families. >> i think there's a need for it because a lot of parents are following the european model and doing that on their own. >> reporter: but dr. kennedy is not 100% on board. >> we have to follow what the babies can do. >> reporter: the study says it's okay to give foods like bananas. they are finding babies are less picky eaters, but dr. kennedy is not sure the babies are ready. >> i think when they are developmently readily, they are sitting up by themselves. >> reporter: there are some foods that should be avoided like apples and nuts and grapes.
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it with their tongue. still to come this morning, a stunt pilot's brush with death. you have seen this. >> this is amazing. we are going to show you the whole thing coming up. we are going to give you more details on how close this guy came to death and why he was in that position. that freak accident after the
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z247kz zy6z
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well, we are now hearing from the man here who cheated death after this crazy incident on a run way. cameras caught this terrifying incident this friday. >> he was just inches from getting decapitated. you can see this. it strikes him from behind at 60 miles per hour.
6:46 am
>> it hit the canopy and knocked it off. believe me, if it hit him, he wouldn't be moving for a while. the plan was for eight plans to take off at the same time. wouldn't you know it, engine trouble, it never went off. >> it happened so fast. i spun around faster tn this is some of the most incredible video. can you imagine what was going through his head after it happened. >> was it the wing going through his head, close call. you don't have rear-view mirrors. >> this guy is a stunt pilot, so he does daring things. >> oh, he will go back up
6:47 am
felt nothing is going to happen now. a beautiful shot of plant hall, university of tampa. school back in session, a lot of folks hitting the books and we are still hitting the inner webs keeping you on top of what's going on on top of the old www. look at this from the national weather service in tampa bay, they, like us, are watching this area they have a complete description of this on their website. i have tweeted it out on mine. this is a look at the spaghetti models of this. it looks like it's going to be continuing its west ward track mostly toward our general neck of the woods. of course, here we are in tamp pennsylvania some of the models taking this into the northern parts of south america in
6:48 am
the caribbean. we will watch this over the next couple of days to see where it's heading. we will keep you posted on our website. as we spin the wheel of names, this would be mathew as we have gone well through the hurricane season with several named storms. 77 right now in tampa. we are pushing toward 80 in st. petersburg. we will push toward 90 later clouds moving inland. by 6:00, we will see most of the activity near the bay area and off to the east. however, there could be a few showers down into manatee county and near the odessa area. it would bent a bad idea to take an umbrella, well, you can't get an umbrella in the
6:49 am
today. moving further inland, you get the temperatures in the 90s. the gulf, very pleasant, 86 degrees. as we look for a place to escape the heat and humidity and maybe escape the problems of the rain lings, the beach would be a great place to do it. up to 85 by noon again, there could be a very widely scattered shower. the rainstorms, there could be pretty good accumulation, but we are looking at 20% chance. once again, there's the 20% chance today. up to 30% tomorrow and we will rise that up to the 40%-50% range throughout the workweek.
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70s. we will get toward that by the end of the week, but until then, we will remain above normal and the rain chance about normal. we have more on we continue our eighth annual taking action against domestic everyday and various platforms online and social media. we have kate jay representing verizon's south region. tell our viewers how easy it is for them to fall in love with this hope line program. >> it is very easy.
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carer and donate them for domestic violence victims. >> so many don't realize why this is important. >> well, we realize that our technology can be a lifeline for people looking to rebuild their lives after leaving an abusive situation and certainly, you don't want anything that could be tracked by an the beautiful thing is that domestic violenceality sis in the -- agencies in the state of florida and across the country can sign up to use the phones and minutes to stay in touch with their families and to get a job and all of the things they need to do to get back on their feet.
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get a phone and that way, the abuser can't track them. >> exactly, and with the shelters and the wonderful work they do, safety and security of the women and the families staying there is of upmost importance. we realize that we can aid. >> and the community grants, so many of them rely on the they receive. how can our viewers help when they clean out the unwanted phones. >> exact limit it's not just the phones, but we are also able to give cash grants to the organizations doing great work around domestic violence. we work with teen dating violence and so many other programs. it's i remember is -- simple. you clean out the drawers.
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they can be in any condition. you visit our store or print out a preprinted label. >> it turns you into a hero, 1, 2, 3. >> simple, simple. >> thank you for coming in. if you would like to be a part of our 2016 taking action against domestic violence campaign, this is an easy way to do it. all of the details are on our
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another hour of abc action news right after good morning. good morning america. we are just days away from the first don't miss the pre-debate analysis. we will provide pro-inside the debate tomorrow night. now here's what's coming upright now on good morning america. good sunday morning everyone and coming up on gma, the breaking news overnight, the washington police capturing the suspect responsible for the deadly shooting at a washington
6:57 am
investigators ending the man hunt all of this as a vigil is head for the victims. plus, the charlotte police giving in to pressure that the video from the police be released. and finally, t minus one day until the big presidential debate. get your popcorn ready. hillary clinton and donald trump getting ready. now a new poll showing this race is tighter than ever. that's coming up on gma. we hope to see you soon. well, you know, there is no debate about what our weather would be. >> i love that, bill. >> we are looking for a high of about 91, pretty much about the same as yesterday. if you do get caught under one
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because they are not moving much. again, 91 the high. it looks like we could see a shower or two around raymond james stadium. we will have much more for you coming up immediately after good morning america. >> rain at the bucs game? the rams already have enough problems scoring points. >> yes, they do. >> i think we will be all right. >> we >> of course we are always on
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good morning, america. breaking news overnight captured. the suspect wanted for killing five people in a washington state mall. picked up by police. >> he said nothing. he was kind of zombie-like. >> who he is and how they got hi a horrifying shooting. new videos of the shooting in charlotte. police feeling the pressure and releasing the video of the moment they opened fire on keith lamont scott. the new angles and what they show. >> does not make sense to us how it was possible that this incident resulted in the loss of life. >> his hand. >> where the investigation stands right now. flash of the candidates.


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