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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: canceled for the rest of the week after a teen opens fire in a south carolina elementary school. >> for the first time in eight years, the world's oil- producing countries agree to cut oil production. when a final decision is expected and how it's already affecting crude oil prices. >> today is national coffee day. we'll tell you where you c other discounts. >> there you go. happy national coffee day. good morning, i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. we'll get to that and more coming up in a moment money first, we're following breaking news. someone shot a man on hillsborough avenue at 22nd street. a man was shot in the leg, but
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classes are canceled for the rest of this week at a south carolina elementary school where a teenager shot two 6-year-old boys and a teacher at townville elementary school in the western part of the state. the 14-year-old boy opened fire at a school playground and shot two 6-year-old boys and a teacher. one of the boys and a teacher have been treated and released. witnesses say the teen tried getting into the school, but several doors. an unarmed firefighter who responded to the scene took down that shooter and held him until deputies arrived. the teen now is accused of fatally shooting his father as well before opening fire at the school. so far no word on a motive. we now know what a black man shot and killed by police in san diego was holding when they opened fire. it was a vape device for an e- cigarette. he held it in both hands in what they call a shooting
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police opened fire killing him on tuesday. it all started with his sister calling 911 saying her unarmed mentally ill brother was having a mental episode. the shooting sparked protests with activists demanding authorities release video. now for the latest on the fight against the zika virus. congress has approved $1.1 billion to help stop the virus from spreading. the money now is part of a bill that funds federal through december 9th. the white house says president obama will sign the bill. some people in mass coe county are on edge about these fliers that you see behind me. they are kkk fliers being left in the front of homes in the area. somebody is leaving the fliers in plastic baggies on driveways. one port richy neighborhood was hit. they are trying to recruit more ku klux flan members. they believe the group is
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>> they are not bright sending this to people that are not white. >> i don't want this stuff here. >> police say handing out fliers and terms from the kkk is not illegal but does make a lot of people uncomfortable. miami police say a 2-year- old has died after being left inside of a hot van. police responded just before 4:00. hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. a private funeral will be held today for marlins pitcher jose fernandez who was killed in a boating accident early sunday morning along with two of his friends. he was a standout ballplayer in tampa. that's where former classmates
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him. he fought to leave cuba to come to the u.s. >> there was pride in being an american. happy to sing our national anthem because here he experienced the freedom to be what he wanted to be and live out his dream. that was to play ball and of course to be free. >> some who were at the vigil last night sa always be remembered for his fun personality, passion, and his legacy on the mound. 4:34. happening today, the pasco county sheriff's office will hold a new conference about a new law that takes aim friday. it's aimed at cracking down on those who make threats about school shootings. that's set for 2:00 this afternoon. today is national coffee day. krispy kreme is giving away a
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for more freebies and discounts, go to and our facebook page. you can share that information with all of your friends. we're checking in now with ivan for more on the forecast. >> yeah, we'll take that. as we take a look at the radar right now, we continue to see showers and thunderstorms working their way in from the gulf. that continues throughout the day today. on and off showers already seeing showers from crystal ri there's more where that came from here. you can widen out the shot and see plenty of moisture coming off the gulf. more on the way for us today. temperatures right now low to mid-07s. upper 70s along the coast. the rain chance is well up there, 50% for afternoon showers and storms as well. we'll begin to see lightning there after. we have a quick check on
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no issues to report there. everything looks up to speed. for the first time in eight years, the world's largest oil-producing companies could cut production to raise prices for all of us. the decision was announced and crude oil prices immediately jumped 5%. the cost of crude oil has fallen sharply since 2014. official during opec's next meeting set for vienna in november. hillary clinton is going to campaign in iowa and donald trump is holding a rally in new hampshire today. as stephanie ramos reports from washington, clinton campaigned with high-powered supporters while trump renewed his attacks against the former miss universe. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are out of debate mode and whipping
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determine the next 40 years. >> reporter: clinton in new hampshire with just 40 days to go for election day joined by welcomed advocates. >> by going high when they go low. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama made up of a young crowd. >> no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency. not barack, not bill, nobody, and yet [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: even vermont senator bernie sanders joining the clinton support bandwagon urging battleground state voters to back his former rival. >> it is absurd. it is disgraceful what donald trump and his friends talking about hundreds of billions in tax breaks for the top 1%. >> reporter: donald trump in wisconsin last night still insisting he won the first
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>> follow the money, the wall street investors who have riggedded regulations against the middle class. they are donating to hillary clinton. >> reporter:: his campaign manage her on fox saying trump will be better prepared for the next debate. >> i think looking at the next town hall format, we will certainly be taking into account the different logistics. >> reporter: donald trump is continuing his feud with a former miss universe. trump is accused of body shin years ago. he told fox news that he saved her from being fired by getting her to lose weight. stephanie ramos, washington. police have arrested a 16- year-old boy for molesting a 6- year-old at a t.j. maxx store. we're not naming the teen because he is a minor, but police are charging him with lewd and lascivious molestation. cape coral police have
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officers are now charging 54- year-old joseph zealer with raping and killing 11-year-old robin korble and her baby- sitter in 1990. investigators say he was arrested in a separate case and a dna test matched him to that cold case. a baby-sitter is now charged with killing a child. boynton beach say 26-year-old jessica slammed the baby boy's head into a wall. school, broken arm and broke -- fractured skull, broken arm and broken leg. miami police say a dad is in trouble for fighting two 15- year-old girls. kevin williams picked up his daughter at a bus stop. she was involved in a fight at the time and police say williams told his daughter to keep fighting but then he helped. witnesses say he slapped and punched the other girls. he fled the scene and is now
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arrested a florida highway patrol trooper. david gonzalez allegedly kissed and groped a woman during a traffic stop earlier this month. that trooper is now facing battery charges. a sinkhole near a lake county is causing problems. there are concerns the sinkhole may be growing. classes at the school have so far not been called off. the school is now hear waiting to hear from enginrs ? >> a local rapper is trying to help students face issues like bullying. that's coming up after the
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16 minutes until 5:. is facing assault charges for beating a man with his baton. surveillance video shows officer jarious lauren hitting a man repeatedly with his baton. the man had been sleeping on a bench at a train station. the officer resigned on monday. a pennsylvania police officer's snap chat post is now costing her two jobs. that post in question showing
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today" along with a racial slur. she was a part-time police officer in two cities in pennsylvania. one department fired her and she rae signed from the other -- resigned from the other. she claims someone posted the snap to hurt her. caught on camera, a bystander and three deputy constables in houston go above and beyond to save someone's life. she lost conscious and ended up on a sidewalk. a nearby officer noticed she broke her window open and pulled her out. she had no pulse and wasn't breathing. passersby and the officer took turns doing cpr for five minutes. they brought her back to life. a new jersey driver hits a deer and pulls over. the deer hits back. it attacked the driver inside of her car. the woman driving says she kicked the deer and grabbed its
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she has bruises and is okay. the deer did not survive. the rising costs of day care are making it hard to make ends meet. it costs more to put a child in day care than it does to pay for college. the study finds the average costs of full-time day care is about $the 600 a year. the average cost of an in-state college tuition is $200 less. you break that down even further with a that's nearly 20% spent on day care. ? [music] ? a local rapper tries to help students with his music. corey thornton will encourage kids to go to class and he's talking about bullying. he'll debut the original song about the importance of school
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share it with students throughout the district. nissan feels your pain and is coming one relief for you. that is a self-driving chair. it can follow the chair in front of it or next to it. it says it isn't releasing the chair yet. they want to wait first to see how people like them. i love it. >> sign me up. >> ivan, what do you think? >> it's florida, i don't understand. >> i mean, shifting your weight from one foot to >> i guess so. all right. dan obviously is interested in beta testing it. >> i love it. showers and storms today. it will be a wet day for the most part with on and off showers continuing throughout the day. up across the nature coast, we're already seeing showers that have been streaming in here. nothing severe, not looking at lightning but just enough to make for a wet morning commute. not so much sunshine throughout
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our doorstep here. i just don't think we have enough of a push that will drive it through here. lower rain chances and lower temperatures. right along the nature coast, i think it will be about generally on the southern side of this as far as the moisture. so we'll have enough of it in the next few days to have showers and storms. i'll take a couple of morning temperatures up to the north. widening this out here, we're in the 70s in florida here, but north and west, that's we are certainly not going to tap into that here. not yet anyway, so far of the season. futurecast shows the storms on and on throughout the day. the coast is getting in on it today. it will happen there last as we get some heating going. for the coast, it starts early. latest on tropical storm matthew, as far as the track, we have not gotten the update from the hurricane centers.
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turn as a category 2 hurricane towards cuba. the seven-day forecast looks like the upper 80s into the weekend with rain chances between 30 and 50%. it's 4:49 right on the button. i-275 at the north end of the howard frankland bridge looks like traffic is moving well across the bay. no issues there. traffic reports with janelle martinez kick off at 5:00. jameis winston takes loss to the rays. tom korun has the morning sports update. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. there will come a time when buccaneer jameis winster will meet many -- jameis winston will meet many obstacles. i give him credit for taking
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the topic to me really was when jameis had a say that parallels the head coach's discussion on a needed culture change. >> that's where you go that it's not how you start but how you finish. definitely, you've got to be able to just bring that drive every, single day, you know? bring that passion every, single day. be excited to come here. be excited to play because not everyone has this opportunity. you can't be you always have to be aiming for that win. >> all right. the lightning is quickly getting back to full strength with the return to full cup players. the bolts did cult 22 players. no surprises there. outside the slow start, they had the exhibition opener a couple of nights ago. the vets weren't exactly
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coach cooper was the attitude of the team when they went down 3-0 after two periods. >> the competition level and to keep, you are down 3-0. they could have thrown the towel between their legs and walked away. they dug in their heels and i think just the competitive level is something you can't teach. they all had it, and that was great. >> they host the florida panthers tonight at 7:30. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. nine right now. two thieves rob a tennessee bank and get away with cash. now police are worried about copy cat crimes because of what one of the robbers was wearing. >> acne is embarrassing to teenagers. hang on, kids, it may actually help you look younger later in life. how scientists say it works.
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producing showers and storms that will be with us on and off for today as we have this north-southwesterly wind coming off of the gulf. as far as temperatures, 70s and back to the low 08s with a cloud cover. 87 will be the daytime high and beginning to wind things down
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we'll have an update on tropical storm matthew as well coming up in the next hour. today, miss paragrin's home is filming here. jake and his parents' house was filled in bel air bluff. some of the driving shots with are filmed on the gandy bridge. we continue to follow overnight breaking news in tampa. one man strip club early this morning. >> we have an update on what lead up to the shooting. >> also, a national bus tour is making a stop in the bay area today and how it's aimed at stopping gun violence and one local official who is expected
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 now at 5:00, the protest over a shooting of an unarmed man and how one man deliberately provoked it.
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victim is doing right now in a live report. >> a deal hit thousands of miles away could hit home and why gas prices could soon rise. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm deare a riley. >> i'm dan, and let's get right to ivan with the weather. >> we start with tropical storm matthew. no big changes, 65 mile-per- hour winds over the lesser antilles. also the forecast track hasn't changed all that much, but the intensity has. a weaker version here approaches jamaica into cuba. >> as far as the computer model forecast, really still in agreement headed to the west and they diverge a little bit. right now, the american and european model keeps us east of florida, so we like that trend. we hope it continues. we're going to keep on that and


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