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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a second night of protest after a police involved shooting. new video from the scene moments after officers opened fire. and what was the man pointing in this picture? a teenager opens fire at an elementary school. we have an update on one of the young victims and a motive as police try to find a connection between the suspect and the school. hillary clinton bringing out the big guns, the first lady, chelsea and bernie sanders, plus the new strategy for donald trump in the next debate and libertarian candidate gary johnson with yet another blunder. an attempted kidnapping caught on camera. see the video as the man abducts a clerk dragging her through the store and stuffing her in a car and see how police finally
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we do say good morning on this thursday as we get started with that breaking news from southern california. protests in the streets of el cajon. >> police in riot gear watched demonstrators march past the scene where officers shot and killed a black man. the protest was described as generally peaceful. >> the march began a little more than 24 hours after alfred olango was involved in this confrontation with two officers in the suburb of san diego. police say olango was holding an object when he assumed what they call a shooting stance and it turned out to be an electronic cigarette device. leaders have demanded a transparent investigation into that. new developments overnight in a school shooting that left three people injured. >> a teenage suspect is in custody accused of opening fire in the parking lot of the elementary school in south carolina. >> one of the victims, 6-year-old jacob paul is in
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picture of their son overnight. meanwhile, police in townsville say the shooter also killed his father at their home before going to the school. the motive behind the shooting is still a mystery. the suspect was homeschooled. >> our focus to politics and sources in the donald trump campaign. they're expressing disappointment in his debate performance. >> one senior official admits there were missed opportunities saying trump, quote, left a lot of things on the table and lost his nerve. before he a she's getting a little help from her friends. here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are out of debate mode and whipping through battleground states. >> the next 40 days will determine the next 40 years. >> reporter: clinton in new hampshire with just 40 days to go till election day joined by some welcomed advocates. >> by going high when they go low. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama in front of a loud crude
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pumping up clinton qualifications for president. >> no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency, not barack, not bill, nobody and, yes, she happens to be a woman. >> reporter: even vermont senator bernie sanders joining the clinton support bandwagon urging battleground state voters to back his former primary rival. >> it is absurd, it is disgraceful for donald trump and hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks for the top 1%. >> reporter: donald trump in wisconsin last night still insisting he won the first presidential debate and going after clinton on big banks. >> follow the money. the wall street investors who have rigged the regulations against the middle class, they're donating to hillary clinton. >> reporter: his campaign manager on fox saying trump will be better prepared for the next
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next format, the town hall format we will certainly be taking into account the different logistics. >> reporter: and donald trump is continuing his feud with a former miss universe. trump is accused of body-shaming the beauty queen 20 years ago and told fox news he saved alicia machado from being fired by getting her to lose weight. kendis, diane, back over to you. >> that's stephanie ramos for us live in washington. stephanie, thanks. then there is the libertarian candidate gary johnson who hit another house. during a town hall style meeting last night, msnbc's chris matthews asked johnson to name a foreign leader he respected and here's what happened. >> anywhere, any candidate, mexico, europe, asia, south america, name a foreign leader you respect. >> i'm i guess i'm having an aleppo -- >> i'm giving you the whole world. >> i know, i know.
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pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> his running mate eventually told him to say vicente fox. he was referring to his earlier interview on msnbc when he was asked about the syrian city devastated by civil war and went blank and responded what's aleppo. a major defeat for president obama as congress overrides the first veto of his administration. both chambers overwhelmingly reversed the president's blockage of a bill to let 9/11 victims' families sue saudi arabia. president obama says the measure sets a dangerous precedent for the u.s. with its allies. >> this time in saudi arabia but let's say that there's a terrorist who comes here from great britain, our closest ally, they come here and carry out something, now under this legislation, somebody who had been harmed by that terrorist could sue the british government. >> well, five of the 9/11 hijackers were saudi nationals.
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has never been proven it could open the u.s. to lawsuits from other nations. and also from capitol hill, st stopgap bill to prevent a government shutdown on the way to the president's desk. it provides $1.1 billion to fight zika and half a billion dollars in flood aid. republicans also promise to send money to flint, michigan, later this year to deal with that city's water crisis. the bill keeps the government operating through december 9th. authorized sending more troops to iraq to help reclaim the city of mosul from isis. the white house says the additional 615 troops will assist and advise the iraqi military joining more than 4500 u.s. forces already working there. the operation to oust isis from mosul is set to get under way soon. the city is the islamic state's last major urban stronghold in iraq. the u.s. warned russia it
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unless forces stop their campaign. the recent bombing in aleppo has been some of the worst in the five-year conflict. unicef says nearly 100 children have been killed during the fighting since friday and children in the city are, quote, trapped in a living nightmare. and israelis have begun paying their final respects to former leader shimon peres. peres' body is lying in state ahead of tomorrow's state funeral and we have a live picture from the knesset in jerusalem. the nobel peace prize winner died yesterday at 93 there you can see the casket as the public pays their respects. president obama will travel to syria later today where he'll head the u.s. delegation attending peres' funeral. tropical storm matthew is storming toward the caribbean. strong winds whipping across a construction site on the island of dominica. matthew is expected to strengthen into a hurricane. it'll likely impact the u.s. sometime next week but it's way too soon to know when or where
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it. and in the meantime, the radar showing a storm swirling over the northeast. it's expected to bring days of rain to the area. still ahead, the new connection between having acne and a person's lifespan. a man drags a woman out of the store and puts her in a car. a terrifying abduction caught on camera. you thought the debate between trump and clinton was fiery.
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police in los angeles have arrested a man suspected of kidnapping a convenience store clerk. surveillance cameras capture the scene as a man drags the girl out of the store and fors her
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the man and arrested him. the woman was taken to a hospital for evaluation. fbi investigators looking into the new york and new jersey bombings say they now know the identity of two mystery men. the pair is seen in these images taking a suitcase from a manhattan street after removing a pressure cooker bomb. they're believed to be employees of an egyptian airline and have since returned to their home country. investigators still want to question the men. a documentary out tomorrow on netflix is shedding new light on the c the american foreign exchange student who spent four years in an italian prison until her conviction for murder was finally overturned. abc's neal karlinsky has the details. >> did you kill meredith kercher? >> reporter: a new documentary on the murder case that captivated the world. the 2007 killing of mere differemere. dith simpsoner. >> either i'm a psychopath in
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you. >> reporter: including knox's former boyfriend. >> i known her only for five days. >> reporter: shed light on the trial that made headlines for years in which knoxy knoxy and her boyfriend were convicted, freed and convicted again only to be found innocent in 2015 by italy's highest court. >> if i'm innocent it means that everyone is vulnerable. and that's everyone's nightmare. >> reporter: kneneal karlinsky, amanda knox will be live on "good morning america" to talk about her trial and the documentary in an exclusive interview. the presidential campaign has nothing on this. one candidate throwing his glass of water at his opponent and then even comes around the desk and another water glass flies. the fighting continued off
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a fight in the last week. her hair was on fleek. she's okay. so there's good reason to perk up this morning. it is national coffee day in that means freebies and discounts, krispy kreme, for example, offering a free cup of coffee and free glazed doughnut. at dunkin' donuts a medium cup is going for just 66 cents. you have to pay full price at star starbucks. when we come back, it's tebow time again. he goes deep at his first professional at bat. what he said after this moment. a deer on the attack. going after a driver. what did that car do to him? people always say let's just get a sandwich or something.
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weather is tough enough without a giant inflatable duck blowing on to the road. usually this duck sits quietly in a used car lot in scotland but he was not so tethered in place this time around. a sudden gust of wind uprooted the whole balloon sending it right onto on coming traffic. luckily no one hurt. >> the duck wanted to cross the road. a few trouble spots for this morning's commute. expect heavy rain from the mid-atlantic to the great lakes with some flood issued. also some showers in the rockies and in south florida. if you're flying airport delays possible in detroit, washington, d.c. and philadelphia. until new england, the young man rescued at sea after eight days says he did not kill his mother. >> nathan carman was on a fishing trip with his mom when their boat apparently sank. he managed to get on a life raft with some food but his mother didn't make it. carman who has asperger's
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tampered with the boat. >> i did see the life raft. i did not see or hear my mom. i was calling out to my mom. i would not have taken my mom out fishing with me had i not believed the boat was seaworthy. >> nathan also denied he had anything to do with his grandfather's murder. a case that has never been solved. an emotional week for the miami marlins continues today with the funeral for pitcher jose fernandez. friends, family and teammates escorted his hearse from marlins park and they paid their respect at a public viewing until well into the night. his funeral will be private. and there's apparently an upside to bad skin. researchers say teens who suffer from acne tend to live longer. the study found their cells have a built-in protection against aging so later in life their skin often looks better and less wrinkled their than peers who
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another team clinches a mayoff spot in the mlb. >> our guys at espn. good morning, america. send us your techs and tweets about this segment. he's kenny, i'm neil. >> that's right. if you've been following major league baseball you know the red sox could win the american league east by virtue of a win or if somebody lost and they're going to win -- no they're not. mark teixeira, so too bad. east. wait, no, they do because somebody else lost so the yankees are happy because the blue jays lost, the red sox are happy, everybody wore scuba gear and wasted alcohol. san francisco, the mets and cardinals were in a three-team race for two spots in the n.l. wild card. the mets won on wednesday, the cardinals lost and the giants, you would think, would mop up on colorado, but, no. busser posey in the bottom of
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hawaii winter leaguer because everybody's from hawaii. that's what makes this planet great. >> world cup of hockey game two coming up on thursday. canada second line, discuss. nothing from him. he's a big hockey guy so you'll have to watch it yourself on espn. >> thanks, fellas. we all remember when basketball superstar michael jordan decided to play baseball. it didn't really -- it didn't work out. >> but former nfl quarterback tim tebow i transition rather nicely. in his first at bat as a pro baseball player in the minors tebow swung at the first pitch and -- first pitch, smashed it over the left field wall for a home run and his teammates were all there to celebrate. afterwards he simply said it feels good to hit a home run and just posted a photo of the celebration on his instagram page saying it was a good day. i would say so. live from new york, "snl"
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just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed ? we're going to start "the pulse" with a megas stepping in to play donald trump on "saturday night live." ? >> wow. >> ladies and gentlemen, that is alec baldwin set to be transformed into the republican nominee as "saturday night live" kicks off its new season. a new promo shows him poised to
4:23 am
>> this will be epic. alec baldwin will remain in character at least through the election. >> yesterday morning we told you about a nearly catastrophic wedding proposal witnessed by thousands of yankees stadium as well as quite a large tv audience. >> well now we're hearing from the guy, andrew fox who nearly made the biggest error of the baseball season. he says that when he tried to give his now bride to be an engagement ring and it wasn't there. >> it's not just all these people here everyone watching on tv that's seen me like possibly fail really badly at this and i didn't know if we were going to find it. >> do you believe it took five minutes, he said during the five minute search he actually shed some tears. >> oh, how stressful. >> i bet the girlfriend did too but it turns out the ring had fallen into the cuff of his now fiancee heather's pants. >> ah. >> the crowd went absolutely wild. best wishes to the happy couple. >> five minutes.
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good morning. it's thursday and we check in on the forecast for the next several hours. we continue to see on and off rain showers already seeing it on our titan doppler radar as we scan the tampa by area. moderate showers and not seeing any light anything -- lightning right now. the flow is coming in off the gulf that will provide periodic rainfall. temperatures right now are in the mid-70s. we're doing that with mostly clear skies at least in these three spots. obviously some pockets of rainfall already in the low to mid-70s in general across the
4:28 am
you can see that flow bringing in the rainfall right through midday. this is one of those days you will need the umbrella. as far as the tropics, we have matthew that formed yesterday. it's moving west now at 16. this is the last advisory. we had a new advisory coming up in about 20 minutes. this track takes it towards the west in the next couple of days and makes that been advertising. it will do it and it's just a matter of where in the cone it will turn. as a category 2 storm, by the way, as it makes a turn into cuba, so this is going to be impactful for jamaica and eastern cuba as well as it continues to move to the north. the computer model forecast doing the same deal here in good agreement for the first three days and splitting a little bit here. both the american and european
4:29 am
north. so remember, the forecast errors are huge toward the end of the period here so you have to keep checking back. obviously, we like the trend of this thing pushing farther to the east of us. 87 degrees for the high temperature today. about average this time of year. 88 should be the typical high. we'll have some sun out there, but it will be showers and thunderstorms. that is the theme today. we'l the forecast temperatures in the upper 70s. lower 80s by 10:00, 11:00. well get back into the upper 80s for the high. no huge changes here. coverage about 30% so a little low are tomorrow. we're back up to 40 for saturday and sunday as well. these will be in the form of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. that continues heading into the early part of next week with highs in the upper 80s. overnight low temperatures in
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: canceled for the rest of the week after a teen opens fire in a south carolina elementary school. >> for the first time in eight years, the world's oil- producing countries agree to cut oil production. when a final decision is expected and how it's already affecting crude oil prices. >> today is national coffee day. we'll tell you where you c other discounts. >> there you go. happy national coffee day. good morning, i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. we'll get to that and more coming up in a moment money first, we're following breaking news. someone shot a man on hillsborough avenue at 22nd street. a man was shot in the leg, but


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