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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >> all right, we have a train that's into the train station. we'll need multiple ems for multiple injuries. >> now at 9:00, through the wreckage after a transit train crashes into one of new york city's busiest commuter hubs. this morning, we now know the name of the engineer in the deadly crash. >> just to talk stupid is not in violation of the statute. >> threats to kill kids at school posted online, but a judge says the person who did it won't face charges. why one sarasota student is
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a big deadline looming as they night to keep the rays right here. we'll tell you what it all means for the future of tropicana field. >> now at 9:00, we begin updating you on breaking news this time yesterday. authorities have named the engineer in that deadly rush hour train crash in hoboken, new jersey. >> passengers say the train failed to slow down while approaching the terminal overrunning its stopping point and hurdling airborne into a busy commuter hub. cnn's reed binion reports on who officials sawa >> as i said, the engineer was released from the hospital. >> reporter: new jersey governor christie referencing the engineer this thursday's deadly commuter train crash. >> he is cooperating with law enforcement. >> reporter: the engineer now identified as thomas gallagher, a new jersey transit employee for 29 years. the train was packed with passengers and reportedly traveling too fast when it slammed into hoboken terminal. >> we got jolted out of our seats. >> reporter: the crash killing
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100 injured. images on social media show what looks like a partial roof collapse. officials will determine how fast it is going. >> we'll be pulling that recorder from the locomotive. there's also a recorder in the controlling car. we'll get that as soon as we can access that. >> reporter: neighbors of the engineer are shocked after hearing about the crash and concern for his family. >> when i heard it or actually saw you come up and heard that that was the case, i could not believe it. it's just tragic. it's tragic in terms of what they are going through or what they will be going through. >> reporter: reed binion, investigating. >> investigators will be investigating for weeks. they hope to recover the event data recorder as well as video from two cameras on board the train.
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night of protests taking a violent turn. police on riot gear unleashed tear gas and pepper spray on the crowd demonstrating over the police killing of a mentally ill black man. [screaming and yelling ] >> police say the crowd was much smaller than the first two nights but was much more violent. police say the employee testers were blocking traffic and break pepper spray to break up the crowd. two men ended up getting arrested. threatening to shoot up a school can get you in trouble. in one case at least it isn't against the law, at least not in florida. he was found in the guilty by an appeals court judge ruling that the tweet did not make a direct threat to anyone which is what the law requires.
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might have been stupid but he was talking in a private twitter group and only joking among friends. >> we sure hope that if a student says something that's alarming but not criminal that they would go talk to him before they arrest him, before you come with this s.w.a.t. team and guns blazing. >> reporter: they are recommending the legislature rewrite the law. good morning. getting you ready for the weekend showers across the central part of the county looking at a light to moderate shower. quick-moving shower will essentially get back to afternoon thunderstorms on futurecast you can see that by 12:00, 3:00, 4:00 will be the time for most of the coverage.
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82 in tampa. 67 in tallahassee. our first cold front of the season. do not get excited. we'll have a little taste of it tomorrow. we'll talk about that and of course the latest on hurricane matthew still strengthening 105 mile-per-hour winds. this will become our second major hurricane of the season as it continues heading west- southwest and then that big turn over the weekend. we'll talk more about that and the potential impacts for us as we check in first with janelle with commute. >> boy it was crazy this morning. >> yeah. >> the good news is it seems to be clearing up. you have been watching southbound u.s. 19 and a lot of improvement and hopefully they will have it completely out of the way. just a little slow with the crash on the northbound lane before you get to the hump. that's off to the side and seeing residual delays there. the slow spot this morning
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51 is the average speed there. i-295 over in pinellas county. >> thanks, janelle. major deadline to keep the rays. the city's set to pitch a master plan for tropicana field and the area around it. >> rodney dunningan, this could be do or die for the city. >> you know the rays are out of the playoff hunt at this point. the city of st. pete is still in the game when it comes to possibly keeping the team right here in town. however that will not be easy. >> architects have put together a model of what the new tropicana field would look like. the plan for the 86-acre site blends retail office, housing, and park space. >> reporter: the city and mayor's office says it's been working since the start of the year on a plan that would entice the team to stay.
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field. >> reporter: st. pete city councilman kennedy says the city is making every good faith effort it can to keep it right here. >> what concerns me is the ray's terminology of a perfect pitch. if you go to a ball game looking to have a perfect game, they happen very few and far between. >> reporter: a complete draft concept is expected to be given to the team maintained all along that the number one priority is to keep the rays right here in st. pete. however if that does not work out, they will move on to plan b, which is to develop this land to possibly a business or residential property. of course this is the story we will continue to follow. for now, reporting live outside tropicana field, rodney dunningan, abc action news. orlando police are revealing more about a lyft
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passenger. there's new video. detectives say he picked a girl you were at a bar in july, took her to an abandoned building and assaulterred her. she was rescued two hours later. detectives are now worried that there are more victims. lyft has since suspended solomon. and reaching a temporary agreement to keep uber operating for the next 15 months. in exchange, uber must do background checks on its drivers but one big change, drivers a fingerprint background check. ride-sharing services will have to pay fees to drive in hillsborough county. they still have approved the temporary agreement in two weeks. now to a dramatic rescue in daytona beach. police pulling three dogs from inside of a hot car in a mall parking lot. police say the owner was inside shopping for at least an hour while his dogs were in that car. temperatures climbed higher than 100 degrees. when they got the dogs out, one
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another could barely stand up. police say the owner didn't even appear to care about the dogs, just that the incident was delaying him from leaving. that man was facing three counts of animal cruelty. meanwhile, the dogs are recovering at the humane society. we have an update on the death of a child outside of a miami day-care center. that center was shut down. the 2-year-old was left in the van wednesday. he wasn't found until several hours later. the day care was never authorized children. miami police said they have made no arrests yet, but the investigation is ongoing. there is a no swimming alert at long beach. they have tested positive for
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olympic swimmer ryan lochte is trying to repair his impatch and includes a trip to florida. >> it's not on the list of u.s. athletes to meet with president obama at the white house. he went to ormond beach. he told reporters that he wants to put his drunken behavior behind him but his dad is dropping a bombshell saying that there is a three-minute video the public has not seen yet, a video that he claims will clear his son. >> it's been the security guards had it pointed at my son's chest. i don't know what you call that, but i know what i would call it. >> the u.s. olympic committee has banned lochte from swimming for ten years he says he'll start training for tokyo next year. he's now competing on "dancing
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>> still ahead, against all odds, how one indiana woman is proving that it's never too late to have children. >> for one minute, lights and skyscrapers, hotels, police cruisers and more blink in one city's night skies. how the nightly ritual is
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it's 9:14. nownew video showing officers killing a 6-year-old boy. some may find this video disturbing. >> a judge pre-siding over pretrial hearings released the video wednesday. the shooting happened last november in marksville, louisiana. the officers say they didn't know a child was in the car. one of the officers charged says he didn't fire his weapon because he did not fear for his life, but investigators found
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6-year-old jeremy was killed, hit five times. separate trials are set for each officer. one starts in november, the other in march. we have an update on what caused two decks to collapse at a college party in connecticut. the decks were structurally unsound. 32 college students were injured earlier this month when the home's third floor deck collapsed falling onto the second floor deck, which also collapsed. college officials say the school did house when they purchased it in 2011. a spokesman for the school says trinity is now inspecting all off-campus housing. americans have eliminated the measles. the world health organization announced the knews this week and the disease is declared eliminated when there have been no transmissions and a specific geographic for a year or more. the achievement is a global first. the w.h.o.
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once blew through two decades of mass vaccinations. an indiana couple is calling the birth of twin baby boys a miracle from god. >> that's for sure. nine years ago, doctors told claudette cooke she would never children. at the time, she was 51 years old. nine years later, she was able to get pregnant with the help of invitro fertilizer. >> they were delivered almost a month before her dew date. the couple says with of prayer, anything is possible. >> you look at tv and you see other people and, you know, delivery rooms and all of that stuff, and it's like, oh, my goodness. so joy. age is not a number with god. i was like, god, i know i can do this. >> the baby boys need to stay at the hospital for a couple of weeks and then they can take the babies home.
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trending story. a community in long island offer a nightly gesture to lift the spirit of sick kids. >> this is touching your heart. every night, people in providence gather to slash their good nightlife to the patients inside of the has breaux children -- hasbro children's hospital. every night, people flash lights toward the hospital and the kids get their own flashlight to return the message. >> the gesture started when a single bike ride patient six years ago. >> different areas, different restaurants, spots in providence along the water are mow involved saying good night to the kids. >> the phenomena keeps expanding alouing businesses and other groups to join the display. kids say it helps them feel like kids really care and gives them hope.
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forecast and the tropics. >> we've got potentially cool air that's going to be impacting us tomorrow. >> we're in the season that we transfusion cooler times -- transition into cooler times. still hanging on to a couple of showers across the pinellas and tracking those throughout the morning as they continue heading off to the north and east rather quickly. i think we'll be done within the next half hour to an hour. sunshine for the rest of the morning and stage for another round of afternoon thunderstorms. what you don't see on this perspective is the dry air that's making the move on us here from north to south. we've got a cold front to the north as well. this would lower rain chances, but it is also sinking to the ground, which means it would lower the humidity, the dew points and the temperatures. watch chaps here.
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happens here. that puts it into motion. this is incredibly refreshing as far as the dew points. a little farther south, already in the 70s this is saturday morning, watch what happens on saturday afternoon. the moisture works its way back. so the humidity war eventually won out. i think the cool temperature tomorrow morning is and the lower rain chances only last for a day. this is the way we'll take it, right? we'll wake up tomorrow morning a little refreshed there. that we're clouding back into the humidity and heat for the afternoon. a look at showers and storms will continue firing. watch the clock. by 4:00, we're filling in good. mostly east of 75 as the storms continue to develop and then head up to the north and east and southwest flow will continue. that's how it will shape up. i think a similar setup tomorrow. as i mentioned, a little drier to the north.
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this will be popping an eye later on today. this will become a major hurricane and certainly that is the forecast. a bit of a jog to the south and west, but we're confident about that pull to the north. that dry air that i showed you that's part of the system that's going to be pulling matthew towards the north into jamaica. perhaps you've been making landfall in jamaica or going in between jamaica and haiti and getting into cuba then emerging in the bahamas. all the while intensifying so that we're looking at a category 3 storm with 120 mile- per-hour wind. it's going to be a big deal for jamaica and cuba and the about um ma as as well. i went you to notice -- the bahamas as well. it is kissing the southeastern part of our state here. some of the models turning farther to the west. european has stayed east. this is one of those situations where we have to pay attention. it is going to parallel our state. it remains to be seen how close it gets to the east coast.
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role. keep checking back with us. 88 this afternoon, showers and storms continue in the forecast saturday through sunday with temps near 90. >> we have all been there at some point. you tray to make a mad dash to your favorite store only to be let down when you get there because it's closed. >> it's hard to come to grips with the fact that you'll have to come back the next day. that's the same for one dog in new york after he was told his favorite pet store isn't open. >> i nyc pets. it's 11:00 p.m. there. i promise they're not open. come on. the dog and his owner were on the nighly walk when he passed his favorite pet store. well that's when he must have
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got in. >> the owner explains that the store is closed but sammy doesn't budge. >> he's like, i think i see something in there. [ laughter ] speaking of dogs it is friday. that means it's time for a pet of the week. we have cleo. we've all said this. chloe, cleo. you may not be the queen of the nile but ready to be somebody's princess. we'll meet good morning, everybody. i'm lisa campos with the positively tampa bay and a visit to the hit room dance studio. we are checking in on the progress of our jane kelly as he prepares for tomorrow night's big "dancing with the
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it's my fault. i always want to pet the dogs, and it makes them turn around and you pet of the week vicki is here with a 4-year-old mixed breed cleo. it's called a puggle? >> yes, a pug beagle mix. >> she's beautiful. >> she has the best of both breeds. >> she really did. she's gorgeous. >> she's very soft and special needs adoption. >> explain what that means? >> she's got to be careful what
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>> she is well worth the diet. he's 4 years old. >> she's going to be right there by you on the couch. my mother has one. wherever she sets, she's right there with her. >> pugs are great family dogs. beagles are great as well. >> yeah. should be great for anybody. >> i haven't low. >> she didn't and she's got a cute little underbite. i don't know if you can see it. she's great. great dog. >> thank you very much. if you'd like to adopt cleo, give the animal shelter a call.
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more than two dozen new laws hit the books in florida this weekend. i'm lindsay logue breaking it down for you now at 9:30. >> he spends all of his time just dumping on america. >> hillary clinton lashes out at donald trump. where she is holding rallies today in florida and donald trump responds to allegations he violated u.s. trade embargoes. >> plus, the force the coolest in costumes hits stores this morning. thank you for joining us. i'm deiah riley. >> calling it rogue friday. >> i'm dan shaffer. every friday is a good one around here. >> we have problems as far as thunderstorms. a nice shot there. >> interrupting myself because that is a lovely view from top to bottom. a nice day to be on the beach as we check in with
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if you are watching from inverness, crystal river, we'll be done with it back in the humidity and moisture. a couple of showers, we're now transitioning to what you are seeing with plenty of sunshine. that will set the stage for afternoon showers and th doing that. we'll get temperatures out to around 88. we'll talk more about that dry air with the cooler air. it's 9:31. we have good news from tampa. we learned jose fernandez's missing high school jersey has been returned. it was taken wednesday night at alonso high school where he attended. authorities say family saw a
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against the school's ticket boom last night with the words jose's jersey written on it. the family brought that envelope in to school this morning. >> great. happening tomorrow, more than two dozen new laws take effect in florida and many are aimed at better protecting you and your family. >> lindsay logue is here to break those down. lindsay, one increases the punishment for anybody caught making a threat with a gun. >> this is the most talked about new law hitting the books this october. it stiffens the punishment for threats like this tweet right here. it was sent out last month from a high school student in pasco county. you can see the picture of a gun and a reference to the school in the caption there. as of saturday, any shooting threat will bring felony charges and it's punishable much like a bomb threat. a new law better protects you from scammers and skimmers. now gas station owners and managers have to up their security measures.
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caught with counterfeit credit card information. at new law is carl's law. it increases civil and criminal penalties for anyone who attacks or harms people with disabilities. carl was a st. augustine man with autism shot and killed by a group of teens in 2015. more than two dozen laws go into effect tomorrow. we've got those posted right now on our web site at now to the latest in democracy 2016. hillary clinton is holding not one but florida. she's heading to growth fort pierce and the springs. she urged people to vote early. she also lashed out at donald trump reminding supporters that he is refusing to reless income tax returns. >> it's probably true. he hasn't paid a penny in federal taxes to support our military or our debts or our schools or our roads or our
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>> as vice president joe biden comes to florida, he'll be in orlando and sarasota. >> he responded to a "newsweek" report that he explored business opportunities in cuba in the late 1990s. that would have violated the u.s. embargo against cuba. trump said the report is not true. >> i never did business in cuba. i heard this guy who has a very bad you see what this record is. he wrote something about me in cuba. i never did a deal in coupe about. this morning, we're learning president obama is coming to usf on wednesday. this is the president visiting military members in fort lee and virginia. the white house says the president is coming to usf to talk about the progress made from the affordable care act to
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insurance. dignitaries from around the world gathered to pay respects for shimon peres. president obama and former president bill clinton are among the world leaders who attended a ceremony. mr. obama gave the final address that built an unbreakable bond. he shared the peace prize for trying to share the peace. a shelby is expected to plead not guilty to first degree manslaughter in court today when she makes her first court appearance today. she's been out of jail on $50,000 bond. a lawyer for shelby says she was so hyper focused that she did not hear other officers
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community members gathered yesterday to show support for the family of jacob hall. is he still in critical condition. he was one of three shot at a playground wednesday. police say the suspect, a 14- year-old boy, shot his father to death before attacking the school. he's now in jail. he'll make his first appearance this morning where a judge will decide whether authorities can continue helping him. a property in st. seat. we told you about the years long battle. the owner said it's been the site of drugs and sex crimes. people living there were given six weeks' notice to move out ahead of today's closure. taking a live look at the
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points an thursday. collectibles for the new "star wars" movie rogue 1 are going on sale today. let me show you the cooler toys and costumes. this is an $80 lego ewing fighter. it is a new rebel ship featured in the film. more bobble heads are available, including villain director orson clinic. here's the set. you can get ten action figures including darth $25. girls may want to be felicity jones' character. it's priced at $45. finally, how about this? it is a voice changing mask perfect for scanning the neighborhood, just $27. coming up, a man stuck hanging upside down on his own basement. you'll never believe how long
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finally got down. >> plus, are you living in the dumbest house on the block? you can make it smarter next on
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story right now from western pennsylvania where police are desperately searching for a young child savagely beaten by a man caught on camera. at firefighters the man uses a belt on that child. then he appears to punch him with an upper cut knocking the child to the ground. a worker at a nearby motorcycle shop heard the boy screaming but by the time he got outside, the man and boy were driving off in a car. the racer says he saw the boy's face >> the boy's lip was bleeding. his little hand was bloody. the pain and fear, his eyes were like, "help me," you know? he had it all over him. i'll do all i can to help that boy. someone knows he came home beat. one of them have to speak up. police have followed nearby tips. so far nothing has panned out.
9:42 am
for provoking demonstrators on a black lives matter. police say he wore a gorilla mask, carried a sack with a confederate flag on it and tried handing out bananas. he released a statement commending students for exercising restraint. he's now charged with civil rights intimidation. now to a man in detroit who broke into his own home got stuck hanging upside down. >> he spent the day with flood waters hanging like that. they assumed the man was a burglar who lived there and he had forgotten his keys and he decided to break in through the basement window. he got his foot stuck in the process. the neighbor developly found him. >> i guess when he climbed through, the window caught his
9:43 am
since 1:00 this morning. >> wow. firefighters did give him a medical checkup. i probably learned a good lesson. he won't lose his keys again. this morning, it is now official, lady gaga is going to perform at the super bowl halftime show. ? oh, say can you see ? ? by [music] ? >> i sound just like that when i dream. >> you'll remember the performance from last year when she sing the national anthem but the nfl just confirmed that she will definitely be performing at the super bowl halftime show in houston on february 5th. >> we'll deal with that later. >> that's right.
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it is here. finally we waited five days. let's take a look outside and show you clouds out there beginning to build up and got thunderstorms going for enthusiasm afternoon. nothing unusual, right? this is pretty typical. we've got one guy out there enjoying himself on the beach. the water temperature is still in the upper 80s. we have a ways to go before we get the water temps cool. we'll talk about slightly cooler air beginning to nudge in from the north, little with the cold front. i don't think we'll get into the cool air. atlanta waking up in the low 50s this morning. can you imagine? that's just too cold. here we are, 82 in tampa. generally checking in, in the low 08s. what a difference, right is this we'll go up to the panhandle and 67 degrees. that comes with dry and
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south. i think we'll wake up to upper 60s along nature coast. that will be about it. it will be back up into the 80s. the futurecast today looking at the storms and everything moving towards the 95 corridor still lingering with showers. if you have outdoor plans, especially closer to the coast, you will be in good shape. the have 105 mile-per-hour hurricane in the caribbean. a very unusual jog to the south and west. we expected that, but it's interesting. we'll have tropical watches in columbia. so this is going to head out to the north and going to make that jog with the intensity as well. and eventually in the bahamas, the computer model forecast if
9:46 am
are in good shape here. >> the u.s. model and euro is east us of here. so we hope this continues for us to pan out. of course the bahamas will get nasty winds and heavy rain. that forecast still, again, way early to kind of lock it in here. so keep checking back with us through the weekend and keep you posted. upper 80s will feel like about 92 or so with the humidity. >> 9:46, we're taking action for you from door locks you open with your smartphone to refrigerators that tell you when you need more milk. smartphone technology with the most popular gadgets. you don't have to be a tech genius to live in a smart home. >> smart home features are from
9:47 am
you can buy a door lock to get a security system. >> you could spend as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as tens of thousands of smart home features. smart tvs are the most common. they are followed by smart thermostats, home alarms, refrigerators and audio time ises. it's gaining popularity with audio video being music and tvs and lights and shades but know, garage door essentially all of these companies are coming out with some kind of automation or app controlled. >> installation is simple but incorporating it into one system usually retires a pro. >> just like hiring any contractor, you ought to be sure you do your homework on hiring home out nation installer. check credentials, how long you've been in business.
9:48 am
professional association, which requires special insurance and licensing. >> while it will be great to ought mat your whole house it is getting easier to tie all of your devices together. >> they are getting highly integrated. so you don't have to have the same products. it gives you a lot of design flexibility. >> reporter: by the way, an angie's list survey finds that the top reason we buy smart home products is friends. that's followed closely by increased security. coming up, abc action news is a proud partner of tampa bay's "dancing with the stars" and raises money for local charities. we're showing you how he's probably doing as he prepares
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. >> hey, welcome back. today on positive lay tampa bay, we're counting down to tomorrow night's "dancing with the stars." >> so exciting. weekend morning anchor james actually is this year's celebrity dancer. he's dancing for abc action news. >> he is really competitive. he's been practicing for several months and getting tips from co-anchor lindsay logue from how's he doing? well, take a look. >> this is my space. >> he said this is my dance space and this is yours. don't come in my dance space. ? [music] ? >> so here we are in the trenches. how are we doing? >> doing great. back step and chest up. >> chest has to be up.
9:53 am
>> are you nervous? >> um, i am not nervous because we're prepared. >> shouldn't you be asking me that question? >> yeah, probably. ? [music] ? >> less is more. >> less is more. >> yes. >> it's a chemistry. >> it is a nonverbal communication. ? [music] ? . >> they want to help raise as much money as possible for charity. all of the proceeds from the big gala of hands across the bay will go to local charities. the event is sold out but you can help by voting for him online. it's only a dollar per vote so you go to vote at hands across
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asked his instructor, so are you nervous? [ laughter ]
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all right. some afternoon showers and storms today. that will be the case through the weekend october 1st saturday and sunday. don't forget to pay the rent. >> continuing coverage of the day's top stories on >> "tampa bay's morning blend"
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the fall savings event is on now at havertys.
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tgif. good friday morning. i am carl friday and each friday is getting better. >> i know. >> for the weekend, lots to look forward to. >> i am not going to be able to watch much football because i will be in orlando. my daughter has a big birthday. she is turning four years old. she is really excited about her birthday. this is when you can still be excited about birthdays. so i will be at disney world with her. that is her happy place. let's talk music.


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