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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  October 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello everyone. welcome at -- welcome to thenow tampa bay island nation preparing for a devastating blow from a hurricane in about 12 hours. >> i think i am we will look in on live cameras at places like haiti, jamaica and cuba in the direct strike pat and wait people here's plan to stay in contact with loved ones over there. plus more trouble regarding these billboards. the hit that trump took today.>> trump represents the same great system he says he's going to change.
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a server in the basement? >> anyway -- see it the one thing you will have to figure out for yourself on facebook. it is 4 pm. time for the day time for thenow tampa bay 36 days to go until the election and former president. bill clinton is library now in flint. he is building up hillary the economy plan. the last six presidential elections have gone to the democrats. meanwhile vice president biden will be speaking in less than one hour in sarasota. is allied look at the stage. he is spending the day in florida talking up the clinton campaign but first paul.breaking news for the top team. a lot happening. new york atty. general. now going after the jump foundation. this is actually the notice of
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stop asking for donations in new york immediately because the charity is not registered. the foundation has 15 days to hand over paperwork about its fund-raising activities. meanwhile a trump campaign spokeswoman says while they are concerned about the political motive behind this investigation, the trump foundation intends to cooperate fully. we have a nasty hurricane out there. taking live look. one of our weather cameras in jamaica right now. this is the famous ricks cafi on the west side of the island. so far so good. but that of course is about to change. we already know the storm claimed two lives in haiti and that is just the outer bands at this point.governor. scott just finished up a briefing in florida on this major hurricane. that is, this is a big powerful store. >> reporter: it is. it is one of the biggest we have seen in the last decade . you mentioned jamaica. i think the west side will probably be okay this is a rather compact storm and most of the hurricane force wind only extends 30 or 40 miles out from the center.
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that passes -- is really were the worst will be. right now it looks like it will be in the western side of haiti and the eastern side of cuba. this is the latest track. a new track is about to come out before 5 pm. i kind of expect this track will be moved to the west. new models are coming in. they are getting much closer to the state of florida. that does not pose any threat to our immediate area at this point in time but it does on the east coast of florida. that is what here is a look at fuse -- future cast. this particular model takes the i over western haiti and eventually the eastern tip of cuba before going into the bahamas by wednesday around lunch time. still quite a ways away from the united states. from wednesday, thursday into friday we expect moving back towards the beach. how much? it is too early to tell but it is something we are watching
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take a look at that coming up. thanks dennis. breaking news in the last hour about the train crash in hoboken new jersey that smashed into the hoboken terminal. investigators are saying the engineer says he was going 10 miles per hour as he approaches station. thomas gallagher also told investigators he has no memory of the crash think the train seemed to be operating find. he only remembers waking up on the floor. investigators recovered one recorded from the rear cab but it is not working and they still cannot reach an important recorded with key evidence. the crash happened last week. one person died in 114 others were injured. back to our election coverage today. a lot of news on the campaign trail on this manic monday. team clinton getting face time with the florida voters and denounced ryan smith. he is live in sarasota where vice president joe biden will be speaking in less than an hour. >> reporter: yes paul. that is right. the crowd behind me getting
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vice president joe biden. he is expected to take the state right behind me at 30 pass for what we did just learn he is running a little bit late. he is spending the day in florida campaigning on behalf of the clinton. the big topic i am told is voter registration and voter turnout and we are outside the community center here in sarasota watching the crowd lineup anxiously waiting to hear the vice president speak. many showed up. some sort of four hour rally happening before current vice presidential candidate tim kaine and indiana governor. swear off in their first debate. tuesday also marking a possible bombshell wikileaks document drop some predicting tomorrow's wikileaks announcement could prove damaging to the clinton campaign.>> you know i am not
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numerous years. i 7 c1 a local restaurant owner trying to stay in contact with his family down in jamaica as they
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inside the restaurant -- hard to keep the eyes of the weather channel.>> zach owns this restaurant in st. pete but his family has one in jamaica also. where my family is at they are in danger. >> that is because it's damn is in the middle of the island and reaching them is not easy right we spoke to ben's cousin in jamaica but he is still being told to. pair for a lot of right -- prepare for a lot of rain. and any heavy downpours can be down for the infrastructure they are. see that they don't have much already as it is and the last thing they need is a hurricane
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barrels. the eye of the storm is heading to haiti so for that he will have to rely on his cell phone for his family. i think this time it will be hard when they cut the power off and they cannot charge your phone it.>> reception is already getting hard to check.>> that is a big storm. we will be sure to keep tracking. another collegiate flight problem. tracking the flight. the flight left st. petersburg on thursday heading for niagara falls new york that it was diverted to syracuse and it gets better. one passenger said the pilot tried to land a plane two times on niagara falls but could not do it. then he alerted people he would not be landing here at all because of the weather.
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was fine. i could see there was a runway. there was the ground. no rain nothing.>> here is the kicker. passengers say they waited three hours in syracuse for they were told collegiate canceled the flight. they would have to find their own way home. the final destination like planes trains and automobiles. to make matters worse the pilot took an empty plane back to niagara and landed leaving those passengers jt >> florida state student accused of killing a martin county couple by biting the face of the victims just officially charged today. it has taken so long because he has been in the hospital since the random attack back in august. he is being released today and faces two first-degree murder charges.
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blood and plan on releasing more comprehensive test results. the dollars are heading towards police departments across the country to hire new offices and strengthen community policing . i am looking exactly into what it is and how it can help.
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from north carolina to california in the last few weeks we have seen on thenow tampa bay evidence of strained relations between police the community. the department of justice is hoping to turn that around with a renewed focus on community policing. as part of the new initiative temple police are getting the most $2 million to help out with community engagement. we have more>> reporter: seems like these are becoming all-too- familiar. tense face-off
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but atty. general. loretto lynch wants to focus on a different kind of policing -- community policing. today lynch announced nearly $120 million in justice department grants to help police department across the country hire new officers, rehire others in prevent layoffs. >> i see no downside. icf win-win for everybody. community policing boils down to one thing. building relationships, knowing the people you are area that you work with. >> reporter: all officers are assigned to a specific community at this department and for the most part stay not community long-term. >> that goes a long way to get rid of a lot of the problems before they ever happened as far as any kind of tensions between the community and the police. >> reporter: he believes that is one of the reasons why his offices the community images
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department works with them not for them against them but with them. >> reporter: it is a message he hopes spreads to all police department said communities.>> making policing a partnership. >> the department of justice grants are being awarded to 184 law enforcement agencies across the country and they are intended to create or preserve with a 900 positions. this is made in conjunction with national community policing week which is this week. certainly closes like a made- for-tv drama and now jill kelly telling us her role in the scandal of bringing down cia director david betrayers could be persuaded for a new tv program. kelly says she is impressed by the a list of actors considering the roles. and adds development is moving very quickly.
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receiving threatening emails in 2012. the author turning out to be perjurious -- david's mistress. >> kim kardashian is back in the united states after being robbed and tied up in gunpoint in paris. police officers locked her bathroom -- robbers dressed as police officers locked her in a bathroom. they stole $10 million worth of jewelry. police says the group of five men also overpowered the night watchman. they are not seeing yet anything else about the investigation. kim kardashian is in new york city as a spring as we speak. she was badly shaken but not hurt.
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with the court's. the court that is not picking up the immigration debate again. they rejected a request from the obama administration to rehear case on its executive action on immigration . he's trying to protect millions of undocumented immigrants from getting deported. don't expect any big headlines from the court this year. so that it could be a more quiet year this year. not of the supreme court cases reverse previous judgments. the court will be hearing cases on topics including copyright, mail fraud and insider trading. what is up with a spot that is still open? how about that trott have it done anything? not yet. the results -- the presidential election will pretty much decided. it has been more than 200 days now since president.
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>> all right. just come into washington redskins may have wondered game against cleveland on sunday but they lost a battle surrounding a controversial name. the supreme court rejected a longshot appealed county the government decision regarding the name. the scene 10 -- the team can still use the name but they will protection on exclusive rights. >> as we track hurricane matthew it has been in overcast and rainy day. see that it is actually from a bunch of storms on the gulf of mexico and those storms station there was a blowout -- this has
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you can see the beach pretty cloudy and there is definitely rain and thunderstorms out there. take a look at the radar. that is northwest hillsborough, and right on by the golf. there is quite a lot of lightning. let's take a closer look. there is everything in motion. everything coming in from the south and moving north. northwest hillsborough, you'll be picking up some of the rain over the next half hour. taking a closer look with neighborhood levels. down to seminal, some of the heavy rain by indian rock. down from eastlake back to palm harbor extending pretty light rain anywhere from dade city back down. also highlands and manatee county as well as sarasota county. bottom line we will be looking at this for a few hours and then tomorrow i actually think we will start to see more sunshine with that east flow /southeast floats still giving
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temperatures hitting mid-80s because of the additional cloud cover. in fact upper 70s right now across sarasota county because of the rain. let's look at the satellite picture. it is the clouds blowing everything in. overnight tonight the heavier storms will be right along the coastline. southeast flow. tristar to tuesday. scattered storms working their way back towards the coast. it is october. starting to feel more like august. this however is more of a september/october issue when you start talking about a major hurricane in the caribbean. there is your i. a couple things with matthew. hurricane force winds 35 miles from the center. that is important. look at the model. all the way
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carolina station that is something that is extremely interesting. this still could impact the east coast. maybe not florida but at the carolinas. check this out. this is from the international space station. this is live. there is matthew. do you see the i -- imac -- eye . it will continue to move to the north and eventually impact the state of florida at least on the east coast into friday. our impact? i do not think we see any. i really don't. immuno i think the track will come towards the west. i do not believe at this point in time we see anything here. we will still see storms this evening and tomorrow and in fact i take that back. we will see something from matthew by the end of the week. dryer, cooler air. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. it is that moment of panic . you see police lights in
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i will show you how police cars are getting a whole lot harder
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according to date if you drive a ford more recalls could be on the way. they include suvs in 2011 and 2013. also fusion from 2010. safety regulators have been getting complaints that the doors fly open when you are driving. in the power assisted steering can fail on the fusion. speaking of a ford they are up to a new trick when it comes up to police cars.>>
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into the spoilers. you'll see the flashing lights -- it would help if you did not speed. four says by moving the lights to the back of the car it creates a better view for the officers. kind of a safety feature. >> when you think about it -- doesn't feel like the hollywood -- -- holidays sneak up on you earlier and earlier? >> i'm trying to get a lot done earlier but to no avail.>> people have started their holiday shopping already. one 1 million people have already finished.>> that is impressive. more than half of us we don't really finish until december. you are not alone if you cannot stand the overachievers. within 70% of people in a survey say they are annoyed by the early holiday shopping season but i say kudos to those people that get it done now.
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see that many holiday displays should not even be up until around giving. but they are so people that say it is okay to see them around halloween. >> is actually harder to keep stocks shop -- shops stocked. stores are just reacted to what people want. they want to shop earlier. i say yes go ahead. enjoy the holidays. i don't want to be in the rush two weeks before we will be back the second half of the hour. you can expect live coverage of joe biden down in sarasota. we will let you know when he takes the stage emily does we will send you that way. plus development -- what we know about that little boy killed after police say a teenager shot him outside the south carolina elementary school.
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right now at 30+4 on thenow tampa bay vice president joe biden expected to speak any minute now. busy day today. >> this is a lie the complex hillary clinton pulling out as much data how as you can today. her campaign is also holding a get out and vote concert featuring dave matthews in denver. by the way tim kaine will be there also. there after the next presidential debate.>> here is a live look at where joe biden will be. when he comes to the podium will dip in for live coverage. >> here's a look at the life camera in the dominican republican. hurricane matthew category 4
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they are expected to get hit with the most powerful side of the hurricane. >> people in jamaica are learning today they make escape the worst of it over the next few days. as it gets closer and closer. even though the start is some 200 miles away southeast of kingston right now we are seeing where there is already flooding. scott walker shows us what is happening. >> reporter: this is the view from space of hurricane matthew. the most powerful to sweep through the caribbean in almost a decade. residents spent the weekend preparing for what could be this hurricane influx. this animation from nassau shows the heavy rain that matthew is producing in some areas -- within 6 inches an hour.
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shifted and it has cuba in haiti in its site. haiti is still reeling from the earthquake in 2012. 2010. it is estimated 20,000 people still live in makeshift shelters. so much of the force has been destroyed. some 1300 emergency shelters are going into place right now. the us navy is tracking hurricane matthew also. the naval research lab posting this daunting image. they are waiting out the in pensacola florida. for the now i am scott walker. in the meantime the storm could hit the southern coast of haiti sometime tonight. we just learned two fishermen have already died killed in the rough waters as that storm approached.>> reporter: we are about five or 10 minutes away from getting a new track from
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to the west. first of all this is actually a very small storm in terms of wind. they only extend 35 miles out in the center. once you get whatever the i is -- unfortunately i believe it will be the extreme western part of haiti -- that is where most of the devastation will occur if you get 40 miles outside and you are talking about tropical storm force wind. tomorrow morning -- by the way this probably will make landfall by sunrise tomorrow morning -- i don't the actual i approaches until tomorrow. tonight they will get the leading edge. for that matter they already are but the hurricane force wind in a red color. that will not be until tomorrow. and then it goes to the east side of cuba. notice one other thing hurricane force wind starts to expand after it goes into the bahamas. that could come into play not just for them but with the east coast of florida.
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coming up. thank you so much dennis. we have an update on the six- year-old boy who died three days after being shot at a south carolina elementary school. bill have a special funeral for young little jacob hall. is them says it will be superhero themed. the pallbearers were superhero costumes and jacob be dressed as batman. jacob died saturday at the hospital. 14-year-old boy is accused of shooting him. another student and a teacher were also shot. they are both out of the hospital right now. a trial started for a georgia father charged with murdering his toddlers -- thomas on. justin harris one of happy about his marriage and was seeking other relationships at the time of his son's death. the attorney --'s attorney argues the death was an accident. so far by children have died in florida after being left inside hot cars including a case last month involving of firefighter
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charges after leaving his 23 month old in a corporate eight hours . the toddler died in the family's driveway. >> hits just keep coming from wells fargo after the bank admitted to open all of those fake accounts. today the state of illinois says it is suspending $30 billion in investments with the bank. they have been called damron shameful. >>
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happening right now the united states is on a mission to save some busy workers. we are talking about bees. the us has placed seven species on the endangered list. listing those allows authorities to require recovery programs. bees pollinate plants and are crucial to the nation's food industries. their numbers have declined sharply due pesticides and lost of genetic diversity. >> look at this. all employees just gonna raise -- all 157,000 employees got pay increases of 15%. salaries dependent where the employees live. burqas get an average of nine dollars burqas get an average of $9.35 an hour. you maybe helping pay for the
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when you buy your favorite cup of coffee. the company raised drink prices over the summer as much as $.30. meanwhile chipotle is still trying to get customers to come back to the restaurant after multiple outbreaks of e. coli, salmonella last year.>> they have taken a hit. the company is adding chorizo to the menu. the spicy sausage was a hit this summer. >> it is about to get le sketchy to make quick cash online. the top things you need to know about your privacy and money when it comes to the new facebook marketplace. we are expecting any minute now the newest advisory to come in on hurricane matthew. the entire state of florida has already been declared a state
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is tracking it's every move. he is working extra hard tracking that. you're watching
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you know the sites -- let go. numbers of places you can sell your stuff online. you may like this a lot better because it is the powerhouse of connection on facebook. adam weiner shows us how all the swapping will work. >> reporter: so my friend has this foosball table and he is looking to part with it . it does not the in his new apartment he could try posting
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we are trying a new option. facebook marketplace. just take some pictures of what you want to sell, name it, that a price and then just come from your location and post. now anyone in your area can find your item on the marketplace -- not just friends. and then message you if they are interested in making an offer. >> what is nice about this tool is i can see the profile of the person i am messaging with. this makes it much more confident that the person on the other end is really who they say they are and in theory that should make things safer online. >> this site is very visual so it is easy to see what others are selling and maybe find a good deal and it is convenient. facebook says hundreds of millions of people are already using what is called buy and sell groups on their site and you can find a link to
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so not everybody has a quite yet. it will only be appearing for users 18 and older.>> as for how you will exchange money and goods? facebook is leaving that up to you. you can send money to facebook messenger . you can use other online tools like paypal or just exchange cash in person. i am adam weiner for the now tampa bay breaking news this just out brand-new poll numbers released in the past hour showing hillary clinton leading in three key battleground states including florida. this from quibec university having clinton 46%. clint -- trump is that 41%. the same poll in ohio has donald trump leading by four points. meanwhile we are starting to see the other side of the race pop up in the bay area.
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a horror park (howling. they are putting a clever political spin on their advertising and they are being equally horrible about it. unit -- >> chief meteorologist dennis the loper is here. you have been busy? the governor just declared a state of emergency.>> i the west coast is included in that. that is kos yes. just like we expected. looking outside right now a lot of clouds out there and scattered showers even heavy thunderstorms. heavyweight off northshore . you can see right here clearwater picking up lightning strikes that the bulk of the action is still out to the west. this is moving onshore. over the next few hours we are seeing more rain.
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counties. tomorrow back up to the upper 80s with afternoon and evening thunderstorms. look at thunderstorms . you can see through 10 pm. pretty decent chance of rain along the coast up until that time. and heavy thunderstorms as well by midnight is gone. waking up to public sunny skies. not days partly cloudy skies -- waking up to partly sunny skies. then later on in t still a taste of summer weather in early october. high temperatures in the upper 80s. new numbers just came out. let me tell you what we have. this of course is hurricane matthew. wind 140 miles an hour. the intensity has not changed. moving north you can watch the eye wobbling to the northeast.
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towards the western side of haiti. is no way around that. 35 miles out from the center is the harshest wind. first about look at where the code is shifted. over to the central part of florida. everything has moved west. but it is important to remember this track is still well offshore -- well to the east of florida. this is the official hurricane center track. some of our models are bringing it closer. not of our models present to the west coast of florida. that is important to remember we're planning our days for the next several days. the other big bang? hurricane center says it will make landfall in the carolinas sometime on saturday afternoon everything has shifted west. category 4 hurricane tonight. category 4 hurricane when it
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now we have to watch this. remember with hurricane force wind only extending about 35 miles away from the center, this sent it would have to get very close to florida for us to have that kind of an impact. again what i say us ice mean the east coast of florida but it is important to remember that tropical storm force wind than 185 miles from the center so while this will not be much of an issue for us on the west coast of florida, if this track does get close enough to the western bahamas, anywhere from nassau, maybe east of nasa all of a sudden we are looking at the potential tropical wind from miami to melbourne and daytona. that is the latest advisory from the hurricane center. spaghetti model states look at what they we are talking about. right to the bahamas. you're right about here. not in our immediate viewing area and then landfall
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sometime on saturday. closer to home for us partly cloudy skies tonight. storms especially along the coast. is a look at your forecast. ranges of 50%. not a lot to do with matthew. leader not as matthew pulls way it will bring drier air into our area.>> right now some of the first new pictures of flooding from hurricane matthew. this is from southeast of kingston jamaica. hurricane matthew headed in that direction already two fishman have died in haiti. they are looking for anywhere you have heard. major flooding is a huge issue of course but mudslides are also a serious threat. governor. scott has already issued a state of emergency for all of florida. the governor of north carolina has also issued the same declaration for 66 counties. this is where haiti is. let me look for. then we will go up to cuba. that is up there.
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the country after the 2010 earthquake disaster. that is when the slogan help for haiti was born. six years later there is a new mission. as julie dillon has found it has nothing to do with mother nature. rather helping people.>> but as you may imagine it is not as accessible in third world countries like haiti.>> they have no they don't really have means to pay for some of the newer higher technology artificial limbs. >> they have teamed up with this haiti project to give this patient -- patients like this little girl. this is a need for a child. >> as it still was talking about his trip, they offer to donate a prosthetic leg that 17-
4:53 pm
>> maybe somebody else can use that and she knows firsthand it will be an emotional experience for all. i know when she got off the school bus and took her first steps we were all standing in the doorway clapping. >> how lucky we are to have all the resources in the us. and to be able to share that with people in need in other parts of the world it is nothing like that.>> this project is relatively new. it launched in 2015 and has on his last trip he and his team were able to treat over 500 patients in five days. he also trained patients to design and fit prosthetics in hopes that one day a permanent clinic will be set up in haiti.>> for the now i am julie dolan.>> sustainable therapy and development. to learn more about the project
4:54 pm check 36 days until the presidential election. tomorrow mike pence and tim kaine will be debating for the first time. the vice presidential candidates could play a bigger role than you may not realize.>> but the question is will influence voters? none of the debates from 1976 to 2008 have done much to change people's opinions. that is according to polls f the debate will be broadcast in farmville virginia. >> some of the final hours of the civil war happened on the campus near where the debate is occurring. >> it is the only time that i presidential candidates will debate. the format is similar to the first presidential debate . the moderator will be picking the
4:55 pm
president joe biden will be speaking within the next 10 minutes. he will go live soon. he will make another stop tonight. another colorado tame -- he is not shying away from the tax links. >> it is ridiculous. who knows the system better than me? who knows the tax goes better than me? i said someone -- to japan a lot of tax? the reporter said to me -- little. remember romney when he said -- i paid. student i pay as little as possible. it is an expense. that is the american way. >> meanwhile check out what happens in phoenix. do you see someone drew swastikas? is not clear when the graffiti
4:56 pm
the find this morning. trump is said to make an appearance tomorrow lesson two hours away in prescott arizona. meanwhile hillary clinton is in battle in ohio. this is video from her earlier today boarding a plane in new york. she is all smiles after a reporter shouted what she thought about basketball player james bronzes -- lebron james is endorsement.>> a bright creates her wedding gown from a hospital gown. a woman after heading heading for -- after having a headache for 10 days. she one she had a brain tumor. >> this did not stop the couples plans to get married.>> i'm so happy. i'm so ecstatic. the waiting -- the wedding had a harry potter the.
4:57 pm
should not be on the list of halloween costumes? clouds. -- clowns. still owners of one store says it is still a hot seller. we take a look at what else is popular this year. >> have you decided what to be for halloween? you do not want the holiday to sneak up on you so make time to you. >> it is better to come earlier in the week. stores like spirit halloween have been popping open and stocking up on popular costumes. >> superheroes are very popular. and paul patrol. you would think with the presidential election right around the corner masks like these would be flying off the
4:58 pm
pokimon. with the recent clouds scares you may want to think twice before dressing up as one.>> parties and howling only. that is that. >> it seems as though hollywood determines halloween because both want to dress up like a favorite character. this is from suicide squad. there is always one cost and that fills up very quick. and now it is harley quinn from suicide squad. if you are making a constant yourself there are makeup and assessors for that final touch and don't forget the declarations. >> everyone likes him. there are singing skeletons those a very popular as well. >> just don't be too quick. >> we have a lot of kids that come in that they don't want to coming. the only thing scarier than
4:59 pm
howling.>> we have put a link on >> action news at five it starts right now. . a fraternity at usf suspended after a member is arrested on campus for sexual assault. the reason the school says it has no entire fraternity. >> you didn't see the flood and flesh flying everywhere? it was a horror flick. >> the innocent remark that left a man with more than 70 cuts on his legs. jose fernandez's family speaking out for the very first time. how they're honoring his memory.
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at a state of emergency now declared for all florida counties ahead of this powerful storm. first, matthew is expected to bring dangerous and deadly conditions to the caribbean islands this week. schools in haiti are closed right now. authorities set up 1,300 emergency shelters. hurricane matthew could bring even more destruction to a place where thousands of people are still living in make shift tents long after the devastating 2010 earthquake. meantime in cuba, hundreds evacuated to florida. here's a live look at rick's cafe, the bar usually so popular with tourists there. it's essentially a ghost town now. the international space station flying over hurricane matthew just minutes ago, take a look. this view gives you a sense of how huge this storm really is. >> massive storm. chief meteorologist dennis


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