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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 28, 2016 6:30pm-6:50pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news. shots fired at an elementary school. hitting children a teacher, suspect in custody. images now coming in from the scene. the deadly police shooting. the aftermath live on facebook. the man's saying she told police hasd. authorities say he was quote, shooting stance. the breaking headline here in new york city. the new image from the fbi tonight, they now know who the mystery men are,er those bombs placed in new york. where are they now? major developments in the race for the white house.ith a h clin and, tonight, trump's team acknowledges he needs to practice for the next debate. meanwhile, michelle obama tonight not holding back against trump.
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good evening. and we begin tonight with the horror playing out inside an elementary school in south carolina. a teenager walking intohe school with a gun. authorities believe he had just shot his father dead at home. then, going to the school playground, opening fire at townville elementary. teachers trying to help. and then, the anguish outside. parents rushing to the scene after being alerted there had been a shooting at t abc's steve osunsami is on the scene tonight. >> move that patient towards the helicopter. >> reporter: cell phones in the pockets of frightened parents across this small town starting burning up at 1:45 p.m., just before the end of classes for the day at townesville eleme elementary. >> we did have a report of a third patient. >> reporter: police say a local teenager armed with handgun appeared a playground behind the
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teachers and children. >> there were some students in recess area, shooting may have occurred there, teacher may have helped students into the classroom. >> reporter: a young boy was shot in the leg, another boy in the foot, a teacher trying to keep the kids safe was shot in the shoulder. one of the children had to be flown to a hospital in greenville. police got here fast. in seven minutes, they had the teen in custody. snipers went to roof to clear the building, while this all too familiar scene of moving children by school bus to a nearby church played out. >> everybody stay in the lean, please. >> reporter: parents couldn't get to their children fast enough. >> it's not a phoneev want to td >> reporter: about two miles from the school, another crime scene.e shooter, 46-year-old jey osborne, ande's be st ce she son was yet why he targetedhe re not school is cancelled for the rest of the week. police tell us that n one who was hurt at the school, those two students, nor the teachers, suffered any injuries that were
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is on her way here. authorities tells that investigators will be here at the school through the night. >> steve osunsami on the scene there in south carolina for us. steve, thank you. we turn n to a deadly police shooting in san diego. the aftermath facebook. and police releasing this image from cell phone video. it shows t man taking what they call a, quote, shooting stance, appearing to aim. the man's sister says she told police he did not have a gun. abc's matt gutman is in california. >> the ambulance is just now arriving. >> reporter: these are the raw images moments after police shot alfred olongo. a bystander broadcasting this video live on facebook. can you hear the wails of his sister. >> i call three times for people to come and help him. >> reporter: a representative says she called the police for help with her brother who was acting erratically at a strip
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her brother was not armed and suffering from an emotional breakdown. the parking lot.his hands out >> reporter: police saead to point a wean at one of the two officers. releasing that single image of the incident. >> it was a two-hand hold, shoulder level, like you would be firing adgun. >> reporter: but police acknowledging tonight, there was no weapon. >> let's >> reporte a >> now, the nation's watching, quote inest city. it ain't looki now. >> reporter: police hav single of that video, w thichheir officeas but locals here are the entnte dad? >> matt gutman, thank you. >>now, to breaking developments tonight in the
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jersey. the fbi saying they know the two myery me now. surveillance image of the just today at the site of a dbid detonate. they took the pressure cooker out of the bag and then walked off with the bag. the po come forward for a week now. where thenow say tse m country, here's abc's chief i correspondent brian ross. >> r say they used hotel registration cards to identify these two men airline visiting new york from cairo. but authorities still have not solved the week-long mystery of what they were up to when they apparently stumbled upon the piece of luggage with a pressure cooker bomb, walking off with the bag and leaving the bomb behind. >> they are witn criminal charges, they are not in any jeopardy of being arrested. >> reporter: but now authorities are arranging to question them to detminef they are tied to the mb attks in any o
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the accused bomber, tells abc news he has no idea who they are. >> i've never seen them in my life. >> reporter: the father also says honis n ahm alone, changing the locksn his one time, my grandson, he went to his room, and he's screaming and kick him out back. he's little, 4 yea reporter: wh? >> reporter: the told abc news that one of the fbi agents present when his son was captured last week, the man in the red checked shirt, is the same agent who two years earlier had investigated his son as a possible terrorist, and concluded, without interviewing terror threat. >> all rit,ri with us here tonight. and brian, if thee two men are ? >>
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d.>> brian, thank you. president tonight. change how he prepares foe c'ab with new reporting tonight. trump' missed first debate iowa, trump >> you know, we had the debate d us winning sometimes by a >> reporter: those polls, unscientistic, and behind the scenes in trump tower tonight, senior campaign sources acknowledge trump should have been better prepared. that they should have held mock debates. that they should have been ready for questions about women. and about his discredited effort to prove president obama was born outside the u.s. >> i think i did a great job. >> well, just listen to what you heard. >> reporter: trump, one source said, believed the birther issue was, quote, well within the past. the aides say they were also
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clinton on issues like benghazi. trump himself says he didn't go hard enough after clinton. >> and i was also holding back, i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. >> reporter: but he wasn't p al di >> and i didn't want to do it with chelsea, who i think is a very wonderful young lady. >> reporter: eric trump says his father deserves credit. >> he really took the high grvery, very
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you ever see her chart?paigning. sniffling at monday's debate.d f but he insists he didn't have a trump campaign tonight acknoed have predebate. the next one, weha n a week awa. >> reporter: david, trump had a packed schedule going into that debate, and aides wonder if it was too packed. but the nextwo weeks are the same thing. filled with fund-raisers and events. it's unclear if trump will take time to prepare more. this is the part of the process he likes most, david, speaking to these large crowds. david? >> tom llamas on the trump campaign for us. tom, thank you. meantime, hillary clinton hoping her debate performance will help with the polls in the key battlegrounds, showing a very tight race going into that
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trump gaining in f, io ia. and tonight, one of clinton's most powerful weapons, first lady michelle obama, in pennsylvania. and she did not hold back on the trump. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> hey! >> reporter: she is hillary clinton's secret wean. t rectly ataf for questioning whe raly dto undermine his presidency. questions that c on others or swept under the rug by an insincere sentence uttered at a press conference. let me take a moment. >> reporter: now in a starring role on the campaign trail afti brought down the house. both obamas speaking directly to young voters at a time when more
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vote in this election. >> if you don't vote, that's a vote for trump. if you vote for a third party candidate who has got no chance to win, that's a vote for trump. >> reporter: with 41 days to go, clinton calling on an army of her famous friends. clinton with her former rival bernie sanders on his turf in new hampshire today. >> you know, bernie's campaign energized so many young people. some of you in this crowd. >> reporter: outside, not everyone was convinced. are you excited about hillary clinton? >> more or less. if we want anything to come from bernie, our best bet is going to be with hillary. >> and scecilia ve l nto ght. obama does not love camp there with her ratings. >>pprova
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can also help them win undecided voters. one source telling usy e campaign trail every day if they could. david? >> good luck with that. all right, cecilia vlive with us again ninkli you. right now while we're on the ou. air. storm clouds over washington, d.c., up to six inches of rain possible. also, we are watching tropical storm matthew, just forming in the caribbean, heavy rain alwhere headed? let's get righto met beginning with the storm right here in the east tonight. rob? >> reporter: hey, david. and it's a big one. really going to impact the entire northeast quarter of the country. centered ove spinning heavy showers and storms ro miatnt. inudes d.cnd btimore through at least friday, could see five inches or more of rain there. and here is tropical storm matthew. nearly a hurricane as it enters the caribbean. forecast to head west, and then
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next week. way too soon to say when or where. david? >> rob marciano, thank you. next tonight, word that there will soon be more u.s. boots on the ground in iraq. defense secretary ash carter announcing that 615 additional troops will be sent there to help the iraqi military take back the city of mosul from isis control. right now, there are more than 4,500 military personnel in iraq, training, advising and assisting iraqi forces. next, to capitol hill tonight. core president obama's veto, despite the president's 11th hour appeals. it's the first veto override since he's beensue, a newld alw/1 victims and sue saudi ara allegedly supporting the attackers. abc's mary bruce is right there on capitol hill. >> reporter: 15 years after tom
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>> reporter: congress tonight allowing families of those killed on 9/11 to sue saudi arabia. >> now, i can go home and tell my children, you know, good wins over evil. good wins over bad. and that the fight was worths ag blow t, who aunchly opposed the. cotime, overriding hiseto. u.s. government at risk of merid lawsuits, too. >> it's a dangerous precedent sometimes you have to do what's hard. repr:tond eli the white house called the embarrassing thi t dedever well tonight. mary, thank you. and also this eveninobama h
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preimon peres. the architect of, one of itsham. he sred tze in ri accord between israe palestinians. president ob america's highest of freedom, four years ago. and tonight, the president now planning to be there to honor him one more time. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the mystery at sea. the son and the investigation. his mother presumed dead. that son now sitting down with us tonight. what happened out there on the water? and the investigation that now continues. the volcano erupting. ash soaring 6,000 feet into the trapd with the eruption.rists we'll have the latest on the search coming up. and look at this. the marriage proposal nearly ending in disaster. the boyfriend in total panic. millions watching. drping the ring. they are all looking.
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developments in that mystery at vineyard after eight days in a life searchers had given up. his mother is sti missing, and feared dead. and police are now searching the son's home. abc's linzie janis, sitting down with that son just a short time ago. >> reporter: tonight, the man rescued off martha's vineyard is speaking out, and answering new questions about his eight days lost at sea. >> but i didn't know that we were sinkingnt >> reporter: nathan carman, now back on landft a being scooped up by a passing ship. the coast guard questioning the 22-year-old about how his boat took on water and sank during an overnight fishing trip. nathan, who has asperger's syndrome, says he lost sight of his mother as he scrambled into a life boat. >> i did see the life raft, i did not see or hear my mom. i was calling out to my mom. >> reporter: she was never found, and is presumed dead.
6:49 pm
in vermont were seizing items from his home. a search warrant revealing nathan is under investigation for reckless endangerment, ruflting in death. his boat, it says, was in need of mechanical repair and that nathan could have potentially rendered his boat unsafe for operation. but nathan says he believed the boat was safe. >> i would not have taken my mom out fishing with me had i not believed the boat was seaworthy. >> reporter: nathan says he is devastat mother, but knows she would have wanted him to survive. linzie janis, abc news, brattleboro, vermont. >> linzie, thank you. when we come back tonight, the major recall at this hour. why 65 tons of chicken nuggets are being pulled. also, that volcano erupting, hundreds of tourists trapped, and there is news coming in on their condition. and so much talk when tim tebow recently changed from football to a new sport of baseball for him. well, today arrived, the first game, the first pitch -- wait
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to the index tonight. trapped by an erupting ovmseni. weiking trail. most have been found. it is believed about 50 remaybing tourists are heading down the mountain. a new food recall tonight. tyson is calling tons of chicken nuggets after customers said they found pieces of plastic. the five-pound packages were sold at july 18th, 2017. more on our website tonight. and t tebow swinging at his first pitch as a pro ball player tonight, hitting a home run in the minor league game. he was swarmed by teammates after crossing the plate. when we come back, that other moment of sheer panic at the ballpark. the boyfriend proposing in front of millions watching -- the ring dropped and missing. how they handle it, standing by,
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finally tonight, proposing in front of millions watching. what could go wrong? it was the bottom of the fifth. the yankees, the red sox. and in the stands a boyfriend, andrew, about to propose to heather. the jumbotron reading heather, will you marry me? make me the happiest man alive? and then -- >> he fumbled right away. he's nervous. this is, like -- big moment of his life and now -- he can't find the ring. the box is empty -- oh, that poor guy. >> reporter: he opened the box and the ring falls out. >> they're looking for the ring.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: and where did they find it? in the cuff of her pants. >> we found it right there. >> reporter: and heather was hardly mad. >> i panicked with him. >> reporter: and just today, the newly engaged couple, talking to us. >> everyone watching on tv that's seeing me, like, possibly fail really badly at this, and i didn't know if we were going to find it. >> reporter: but they did. >> wait, they're smiling. they found it! >> oh, that's great. oh, she better say yeah now. >> reporter: and she did. all's well that ends well. woo. thanks for watching on a wednesday. i'll david muir.


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