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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  September 27, 2016 4:00pm-4:56pm EDT

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someone leaving messages of hate spray painted all over a neighborhood. >> i'm very pissed off. and it makes our neighborhood look like trash now. >> the leads detectives are following that might help track down whoever is the explains coming out about why it is taking so long to get all of that money donated after the orlando terror attacks to the right people. >> and probably more important than watching and arguing who won in the presidential debate, an opportunity to vote. >> if i don't take it now, then i know i'm not going to do it. >> the unlikely place helping you be heard. time for "the now" tampa bay.
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thankfully no one can see this along a busy bay area road. >> you can imagine some accidents almost caused today." the now" is joined from that wall in brandon with the mess knowledge -- where the messages of hate have now been covered up. >> reporter: here thousands of people drive by every day and would see whatever was spray painted in this spot. now the message of hate may be painted over, but the triggers of shock still remain. a crew paints over that says kill white people and black lives matter. >> there is a way to protest. there is a way not to. this is just -- it hurts everybody. >> reporter: when she saw the spray painted words, and she bought her own paint cans to help cover up the hate. >> i was kind of sad like why does it have to get do this? >> reporter: the sheriff's office says they don't know who
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away, a trailer got hit with similar messages. the sign in their front yard painted over. >> i'm pissed off. very pit pissed. and it merricks our neighborhood look like trash now. >> reporter: and stacey hatfield says it is wrong to graffiti the house because the owners are sharing who they want to vote for. >> vandalism. they have the nerves to come and do that. we didn't know we discriminated anyone. obviously we offended somebody. >> reporter: hatfield doesn't know who th without security cameras along this busy road, it may be tough to figure out who is responsible here as well. and this one just hopes it doesn't happen again. >> it makes me sad that it has gotten to this much hate when we should just love and care about each other. >> reporter: "the now tampa bay." >> now on to another big story. just a day after the governor took some action on the mosaic toxic hole sink situation, now he showed up in person on site.
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what can you tell us happened today? >> reporter: it was exactly one month ago today when the employ questions here at mosaic first noticed a water loss in that retention pond holding the toxic water. well, that ended up being a sink hole and we know the rest of the story. they told officials right away, but no one bothered to tell the pubic lick. it went three weeks before the neighbors found out and today governor rick scott finally admitted that is right. and the action that caught this moment when governor rick scott finally arrived hire. he was briefed with officials from the epa, the d. e. p. and mosaic representatives, and then he took a chopper ride, a close-up look at the sink hole and the company's efforts to catch all of that contaminated effort. after that he spoke briefly with reporters about the new emergency rule that they will be instituting, requiring the
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when we have pollution, whether it is the company, whether it is the city, whether it is theh county, we have to notify peoplend it is the right thing to do. >> reporter: and guys, you may remember last week mosaic executives apologized for the public and the officials also apologized. today we asked the governor should the d. e. p. apologize we really didn't get a straight answer other than to say the governor says the current law doesn't require the d. e. p. or anyone to notify the public of a potential pollution event. we're live, "the now tampa bay." >> thank you. today we're learning more about the baby who died from a gunshot wound in tampa earlier this month. but it is not coming from police. the information is coming from the department of children and
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the 17 yield shockey died from an accidental shooting and that it was her own father who accidentally shot her while he was handling the gun at their tampa pearmt apartment. at first it was suggested the toddler may have shot herself, but we checked with the tampa police and they say they're still investigating the case no one has been charged with anything at this point. all right. things are looking a lot drier there still looks like there is lightning on that radar. there is. nothing close to where what we had yesterday when we were counting the lightning in the thousands of strikes in the past hour. a thunderstorm around i-4 and northeastern polk county. if you look at it, not nearly as active as we were this time yesterday. let's zoom in and show you where the heaviest rain is. anywhere from wesley chapel and
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picking up a decent thunderstorm as we mentioned, and also in sections of east central polk county. this is headed towards davenport. lake alfred, you're actually going to be under the gun in the next few minutes with quite a bit of lightning. we're not talking about severe potential like yesterday, but, still, very heavy rain and with temperatures still in the upper 80s around 90 degrees where the rains haven't fallen and low 80s where they have. right on through the next several hours, the shower also continue to move away. now, this is something we have to keep our eyes on. air force recon is flying into it now trying to determine if we have a tropical depression or not. regardless, i think this become as storm. i think this becomes matthew and i think it become as hurricane. where it goes from there, we'll talk about the possibilities coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. well, this is video of donald trump arriving in florida not long ago, less than 24 hours after his first ever
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debate stage. a lot of people and polls saying clinton walked away with the win last night. trump is in melbourne for a rally starting in just a few hours. just in, we're learning more than 80 million people tuned in to see donald trump and hillary clinton go head to head last night. >> and that, laura, would make it officially the most watched debate ever. so what did people think? a cnn poll says clinton performed better than trump, 62% think clinton had a better night. >> i wan what independent voters are thinking right now. just 54% thought clinton did better compared to donald trump's 33%. no and people in the poll also thought that clinton did a much better job than trump addressing concerns that the voters might have about them becoming president. the margin is much smaller for people who thought that she was more sincere and authentic. >> will the debate actually change anyone's vote? nearly half say no. 34% say the debate is making
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clinton. 18% say they're more likely to back trump. an unprecedented person is now getting involved in all of this presidential campaign. >> right. our political correspondent now showing us who is in the spotlight today as the reactions continues from that first presidential debate. the form erwiner of miss universe pageant is talking to reporters about the fa from last night's debate. >> watching these guys, i never imagined something like this. and it is that dream for me. >> reporter: hillary clinton attacked trump over machado last night saying he mistreated her after she was crowned miss universe in 1996. >> he called this woman miss piggee. and then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latina. donald, she has a name. her name is alicia machado. >> she was the winner and she
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problem. we had a real problem. not only that, her attitude and we had a real problem with her. >> reporter: even though clinton came prepared with, that doesn't mean she won over any fans, so the victory lap is making -- all about making sure her own voters register and vote. and she was asked about one of the attacks donald trump almost but did not. donald trump said he showed great restrat have gone after you and your husband for personal matter ? >> he can run his campaign however he chooses, andly continue to talk about what i want to do for the american people. >> reporter: for "the now." >> thank you. still ahead, the problems with the v.a. hotline. a former top completey -- employee there is admitting to new and the action plan going into place to help prevent senseless deaths like this
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the senate blocking a spending bill necessary to keep the government running after friday at midnight. >> they need an agreement, we need an agreement to prevent a shut down, plus, the bill includes money for zika and louisiana flooding recovering. the democrats want money added in for flint's lead tainted water crises. we'll wait to see what happens. you're watching "the now tampa
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right now we still don't know what caused this explosion we know he has hit by flying debris from that blast. 20 people were hurt including other firefighters and police officers. the crews were responding to reports of a gas leak at a two- story home and then they found evidence of a drug lab. the home exploded about an hour after the first emergency call. we have learned today the firefighter killed was the batallion chief michael fay. the fire department posted this picture of him on twitter. >> and he was a 17-year veteran
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firefighter killed in the line of duty in two years. well, we want you to take a look at your screen now. the man in the white jump suit there in the middle, that is nathan carmen, the 22-year-old from vermont who spent a week in a life raft after his fishing boat sank. carmen has autism and was on the boat with his mother. sadly she is presumed dead because her body has not been found a fright ship found hi finally getting him to land. he appeared to be okay. he is now talking to the coast guard about what happened. >> the suicide hotline for veterans may not be doing its job and now congress is stepping in. the senate is considering a bill that would make sure that all calls and text messages to veterans, the veterans' crises line are answered immediately by people who have the right training. it is something you might think would already be happening, but it is not, and it was actually the former director of the
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>> and he revealed more than one third of calls to the hotline are not getting answered. listen to this. some workers handle fewer than five calls a day and leave before their shift is over. he also says in may, for example, an average of 40% of calls went to back-up centers where the workers have less training to deal with veterans' problems at hand. the v.a. says it is working on fixing this, bringing in moore staff at the hotline office in incomer and opening a new hub in atlanta. the crises hotline received more t year. that is 50 times the number of calls it received nearly a decade ago when it first started. this is the face of those unanswered calls. >> this really brings it home. thomas young, just 30 years old, he was a husband and father to two young girls. he was a veteran suffering from severe posttraumatic stress disorder and he also had a drinking problem. >> and he called the hotline and no one picked up and then he committed suicide. >> and it was the day after his
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and this is also after young was tushed away from the v.a. hospital because they didn't have any space at the time and actually said he was not homicidal. >> and young's family is now suing the v.a. just 42 days now until the election, 14 days to get registered if you want to vote here in florida with the debate fresh on people's minds. there is an all out effort to get you signed up to vote. president obama recognizing national voter registration day with this official get you to vote sending out this e-mail. >> the e-mail encouragings you to search voter registration on google. when you do that, the deadlines and information for your particular state, ours, florida, of course, comes up. the people behind national voter registration day say six million people didn't register in 2008 because they missed the deadline or they didn't know how. so here in the bay area, boots were on the ground today signing people up to vote.
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people feel more compelled to see if their vice is heard this election. >> reporter: in the longest of lines at one of the busiest lunch spots, inside -- there's one small line. >> are you registering to vote, sir? >> reporter: she wasn't expecting to see this table. >> i was hungry. >> reporter: inside chick-fil- a, there is a spot to help you to register coming from puerto rico -- >> we come here to this country, we work. we work hard and we want to make good contributions to the country and we want the opportunity to show that. the timing couldn't be more perfect either after last night's debate. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything! >> i want a change on that. i want something better. >> she likes asking every
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>> and if we can make it easier for them to make their voice heard, that is very important. >> with only two weeks left to register to vote in november, you can check your county, like pa kneel is county of supervisor election office to see where they have registration. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: and you can expect a chance like this at events almost daily up until the election. >> you have a great day. >> andbr meteorologist in for shay today and you're already laughing -- >> look at this face! >> this is the forecast model in 10 days and this was on facebook a couple of minutes ago. it makes me laugh because you say i'm far more concerned about the giant dinosaur in the middle of the atlantic than i am a hurricane potentially impacting south florida, and we kind of joked about it because it is. it is 10 days out. you know in 10 hours things can
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we're going to be keeping our eyes on it. that did get a chuckle out of me. we had some rain earlier this morning. in fact, we had some rain overnight along the coast and now the storms continue to move, and not nearly as active as they were nor will they be. we were talking about cool front and there is still one on the way, but i think the impacts are going to be greater north of i-4 than they will south of i-4. the temp clear water -- clearwater, 84. st. pete, sunny skies and 86. again, temperatures where the rains have not fallen, you're still up near 90 degrees. if you have had any rain, you're likely in the low 907s. closer to the coast, up near 90 degrees right now. satellite picture, we had some rains early this morning, and then the showers and a few thunderstorms continue to move inland. the heaviest this afternoon and
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if you live closer to the coast, your rain chances practically nonexistent through the evening. maybe a few showers begin to develop overnight, just like they did last night. let's go through time. by 8:00, 9:00, pretty dry across the area. and then by early morning, we're talking 3:00, 4:00 a.m., there is a chance of a few more coastal showers coming in. there won't be many, but the ones that do develop, could drop a half of an inch of rain. mornings north of i-4 by friday into saturday. this is what we have been tracking. in fact, if you remember, we have been talking about this for nine days. it was still three days off of even africa, and we had a feeling this is one that was going to need to be tracked. here is the spaghetti models. by the way, if you're worried about timing, even potentially impacting florida it will be 10 days out so 10 days from now.
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i think it is going to become a hurricane, and lit turn north. will it be near puerto rico? will it be near cuba? more to the west? it is just too early to tell way down the road before we start even considering it being an issue for our area. temperatures cooling off into the upper 70s. again, your forecast looks good with rain chances only at 20% by friday that is the front we're talking about. we'll follow up on that in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. forget the be the best solution to salvaging your phone if you
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we th hpened to me. >> i get so angry! it is such a big deal. even apple made their new phone not waterproof, water resistant. >> now a couple of guys have come up with an invention to dry out and save that phone. it was recently featured on abc's "shark tank" and mark stuart shows us. >> reporter: from the toilet to the tap. millions of phones are damaged every year by water. >> i accident a lily spilled water on it. >> reporter: this phone almost became a statistic. what is happening with your phone now? >> it works out in. >> reporter: her lifeline to the world saved by this machine. an invention at the happens of these two men made here in colorado. >> and you have had relative whose dropped their phones. >> that was our early business was mostly friends and family. >> reporter: the engineers and d.u. business school grads are the brains behind tech dry. their machine can save a phone
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their inspiratn?a classmate who phone in the liu we're going to take this iphone and drop anytime the toilet. a few minutes later? >> our contacts are here and the power is good. roars right now their machines are being leased to dozens of across the country. in a bid to expand, they went to the sharks. >> it was an incredible rush of emotion. it was confusing at times. it was exciting all the >> i feel like there is nothing i have done in my life so far where i have learn sod much as i have the last two years, and "shark tank" was no different. >> reporter: two local businessmen. >> people are bombarded every day with all kinds of information and social media and you really have to have something to punch through that. >> so we checked, chy florida s yet,but they are still growing. >> i hope they come soon.
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didn't work. >> it doesn't wo > millions of dollars were donated to the victims of the pulse massacre and two issues are stand manager -- standing in the way of getting that
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breaking news to tell you, a prosecutor in memphis, wn this decision not to charge a white police officer in the deadly shooting of that young man there, the 19-year-old. the shooting happened last summer when the officer pulled over darius stewart for having a headlight out in out. the police say he had multiple warrants at the time and when the officer trd resting m, stewart fought back so the officer shot him. today the prosecutor said the officer did not deprive stewart of his civil rights and there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. the protests in memphis. racial tensions were high at the time a similar situation happened months before in other states. back here at home, people have donated nearly $30 million after the tragedy at the pulse nightclub in orlando. [ and today we're finding out where that money is going and why it may take longer for some people to get it. here is the breakdown. the estates of 49 people who were killed, they will ch g $350,000.
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they will get between $35,000 and $300,000 each depending on their treatment, and if they had to be hospitalized and for how long. money will also be going to the nearly 200 people who were inside the club during the shooting. they will get $25,000 each. but there are also two hold-ups here when it comes to that money. >> so here are the two. the first one is that the one orlando administrators are working with the hospital and the fbi to figure out how long some of those victims actually stayed in the d the boarhopethat will be figured out by the end of this week. the other issue now is with the families of those who lost loved ones. >> we do have a number of disputes amongst families of the dead. i would characterize it as many as half of the families of the dead are still disputing who should receive the funds that we are about to distribute.
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figure it out by thend othe week, e mogoes to probate court to decide. all of the claims should be finalized and payments handed out by the end of this week. let's talk about the flu because peak season is in january, but we're already seeing advertisements for flu shots. rleay to get the f it is what we can expect this flu season. >> where do you want me? re pretty greason for getting his flu shot. >> i have had the flu once, and i don't want to get it again. >> reporter: now he gets it every year as soon as it is offered at his job. thanksgivin anytime in there to the flu vaccine, timing matters. even thoflu season starts around november, it is not uncommon to see signs at retail pharmacies advertising flu shots right now. getting werketing of flu shots
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officer at university of colorado hospital and says while the awareness is good, it people getting the flu vaccine so early that it is maybe not effective by the time that the flu actually hits. >> reporter: although she says early is better than never, it is an even bigger concern for the elderly who have less response to the vac zone and lose it more quickly. >> for older people, if they have a choice of waiting a little bit longer to get their vaccine and waiting until mid october or even a little bit later, say, halloween, to get their vaccine, that would be ideal. >> reporter: this year cuter in says the elderly and people with underlying chronic conditions have the option of getting a high-risk vaccine. also new this flu season, only injectable flu shots are recommended, not nasal sprays, and the vaccines have been updated to better match circulating viruses, preparing for what might come at the best
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>> i guess i'll see you next year. >> reporter: for "now." >> thank you. and nbc's lester holt is getting a lot of flak today over how he handled last night's debit or, by some accounts, how the debate handled him so what is really the role of a moderator in a presidential debate? >> donald, i know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts. >> but you have no plan. >> oi do. >> that's what we heard most of the night. "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt assertive take during the presidential dewait. while he has been the focus of jokes on the internet for most >> he edhe with the hash tapoli lethe dynamics flow and let the people judge these two people side by side. >> the argument is that it is a form of racial profiling? >> no the argument is we have
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these people that have them and are bad people that shouldn't have them. >> stop and frisk was found to be unconstitutional, and, in partbecause it was in effective. >> here was another one of the ra at he interjected, but the debate within the debate is if the moderator is supposed to fact check the candidates. once you tart fact chack checking, the other side says you didn't fact check my opponent enough. lester holt got into that a little bit, check hillary, but you did donald trump. >> and the doctor says that wasn't the biggest miss of the night. it was actually the welcome of time given to national security issues. >> people are frightened to death about terrorism, they're frightened to death about random shootings, and it shows up in all of the polls and that was sort of in the end and they were hurrying because they knew they were going to run over time as it was. >> here is what we can expect from the next two presidential
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sure to be different because the team for a town hall style event, and they're going to be passing along questions to trump and hillary clinton that anyone can ask, including you at home. >> you can literally submit the questions right now and vote on questions for this debate. all you have to do is go to the web site the third and final debate is back to last night's style and chris wallace is a moderator. he has already told abc news he will not be fact still ahead, donald trump gets pulled over? >> well, sort of. but you have to see what a couple of cops found when they stopped a driver. you're watching "the now tampa
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. welcome back to "the now tampa bay," can donald trump get you off the hook for driving alone in the hov lane? apparently not. >> yes, a washington state patrol tweeted out this picture this afternoon of a car they stopped for violating the hov lane. now, you can see that big cut- out of trump's head is taped to the seat, but that did not fool the state troopers. >> do you get an a for effort?
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smart. >> illegal. we have been telling you sea world is changing its sea parks bus of its backlash. >> and today we're finding out exactly what those changes are going to be a promotional video shows instead of famous shamu shows, the orca also be in a more natural setting. they won't be doing tricks in shows, instead, you'll learn about their behavior in the wild, how they hunt, communicate and so forth. this rolls out in san diego first in 2017 and then in orlando and san antonio 2019. sea world orcas, but its ceo tells usa today orcas live a long time so they expect the whales to be here for another 50 wheels. up-- years. the update ohen the zombie con, it is not going to be happening this year because a 20-year-old was shot and killed last year at that event. several other people were hurt. this year the city said no way, we're not going to do it. the marketing company who organized the event tried moving it across the river to
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no. the people in the area, they're disappointed, and they understand, but they hope lit come back in the future. here is the thing, no one was ever arrested for last year's deadly shooting. cedar rapids, iowa has seen devastating flooding in the past and it is teetering on it once again. why preparation may save the entire city this time. and todd will have that, and we just learned absome changes coming to our area, so hopefully we don't have to use a dump truck to rescue people the next time it floods.
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pounds of chicken nuggets. it could have hard pieces of plastic in it. this is ha that bag looks like. take a close look there. the product information is on our web site right now. just head to right now cedar rapids, iowa is seeing some of the worst flooding that they have seen in a decade. >> the river has just crested." the now" todd walker always traveling to where the big stories are. he is joining us live in cedar rapids >> yes. laura, paul, take a look. this is just one section of almost 10 miles of temporary flood barriers that have been put up, and if it holds, that is the big if right now, it could save the city from devastating flooding like it saw in 2008, eight years ago. check this out here. the cedar river definitely running way too high across the marker over there, 22 feet, maybe just below that. it is expected to crest at about that level.
4:46 pm
these flood walls and sandbag walls stretch all around cedar rapids. they cost about $5 million to get all of this put up within just the last literally couple of days or so. but if it holds, the city officials say it could, quote, save the city. most of downtown is a ghost town and there are still evacuation orders in place, but some people have been allowed to go check out their properties. some people remember just how bad it was the last time, including those who were just kids. >> actually preparing this preparation and people are just now starting to recover from 2008, so it is kind of devastating to hear that it is going to happen again. >> and you develop that knot in your stomach that something as devastating as 2008 could come in again. >> reporter: now, there was a drone flown over the cedar river, the schools are out of school for the rest of the
4:47 pm
these levels the next couple of days until it drops. the worry is will these temporary barriers hold for that long? you can see just how close it is to the bottom of that road deck down there. congress has approved a permanent flood protection system for cedar rapids, but it actually hasn't provided any funding for it. the 2008 flood crested at 31 feet. this one is about 10 feet below that, but, guys, the flood stage >> todd, i have actually been on the bridge there in downtown cedar rapids. it is the sort of centerpiece of the city there. the folks are used to heavy snow but the floods are devastating. how high can the temporary flood barriers protect? >> reporter: the flood walls, they designed to protect up to 26 feet, so thankfully they are prepared for it. they're ready for it. but hopefully, at least in this
4:48 pm
there are some other low lying sections of town that should -- should be spared from the worst flooding, but may see a little bit of it. definitely not as bad as they saw in 2008. so they know what could happen since they saw an 100-year flood eight years ago. they don't want to see that again so they made the preparations. >> todd walker live in cedar rapids, iowa. boy. hard to believe it has only been 26 days since hurricane hermine dumped a ton of water in our area. remember this incredible video we brought you right when it was happening, a humvee belonging to the sheriff's office sinking. the driver went right into the ditch at the mariner's cove mobile home park when they were trying to save people. we're waiting to find out if it is still a total loss. we did confirm that the city of st. petersburg is getting two new humvees. this is how they had to do water rescues in shore acres, a dump truck. military vehicle also only be
4:49 pm
and dennis phillips, and thankfully nothing like we saw there. >> or yesterday. we had very heavy thunderstorms yesterday, rain this morning. now you look outside and pretty nice out, across most of the area, especially the beach. the beach is a perfect day with temperatures right now in the upper 80s. lots of sunshine dry. and that is where the showers to develop. southeastern pasco, we showed you, what, a half hour ago? they have fizzle odd out and this cell will do that. the bottom line is the rains do develop in the next hour or so will be in the interior, most of our viewing area has a nice evening. it will be dry. still very warm, but at least we don't have to worry about the thunderstorms. the temperatures right now primarily in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. we did see rain first thing this morning along the coast. once that moved inland, it
4:50 pm
warm back up to the upper 80s. palm county and folks getting rain right now, you'll definitely see temperatures staying in the low to mid 80s. you're not going to have a chance to warm back since we're now seeing that sun set, a little earlier as we enter the last week in september and object. now, the dew points, this is the ream key number that we look at this time of the year. we don't expect our afternoons to cool off much until november so we hope to see dow points in the 60s. some areas we're seeing that, but some drier air next front rolls in by thursday into friday. now, let me say this right now. folks, this is not going to be a huge cold front that you're going to have to break out the turtlenecks or anything close to it. it will be a little drier. it will be a little cooler north of i-4. if you live south of i-4, this front doesn't even make it to you. just remember, friday morning and saturday morning, pasco, her than doe, citrus, sumter, you're going to notice a little cooler air, a little drier and
4:51 pm
up to 90 degrees. the rains won't be nearly the issue. i do think the rain chances go down to less than 10% this weekend for our northern counties. not so much for our southern counties. you're not going to have that drier air come in. this evening, everybody will dry out nicely as that pulls away and then by tomorrow morning, there will be a few showers first thing in the morning because we have a westerly wind out ahead of that front which arrives on friday. the thing is it stalls out without ever bringing the southern counties. the tropics, there's going to be a lot of talk about this over the next several days with good reason. this is not a tropical depression rekahn is leaving. so no advisory at 5:00. but this is a large system and we are very confident this turns into matthew down the road. because it is so large?, that will eventually come to land.
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the u.s. it is just too material tell a spaghetti models show this a track which eventually turn this is north, whether it is here, here or here, it is just too early. timetable, about eight to 10 days at the earliest if it were to impact the u.s. stay tuned. this is one we need to track. tonight, partly cloudy skies. evening storms interior, and then we dry out a very pleasant evening around the area. here is a look at your four-day forecast, rain chances bump down as the drier air rolls in. at least north of i-4. and then, again, as i said next week all depends on the first half of the week, a front, the second half of a week tropical moisture from the south. i'll talk about that coming up at the top of the hour on abc action news. i want you to take a look at this wildfire burn manager the santa cruz mountains in california. only 5% of it is contained right now. smoke could be seen for miles. 300 structures are now at risk. people are being evacuated. about 200 firefighters are
4:53 pm
air and from the ground. low humidity and temperatures inheer i difficult. >> they have had a time of it out there, haven't they? an amusement park getting slapped with a $6.5 million fine bus of this crash. this happened last summer in the united kingdom two cars slammed into each other. five people hurt. two of them have had their legs amputated. it turns out the operator overrode the coaster's com security is now stepping in to try to keep the elections safe from hackers. that is after illinois and another state's systems have been hit. >> we have been working with state election officials, local election officials to help them with their cyber security when they ask. >> and it is a big topic. the homeland security secretary there revealing today that so
4:54 pm
ho and pennsylvania say they are two of those states. homeland security is not identifying the other states involved. we have come a long way here in the u.s. since the smog of the 1970s, but the rest of the world has some catching up to do. the world health organization releasing the new findings showing 90% of the earth's population lives in place where is the air is dirty. the air quality exceeds acceptable limits. this map shows the areas that are the worst, right there in the red. you see the u.s. is actually relatively clean. the world health organization estimates three million people die every year because of exposure the air pollution. the fall-out continues now for wells fargo. the wall street journal is reporting the board may take back money from the bank's ceo and at least one other executive. the move is called a claw back. it can happen when there's misconduct that harm's the company -- that harms the company's reputation. they're under scriewt nee for creating fake customer accounts
4:55 pm
the fines add up to about $165 million. and a group of senators calling out yahoo!, well, about how all of that data got revealed. >> they sent out this let tore the ceo accusing her of, quote, unacceptable delays, that hacked into 500 million yao ha accounts two years ago, but yahoo! did not tell us about it until last week. now the senators want answers on what they kw want to know if the company is doing what it needs to do to prevent another hack in the future. and we have breaking news to bring you right now. you are about to see some live pictures from charlotte, north carolina where a suspicious package was just found a police department -- at police department's headquarters. the building has been evacuated. the bomb squad is on their way. the package was found in the mailroom. you see from this shot again, this is live right now, there is a fire truck out front. it also looks like the police
4:56 pm
stop traffic on that block at least. this is on the heels of nights of violent protesting and reactions -- in reactions to the police shooting of an african-american man so this was the case where the plan's family claimed he was holding a book. the police say he had a gun and wouldn't drop it. so, again, it looks like a suspicious package found at police headquarters in charlotte, north carolina right now. as soon as we get some more details, we'll bring you those look at here. the pig in colorado was born with just two legs and still manages to keep up with his siblings. he is walking on just his front two there. >> the first day he started walking on his front legs, and it was amazing to watch because he doesn't know anything is wrong with him. he thinks it is normal. >> check him out. usually momma pigs abandon their babies if they're different, but not with this guy.
4:57 pm
he wants to get a wheelchair. they're hoping they can get him a wheelchair. kind of like crispy bay con, you know -- bacon. >> there he is right there. there is crispy bacon. that's who i'm talking about. >> that works. >> so cute! >> and sometimes you just -- you know, you have to come up with an invention like that. >> there you go.. domestic violence has become a flagship cause in the nfl in the wake >> and now they ear looking at defending -- they're looking at defending super bowl champions in the effort to stop domestic violence before it starts. >> i was 27 at the time, and i hadn't had these conversations about abusive conversations versus -- relationships versus healthy relationships and i thought, wow, this should be in every school. >> reporter: he was teaching when he heard a presentation by denver nonprofit. >> the denver broncos recognized manhood is being
4:58 pm
>> it hit a nerve. he grew up in a households where he saw abuse taking place. >> i think men need to step up and have these conversations because most toff relationship violence is at the hands of men. >> the project believes violence prevent starts with young people. mccoy knew as a football stand- out, they could use the sport to reach young men, is he went to work with the nonprofit to develop the true man program. >> true men speak the truth. >> it is taught to more than 500 middle s denver and aurora. [ and in trying to fit in with everybody and trying to go with the flow, and it is like -- like i want to be my own person, but i want to fit in, too. i don't want people to make fun of me or be different because he is doing this. but the true man program taught us it is okay the be different. >> the truth is i want a future without violent relationships. >> and partners it with the denver broncos gave them a way
4:59 pm
while they're playing football l. football at the broncos' future program. >> you're your own person. you have your own mind, your own mindset b you and be respectful. >> and now he is a starting quarterback in denver as a freshman. and he is putting these new ways of thinking to use. >> i think about what i'm going to do before i do it. it gives me the mindset of if i make this decision lit benefit me and will it help the other person? >> and closer look at this partnership to see if it is something they can put into place for other nfl teams. >> it is a perfect platform for us to say, look, as athletes we have a position of leadership and we also have the opportunity to change the world outside the world for better. >> for "the now." >> and that is it for "the now
5:00 pm
>> was pushing for change but stopping short of an apology. the governor. is missing should be done differently. >> thank you for joining us. the governor. getting an up mosaic a plan even touring the radioactive water by chopper. >> hours ago he told us residents in the surrounding neighborhood should have been told about that whole much sooner. >> ryan has followed the story from the beginning and joins us live. ryan, did the governor say why this was kept secret for so long? >> the current law doesn't


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