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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  October 1, 2016 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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>> right now action news weekenedeng letter suspicious power sent to employees at the mosaic plant. plus accused of picking and choosing who can in a polk county mobile home park. >> first what we know has been down graded 4. >> it is roaring across the caribbean, packing winds 15 a miles per hour it is expected to remain powerful through the weekend. >> let's go to shay ryan tracking mathew's path. >> yeah, if you have any plans to take a cruise over the next couple days, into this area, any where in the caribbean i would check ahead with your d s plans are to adjust the path
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it is a significant storm to say the least. right now cat 4 almost a cat 5, it has just weakened slightly as upper level winds started to just pull this apart. just a little bit. still a major hurricane it is expected to continue on a anmak northerly turn. once it makes its northerly turn we will have a much better idea what the final path will be. as you look at this cone of is just still barely in that cone. we are not completely out of the woods just yet things are looking pretty unlikely that we will dict ct from the u.s. on this storm what we will see is islands of jamaica, haiti, eastern cuba, all the islands through the bahamas have a strong chance of gnificant impacts from this storm whether it o i llbrush with the storm.
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across our area for this time of year we have on shore flowfulness. there is a chance you will get this here but if you are headed out to clearwater for the big boat races this weekend, you are still going to have a lot of good, dry hours today just a slight chance you for a couple minutes here this morning. as we move through the day e mix of sun and clouds through h dodge a few shows used to that. e forecast in a
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lar night clubin tampa. police say twoeoibor night bot expected to berotakiidng e san police shooting of black man. this comes hours after police released new video of the shooting we will . >> reporter: a tness looking out the drive through window 21
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s ago for peace and calm. de thities say is happening in one polk uit fiard e violating act. thowner d mapark are helping potential home buyers whare black on the market. they want a jury trial anfoco. students in florida, accused of wearing sci
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threatld sayarm stch. pasco county schools put on alreceiving a threatening tweet from creepy clowns invading the bay area. while officis say th did not believe it was credible they did tell parents, teachers, students to be on the riff's office reports of sightings thhoding one from her bus stop. >> i think it is crazy police in me born looking for thieves targeting touris. a morning after a young boys ouch
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reported he slapped them on thc hammocks were found on seizure whhe plowed through a doesn't rep.m. bernie thing andaschecause he someone stopped to help but couldn't then a firefightet give hug, because i know if it wasn't for them i
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ew rental trend ea arone thing suggest you do before signing. november 8th you will get to vote on medical marijuana. we are following the money trail to see whreally
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welcome back. we are following the money on this one. hot button issue medical marijuana. who is really bankrolling eport the lawymoney man behind push to legalize medical number miion idmorgan's political action committee, accounts for r to charlie crist former governor now running foin district
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the nextou definitelyhe athyour hotel, wit line, with your aiseif you are take a look at river gate tower tampa cahi
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then afternoon we get th regular showers of rs lingering trying to work thr th the east coast sea breeze kicks in our coverage isn't by our st as r as pretty bad mathew, cat 4, cat 5 stm a cat this haiti, eastern cuba, bahamall o they are going to see impacts from the storm at a minimum u.s. at this point it is unlikely we will see a direct impact but we are stillwestern edge of e uncertainty we want toontinue toonits
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thursday to friday where it is the remains ofpull all the moisture out of our ar typical days herein tampa bay. right now 76 degrees, 72, st. above the average where we day end the day slightly above average as well with all that sunshine and lots of 30% coverage at the peak, 40% coverage tomorrow not a tonne of rain : over the li closer mathew wilflorida, ijust c puli as long as it stays on the path we now.
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online on abc action and al thanks. new trend in home rentals leaving bay tenants with a headache. many of them saying it iossibl company landlords to problems. c u with one thing you do to protect yourself as a renter. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: that is how he is dealing with his landlord he mo into his home. similar concerns eoettcher busi facebook pages s for rent night >> they always, the ti to anoer to come fix probat the
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melted apart. >> looks like it was burnt in here. >> reporter: i have huge concer wasn't get regular responded to to have it fixed. >> reporter: his home is new enough he contacted the builder they responded right away electrician said repairs look good but there arethly every li >> you really should wrap it doback short cut in wiring that can ca long run that burn switches, could ark theoreticallthorough >> home inspector will do a lli check ac trical it is tt done
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them safe. >> something ray wishes he would ha done now he is just hoping others will do home. acw >> package thefts already happening we will brk down affordablemoney in the long run >> racial tensions are a e coun a new study suggests it start as reason one local expert says the new research may do more harm than good. harm than good. we will be right this one i paid for, bee thone was free. that's how i save at publix.
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>> reporweeks but his dad's excitement for his next milestone is dimmed. vy know, you more involved, in preschoolesearch w your children want to tto a new study out of yale
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are three times more likely to e e talking e study, did the government say okay over and let's then gather all the research? y only one study. reporter: psychologist dr. acy who published numerous research of have not collected enough data >>i feel itis wrong we spread this kind of informatio all we are doing is oplewh to grab hold of can find without looking at as done psychologists took a unique approach gathering 130 preschool teachers observe them sew fest kateedtechnology --
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science according to this chart found teachers spent more time looking at black students over white classmates most of them little boys. >> how old were the teachers 21- year-old teachers? or 45-year-old teachers howdied they grow up. >> what do you think needs to happen? >> they need more training more evaluations you know, more hands on and people need to be more aware. >> reporter: that is what the study suggests she just hopes there is follow >> if we really want to solve problem let's solve a problem not create more problems. ileaells fgo in ells fargo more trouble this morning. >> controversial homewk assignment doiuswhat it was meant to do prove e ason pa getting in on co pon. gs pay take a few trips through out
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we will explain this one, and where you have to apply to get
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welcome back glad you are up with us on a saturday morning. it is 7:30 a.m., top stories we are following for you fbi hillsborough county hazmat team are investigating a threatening let we semosaic company phosphate plant. contamin under ground awe fehr. managers are accused of picking and choose hog can move in and who can't specifically helping white families but telling blacks there were no house tons market. >> they want a jury trial and compensation for anyone discriminated against. watching hurricane mathew
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and packing winds 155 miles an james is with shay for that update. >> yeah, lynds you tegory 4 jus >> right. storm. >> yeah, almost a cat 5 you can see how teinnse thisis it has a really goocirculatioand just weakened slightly overnight. it is a storm r right now let's can see we have betiful weather hyatt bemeh cara looking fabulous aittle rain out there. looks like it could be rain on the right-hand side of the screen we have had a few isolated showers across the area closer to the coastline but a lot of dry spots too. let's go and head back to mathew you can see how it is moving west at the moment but will be moving me northerly over the next 24 hours or so it will start to make that turn
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path as it y between jamaica and haiti hamas is still in that is where the c of uncertainty brushes southeast florida we will continue to monitor the path and progress of this srm over the next couple days at least for now the u.s. likeist till enough time ens you into pinellas county the best chance for rain will be here along the coast first part of the day all areas will have a chance for a few showers and storms. we are looking at 30% coverage 4:00 p.m. on into 8:00 p.m. tonit. the day with a
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democracy 2016 morning melt down. donald trump tweetina out at his leaks calling disgusting altape. of his own. >> reporter: ump up early not letting up the gop nominee tweeting before dawn, wow,was duher as an angel without checking hle. trump adding did crooked hillary help disgusting check out sex tape and past, alicia m
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if they don't name the noted ci unnamed sources practice in the nalism. >> also at odds with ging voter anyone but trump writing
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focussinction. he is yelling that's the president, of the united states, yelling at a former president, move it, hurry up and get on the plane. a very rare candid, casual moment between them, did you see this on social diprident ob impaenas he was for
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sation obas yelling come on bill let's go a few meb to t clinton to hurry along. finally clinton does head up the plane the two hug and go arm and arm into airforce one. >> he really did look impatient though. >> it was very funny. >> homework assignment not sitting well with everyone a high school teacher giving oregon students a one page questionnaire entitled white privilege surv teacher stands by thisay own for and against it. trial for a georgia man accused of killing him. justin ross month old n cooper who died june 2014 harris was on happy in his marriage and seeking other relationships at the time.
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death. ha. more trouble for wells fargo the tn 400 cars they were owned byof the milita the juste the reproductionses took place to wellsts to ceemr osplusequity in the total bill $24 million. wfouna ees up to ,000 for vacation costs. there is only one catch you have to move to utah a study released in juneshowed half of americans left vacation days on
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them. fluffy, adorable. one took a little face plant there. that is okay. they are all making their debut in china care takers had their hands full. chinese officials crediting provements in the breeding technology for this. a baby boom, in panda's they ar >> panda's are up there.
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up in tampa again, a problem expected to grow as we get toward it is holiday season. affordable gadgets to help keep your stuff safe. >> reporter: it is package pirate season in tampa, a man and woman in a delivery box from a home in acc watch it happened there last week e es point incidents of packe ne than ever before the problem w. >> you have packages groceries
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>> steve green berto home secur cameras inexpensive and easy set up. >> someone watches your front door it sends you a clip to your smart phone. >> thicamera first cally thieves it helped police finally identify and catch them. >> delivery for eric parker. >> some allow you to talk to
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stores. the worst feeling when you go outside because you are waiting for a delivery and there is nothing there. problem ou that i buy things like paper towels and they just wouldn't fit you know, like amazon is my source for paper products. >> exactly laundry detergent. >> i get that. >> amazon are a lot of people's source click shopping has gotten me in a lot of trouble >> so convenient. >> so convenient. >> beautiful shot. >> beautiful out there, apollo beach camera showing beautiful sunshine clouds starting to build and we are ouastal areas inland though a lot of sunshine can see hillsborough county
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pinellas county for the most part south of clearwater indian rocks beach, into fort de soto moving across the sky way bridge as you move into the pinellas side, just an isolated batch of rain there, so far not a lot of lightning detected this morning just a few isolated storms all of this is noted showing lightning at all. just some rainfall moving inland from that wes this will start to taper off over the next couple hours you will get dry hours at the beaches as well. west to east flow is being enhance bid this front that is stalling out, just to our north. it is not going to cause us any issues throughout the day we were hoping to get drier air in place in northern counties. you may notice there is slightly lower humidity or a few degrees lower for temperatures but i haven't
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have. in mathews path, jamaica, western haiti, eastern cuba, bahamas. just right now it is unlinkly the u.s. will have any direct impact -- unlikely the u.s. will have any direct impact. we could have rough seas but does not look like a direct impact. it is a cat 4 storm was a cat 5 overnight. it is moving west will start to move north that is where it moves very close if no on top of jamaica, eastern cuba, bahamas by middle and late next week once it is moving to the east of florida it will help pull a lot of myself your out. check out these temperatures, not a big difference from what we have seen lately 70 bartow, 76 tampa, to the north where that frontal boundary was trying to get drier air crystal river 72, no big cool down for
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on average we should start the day in tampa at 72. we were at 76 temperatures still above average to start the day as well as to finish the day. high of 88. 40% coverage of storms monday and tuesday up to 50% typical weather nothing out of the ordinary by the end of the week check out how the chances for rain come right back down to the 20% range for friday if mathew stays on its current good. you can get updates here on air as well as on facebook and twitter and abc action on mathew all day long we are updating that. >> if you have ever found mold growing in your washing machine or experience add smelly odour you may be eligible for money. >> the time to file a claim is
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load and dry them and start using them. >> reporter: he noticed an oh door one year after -- odour one year after purchasing her when i will pool -- whirlpool machine. >> reporter: certain machines ruin clothes. >> they have filed lawsuits claiming they found mold growing in washers. >> i pulled th o back of the soap dispenser where you normally would not look it was full of black mildew mold. >> reporter: it wound up being the focus of a class action lawsuit. whirlpool washers sold without a steam feature have serious design flaw that is cause mold and mildew. >> washers don't clean themselves properly the way a properly designed washer should
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suits filed against lg, bosch, ge and ken more lead to a settlement. if you bought a front loader and experienced mold problems you can file a claim, for a chunk of money. >> depend tong documentation you have you can get town $500 cash or a voucher towards a new washer do it quick the deadline is approaching the last day to apply is october 10th machine11th for whirlpool ken more may tag. good news for people who bought one of these in recent years, design changes lead manufacturers to virtually eliminate the chance of mold. okay let's keep talking about washing machines some of these can actually explode. right now it is effecting the samsung top load washing
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the machines exploded. there is also a lawsuit under way in new jersey arguing a support rod is not sufficient enough to hold the tub in place. these instances are rare but do happen when washing bedding or bulky items until there is a fix the company recommends using only the delicate cycle washing those bulky items. ike couple weeks ago cleaning out mold out omy >> yuck. >> i would have rather bought a new one. >> there is a solution you can buy, you run a cycle with supposed to take care of that i don't know what that is. >> wish i had known about that two weeks ago. >> i literally just thought of that i will think of it and post it on my facebook page. >> still ahead, protecting your precious cargo. >> new safer child seatthey are finally hitting the stores in
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half, keeping your kids safer. >> and hunters sten up sel veratricks that sellers use to get you to sign on the dotted line. the four things you need to be on the loo futor w tell
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if you are house hunting this is a story you have to see. >> no question you want to be careful. john materese shows you tricks sellers are using to get you to buy so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: are you considering buying a home or kicking the tires in anticipation of next spring's buying season? a new report warns about sneaky home seller tricks to watch out for. home buyers love clean, well maintained homes, sellers know that too and do every thing they can to make sure their home shows well. a new report, says you need to watch for some of the top trick that is sellers use to get you to buy. among them the smell of freshly baked cookies or pot pourri which can hide mold smells, fresh coat of paint on lower level walls or ceilings used to hide water damage. a sense of urgency to buy telling you soone else is
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writing a recent date on a water heater or furnace. and from the doesn't that stink file, down playing the cost of repairs sellers may say they priced a new roof or repair to the patio if they are off by thousands you will say doesn't that stink. never take the sellers word for needed repairs get your own estimate. >> all these trickmany more can be spotted home inspector hire an inspector who will work for you not someone the seller recommends. i am john materese abc action news. good news for parents of young children safer child seats arriving in stores here. >> they include features common right now in europe but just finally making it to the u.s. one of these is called the load leg, it is a support that extends from the base of the
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consumer reports, recently tested rear facing infant seats and rank the best in crash tests. this footage show it is difference. it has less forward motion than the one without it. >> in our crash tests seat s with the low leg resulted in a 50% decrees of head jerriesing to the dummy compared to seats without it. >> even though it adds a step to installation, tests show it is easy to use but a premium prices range 250 to $400 but you can't put a price on safety in the backseat >> absolutely. >> we are back for another hour after good morning america. >> in 12 hours i will take the stage for dance withing the stars following in lyndsey's fantastic footsteps but this afternoon i will interview one of the beneficiaries and find
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tailgating like a gourmet chef live in studio with easy recipes for your next party. >> first here is what is coming up on good morning america. >> good morning coming up on gma hillary clinton taking aim at donald trump after his blisserring 3:00 a.m. twitter tirade, calling him unhinged for his disparaging comments. now clinton sent her own 3:00 a.m. tweet we will have the latt coming up plus the police officer in tulsa at the center of that controversial, fatal shooting of an unarmed african american man. she said she was experiencing temporary hearing loss duringthe confrontation. hurricane mathew, churning toward jamaica. intensifying overnight winds over 155 miles an hour rob has
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we will see you soon. >> all right take a look at rain showers trying to work their way into pinellas, manatee and sarasota counties a little hit or miss rain along the coast through the afternoon a few more showers and storms nothing that would be unexpected for this time of year around our area. >> so the bucks game not in jeopdy >> no. t . >> they can upset the broncos i can win my pick em. >> you guy haves a great morning see you
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good m good morning, america. breaking overnight, monster hurricane. hurricane matthew, the most powerful storm to develop in the atlantic in a decade. a killer in the caribbean. now setting its sights on jamaica. will it threaten the u.s.? our weather team tracking it by the hour. donald trump taking flack for his escalating feud with a former miss universe. hillary clinton is not backing down. >> in his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him. >> donald's defense? and will this battle hurt him with women voters? a police officer's plea. attorneys for the tulsa cop who opened fire on an unarmed


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