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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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victim is doing right now in a live report. >> a deal hit thousands of miles away could hit home and why gas prices could soon rise. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm deare a riley. >> i'm dan, and let's get right to ivan with the weather. >> we start with tropical storm matthew. no big changes, 65 mile-per- hour winds over the lesser antilles. also the forecast track hasn't changed all that much, but the intensity has. a weaker version here approaches jamaica into cuba. >> as far as the computer model forecast, really still in agreement headed to the west and they diverge a little bit. right now, the american and european model keeps us east of florida, so we like that trend. we hope it continues. we're going to keep on that and
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as far as local weather today, showers and storms will be on and off here. some moderate showers there not seeing any lightning. this will be the trend to continue with some on and off rain. temperatures were lower in the upper 80s. good morning, everybody. we are starting off this morning with a crash, unfortunately, on i-4. it is off to the side and we're seeing a slight delay in carven part port. so -- in davenport. so if you orlando area, you may pass a slowdown at u.s. 27. not seeing a huge delay, but i'll keep my eye on it. your drive across the bay looking great right here at the howard frankland, less than ten minutes to get across. back to you. >> breaking overnight in east tampa, police are investigating a shooting at a strip club. one man is in the hospital right now. he was shot in the leg. police are working right now to make an arrest.
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investigators. lindsay, what'd you find out? >> reporter: deiah, good morning to you. this morning, police left the scene a couple of minutes ago. they are taking down the crime scene tape. i can show you where the shooting happened just to the left of goody's gentleman club in the parking lot. just before 3:00 as the club was closing, someone pulled out a gun and shot a man right there in the leg. police are still working on a few minor details to piece this together to figure out was there a fight? did the suspect and victim each other? i can tell you this, it shouldn't be tough to track down the shooter. the victim is in good condition, shot in the leg and is expected to make a full recovery. police hope at this point this morning the victim will be able to identify the shooter or is the tremendous least, give them a good description of the shooter. any updates, we'll bring them to you. live in tampa, i'm lindsay logue, abc action news. 5:02 now, in south carolina, a volunteer firefighter is credited with
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entering the school. the sheriff says the 14-year- old killed his father and went to the elementary school and shot two students and a teacher outside on the playground. he tried to enter the building, but before he could, a firefighter confronted him. one of the students is in the hospital. the other student and teacher were taken to the hospital but have been released. the sheriff says it's not clear what the motive was or if the victims were targeted individually. honoring an all-star player and person. hundreds gathered and marched with the hearse carrying pitcher jose fernandez's body. >> where he was a stand outballplayer, fab -- standout ballplayer, fans came to honor him. ? [music] ? >> the 24-year-old led orlando high to a state championship in 2011. even back then, his teammates
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over the weekend, he and two friends were killed in a boating accident. he immigranted to the u.s. from cuba finally making it in 2008 after several failed attempts. >> there was pride to be an american. he was happy to sing our national anthem because here he experienced the freedom to be what he wanted to be and live out his dreams. that was to play ball and of course to be free. >> there will be a private funeral in miami today for jose's family and members of the marlins organization. a 4-year-old boy has been found safe and the amber alert has been canceled. the man's live-in girlfriend was found dead and so police are still searching for the father. police issued an amber alert yesterday afternoon but 35
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from a family member in maryland saying the boy was safe but dale is still missing. police say he is most likely driving the victim's car a 2000 mitsubishi gallant. a south florida baby- sitter is charged with manslaughter for killing a child. she violently shook a baby slamming the baby's head into a wall. the baby had a fractured skull, broken leg and arm. miami police say a dad is facing battery charges after helping his daughter fight two 15-year-old girls. officers say when 41-year-old kevin williams picked up his daughter from her bus stop, she was involved in a fight. police say williams told his daughter to keep fighting, and then he joined in. witnesses say he slapped and punched the other girls in the face. he took off and later returned. that's when he was arrested. in lake county, a sank hole near an elementary school
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right now. there are concerns the sinkhole may be growing. that sinkhole and parking lot is about 10 by 16 feet and larger in some areas. classes at the claremont elementary school have not been affected yet. the school's waiting to hear from engineers on whether that sinkhole is growing or not. tempers reached a boiling point over the shooting of an unarmed mentally ill black man. police olango. it was an e-cigarette device he was holding in a shooting stance pointing it at him. he pleaded with police not to open fire and that he may have had a seizure. it started when his sister called 911.
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and he ran off and found themselves in the middle of the crowd there. hillary clinton will be back campaigning in florida tomorrow. the democratic nominee will be attending rallies on the east coast in fort pierce and coral springs. the vermont senator bernie sanders promoted the free college tuition families. he told supporters it's imperative that they send clinton to the white house. >> how many are out there who will never get a chance to do what they could do because of lack of income of their families? secretary clinton and i are going to change that. >> bill clinton, meantime, will not be campaigning in florida. after all, the former president canceled a two-day bus tour across the panhandle to attend
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perez. jill stein continues her swing through the bay area today. she will attend a meet and greet in sarasota. stein is trying to win over former bernie sanders supporters who dislike hillary clinton. she also supports getting americans away from using fossil fuels by the year 2030. on the republican side, donald trump continue attacking clinton at a rally. the republican nominee suggested clinton used family's foundation to enrich herself and worry that that would continue if she gets to the white house. >> how many more clinton scandals can this country take? one after another after another. you know the story, folks. you've seen it for years and years, and we can't take another four years of barack obama, and we can't take another four years of crooked
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new hampshire today. earlier this week, john sununu endorsed the billionaire. this is huge. alec baldwin will play the role of donald trump on "saturday night live" this season at least until the election. kate mckinnon will be back as hillary clinton. nbc released this clip showing baldwin donning a trump-like wig. baldwin has hosted snl16 times and popped up that should be good. a local rapper is trying to help students with his music. >> corey thornton is his name. he performs songs with issues like bullying. ? [music] ? he's encouraging kids in pinellas county to go to class. he will debut an original song about the importance of staying in school that teachers will share throughout the district.
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for gas in the future. for the first time since the global financial crisis eight years ago, opec nations have reached a preliminary agreement to cut oil production. the deal was reached after several hours of talks but output levels must still be finalized in an opec meeting in vienna this november. the deal is finalized and will limit output to between 32.5 and 33 million barrels per day. current output is estimated at 33.2 million barrels per day. the price of 5% after the deal was announced. good morning. it's 5:10 and i'll tell you what, a lot of clouds around and the showers to continue to stream in on the southwesterly flow. we'll have the downpours at times. it's forecasted for the week. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. also coming up, a boater rescued after eight days at see sea and mows mother is miss --
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presumed dead could face chargesp. >> if you are a teen with bad acne, scientists say a history of acne could be good news
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. 5:14 right now. officials in vermont are investigating whether or not a vessel that a mother and son were on when they got lost at sea was, in fact, sea worthy.
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week after he was reported missing. earlier this week, officials searched his home and think he knew the boat needed repairs and could be charged. he has a violent past. in 2014, he once held another child hostage with a knife there are questions surrounding his grandfather's murder. >> the past is the past. what i is i wish the press would leave it alone because he was not allowed with his grandfather. >> so far, he's not facing any charges and his mother is presumed lost at sea. if you have acne or had it
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older. scientists look at the dna with people with acne. they have white blood cells that are better protected against aging. acne may be a side effect of a gene that slows down aging. if that's at case, i will look 16 forever. [ laughter ] ivan cabrera joins us now. perfect skin, by the way. >> that's a lot of air in the morning. morning thunderstorms. it's the drier air that will only affect our northern most county where's we're already raining this morning. by that, i mean lower rain chances the next couple of days. today lightning is showing up as well across crystal river
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see the showers streaming in from west to east. we have a plume of moisture that will continue with us. we'll wind down late this evening but then more where that came from for tomorrow. so the next couple of days, a similar setup with a wetter pattern than usual. lower 70s right now for a lot of us here in through clearwater. update on matthew, still a tropical storm. the center is not where you see the red to the right. it's to the west of us. so we have stronger winds up above that's disrupting the thunderstorms wrapping around. we're still at 65 miles per hour. the wind shear will eventually become hurricane matthew with
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friday night and approaching jamaica sunday into monday with behinds 90 to 100 miles per hour. you can see disagreement. most of the models for now are keeping this east of florida. keep in mind this may likely change and we'll have to nudge a little west is great for us. 87 close to our typical high this time of year. all right. let us check in on conditions now in the traffic center. here is janelle. we're still watching this crash on i-4. the good news is, it's off to the side so not really slowing anyone down. if you are heading ow the door -- heading out the door, you
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just a heads-up in clearwater, we have the boat races and seafood happening. that is in clearwater. all the way to use myrtle as your alternate now through sunday at around 6:00 when they open drew street back up. still ahead, a clown rob as i bank and what the clown was carrying that has police so >> it's national coffee day. ahead, which shops are offering freebies to celebrate. kenis gibson and diane macedo has the tech bytes. >> it's officially the end of an era for blackberry. >> the company announced it will no longer make its iconic smartphone.
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bbm. >> instead, it will focus on software development. >> many expect the company to unveil a couple of new htc devices. the 5 inch pixel and the new virtual reality platform called daydreams. for all of you who can't live without a head phone jack on the iphone 7, the fuse case takes the adapter and builds it directly into the the plan is to start to ship it in december.
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it is at 5:24 right now. a bank robber in tennessee has police officers on the lookout for copy cats because the thief was dressed up as a clown and carrying explosives. police say the accomplice got away with cash. police are concerned it could lead to copy cat situations and turn simple clown pranks into a deadly situation. it is a great day if you need that little extra pick me up. it's national coffee day. >> a number of coffee shops are offering free or discounted cups of coffee today.
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a medium cup for $.66. >> anyone who stops by at participating locations today, make sure you check out our article on our free mobile app or web site for more national coffee day offers including where you can get free coffee smoothies or how you can help secure the future for coffee farmers in mexico. we're a nice, quiet neighborhood. i do >> coming up, a pasco county neighborhood targeted by the kkk. we'll tell you what's behind it. >> one company is poised to control almost a third of the beer in the world. which beer companies are planning a merger. >> good morning, everybody. we are watching the roads all over tampa bay. here's i-275 at fowler looking great here. coming up, we'll take a live
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a major event aimed at keeping st. pete community's safe. ahead in a live report, how this will help in the mayor's efforts to keep guns off the streets. >> 9/11 victims will now be
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to congress. why this new rule cog hurt americans overseas. good morning. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. let's get started with a traffic and weather update. janelle, no issues, i think. >> i'm getting a report of an accident on i-75 near fletcher. i'm checking the cameras and will see if we can find it in a couple of minutes. the southwest moist th county. the nice thunderstorm has increased with lightning as it begins to move east into crystal river. thonotosassa likely getting clipped with that. as we widen out the shot, the storms continue moving inland here. one shower now developing and approaching pinellas here. so more where this came from, clearwater getting a clip. this will be the pattern today


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