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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  September 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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live from the station taking action for you. >> i don't know if there's words to express, you know, how i feel. um, it's a loss. mourning an after a boating accident. >> we begun tonight with the stunning news rocking the world of baseball and jose for
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fernandez, he was found after a boating accident. >> divers discovered two other bodies under the boat, and a third man on the rocks. the investigation is on going, but fwc says alcohol doesn't appear to be a factor. >> fernandez was born in cuba, but moved to florida in 2008. >> jay is live, former teammates are devastated by the news. >> reporter: yeah, they really are. he was a baseball legend here, refined his game on the baseball field at alonzo until 2011 when aduated. before jose was in the spotlight. >> he was an all star dominant pitcher here.
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people out as a raven. >> he glowed. everyone looked at him because he was so aggressive and put all his heart into the game. he was throwing 90 miles an hour in 8th grade, 9th grade. >> reporter: and nobody was surprised when the all star ace was called up from the majors. >> everyone here, they would be a miami fan because of jose. >> he was like >> reporter: former school resource officer wayne remembers talking baseball with fernandez in the hallway. >> he even came back after he made the majors to come and talk to us. just a good kid. full of life. amazing pitcher. one of the best i'd ever seen. just a joy to have him here. >> reporter: and his
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>> >. often the brightest lights extinguish the fastest, but his memory will endure. >> reporter: that seems to be the same for anyone that shared the field with josa. >> he impacted so many people. if why you were against him or on his team. a lot of my friends, they're hurt by it. >> reporter: back here live, funeral arrangemts pending. his friends and former teammates plan to hold a vigil hill in hillsborough county later this week. >> just hard breaking. several major league baseball teams held a moment of silence for fernandez. >> just a tragic story. breaking news tonight, police in las vegas are investigating a fatal shooting at a
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argument that might have led to the shooting. police are also investigating a suspicious backpack found there with possible explosive devices inside. they do have a suspect in custody. terrorism is not suspects. no other people were hurt. over in polk county a 23- year-old woman is dead after her car spins across three lanes ever before crashing into a tree. crews had to cut the car to get morgan she tried to overcorrect her nissan when she crashed. they don't believe speed or alcohol played a part. and now weather. happy sunday afternoon in the evening. summer still hanging on around here, and we're still getting some of those summertime thunderstorms, to prove it let's zoom in on the action right now.
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pretty good cells around crystal 6 river and big time thunderstorms moving through us 19, brooksville. into the hillsborough county area over north of i-had around dover and the polk city area. all of this kind of sitting and spinning. gradually trying to pull over to the west coast. again, this is about 20 percent if you get caught under one of the storms they could stick around for awhile. 91 right now in tampa, they'll tumble down to 80 by the time you wake up, and we'll have more on the rain chances coming up. thank you. meanwhile the tampa bay
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their home opener. >> and cara is live outside, and fans are pumped up, and especially excited because they're winning. >> reporter: absolutely. we got to hear the cannons fire right before the half, people taking a nice break, super excited, you can feel the excitement in the air. take a listen [ cheering ] shoulder crowds as the thousands of fans make their way into the game. a lot of head to toe red and black to celebrate the team, and a lot of fans saying they like what they've seen out of the bucs this season, expecting big things out of the quarterback. >> we have a quarterback, we have a defense, we have everything we need, so we want
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support them. we encourage you to see the boys play. >> reporter: it was a sweltering start this afternoon, but feeling better now, but still good to see the excitement and the start to football again here at tampa bay, and as they, i guess you could see bittersweet to see the rams take the field. i'm sayi red and black. thank you. still ahead on aid abc action news, the political candidates gearing up to face off. plus, unthinkable act. a florida father faces charges. wait until you hear what he's accused of doing to his infant
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democracy 2016, just hours from now hellickson and donald trump will be -- clinton and trump will be on the same stage. >> a tstarted, including >> reporter: the stage is set, and the expectation game is in full swing on the campaign trail. >> what we're concerned about is there's some kind of double standard here. >> i don't appreciate the campaigns thinking it's the job of the media to be virtual fact which i thinkers. >> reporter: the campaigns trying to -- checker. >> reporter: the campaigns trying to set the bar on what will likely be the most watched show down in political history,
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tighter. a new abc news washington post poll shows clinton holding at 46 percent and donald trump just 2 percent behind, but still within the margin of error. >> the 90 minute format, not sound bites, there's a real opportunity to have somebody say something and get into if it's true or not. >> reporter: a t on him, and paul ryan hopes trump has been doing his homework. >> clinton has been doing it for years, she's a pro, donald trump is obviously newer at it. >> reporter: first clinton's campaign invited mark cuban, trump's nemesis, and trump tweeted perhaps i'll put jennifer flowers alongside of
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an affair with bill clinton years ago. >> he wants to remind people he's a great counterpuncher. >> reporter: both had meeting with the israel prime minister, a brief pause before the epic face off. mary bruce, washington. still ahead, we'll update you on the rams an
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and just a stunning story out police arrested a father, this man, after they say he threw his infant over a fence. remarkably the baby survived. >> it's a horrible situation. >> reporter: michelle reeves says she knew something was wrong when she heard screaming from the apartment complex next to her home and found clothes in her yard. >> went this way and went to my neighbor's yard, stripped down everything that he didn't have, what was left, and sat on this
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>> reporter: winter springs police found 31-year-old richard harris sitting there naked and his 4 month old baby he was seen holding momentings before was gone. -- moments before was gone. >> i panicked. >> reporter: reeves said she and the officers searched the property and found the baby screaming in her backyard. the father threw the baby over the for or against, and they -- fence, and they found the baby laying in the leaves face down. >> i picked recognized him. >> reporter: reeves spent the night with the baby's mother at the hospital while the infant was checked out by doctors. he only suffered scrapes. police arrested his father who's facing aggravated child abuse charges, and because he has a long rap sheet he could face a lot of time behind bars. >> i'm just grateful the baby
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and now abc action weather burden of proof >> -- well you said therwae going to be rain, but it doesn't rain. >> it did shower earlier, but it went away. >> the producers saying get to weather, we're talking about weather and sports [ laughter ] >> here is a look at your beach camera right now. beautiful shot outside, and lovely we showed you the showers earlier popping up around the state, around central florida, and yes they were some close by. widely scattered showers. we'll be watching out for matthew, hasn't formed yet, but looking at the tropics, this area looking like matthew is going to be a player, here's the current spaghetti
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pushing it into the caribbean is is going to take a week to get here, so we'll be watching it all week and giving you the low down on what changes may be coming. 91 the high today. not much of a change from yesterday. the normal today is 88. overlight low was warmer than the overnight low this time year. few scattered showers around earlier. 81 hudson, 80 in spring hill, but 80 in tampa. sarasota at 89. those rains will continue to pull off toward the gulf of mexico tonight. by tomorrow we'll see some showers building, pretty much along both sea breezes by about had. they'll -- 4:00. they'll try to move into the
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then gradually start to drain out, so very similar to today. looks like we'll be drier tuesday as the chances for showers drop into the middle of the week. 86 right now. 83 by 8:00. 80 by midnight. kicking back the covers in the upper 70s. we'll call it 76 for tampa, and we start to get toward that normal, especially by the a high of 87 or 88 by next weekend and overnight lows around 72 or 74, but still continued warm and breezy and showering and scattered storming through the week week as we start off monday, back to ool. thank you bill, the buccaneers said all week they needed a fast start in today's game against the rams. trying to learn from their
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cardinals, and the buccaneers got the fa start after th ored first, tampa bay came up with a big turnover. pick six, but missing the extra point. they trailed, but then tampa bay scored twice in the 2nd courter on a run and reception. buccaneers lead 20-17 in the third, and we'll have a complete 11:00. just awful news out of miami. you've heard jose fernandez, one of baseball's brightest and young stars, the best pitcher in all of baseball in the national league died at the young age of 24 in miami when a boat he and two others were riding on crashed in these rocks. he defected from cuba in 2008 after three failed defection
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titles, then drafted by the marlins. winner of the rookie of the year award in 2013. he appeared in two all star game, including this year's game in july. the marlins canceled their game today. the ray's clubhouse gave their thoughts, what they'll remember most of jose fernandez. >> i respected everything that he did. the he's done for his family. the way he went about business. it's, it's tragic. >> baseball lost one of its brightest stars and probably one of its brightest personalities. you know, it's going to effect the tampa bay community and the miami community because of the impact he had and you watch how successful he was, but watched how much passion he played with the game. he will be missed. a lot of thoughts go to his family and obviously to miami
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>> jose fernandez leaves behind his pregnant girlfriend. one of baseball's best on and off the field gone way too early at the age of 24. after the rays moment of silence they got the game on the way. brad miller comes through, ripping it to right, and we're tied at 2. rays fans will be happy he hurt it is rays one last time. trying to he's safe because the skips away. that's the game-winning rbi. the red sox sweep the rays and win the home finale for the rays. stay tuned, we're back after
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still seeing some showers around right now popping up and moving gradually toward the center of the state. we're looking for those to wind down overnight. looking for an overnight temperature first thing in the morning temperature of about 78 degrees to kick back the covers and then get back up to 91 again tomorrow. 40 percent chance of showers as we begin your work week. so more typical summertime stuff, even though we're now -- >> in fall? >> yes, indeed we are. >> we want to wear our boots. come on now. >> well, i'm not wearing my boots. not let at least. >> you'll be very popular with women [ laughter ] >> thanks so much for joining us everyone. >> we'll see you back here
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welcome to "world news tonight." super showdown. the stage is set. donald trump and hillary clinton. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit. >> she's a dangerous liar. >> their first head-to-head clash. 100 million people expected to watch. the raceig trump's guest list. breaking news. all-star tragedy. one of baseball's best, jose fernandez, killed in a horrific boat accident. fans and his team stunned, and just days ago announcing he was going to be a father. new police video. for the first time, the moment police used deadly force. but the man they shot, walking backwards, hands by his side. officers say he was armed.


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