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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:25pm EDT

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knows it came crashing down. >> i'm here now packing me stuff. don't know where to go. >> reporter: she is from tallahassee. she and her three children moved to tampa for a new start. >> i whole new start of life? they lived in a hotel for two months looking for an affordable place to rent. she found this home on craze list, called the number and toured the house. >> i loved it. gave me the money i gave him my money and i have been here since march the 1st. >> reporter: she paid $4,500 for a deposit and six months rent. the landlord known as james sampson acted like a landlord too, fixing leaks. >> he planted the flowers in front of the house. >> reporter: that changed on wednesday when she called. the number is disconnected. the address doesn't exist. she has been to court twice this week, filing two emergency motions to stay on the property for a little bit longer. both denied. she called the bank too. asking to rent the home for a
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to buy it. >> they said no, they want us off the property. >> reporter: tonight this mother is hoping for a miracle. >> i'm lost. i'm homeless. i don't have anywhere to go. >> reporter: in tampa, clifton french, abc action news. >> well, judge university in the last hour we got a call from the bank. they are giving this family an extension until at least october 7th while they investigate what happened. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everyone. this is a look at category 4 hurricane matthew. stngerhing is a beast getting new ren is actabout to fly in right now. we will see if it potentially could become category 5. this will be a major issue for the island of jamaica sunday into monday. there is the latest track. afterwards, there's the big question. once it exits cuba, is it going to be more of a westerly track, northerly track, easterly or stall out?
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stalls out for a three or four day stretch out in the bahamas. obviously a lot of this can change. we will have recon for you and a look at the weekend forecast which looks pretty nice for a good bit of the area. that's in a couple minutes. >> see you in a few. thank you, denis. the department of justice is filing a lawsuit against a lakeland mobile home park. they claim that the owner and managers of the mobile home park discriminated against african-americans and the housing act. the managers are accused of telling african-american that no mobile homes were for sale and quited higher prices than whites. it's part of the fair housing testing program that sends people in as buyers to get information. we do have a crew on the story and we will have more for you tonight at 11:00. officers are hoping that you can help them identify these three women behind me accused of stealing from a
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the woman in this motorized cart stole almost $900 in cash. if you know any of these ladies in front of us, contact st. pete police. in pasco county, deputies get a lead on a burglary after finding this man's wallet at the home of a state senator. simpson says someone stole a chain saw and leaf blower from his barn. they found a wallet belonging to the man. he says he was in the barn but didn't steal anything but was a chain saw found not far from his home. this is a live look at i-4 at mcintosh road. one lane of traffic starting to move slowly after a box truck overturned. the driver has minor injuries. small containers of antifreeze spilled on to the road. just last month, abc action news uncovered new numbers showing crashes in the area have gone up 50% in just four years. all new at 6:00 are, the
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dozens of stolen debit card on the university of central florida campus. officials saying in the past few days, ten people filed fraud reports and there are dozens more who have been victims but have not filed a report yet. ucf police think the fraud is happening on campus, including the student union. the news comes avenue -- comes after the data breach last year at the school. people should check accounts immediately. sorry i tased you. it is a sparking a lawsuit. the woman was shot by the stun gun and texted her a picture of the cake. the former deputy tried to cover the incident up. he is accused of firing the taser during horse play last year. the county placed the deputy on
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now the victim is asking for monetary damages. the officer resigned shortly after the incident. a man shown carrying an unconscious woman in arizona. she was then sexually assaulted in a parking garage. that man is ramirez. court documents show the woman was waiting for a friend outside of a bar in scottsdale, arizona. according to police, ramirez shot cell phone video of the woman having sex with him. after accused of calling an uber driver and taking her back to his house. he drove her home the next morning. we're waiting for test results after 1 is hundred gallons of untreated water spilled into a nearby creek. crews are fixing the issue. they are testing for fecal bacteria but they don't believe there is a safety issue here. the health department is also investigating. because of the governor's emergency rule requiring public notification of spills, the
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spill, no matter how small. happening tomorrow, registration begins for the free application for federal student aid. if you need help paying for college, don't wait to do this. we're committed to helping you find the best practices to save money. this year's application process is starting three months earlier. officials say if you apply now, the better chance you have of getting the money you need. new updates on the zika virus. the cdc says that men that travel areas should wait six months to have unprotected sex. women are advised to wait eight full weeks. they say both men and women should wait six months. this is the fifth time that the cdc has upgraded and updated the zika guidance. million dollar speed boats are taking over clearwater beach. hoping to win and head to the
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explains, it means big bucks coming to pinellas county this weekend. >> reporter: the seafood sizzling. and speed boats from as far as houston texas pulling up to clearwater beach. the crowds will keep growing through the weekend in anticipation of sunday's race. but eight years ago, pinellas county looked more like a ghost town. former clearwater mayor told me that's why he helped create the super boat national championship. >> it keeps a lot of people working in a slow time. >> reporter: it has been gaining momentum throughout the year. this event is huge for pinellas county. it draws in about 180,000 people to the area and has an economic impact of $20 million. it's earned a name for itself, boasting big names in the sport like miss geico off shore racing team. last year wasn't so good for
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>> we had a miserable year last year. >> reporter: the engine blew up. it is a common problem in the racing world. he fixed the million and a half dollar problem and the boat will go up to 180 miles per hour on the waters. that's like crossing a football field in a single second. >> i'm a betting man. >> reporter: he is confident that he will win again. he has this message for the competition. >> we put a rear view mirror in our boat so we could see them. [laughter] >> reporter: it doesn't stop there. >> you're an eight-time world championship. >> yes. >> and you've been racing ten years. >> we're pretty good, aren't we? >> yeah. >> reporter: in clearwater, isabella row salers -- rosales. how long it took rescues to get to this little girl safely after a roof collapses.
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veteran secretary to a new school. why parents are concerned about students' safety. and looking outside, beautiful. actually i think we have a pretty nice forecast in store for this evening. what about the weekend and how might matthew impact our weather next week.
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>> you can't rely on technology. can we go back to the good old days where you knew where were. >> a warning from 911 dispatchers. it is harder than ever to find you. rescuers are having a hard time locating victims. in some cities it is affecting response times and could mean life or death. two students in lake county are facing charges for wearing these masks and scaring other students. the masks are from the movie the purge. the arrests come after dozens of facebook and twfor people dressed up as clowns
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deputies don't believe the arrests are related to the threats. >> wow. an emotional rescue here. take a look. the syrian civil defense volunteer cries as he holds that baby he just rescued under the rubble of a four-story building. some reports estimate the baby is just a month old. wow. you can see blood and dust on her little body. an airstrike killed dozens people there. it took hours to find her. authorities believe her mom is alive and also pulled from the rubble. the baby is expected to be okay. what a miracle. dozens of hillsborough county schools secretiee be toocraising security concerns among parents. budget cuts are behind the shift. >> ashley yore is in front of macfarlane park elementary school where parents say the kids are losing their first
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students hearsay secretary knight is key to keeping their kids safe. the county says there will still be two secretaries here to do the job. >> i have to keep my kids safe. >> reporter: just like in the farewell drawing she holds, knight says she is considered a key piece of the macfarlane park puzzle. >> you want to keep your own kids safe. i want to keep our kids safe. i never want to see nothing happen to them. >> reporter: knight has worked here for 12 years. now she will be moved plant the hillsborough county school district says they are shuffling more gib sob to do an efficie secretaries based on school enrollment. >> the assessment can only be done if you sit in her shoes every day. >> reporter: some parents say they need knight. the buzzer and locked door are not enough. >> she is the first face to reach you. she knows all of the kids.
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in and nobody is getting out that shouldn't be leaving. >> reporter: knight says on busy days you have to look out for people who don't below. >> you have to watch all of it. and it's going to be a little harder and rougher with less people in the office. >> reporter: knight says she has full faith her colleagues will do the best job they can when she is gone. in tampa, i'm ashley yore, abc action news. here is a live look right right now from approaches the caribbean. you n sethe waves starting to kick up there. hitting the area hard. this is a beach resort. apartly a few people can be seen walking that beach. but dangerous out there, i'm sure. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> wendy, it's windy out there but it's st far ay from the storm. right now there's still out
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start to feel the effects in terms of the islands with matthew. we look beautiful as you saw there from our beach cam. just absolutely picture perfect. it's got a great forecast in store for most of the area this evening. so if you're going out to maybe a high school football game or going out for a stroll, whatever you have planned, the weather will cooperate. nothing more than a few widely scattered showers in the last half hour. they have been fizzling out quickly from pasco to hernando county. a few storms county. southern polk county. otherwise we're quiet. the drier air that we you can at thatted about from the front is cing in. an's the main as that rain chances are dropping down and temperatur will be dropping as well in the northern counties. citrus and hernando and sumter. the rest of us, ld have to take experience that with temperatures low to mid-80s right now. wesley chapel, 84. 85 in ellington.
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now back to partly sunny skies and 85. clearwater, 86. here is what is in store for the next couple of days. if you live in citrus and hernando maybe even pasco, you will wake up to very comfortable temperatures tomorrow. how about upper 60s. lower humidity, pleasant weather. the front stalls out there. in the mornings. the afternoons are still warm. the rest of us have the warmth and the humidity. even though there's the drier air that we showed you. it is and 50ineorgia tonight. for us, the front sticks right there. if you live south of it, you will still have the humidity and in the upper 80s and dodging thunderstorms tomorrow. but coverage probably only about 30%. let's go through the weekend with futurecast. isvening, nothing more than an isolated shower. ey will be long gone in the next few hours. rra dry start with rain chances
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now here is the change. we're going to see easterly wind set up. we've had westerly winds for the last 6 or 7 days. with that, the storms will start coming back towards the beac mo of the classic summertime pattern. folks, it will be october. not as much moistu an easterly fldon't always mean rain for us. in fact sometimes it means drier, pleasant weather. i think saturday will be nice. most of sunday will be too. but you will begin to see a few track of matthew. owards the forecast highs, area. if you live up north, you will be 87, 88. it won't feel as muggy. you will see that drier air. but it will only be there for one day. because by sunday, the front retreats or what t of it and the humidity returns. either way we will be near 90 degrees tomorrow across a good
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of a hurricane. cat 4. recon is in. it could become stronger by tomorrow morning. even by 11:00, there's a chance it could be 150, 155. itld wou have to be 156 or greater for it category stuff. is claic nohow does it impact us? at this point if this track wer the bay area. that's if it were to verify. look at the margin if the track was more like th be a huge impact on miami, west palm area. not big on us but it's a possibility that something that we have to watch.lifts keore sense to me. done very well, the only model o
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if that happens, anything could happen. it could go west or north. wethat closely. that would devastate the hamas with the wm r out there in the atlantic. the spaghetti models show agreement going through jamaica late sunday and monday. a loof agreement here. as i said, we can't write ility or slow motion. if that happens, it totally changes the forecast for us and southern florida toward the end stay tuned. updates 24/7 on facebook and on our 7-day forecast looks great. at least until monday. by theime we get into the middle of next week, whatever is going on with tt >> thanks, denis. arson at a south florida church caught on surveillance video. take a look. this shows a man wearing slippers and pouring fluid on the door and lighting something on fire.
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authorities charging ward with arson. the church's pastor says he is just shocked but thankful there were no injuries. still ahead, the buccaneers injury report is out. john sabol will tell us who is not playing against the broncos
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>> thanks for stopping. the buccaneers will be shorthanded for the second week. doug martin is out again. he will miss the broncos game on sunday. shorts, robert ayres and stocker out for the game. peyton manner isn't under
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simmon. a second year quarterback out of northwestern that has guided had i am to a 3-0 start. he had week. the bucs defense will have its hands full come sunday. dirk koetter is happy with what he has seen so far. >> how many times do you see a guy that went from third on the depth charge effort to first? i don't believe i've ever seen that. i've seen a guy go from th then start off the year 3-0 and played his best week against cincinatti. off to a good start for sure. 13 days and counting until the tampa bay lightning season gets underway. they won 2-0 over the panners in a preseason game. the biggest take away from the game last night the play of lightning goaltender. he recorded 21 saves and
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bolts are happy with his performance because he may be the backup goalie of the future behind andre of course. depending if ben bishop is moved out after the season. >> every year you just watch him improve. and he's got more poise. i see him improving in all areas. >> the bolts back in action tonight against carolina. atop stories are on abcactionnews here at 11:00. one last look at hurricane. >> matthew. >> matthew. >> we're watching it. >> category 4. we will see you
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tonigh tonight, breaking news. authorities urging calm right now. just releasing this video. the deadly police shooting. police say he had taken a shooting stance. the sister who said she told police he had tonight, authorities telling businesses to shut down. also breaking, the category 4 hurricane. winds up to 140 miles per hour. ginger zee is standing by. onald trump's twitter tirade.


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