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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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first presidential debate of the year. tonight hillary clinton will square off against donald trump. we have a preview of what to expect. >> sadly the brightest lights are often the ones that extinguish the fastest. >> mourning an all-star. stunning news hits major league baseball. jose fernandez killed in a boating accident in south florida. the legacy that the 24-year-old leav b opener against the rams. we have the heights coming up in sports. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. golfing legend arnold palmer also passed away sunday. more on his life coming up. first it's a big day for presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump. they are getting ready for their first one-on-one presidential debate. >> as andrew spencer reports both candidates square off in hofstra university in long
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candidates as the republican and democratic nominees face off. the candidates shared the stage at the commander in chief forum earlier this month but not at the same time. tonight they go head-to-head. they will have more time to speak than they've had in any other debate so far, speaking directly to each other and may throw insults. >> hillary clinton is the voice for global special interests. >> he is he is temperamentally unfit. >> reporter: "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt will moderate the two and while he'll likely do fact checking of his own don't be surprised if he leaves a lot of it up to the candidates. >> i don't think it's a good idea to get the moderator into serving as the encyclopeeda. it's better for that person to depend on the candidates to basically correct each other as they see fit.
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trump has been doing prep of his own reportedly in the form of long policy conversations with rudy giuliani and governor chris christie. with 100 millionon to watch the pressure is on. andrew spencer reporting. hillary clinton's running mate is visiting the bay area today. tim kaine is holding a voter registration event you have to register by october 11th to vote in the presidentiallation. he is spending three days in florida encouraging people to register. he travels to orlando this, gentleman. tonight he and the human rights campaign are teeming up to hold a debate watch party. stunning news breaking overnight -- the king of golf arnold palmer has died. he passed away sunday from complications with heart problems. palmer ranked among the most important figures in golf history and went well beyond
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and 62 pga tour wins. he brought in millions from endorsements making him one of the highest paid golfers in the united states. he was 67 years old. we mourn jose fernandez, pitcher. after a boating accident. we're told he was a passenger in a boat that crashed into a jetty. they were not wearing life jackets. two bodies discovered under the boat, a third man on the rocks. the fwc says alcohol doesn't appear to be a factor. 4:33. fernandez had strong ties to the bay area. he was a standout ball player at alonzo high school. >> and didn't forget his connection to the cuban community. reporter kera mashek shows us the legacy he leaves behind. >> one, two, three inning for jose fernandez in his major league baseball debut.
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mound, admired by those who shared with him. >> he dominated but had respect for everybody and the game. i think that made him an exciting player to watch. >> reporter: the nickname the defector familiar to many in tampa bay. mario got to know a young jose as he was about to make his debut in the big leagues. player, a great pitcher, but besides that he was a great human being, and for that, as an american very proud. >> reporter: he met him through a mutual fund and jose wanted to invest in the cuban and latino community. he organized a trip to miami allowing him to meet with veterans from the bay of pigs invasion and dozens of former
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>> i remember clearly what he said. hey, i was one of you, i know, i struggled to be free. >> reporter: fernandez tried to make it to america three times. each time he failed he was sent to prison. the last time he boarded a boat to miami he even saved his mother from drowning. he says fernandez never took for granted the opportunities he was given to live out his american dream. >> he was fully aware of the concept of freedom and human, the human being needs freedom. >> reporter: while his life was cut short he believes jose leaves an incrible legacy and reminder to all of us to value our freedom. >> that was krm determine reporting no word yet on funeral arrangements. some former teammates at alonzo high school are hoping to put a service together in his memory. a report of lightning struck last night.
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fire station around 10:00 last night. crews were checking on damage along bay drive and missouri avenue, lightning knocked out power to part of the neighborhood there. no injuries. and no visible damage to the station. it was just a minor impact with some electrical equipment. let's check with ivan. >> very loud, a lot of frequent lightning yesterday. this is titan doppler radar from the evening. we had severe thunderstorm warnings as well as the line really got a smattering of storms from north-to-south. then everything continued to push away. of course now as you would expect things weakened. this is a live picture from titan not finding much but by the afternoon you can see a round of storms with 40% coverage and as we always say this time of year and especially through the wet season we talk about the lightning always being dangerous. you don't need a severe thunderstorm for things to get out of hand quickly. keep in mind when you hear thunder get back inside. upper 70s to around 80.
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afternoon. rain coverage will hold at about 40%. that's about average for this time of year. with temperatures at 90, humidity, going to feel closer to 95 plus. 4:37. let's look at the morning commute. i-275 at gandy boulevard. it's smooth now. janelle has a full look at 5:00. a traffic alert though in pinellas county. park street avenue. a southbound lane and westbound left turn lane will be closed today. crews repairing a damaged water line. expect traffic delays so avoid that area if you can. we have alternates. they are on the screen now. starting today -- you can get around downtown tampa in the morning without driving your car.
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starts 7:00 a.m. they will run every 30 minutes from 7:00 to noon. commuters who live in downtown tampa, channel district or ybor city can buy a special pass for $25. deputies are investigating a shooting on gandy boulevard in unincorporated st. petersburg. happened sunday morning. a victim was transported to a hospital for life threatening injuries. no other details at this time. stay with abc action news, we'll get more information as soon as a stunning story from winter springs in central florida. police say they arrested a father for throwing his infant over a fence. police say they found the baby face down crying. on the other side of the fence found 31-year-old richard harris sitting down naked. >> i'm just grateful the baby is ok, mom is ok and now the dad will get help. the neighbor spent the night with the mother at the hospital while the infant was checked
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had scrapes. the father faces aggravated child abuse charges. because he has a long criminal history he could be sentenced to even more time behind bars. i didn't think this would happen to us. i saw it happen to other people but never to us. >> five people shot and killed while at a washington state shopping mall. when the suspected begunman is due in court and looking at his lengthy >> hundreds in peru turn out for a race with their dogs. what the race supports and the big reward the winners received. >> the rams spoiled the buccaneers home opener with questionable calls down the
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the man accused of killing five people at the mall of seattle is expected in court today. authorities arrested arjang s had hatan saturday. the youngest of the victims was 16-year-old sari lawyera. the teen survived cancer, told by her doctor she was doing well. she was shopping with her parents when shot and killed.
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>> she was my little sister. >> he has more than a half- dozen criminal cases on his record in washington state since 2013. the mayor of charlotte lifted the curfew on the city. there have been protests there everyday since the deadly police shooting of a black man last tuesday. as sarina fazan reports protesters showed carolina panthers football game yesterday. >> reporter: a call to action in charlotte outside the panthers game sunday. demanding justice in the deadly police shooting of keith lamont scott. crowds facing off with officers outside the stadium. some dressed in riot gear.
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well. in the stadium panthers quarterback cam newton wearing this t-shirt during warmups warmups martin luther king quote -- injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." scott was killed by police last tuesday. the department buckling to pressure this weekend, releasing some of the video showing the deadly confrontation. in the dash cam footage you see scott get out of his suv, walk backwards hands by his side. when >> we got shots fired. one suspect down. >> reporter: the body cam video showing a different angle. a uniformed officer using a baton trying to break the passenger window to get scott out of the vehicle. then scott is seen standing. after that the father of seven lying on the ground. >> we need to hold the wounds. >> that was sarina fazan reporting. supporters of scott say the video just raisings more questions.
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his suv waiting to pick up his son from school. police say a man's bank card denied at a las vegas starbucks before he opened fire killing one person. the suspected gunman's card was denied at the drivethrough. witnesses say he went inside and then shot a man. police say an employee crawled out the drivethrough window, police arrested the gunman. they say he has a criminal history and shouldn't have had a gun. no other injuries were reported. 4:46. rising floodwaters forced several thousand people cedar rands, iowa to evacuate their homes. officials say it could be days before they can return. the rising cedar river crested saturday night 55 miles upstream from cedar rapids. school in cedar rapids now cancelled through wednesday and evaluations say they will re- evaluate the situation by wednesday afternoon. looks like a long term event. >> absolutely. this is what happens once we start getting that volume in there, you have to wait it out. as you do unfortunately folks
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ways. speaking of that weren't we yesterday with the line of thunderstorms that really got going? in fact we had a report of a funnel cloud reported in pasco county. so absolutely it's been quite busy the last couple days. saturday night, hope you enjoyed the first part of the weekend. we always talk about that this time of year. 12-hour loop shows the storms that fired, now weakened significantly. in fact at this point just sprinkles left across county. 77 in tampa currently. partly cloudy. mostly clear in fact as we check in with upper 70s to lower 80s generally. the lower 80s, of course that is reserved along the coast away from the water's warm influence back in the mid-70s. we'll drop a couple more degrees before getting that sunrise this morning. on futurecast still picking up on what was left of the storms up north and -- don't worry about that. because basically we start
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then thunderstorms get going this afternoon as our winds are going to be coming from the south and west. then we're going to keep our eye -- we've been talking about this the last couple of days, something to watch, got rid of karl and lisa. this is the only game in town at this point, a tropical wave, not a depression but generally moving towards the west. intensity too early to report. we'll check back. that would be matthew, the name on the list. temperatures this afternoon upper 80s to around 90. stays that way the next few days. that is typical for this time of year. the 7-day forecast will show 40% coverage and by friday drier times, 20% heading into next weekend. it's 4:48. the bucs lose their home opener against the rams. tonight the rays start a four- game series against the white sox in chicago. john sabol has your morning
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>> reporter: good morning. thank you for joining us. missed opportunities doom the buccaneers yesterday. pretty much the reason why they lost their home opener against the rams. four special teams badly thrown balls by jameis winston and really bad clock management sealed the bucs' fate against los angeles. they entered the day with zero defensive turnovers through the first two weeks but that changes in the first quarter. alexander reads the pass perfectly. 38-yard pick aquayo missed the point and a field goal later. then eventually get the lead. jameis winston to cameron for the score, bucs up 20-10. led 20-17 at the half. rams started something good. gurley from two yards out, touchdown, second of the game. l.a. 24-20. later in the fourth.
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mike evans with the catch. but the bucs make a two-point try. lightning and rain at the two- minute warning in the fourth. 90--minute delight -- delay. bucs lose 37-32. bad clock management doomed them. >> reporter: are not important in the nfl? robert aguyo with the swing that the buccaneers couldn't get over >> it was not my day. >> the head coach appeared to lose confidence in aquayo from here on out. went twice, missed twice. >> i'm concerned with everything that contributed to losing. that was one of them. >> reporter: had they converted an extra point after each attempt the buccaneers could
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goal. instead jameis winston and offense was forced to score a touchdown to win with winston missing twice with vincent jackson won a clear cut touchdown. winston gets caught from behind and rams head home with a victory. >> that was dumb on my part. it was bad. like i say the quarterback has to step up and make plays for his team. defense put me in a great situation. two-minute we got two timeouts. i just got to make the plays. >> reporter: tom korun, action sports. >> the buccaneers had two timeouts on the last drive and didn't use them. that explains the 4:00 management and could have resulted in a better result. winston and the rest of the buccaneers need to fix the mistakes because the schedule doesn't get easier in week four. tampa bay will welcome the 3-0 denver broncos to raymond james
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update. 4:51. a massachusetts town tells one homeowner that he has too many trump signs in his yard. the action the town is threatening and the rally his neighbors held to support him. >> it's almost 5,000. >> a california woman orders chicken wings but gets a lot of cash instead. why she had trouble returning the money and the huge reward
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temperatures in the 70s. back to low to med 80s and topping off 90 degrees. feel like 95 with humidity. with plenty of moisture rain coverage 40% for today. extended forecast coming up in the next 4:55. tonight's the first presidential debate of the year. >> hillary clinton will square off against donald trump at hofstra university on long island. a preview of what to expect for both candidates and watch parties in the bay area. >> tonight the miami marlins will be without pitcher jose fernandez, he was killed in a weekend boating accident off the coast of miami beach. we're live outside his former
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at 5:00 -- the world is mourning the loss of the golf legend known as the king. arnold palmer passed away but leaves a lasting impact on the
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forever. >> the debate stage is ready for donald trump and hillary clinton. why the pressure to perform is on both of them as a record audience is expected. >> samsung device blamed for burning an international flight but not blamed on the recalled phone. more on that coming up. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. good morning. let's check traffic and weather together. starting withivan. hope you had a great weekend. we're looking at -- pretty good as far as rain chances, average 30% to 40%. temperatures this afternoon, where they should be, upper 80s to 90. a couple of degrees a little warmer. humidity always makes it feel warmer this time of year. and we're watching the tropical wave in the each atlantic, plenty of time to watch it. our next named storm would be matthew. titan doppler radar was busy yesterday. we had a line of showers and storms that got going


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