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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  October 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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at a state of emergency now declared for all florida counties ahead of this powerful storm. first, matthew is expected to bring dangerous and deadly conditions to the caribbean islands this week. schools in haiti are closed right now. authorities set up 1,300 emergency shelters. hurricane matthew could bring even more destruction to a place where thousands of people are still living in make shift tents long after the devastating 2010 earthquake. meantime in cuba, hundreds evacuated to florida. here's a live look at rick's cafe, the bar usually so popular with tourists there. it's essentially a ghost town now. the international space station flying over hurricane matthew just minutes ago, take a look. this view gives you a sense of how huge this storm really is. >> massive storm. chief meteorologist dennis
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track? >> there is. and it's something we've been watching. the models have been trending west. we figured there would be a shift to the west. it has been rather dramatic, but does not impact the west coast of florida yet and there is not a model out there that does. while we're looking at a powerful hurricane, one i'm afraid is going to did he have state the western side -- devastate the western side of haiti, that does not felt whatsoever. in fact, i'm a little surprised we've seen a state of emergency issued for the west coast of florida. while i guess it's better safe than sorry, as we said, we really only expect winds to go tropical storm force on the east coast and maybe not even there. now, if the track were to continue to shift west, and that is a possibility, then all of a sudden it's another ballgame. but that is not the case right now. there is no place in the bay
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tropical storm form winds. maybe eastern polk by thursday afternoon. but you can clearly see the track has gone west and possibly land fall in the carolinas by early on in the weekend. tomorrow morning, there's the center of the storm across haiti into through the eastern tip of cuba and then into the bahamas. a look at our local forecast in a couple minutes. the red cross says it's getting are ready for potentially devastating storms. teams in jamaica, haiti, dominican republic are preparing thousands of food items and water for families who really need help. blood donation centers say they could use your help. they say it's better to donate sooner rather than later. a usf fraternity is suspended after a member is accused of assaulting a girl at a weekend fraternity party. reporter brenda shows us the one
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the campus tonight. >>reporter: underage drinking isn't as much of a surprise, it's the fact it was a 16-year-old girl who says she came to a party and then was raped here that has many students upset. >> that's a scary situation. >> it saddens me. >> news of reported sexual assault -- >> things like that shouldn't be happening. >> reporter: isn't what students want to hear. >> at this point in you're in college, you really should know better. >> reporter: campus police say they early sunday morning after a 16-year-old girl says she was sexually assaulted while at a fraternity party on campus. >> they knew each other. it wasn't that there was a stranger off campus type of situation. >> reporter: police arrested 19-year-old man after he admitted he had sex with the teen while she was unconscious. for students living at the school, the news is both concerning -- >> very concerning, especially living here. obviously i want to feel safe.
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could possibly happen to me. >> reporter: and surprising. >> i don't even know why a 16-year-old is here. >>reporter: we asked police. >> what is a 16-year-old doing on a college campus? >> our campus is open to visitors it's not uncommon to have people here of all ages. >> reporter: the fraternity is for the time being suspended. along with police, school administrators are reviewing the case while students deal with the reality of what's on campus. >> there is no supervisor, no rules, no one telling them what they can and can't do, so they kind of just go crazy, and whatever happens happens, which is not okay. >>reporter: depending on the outcome of the investigation, the fraternity could face a warning or ex pulsion. take a leak over my should -- take a look over my shoulder
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weed-wacker attack. a st. pete man says his neighbor came after him. christian explains why it all happened and why the victim thinks the man who attacked him should be still? jail. >> this attack ended down the block, but started right here. this man being attacked says the entire time he thought this guy was trying to kill him with a weedeater. >> it was extreme pain, extreme pain, like someone tak and cutting your legs deep. >> you can see in the pictures just how painful the attack was. dan says there are 74 cuts on his legs. he's back to work today, bandages now cover his wounds. >> sore, very sore. still got to make a living though. >> he says the whole thing started when he confronted jeff about speeding down their road. he pulled up while the man was edging his front yard.
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truck. >> started here, here, running up to me, got it here, got it here, got it here, and then he got the window and he was trying to get my face. >> dan pulled his truck up, stepped out and then he says jeff came up to his face with the lawn equipment. he says he tried to get back in his ford. >> he was coming at me like that and i'm like whoa, whoa, whoa. he was weed eating my back and i had to turn around and defend myself. >> pinned between the door and the cab, he pushed the weedeater away from his whacking his legs, i wanted to live. >> he fought back going to the ground, wrestled the weedeater away from jeff and called police. we tried to talk to jeff, who runs his own landscaping company, jk landscaping, he refused to talk. in this man believes jeff should be in jail for attempted murder. >> he does it to me, he'll do it
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now to vote 2016. live look at sarasota. joe biden is going to be touting clinton's economic vision for america. later this week, president obama will be campaigning for clinton in the bay area, delivering speeches in tampa, orlando, and other the daughter of george w. bush attended a fundraiser in paris over the weekend, a month after her grandfather, the former president, says that he intends to hillary clinton. meanwhile, donald trump taking hits tonight on the campaign trial over several controversies. new york's attorney general sending a cease and desist letter to the donald j trump foundation saying it has to stop
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not registered with the state charity bureau. he's also staying mum on another report of his behavior being crass, sexist, and inappropriate. police are looking for suspects in the murder of an 18-year-old man last night. anderson's body was found in a pool of blood around 20th street east and first palmetto. polk county deputies are trying to piece together what happened before a train hit a man overnight. the engineer just could not stop the train in time to avoid hitting that man wrapped in a blanket on the tracks near ronald reagan parkway. an autopsy will determine whether the train killed the man or if he was already dead before it hit him. tonight the people who
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many of them are looking for a new place to live. we were in st. petersberg as several families moved out today. all the tenants received eviction notices after the motel was closed. a man called it nasty, saying rooms are infested with roaches and rats and still former tenants say it was tough to leave their home. >> i don't understand why they were saying it was a very it's not. they help out with kids a lot here. it's really great. it's a really good place. for them to close them down, it's kind of hard. >> the people who owned that property are planning to tear down the motel and redevelop that area. coming up all new at 5, the
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speaking out for the first time. oh, my gosh. >> an out of control captain who just could not stop this boat from crashing. the amount of damage done and the one reason authorities really want to talk to the person who caused all this chaos. . i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> you saw the moment right there, rapper kanye w abruptly leaving a concert once he learned that his wife was robbed at gunpoint. brand new tonight, the most
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. welcome back. we'r baseball player jose fernandez. >> isabel is speaking exclusively with the man who raised jose since he was 3 years old. >> he understands failure and despair. 14 times he tried defecting from cuba, but none came close to the sinking feeling he got on sunday, september 25th. in bed, he got the call.
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>> and i could only say, not my son, not my son. it can't be true. no. >> the same energetic son he helped raise since he was just three months old, the same son who then outgrew him at 6-2 and became a man by taking on the sea with a small boat in jose's fourth attempt to reach the land of opportunities, his american dr bodily functions and one for baseball. >> his hand on the hearse not ready to say goodbye. >> next to the car with flowers, the picture of him holding his hand up like this -- >> a week later, he holds on tightly to the memories.
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box in his home, pictures and letters from jose. he couldn't find it again. >> so he could find it when i died. not the other way around. >> his community is holding him together. he's received is more than 5,000 messages since jose died, and answered every one. although the same waters that brought jose here took him away, his father s lone with the community and -- lives on with the community and with his child on the way. new tonight this florida state student caught biting a dead man's face is out of the hospital and now charged with murder. you're looking at all new video of him get escorted to the main cnty jail. you may remember this. he's accused of randomly attacking a couple. deputies say he stabbed them to
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leaving a family dinner. he's been in the hospital since. the fbi is doing tests on his blood still to see if he was on drugs at the time. a set back tonight for millions of undocumented immigrants hoping to start new lives here in america. just today the supreme court rejected a request from the white house to reconsider president obama's proposed changes to america's immigration system. those changes looked to help some 4 million undocumented immigrants get work permits and avoid deportation. in june a tie vote supreme court blocked the programs from going into place. the search is on for a would be yacht chief caught on camera crashing into at least six other boats in the miami marina. >> he's driving and destroying boats. tell him -- no! >> wow. boat owners just watching in disbelief, eventually started honking horns to try to get the
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crashing the 80-foot multi million dollar yacht into a concrete peer and a half a dozen other boats. the stolen yacht so badly damaged, it took on water and eventually tipped over. the chief got away by jumping in in the water. abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. look at that. the beach, it's pouring water. that's the storm we've been tracking. there's live titan radar. the heaviest is offshore and it's going to continue to move onshore over the next few hours. check it out as we put everything in motion. there you see the showers and actually strong storms in sarasota and manatee county. what was heavier rain about half hour, 45 minutes ago is now beginning to wind down. most of the action remains
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manatee, though, decent thunderstorms still. the heaviest around port charlotte and venice. down south a lot of moisture and eventually over the next few days, whatever happens with matthew, we're going to see the rain chances bump up on the east coast. it is absolutely not set in stone that we are going to see increased rain chances here. we'll get into that in just a second. temperatures from the upper 70s to the middle 80s. clear water also the rain as we showed you, same thing in st. pete with temperatures in the lower 80s. there's the satellite picture. we had a big blowup of thunderstorms in the gulf of mexico over the last six hours. that cloud cover actually blew over and gave us an overcast afternoon through most of the area. there is still plenty more out there. again, nothing to do with hurricane matthew. this evening we're still going to see some showers and thunderstorms until about 9,
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wind down. tomorrow morning we're back into an east, southeast wind. there will be clouds early on, but i think we see sunshine, right back in the upper 80s. there will be late day, early evening storms. even though we're into october now, we're still seeing a pattern reminiscent of july, august, and september with heating and afternoon storms. everything blows back toward the west, out of hereby about 11:00. wednesday, more of the same. by wednesday late, then we'll have to start turng to the east and see what's going on with matthew. now, here are what we are expecting in the bay area. not the east coast. governor scott did issue a state of emergency for the entire state. i do think polk county thursday and friday, high lands county, you have a better chance of seeing gusty winds, maybe 40 to
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the east coast of florida. remember, the west side of the storm is the dryer side, so we're not anticipating the weather they'll have to the east. the east coast obviously depends on the track of this. matthew unfortunately is going to be devastating for the western part of haiti tomorrow morning and the eastern part of cuba tuesday afternoon or tuesday evening. category 4 140 miles per hour and about 20 to 30 inches of rain in western haiti. it's going to be devastating. it goes to eastern cuba, then the bahamas. still a category 3 hurricane and the track is now much to the west of what it was earlier. look at what we're looking at by thursday. near nassau, near the islands of free port. all of a sudden, this is getting noticeably closer to the u.s.
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florida. but look at the track. still staying east. we always say look at the margin of error. that is important to do. but at this point in time, none of our models bring this into the western side of florida. we'll continue to keep our eyes on it. the hurricane center actually brings this right along the coast of the carolinas on saturday. look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. of course this all hinges on the path of matthew. believe it or not, as it pulls away this weekend, we'll get dryer air on the back sideit and lower humidity. >> dennis thank you very much. take a live look at sarasota, vice president joe biden just taking the stage, campaigning for hillary clinton. let's listen in. >> rebuild our roads. maybe that's why it calls for cutting all those things. then when he was accused of rooting for the housing crisis that ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of floridians and millions of
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that was your peace of mind. that was the thing that allowed you to go to sleep at night. >> joe biden speaking there, talking about donald trump and the news about trump not paying taxes. vice president joe biden one of the main clinton sar gats on the campaign trail today. 36 days to go to the election. we're streaming the entire of
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. brand new video of kim ar kardashian arriving back in new york city after robbers held her up and tied her up in paris. >> tonight we know they stole $10 million in jewelry. among the pieces taken, a ring valued at more than $4 million. the five thieves dressed as
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staying this weekend. two made their way to her, tied her up, and then put her in a bathroom. >> tonight a source is saying there is a chance that this was an inside job because security was so light when all of this actually happened. coming up new at 5:30, there are hundreds of credit cards out there looking for your money. we show you the best ones to put
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. right now at 5:30, a fraternity at university of south florida under suspension. a member is suspended and charged with sexual assault on a
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hosting a party with underage drinking. he's still in jail with a $7,000 bond. fema crews on the ground and all over the bay area, working with residents who need help to fix damage caused by hurricane hermine. hermine is long gone, but now we have another hurricane to deal with. will it have an impact on the bay area? >> that's a good question. i think an indirect effect. we mentioned that hermine i think that's important to remember. this will not be a major rain event for the bay area. let's take that off the table unless there is a huge shift in the track to the west. and i'm not even going to entertain conversations like that. at this point we can do what-ifs forever. let's focus on what we know and what we can expect over the next several days. this storm, massive with 140 miles an hour winds is going to move through haiti and cuba over the next 24 hours.


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