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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:12pm EDT

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named tropical storm and started out at 60 miles an hour. a couple of th othis is a very largepi tl storm. so usually that makes -- it takes a little bit longer for things to develop and longer for things to weaken once it does get developed and that could come place once it impacts cuba down the road. nevertheless this is trwhk. now, compad t this was at 11:00 this -- the shift n a littl to the east it was nudged a little bit to the east because the new model came in quite a bit more to the east than it had been earlier on. this is the track expected a category ii hurricane somewhere south of jamaica. another in this general area is out of the woods yet. it comes down to where it
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if it's a little bit later it would be more jamaica central cuba and possibly florida but until we sees and this isn't inanher 3 or 4 days. will have an in timeou see it e u.s. we're talking the middle so there's a long time to make preparations if needed. at this point we'll playing out. at this point in time for more concerning there's a t hunderstorms out there. 'ltrack this for you coming up. we're watching new developments where people living near this toxic sinkhole are exhaling somewhat tonight. after days of waiting the first
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after the sinkhole opened the governor ordered new rules to make sure the public immediately knows about environmental problems because of that new rule the city of clearwater wants to make sure you know about this sewage spill. city officials say they bhat 150,000 gallonsushed out of a pipeline at one of the city's lift stations. the city says it is -- it has already stopped that spill. tin more than a slogan. it is a commitment we made to the community we love.eeks to go unl election day it's do or die on the campaign trail for both candidates. they both claim they won.
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help today from a former rival. bernie sanders spent the day campaigning. it's the time they appeared together since he endorsed here. they addressed college afford ability. it's a key issue during his campaign. >> now, during the campaign the primary campaign secretary clinton that's a very strong proposals i had a different approach but we came >> clinton will be returning to florida on friday touring. clintones warner joining clinton's running mate blasting donald trump's quote distressing comments and for the first time in history the arizona republican newspaper endorsed a democrat over a republican for president announcing their support for clinton. donald trump in the midwest
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to another. >> he spent the morning in chicago and just took the stage at a rally in launched group. today they formed that and his tour doesn't end there. in 2 hours he heeds to wisconsin fo rally. the search for voters is happening in the tampa bay area. >> we take you to one school that's rocking the vote. >> here in clearwater they're taking the call to vote right to the student. here they're voting for home coming in actual real voting both and over here at this table they're preregistering to vote in the upcoming general election. >> on the same day they expressed their home coming
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>> i know that a lot of young people are really interested in this election. >> you will actually get your voter registration card in the mail and it will tell you where the supervisoof elections is registering these high sc need to do here now is sign and date. >> 40 days before the could dec. it made yaged where have a sted interest in the country. >> yy pa more attent responsibility? >> yeah, iut it as teenager. you just kdha o turn 18 y can
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20 students filled out the form and registered to vote and another 15 has taken them home and that's before 3rd lunch. new tonight we're following up on a mental health counselor who te a half century and he's now accused of betraying their trust. >> we're learning new information on this case late today. >> reporter: the victims came forward overnight just as lpd expected raisinghe reor accused of molesting the people he was supposed to be helping. >> today the front door of the clinic hillary clintoning at a problem and that problem growing bigger by the day. >> police detectives confirming
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he's been a mental health counselor for almost 50 years. he's not a doctor it's been confirmed. more victims are coming forward. >> the first reports came 2 being ago 2 female patients claim that touching their private parts would quote rid them of toxins. his attorney who happens to work right next door is estimate waiting for the facts. >> the one thing i could to rush to judgment based on what i've heard i kind of see that that may be an issue and i would just ask that at this point people hold off on any kind of judgment. >> for now the 71-year old is being held on a $200,000 bond and not counting the new allegations. overnight detectives seized medical files looking for new potential victims. >> if there's anything inappropriate, language, touched, we want to know so
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let us look into that. . >> there arelaints or displain. he has the sign on the a family emergey and plan t doubtful thatnew at n leha the attorney signing an emeban this drug cal. she says it acts like a pain drug and 8 times more powerful than morphine. poss pun itialedo up
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died in a boat crash this weekend. or aretilln lined the streets. instigating the cause of thatndw are honoring him tonightrehe in. emotionally i' been through >> a survir asea finally speaking out what he says happened miles off shore that made it impossible for him to h. >> plus a ci d says he's sure his son acted alone, new tonight the red flags he says authorities arecan. i'll have more details
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more emotional protests today in california, leaders demanding a transparent investigation into t deadly shooting of alongo, activists
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prosecutors to investigate the case and deman videoe leas to thone purs officers werd to shoot when he too sethi up app be a shooting stance. the father of a bombing sut iure hison acted alone but also ang strange befoe attack. he's accused of plan in new york and one in new is working to determest hours ago they fi and sayre his father says looking have been some red are flags. >> nobody could go in there. >> nobody could go. one time my
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years old. >> something suspicious going on in that bedroom? >> no, no, bieve me. >> he says the fbi investigated his son before the attacks but cleared him wi a mistakethe fbil investign. killed a 17-year old football player d in a game a day earlier. he immediately w discharged him a short time later. hi t him at their gameests rt bn clearwater beach is getting ready to open. >> tof noise
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>> right now it's more construction zone an a sophisticated 4 star resort in 4 short months it will go from this to this. is a huge operation. this is defit most complex pje iilam west is f this 6-year operation. he changes ar says it will bring to the impact that thising to have to y he rdo get exes sited about it that. >> the average room will cost between 250 d $500 a night and a presidential suit will run you $3,000 a day not realistic for the average tampa bayer.
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excludeing construction jobs alrey taken to fill 300 positions. >> well, it's all about the attitude. people have to want to be inurs d haveto love inter. the salaries will be competitive and invites folks to apply in october. >> going to be a place people can be whilwoliff so. now, action weather. we've e to see the possibility of some e moving onshore over the next
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so how are things stacking up? morning coastal showers moving inland that pattern cti and again on friday. the cold we'ret across north cel florida our extremeor a little d notrience the cooler air and we'll be tracking as i said there's that rain off shore. as fizzle out so there will be a few showers onshore, but ig tomorrow morning and then the heavie on in the afternoon. temperatures right now primarily in the mid to upper 80s, heat and humidity continue even with that front oteasing usthe north.
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a strong west winds. it pictu up little bit more and bumps up those rain chances just a chance. right now the heaviestcross our northerne of thunderstorms. throughout the overnighs there will be a few more showers. i think the best chances will be north and then things quiet down but roll in overnight and first thing tomorrow morning just like yesterday and today cannot rule out of chance of a couple of isolated showers or a fewer storms. by lunchtime they begin to push inland and move over to the east side of the state. so a similar pattern over the last couple of days but a little more motu by friday that front kind of stalls outright about here. north of the front drier, cooler air on
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south and that is most of our viewing area stays rather warm, rather muggy and still a chance of some scattered storms. you can see it on friday morning. there's the drier air, there unfortunately is still the muggy air and that front probably won't make it any farther than mall we're looking at right there. storms along the coast in the morning moving inland later on in the afternoon. highsac this is matthew if you're just tuning in. kind of what we we could would happen this is a big storm in terms of size and i think that comes into play down the road. this is about 9 or 10 days from even potentially impacting the u.s. and it's going to boil down to where it turn. you're going to see a lot of changes you'll see a lot of models but the bottom line is until we see this turn it is a
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oner it's goingr orida directly. we'll just h again, 8, 9, maybe 10 days away before any of this comes into play for florida. you see the spaghetti models right now leading toward the east but trust me they're all over the place. rain chances at about 30 to 40%. if you live in citrus county you're going rest of us not so much. rain staying at the 40% clip right on through the early part of next phones that are prone to catching fire but now we're getting word of a second samsung product that may suddenly explode a common item that you have in your house right now. >> plus hackers attempting to breach the election 2 reasons
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actually safe from any attack. >> 80 grained stolen from a church group, what the man arrested for the said he
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new developments out of new england carmen is home after extenting 7 d >>i feel healthy, i feel healthy. emotionally i've been through a huge amount. i would just like to for their prayers and for both my mother and for myself. >> well, his mother is still missing appeared presumed dead a we the 2 left for a fishing trip. while at sea he contacted the coast guard saying the engine was acting up.
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unable to rescue his mom. police were at his home looking for reckless endangerment. a warning some of these watching machines you see could explode. right now it's affecting the samsung top load washing machines made between 2011 and 2016. so far there have been 21 reports to the consumer product safety commission after the there's also a lawsuit underway in new jersey arguing that a support is not sufficient to hold it in place. samsung tells abc news these instances are rare but do happen when washing things like. until there is fix the company recommends using onlycate cyclee
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after a trip to the hospital. it's something many of us deal with, the one thing you need sure you ask for before you pay
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describe just pray for their families and for those kids. i thank god it [audio difficulty]. >> we're following a major breaking news news story as we come on the air. authorities releasing new details by the nation's latest school shooting at a south carolina school. >> police telling uss in the
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the 46-year old's body was found at the family home just 2 miles away from the school. the unnamed gunman is in good condition right now. the extent of the students's as injuries is not clear. [audio difficulty] . and it's expected to become uld be even stronger than


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