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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i've got your action
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good evening. thank you so much for joining us. a fire station taking a lightning hit. >> our reporter is live with more on this story. >> reporter: the good news is it appears to be a fairly minor incident. it was a transformer just down the road. that was the first indication something might be wrong in the building. they said a couple of the electrical pieces of equipment started to arc and making popping noises. thank goodness no fire actually started from that lightning strike. they were able to get everything back up and running here within a fairly short amount of time. but there are still areas of
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right now but no major damage was caused to the building and no one was hurt. but they are going to have to do some electrical repairs to some of the equipment inside. reporting live. abc action news another story we've been following all day. jose fernandez died in a boating accident. >> the coast guard discovering his body. he died early this morning off the coast of a boating accident. >> we're told he was a passenger in the boat the. none of the men were wearing life vests. the investigation is ongoing tonight but they say alcohol does not appear to be a factor a standout baseball player at alonso high school.
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showing us the legacy he leaves behind. >> reporter: he was a star on the mound, as hired by those luck enough to share the field with him. >> he dominated but had respect for everybody and respect for the game. >> there is the defector. >> that nickname familiar to many in tampa bay. this man got to know a young about to make the big leagues. >> as much as he was a great player, as much he was a great pitcher, but besides that, he was a great human being. and for that, i feel very proud. >> reporter: he met him through a mutual friend and learned he
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cube an's community. they arranged a trip to miami allowing him to meet with veterans and other political prisoners. >> i remember so clearly what he said. he said, hey, i was one of you, i know i struggled to be free. >> reporter: fernandez tried to make it to america three times. each time he failed he was sent to prison. the last time he boarded a boat to miami, he even saved his mother from drowning. he says fernandez for granted the opportunities he was given to live out his american dream. >> he was full eye aware of the concept of freedom -- fully aware of the concept of freedom. that human being needs freedom. >> reporter: while his life was cut short, he beliefs jose leaves an incredible legacy, a reminder for all of us to value our freedom.
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funeral arrangements for him. teammates from the high school are hoping to put together a service in his memory. breaking news tonight, arnold palmer t king of golf has died -- the king of golf has died. he died this afternoon from complications of heart problems. he ranked among the most important people in golf history. he brought in millions from endorsements making him one of in the united states. he was 85 years old -- 87 years old bill logan joins us now. we got hit with some pretty bad weather tonight. >> we were talking during the 6:00 show how the bucs game was in sunny skies but then the rain came. lightning was seen -- lightning
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this one was tweeted out. there are still lightning strikes coming down, especially in our northern neighborhoods. over toward floral city, spring hill, all getting some significant showers right now with embedded lightning. some lightning offshore. right along the pass co county there are a few lingering raindrops. the rain dying down into dover and eastern hillsborough county. all of this has been moving basically off toward the west ever so slowly as we have those storms just build up rapidly this afternoon. still not complete coverage. a lot of areas completely missed by the rain. right now 78 in tampa. in st. petersburg, clear water
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to about 76 overnight and then start to zoom back up as the sun comes up tomorrow. more rain on the way, you bet, i will tell you where those rain drops are most likely to fall as you begin your work and school week coming up in about 15 minutes. >> you just mentioned that weather delay. well mother nature caused a 70 minute delay for that buccaneers home opener. once they resumed buccaneers drove down the field only to come up short. what went wrong? who is to blame? we will show you. we will hear from locker room reaction later in sports. >> well, as you can see fans we talked to pretty pumped up by football's return. they like what they say out of the buccaneers so far.
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stung, they are anticipating big things. a 23-year-old woman dead after investigators say her car spins across three lanes before crashing into a tree. crews had to cut the car to get morgan nason out of it. she tried to over correct her nissan. investigators had to shut down that road for four hours. they do not believe speed or alcohol played a part crash deputies are investigating a shooting near st. petersburg. one victim was transported to the hospital for life- threatening injuries. stay with us for more information as it becomes available in just a stunning story out of winter spring's father. a father threw his infant over the fence. they found the baby lying on
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on the other side of the fence they found richard harris sitting down naked. >> i'm grateful the baby is okay, the dad is okay. now the dad will get help. >> the baby spent the night -- thankfully that little boy only suffered scrapes. application arrested his -- police arrested his father. he faces aggravated abuse charges. happening tomorrow, a traffic alert that know about at park street north and 54th avenue north. the southbound curve lane and the westbound left-turn lane will be closed. crews are making repairs to a damaged water line there. there will be traffic delays and they suggest avoiding the area if you can. you can take seminal boulevard
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and park boulevard hillary clinton and donald trump are running neck and neck and head to make for the presidential debate tomorrow. right now clinton shows 2 points ahead of trump. 1 percent supporting green party -- strung -- clinton met with him in manhattan. trump's campaign says they discussed is really security, we don't know what clip ton and the prime minister discussed. still ahead, new protests as the fallout continues in
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nfl football with the star player taking a stand a man opens fire at a crowded starbucks in las vegas. what happened just minutes
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police are still investigating a fatal shooting at a starbucks in las vegas where one person is now dead. police are saying there was an argument that might have led to suspicious backpack with possible explosion i have devices inside. they do have a suspect in custody. new protests over the police shooting that killed a father in north carolina. police releasing some video of the incidents this weekend but critics say that's not enough. crowds took their message to the sunday football crowd.
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charlotte right outside the panther's game sunday. demanding justice in the deadly police shooting, crowds facing off with officers outside the stadium. some dressed in riot gear. >> the national guard on scene -- inside the stadium, newton wearing this t-shirt with the instuffs vice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. the 43-year-old was killed by police last tuesday. the department buckling to pressure this weekend and releasing some of the video showing the deadly confrontation. in the dash cam footage you see scott get out of his sufficient suv -- his suv walk backwards
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different angle. a uniform officer trying to break the passenger window trying to get him out of the car. after that, he was lying on the ground. now supporters of scott say the video just raises even more questions. family members say scott was just sitting in his suv waiting to pick up his son from school. the governor did declare a national emergency after the violent protes hits a house and lands in the street. a crazy scene here -- crazy scene here. we are trying to figure out where this balloon came from and why it had to make that landing in that street check this out, it's voters -- an 11--foot gator tried to take a bite out of their boat. the two men say they are just happy they got away.
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damage to their boat. when you're hungry, you're hungry i guess >> what about that weather today. >> it was crazy. it really blew up. i walked out of here and i could see things approaching from the east. right at the 2 minute warning the skies opened up, the -- big time li we are still seeing some of that off -- still seeing some of that off to our north. a couple of hundred lightning strikes within the last 15 minutes and we are seeing a lot of lightning out there. not really noticing any on this shot from the river gate tower but we still did see plenty of lightning around. it's in the dying stages right now and we did get a nice sunset in some areas as we watched those widely scattered showers ending.
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period. by tomorrow morning, you will kick back the covers to clear skies but we're still going to keep an eye on things down to the south as we are watching format thousand. it hasn't been named yet but this care of -- folks, the -- 80% chance this is going to develop. this is taking it right into the this is going to be by saturday at 11:00. so we've got a week to watch this. of course ivan will be in tomorrow morning. we will be giving you the very latest updates on this if it becomes a named storm and if it strengthens. around here we had some good from showers build up. the coverage was not complete,
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see those storms in the dying stages right now. lake land with 77. it's 74 in sarasota. 75 -- winter haven still at 80 degrees. 78 in tampa and clear water at 76. we will watch those showers kind of drain themselves out by midnight, 12:30 then tomorrow afternoon we will see some storms build along the east towards the center of the state. so folks down in through did he so to and man tea county could be giving -- getting some of those storms. tuesday evening sets up about 40% showers. those will push towards the east, but shift just a little bit with the sea breeze. by tomorrow morning, again kicking back the covers, kind of cool in spring hill, 71
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78 degrees. 73 for ellen ton and as we go through the morning, we will watch those clear skies give way to some winds and then we will push up to about 91 as we get those inland storms forming right around 4:00 this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon and then pulling back towards the coast. 88 degrees is your gulf water temperature. monday we're going to windows. uv index at a 10. here the seven-day forecast. 40% of showers through the workweek. of course we will continue to watch the antics of what could be matthew. coming up, why the final two minutes could have resulted in a better result if the bucs
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plays. we had plenty of chances. again, congratulations to the rams. they got us. >> simple as that. cutter is right. missed opportunities doom the buccaneers. that's why the bucs lost. four special teams, badly thrown balls seal the bucs' fate against the rams. early reads it perfectly. 38--yard pick 6. they miss the extra point. bucs still trail 7-6. they are adding more here. win ton connects. that's good for 6. bucs up 20- 10. third quarter, here come the rams. a second td.
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winston to the end zone. the bucs miss the 2-point conversion. then the nightling came, 90 minute delay. -- lightning came. 90 minute delay. the clock runs out. that's your game. bucs lose 37-32. horrible clock management on that as -- how this hurt the bucs' clock management, especially there. >> who says kickers aren't important in the nfl? this was a 4-point swing. the buccaneers just couldn't get over it. >> it wasn't my day. >> reporter: cutter appeared to have lost confidence and he went for two twice and missed twice. >> i mean, i'm concerned with -- i'm concerned with
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us losing, that one was -- that was one of the things. >> had they converted a point after each attempt, they would have been able to tie the game with field goal. with -- then at the end, with the game on the line, winston gets caught from behind and the rams head home with a victory. >> that was just dumb on my part. th w i got -- like i said, the quarterback has to step up and make plays for his team. defense but me in a great situation. 2-minute warning. we've got two timeouts. i just got to make the plays. cutter did say after the game he could agree that they poorly mismanaged that clock at
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you heard tom say it, they are struggling. tampa bay welcomes the broncos next week. his smile was infectious -- jose hernandez only played for four seasons but his impacted will last -- impact will last forever. fernandez and two friends he attended alonso high school. he was drafted by the miami marlins in 2011 in the first round. he became a dominant pitcher winning the rookie of the year award. eappeared in two all-star games. the marlins cancelled their game today against the braves.
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rays' clubhouse gave us their thoughts. >> i respected everything that he did, the way he got over here, what he's done for his family, the way he went about his business. it's tragic. >> football lost one of its brightest stars and probably -- baseball lost one of its brightest he was but you watch how much passion he played with the game, he will be missed. >> he leaves behind his pregnant girlfriend. one of baseball's best on and off the field, gone way too early at the age of 24. they got their final home game
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rays tie the sox at 2. they are happy they don't have to face ortiz again. he's out, right. no he's safe because the ball gets away. that's your game-winning rbi. red sox sweep finally again tonight, if you haven't heard, golf legend arnold palmer passed away this evening. palmer was 87 years old. news returns after this
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checking out the bus stop forecast. tomorrow morning sunrise at
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drops the kids off. possibly some inland showers starting. we will keep things cool to start off. we will warm it up in the afternoon with another high of around 91. >> that you -- thank you so
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