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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i have a feeling by the end of the evening i'll be blamed for everything that has ever happened. >> why not? >> why not? yeah, why not. new at 11:00 we're talking about one of the most anticipated pres donald trump and hillary clinton go head to head. we're fact checking their statements and we have live analysis from hofstra university next. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm jamison uhler. right now we're breaking down the presidential debate from tonight. lots of expected singers arguing, but also a lot of ground coverage. let's go to abc marcy gonzalez for the latest. >> democratic nominee for president of the united states, hillary clinton and republican
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united states donald j. trump. >> reporter: facing off for the first time. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyers wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that's for sure. >> and if i had to do it again, i would obviously do it differently. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump each on the attack dishing personal >> during the debate by saying more crazy things. >> it is nothing crazy about not letting our companies bring their money back into the countries. >> donald, i know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts. >> but you have no plan. >> oh i do. >> reporter: and hitting each other on the issues from taxes. >> my tax cut is the biggest since ronald reagan. >> your plans would add $5 trillion to the debt. >> reporter: to stop and frisk. >> the argument is that it is a form of racial profiling.
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away from the people that have them and that are bad people that shouldn't have them. >> stop and frisk was found to be unconstitutional. and in part because it was ineffective. >> with one out of five voters saying they could change their minds after the debate, but candidates fighting hard to turn this tight race. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and yes, i did. you know what else i prepared for, i president. >> reporter: trump and clinton will meet for two more debates. the next town hall in st. louis on october 9. marcy gonzalez abc news, new york. >> let's take a look at some of the candidates facts tonight. first here is one of hillary clinton's statements on one of the most pressing issues facing our nation right now in race relations. >> reporter: and it is just a fact that if you're a young
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man, you are more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted, and carcerated. >> we are looking into the claim and finding that clinton's statement is true. african americans are more likely to be arrested and getting longer sentences. when donald trump talked about race relations, he said african americans and hispanics are living in hell because it is so dangerous. he also says that stop and frisk policing should be brought back. then when prompted by moderator lester holt he went on t that law and order is needed in our inner cities. trump also talked about other contentious issues that are going on right now when he will release his tax returns. take a listen. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyers wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. as soon as she releases them i will release, i will release my tax returns. >> trump also saying that he
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tax returns would offer more valuable details on the effective tax rate and the type of taxes trump paid as well as how much trump donated to charity. wendy? >> many people in tampa bay gathered at an abc news watch party. abc action news reporter michael paluska is live there now with local reaction. michael? >> reporter: wendy, you know a couple of people a excitedly since we're at a bar taking shots when certain buzz words came up. a lot of the people here said that they were disappointed in the debate. for florida voters in the swing state that is such a hard- fought race where both these candidates have been that they did not hear any issues about medical marijuana. they didn't hear about things that impacted them as a florida voter even though it was a national debate. however one woman we spoke to earlier tonight said she was on the fence, but tonight after hearing the debate she is picking someone for president
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>> reporter: trump, trump, you impressed me tonight trump. i thought you were a part of a comedy routine, but you know at this point you've got to think. you don't know. you've don't just watch the tv and go vote, but you research. >> it's reaffirming. i mean it's not done until i put my vote into the machine. so it's reaffirming. i'm 90% sure of who i'm going to vote for unless something horribly drastically comes along that i know who voting for. >> reporter: lisa told us that she will be voting for hillary clinton. however she still wants to try and figure out exactly what donald trump stands for to be an educated voter. they have some more of these debates planned. some of the things that people did want to hear about was that the wall that was never talked about, medical marijuana came up a number of times with people here at the bar we spoke to especially since it is on the ballot here in november in florida. but for the most part a lot of people thought this debate was
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more civil than what people wanted even though it got a little rowdy on a few of the topics. we're live here michael paluska abc action news. >> michael, thank you. an abc action news political analyst joins us live on the side of tonight's debate at hofstra university. dr. mcmanus, thanks for joining us. people are surprised it took nearly 20 minutes then the jabs began. what are your thoughts about what you saw from the first debate? >> reporter: it was clear that both of them to make great impressions in the first 30 minutes and that is one of the rules of debate and that is why you didn't hear them go after each other so much in the beginning. but of course soon after that they were constantly trying to contrast themselves, one at another to promote their own viewpoints and their own policies and it was just almost head spinning trying to keep up with it. they were going so fast and of course time didn't seem to be of the essence. in fact the debate ran a little
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the voters could decide their vote based on tonight's debate performance. quite simply here who do you think got a leg up here tonight? >> it looks like in the beginning that donald trump really had the edge in terms of the discussion of the economy and jobs and job loss to other countries and particularly aiming at the rest of the states, which are key to him winning. but i think that hillary clinton got stronger as the evening went on. it's not likely that minds. i'm sure for each person leaning in one direction or the other this debate firmed it up. but i guarantee you that there will still be a lot of people who haven't made up their minds because florida is divided and they're going to want to see the next two debates. >> dr. susan mcmanus they have about seven more weeks to decide. thank you for joining us tonight. you can stay with abc action news for continuing coverage of tonight's debate. you can always get 24/7 coverage on
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will have more analysis including -- starting at 4:30 abc action news will have more analysis. and good morning morning starting at 7:00 a.m. will have more. good evening everybody, man we had very heavy thunderstorms. two severe thunderstorm warnings today and it's the second straight day that we had tens of thousands of lightning strikes across the area. well everything has quieted down for the overnight. they are going to stay quiet at least until mid to late morning morning, i think it's going to be a dry start. still warm and muggy with temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. your hour-by-hour forecast shows that it will become mostly sunny. but we have a cold front on the way. it'll have a big impact for a part of our weather later on this week. that and an update on what will likely be tropical storm matthew coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right, thank you, dennis, we'll check back with you. in the meantime detectives are trying to find a young man that may have inappropriately
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store. abc action news reporter marisela burgos is live at tarpon springs with what detectives know so far. marisela? >> reporter: detectives are still trying to piece together what may have happened inside that t.j. maxx. the key is finding this man and questioning him about it. tarpon springs detectives have one picture of a young man leaving t.j. maxx. they won't identify that person in the surveillance picture and they want to question him about what may have happened inside the store over the weekend. have done something inappropriate to a 6-year-old child. >> it's shocking that you would think it would happen in this store. >> reporter: detectives say that the man in the photo may have gone into the bathroom, inappropriately touching the kid, and also trying to take a picture of that 6-year-old. this happened saturday at the t.j. maxx store off u.s. 19 north. >> hearing bad things about the town, which is sad. but it is scary that you cannot let your kid come shopping with
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but they are still trying to positively identify the man in this surveillance picture. if you have any information about this case call the tarpon springs police department. reporting live marisela burgos abc action news. >> marisela, thank you. new tonight a pinellas county man is now facing charges after crashing his car into a marina in south pasadena over the weekend. initially detectives found the jeep submerged with no one inside and the rear window broken. ll found 21-year-old david hughes who admitted to texting while driving, crashing, then walking home. he's now charged with texting while driving and leaving the scene of an accident. happening tomorrow governor rick scott will be touring mosaic new wales facility. they will be giving the public more notice of future polluting incidents. the ped and mosaic is still containing the contaminated water from the aquifer.
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completed and over 300 tests are still scheduled for the future. pulse nightclub shootingvictims will have to wait even longer to get the money donated due to a lawsuit just filed by one of the victims. attorneys say that they are concerned with how the $29 million is being handled and they want an audit before the money is passed out. still much more all new tonight including a look at two local restaurants that could make you sick. i'll tell you which ones in my dirty dining report. plus, taking action credit card. we'll tell you the three different kinds of credit cards
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new video showing police taking down a man suspected of a shooting rampage injuring nine people at a houston strip mall. police shot and killed that suspect in an upscale -- upscale neighborhood. that car is registered to a lawyer in houston.
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in houston that police found nazi material in his car and they are not confirming his identity or speculating on a motive. police just released a surveillance footage where the officer pulls out a baton and repeatedly hits the man until he falls on the ground. that officer just resigned after an internal review board validated the excessive use of force against him and recommended termination. violent crime across the country is going up accoin a trend of murder rates spiking 11% higher in 2015 than the previous year. violent crime overall is up almost 4%. the fbi say that these numbers are actually down though over five and ten-year periods. but attorney general loretta lynch saying that the data shows there is still work to do. we have a double dose of dirty dining tonight. we begin with colonel sanders original recipe at kfc which may have had extra ingredients
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inside one location. on friday september 23, our eye team uncovering the kentucky fried chicken had to temporarily close after inspectors saw 18 live and dead roaches near the prep table, ice machine, hot holding units, and fountain machine. they also found roach droppings inside the kfc's kitchen. kfc spokesperson lori everans said that following the health inspection on friday the restaurant repaired structural as well as inspection and treatment from a license pest control provider. in the meantime the foodspecials at beef o'bradys are endless. but no food specials last week when inspectors temporarily closed their auburn dale location due to conditions that could make you sick. on wednesday september 21 they saw a dozen live roaches crawling in a kitchen and it wasn't the first time this
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in february of this year inspectors temporarily closed the same one after discovering rodents in the kitchen. heather boggs sent me a statement, which reads in part, "this story has been open for 14 years and has never experienced these problems. obviously we have an issue that we are working to correct. we feel confident that the issue has been resolved." to see their full responses head to our website abca information on what you can do to find the right credit card just for you. first get a copy of your free credit report. then figure out which kind of card you need. says that there are three types, one that improves credit, one that saves you on interest and one that earns rewards. determine what you need, do your research, find the one with the lowest interest rate. don't forget to also check if there are annual fees. if you want to save some money on your car insurance, a
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about. a new study suggesting that your income plays an important role. a more important role in finding companies that will offer lower premiums to the affluent drivers. who earn a moderate income. and more than 70% of the time. a trade group will maintain income is not a factor. two former wells fargo employees say that they were forced to choose between keeping their jobs and participating in a fraud scheme that they are now suing the banks seeking more than $2 billio refusing to open their fake accounts. the bank is firing about 5,300 employees since 2011 for improper sales tactics. two big names who want to go by twitter, disney, microsoft that are showing some interest. they are working with the financial advisor to explore a bid for the social media company. and meanwhile microsoft, they could also bid on the company in the next month or two. most financial experts expect facebook though that will probably pass on the opportunity.
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abc action weather. >> things are finally quieting down tonight. earlier this evening it is quite a bit of the strong storms out there. >> the big issue at the bucs game. they had a lot of storms today. we'll see more tomorrow. i think that we'll be headed in the right direction though. by the way the direction may be a cool front by later on this week. check this out. a beautiful picture from nicole phillips. no relation to her. rainbow out there in the distance. but as i said that we have just a ton of rain and numerous reports of inch hail. normally mid to late summer the air is too warm for hail to develop. that was not the case today. boy did we definitely see some downpours across the area. rainfall in the last 24 hours. some parts of eastern hillsborough county two and a half to three inches of rain. one to two inches of rain in western hillsborough and into pasco county. but clearly as it is usually
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outside right now mid to upper 70s across the area. under partly cloudy to clear skies. so there's the satellite picture. we definitely had some moisture out there with sunshine early on. the heating of the day. but the difference is compare today what we typically see in mid to late-september is a little area of low pressure up top. that's a cold core center, a cold air up high means a better chance for hail to develop. that's why we had it today. we'll have it again tomorrow and i think that the best chances will now overnight we've got nothing to worry about. skies will be clear, temperatures tomorrow morning still warm, still muggy. but there is some hope out there. i'll show you in just a second. now tomorrow afternoon maybe a few showers or a couple of storms right along the beach late morning early afternoon. but most of the energy will be after 4:00 east of i-75 over in the interior sections of our viewing area. now wednesday we will begin to see the change.
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storms off to the northwest. if you look closely by late wednesday into thursday, you'll see that right there in case you have forgotten what that is, that's a cold front. now the front itself i'm not sold it's going to make it all the way for our viewing area. but i do think that by late thursday into friday our northern counties, citrus, hernando, pasco, sumter, maybe pinellas and hillsborough will feel some drier air coming in. the mornings you'll notice it. it's s waking up to maybe some 60s to low 70s on friday and saturday morning. that's not the case on tuesday. we still got the heat, we've got the humidity, and we have the afternoon and evening thunderstorms. okay, let's talk tropics because there's definitely some stuff to talk about here. we are past the peak of the season historically. we are right about here, but remember the caribbean can stay very active in september and october thanks to the very warm water. this will become matthew. i think it's almost a
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it's going to be moving west. very far south, where that could come into play with a little weakening if it is so close to south america. but down the road this is going to develop. the big question is going to be is it going more to the north, did it get stronger, or if it gets weaker will it stay down to the south and enter the western caribbean? at this point it is all possible, there's just no answer. three to five days we'll have a better idea, but this is definitely something we've got to keep our eyes on. history te threat to the u.s. specifically florida late september early october. stay tuned. southwest winds at 5 to 10 knots for the boaters, a couple of feet and water temperatures very high at 88 degrees. take a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. rain chances tomorrow at 33%. a little higher as the front comes in. look at friday and saturday, morning lows downtown tampa a low 70s, mid to upper 60s in
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even into sunday. back in the mid to upper 80s. >> all right, thank you, dennis. well the lightning have signed nikita, but we will have that answer next in sports.
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hello folks. so much is being made out of head coach dirk koetter not calling the final time out against the rams yesterday. i was puzzled myself and koetter came out to discuss it again. you deal with what actually happened. now two things, number one runningback charles sims right here should have finished this run out of bounds preserving for whatever reason, i have no idea. that is just basic football 101. and two, this game was won right here when winston's pass sails three feet too wide to a wide open vincent jackson. let's face it folks, i've not nitpicking here, i'm just going by what actually happened and the two miscues that ultimately decided this game.
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tight end austin stefari and jenkins new life in the nfl. the new york jets have claimed them off labor. by the buccaneers as we know after he was arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence. okay, it's here, the lightning exhibition season is getting underway tomorrow night at home against carolina. none of the world cup participants will play in this one. in fact none of them would practice today. but the good news is only steven stamkos remains in toronto right now with this year somehow steve iserman is finding a way to keep this team together. one more piece remains and then it is all systems go for another hopeful run at a stanley cup. >> reporter: that one piece is nikita kucherov who still remains in restricted free agent without a contract. you can bet that contract talks are in overdrive with the hopes of getting this necessary asset in the fall. >> we are in constant contact
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we'll continue to do that and hopefully sooner than later we can reach agreement on a contract. >> reporter: as the two sides burn the midnight oil it is no secret this team has been kept together for a purpose. the past two seasons they were so close to another stanley cup. as difficult as it is to get to that point year after year this time around, the team hopes to jump that final hurdle. >> we've had a good team for three years where we have gone to the finals, we've gone to the conference finals. the bottom line is that we were not good we didn't win the stanley cup. we're not going to stop improving and tinkering until we win. >> it's kind of rare that three years in a row now we've pretty much had the same group with a little change here and there. it's the first time i've been a part of it where the main corner is back and having two really good years and ten had hopefully -- and then hopefully that we can get over the hump this year and get back there. >> glad that they did sign the
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paying tribute to jose fernandez tonight before their games with the mets. all the players wearing his number 16 uniform. and then folks in an emotional beginning to this game. d. gordon is leading off with a solo homer who broke down after crossing home plate and immediately consoled by his teammates. it is quite a moment down there in miami tonight. meanwhile the rays lost to the white sox
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dry start to the day. we are tracking a cold front that arrives late thursday into
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if you are lucky enough to have the morning off go to the beach. the storms between noon and 3:00 along the beach and then clearing later in the day as the storms move in. >> we have continuing coverage of our top stories on >> have a good night. we'll see you back here
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "mast are minds." zach galifianakis, owen wilson. kristen wiig, vice presidential hopeful tim caine and music from the lumineers. and here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applaus [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us.


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