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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new at 11:00, a headacheland counselor in handcuffs -- a lakeland counselor in handcuffs tonight. what he called therapy was really a disgusting crime against women. good evening thanks for joining us i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. michael paluska is the only reporter at his lakeland police left there. michael? >> reporter: jamison, wendy, there's a note on the office door that says they are closed due to a family emergency, but that they will reopen. according to this arrest report it goes into graphic detail about what that family emergency is. lakeland police arrested 71- year-old anthony conti jr. late tuesday evening for two counts of felony sexual misconduct. detectives working late into
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office gathering evidence. police telling abc action news that conti a licensed mental health counselor claimed he was starting a, "level i treatment to rid a 29-year-old patient of toxins in her body that was causing her depression." that so-called treatment involved touching her on the neck, arms, and other parts according to police. only for that 39-year-old her treatment would consistent of an eastern medicine therapy. contpr thereports to ease depression by stimulating the victim's crotch. uncomfortable police say that both patients contacted them a few weeks ago, an undercover investigation lead to conti's arrest. according to the report he told the undercover officers that touching in those areas, "restarts the body." throughout the night tonight some of the suspect's family
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us. lakeland police telling us that conti has been working in this office for more than 15 years that they believe there could be more alleged victims that had similar run-ins in this office with conti. they ask you to call them if you have had anything uncomfortable happen to you here. michael paluska abc action news. some breaking news, really media reporting, former israeli president shimon peres has died today. the news comes just two weeks after suffering a major stroke. peres was the last length to israel's founding fathers. peres was 93 years old. new tonight deputies are saying a disney employee tried to have sex with a young girl. investigators are claiming that jose rodriguez contacted someone he thought was the 13- year-old girl's aunt offering the girl up for sex. but that aunt was really an undercover detective. detectives arresting rodriguez at lake county when he arrived at the house to have sex with
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arresting dozens of men soliciting girls for sex. detectives say they caught sarah shaw squatting? a dead woman's house. she paid property taxes in cash and had her utility bills automatically deducted from the dead woman's bank account. the homeowner died back in 2011. shaw is now charged with grand theft. well following breaking news in san diego right now. tempers are flaring after police shot and injured an african american man outside a officers telling us that the unarmed man was acting ere radically and walking into traffic -- erratically and walking into traffic. they say that the man may have reached into his pocket. no word on that man's condition tonight. right now police are looking for two people who may have information about a pricey sports car stolen from a st. petersburg dealership. abc action news reporter marisela burgos joins us live with details about who detectives are looking for tonight. marisela? >> reporter: these are the two
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and apparently they stopped by this dealership twice. >> reporter: it's the kind of car that a sports enthusiast may want in his collection. >> you get a feeling of power. >> reporter: high-performance corvette catches your attention. >> 0 to 60 in like 2.8 seconds. >> reporter: someone wanted the car badly enough to steal from chevrolet in st. petersburg. the more than $100,000 car drove away and no one at the dealership could track it. >> they went out and they knew what they were doing. they disabled on star. >> reporter: st. petersburg police detectives want to speak to the two people at the dealership surveillance video. >> it is really frustrating. >> reporter: the man and the woman were at their shop two
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they believe the key fab was switched. >> it is not an uncommon thing that someone will come in and spend some time with a salesperson, get them distracted, switch keys, and take off with the car. >> reporter: detectives are still looking for the thief and sped away. good evening everybody still looking at partly cloudy skies across the area. a pretty nice evening even though they are popping up in the gulf. overnight i would not be surprised if you lived along the immediate coastline that you could see a quick shower or two just like what we did last night. otherwise things will be pretty quiet until mid-morning when a few more showers develop and move inland later on in the day. this is going to be a big weather topic for the next 10 to 14 days. believe it or not that it could be a week and a half before this actually moves west into the caribbean and potentially
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exactly for sure, but it is definitely something that we'll need to keep our eyes on. we'll talk more about that in a couple of minutes. overnight to partly cloudy. it'll be mild. we have a cool front that will arrive over the next couple of days. i'll let you know who will impact it the most. >> all right, thank you, we'll check back. detectives need your help in figuring out who spray painted hateful speech on businesses and homes. you see it right here. someone writing kill white people on the side of the building in a high-traffic part of brandon. abc action news cameron polom tells us that the places targeted are left wondering why. >> reporter: cleaning up is all part of the job at leila cafe. but cleaning up from the vandals is the first. >> they made sure they went from one side to the other side of the building. >> reporter: tonya swite works at the restaurant. they first saw the graffiti when they opened on tuesday. >> it is a blank wall, right here in the open where people are pulling in to our plaza.
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county detectives saw it in two other places as well. county workers quickly covered up the tag that said kill white people and blm. not before people who saw it shared their thoughts. >> it's uncalled for. there's a way to protest, there's a way not to. this is just, it hurts everybody. >> reporter: just a few miles away vandals also hit this home in the campaign sign in their >> yeah i'm mad. very mad. because this just ruined our paint job and it makes our neighborhood look like trash now. >> reporter: without surveillance video or witnesses, detectives don't have much to go on. and neither do the victims who are left wondering why they were singled out. >> it makes me sad that it has gotten to this much hate when we really should love and care about each other. >> reporter: in hillsborough i'm cameron polom abc action news. instead of flocking to florida this winter visitors
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experts suggest that the state could see a 15% drop in visitor who is are worried about the zika virus. here in tampa we could see near lay 33% drop. however popular north florida destinations are benefiting. travel is up at daytona beach and tallahassee. taking action for you now. you're looking for a job? head on over to tampa international airport. starting friday through saturday, police will be hosting a job fair for dispatchers and essentialists. you'll be able to fill out applications and be pre- interviewed right on there. for more information head to our website the university of tampa setting up another record, enrollment is up for the 20th straight year. more than 8,300 grad and undergrads enrolling this year. that's up from about 300 from last year. and it has tripled the amount of students from 20 years ago. former florida governor jeb bush has taken up teaching. he has several plans to visit harvard this fall and will be serving as a guest instructor. he'll be speaking on education issues under the program on
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governance. thursday he's set to deliver his first lecture this fall at the university. an amazing reunion eight years in the making. check it out. a boca raton mom reunited with her dog right there after he got out of the house while she was on vacation. again, eight years ago. the owner looked everywhere with no success, but just this last friday animal rescue actually called saying that they found her dog because of a microchip. she had ticks, worms, and really needed some new shots, but seem taking care of her and feeding her. all new at 11:00 tonight, forget an apple a day. there's a much more exhilarating way to ward off the disease. the one condition that you may be able to cure by doing this. plus, they rushed on stage stealing the light from ryan lochte's debut from dancing with the stars. what's next for the anti-lochte protesters. many iphone 7 users are so
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anything. some even destroying their brand new phones. the one hack that you need to avoid.
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new tonight the charlotte police department reopening just within the last hour. it took police four hours and a robot to safely remove a suspicious package they found inside earlier in the day. police evacuated the building just out of precaution. this happening just one week after the deadly police shooting of keith lamont scott. a former substitut tonight accused of having sex with two different students. police arrested 38-year-old laura rich on friday charging her with sexual assault. the students 16 and 18 years old and the school district has since fired her. in democracy 2016 thecandidates are trying to keep the momentum going today following the first of threedebates and florida is playing an important role. so who won last night's debate? a cnn poll showing hillary clinton won the debate according to more than 60% of those polled.
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winner. fox news online poll saying that trump won 50% to 35%. trump also claiming a victory today in melbourne. the gop candidate making his victory lap claiming that he won the debate and also claiming that it is what the polls show. trump also said that he was holding back against clinton last night. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine was in orlando today. hillary clinton plans to visit broward county and st. lucie county on friday. while she stomps in the southeast pa her husband bill clinton expected to make stops in north florida and the panhandle. last night's debate breaking records of more than 84 million people watching across the 13 networks that carried it live. nopeople are ahead to debate number two, which is slated for october 9 at washington university in st. louis. the candidates will face off at the gymnasium. the crews there have started working on getting a tv ready.
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hosted either a presidential or vice presidential debate since 1992. two men now facing charges for their not-so-graceful stunt on dancing with the stars. you may remember that they rushed the stage earlier this month protesting swimmer ryan lochte. the men said they wanted to get the message out that lochte is a liar and under brazilian law a criminal. lochte and several teammates face criticism for lying about a drunken incident during the rio olympics. new tonight mo one man claiming that this is what's left of his phone after bursting into flames while charging. he said that he bought the phone in china. this phone sold there are not a part of the company's massive recall though because samsung says that batteries for those phones are actually made by to do this. yeah. scientists are suggesting riding a role coaster that could be the -- riding a roller
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scientists testing the theory after some reported passing stones without any pain after riding a role -- roller coaster. some large stones were dislodged after two or the rides. riding in the back is more effective than sitting upfront. they suggest riding moderate intensity roller coasters could be good preventive therapy for people prone to kidney stones. you've probably heard this staying of a happy wife is a happy life, right? well now a new study may back it u unhappy spouses that had more physical ailments than those who had a happy partner. researchers say that they have known that being around happy people can actually make you happy. now they suggest that it includes your health too. well here is the perfect example of why you shouldn't believe everything that you see on the internet. some people unknowingly destroying their brand new iphone 7s in hopes of plugging in their headphones after watching this secret hack video. >> if it starts doing this
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this means that you're on your way to getting a brand new headphone jack. >> oh boy. the video posted by tech rack is actually a joke and not really a tutorial, but apparently the sarcasm was lost on some iphone 7 users. many of them commenting on the video asking for more help after drilling into their brand new phones, still didn't allow them to use their old wired headphones. >> oh dear. we will take a look at this a 13-year-old surfer riding a wave when a dolphin comes crashing down on top of them. do you see that? the boy is a surfing champ in australia, but saw it leaping towards him, so he tried to get out of the way, but the dolphin landed right on his shoulder and pack, putting a hole in -- back putting a hole in his board. the dolphin seemed just as shocked as he was, but appears to be okay as he just swammed
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like that out. there that's scary. >> but a dolphin, huh? that's pretty crazy. also pretty crazy that we might have some active tropics coming up, huh? >> we've got a lot going on. where she a cold front that's going to arrive on thursday late into friday. a little cooler and drier in the morning and then the tropics are going to be a big conversation. maybe as long as the next two weeks that there will be a lot of talk. you're going to get sick of hearing the name matthew, i'm telling you. looking out, this is from the causeway, just a beautiful sunset. thank you very titan doppler radar, there it is all quiet for the time being. although that last night there were heavy rains along the coast about 2:00 to 3:00 a.m. that we would not be surprised if you see a few more of those showers. westerly wind, that usually means the heaviest storms are off to the central and eastern side of the state. by later on in the afternoon and into the evening. same thing for tomorrow. and for that matter same thing on thursday as well out ahead of the front. temperatures right now, you
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plant city tampa, actually the hot spot as is st. pete at 80 degrees. we will hit 90 today, 89 in brooksville. 91 in winter haven. so outside right now, tampa at 80 degrees under partly cloudy skies. clearwater 78. st. pete skies are clear and also checking in at 80. so there is the satellite. as i said the last couple of days with the westerly wind now in the middle of july usually that means morning showers. then ber you don't always see that, but we've got some energy out ahead of the front that's coming in. so there is enough moisture and stability for showers and heavier thunderstorms where tonight most of that action was over in highlands and hardy county. overnight partly cloudy skies as you'll notice just a handful of showers along the coast. if you live anywhere from say hudson, down to maybe st. pete over to clearwater, you could hear a little bit of rain on
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it could happen again overnight tonight. but otherwise the overwhelming majority of our area will be quiet, die, and clear come wake -- quiet, dry, and clear come wake up time. you'll see some showers over by the beach, then things will move inland. over on in the evening they're off to the east coast. now thursday we talked about this yesterday. there is a front that is going to be coming in. it stalls out right on top of central florida. so if you live in citrus or hernando or pasco, you're going to s s come saturday morning. if you live south of i-4, not this go around that it looks like we've got another front down the road that you'll hope for as they will not bring you any cooler air. showing you the long range in zero because they will try to bring some heavy rain over to the southeast side of the state. now, the reason that it is doing it, it's this. that there are going to be so many changes with this over the the next 10 to 14 days that it will probably make your head spin. but this is the way that it is playing out right now.
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developing. it's going to develop. this will become matthew and move into the caribbean. now for the next two to three days it is probably going to take a lot of attacks together. i'm not so sure that it will develop at all. but once they hit right there with a lot of warm water and potential for some pretty quick development. now, where is it going to go? boy isn't that the big question, right? over the next four to five days we know that it will go into here. and so even by sunday it could be right about here, but eventually it is going to start to lift north and here or here or here, it is too early to tell. but it is something that we'll be watching closely because it could conceivably have an impact on the u.s. in fact the long range, they will bring it in to south florida as the hurricane in about 10 days from now. so it is something that we'll watch and by no means an eminent threat to the u.s. at this point. here's a look at their most accurate seven-day forecast and rain chances will pump up a bit before the front. and then this weekend, it looks good in the morning, low 70s back to the upper 80s in the
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next week, all depends on what's going on with matthew. >> all right, thank you, dennis. the head coach john cooper and their tampa bay lightning that made their exhibition debut tonight. short of most of their stars. t.k. said that it showed their highlights coming up next in sports. now here is jimmy kimmel with what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> feast your eyes on this. >> were you ever arrested? >> wow. [ laughter ] >> not convicted.
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hello folks. i wouldn't say it was a bad effort by the lightning, i wouldn't say it was a good one earth, but just rusty. first exhibition game out of the box most would expect some of what you saw tonight. i don't think that many expected the folks to get shut out for two periods by carolina, but that's what happened tonight. hurricane scoring one in the first, brody sutter under a minute to go in the period 1-0 after one. carolina would score twice in the second. lucas walmart leading mid way through the period. and just over a minute left, or
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adam wilcox to make it 3-0. braden's point will go through for the lightning as did econgi. and carolina winning this one 3- 2 a. side note tonight -- a side note tonight, steven stamkos still remaining out there in canada. from tommy johns surgery. cobb giving up eight runs in three innings pitched tonight. three coming on this homer by garcia. a final of 13-6, white sox. okay, we have some interesting news today willy taggerd who is no longer with the team. he wouldn't elaborate on why ucla would transfer left. and the starting quarterback
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the reason behind that, and that is why they were not at practice today. that they came yesterday. he welcomed his daughter in to this world. and they were doing well, the baby is doing well. with a new father and a different perspective in life now. and and you know you need to do a great job to be a great father and i know that he will. >> meanwhile up in gainesville. jeremy fully will soon step down. and that he was introduced in gainesville. that they would say it happened only because of florida's program that was impossible.
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not just in the sec, but across the country as being a place that not only wins and has success on the courts and the field and the tracks. but across the country in this conference. they have developed that relationship by doing things the right way. >> and we're back in a minute
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all right tomorrow morning looks quiet with a few storms in the afternoon. we will top out to 90 as we are obviously keeping our eyes on the tropics. the beach looks great with a couple of isolated showers. the water temperature still at 85 degrees. any rain will be between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. again this is what we are talking about with a lot of buzz with good reason. this is called an invest with a tropical wave. but i think that it will become a depression tomorrow becoming
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road, one of their reliable models that they will bring it into south florida as a major hurricane, but i'm not sold on that with a lot of change one way or another. but i'm telling you that there is good reason with a lot of buzz. >> we have continuing coverage on >> have a good night. we'll see you back here
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>> dicky: from >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- j.k. simmons - from viceland, action bronson - and music from air. and now, if it's all right with you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and a [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, >> jimmy: hi, how you doing? thank you very much. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for all the noise.


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