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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: it looks like there is an agreement to keep uber here. i'm lindsay logue breaking down the details. >> tn lives on a playground of a south carolina elementary school. now at 9:00, a hero who stepped in to stop the shooter from hurting any more children. >> plus, government shutdown averted again. how long a spending bill passed by congress at the last minute will fund federal agencies. first at 9:00 right now, tampa police are searching for this man. this is 48-year-old-year-old robert allen diaz. police say he's been missing since 2:00 p.m.
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silver roadster convertible florida tag bw0348. he was last seen at the sky point condos on ashley drive where he lives. if you have any information on his whereabouts, contact tampa police. uber agrees to tupper background -- to tougher background checks. the ride sharing companies like uber and lyft are close making a deal. >> lindsay, this agreement does not mean it is a done deal, though. >> this agreement is only between uber and the public transportation commission share. even then, board members have to vote in favor of it. according to the times, they have to have statewide criminal
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uber and lyft still say no to having drivers submit to a fingerprint background check. that's key because this is where tentative deals have fallen apart before. so what's next? the entire pct board will vote next month on the temporary agreement. board members are facing mounting pressure to face abolishment by state lawmakers. we expect to learn more about this agreement hour. we expect them to lay out more detailed plans to keep i'veer in tampa. a volunteer firefighter is being credited with stopping a teen who shot three people outside of a school after killing his own father at home. >> the 14-year-old gunman injured two students on the playground. the firefighter took down the shooter before he could get inside of the elementary school.
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fire department and got to the school before officials got there. prior training is being blamed for saving countless lives. >> officials have all received active shooter training. the quick response by the principal, teachers, and staff kept this horrific tragedy from being much worse. >> this morning, one boy remains in critical condition in the hospital. sure if the students and teacher are targeted. today, a private funeral will be held for jose fernandez. in hillsborough county, former classmates and fans gathered at alonso high school where fernandez was a standout student athlete.
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>> fernandez led orlando high to the state championship in 2009 and 2011. his teammates say even back then he was the real deal. over the weekend, he and two friends were killed in a boating accident. >> fernandez immigrated to the united states from cuba making it from 205808 after several failed attempts. >> he was proud to be an american, happy to sing national anthem because here he experienced the freedom to be what he wanted to be. that was to play ball and of course to be free. >> some who were at the vigil say fernandez will always be remembered for his passion and
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>> good morning on a thursday here. we zoom in a little closer and the showers pop up right as we're talking about it. these showers are racing, by the way. they don't survive the trip at times, though we continue to see the sun that has been coming in with lightning as well. so that's going to be an issue for us today. there will be on and off showers and storms. ou there as well. we're getting towards that time of year but not with this feature coming in. 87 from the showers and storms and the latest from the hurricane hunters. tropical storm matthew is at 90 mile-per-hour winds, and wear on the border of getting hurricane status.
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commute with janelle. >> so ivan, usually at this time of the year, we are clear. we have a crash here right at bird street taking up just two lanes getting by and we are citying backups all the way to fletcher. it's taking 40 minutes to get from the apex to i-4. also, an update on the clearwater police getting r now. back to you. >> thanks, janelle. it looks like congress will avoid a government shutdown at least for now. congress passed a bill yesterday funding federal agencies through december 9th. agencies were looking at a potential shutdown on friday had congress not passed the bill. the continuing resolution gets lou-makers through the presidential election without a potentially embarrassing shutdown. the resolution passed both the house and senate with broad
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to fix the flint water crisis. another key provision of the bill was $1.1 billion to fund the zika virus. it marks the end of the fight. they wanted to prevent planned parenthood from getting zika funding and dropped a provision to ease pesticide regulations. for the first time since taking office, congress overruled the president's veto. 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were citizens of saudi arabia. the u.s. government investigation found the country did not play a role in the attacks but left open that some low level persons could have been involved. they say it sets a dangerous precedent allowing others to sue the u.s. in foreign courts.
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where we're doing disaster relief in haiti and a traffic accident happens where tragically a citizen of that country is killed, if they pass the same kind of legislation we just passed, now potentially that family and that country could start suing the united states. they might say we're going to take jurisdiction over "asking us to stand between 9/11 families and their day in court is asking a lot." a 4-year-old boy has been found safe and an amber alert has been canceled but they are still searching for the boy's father after the boy's mother was found dead in the apartment. 35 minutes after the amber alert, police got a call from
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is still missing. police say dale is most likely driving the victim's car, a 2000 mitsubishi gallant. miami police say a 2-year- old found unconscious in a van outside of a day care has died. we're waiting for the information surrounding the circumstances of the child's death. it's unclear how long he was this that van. boynton beach police arrested a baby-sitter who they jessica is accused of violently shaking that infant and slamming his head against the wall. baby christian had a fractured skull, broken arm, and broken leg. he is in jail this morning charged with manslaughter. coming up, this might be the last police video from north carolina you'll ever see. how the state's new body camera law will try to stop videos
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>> plus, we showed you new surveillance pictures of two men wanted for questioning in the new york city bombing. this morning, we know who that he are and why police won't be
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. in new jersey, a train crossed into the hoboken train terminal. it is a busy terminal during we're looking at video and trying to get it edited and turned around so you can see it. from what we can tell, the train struck the platform and caused part of the roof to collapse. there are reports of injuries. we don't know how serious the injuries are. we're working to get more details. as soon as we get information from the scene, we'll let you know an update. we'll show you the live video as soon as we get that turned around for you, and we'll also take you to the scene.
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protesters saw a video of keith scott. a new state law takes effect october 1st. it says body and dash cam videos will no longer be part of the court record. charlotte's mayor, who's been under pressure is calling on lawmakers to repeal the law. >> i think it's time to take this issue of transparency >> republican leaders in that state point out house bill 972 was passed with bipartisan support this year. house speaker tim moore says he's open to tweaking of the legislation. today, investigators say they were able to identify the with a men who walked off with a bag abandoned by the new york city bomber. we showed you the images of the men seen on security video handling the bag that prosecutors say was used by the
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were egyptian tourists. owe michelles won't be able to interview them as soon as they would like to. the men have already left the country. the bombing suspect rahami is still in the hospital this morning. there's no word on when he'll make his first appearance in court. terrifying moments as a california store clerk is kidnapped and you can dragging her by the arms. hes manies to pull her right out of the front door and into his car before taking off. that woman was able to escape when the suspect took her to a nearby cemetery. he was later tased and arrested. the man had been stalking the victim for some time trying to find out where she lives and
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sacramento kings is doing its part to make sure everybody would feel welcomed. the half billion golden center includes 23 single-use gender- inclusive bathrooms. critics contend it could include children. however, the lgbt community is applauding the installation. >> it is the first time they are taking gender nonconforming community and making sure that it's safe and welcoming for everybody. >> this is a sad message, confusing children. sexual anarchy. you can call yourself any gender you want without telling children the health risks of the decisions. >> the golden one center holds its first even next week. do you have an hp printer in your home. if you do, beware.
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the printer cartridges no longer work and they have to go out and buy new ones. john matterrese explains so you don't waste your money. >> do you have an hp printer in your home? beware, many are saying the printer cartridges no longer work and they have to go out and buy new ones. we all know that printer ink is expensive, as much as cartridge. many refill the old ones. the web site says many hp owners can no longer print as a result of a recent firm ware update because it no longer recognizes the chip on generic cartridges. it disabled nonhp inc. on december 13th. hp says this is to improve the safety of the products and the cartridges must now contain the original ah chip.
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in an hp printer, avoid all firm ware updates at this point otherwise you have to go out and buy a genuine cartridge, otherwise, don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc action news. big storms up in leevy county. >> yes, and i think they will continue throughout the day today. we'll talk about that and matthew is on the rearch of becoming a hurricane out -- verge of becoming titan doppler radar, yeah, we have had nasty storms. they have not made it much past the coast, so they have been weakening. that is a good thing not making it to 75. i think eventually it will fill in. zooming in on this particular cell as i set up this zoom shot, it was over the anna bury islands and moving quickly. nothing is getting sent here from the big, fast squirrel.
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we're filling in with the on and off showers throughout the day. through citrus county we have dry conditions heading into tomorrow. generally, we're going to stay on the unsettled wetter side of the boundary on the futurecast, you can see just plan on the rainfall at any given point during the day and heading into tomorrow as well. wind chances are about 50%. hurricane hunters showing you matthew is investigating the system with the winds at 1 miles per hour. so a pretty quick increase in the speed as far as the drop in pressure. so we're up to 70 miles per
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hurricane. the reason it's not, there's wind out there interfering with matthew right now. that wind shear, that will lessen over the next couple of days. that will allow matthew to become a bit stronger. we'll take you back to titan doppler radar but not the one you are used to seeing. look at this. this is matthew already as we put it into motion and we're able to see that the counterclockwise spin you can see rain bands going through puerto rico despite that we are still to our east there. track not much of a change. we're expecting that trough that has the dry air. that will be responsible for guiding this up to the north and about here is where we're comfortable forecasting. past that point, it's really too early to call. some of the models are churning east of florida. some still close enough to us. as far as the intensity for jamaica and eastern cuba, cat 1
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much agreement through the next three days. not so much there after. seven-day forecast is in the upper 80 and continues right into the weekend. coming up, comedian amy schumer wins a dubious honor. she is the first woman to ever be named the most dangerous celebrity on the internet. we'll explain what that means after the break. i'm here with your positively tampa bay. you don't need super powers to be a hero. local domestic violence centers are sharing simple ways you can
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it's 9:24 and we're following breaking news with the images just coming in on a train crash at the train terminal in new jersey. you can see the damage there. there are reports of injuries. it's hard not hard to believe when you look at the damage. these pictures from david richmond that we found on twitter you can see the destruction on the terminal. it looks like part of the ceiling has collapsed there. >> we're still working to get confirmation on how many people were on board the train and the
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for updates and more pictures as we pull them from the scene. >> comedian amy schumer has generated the most dangerous search results. schumer is the first woman in the ten-year history of the list. justin bieber ranks second followed carson daley. actor wrapper will smith and singer rihanna round out the top five. you remember the house from the movie ""mrs. doubtfire""? yes. >> you can buy it. >> well, not us. >> maybe you could buy it. >> someone with deep pockets can afford the house that's up for sale for $4.5 million. don't be surprised if you don't have a lot of privacy because the house, in a way, has become
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the house has four bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths and the seller, quite fittingly, is a retired accountant who specializes in facial construction. >> how about that. looking at discounts
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searching for tougher gun laws and ahead how it will make communities right here in st. pete saferp. >> reporter: wear a nice, quiet neighborhood. i don't want this stuff here. >> pasco county neighborhoods targeted by the kkk. we'll tell you what's behind it. >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this thursday at 9:30. i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm deiah
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first, we want to check in with ivan. >> it's national coffee day. >> i'm going for 20 today. >> that is a gorgeous shot, by the way. a nice structure with the clouds similar to yesterday. do you see what i see? a nice rainbow there. we'll get a lot of that as you typically do when you have this kind of pattern. you get the storms to roll in, a break and allowing for pretty colors out there. it's ban raining and it's pouring here. we'll continue to watch that in the northern counties getting in on the showers. crystal river, you see one, two three, four multiple showers. just kind of on and off today. east of 75, we haven't seen much. bit the time we get into later this afternoon, the typical showers and storms will get going with plenty of moisture streaming up through the gulf.
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as the coverage about 50% for today. temps right now in the low 80s. we'll go for the upper 80s and talk about drier times for the weekend. happening today, city leaders in st. petersburg with gun violence. >> abc action news rodney dunningan, what are they planning to talk about? >> reporter: they are going to be talking about laws tougher. they mentioned this is always a controversial topic, but this is yet another plthe the st. pete mayor report several efforts to fight gun violence. this is a crisis and what the mayor is calling an urgent crisis. council members and community
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>> i might not even make it to 21. >> these kids are dying in the streets. >> reporter: today, they are talking tougher gun laws, meeting with the group founded by gabby gifford who survived a mass shooting in arizona. nine people died from guns in year in st. pete. >> one is one too many. >> reporter: they are trying to find $1 million to invest this the city's this year, they named the first community director, job one, to stop the constant cycle of violence. >> this didn't just happen. we're looking at the amalgamation of a lot of neglect and a lot of misdirection. it's going to take time. >> one of the keys to that change, efforts like today's events. >> the city administrators also say the overall aim with all of these programs is simply to
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11:00 a.m. rodney dunningan, abc action news. we're following a developing story. tampa police are working right now to find the person who shot a man at a local strip club. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. at closing time on hillsborough avenue. the victim is expected to make a full recovery of the shooting. the second night of protests in the shooting of mentally ill man. >> police shot and killed alfred after what he called the shooting stance and pointed an object at them. he now said he is holding a vape e-cigarette device. >> he may have had a seizure in the moments before. it all started afterred his sister called 911 saying her brother was mentally ill,
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episode. >> this is what families in two pasco neighborhoods woke up to this week. the fliers delivered in plastic baggies in the driveway. they were found yesterday in port richie and hudson. they appear to be an attempt by the local ku klux klan to recruit new members. they also say the tactic is despicable and unwelcome. >> i >> everybody has a right to their opinion but this is a nice, quiet neighborhood. i don't want this stuff here. >> similar brochures have been left all over the neighborhood in the past two years. in democracy 2016, hillary clinton will be back campaigning in florida tomorrow. the democratic nominee will be attending rallies in the east
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springs. the one-time primary rival bernie sanders promoted the plan to provide free college tuition to middle class families. we've also learned bill clinton will not be campaigning in florida. after all, he's attending the meet funeral of shimon peres. >> last night, he address the cuban >> she wants to get americans away from using fossil fuels. donald trump is in iowa. ? [music] ? the republican nominee suggested to supporters that clinton used the family's foundation to enrich herself and worried that would continue in the white house.
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in new hampshire today. john sununu endorsed the billionaire. the stock markets rallied to reduce the glut of oil. not so much in the the dow right now is down 18,322. great day if you need a little extra pick me up. today is national coffee day. >> we can all freebies and a lot of discounts today as well. a number of coffee shops are offering free or discounted cups of coffee. wawa and cumberland farms are giving away cups of coffee and doughnuts are giving away a medium cup for $.66. krispy kremes are giving away free doughnuts to anyone
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locations today. her 7-year-old daughter, i believe, ran over her 2-year- old daughter with a vehicle. >> still ahead, a shocking scene. what the mom did but did moments before the accident that could now land her in jail. >> and we have a winner. we told you about the pharmaceutical executive considered the most hated man in america who auctioned off a chance to punch him in the
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at 9:had 1, we take you back -- at 9:41, up to 100 people have been injured now in this train crash in hoboken, new jersey according to news station there. the train slammed into the terminal at 9:00 this morning and looks as though part of the ceiling has collapsed. >> we're working to gather as much information as we can. we'll continue to keep you up to date as soon as we get more information from the scene. in developments this morning, a second person now under arrest on drug charges on a fatal house explosion that killed a new york battalion chief earlier this week.
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about the charges? >> that's 32-year-old castillo who as brought out in front of dozens of reporters and new york city firefighters. he was taken out in tuesday's explosion. that house is under investigation for being a marijuana grow house. the 44-year-old battalion chief michael faye was killed in the explosion. he was investigating the smell of gas at the home when it exploded and part of the roof a shocking discovery in a pennsylvania gas station. a baby just born was found in the trash can by paramedics. >> it boggles my mind how somebody can do that to an infant. >> a mom told them to stop at the gas station because she felt sick. paramedics with are called after someone found that newborn in a trash can still
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attorney will decide if she will face charges. a 2-year-old girl was recovered after being run over by a car. >> the driver of the car, the toddler's older sister is just 7 years old. >> caller states her 7-year-old daughter, i believe, ran over her 2-year-old daughter with a vehicle. >> police in new hampshire say the mother gave her 7-year-old car keys so the girl could start it up. the car somehow put the car into reverse, causing back over her 2-year-old sister. >> that frantic mother ran from inside of her house when she heard her older daughter screaming for help. children should never be allowed to start a car. >> they will be curious and a motor vehicle is dangerous and heavy. >> the toddler suffered broken bones. police say tuesday was not the
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car, and they are considering whether to file charges. now the pharmaceutical executive who became known as the most hated man in america auctioned off a chance to pubch him in the face. a florida woman named katie is the lucky woman. he will match her $50,000 and donate $100,000 to help the 6- year-old son of a friend who died recently. he earned that most hated title after hiking the aids drug by 90%. >> i'll tell you what, you are looking at this right here behind me. it's one of the most powerful storms to ever hit south australia. at this hour, there are a lot
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ripped out of the ground. we had hurricane force winds and continues heading off to the east. we've had flooding. it will take a while to get the cleanup under way. let me show you what it looks like on the satellite. sprint has just started there. this is a potent storm p looking at this right here, this was the storm that through adelaide. winds are blowing upwards of 70, 75 miles per hour. eventually, it will head off toward the sea and impact new zealand. the active pattern is setting up with showers and thunderstorms. a plume of south westerly winds should come along here. the heating of the day is combining for a mostly cloudy and rain day day with on and off showers.
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shower. you are packing through a quick shower again. that will be the case through tomorrow as well. >> this is right at the center would be there. it's not. >> that means it's still battling winds up above. that's keeping it from becoming a hurricane. although, the winds should diminish and allow for matthew to continue to testify. by the way, this is the radar and see already. straight to the left and a trough that picks it up and moves over cuba impacting with jamaica and parts of haiti as well. showers continue throughout the day and into tomorrow. sunshine early and afternoon storms 30 or 40% in high temps
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welcome back. it is still 10:00 with a major disaster unfolding in the new york area. taking you back out to breaking news from new jersey. emergency crews are reporting now more than 100 patients in a hoboken. multiple passengers, we're hearing, are trapped there. you can look at some of the damage inside of the train station. this is obviously aerials from above. now we're taking you inside with these pictures. this is the train station near hoboken, new jersey across the river from new york city. witnesses say the train went
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into the reception area. part of the ceiling collapsed after the train crashed into the platform. we're hearing that more than 100 people were injured. we have no idea how seriously injured anybody is or if they were injured on the platform or on the train train abc will do a special report and as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you and online as well. switching gears now, we continue our eighth annual taking action against domestic violence campaign. we're checking in with our local domestic violence centers with ideas and they need help with a metal playground. >> when the temperatures are hot, the metal components on
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sometimes limit the use to the children. so what we're looking for is clock that we can provide -- cloth that we can provide shade so they can be out there at any time and using it. it's so important to get out there to get the run around and have freedom. we're can donate material, time, labor for install or even dollars for the project. if you would like to connect, go to eastbound our web site, we link to each of therm count -- each of them to our web site.
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midwesting violence is set for wednesday night, october 12th at 7:00 p.m. we'll be right back. closed captioning is
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back with you here with titan doppler radar showing you the showers rolling in. we'll have more of that throughout the day and moisture coming out of the gulf. as additional cloud cover, we'll stay in the mid to upper 80. rain chances in the next couple of days about 50%. again, tropical storm matthew on the verge of becoming a hurricane. we'll have the latest coming up at 11:00. shay will bring you that with updates today at 4:00 on "the now" and denis at 5:00. we take you back to breaking news we've been following. new jersey ems reporting at
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wreckage when the train crashed in hoboken. the train was running late when it crashed. it came to a stop at the indoor area and the platform, there are reports of many passengers currently trapped in the wreckage of the plane. abc news has crews planning to do a special report momentarily. we've also learned that all whale service in hoboken has been suspended. we know many of you have relatives and friends in that area. stay with us. abc again going to let you know the latest. as many as 100 people injured. some possibly trapped in the train. we showed you earlier, pictures of the ceiling that collapsed there. we're waiting to hear in anybody on the platform was
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area set up. there are many people still trapped in the wreckage. you can see the cerealing that has come down in the platform area. one person said it went right through the platform into the waiting area of the train station. >> that's amazing because people look as though they are not even phased by it. they are just walking past and the ceiling. all of the first responders are on the scene. just an incredible scene there. we still of any injuries.
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gathered thursday morning. i am carley boyette. >> i am natalie taylor. thank you for joining us on tampa bay's morning >> we have got a good show today. foodies and festivals going on everywhere. >> i have got to say that i'm excited because this is the one thing that my director -- we need a -- i have my coffee mug in the shot. 2 cups of coffee. you can have 2 cups of coffee a


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