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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: chris dolan is the treasurer of the brandon broncos. they bought jersey from a local company, sts athletics. >> it was a nightmare. >> reporter: they placed their order on may 9th. they didn't get the majority of jerseys until august. >> it was our third game, fourth game into the season before we got our jerseys. when i say all of them, it's all of what we were to get. >> reporter: that was 20 jerseys short and he claims close to well. after one wash this is what they look like. >> they look terrible quite honestly. >> reporter: they ordered several more and had a different company add the lettering. this new jersey has been washed and dried the same amount as the one that was provided by sts. but chris says they are lucky. >> we've been without uniforms for six weeks. >> reporter: amanda borrows helps manage a youth football team in pueblo colorado. her order was supposed to be in by august 18.
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practice uniforms. and for the nearly $2000 sent to sts she says nothing has been returned. >> not a penny. >> reporter: similar complaints from four other organizations, one claiming sts owns them about $5000. we went to justin cardwell's business and home addresses. we werfilly able to reach him over the phone. he refused to go on camera but says he issued refunds and don't know why the teams haven't received tm. the brandon broncos for money they owe him. and the owner of sts sent me a slew of text messages. now saying one team is lying because they got their money back after they filed a claim with their credit card company. he also says he decided to close his business and we did some digging into public records. that is something he has already done. right here it shows that a
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athletics was dissolved just last year, that was also his company. reporting live in brandon tonight, clifton french, abc action news. good evening. second straight day we were pounded by very heavy thunderstorms, beginning to wind down across part of the area, the exception right now south-central pinellas county from around seminole over to largo back down to the nellis, all of this area co move from the west to the east. so areas around st. pete up toward clearwater, still under the gun for some moderate to heavy rain. it will not be what we had earlier on. with one-inch hail and winds of about 60 miles an hour. northwestern sections of parish over toward the bay itself, also picking up some rain and the heaviest is desoto and hardy counties. so this will wind down tonight. but i think we're in for another round tomorrow.
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talk about the tropics coming up shortly. rick scott ordering requirements to make sure the public is notified about environmental emergencies in response to the mosaic toxic sinkhole as well as sewage controversy over input dallas county. effective immediately companies will be required to notify the public and governments and dep of any pollution within 24 hours. you have a 48 hours to notify people of any potential health or safety risks. the governor says he will be in mulberry and an update from mosaic. sarasota county man behind bars after deputies say he severely abused a 3-year-old girl. deputies say this man nicholas ritter took the tile to the hospital claiming she fell but doctors say her injuries did not add up. she had several bruises on her chest and back. skull fractures and a cut on her chin. that little girl is currently in serious condition. new details in the death of a pasco county toddler. 18-month-old sebastian leave
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on saturday. police considering his legal guardian and her wife persons of interest in his death. as kera mashek tells us the little boy's family believes this tragedy could have been avoided. >> a bright-eyed little boy sebastian lieb's family is crushed because long before he died, they've been fighting for custody to keep him in his home state of ohio. >> i tried so hard to get those sebastn'case against the big -- the baby's mom to get custody as both parents were headed jail. >> i had them with family safe. and i did what i could. >> reporter: the result right before kristin went to prison she signed over custody to her cousin tim call. know the baby sebastian and his older sister to live with she and her wife angie in zephyrhills. the rest of the family back at
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where the kids were for months. when the family finally tracked the kids down, they painted this picture that they were fine. but now the families learned things were far from fine. >> out of nowhere he's dead. and they lied to all of us. >> reporter: police went to the family's house four times this year for reports of domestic fights and ems went out there once too. dcs incidents but none of those events led to kids being pulled from the home and they were never reported to the biological parents or other families in ohio. >> if i had known, i would have walked down there to get my baby back. >> reporter: ultimately this family feels like police and dcf could have handled the case a lot better. steps they think could have saved sebastian's life. >> if they would have been here with us, with real family, this would have never happened. >> reporter: now the family is
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bring sebastian's sister back to ohio and to get the baby boy back for burial. kera mashek, abc action news. >> so said. police are still waiting on sebastian lieb's autopsy results to determine how he died and that could lead to more charges against his legal guardian and her wife. police just arresting them and for sexual battery on a child now trying to see if he has any more victims. jeffrey youngblood traveled from georgia to largo to meet the victim. investigator's picked up youngblood as he got into town. largo police say they've been working with other agencies in the bay area and in georgia. right now largo is the only agency filing charges. new development in the death of star pitcher jose fernandez. all marlins players will wear his jersey number, during tonight's game against the mets. in the past 45 minutes the team announcing it will retire fernandez's number 16 after the game. fernandez and amelia macias died early sunday when their
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fans, friends and family mourning his death tonight. including tampa attorney ralph fernandez. he meant toward the young pitcher during high school. and the two stayed close. jose spending hours in fernandez's office during the off-season. >> even after he was rookie of the year coming back here just like a normal kid. you know? you would never know that he was famous or as great of a ballplayer because he was very humble. and never made us feel like he was this big celebrity when he was here. just family. >> so far authorities do not believe alcohol played a role in fernandez's death but they have released -- they have to wait for toxicology results. the justice department just handing out more than $20 million in grants for body cameras but none of that money will be coming to the bay area. doj giving more than $3.1 million to seven different departments in florida
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justice department confirming in the last hour they denied the tampa police department application but doj saying no other law enforcement agency in hillsboro, pasco, pennell's or earlteam ties evenap finding the sheriff's office tampa police deparenand sarasota police department are the only ones using body cameras in any capacity. police are still looking into them but the sheriff from hillsboro, pinellas and polk counties all opposed their deputies using body cameras. new calls for the fdl to investigate the dona bondi. democratic congress member's from florida sending the fdle commissioner a letter asking for an investigation. they called the $25,000 donation illegal. bonnie decideduniversity -- >> i'll take this. around the same time trump's foundation gave her that money, no word if the fdle will actually investigate. when we asked today they have not yet received the letter.
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controversial speaker is set to speak there, self-proclaimed gay conservative, that's not why protesters are showing up. abc action news reporter michael paluska is there to explain tonight. michael? >> reporter: the line to get into see milo yiannopoulos is growing here. continue to trickle in, a lot of people are been critical of him is because his critics say he is an antifeminist, racist and islamophobic. he is the senior editor at breitbart news, traveling to colleges across the country to challenge what he is calling extreme political correctness so he's making statements to counteract that correctness. he has infuriated many -- many members of the transgender community for saying that being transgender is quote his words, a horrible sickness.
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at the oval theater and usf police department is here as well. they have increased security because one of these speaking engagements in miami was canceled because the school did not want to hold milo yiannopoulos there. and then another one had to be canceled because protests broke out in the middle of the speech and because of security issues. so far we haven't seen too many protesters but a lot of people in line, waiting for this event to kick off in the next 50 minutes. we will be here if protests break out. live on usf campus, michael pa now to democracy 2016, now less than three hours away from seeing the presidential candidates go head-to-head for the very first time. donald trump and hillary clinton squaring off tonight at hofstra university in new york. they won't be the only ones under the microscope. a lot of focus being put on moderate lester holt to see how well he handles each candidate and if he will call them out on any factual errors. trump has been buzzing about holt all week long. take a listen. >> by the way letter is a democrat. >> i do know that.
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i mean they are all democrats. okay? >> but holt is actually a registered republican. as many as 100 million americans could be watching tonight's debate on television. you can see it live at 9:00 right here on abc action news. you can also watch it even if you are not near a tv. we're going to stream the debate on our website, free mobile app and also on our facebook page. still to source for trash and crime. tonight the new steps pasco county leaders are taking to clean up the problem for good. fed up with speeders after the forecast, unusual step one small town took hoping to get people to slow down and the reason it didn't work very
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deputies need your help finding a possible murder witness. deputies looking for 39-year-old jody pierce. they think he saw ernestine gardner when she died.
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degree murder in connection with gardner's death. new numbers tonight showing violent crime is on the rise around the country. murder rate jumping nearly 11% between 2014 and 2015. fbi says overall violent crime went up 4% in 2015 but the violent crime rate is still lower than it was five and even 10 years ago. trash, broken tvs and theft not the things you would expect to see around donation bins. right? pasco county commissioners say the problem is so now making rules to stop it. abc action news reporter cameron polom explains it's your tax dollars on the line. >> to me, so passed. >> doesn't seem like anybody is taking care of it. >> a lot of unwanted stuff. >> that stuff, mattresses, broken tables and trash, piled high next to donation bins scattered around pasco county. >> i often wonder how legitimate they are. they sound good.
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living up to the promises inscribed on the side. >> many of these bins are put there by legitimate charities. actually people that are using this as a business. >> reporter: a business our team showed that makes a lot of money off your generosity. and if they are not making money they are costing you it by way of your tax dollars. >> it's coming out of the general budget for us to go in and clean these sites up. >> or folks steal what's inside as seen in this surveillance video. >> it makes everybody look bad. says they tend to their bins daily but acknowledges many other organizations do not and may end up costing everyone. >> makes us angry. >> county commissioners are expected to vote on an ordinance that would require each been to be registered, display registration with contact information and maintain the grounds around the been. if not, they'll see hefty fines. >> if it gets to the point
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are not going to be able to have the bins anymore. >> reporter: i'm cameron polom, abc action news. last month we told you how donation bins operated by for- profit companies are causing problems in tampa neighborhoods. this picture shows a homeless woman diving into a been, scattering clothes all over the parking lot there, at other sites for-profit clothing recycling bins have been left unattended for weeks now. often becoming dump sites and even breeding grounds for mosquitoes. the city has imposed five is -- fines and seized collection bins after out-of-state recycling companies failed to correct code violations. in recent months. that is one threatening looking picture there. that's the circles and just about an hour ago skies were mostly clear, a little lightning going on across our southern counties. right now over the skyway you can see some very heavy rain and it bit of lightning. from the skyway down to the south, that's where the
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up. we've already had two severe thunderstorm warnings today. at least a dozen reports of hail, on our facebook page, from some of our viewers things are beginning to wind down across most of pinellas, hillsborough county and anywhere from i-4 off to the north. what's left of this rain? should be done by about 7:30. but you had on down south, especially from manatee county northwestern manatee county for that matter, southeast of ad northport, desoto, highlands, that's where the most vivid lightning is. this is the second straight day we have seen incredible lightning totals. i got comments on facebook yesterday folks saying some of heaviest lightning they've seen in 60 years. so very heavy thunderstorms out there today. i think we see one more day of that and then things begin to improve by the latter half of the week. a little cooler, drier air in the morning. i think we could help you out on that by friday
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because of the rain, but still incredibly monday. we hit upper 80s to low 90s before the rains arrive this afternoon. outside right now, tampa 80. he has returned although clearwater and st. pete reporting thunderstorms with temperatures in the mid-70s. satellite picture things begin to bubble up late this morning into the afternoon. you say, i thought by the end of september things should be winding down. they usually do. this is not our everyday thunderstorm activity. area of low pressure off farm north that little pocket of cold air is spawning the storms. also giving us the hail. because the low is going to sort of drift on top of us, i think we've got one more day that we're going to have to deal with this which means overnight skies remain partly cloudy to clear, dry first thing in the morning. but then by mid-to-late morning, we already begin to see some showers, heavier thunderstorms in the afternoon and the flow will be west to east tomorrow just like it has been today. by late tomorrow night things
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on wednesday, things start to get back to normal until the next front comes in. now, that front is going to give us those cooler dryer temperatures north of i-4 friday morning and again on saturday morning. the rest of us south of i-4 we'll have to wait and see. not a shoo-in yet. overall rainfall totals pretty significant across the northern counties, over the next couple of days. we are watching this one closely, this will very likely become a tropical storm matthew pretty decent chance the next five or six days. where it goes? still too early to tell. general west to west northwest movement, a lot of the models are deciding it's going to drift off to the north down the road and that is a possibility but it is not a guarantee. it could stay west. we'll keep you up-to-date. here is a look at the accurate seven-day forecast, rain chances peek on thursday with the front and then look at your weekend. especially north of i-4, morning low 60s into low 70s, afternoon highs in the mid-to-
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cars speeding it's a problem really all over the world and it was so bad in one polish town residents there came up with their own creative way to stop it. >> they actually made a papier- mache police officer complete with a jacket, police hat and sunglasses and even a hairdryer radar gun. it's not clear if the fake cop had any impact the real police took it down shortly after someone put it up. >> that's pretty good. according to head coach dirk koetter the box lacked that one thing.
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hello folks. we could tell you this much, the lightning do want to sing -- they do want to sign could tr the full-court press is on to get this deal done. they want him in camp and they can't be sure whether or not he will report without a contract. the exhibition season beginning tomorrow at home against carolina. it's an understatement to say that he is a big part of this lightning team, picked up the slack in the offense when he went down last season but in
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for the second year in a row. so close to another stanley cup but chicago and pittsburgh turning them away, however they are back for a third try getting geared up to make another run. >> going to expect everyone's best again this year. but ultimately i think we finished strong and we got a chance again to make it. to the cup finals. and i think we should put ourselves in position to do that again. those are our expectations right there. i could stand here and rattle off about 10 things that cost the buccaneers a yesterday against the rams. for some reason you add it all up, this team lacks finish. listening to head coach dirk koetter, he is going on a mission to find it. >> our culture is not where it needs to be. and that starts with me. i'm the head of that. so i mean i'm putting that squarely on my shoulders. there's something about our culture, i wish i could grab it. i've been on teams that had it and you don't want to let go of
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is but there's something in our culture, it's my job to fix it. alalong with the coaches of gam like this getting away. >> i hope they find it. how about this? austin seferian-jenkins picked up by the new york jets. >> no surprise. >> good luck, new york. >> it is the nfl. one last check of the weather. partly cloudy, the rains across our southern counties pretty much south of i-4, winding down to about 10:00 rro we will have more on going on weather-wise with a live look at radar. >> continuing coverage at
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tonight, breaking news. hillary clinton and donald trump, the head to head match-up finally here. the first time for donald trump on a debate stage against just one other candidate. the stakes enormous for hillary clinton, too. trying to earn back trust. the race, a dead heat. we have inside reporting, what each candidate has in their arsenal, ready for tonight. also this evening, the rush hour shooting rampage. the suspect taking aim at drivers. nine people wounded. what was discovered inside his car. the flood emergency at this hour. thousands urged to evacuate. rivers rising. flash floods from texas to iowa. the system now moving east. the tragic death of a major league player and his friends. authorities tonight


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